Hydrogen on its way 22nd German Norwegian Energy Forum Berlin 25. October

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1 Illustration: 135 MW electrolysis plant in Glomfjord (1950s), Norsk Hydro Jan Kjetil Paulsen Senior Advisor Bellona Bellona 25. Oct 2018 Hydrogen on its way 22nd German Norwegian Energy Forum Berlin 25. October

2 Who is Bellona? Media and Society Academia Environmental NGO - Established employees, offices in Oslo, Brussels, Murmansk, St. Petersburg Our approach: To be an attractive, value creating partner for Corporations, R&D Institutions, Government and Authorities Policy-makers Industry To challenge the existing based on knowledge and facts To develop projects and solutions in close cooperation with partners

3 Electrification in the shipping sectors Bellona 25. Oct

4 Maritime battery installations (world-wide) Source: DnVGL Maritime Battery Forum Bellona 25. Oct

5 IPCC recommendation: 50% reduction by 2030 IMO strategy for shipping: 50% reduction by 2050 Bellona 25. Oct

6 Successful public procurement strategy: 70 electric ferries by 2022 Bellona 25. Oct

7 Drivers The Parliament (Stortinget): Decision The Government (Regjeringen) National Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) Responsible for national roads ENOVA program for financial support for installation of on-shore charging stations Local administrations (Fylkeskommunen) Outsourcing ferry services for local roads Operators Ferry operators + Yards and technology suppliers Proactive, identified new business opportunities Technology suppliers Bellona 25. Oct

8 Navn: Future of The Fjords Yard: Brødrene Aa Owner: The Fjords DA Loa: m Lbp: m B: 15.2m Pax. 400 IMO Number: Callsign: LFBD Class: DNV-GL Material:Carbonfiber/Sandwich Battery: Propulsion: Max Speed: 1,8 MWh 2 x 375 kw el. motors 19.9 knots Future of The Fjords Tourist vessel in Sognefjorden: Flåm-Gudvangen 100% battery operation Bellona 25. Oct

9 BRIM Explorer: Hybrid electric sightseeing vessel Navn: BRIM Explorer Yard: Maritime Partner AS Owner: Green Wave Holding Loa: m B: 11 m Pax. 140 Class: DNV-GL Material: Aluminium Battery: Propulsion: Max Speed: 800 kwh 2 x 80 kw el. Motors 2 x 294 kw diesel 19.9 knots To be launched May 2019 Lofoten sightseeing Troms Whale Whatching Plug-in hybrid Bellona 25. Oct

10 Salmon farming with shore power can reduce GHG emissions in the production phase by 75% tonnes CO 2 = cars Bellona 25. Oct

11 The first ZERO emission area: World Heritage Fjords (by 2026) Bellona 25. Oct

12 Zero Emissions for cruiseships in the Fjords Queen Mary on batteries? Bellona 25. Oct

13 Capacity: 100 MWh Corresponding to hours Hotel Load Bellona 25. Oct

14 Energy carrier suitability for various segments of transportation Road Air Railroad Maritime Person transport Goods transport & distribution Range Short/City Medium Long > 500km Short Medium Long Short Coastal Deep sea Natural gas LNG LNG (LNG) LNG Electricity Bio fuels Hydrogen LH 2 Well suitable for transport / bio fuel will be a limited resource Not so suitable but can be used for transport applications Not suitable for transport applications within for the time being * Technologies under continous development and expected to change significantly by 2030 and towards 2050 Illustration based on input from Sintef, Trondheim Bellona 25. Oct

15 Development contract Hydrogen-Electric ferry National Public Roads Administration 1 Electric ferry 1 Hydrogen-Electric ferry Liquid hydrogen Production of H2 not included in the contract 3 industry groups competing Contract to be awarded in 2018 In operation Q Bellona 25. Oct

16 Trøndelag County: Development project Public Procurement Zero-emissions high-speed passenger ferry Route: Trondheim-Krisitiansund Travel time: 3 hr 30 min Energy: Comp. H 2 Estimated H 2 consumption for 1 trip: 450 kg 5 independent industry groups competing Challenges to both traditional ship technology and energy carriers Contract for construction and delivery to be awarded by Q Bellona 25. Oct

17 Development project: High-speed passenger ferry Yard: Brødrene Aa AS LOA: 29.9 m PAX: 145 Engine: 2 x 600 kw Fuelcell: 12 x 100 kw Range: 150 nm Speed: 25 knots 390 kg H2 pr day Bellona 25. Oct

18 Hydrogen Viking: yacht conversion to hydrogen and battery Private project Vessel: 96 ft Sunseeker Top speed: 40 knots (battery) Cruising speed: 8-10 knots (fuel cell) Finished: 2020? Bellona 25. Oct 2018 Source: 18

19 Viking Cruises Zero emission cruiseship Liquid Hydrogen(LH2) 2024? Bellona 25. Oct

20 Platform Supply Vessels NCE Maritime CleanTech Concept Study Bellona 25. Oct

21 National H2 infrastructure on the coast is missing Source: Sintef 2017 Report Hydrogen til Hurtigbåter i Trøndelag Bellona 25. Oct

22 Hydrogen from various sources Previous Hydrogen plant in Glomfjord Bellona 25. Oct 2018 Illustrasjon: Sintef (HYPER prosjekt) Renewable electricity From gas resources with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) 22

23 Production potential of hydrogen from renewable and low carbon energy sources Wind power potential in Norway. Production expected to increase by 600% to 25 TWh/yr by 2030 (NVE) Concrete H2 production initiatives Source: hyderogen.no. Berlevåg License awarded License applied for Innhavet Glomfjord Notification sent (Source: NVE) Fosen Smøla Tjeldbergodden Hellesylt Byrkjelo Kollsnes Mongstad Tyssedal Rullestad Jelsa Dimmelsvik Meråker Trondheim Årdal Gjøvik Sørum Nittedal Sandvika Porsgrunn Hydro Power Small Hydro Power Wind Power Natural Gas w/ CCS By product Solar Power Bellona 25. Oct

24 Fossile gas to hydrogen (with CCS) Hammerfest/ Melkøya Gas Reforming (SMR) Tjeldbergodden Hydrogen + CO 2 Nyhamna Separation CO 2 to storage Kollsnes Hydrogen to market Kårstø Bellona 25. Oct

25 HYPER project, Sintef et. al Bellona 25. Oct

26 Thank you! Jan Kjetil Paulsen Senior Advisor Bellona Foundation, Norway With contributions from: Norsk Hydrogenforum ( Sintef ( ) Bellona 25. Oct