Greater Lincolnshire MOVE Project Partnership. Equality and Diversity Policy

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1 Greater Lincolnshire MOVE Project Partnership Equality and Diversity Policy Version control Version Author Purpose/ Changes Made Date number 1.0 Jennie Initial issue of policy to partners Jennie Annual review, no changes made Jennie Addition of logos and full version control Document control Document name: MOVE Sustainable Development Policy Version Number 2.0 Author Jennie, MOVE Project Coordinator Date Approved Document Status Approved Effective Date Approved By Ben Barley, CEO Urban Challenge Superseded Version 1.1 Date of Next Review Signed: Ben Barley, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Challenge Date:

2 1. Statement of Intent The MOVE Partnership is fully committed to the promotion of the aims of the Equality Act 2010 and associated Public Sector Equality Duty, and will apply these principles of to our relationships with our staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and partners. This policy has been produced to try to prevent and address any unlawful discrimination or other unfair treatment, whether intentional or unintentional, direct or indirect. Valuing diversity, reducing inequality and ensuring all people are treated with dignity and respect are core themes for the Greater Lincolnshire MOVE Project Partnership. The Partnership is committed to building an environment that celebrates diversity and tackles all forms of discrimination. We will promote equality of opportunity across all equality groups, working to be a role model on equality issues. The commitment outlined in this policy covers all aspects of the organisation and it is expected that all employees, consultants, agency workers, volunteers and beneficiaries who work on behalf of, represent or engage with the MOVE Project will adhere to the principles of this policy. Everyone involved in the MOVE Partnership plays a part in making sure all aspects of our work are inclusive and welcoming of diversity. The principles underpinning the MOVE Partnership s approach to equality and diversity are: Celebrating diversity is central to the way we work. We believe that everybody has a contribution to make because we all have different experiences, values and abilities. We celebrate diversity in all forms because we are committed to inclusion and social justice. We are committed to ensuring that all people irrespective of their protected characteristics of age, disability, colour, race, ethnic origin, gender, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy, nationality, religion or sexual orientation have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in all MOVE activities. We will not discriminate because of working patterns or trade union membership nor will we tolerate harassment or bullying on these or any other grounds. We are committed to challenging and addressing direct and indirect discrimination in line with the protected characteristics within the Equalities Act It will be the responsibility of all Partners, involve all staff, volunteers and beneficiaries in the implementation of this policy and the supporting action plan. All Partners involved in the MOVE Project will be expected to ensure the principles of this Equality and Diversity Policy are understood and implemented. 2. Relationships with the people we work with We recognise the importance of identifying the obstacles that prevent some people and groups from becoming involved and seek to remove them. The project will work from

3 the basis of valuing the contribution of everyone and welcoming the involvement of all groups. We will: Seek to use accessible venues for events Encourage groups to share resources, information, knowledge and skills Actively establish opportunities for Partners to share and network Encourage all beneficiaries and members of the wider community to participate and engage on matters of equality and diversity Support and educate beneficiaries so that they can challenge discrimination Work to develop best practice guidelines across the Partnership 3. Equality and Diversity in Practice Upon signing the MOVE Partnership Agreement partners will agree to adhere to this Equality and Diversity Policy. In practice, we will ensure that equality and diversity is embedded into the delivery of all MOVE services and activities through a variety of means outlined in the Action Plan including: Identifying and understand the needs of beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries. Review reports and evaluation of partners previous work with MOVE target groups and build lessons learned/ best practice into project delivery. Ensuring that consideration is given to location, physical access, communication and timing as an integral part of service delivery Project Management Board to identify Partners with particular strengths and expertise in equality and inclusion, and to appoint a minimum of two Equality Champions to provide advice and support to the Partnership. Staff and volunteer induction, ongoing training and regular supervision. Ensure that a variety of publicity and promotional methods are used to attract all sectors of the community (including specifically targeting marginalised groups and those people who are socially isolated) as detailed in the MOVE Marketing and Communications Plan Building on Partners existing networks of local community groups and special interest groups that are already working with vulnerable people that the project is aiming to target, e.g. the Health and Wellbeing Board, Financial and Social Inclusion groups, Migrant Community Networks and Community Forums. Encouraging members of the local community to get involved in the planning and delivery of the project through sub-groups and volunteering opportunities. Regular monitoring to be carried out throughout the lifetime of the project to enable accurate records to be kept of staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. 4. Equality and Diversity in Recruitment Partners Human Resources policies and practice should include a commitment to equal opportunities. All new posts should be advertised as widely as possible (subject to budgetary restrictions) and throughout the voluntary and community sector via

4 established networks. We recognise that the delivery and development of a high standard of service to service users is dependent upon having the right people in the right place at the right time and therefore regards the operation of an effective recruitment and selection policy as an essential management tool. We are committed to operating a selection processes that ensures fair and equitable treatment for all applicants. Recruitment should be carried out in accordance with this Equality and Diversity Policy and in compliance with relevant legislation to ensure all appointments are free from discrimination. Our values and principles include but are not limited to: A belief in the equality of opportunity and social justice for all A belief in the right of individuals to work collectively to participate in decisionmaking To ensure that recruitment and selection is fair and promotes equal opportunities We welcome applications irrespective of sex or marital status, racial background, disability, age, sexual orientation, language or social origin or other personal attributes, including beliefs or opinions such as religious or political beliefs 5. Communication The project has a clear marketing and communications plan in place which details methods of communicating with disadvantaged groups and the promotion of positive messages surrounding inclusion in teaching and marketing materials. Partners will be expected to evidence how they have addressed equality and diversity in their own communications with staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and external stakeholders. The Partnership website will be used to communicate developments in best practice, share case studies from across the Partnership and report to Partners on the progress being made towards the goals outlined in the Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Action Plan. 6. Monitoring and Improvement The Partnership Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Action Plan forms the basis of all monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement activity across the Partnership. All Partners have an equal responsibility to promote equality and inclusion messages and to support progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the Plan. One way in which Partners will contribute to this will be by contributing to an annual equality and inclusion Lessons Learned report to reflect project delivery experience and evaluation, identifying how lessons and best practice can be incorporated into delivery. Each Partner will be expected to comply with this overarching Partnership Policy and to review their own Equality and Diversity Policies annually. Compliance with this policy will be assessed and reported on as part of internal Partnership audits and evaluation processes. Monitoring reports and beneficiaries CRM system records will be expected to show that one-to-one discussions have taken place to determine individuals support

5 needs, including financial help, timing and location of support, caring responsibilities and that solutions have been agreed to accommodate these needs. Financial records will also be scrutinised for spend on beneficiaries travel and childcare/ respite care costs. Equality and diversity will be embedded in external and internal evaluation, which will highlight specific actions taken by Partners to ensure that beneficiaries receive equal and consistent support to access the services offered by MOVE. Equality and inclusion will also be included in the evaluation of beneficiaries experience of the project. Equality and diversity will be included as a standing item on all Project Management Board meeting agendas, and time given at each meeting to discuss progress towards goals.