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1 Daniel Lambert ENN ngvnetwork.co.uk

2 NGV Day 2015 Designing a Refuelling Network for our Customers 22 October, 2015 Energy Innovation: Powering a Better Future 2

3 About ENN Group ENN Group Founded in billion of assets 33,000 employees 100+ global subsidiaries Six main business units: ENN Energy / ENN Chemical / ENN Solar / Smart Energy Management / Energy R&D / Culture and Tourism Two listed companies: - ENN Energy Holdings Ltd. - Hebei Veyong Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. A proven provider of end-to-end clean energy solutions on a global scale 20 year growth rate: > 43% per year The largest private energy distribution company in China Clean Energy Production (Natural Gas, Methanol, DME ) Energy Conversion & Energy Logistics Provider of Energy System Solutions

4 ENN s Main Markets for NGV Refuelling China 200,000 new NGVs added every year 60+ OEM NGVs now available, with choice in every category and for all applications ENN is China s largest privately owned energy distribution company, with LNG demand from trucking, shipping, I&C, etc. ENN is the market leader, with 600 natural gas refuelling stations Commoditised production of all relevant equipment North America 150,000+ NGVs ENN has 35 stations operational Supply backed up by mature LNG production projects in key locations Rail, marine, industry projects Flexible station deployment, ranging from mobile terminal stations to larger stations Financing options for trucks; own offering (with financing) for LNG vehicle storage tanks 4

5 ENN s Strategic Plan for North-West Europe UK and Netherlands subsidiaries developing network of open-access natural gas refuelling infrastructure since Four natural gas refuelling facilities now operational, and two more under construction. New LNG bunkering unit established 2014, dedicated to maritime LNG project development Cooperating extensively with hauliers, local authorities, regulators and government to create a coherent and cohesive refuelling network Truck-to-Ship bunkering at Port of Zeebrugge Off-grid LNG facility in the Netherlands Depot-based truck refuelling facility, Wellingborough, UK Open-access truck refuelling facility, Huntingdon, UK

6 LNG Supply in North-West Europe C A B A Isle of Grain LNG terminal (Q4 2015) C GATE LNG terminal B Zeebrugge LNG terminal Biomethane sourcing

7 Intermodality: LNG as a Prime Mover Fuel Use existing Sea-Road-Rail infrastructure Makes previously unviable projects viable Lower distribution costs ENN s role: Funding of facilities & system operator 7

8 Developing the European Market Pooling Demand to Make Chicken & Egg Irrelevant How many trucks, and where? Know where the customers are, and where they go Work closely with customers to understand their needs, and offer the correct solutions Work with competitors to make a complimentary network Make it easy for customers to fill Work with industry bodies to make relevant information public DATA IS THE GLUE THAT MAKES THIS STICK TOGETHER LNG 8

9 ENN s Planned European Network by million of EU funding (50% match funding) Focus on developing innovative LNG and CNG refuelling stations, and integration of biomethane into supply network Funding for 6 refuelling stations in the UK, and 4 stations in the Netherlands

10 Modular and Scalable Station Solutions for Europe Daventry, UK Cost: 4 Million Piacenza, Italy Cost: 1.5M+ Current NGV refuelling projects often too large and over-engineered Under utilisation causes problems with warm LNG and high pressure: affects customer fuelling experience Need entry-level stations with lower overall throughput that don t require base customer (e.g. a few passing trucks from multiple fleets running past location with support from ENN containerised system) Solution: Development of modular, scalable station solutions: e.g. Plug-and-play solution below: Antwerp, Belgium Cost: 1M+ ENN LNG station in Wellingborough, UK Capacity: 40 trucks Cost: < 400,000 10

11 Modular and Scalable Station Solutions for Europe Containerised station Skid-mounted station Standard station Customer depot-based / smaller open-access Break-even: 15 trucks Capacity: 40 trucks Customer depot-based / medium open-access Break-even: 25 trucks Capacity: 70 trucks Larger open-access Break-even: 40 trucks Capacity: 150+ trucks 11

12 Modular and Scalable Station Solutions for Europe The Finished Article! 12

13 Modular and Scalable Station Solutions for Europe 13

14 The Difference of Data: European Case Studies Borderless billing Intelligent logistics Tie-in with telematics Innovation is supported by programmes like Connecting Europe Facility Once data has been collected, it needs to be presented and disseminated through initiatives like CEF, and organisations like NGVA Europe. 14

15 Added Value Services for Europe Tailoring services to local customers is crucial. Examples of services provided at request of customers in Europe include: 24/7 Network Operations Centre, connected to stations with live CCTV feed Financing for extra LNG storage tanks Client area on ENN s website Remote monitoring and operation of station facilities through online system 15

16 Current Challenges to Natural Gas as a Truck Fuel The market has slowed down because of the drop in the oil price. Current low diesel price has discouraged logistics/haulage companies from selecting LNG/CNG trucks. Only Iveco and Scania currently offer EURO 6 LNG/CNG trucks, and there are still no high horsepower (i.e. 400-plus hp) natural gas trucks on the market. Only 10 new LNG refuelling stations and 100 new LNG trucks have become operational in Europe during the past year. Iveco LNG/CNG Truck Scania LNG/CNG Truck ENN LNG station in Huntingdon, UK 16

17 Thank you! Daniel Lambert Business Development Manager ENN Clean Energy UK 17