Dentsu Inc. Investor Day Developing our global footprint

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1 Dentsu Inc. Investor Day Developing our global footprint September 4, 2015 Tim Andree EVP, Member of the Board, Dentsu Inc. Executive Chairman Dentsu Aegis Network Innovating The Way Brands Are Built

2 Dentsu 2017 and beyond Our key strategic objectives To evolve into a truly global network at the forefront of marketing convergence Innovation x Reinvention 4 Strategic Priorities: Diversifying the portfolio on a global basis Evolving and expanding in the digital domain Re-engineering business processes and improving profitability Further reinforcing the business platform in the core Japanese market 1

3 Diversifying the portfolio on a global basis Our track record FY 2005 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 International 5% International 15% International 48% International 51% Japan 95% Japan 85% Japan 52% Japan 49% On a % gross profit basis 2

4 Diversifying the portfolio on a global basis Growth Employees Countries

5 The acquisition of Aegis Key rationale as outlined in July 2012 Aligned Culture, Vision And Strategy Global Geographic Coverage Enhanced Offering to Combined Client Base Broader, Integrated Digital Expertise Platform for Accelerated Growth 4

6 Dentsu and Aegis A complementary combination with shared values 2003 Aegis Media formed to enable the media division of Aegis to become a multibrand company Aegis Media adopted a six-point strategy to address convergence and globalisation Aegis Media launched a unique Operating Model, enabled by 1 P&L per market 2010 Aegis Media created a Vision to Reinvent the way brands are built, supported by five Global Network Brands 2014 Creation of Dentsu Aegis Network, with a vision of Innovating the Way Brands are Built 2015 Dentsu begins building Dentsu Network West Dentsu adopts Good Innovation as a Corporate Vision for all its businesses Dentsu forms Dentsu Network as a Global organisation outside of Japan Dentsu Inc. acquires Aegis, the biggest deal in advertising history creating a truly global business Dentsu Group well positioned to be a unique player amongst the global agency peer group

7 Integration of Aegis Efficient and swift, with disruption fully minimized Transition Strategy 12 July 2012 to 26 March 2013: Stability, continuity and platform for growth for 16,000 people in 80 markets Zero disruption for the largest ever transaction in global advertising Integration Task Dentsu Aegis Network launched: 26 March 2013 Integrate 16,000 Aegis people and 7,000 Dentsu Network people Dentsu Aegis Network One company 1 st January 2014 Integration complete 6

8 Integration track record Key proof points SENIOR MANAGEMENT RETENTION INVESTMENT IN GLOBAL FUNCTIONS NEW BUSINESS PERFORMANCE UNIQUELY POSITIONED 100% retention rate Consistent infrastructure from which to support Global clients Significant revenue synergies achieved through supporting Japanese & international clients globally A fresh, new alternative for clients 7

9 Integration track record Significant revenue synergy wins achieved Japan Global Global Japan Regional Global Media MOR of PlayStation in North America Media planning and buying in Japan Media and digital in APAC Global media AOR Media planning and buying in Japan and Global Media, creative and digital in North America Worldwide digital campaign for FIFA sponsorship Media planning and buying in Japan Global activation Global brand awareness campaign for B2B communication Regional pitch for SEM/SEO in APAC Global media buying and planning 8

10 Dentsu Group today Truly global presence AMERICAS EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA ASIA PACIFIC Argentina Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica* Dominican Republic* 380 offices Ecuador* El Salvador* Guatemala* Honduras* Mexico Nicaragua* Panama* Paraguay* 43,000 staff Peru* Puerto Rico* Uruguay* USA Venezuela* 140 countries Albania* Algeria** Angola* Armenia* Austria Azerbaijan* Bahrain* Belarus* Belgium Bosnia Herzegovina* Botswana* Burkina Faso* Bulgaria Cameroon* Croatia Chad* Cyprus* Czech Republic Denmark Ethiopia* Egypt Estonia Finland France Gabon* Georgia* Germany Ghana* Greece Hungary Iceland* Iran* Iraq* Ireland Israel Italy Ivory Coast* Jordan* Kazakhstan* Kenya Kosovo* Kuwait* Latvia Lebanon* Lesotho* Liberia* Lithuania Luxembourg Libya* Macedonia* Malta* Moldova* Mongolia* Montenegro* Morocco Mozambique* Namibia* Netherlands Niger* Nigeria* Norway Oman* Pakistan* Poland Portugal Qatar* Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Senegal* Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Swaziland* Sweden Switzerland Tanzania* Tunisia Turkey UAE Uganda* UK Ukraine* Uzbekistan* Zambia* Australia Bangladesh* Cambodia* China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Korea Malaysia Wholly-owned entities, majority owned** and affiliates* New Zealand Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka* Taiwan Thailand Vietnam 9

11 Dentsu s strategy for Capital Utilisation M&A remains a key priority OBJECTIVE to deliver an improvement in Shareholder Value over time Growth of the Business - Priority for Capital Deployment Investing in growth in Japan and globally Delivering value-enhancing acquisitions Focus on Capital Returns and Dividends Improving capital efficiency Increasing ROE over time 10

12 Dentsu Inc. Investor Day Developing our global footprint September 4, 2015 Tim Andree EVP, Member of the Board, Dentsu Inc. Executive Chairman Dentsu Aegis Network Innovating The Way Brands Are Built