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1 Bursar and Business Manager JOB DESCRIPTION & PERSON SPECIFICATION BACKGROUND Moor House is a Non-Maintained Special School supporting students with severe speech and language impairment. All students have a Statement of SEN or Education, Health & Care Plan. The students fees are paid for by their Local Authority (LA) and we currently have students from over 25 LAs. Moor House has been judged as Outstanding in each of the Ofsted inspections since Moor House started accepting day students in 2011 and opened its Sixth Form in 2012, since then student numbers have grown significantly. In support of this there has been a significant capital programme, with new residential facilities completed in June 2016 and a refurbishment programme which will be completed by December Moor House is a charity. The Trustees are responsible for overseeing all financial, long term strategic issues and staff issues. The Governors are responsible for overseeing educational and other issues. Moor House has recently brought its accounting year in line with its academic year. The Bursar and Business Manager is a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT). A copy of the most recent Annual Report and Accounts can be obtained from the Charity Commission website. spx?registeredcharitynumber=311871&subsidiarynumber=0 RESPONSIBLE TO: Principal: on all financial matters, on legal and regulatory matters including human resource management, and day to day management of Central Services. Trustees and Governors of Moor House School & College: on all financial, budgetary and governance matters The Bursar and Business Manager is line managed by the Principal. RESPONSIBLE FOR: The Central Services team, comprising: Finance, HR & Payroll, Project Management, IT, Administration, Fundraising, Maintenance, Catering and Domestic Services. Page 1 of 8

2 JOB DESCRIPTION JOB SUMMARY: 1. To give direction and leadership to all aspects of budget, finance, property and governance. 2. To lead, operate, maintain & develop the financial procedures and systems of MH, in cooperation with Senior Management Team (SMT) and Trustees/ Governors. 3. Ensure legal and safety requirements with regard to people, property and function of MH are met. 4. To be responsible for the site and its buildings, their maintenance, development and efficient use. 5. To be line manager to the Central Services team, comprising Finance, Project Management, HR & Payroll, IT, Admin, Fundraising, Maintenance, Catering and Domestic Services. 6. Play a central role as a key member of the Senior Management Team (SMT). 7. Ensure Moor House meets its Ofsted and NMSS criteria in relation to his/her areas of responsibility including Health and Safety and related policies. 8. Undertake such other duties required from time to time as detailed by the Principal and work hours as agreed with the Principal. DUTIES 1. To lead and advise SMT on matters relating to premises, finance, data protection and Health & Safety. 2. To develop elements of the Moor House Development Plan relating to Central Services, as well as the financial and business direction. 3. To monitor individual Department Development Plans within Central services 4. To attend Trustee/Governor Board and agreed Committee meetings, as well as developing and presenting papers relating to the Bursar s areas of responsibilities. 5. To take delegated responsibility for premises and financial decisions following appropriate discussions with the Principal. 6. To deputise for the Principal as required in relevant fields of expertise. 7. To provide support as relevant to the Principal and other members of SMT. Page 2 of 8

3 CENTRAL SERVICES MANAGEMENT The Bursar and Business Manager is responsible for those aspects of administration of the school, which do not relate to the teaching, supervision and pastoral care of students. 1. Managing the Central Services staff through the department managers, motivating and facilitating teamwork and good practice in order to achieve excellent standards of service delivery. 2. Monitoring the effectiveness of the support staff establishment to meet the needs of the school and college. 3. Ensure that Staff Appraisals are prepared and that the objectives relate to the Departmental Development plans and the Moor House Development Plan. Ensure that training requirements are met wherever possible. 4. Ensure that staff attendance and absence procedures are complied with. 5. Ensure that Safeguarding requirements are complied with at all times. FINANCIAL Working with the Finance team, the Bursar and Business Manager will ensure that annual budgets and forecasts are prepared to be submitted to the Trustees in a timely fashion, after being discussed with the Principal and other members of SMT. He/she will also provide specific expertise in long-term financial management. The Bursar will be responsible specifically for; 1. Ensuring that all aspects of the school and college s financial systems are effectively managed, the records are accurate and that there are appropriate financial systems and policies. 2. Ensure that all Charity Commission and DfE reporting requirements are adhered to. 3. Ensuring that student numbers and trends are monitored and forecasts are updated on a regular basis and reported to SMT and Trustees. 4. Ensure that actual and forecast financial results and cash flows are reported monthly on a timely basis to the Principal, other budget holders, Trustees and Governors, with commentary on key variances and trends. 5. Liaising with the Finance team and Auditors to ensure that the Annual Report and Accounts are prepared for approval by the Trustees. 6. Preparing short and long term project appraisals and where required business plans in support of initiatives. 7. Generally monitor cost levels, including the managing of the tendering for service contracts monitoring all insurance policies, with a view to cost effectiveness. 8. Preparing and submitting capital bids to the Trustees, monitoring and control of capital expenditure on buildings and grounds, placing of contracts, appointment and monitoring of contractors Page 3 of 8

4 9. Ensuring that staff responsible for delegated budgets are supported with reports, advice and information which enable them to monitor these budgets. 10. Ensure that fee, gift aid and other income is collected promptly and that fee levels are reviewed annually. 11. Review and authorise all payments. 12. Ensure that Local Authority procurement registrations and applications are submitted where required in a timely fashion. 13. Review and sign all contracts with Local Authorities relating to the placement of students at Moor House. Monitor the return of such contracts regularly. 14. Sign all other agreed contracts not requiring a Trustees signature. 15. Develop a Risk Management report for Trustees. 16. Monitoring the effects of growth on VAT registration and direct taxation. 17. Working with the Assistant Headteachers in MHS&C, to understand the likely changes to the transport requirements and obtain Trustee approval for any additional or replacement vehicles. PREMISES The Bursar and Business Manager is responsible for the overall management and maintenance of the buildings, facilities, grounds, fabric, furnishings and security of the school and college, working with the Principal, Maintenance Manager and the Catering & Domestic Services Manager and the Head of Residential Care. Specific responsibilities include: 1. Working with the Maintenance Manager and Project Manager to ensure that any current maintenance and refurbishment projects are completed on time and within Budget, reporting progress to SMT and the Trustees. 2. In the light of Fundraising income and internal resources, review with SMT the need for the proposed additional buildings and other developments. Once agreed, make costed proposals to the Trustees for their proposals 3. Working with the Maintenance Manager and Project Manager, ensure the proper maintenance and repair of the school is carried out, and progress monitored. Monitor the work of on-site contractors and arrange for estimates for work 4. Working with the Catering and Domestic Services Manager to ensure that nutritious and cost effective meals are provided daily. 5. Working with the Catering and Domestic Services Manager to ensure that all areas of the buildings are cleaned daily. 6. Ensuring the appropriate placing and monitoring of service contracts 7. Appraise projects for the development of the school. 8. Ensure that all external agencies, tendering and the delivering services to the school is properly dealt with. Page 4 of 8

5 9. Working with the HR Manager and Office Manager be responsible for the letting of the school premises to outside organisations and school staff. 10. Working with the Insurance broker to ensure that the cover is appropriate and cost effective. Periodically, obtaining alternative tenders. 11. Advising on all Health & Safety matters, including measures in the event of emergencies. HR & PAYROLL, IT, ADMINISTRATION and FUNDRAISING 1. Working with the HR & Payroll Manager to ensure that staff are accurately paid each month, obtaining Trustee approval for any general pay increases and ensuring that the Pay policy is complied with. 2. Ensuring that recruitment procedures, including those related to safer recruitment, are complied with and reviewing with the HR & Payroll Manager how to manage the annual summer recruitment work load. 3. Working with the IT Manager to ensure that the Virtual Server system is up to date and provides staff and students with the systems they require. Provide off site staff with virtual access and ensure that there is an effective back up system in place. Ensure that the telecoms, mobile phone and Wi-Fi systems are up to date and cost effective. Ensure that residential areas have access to Sky or similar products. 4. Working with the Office Manager, to ensure the efficient and effective running of the Administration office as one of the school and college s main points of public contact, as well as the centre of daily administration. Ensure that the School Census and other returns are completed accurately and on time. 5. Working with the Office Manager, review how the office systems and procedures can be improved to meet the ever increasing demands on this busy office. 6. Working with the Community Fundraising Officer to ensure that they have a good understanding of all building and other fundable projects, as well as understanding what the expected and potential cash flows are. Ensuring that they have effective campaigns. 7. Set realistic but challenging targets for fundraising and monitor closely the funds raised by the Community Fundraising Officer to ensure that the needs of the Development Plans are met. HEALTH & SAFETY 1. As the Health & Safety Officer, work with the Health & Safety Consultant, Fire Safety Officer and the Health & Safety Committee, ensure that the MH Health & Safety policies and procedures, as well as risk assessments are reviewed annually and kept up to date and that risk assessments are immediately up-dated for any changes to the buildings or legislation. 2. To ensure that the school and college meets its statutory responsibilities. 3. To advise all staff as appropriate. Page 5 of 8

6 4. Schedule regular meetings of the Health & Safety Committee and report outcomes of such meetings to the Principal and the Governors and Trustees. 5. Liaise with the Fire Safety Officer to ensure that all fire safety requirements are complied with, that fire practices are held and that proper records are maintained. DATA PROTECTION 1. As the Data Protection Officer, ensure that the School is prepared for the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations from May 2018 and all Data Protection requirements and related policies are up to date and reviewed in line with the new regulations. The Education Funding Agency and some of the Local Authorities may require some aspects to be dealt with in a specific manner. 2. Ensure that SMT and other staff are aware of these requirements in as far as it affects their work. 3. In as far as it affects their work, ensure that SMT and other staff are aware of how the Freedom of Information Act may affect information provided by them to Local Authorities and other public sector bodies. 4. Provide updates to all staff on any changes to Data Protection Requirements. Secretary to the Trustees: 1. To manage, if required to do so, the work of the Clerk to Governors and Trustees. 2. Attend the Trustee and Governor Board meetings, liaising with the Chair and Principal on draft agendas and minutes as required. 3. To develop further and manage the system for policy review. 4. Attend the Finance and HR Committee, Fundraising and Marketing and Strategy and Governance Committee meetings and the Audit Sub-Committee meetings, liaising with the Chairs and Principal on draft agendas and minutes 5. Ensure that the Annual Return and the Annual Report and Accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission on time Page 6 of 8

7 PERSON SPECIFICATION We are seeking to appoint a high calibre person, who has both excellent finance and general management skills. The successful candidate will have a high level of personal integrity and ethics, be able to work harmoniously with a wide group of people including parents and Local Authorities. He or she will have excellent time management and organisation skills and the desire to work effectively as part of the senior management team. Education Experience Essential Professionally qualified in accountancy Experience of leading a Finance team Recent experience of introducing modern financial and payroll systems (e.g. Sage) A track record of achievement in areas relevant to this appointment Experience of managing nonfinancial functions. Desirable Educated to degree level Experience of working in a charity environment Experience of managing change Experience of managing complex projects within strict budgets and demanding timetables Experience of managing, HR, IT and other non-finance teams. Experience of working in an education environment Skills and Aptitudes Financial and commercial acumen Strong people management/ leadership skills Excellent timekeeping and personal organisation skills Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as excellent presentation skills Personal energy, drive and resilience with a desire to make a difference Understanding of school and charity governance A good knowledge of charity accounting Experience of managing complex projects Adaptable management style. Excellent IT skills Page 7 of 8

8 Personal Qualities Has a clear leadership capability A good team player. Ability to think strategically and creatively, and to communicate persuasively to others Ability to build relationships quickly, and to create a fair, trusting and honest environment Ability to manage complex quantitative and qualitative issues. Demonstrates attention to detail and the ability to think and work quickly and calmly in a demanding office environment Strong decision-making skills, and the ability to plan and prioritise complex tasks Sound judgement and maturity, and able to deal with ambiguity An excellent manager of their time with the ability to organise and deliver the numerous priorities within a complex workload Forward looking with a holistic approach Ability to set up and prioritise short, medium and long term plans Ability to influence others and move forward a common vision or goal Ability to work effectively at all levels in the organisation An ability to challenge the status quo and undertake difficult conversations Personal Commitment Awareness of, and empathy with, the ethos of Moor House and an ability to embrace and be involved with the day to day activities Page 8 of 8