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2 The NZ Transport Agency s Code of conduct is designed to help you navigate your way through situations you may encounter on the job. It defines what the Transport Agency expects of its operations and people, and provides the information necessary to help you make better decisions. 2 NZ Transport Agency

3 WELCOME Kia ora, Our work at the Transport Agency impacts every single person in New Zealand. We are accountable to the government to deliver outcomes that help create a better New Zealand. Some examples of what we make possible are: driving growth and economic outcomes for our regions so they can be prosperous by enabling freight outcomes, tourism outcomes and community outcomes helping Auckland to grow, providing access to new communities and education, health and employment opportunities and helping ensure it doesn t become gridlocked as it grows ensuring our transport system is safe for everyone on our roads, including supporting our at-risk young people to get a driver licence that could make a life changing difference, such as making an employment opportunity possible. What we do makes a real difference to the future of New Zealand and I m really passionate about that. Our Code of conduct provides clear guidelines on what s expected of us as we go about our work, and how our partners, customers, and the government can rely on us. It s there to guide the decisions we make, from the everyday choices to those that are challenging and difficult. No matter what role we play in the Transport Agency, as an employee, a contractor or board member, the Code of conduct applies to us all. By living up to the expectations of the code, we show our stakeholders, partners and customers that our standards of integrity are worthy of the trust that s placed in us to get the job done. FERGUS GAMMIE Chief Executive Code of conduct

4 Our behaviours shape the culture and define the character of the Transport Agency. They are at the heart of who we are and what we do. 4 NZ Transport Agency

5 KNOW THE CODE Be responsible for your own actions or inactions. Seek guidance on practices that seem to conflict with the code. Create an environment where it is safe to admit mistakes so we can address and learn from them. Seek advice if you are ever unsure about what to do. Work to ensure that third parties who work on our behalf, eg contractors, agents, or consultants are aware of our code and act consistently with it. If you are a people leader, lead by example be accountable for your own actions and those of your team. Collaborate with other leaders to ensure your judgements are consistent across the Transport Agency. Code of conduct

6 Our purpose We strive to create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand. We work to make government services accessible and effective. Our commitment We are professional, agile and responsive, and we show commitment to the Transport Agency s behaviours by role-modeling them. We work in a way that reflects the Transport Agency s purpose and government policy, and show commitment to providing exceptional service to customers and stakeholders. We act professionally when commenting publicly on matters relating to the Transport Agency, and in a manner that reinforces our commitment to customers and the community. We follow the Transport Agency s policies and carry out our work unaffected by our personal beliefs. Engagement We take ownership and accountability for the decisions we make, and for our actions or inactions. We work diligently and to the best of our abilities. We strive to improve the quality and quantity of work we do. We openly share our knowledge and expertise with colleagues at the Transport Agency. We use opportunities to increase our skills and our ability to contribute. We turn up, ensure we are fully able to do our work, and we work as directed. We are open to new ideas from within the Transport Agency as well as from our customers. 6 NZ Transport Agency

7 Reputation We act in a way that upholds the Transport Agency s reputation. We don t criticise current or proposed government policy, Transport Agency programmes or projects, or the activities of other government agencies. We ensure all information and statements provided to the media are authorised. Balancing interests We recognise that the standard of integrity expected from the state sector is sometimes higher than what s expected of other people. We understand that conduct outside of work may damage the trust and confidence the Transport Agency, our communities and stakeholders have in us. We make sure our non-work interests and activities don t harm the Transport Agency s reputation. We are aware of the potential for conflicts of interest, and always act fairly, impartially and transparently. We don t let personal interests or personal relationships affect our decisions. We ensure we decline gifts or hospitality that place us under any obligation or perceived influence. Code of conduct

8 Solutions We get the job done. We help to achieve the objectives that have been agreed with the Transport Agency Board and the government. Joined-up thinking We invite others within the Transport Agency and externally to participate in creating solutions and developing enduring relationships and networks. We include each other early in projects, based on skill, knowledge and subject matter expertise, rather than group or team location. We follow a fair process, and disclose relevant and necessary information about the way we make decisions. We give people affected by our decisions a fair opportunity to have their say. We carefully consider their views and change our position if necessary. We work together to ensure we have fairness and consistency across the Transport Agency. We maintain constructive, professional relationships with our external partners, including other state services and minimise any barriers to individuals, groups or communities using our services. We respect the authority of the government and do our jobs in a way that maintains their confidence and trust. We maintain political neutrality, so we can work with current and future governments. 8 NZ Transport Agency

9 People We treat everyone fairly and with respect. We pay proper attention to the safety of other people and do not do anything that might endanger or distress others. We protect the privacy of people using our services. We do not harass, bully or intimidate anyone. We respect people s cultural background, and value equity and diversity. We don t discriminate against anyone on the basis of their gender, sexual orientation, colour, race, ethnic or national origin, age, religious or ethical beliefs, disability, marital status or family responsibilities. Courageous We are accountable for the decisions and judgements made by us personally and those reporting to us. We own up when we make mistakes so we can correct and learn from them, and we create an environment where others feel safe to admit their mistakes. We demonstrate honesty. We are truthful, open, accurate and authentic in our dealings with others. We clearly set out facts and relevant issues in a way that avoids misunderstandings, and correct any errors as soon as possible. We actively seek out and tackle difficult issues, and support the Transport Agency to take decisive action if behavioural or performance standards are breached. We disclose any situation that has the potential to impact on the Transport Agency s reputation, including any actual and potential conflicts of interest, criminal charges, bankruptcy or other matters. Code of conduct

10 Use of resources Acknowledging that Transport Agency resources are publicly owned and funded, we follow careful processes so our resources are used responsibly. We use resources for authorised purposes efficiently, effectively and economically, and account correctly and accurately for all transactions. We look after our information as it is a Transport Agency asset that belongs to us all. We store our information in our information management system securely so it can be easily found and used by others, now and in the future. We take all steps to ensure that our systems and information remain secure and are not compromised in any way. We make sure we have a good working knowledge of the security and privacy practices that are relevant to our work and we follow them. Good judgement We ensure decisions are based on accurate information that takes into account all relevant matters. Our decisions are balanced, objective and reached on their merits. We create and manage accurate, complete and accessible records of our decisions and actions and store them in our information management system. We support the Transport Agency to provide robust objective and unbiased advice. We remember that, while we are entitled to have personal beliefs, interests and commitments, we need to make sure our work for the Transport Agency won t be compromised by any personal conviction or ethical viewpoint. We are highly professional and impartial in the advice we prepare, regardless of whether that advice is for the Transport Agency Board, our minister, stakeholders or other decision makers. We act within our powers and only make decisions we have the delegated authority to make. We will only speak or make promises on the Transport Agency s behalf when we have the authority to do so. We remember that public trust is influenced by public perception, and we will act objectively if we become aware of any unlawful activities in the Transport Agency. We obey the law and do not engage in corrupt practices. We ensure we treat information with care and only use it for proper purposes. We handle official information appropriately and respect people s rights to privacy. 10 NZ Transport Agency

11 ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE, OBLIGATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Transport Agency s Code of conduct provides an overview of the Transport Agency s commitment to acting with integrity and high standards in all practices. It does not provide definitive answers to all questions. Even in the absence of a specific policy or law to guide you in a particular situation, you are expected to act with the highest degree of integrity applicable to the situation. If you have questions regarding any of the content discussed in this code or if you are in doubt about the best course of action in a particular situation, please seek guidance from your people leader, Legal Services, Risk and Assurance or People and Capability. Allegations of a breach of the code will be assessed and considered on their merits and with regard to the relevant circumstances. Behaviour or actions that are found to be a breach of the code may result in disciplinary action against the employee concerned, including, if warranted, dismissal. DECLARATION I acknowledge that I have been given a copy of the Transport Agency s Code of conduct dated June 2016 and the Guide to the code of conduct, which are to be read together. I confirm that as an employee of the Transport Agency, I shall comply with these documents and any modifications or updates communicated to me from time to time by the Transport Agency. NAME SIGNED DATE This code is to be read in conjunction with the Guide to the code of conduct (including the inclusive definitions on misconduct and serious misconduct), the Resolving Performance and Misconduct Issues Policy, and all other applicable Transport Agency policies and guides. Code of conduct

12 We trust you to make forward-thinking decisions that improve the way we do things and are consistent with our principles (online) (print) July 2016