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1 Low Consistency Pulper is also called as the D Type Pulper because it comes with a D-shaped section of tub. the refining people

2 The low consistency pulper section of the tub that increases the turbulence in the tub causing the blades/bundles to submerge rapidly thus reducing the dwelling time. It is suitable for continuous operations, for furnish of OCC, AOCC, Box Board, separating the reject and fiber. The Fiber discharge line is connected to the pulp suction or directly fed to storage towers. Applications & Salient Features Operating consistency 4-6% Higher capacity (TPD) with reduced power input compared to normal vertical pulper S.S. Cast Roter of special design for handling different grades of low material Pulper can be operated in ambient temp. as well as elevated temp. upto 700 C Heavy duty sturdy bearings take impact load of bales/waste paper bundles Removes plastic in large pieces with little degradation Reduce burden on downstream equipment Decreases/eliminates clean out down time

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