Once the ECC has approved the project, they will sign the permit and return it to the general manager. The permit will be undated at that time.

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1 OVERVIEW OF PROCEDURES FOR NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION PERMITS The builder will submit to the ECC the plans, drawings, etc. for the project, along with the appropriate filing fee. Proof of ownership should be provided at this time. A face-to-face meeting with the owners, the builder, the ALPUC representative, and the head of maintenance will be scheduled. After this meeting, the ECC will proceed with the normal review process, including a site inspection for the setbacks, review of color schemes, materials, etc. The driveway form will be submitted in its preliminary form at this time. Once the ECC has approved the project, they will sign the permit and return it to the general manager. The permit will be undated at that time. When the builder is ready to actually begin the work on the project, he/she will submit the bond, square footage fees, and any other necessary ALPOA documents and forms. At that time, the general manager will fill in the start date on the permit. The completion date will be one year from the date the permit is signed. No extensions will be granted unless there are extraordinary circumstances beyond the builder s control. When the driveway has reached its final stage, approval for the interface with the roads will be given by the head of maintenance. Also, placement of and screening of the fuel storage tanks must be approved at this time. When the work has been completed, a review of all of the submitted documents will be undertaken. If all of the requirements have been met, the occupancy permit will be issued and the release of performance bond documents will be executed at that time. No home can be occupied without the occupancy permit. All conditions on the release of performance bond must be met before the ECC will approve its release.

2 APPLICATION FOR NEW DWELLING CONSTRUCTION Alpine Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. Environmental Control Committee (ECC) Form Owners (must include all parties on deed) Address Alpine Section and Lot Number Alpine Street Address Contact Phone Number Date: Overview The owner contemplating construction of a new dwelling in Alpine Lake should be familiar with the West Virginia state licensing requirements, which stipulate that anyone engaged in contracting for a job exceeding $2,500 to be a licensed West Virginia contractor. The ALPOA Environmental Control Committee (ECC) does not interpret nor answer any questions regarding the state requirements. Any questions should be referred to the West Virginia Licensing Board in Charleston. The property owners should also be aware that they could be held liable for any personal injury or property damage on the property or adjacent properties. Therefore, insurance coverage is required from the onset of construction. An important document to review thoroughly is the Alpine Lake Declaration of Restrictions dated March 1, It is a legally binding document that all property owners agree to abide by, and which mandates specific requirements related to the construction of any dwelling in Alpine Lake. The owners, by the required notary seal at the end of the application, acknowledge that they will comply with all requirements set forth in the Declaration of Restrictions, particularly paragraphs 5 through 8, and will construct the dwelling in accordance with this application, submitted to and approved by the ECC. The erection of modular homes is also governed by this application and approval is impacted by the ECC policy statement noted ECC Policy - Modular Homes. ECC form 8 must be submitted and approved before installing a propane fuel tank. ECC form 9 must be submitted and approved before installing an oil storage tank. ECC approval must be obtained before installing geo-thermal heating. ECC form 15 must be submitted and approved before FINAL driveway construction. The forms alluded to in this section require no additional fees, but the construction permit number for this work must be listed on the related request forms. ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 2

3 Builder Information We the owners have selected the following general contractor to construct the dwelling. The contractor will be responsible for all phases of construction and compliance within the requirements of the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Act. Contractor: Address: Phone: WV contractor license: Insurance carrier: Policy number: Expiration Date: We the owners declare we will be responsible for our own construction. We further agree that all work we contract for will be in compliance with the West Virginia Licensing Act, specifically referencing that any work subcontracted in the amount of $2,500 or more will be awarded only to a licensed West Virginia contractor. A list of subcontractors (found at the end of the application) is required. We acknowledge sole responsibility for any property damage or personal injury and any lawsuit arising therefrom. Insurance for property damage and personal injury in the amount of $300,000 or more is in effect with the following insurer: Insurance carrier: Policy number: Copies of contractor licenses and insurance policies are to be submitted with application. Note concerning water and electrical hookups The owner is responsible for contacting the power company for electrical hookup. The owner is also responsible for working with the Alpine Lake Public Utilities Commission (ALPUC) to arrange the water and sewage hookup. Any fees relating to the hookup will be paid directly to ALPUC. ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 3

4 Fees $ 30 Filing fee, check made payable to ALPOA $ Total liveable space fee of sq. ft. x $1, or $1200 minimum, check made payable to ALPOA. Note: Future additions/improvements that add space will require filing form ECC-11 and/or ECC-3. Appropriate fees will apply. Total liveable space does not include vehicle parking space in garages. This fee is not due until the construction permit is picked up by the contractor. $ 1200 New Dwelling Performance Bond. Check must be issued by Contractor and made payable to ALPOA. This fee is not due until the construction permit is picked up by the contractor. $ Any and all past due assessments, payable to ALPOA. These will be determined by the business office. Completion of Residence The residence must be completed within twelve months from the date the building permit is picked up or the performance bond will be forfeited. Extensions will be considered upon submission of form ECC-14 and must be filed prior to the permit expiration date. Completion is defined as follows; 1. All exterior construction work is complete, including siding, decks, stairs, chimney, retaining walls, driveway, and culvert. 2. All rubble, construction debris and construction equipment has been removed from the building site. 3. All earth disturbances have been graded and mulched or seeded. 4. Water, sewage, and permanent electrical service have been connected. 5. The ECC has approved occupancy (ECC Form 5). The owner is responsible to insure the timely completion of the residence by the builder and such completion should be a contractual matter between the owner and builder. The Environmental Control Committee assumes no responsibility for the timely completion of the residence. ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 4

5 Pre-Construction Checklist All past-due assessments have been cleared through the business office. If adjacent lots are to be used for the construction, ECC form 12 must be submitted. This form protects the property owner; by combining lots, the owner is assured that no incursion into the setback area between the two lots will take place. For a new dwelling, a lot survey prepared by a licensed West Virginia surveyor must be submitted with the application. The survey should show exact dimensions of the lot and any encumbrances, such as right of way, not addressed in the Declaration of Restrictions. The owner will provide one copy of the building plan and plot layout showing style and dimensions, height and location of the building, including any decks, porches, or stairs, consistent with the front, side, and rear setback requirements outlined in paragraphs 6 and 7 in the Declaration of Restrictions. The location of the driveway, parking areas, and their dimensions should be included, but may be modified in final form when ECC form 15 is submitted. The layout may show the proposed location for any propane or oil storage tank. These may be modified when the final ECC form is filed. If the dwelling is to use geothermal heating/cooling, this must be specified below and a geothermal contractor must meet with the ECC before any drilling or other work on the installation is begun. An example of a plot layout is attached at the end of this application. Pre-Construction Requirements A face-to-face meeting with the building contractor and the ECC must take place before building begins. The builder will bring the drawings necessary for review. Lot boundaries must be clearly marked on site. Building location, including decks, porches, and driveways must be clearly marked on site. These must be positioned in accordance with the setback requirements. Water and sewer taps must be clearly marked. All trees to be removed must be marked with high-visibility banding material. Location for culvert must be staked. Arrangements for a portable toilet must be made. It must be on site the first day any work commences. If the ECC determines they are needed, erosion containment barriers must be placed before any excavation begins. A Site Document Display Box shall be used for an all-in-one permit posting system that protects plans, permits, and other required notices on the job site. Doc-Box Model DBW or equivalent is approved. ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 5

6 Building Exterior and Interior Note: Color samples must be provided for the exterior of the dwelling! Siding Type Roofing Type Doors Color Windows Color Soffit and Fascia Materials and Color Number of Bedrooms Number of Bathrooms Type of Heating/Cooling Color Color Trim Color Trim Color Note concerning exterior colors: Exterior colors should be in harmony with the general surroundings of Alpine Lake s natural settings. The ECC will make every effort to arrive at agreeable colors with homeowners. However, white or off-white colors will not be approved. This includes new doors, windows, trim, and repainting of any existing white exterior surfaces. Building Setback Distances in Feet From Street Right-of-way line From Right (facing property) line From Left (facing property) line From Rear line Note: If two lots are involved in the building, the house and/or decks, porches, and garages may be built across the adjoining property lines only if the lots have been combined (ECC form 12). If the house is to be built on only one lot, all setback requirements remain in effect and no buildings such as a garage or permanent shed can be built or placed on a separate lot. Additionally, if a garage is to be built, it must be fully identified herein with respect to size, colors, materials of construction, and setbacks. Number of Stories and Height Number of Stories Projected building height, in feet, from highest ground elevation adjacent to structure ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 6

7 Contractor List for Owner Supervised Construction Work to be completed by contractor as indicated Excavation Foundation Framing Roofing Siding Plumbing Electrical Heating Other (work over $2500) Owner Acknowledgements We acknowledge that we understand and agree to the requirements outlined above and we understand and will abide by the Alpine Lake Declaration of Restrictions document of March 1, We further understand and agree to the following: Owner Signatures The entire dwelling will be used solely for one single family residence and will not be altered or used for any other purpose. The Environmental Control Committee may visit and inspect the construction site to ensure compliance with the Declaration of Restrictions and conformance with this New Dwelling construction package. The performance bond may be forfeited at the sole discretion of the Environmental Control Committee if the provisions of this construction package are not met. Notary Signature and Seal Date Date Date Date ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 7

8 Enclosures Copy of Deed(s) Lot Survey Plot Plan Building Plan Licenses and Insurance Information Final Approval The ALPOA Environmental Control Committee has reviewed and approved this application for construction in Alpine Lake, Section Lot on this date. ECC Special Notes or Requirements ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 8

9 ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 9

10 ECC form 1, version May 2016 Page 10