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1 ARB Staff Report A PPEARANCE REVIEW BOARD July 21, 2016 Case Number AGENDA ITEM 4 619, 621, 623 E. PINE ST. THE OLIVE TOWNHOMES ARB Applicant Michael Wenrich Michael Wenrich Architects Owner Tom Darling, Hancock Darling, Inc. Vern L and Susan G Boatman Requested Action SITE Request for a Major Certificate of Appearance Approval for a 6-unit, 3-story fee simple townhome development. Recommendation Approval, based on the conditions in this staff report Project Planner Doug Metzger, AICP, LMT Aerial Perspective S UMMARY Project Description The subject site is bounded on the north by small, residential style two-story office buildings, on the west by one and two-story homes, on the south by E. Pine Street and on the east by a single family residence. This is request for a Major Certificate of Appearance Approval for The Olive Townhome project, that includes 6 three-story fee simple town house units. Project Background The project site is 0.51 acres and is zoned R- 3B/T in the front and O-2 in the rear, There are currently three single family homes on the site. Public Notice A placard advertising the ARB meeting was displayed on site. As of July 15th no comments or inquiries have been received on the application. Updated: July 15, 2017

2 Page 2 P ROJECT OVERVIEW From the Applicant: The proposed project is a new 3-story, 6-unit, fee simple with HOA townhouse on three existing lots [619, 621 & 623 East Pine Street] to be replatted. This project has been discussed with and reviewed by the City Planning Division during three meetings over the past 3 months. The proposed structure meets the required desnity, use, setbacks, lot coverage, impervious surface ration, 1st floor transparency and height requirements as defined by the Code. With 18 off-street parking spaces [3 per unit] it exceeds the parking requirement. The highly articulated street façade and carefully chosed material and color composition are sensitive to the transitional scale and style of this downtown neighborhood. The electrical service will be run underground with meters located on the rear of the building. The AC units will be on the roof and pushed back from Pine Street and screened so they are not visible. The two corner units are 3,000 sq.ft. each and the four interior units are 2,500 sq. ft. each for a total of 16,000sq. ft. not including the six two-car garages. The six two-car garages equal 2,840 sq. ft. for a total of a8, 840 sq. ft. The building is located to provide 1 20-foot two-way entry and exit drive landscaped on both sides and a generous rear yard for odd-street guest parking as well as green space for storm water and ample landscaping. On the east side of the property, 2-feet will be given to the neighboring property to allow them to have a private driveway which is currently shared between the two properties [613 & 619 E. Pine St.]. ARB STAFF COMMENTS The massing and the scale of The Olive Townhouse project is compatible with the surrounding residential structures. The contemporary elevations, while out of character with the adjacent traditional architecture, are complimented by the nearby contemporary midrises and towers. Taken in context with the South Eola Neighborhood as whole, the project solidly adds to the eclectic ambiance of a neighborhood in an up and coming transition. The site plan, unlike similar constricted projects, has ample room for vehicle circulation, common area open space and internal visitor parking. All-in-all The Olive Townhouses are a well designed Downtown residential project that will be a great addition to the South Eola Neighborhood. ARB CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL ARB Staff has reviewed the Applicant s submittal documents and recommends approval of The Olive Townhouse project with the following conditions: 1. Streetscape A. Streetscape Design Guidelines i. All streetscape design and construction is required to comply with the design and construction requirements of the Downtown Orlando Streetscape Design Guidelines [DSDG] as they may be amended from time-to-time and the additional conditions in this staff report. ii. Maintenance Agreement The applicant shall enter into a maintenance agreement with the City to define maintenance responsibilities for the streetscape and other aspects of the public realm. iii. City Services Easement A city services easement shall be provided by the applicant for any portion of the streetscape zone outside of the right-of-way. B. General Streetscape Requirements: i. Treatment All streetscape shall be designed and constructed consistent with the requirements of Treatment 5 in the Downtown Streetscape Design Guidelines with a minimum 7.5-foot parkway strip and a minimum 5-foot Pedestrian Crossing The pedestrian crossing at the driveway cut shall be level and at the same grade as the sidewalk is adjacent to the driveway. The concrete sidewalk shall be continuous through the driveway crossing in order to emphasize the pedestrian zone. ii. Street Trees The existing oaks in the E. Pine Street right-of-way shall be preserved. The trees shall also be protected, per Code, during the construction process to ensure their continued vitality. iii. Valve and Junction Boxes All at-grade junction, valve and control boxes in the streetscape zone shall be traffic bearing grade boxes and lids, painted per the downtown streetscape standards. iv. Pedestrian Clear Zone In no instance shall vertical structures or obstructions be placed in the required pedestrian clear zones [sidewalks]. v. Overhead Utility Lines All overhead powerlines along the project frontage shall be undergrounded as part of the development of the subject site.

3 Page 3 ARB CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL [CONT.] vi. ARB Final Review Final streetscape plans shall be submitted to ARB Staff Review prior to submittal for building permits. C. Tree Preservation/Mitigation i. Preservation There are several mature specimen tress remaining on the site, especially around the project edges. The applicant should attempt to preserve some of those trees. ARB Staff encourages the applicant to use their best efforts to preserve as many of the mature trees as feasible. Each preserved tree will enhance the value and aesthetic vitality of the project area. ii. Tree Removal/Mitigation A tree removal permit is required to remove trees. As part of the tree removal permit process the applicant shall work with the City arborist to evaluate the viability of the existing on-site trees and whether or not any mitigation will be required for the removal of significant trees. 2. Architecture A. Design Intent i. ARB Staff supports the architectural direction and theme of the Lake Eola Heights Townhome project. ii. Final architectural plans, elevations, materials and finishes shall be submitted for ARB Staff Review and approval prior to submittal for building permits. B. General Architectural Conditions i. Windows The windows on all facades shall be recessed 1 to 3 inches from the façade in order to provide texture and shadow lines on the building elevations. ii. Perimeter Fence or Walls A six-foot tall decorative wall or fence may be installed along the rear and side property lines. The perimeter fencing shall be decorative PVC or a masonry wall. ARB Staff recommends that any perimeter PVC fencing be a color other than white. C. Specific Architectural Conditions i. The Olive Sign The proposed The Olive sign shall be permitted even though it is atypical for a residential development of this scale. The sign shall be non-illuminated channel letters or metal cut-out letters. ii. Garage Doors All garage doors shall include a bay of light or widows. D. Transparency i. Transparency Requirement A minimum of 15% transparency shall be provided on all floors facing the street. ii. Light Transmittance All glass at the ground level shall be clear. Minimum light transmittance shall be 80%. High performance or low-e glass may be considered as an alternative with a minimum transmittance of 60%. iii. No windows at the ground floor level shall be dry-walled, or have permanent partitions installed on the interior to block natural surveillance. iv. Tinted, reflective, or spandrel glass does not count towards meeting the transparency requirements. 3. Lighting Plan A lighting plan that complies with the City s lighting regulations [Chapter 63 2M.] including photometrics and all proposed exterior lighting fixtures shall be submitted for ARB Staff Review and approval prior to issuance of building permits. 4. Mechanical Equipment A. Venting & Exhaust All venting and exhaust shall be directed to the roof or the rear of each building. All exterior vents and grill work shall be painted to match the adjacent building color. B. Transformer If needed transformers shall not be located between the building and the adjacent street. Transformer areas shall be screened on three sides with landscaping and/or decorative, opaque fencing, up to 6-feet in height. Landscaping shall be a minimum of 36-inches tall at the time of planting. C. Mechanical Equipment All ground mounted and rooftop mechanical equipment shall be screened from view and meet the screening conditions of the Land Development Code. Mechanical equipment such as HVAC equipment shall not be located between the building and the street. D. Backflow Preventer Backflow preventer[s] shall be located so as not to be directly visible, and as far away as possible, from the right-of-way. Backflow preventers should be screened from view with landscaping where necessary. They shall be clearly identified on the final utilities plan. E. Fencing Fencing, other than perimeter walls and fences, shall be an open, CPTED-approved fence, such as aluminum picket or welded wire. Chain link fencing is prohibited. F. Final Elevations The location and configuration of all exterior venting and mechanical equipment shall be included on the final building elevations and site plan. Those plans shall be submitted for ARB Staff Review prior to submittal of building permits