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1 Superior metallurgy of refiner disc No harsh hardfacing Extended life Optimum mechanical strength Electro-dynamically balanced the refining people

2 The dynamo rotor series is built with superior metallurgy of refiner disc adopted in the impellers. Special heat treatment is provided with the same hardness throughout the cross-section. Features and Benefits No harsh hardfacing that leads to fast wear of the screen plates Extended life for the screen plates Optimum mechanical strength for wear and tear with toughness The surface color is greyish due to heat treatment having a self-protective layer of passivated surface Applications & Salient Features Parason has different metallurgy and geometry of rotors for different furnishes Uniform agitation, better pulping Computational fluid dynamics simulation for better pulping

3 LC Pulper Rotor Fiber Saver Impeller Dynamo Rotor Series Rebuilding Want to buy the dynamo rotors for pulp and paper machine? Call now +91 (0) /35/36/37 or Write us at