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2 LNG-as-a-fuel : an energy transition for the shipping industry Compelling environmental performance World fleet of merchant ships Around 27,000 large vessels with high fuel consumption* ~ ~ ~ ~ Bulkers Tankers Containerships Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax & Ferries Emissions for a Typical Baltic Sea Cargo Ship Source : DNV *dwt for merchant vessels (bulkers, tankers, containers) and total generated power 5MW for others Source : Clarksons 2

3 Why LNG? LNG is SAFE Strong Safety Record Safeguard System Design LNG is CLEAN Non polluting (colorless, odorless, non-corrosive & non-toxic) No particulates, No SoX, almost No NoX Improved Air Quality (Reduced CO2 emission) LNG is RELIABLE & SECURE Proven Technology Abundant Gas Reserves (North America, Russia, Africa, ME, etc) Favorable Regulatory Framework Restriction of emission in key areas and global sulfur cap for

4 LNG as Fuel : Key Numbers * 120 LNG Fuelled ships in operation (100 in Feb. 2017) 134 LNG Fuelled ships on order (101 in Feb. 2017) 46 ports supplying LNG fuel 6 bunker vessels supplying LNG as Fuel Trends in 2018: Market still dominated by ferries but gain of momentum for other market segments: Cruise lines confirmed their interest and commitment for LNG (18 vessels on order) and first to be delivered in 2018 Large container players start to commit to LNG: CMA CGM ordrered 9 ships 22K TEU Oil Tanker operators are also choosing LNG Car carriers operators start to look seriously at LNG as well as bulkers * Source SGMF 4

5 DFDE DF Boiler Gas consumers Fuel Preparation Room BOG compressors LNG vaporizer PS bunker station TCS Venting Mast ST bunker station Fuel gas pumps LNG tanks LNG Storage 5

6 Space requirements More m 3 for the same energy V LNG = 1.8 x V HFO V CRYO CONTAINMENT Space is the main challenge But less kg for the same energy LHV LNG > LHV FO 6

7 Space requirements & Volume occupancy B/5 B/5 B/15 B/15 Much higher volume occupancy 7

8 Clean Jacksonville bunker barge First LNG bunker barge to facilitate initial supply in US LNG liquefaction plant and marine berth situated on 37 acre industrial water front property on the St. Johns River New build bunker barge Serve TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico and other marine customers situated in the Jacksonville area Actively targeting other markets, including power, trucking and rail 8

9 Recent references for GTT in LNG as Fuel 9 LNG Fuelled 22K TEU for CMA CGM To be built in HZ and SWS shipyards (China) First delivery beginning of 2020 To be deployed on the Europe Asia trade One LNG integrated membrane tank of m3 One bunkering operation per round trip LNG tank Largest LNG Bunker vessel for MOL m3 vessel chartered to TOTAL to supply CMA-CGM 22K TEU 9

10 Training is Key Wide range of crew members will require various types of trainings Crew involved in LNG operations: Fuel gas chain and bunkering operations All the others. Through GTT Training, wide variety of training possibilities for LNG as Fuel applications Commercial aspects of LNG Shipboard and terminal LNG operations Training for Terminal operators Customized training program for Shipowner crew involved in LNG operations. (as per SGMF Suggested Competency Standards) Customized simulator dedicated to Shipowner crew Assistance during bunkering operations Hotline service for 24/7 support in operation 10

11 LNG as Fuel : GTT initiatives Infrastructure Network Make the LNG become a commodity Develop LNG solutions for barges, vessels, onshore bunkering facilities Compatibility between bunker facilities and LNG fuelled ships Design developments partnerships: DELTAMARIN & TECHNOLOG, etc Shipyards and Outfitters: developing worldwide network of industrial partners for tank erections FGHS: developing worldwide partnership with key equipment & module suppliers WARSTILA, DSEC, etc GTT is in discussion with the main Port Authorities, in current and future ECA GTT is member of SIGTTO, SGMF and SEA/LNG, etc Safety & Shipowners support TRAINING OPTIMIZING BUNKERING OPERATIONS SIMOPS, HAZID, HAZOP SUPPORT DURING OPERATION and MAINTENANCE R&D : LNG model simulations and demonstrators, collision aspects 11

12 A wide range of applications integrating GTT technologies Thank you for your attention Image courtesy of STX, Engie, Excelerate, SCF Group, Shell, CMA CGM, Matthieu Pesquet, Conrad