Town of Pawling Residential Building Permit Application

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1 Town of Pawling Residential Building Permit Application Property Address: Street: City: Zip: Grid Number: Zoning District: Project Description: Owners Name: Phone: H W/C Address: Street: City: State: Zip: Builders Name: Phones: Address: Street: City: State: Zip: Arch/Eng Name: Phones: Is the property located in a flood zone? Yes No Are any wetlands located on the property? Yes No If yes, a floodplain development permit is required. Are you within 100 of a Watercourse? Yes No Square Footage of House Square Footage of Basement: Sq Ft of Attached Garages: Square Footage of Covered Porches Square Footage of Attached Decks: # of Bedrooms: # of Bathrooms: # of Fireplaces/Woodstoves Height of Building: ft. Stories: Percent Lot Coverage: Zoned Area Floors above grade Building Height ft Lot SizeAc. Setbacks: Front ft. Left side ft Right Side ft. Rear ft Pawling Building Department 160 Charles Colman Blvd. Pawling, NY of 5

2 Calculation of permit fee: Square Footage X $0.82 = Permit Application Fee Total Permit Fee $ $ $ **ALL WORK PREFORMED PRIOR TO OBTAINING A BUILDING PERMIT WILL BE DOUBLE THE REQUIRED FEE** PROOF OF LIABILITY INSURANCE WITH THE TOWN OF PAWLING LISTED AS CERTIFICATE HOLDER: TOWN OF PAWLING, 160 CHARLES COLMAN BLVD., PAWLING, NY New York State law requires an applicant for a Building Permit to submit proof of Workers Compensation Insurance and proof of Disability Insurance. This proof must be on the following forms: You can get the proper forms from your insurance company. Also proof of Liability Insurance. The Town of Pawling must be listed as Certificate Holder on all forms. For Liability Acord Form For Workers Compensation C-105.2GSI U-26.3SI-12 For Disability DB DB-155 If you are a business of one or two persons, with no full-time employees, you may be eligible for exemption from the above requirements. Please acquire form CE-200 {Replaces Forms #WC/DB100 9/07 & C } from your local office of the Workers Compensation Board ONLY THE ABOVE FORMS ARE ACCEPTABLE. BE ADVISED THAT "ACORD" FORMS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AS PROOF OF WORKERS COMPENSATION OR DISABILITY COVERAGE. If you are a homeowner doing your own work on your own house, you may be eligible for exemption from the above requirements. Please ask us for a homeowner's exemption form BP-1 3/99. 2 of 5

3 PLAN SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS In order to expedite your plan review, please check your plans and application to be sure the following information has been included. When each of the items has been checked by you, submit the form with your application, and two 2 sets of plans for Building Department review. NOTE: APPLICATIONS FOR BUILDING PERMITS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED FOR PLAN REVIEW UNTIL THE SUBMITTAL IS COMPLETE. Applicable Codes: 2010 NYS Residential Code Ground Snow Load Wind Speed mph Seismic Design Category Subject to Damage From Frost WeatheringlineTermite depth B Severe 42 Moderate to Heavy Decay Slight to Moderate Winter Design Temp Ice shield underlayment required 2 yes Flood Hazards Adopted 7/18/90 Current FIRM 9/8/99 SITE PLAN / SURVEY Drawn to scale with scale indicated 1"=20" or larger North arrow Lot dimensions--all sides Size and location of any easements or right-of-ways Names and locations of all adjacent streets Locations of proposed and existing structures Setback dimensions--front, rear, and all sides Outside building dimensions and distances between buildings on building site Driveways, exterior stairs, landings, patios, and decks BUILDING PLANS two complete sets required signed and sealed by Architect or Engineer Drawn to scale with scale indicated 1/4"=1' or larger Cross sections drawn SPECIFICALLY for this structure with materials to be used. Floor plan layouts and use of all rooms including basement include future uses Complete dimensions of all rooms, decks, porches, landings, stairs, cantilevers, bearing walls, and column locations Ceiling heights all levels Sizes and types of doors and windows showing required safety glazing Light, ventilation and egress calculations and requirements for all rooms 3 of 5

4 Window well dimensions for emergency escape windows below grade Fire separation between house and garage Guardrail height and pattern Stairway landings, rise, run, handrail, and headroom heights for interior and exterior stairs Building elevations with finish grade line on all sidesexterior views Attic and crawl space ventilation and access Typical footing size, depth, and reinforcement Foundation wall height, thickness, and reinforcement Foundation sill and anchor bolts Wall material, stud size and spacing, wall sheathing, interior finish, weather barrier, exterior finish, and masonry veneer Floor sheathing Solid blocking Roofing material and sheathing Framing details Grade and species of lumber Size and material of all beams, headers, and columns Rafter size, spacing, spans, and ties and/or truss layout Joist size, spacing, and spans engineered joists, beams, etc. must be specifically noted by manufacturer and model ELECTRICAL DETAILS All light and fan locations Smoke detector locations Carbon monoxide detector location PLUMBING DETAILS Location of all plumbing fixtures including layout for future fixtures Floor drains, water heater, clothes washer and dryer locations MECHANICAL DETAILS Furnace location Combustion air location ENERGY ANALYSIS Energy analysis or REScheck The Owner/Applicant agrees to conform to all applicable laws of this jurisdiction, adhere to the plans and specifications affixed hereto and permit Building Department personnel to perform required inspections. Owner Signature Date 4 of 5

5 THIS SHEET FOR OFFICE USE ONLY INVENTORY Grid # Building Style Year Built Total Rooms Total Bedrooms Full Baths Half baths Number of Kitchens Number of Stories Basement Full Partial SOG Finished Basement N / Y S.F. Heat Type HW HA Electric Central Air Yes No Fireplace Rear Deck Front Porch Covered Porches Garage Attached Detached Under Finished Over Garage Pool Patio 1st Floor sf 2nd Floor sf Total Finished SF. CHECKLIST FOR CO REQD RECD REQD RECD DCHD FINAL APPROVAL FINAL ELECTRICAL FINAL SURVEY HIGHWAY FINAL INSPECTION LANDSCAPE BOND MS4 COMPLETE PLANNING BOARD WETLAND PERMIT TOWN BOARD NYS DEC NYS DOT NYS DEP _ 5 of 5