Manufacturers & Exporters of Cutting Tools & Gauges For All Applications

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1 Manufacturers & Exporters of Cutting Tools & Gauges For All Applications Address: Plot No 191, Sector 6, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon , INDIA Contact No's: Ph ,

2 COMPANY PROFILE Over 60 years of Expertise in Manufacturing Cutting Tools & Gauges The Name HANRO TOOLS INCORPORATION reflects the technology advances, synergy, process experience and manufacturing capabilities that we offer to our Customers to provide them with solutions for their manufacturing applications. We work in close association with our customers and provide a dedicated application engineer. We like to first understand the exact need of the customer and then provide a suitable solution to them. Engineering Applied to Customer Service HANRO is a learning organisation and we believe that learning never stops. Our design and engineering department has experienced and learned Human capital with the backing of custom made software. The software has the capability to run a simulation test and reveal the results even before the initiation of the manufacturing process, thus giving us an edge over others. The software is developed by world Known German & Swiss Companies thus making us capable of producing the right product at the right time, first time and every time. We have state of the art manufacturing and inspection equipment which help us convert our superior designs into real products and give reliability factor to them. Our tie ups with the companies, which work in close harmony with us give us services for PVD coatings (TiN, AlTiN, Futura, Alcrona etc.). These features enable HANRO to reduce delivery time, offering our customers quick response, world class quality and competitive prices. Hob Cutters Shaper Cutters Broaches Shaving Cutters Roll Forming Racks Taper Mandrels Master Gears Milling Cutters End Mills & Drills Thread Gauges Spline Gauges Thread Taps Reamers Spline Rolls Quality Reliability Service Industry leadership Innovation Development Technology Knowledge Base

3 MISSION STATEMENT To be positioned as one of the Leading Company in the World that provides its customers with effective solutions and add value to their machining technology and processes. Provide rewarding work experience to its employees that will foster and cultivate fulfillment. Invest in modern technologies at every point and utilize their potential to give benefits to its Customers, Employees and Environment. As the industry demands grow, We should give our Customers machining technology and best practice solutions that can keep pace with their tough challenges. As change and uncertainty create a world without borders, we should deliver world class tools, processes, and results. You Can Count on Us!

4 Recent Developments Upgraded Plant and machinery to meet the latest trends and technologies in the Industry. We have not only upgraded to the latest machines but have also taken care to install the best available technology and brands. We have recently Bought CNC Turning and Milling machines to improve the accuracy in machining and to enhance the capacity to cater the industry demands for next 5 Years. We believe that for accurate product Input has to be accurate. We have recently installed state of the art CNC Hob Flank Profile Relief Grinder. The machine is built on latest Linear Motor Technology and Direct Drives with 7-Axis Siemens 840D to eliminate mechanical errors. It has Probing and acoustic emission system to give error free and quick setup. It has the best software for calculation of wheel profile with 3D Simulation to give class AAA + accuracy. The graphic display illustrates the exact geometry of a tooth flank after grinding. We have also installed state of the art CNC Hob and Shaper cutter Sharpener to give our customers the best sharpening possible. In selecting the machine we took factors not only needed for class AAA sharpening but also the surface finish. Surface finish is one of the major factors influencing the components produced per sharpening. No Plant is complete without the checking equipment. To meet the same we have installed Klingelnberg P26 CNC Analyser. We have taken optional software s and equipment which are not available at present with any of the tool manufacturers in India. The list of these features is exhaustive. Some of the main features are listed below.

5 Developments Continued Additional Software and Hardware extensions included. Work piece temperature sensor including compensation software. In case that the work piece temperature deviates considerably from the temperature of the machine, it can be recorded by it and subsequently compensated. Closed Loop integration with grinding machines. It is a simulation data of measuring curves profile and lead inspection for automatic correction. Measurement and display of profile contour for special hobs, e.g. rotor cutters and chain wheel cutters. Profile inspection according to calculated coordinates in the axial plane (worm gear hobs with many starts) or after input of coordinates in the axial plane (hobs with special profiles like Serration, Spline, Sprocket or any kind of profile which can be defined by points, Lines & Curves.) Shaper cutters Software: Profile on and behind the cutting edge, flank lines left-/right hand. Shaving cutters Software For checking of profiles, flank lines and runout the latter calculated from the pitch test, on all known types including plunge type shaving cutters. These are few of the software s. Please feel free write or speak to our technical helpline for more information. So that You Can Keep Counting on Us!

6 Developments Continued Installation of Heat Treatment facility - To meet the demands for higher Productivity, Speeds and Feeds latest developments in Raw material has to be handled. We have not only upgraded to the latest furnaces but have also taken care in selecting the Size and Design to equip us in handling the most toughest of Raw materials like Speed Core & its Equivalent. We have expertise in Heat Treating all Conventional and PM Grades of Steel. Installation of Micro Structure Lab We have the best microscope and lapping equipment from Olympus to study the microstructure of the Heat Treated Material. We also check the incoming raw material to avoid any surprises at later stage. This helps us deliver on time with confidence. Rejected Incoming RM Accepted Incoming RM Tempered Microstructure