SECOND READING TWO EARS MORI Former Commander of the Battleship " Iowa tt and Hero of Red River

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Puhu Sug Co hs ws sml su, Whch Judge Esee wded he pl somehg ove $3,000 dmges RFLE CONES SENAE VS HOUSE he membes o he See dese o o ee o mksmshp coes wh he membes o he House o Repeseves, he Nol Gud Rge Kkko, ude he ollowg codos: Ech em o be composed o e me 2 Spgeld les wh Bugo sghs o be used 3 gge pull o be sx poud?, gus o be weghed d ou 4 he ouds o be ed oh d by ech coes, oe mue o be llowed o ech sho 5 No sghg shos o be llowed 6 Blus mul o gove 7 he shoog o commece pomply 3 p m Fdy, Jue 26h ckes o be sold 50 ces ech, he ee poceeds o go o he Ko Ophge D PAUL SENBERG, Cp AFERNOON DSPACHES FRO ASSOCAED PRESS Sve l You Shoe looey you py $500 o $600 o you Shoes you e losg moey you e pyg $300 o you Shoes you e losg moey Becuse o $350 you c buy he WALKOVER SHOE whch hs wce he we o y $300 Shoe mde d equl o y $500 o $600 Shoe o he mke hs s he vedc o housds o me who e weg WALKOVER U SHOES d d hem equl we o y shoe whch would cos 500 o $000 :: We would lso cll he eo o he Ldes o he beuul le o Quee Quly Shoes whch hve jus ved Amogs hem beg HE GBSEN E he pce o hese mous Shoes e $250 d $300 o Oxods, d $300 d $3 50 o Boos ll lehes L B KERR EPORARY PRESES FOR AND QUEEN SREES u & Jus Wh You Reque CO, LD We hve eceved shpme o he celebed Commeddo Po hs we s shpped dec om he boles d s lgh d eleg we, d beg hooughly wholesome my be duk eely d ejoyed whou e o uples cosequeces s vluble o vlds d ohes equg se d ples Resove, d, c, o ll dkes o Po We whose powes o dgeso e o equl o he hevy, elybole d Wes FOR SALE A W C, PEACOCK & CO, LD Wve ey 3 oc, SPECAL SALE 78 Hoel See OF E3gjlgj3 Shs OF FNE QUALY Also some vey pey pes o gued SLK GOODS d SLK EBRODERES Subscbe o he Su NEW YORK, X Y, Jue 8 he Subub ce ws wo ody by Akde ANLA, P, Jue S Leue Foley s o l beoe coum l o he chge o embezzleme GENEVA Swzeld, Jue 8 he Sev esco h Co wll ccompy Kg Pee o Belgde ved ody BERLN, Gemy, Jue S he Ued Ses squdo wll ve Kel Sudy o pcpo he ceemoes o he Gem vl meuves d Egvg dy Advese S PEERSBURG, Russ, Jue 8 he Cz hs 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SPECAL SCENERY SPRED SPECALES Box Oce ope dly om 9 o d 2 o 6 Popul Pces Opheum hee Smoko Gllm House Boque Cgs BEAVER LUNCH ROOS H J SOE F lorgal, oes d m 42 QUEEN SREE p q qqx 4 elephoe 72 SHS PAY 0 OCLOCK 42 Q UE EX SREE Oe o he Bgges AUCON We Eve Hd Ove 200 Acles A o be Sold You Pces Bee Come JAS P ORGAN, Aucoee Duso Pl A PUBLC SALE WALL PAPER Old houses quckly mde ew by cve wllppe Ou ew ppes e moe h cve heye eleg kes hve bee moe geeous hs ye gve us hdsome pes o he sme moey you hve hd ew ppe lely bee look ous All gdes Lowes & Cooke Ld 77 Souh Kg See BCYCLES New d Secod Hd FOR SALE AND FOR REN Repg ely doe by Yoshkw O Kg see e Alke, pp Youg Buldg ON SAURDAY, JUNE 27, 903, SHOPS A 0 OCLOCK A, Uo S u Hoel S wll sell o Phoe he hghes H bdde publc uco by ode O Box 60S o H Hckeld & Co, Ld, ude uhoy Llsh che Wok A o le Scehuse ) A J c expe, o Cll c Nckel d Coppv my, o me pemses o uece & Co, Ld, sue he coe o Souh d Kwlho sees, Hoolulu, ll o he mchey o Pooolo ce duso pl (s s), complee descpo o whch c be hd he oce o H, Hckeld & Co, Ld Fo see, coe o Quee see, Hoolulu ems Csh U S Gold Co Ded Hoolulu, Jue 9h, 903 JAS P ORGAN, AUCONEER Jmes F og mm Be 42 QUEEN SREE P 0 Box 594 elephoe 72 0 N U KNDS ONUENS E A N S OF ALL XELLS Alke See P O Box 642 EE YOUL BUY E? 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