Ceramic ball. Product introduction. Zirconia Ball. Silicon Nitride Ball. Specifications: High Purity Alumina Ball

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1 Ceramic ball Product introduction We own the largest ceramic ball production line in China, production ability come to be larger than 30,000,000pcs/year,with advanced GPS(Gas Pressure Sintering) or HIP(Heat Isostatic Pressure sintering) technology been applied. Products including precision silicon nitride, zirconia and 99.5%alumina balls with standard and non-standard diameters from 0.8mm to 101.6mm, with quality between Grade 3 and Grade 100. Zirconia Ball Features: 1) Materials: zirconia 2) Usage: for bearings, inspection, and other rolling conditions 3) Exported to Japan, Korea, North America and Europe 4) Diameter: 0.8mm ~ 101.6mm 5) Precision: G3 ~ G100 Specifications: 1) With density of 6.05g/cm 3 2) Fine crystalline 3) Never rust, and can roll without oil or grease Silicon Nitride Ball Features: 1) Materials: silicon nitride 2) Usage: for bearings, inspection, and other rolling conditions 3) Exported to Japan, Korea, North America and Europe 4) Capacity: 1,500,000pcs/month for 5/32 " silicon nitride balls 5) Diameter: 0.8mm ~101.6mm 6) Precision: G5 ~ G100 Specifications: High Purity Alumina Ball Features: 1) Materials: >99.5%Al2O3,density:>3.9g/cm3;bending strength:400~500mpa; 2) Usage: for bearings, inspection, and other rolling conditions 4) Capacity: 3,000,000pcs/month,own 200sets grinding equipment 5) Diameter: 2mm ~40mm 6) Precision: G5 ~ G100

2 Grade of Ceramic Ball Ball Dia. Variation Deviation From Spherical Form Surface Roughness Grade Vdws ΔSph Ra Not larger than (μm) G G G G Ceramic bearing Product introduction Bearing Class We produce FULL CERAMIC BEARING and CERAMIC BALL BEARING. Full ceramic bearing means the inner ring,out ring,and ball are composed of ceramic materials,including zirconia and silicon nitride. Ceramic ball bearing,also named hybrid bearing, means the ball is ceramic, while the out ring and inner ring are steel.ceramic ball bearing could have identical structure with steel bearing. Examples Full zirconia bearing Full silicon nitride bearing Full ceramic bearing(zirconia ball) Ceramic ball bearing Series of Full ceramic bearing Full zirconia bearing

3 Ceramic ball bearing Ceramic ball bearing Properties advantage,compared with metal bearing 1. Higher limit speed: ceramic is lighter than steel, and can effectively restrain the centrifugal force, therefore enhances the limit speed(2~3 times of that of steel bearing) 2. Higher precision usage: ceramic has higher hardness and elastic modulus than steel, which means ceramic bearing is stiffer, more rigid than steel bearing, thus can be used in higher precision condition. 3. Longer life: lighter ceramic leads to lower centrifugal force, thus extends bearing life. Furthermore, friction coefficient of ceramic is lower than steel, which also extends bearing life(4~6 times of steel bearing) 4. Higher temperature usage: ceramic is more mechanical stable at elevated temperature, thus could be used under higher temperature(can work under 800 ) 5. Temperature-variation usage: ceramic has a lower thermal expansion coefficient, thus the clearance and the tolerance variation is lower than those of steel bearing, which leads to a large temperature-variation range usage of ceramic bearing. 6. Better seizure resistance: ceramic has smaller thermal expansion coefficient, indicating less thermal deformation, thus enhance seizure resistance. 7. Could run without oil or grease: ceramic never rusts and is self-lubricated, thus can be used in situation that requires no oil or grease. 8. Resistant to acid, alkai and salt: chemical industry is the largest potential application industry of ceramic bearing to be exploited. 9. More suitable for magnetic application: our ceramic bearing is non-magnetic, which means it is difficult for magnetic particle to adhere on the race, thus reducing particle-abrasion. Ceramic ball bearing is especially out standing in above first three items, while full ceramic bearing is outstanding in other items. Full silicon nitride bearing is more superior than full zirconia bearing. It can endure higher temperature, and is more resistant to acid, alkai and salt. Usage For rough service environment, such as chemical, metallurgy, food, electric, medical industry etc. Our bearing products have been used as high-speed motor spindle bearing, high-precision machine spindle bearing, dental drill bearing, high-speed wheelhead bearing, instrument bearing, hard drive bearing, skating bearing, fishing bearing, etc. Retainer Material: PTFE, NYLON, PEEK, Stainless Steel or without retainer Precision:P0 for full ceramic bearing and P1~P4 for ceramic ball bearing Major bearing series: deep groove ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, and thrust ball bearing. Precision Grade of Ceramic Bearing Standards Precision Grade GB(China) G E D C B ISO Normal Class6 Class5 Class4 Class2 ANSI(U.S.A) ABEC1 ABEC3 ABEC5 ABEC7 ABEC9 DIN(Germany) P0 P6 P5 P4 P2 JIS(Japan) Grade0 Grade6 Grade5 Grade4 Grade2

4 Ceramic bearing Product introduction Deep Groove Ball Bearing Type Dimension(mm) Dimension(mm) Type d D B d D B Insert Bearing with Adapting Thread Type Dimension(mm) D D B S C ds G UC M5x UC M5x UC M5x UC M5x UC M5x UC M5x UC M8x1.00 7

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7 Data Comparision between Steel And Silicon Nitride,Zirconia and Alumina Material Properties