DECKING SCREWS... The ideal solution for any type of decking... All screws shown above are Stainless Steel (A2)

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2 The ideal solution for any type of decking... DECKING SCREWS... Dk (in mm) K (in mm) L (in mm) b Art. No TX TX TX TX TX Often Bought With All screws shown above are Stainless Steel (A2) TX25 BIT Art. No TX25 IMPACT BIT Art. No CORDLESS DRILL, 18V Art. No Light 2Ah Art. No Combi 5Ah

3 PAINT BRUSHES Art. No Suitable for all surfaces, and ideal for PVA and Water Based Paints CARING FOR YOUR BRUSH Before painting ensure all loose bristles are dislodged. Immerse the bristles overnight in linseed oil making them more flexible. If the paint is water-based, wash the brush in soap and water, for any other paint, use the paint manufacturer s recommended solvent. While painting do not dip the paint brush more than a 1/3 of the bristle length into the paint. This will ensure easier cleaning Art. No mm Brush, R20.00 Ex. VAT Art. No mm Brush, R28.00 Ex. VAT Art. No mm Brush, R36.00 Ex. VAT Art. No mm Brush, R63.75 Ex. VAT SOLDERING IRON 100W Art. No R Ex. VAT High-performance soldering iron with nickel-plated copper tip and Schuko plug for rough soldering work, eg. sheet metal Nominal voltage 230 V/AC Frequency 50 Hz Power rating 100 W Soldering-tip temperature 500 C Heat-up time 2.5 min Product weight (per item) 350 g Material of the grip handle Plastic Cable length 1.5 m

4 HAMMER CHISEL Art. No R Ex. VAT Individual Chisels Available 3/8 BUTTERFLY RATCHET Art. No R Ex. VAT Small & compact for getting into those tight spaces, yet, powerful enough to release most bolts and nuts. 3/8 Impact Sockets Art. No mm Art. No mm Art. No mm Art. No mm Art. No mm ANGLED DRILL DBM 10 RL Art. No Purchase the Angled Drill ( ) for R Ex. VAT and get a Dial-A Drill ( ) FREE OF CHARGE...

5 RACTHET WRENCH SET 1/4 & 3/8 Art. No R Ex. VAT MULTI CUTTER 3 Art. No R Ex. VAT ANGLE GRINDER 100, 115 & 125MM Art. No Purchase the DWS125 Grinder with either Qty: 50x115mm Cutting Discs ( ) OR Qty: 50x125mm Cutting Discs ( ) AND PAY ONLY R Ex. VAT for the PACKAGE...

6 HHS 2000 LUBRICATING SPRAY GREASE Art. No R79.80 Ex. VAT High pressure resistance Extraordinarily tear-proof lubricating film with excellent noise and vibration dampening Good creep properties - Excellent lubricating properties for small gaps - Reliable protection against corrosion Adhesive Lubricant is centrifuge-resistant on turning and rotating parts Good material compatibility O and X-ring compatible, as well with plastics. Neutral behaviour on painted substrates. Resistant to splashed water, salt water, weak acids and alkalis Silicone-free, resin-free and acid-free Resistant to high pressure loads The HHS 2000 lubricating film remains active and does not strip off despite the high pressure load and shearing motion of the base body. Reliably separates the counterpart-body from the base body and thus ensures optimum wear protection at higher pressure loads. This is only possible for dirt-free lubricating points, which is why we recommend thoroughly and carefully precleaning with HHS Clean, art. no , prior to application. Application area Suitable for universal lubrication and for high pressure loads, e.g. shifting, accelerator and clutch linkages, Bowden cables, pins, joints, hinges, reversing levers, lock strikers, drag link ends, sliding rails, chain wheels, toothed racks and open gearwheels. ROST OFF PLUS rust remover Art. No R69.00 Ex. VAT High-quality rust remover, lubricating effect owing to the latest additive technology (OMC 2 technology) Excellent capillary activity Optimum creeping properties ensure outstanding rust penetration and excellent rust removal Contains liquid, highly effective, organic molybdenum compound OMC 2 - In contrast to products that contain solid lubricants, e.g. MOS 2, OMC 2 does not precipitate out in larger containers - Reduces friction - Smooths metal surfaces for outstanding lubricating effect - Ensures permanent smooth running of connections Instructions Spray the parts to be treated and allow to take effect briefly. With stubborn connections, repeat application and extend soaking time where necessary. Application area For loosening extremely rusty and oxidised screw connections on passenger cars, lorries, agricultural machines, construction machines, equipment and devices Corrosion-protection additives for optimum corrosion protection Long-term protection against further corrosion Resin-free and acid-free Silicone-free Compatible with rubber and plastic

7 ALUMINIUM PASTE AL1100 anti seize Art. No R69.70 Ex. VAT Highly adhesive lubricant resistant to temperatures and high pressure - Anti-seize aluminium/copper-based highperformance lubricant - Prevents freezing and seizing, galling, wear, corrosion, frictional corrosion - Resistant to water, weak acids and alkali solutions - Max. Temperature conditions: 1100 C Notice Do not apply to painted surfaces. Instructions The surfaces to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand and dust and lubricant residues removed. Apply to the surface to be treated evenly using a spatula or brush. Application area This mineral oil-based lubricant is resistant to high temperatures. It is suitable for lubricating the backs of disc brake pads (prevents squeaking noises), screw connections (exhaust manifold screws, spark plug threads etc.), bearings, pivot points, joints, sliding surfaces etc. It prevents solid seals from becoming baked on and is also suitable for contact protection on the nozzles of gas-shielded arc welding guns and on batteries and battery terminals. ACTIVE GLASS CLEANER Art. No R65.45 Ex. VAT Cleaning foam for glass and smooth surfaces Stable No running off vertical surfaces Extremely high degree of cleaning - When the foam bubbles burst, highly concentrated, active cleaning agents are transported directly to the dirt - Outstanding dirt dissolving power Instructions For optimum foaming, shake the can well before use. Application area Dissolves insect residue, bird droppings, road dust, nicotine deposits, greasy dirt, silicone residue and rubber marks from glass windows, car windows, mirrors and painted surfaces. Saves money thanks to 20x yield Protects materials Paints, rubber and plastics are not attacked. Notice Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Not suitable for polycarbonate glass. Often Bought With BLUE PAPER TOWEL Art. No R Ex. VAT MICRO FIBER CLOTH S Art. No BLUE Art. No RED Art. No YELLOW Art. No GREEN R79.48 Ex. VAT for pack of 5

8 335mm 1/2 & 1/4 SOCKET SET, 57Pcs Art. No R Ex. VAT Contents 1/2 set parts: 468mm Hexagon socket: WS10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20, 21,22,23,24, 27,30,32mm; Extensions 125MM,250MM; Cardan joint; 3-way adapter 3/8 F*1/2 M; 1/2 ratchet; Contents 1/4 set parts: Hexagon socket: WS4.5,5,5.5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14mm; Extensions 100,150mm; Cardan joint; 3-way adapter 3/8 F*1/4 M; 1/4 F*1/4 H. coupler; 1/4 ratchet; 1/4 driver handle; Bits: PH1/2/3, SL0.8x5.5, INHEX3/4/5/6, TX10/15/20/25/27/30/40. REDLINE CUTTING DISCS for steel Art. No (115mmx2.5mm) - R12.10 Ex. VAT (Pack: 5) Art. No (125mmx2.5mm) - R12.10 Ex. VAT (Pack: 5) Art. No (230mmx3.0mm) - R23.60 Ex. VAT (Pack: 5) Synthetic-resin bonded, fibre-reinforced standard cutting disc/grinding wheel. For free-hand cutting/grinding with electric or pneumatic angle grinders. High resistance to breakage. Max. Circumferential speed 80 m/s. Comply with most demanding safety requirements of European standard EN Often Bought With GRINDING MACHINES Art. No mm, 820W Art. No mm, 1200W Art. No mm, 1700W Art. No mm, 2300W Art. No mm, SAFETY