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1 DIRECT METAL LASER MELTING The Experts in Metal Additive Manufacturing Every Industry - Every Day

2 GPI Prototype and Manufacturing Services has been providing direct metal laser melting (DMLM) services since As one of the first metal additive manufacturing service providers in the country, GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services Inc. has the expertise to take our clients from prototypes all the way to series production. With 25 employees dedicated to DMLM, GPI produces metal prototypes and end-use parts with complex geometries not possible with traditional machining. We offer a variety of metals including aluminum, stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, inconel and cobalt chrome. Our engineers and consultants work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies in the medical, aerospace and defense industries to students in university laboratories. Currently at our Lake Bluff, IL manufacturing facility we are running six metal additive manufacturing machines. Dedicated to maintaining cutting edge technology, GPI helps our clients rethink and revolutionize the way their parts are designed and manufactured. To further ensure the highest quality parts, GPI is pleased to be ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS9100D certified as well as ITAR registered and FDA registered.

3 Direct Metal Laser Melting GPI Prototype is a service provider of Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM), the latest technology for prototyping and additive manufacturing of metal parts. As one of the first DMLM service providers in the country, GPI produces metal parts for applications ranging from prototypes to production. DMLM is also known by the acronym DMLS, although the process results in full melting of the metal powder, so we have begun to use the more appropriate DMLM acronym. Utilizing the DMLM process, metal parts of the most complex geometries are built layer-by-layer (down to 20 microns) directly from 3D CAD data. Parts built using DMLM have excellent mechanical properties equivalent to wrought materials, high detail resolution, and exceptional surface quality. The metal powder is melted entirely to create a fully dense, fine, homogeneous structure. Unique geometric freedom of design enables DMLM to form cavities and undercuts, which with conventional machining methods, can only be produced with great difficulty, if at all. Additionally, when a part needs to be tested and re-designed over and over, the lead time for receiving a traditionally tooled part can create a large bottleneck in the final production process. DMLM produces parts that are extremely high quality and can be built in a matter of hours or days rather than weeks or months. The ability to generate functional metal prototypes in short order radically impacts design processes, accelerating design cycles and time to market. Furthermore, these parts can undergo functional testing in the environment for which they were designed. This technology delivers unlimited potential for engineers to create previously impossible solutions, embracing a new era of design-driven manufacturing.

4 Materials & Capabilities GPI is pleased to offer Direct Metal Laser Melting services on site using EOS machines in the following manufacturer s supplied metal powders: Material Characteristics Advantages/Applications Stainless Steel (PH1) Stainless Steel (GP1) Stainless Steel 316 L Low Carbon 0.030% Max C Content Maraging Steel (MS1) - Tooling Steel Aluminium AlSi10Mg Titanium Alloy Ti-64 Titanium Alloy Ti-64 ELI Cobalt Chrome Nickel Alloy IN718 - Inconel 15-5 Mechanical Properties HRC Built Post Hardened to 40 HRC 17-4 Mechanical Properties 250 HV Hardness 20 or 30 Micron Layers 85 HRB Built High Ductility Maraging (Tooling) Steel HRC Built Post Hardened to HRC Good Strength and Hardness Low Weight Good Thermal Properties Excellent Mechanicals Pre-Alloyed Ti6AIV4 30 or 60 Micron Layers HRC Built Excellent Mechanicals Light Weight 30 Micron Layers HRC Built CoCrMo Superalloy HRC Built Nickel Based Heat Resistant Alloy 40 Micron Layers 30 HRC Built Post Hardened 47 HRC Prototype/Production Parts High Toughness, Ductility, Strength Prototype/Production Parts Good Mechanical Properties Good Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Resistance Industrial / Aerospace / Turbine Parts Injection Molding Tooling Conformal Cooling Channels Easily Machinable & Excellent Polishability Low Weight Applications Automotive and Racing Applications Thermal Parts Aerospace Parts Corrosion Resistant High Strength and Light Weight Medical Parts Medical Applications Biocompatible High Strength and Light Weight Corrosion Resistant Turbines and Engine Parts High Temperature Resistance Turbine Engines Rocket and Aerospace Applications Chemical Industry Parts Heat and Corrosion Resistant

5 Inconel 718 Maraging Tool Steel Aluminium Cobalt Chrome 17-4 Stainless Titanium 15-5 Stainless Finishing Options Raw Finish Shot Peen Shot Blast Medium Polish Brush Finish Mirror Polish

6 GPI IN-HOUSE MACHINES & MATERIALS EOSINT M 270 (x2) EOSINT M 280 (x2) EOSINT M 290 (x2) Build Envelope Capacity 8.98 x 8.98 x 7.24 in (228 x 228 x 184mm) 8.98 x 8.98 x in (228 x 228 x 285mm) 8.98 x 8.98 x in (228 x 228 x 285mm) Metal Alloy Stainless Steel (GP1) Stainless Steel (PH1) Stainless Steel (316L) Maraging Steel (MS1) Titanium 6-4 (Gr5) Titanium 6-4 ELI (Gr23) Inconel 718 Cobalt Chrome (MP1) Aluminium AlSi10Mg 20 or 40 µm Layer Thickness 20 or 40 µm 20 or 40 µm 30 µm (AlSi10Mg) Min. Feature Size* in (0.38mm) in (0.38mm) in (0.38mm) Min. Wall Thickness* in ( mm) in ( mm) in ( mm) Typical Tolerances ±0.005 on 1st Inch ±0.002 thereafter ±0.005 on 1st Inch ±0.002 thereafter ±0.005 on 1st Inch ±0.002 thereafter * 0.5mm for Aluminium, Titanium, and Inconel Complete Specifications available at gpiprototype.com/dmls-direct-metal-laser-sintering Warranty/Disclaimer: The performance characteristics of these products may vary according to product application, operating conditions, material combined with, or with end use. GPI Prototype and Manufacturing Services makes no warranties of any type, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use GPI Manufacturing, Inc.