Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Policy

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1 Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Policy

2 1. Policy Statement The College is committed in its roles as an employer, education/service provider and contractor of services to work to eliminate discrimination in its structures, employment practices and the curriculum content. It is also committed to encouraging change in individual behaviour and attitudes and to ensure equality and opportunity in related matters. Discrimination can prevent people from realising their full potential in the workplace and society. Providing equality helps the College deliver better services to its staff, students and local community. The College celebrates a culture of diversity and is committed to equality of treatment for all employees. It will practise equality in the operation and implementation of all its employment policies. The College should treat all employees with respect and dignity, and seek to provide a positive working environment free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation. The College recognises the valuable contributions made by staff and students and celebrates the diversity of these groups and the benefits across all areas of work and study. 2. Scope This Policy applies to the whole College, including students, Governors, staff, work placement providers, and visitors and works in conjunction with the College Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity objectives. Governors are responsible for ensuring that the College complies with the Employment Equality Act and for approving and reviewing the E, D &I Policy and monitoring its implementation. The CEO & Principal is responsible for giving a consistent and high-profile lead on equality issues, promoting the E, D&I Policy inside and outside the institution and making sure this Policy is followed. The Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Steering Group and sub Committees are responsible for the monitoring and review of the E, D&I Policy and for evaluating its effectiveness. This Committee will include actions related to discrimination in line with College Objectives. The College Objectives will incorporate actions and targets for continuous improvement in achieving equality. The Committee is also responsible for the systematic monitoring of the performance indicators included in these objectives. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the monitoring and implementation of all aspects of this Policy relating to the employment of staff. This includes the monitoring of fair selection processes and their impact on the staff profile of the College at all levels. The College Objectives will set targets for improvements in the staff profiles. This will include targeted actions. Managers are responsible for putting this policy and its strategies and processes into practice, making sure that all staff know their responsibilities, and receive support and training in carrying these out, following the relevant processes and taking action against staff or students who discriminate. All staff are responsible for ensuring that they are able to recognise bias and stereotyping, and to challenge or report it if they witness it, promoting equality and good relations, ensuring that they do not discriminate against others and Current on 21/09/2016 only Issue No.2 Page 1 of 4

3 taking up training and development opportunities to keep up to date with legislation and best practice. Students are responsible for ensuring that they do not discriminate against anyone, ensuring that they are able to recognise bias and stereotyping, and to challenge or report it if they witness it. 3. Reference The College will fulfil its duties under the Equality Act (2010) with related information through: Safeguarding Policy Staff Grievance Policy Student Disciplinary Policy College Complaints Procedure Staff Disciplinary Policy 4. Progress The College works actively to make progress in the following areas: 4.1 Direct Discrimination Ensuring that no person is treated less favourably than others on the grounds of Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Race, Religion or Belief, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity / Paternity. 4.2 Indirect Discrimination Ensuring that no criterion, provision or procedure which applies equally to everyone has a disproportionate adverse effect on people from any disadvantaged group covered by the protected characteristic in the Equality Act Harassment (including Bullying) Ensuring that no one is subjected to unwelcome or inappropriate behaviour that undermines, demeans, offends, insults or injures them; creates an unpleasant working or learning environment; and/or threatens their job security, promotion prospects or the outcome of their studies. This policy should be read in conjunction with other policies, such as Anti-Intimidation, Code of Conduct and Ways of Working which provide detailed guidance on how staff should support other staff and our learners complaining of harassment including bullying. 4.4 Widening Participation Encouraging access to the full range of our courses, and other educational services, for people of all social backgrounds and cultures. This includes monitoring patterns of recruitment to courses and working to ensure that course recruitment is based solely on learner needs and aptitudes. 4.5 Inclusive Learning Providing support to enable individual learners of different abilities to progress through the formal and informal curriculum towards successful achievement. 4.6 Celebrating Diversity Current on 21/09/2016 only Issue No.2 Page 2 of 4

4 Recognising and reflecting the positive contributions of people of different social backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, abilities, gender and sexual orientation. Salford City College will encourage and provide staff training and development for all employees The College will monitor and review the curriculum and learning resources used to deliver the curriculum to ensure they reflect and promote, equality, diversity and inclusivity. The College will develop partnerships with organisations and groups in the City of Salford and within Greater Manchester to help develop equal opportunities and positive action projects for the benefit of the college and wider community. The College ensures that marketing strategies reflect equality, diversity and inclusivity best practice and that the college provision is actively and appropriately promoted and marketed to all sections of the community. 5. Monitoring and Review The College will: review the E, D&I Policy in conjunction with the College Objectives consult staff and students and external agencies as part of the Policy Review provide mandatory staff training on equal and diversity issues and provide training to Governors Use the learner tutorial programme to raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusivity issues 6. Documentation The policy will be published through: the Corporate Manual on the College intranet staff induction materials on request through Student Services/HR summarised versions will be made available to students, e.g. through the Learner Handbook. 7. Positive Action In certain circumstances the law allows Positive Action as a way to overcome inequality. Positive Action allows the college to: Provide facilities or services, in the form of training, education or welfare, to meet particular needs of people from under-represented groups Target education and training at particular equality target groups that are underrepresented in a particular area of work Encourage applications from particular under-represented groups in particular areas of education or work Positive Action strategies should only be a temporary measure, they must be kept under review and they cannot be used once the particular needs have been met. The College will ensure that when using positive action as a strategy it falls within the law. Current on 21/09/2016 only Issue No.2 Page 3 of 4

5 8. Meeting our Duties The Equality Act 2010 replaced previous anti-discriminatory laws with a single Act. In order to comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty contained within section 149 of the Act the College is committed to having due regard to: Eliminating unlawful discrimination Advancing equality of opportunity Foster Good Relations In order to meet the requirements of the duties, the CEO / Principal will ensure that regular reports are made to the Corporation on progress. This will include the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Self-Assessment and other reports. These reports will inform the Governors about the college s position with regard to meeting the requirements of the Equality Act The College will specifically publish Equality Objectives at least every 4 years within the Equality & Diversity area of our website, we will provide annual updates on these. 9. Complaints Procedure Any learner / potential learner, job applicant, member of staff or partner organisation may raise either formally or informally complaints of unfair or discriminatory treatment. The college will deal with all complaints fully and sensitively. 10. Breaches of the Policy In the event that staff or learners are alleged to be in breach of the College Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity policy an investigation will be undertaken in accordance with agreed procedures, including where appropriate, disciplinary procedures. Responsibility for Review: Director of Human Resources Issue Date: November 2013 Date of Last Review: September 2016 Date of Next Review: September 2018 Endorsed by: CEO/Principal Current on 21/09/2016 only Issue No.2 Page 4 of 4