Fire Clay Brick. Pyrophylite Brick. Pyrophylite -SiC-C brick. Pyrophylite -SiC brick. High Alumina Brick. Alumina-SiC-C Brick.

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1 Fire Clay Brick Pyrophylite Brick Pyrophylite -SiC-C brick Pyrophylite -SiC brick High Alumina Brick Phosphate unbuned High alumina Brick Mullite brick for dry quenching device Alumina-SiC-C Brick Silica Brick Al2O3-MgO-c Brick Al2O3-pinel Brick Spinel-Carbon Brick Magnesite Bricks Special refractory products Insulating Brick Mullite Gunning Lance Monolithic Refractories Corundum Gunning Lance Refractories Mortar Refractory Fiber

2 Fire Clay Brick Chemical composition % Refractoriness min AI 2 O 3 : Specifications: At Buyer's Option. Uses: Suitable for blast furnace, coke oven, preheating furnace, ladle lining, steel teeming, non-ferrous metallurgical furnace, boiler, cement kiln, glass kiln, chimney and other kilns or furnaces and heat equipment. Packing: Wooden pallet, about1.2mt each pallet.

3 High Alumina Brick Chemical composition min % AI2O3 Fe2O Specifications: At Buyer's Option. Uses: Suitable for roof of electric arc furnace, preheating furnace, ladle lining, torpedo, cement kiln, glass tank, other furnaces and kilns at high temperature. Packing: Wooden pallet

4 Silica Brick Chemical composition % SiO2 :93-95 Refractoriness min 1690 Refractoriness under load min 1640 Specifications: At Buyer's Option. Uses: Suitable for coke oven, gas produce furnace, hot blast oven, glass kiln, etc. Packing: Wooden pallet AI2O3 --MgO--Brick Chemical composition max % AI2O3 MgO C Specifications: At buyers' option. Uses: Ladle lining. Packing: Wooden pallet

5 AI2O3-- Spinel Brick AI2O3 MgO Chemical composition % Specification: At buyers' option. Uses: The slag line and bottom of middle ladle. Spinel--Carbon Brick Chemical composition % AI2O3 max MgO max C Specifications: At buyers' option. Uses: Iron ladle and steel ladle lining.

6 Magnesite Bricks Type Mafnesite Brick % Alumina-Magnesite Brick % Chrom-Magnesite Brick % Magnesite-Dolomite Brick % Magnesite-Carbon Brick % Fused Magnesite Brick % Fused Chrom-Magnesite Brick % Mgo Al2O3 Cr2O3 CaO C min Specifications: At buyer's option. Uses: Suitable for steel-making furnaces, steel refining furnaces, ferro-alloy furnace, nonferrous metallurgical furnaces, ladle lining, cement kiln, lime kiln, glass kiln, etc. Packing: Wooden pallet.

7 Special refractory products Type Chemical Composition max % Al2O3 C C+SiO SIO2 ZrO2 SiO Si3N4 High alumina sliding Gate 75min Alumina - Graphite Sliding Gate 70min 10min Alumina - Graphite long nozzle Fused silica long nozzle 99min Zirconia small nozzle insert Corundum Brick Mullite Brick

8 Bubble Alumina product Zircon-Corundum Block ZrO2 Zirconia Heating Element 90 Service temperatu re 2000 SiC Silicon Carbide Brick Si3N4 SiC Silicon Nitride Bound Silicon Carbide Brick Specifications: At buyer's option. Uses: Steel casting, torpedo, steel refining furnace, blast furnace, test equipment. Packing: Wooden pallet or carton according to the nature of the products.

9 Insulating Brick Type Fireclay Insulator High Alumina Insulator Silica Insulator Diatomaceous Insulator Insulating slab for steel ingot Insulating slab for Tundish Bulk density g/cm max max 1.3 max Specifications: At buyer's option. Uses: Heat insulator for furnaces and kilns. Packing: carton or wooden pallet

10 Insulating Brick Chemical composition % AI2O3 SiO Specifications: At buyers' option. Uses: Desulfurization, Dephosphorization, Gunning lance for torpedo car.

11 Monolithic Refractories Material Fireclay High Alumina Magnesite Alumina-Magnesite spinel service temperature C C 1600 C MiN 1600 C MiN 25kg/ Specifications: Castable, plastic, ramming, coating and gunning materials. Uses: Suitable for preheating furnaces, soaking pit furnaces, steel runner, blast furnace taphole, iron metal runner, ladle lining.

12 Chemical Composition Material Refractoriness MgO SiO Magnesite Mortar Silica Mortar Fire Clay Mortar High Alumina Mortar 0.125mm-2mm, 25kg/ Size: Coarse, medium and fine to 2mm. Uses: Binding refractory bricks together. Packing: In plastic woven bag or craft paper bags with coating inside, about 25kg net each, put into pallets or big bags.

13 Refractory Fiber Type Low Temperature Middle temperature High temperature Material Alumina-Silicate High Alumina Mullite, High Alumina Service temperature Specifications: Fiber wool, plates, blankets, felts and ropes of various shapes and sizes. Uses: As the insulator in kilns furnaces for saving energy and improving working condition. Packing: In cartons and plastic bags.