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1 EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION FORM Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education 124 Blackness Road, Dundee DD1 5PE Tel: , Fax: POSITION APPLIED FOR: The following information will be treated in the strictest confidence. PERSONAL Surname Initial(s) Forename(s) Address Contact Address Postcode Contact Tel. No Full Driving Licence Mobile Tel No Endorsements If Yes, please give further details including dates EDUCATION Are you involved in any activity which might limit your availability to work or your working hours e.g. local government? If YES, please give full details: Are you subject to any restrictions or covenants which might restrict your working activities? YES YES NO NO If YES, please give full details: Have you any convictions (including any unspent and spent convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974)? YES NO If YES, please give full details: Are you applying under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme? YES NO Do you need a work permit to take up employment in the UK? YES NO

2 EDUCATION Awarding Body (eg SQA) Course/Subject/Module Titles Level/Grade of Course Date Certificate Awarded Please tick ( ) if awaiting results University / College Course Title (e.g. HND Computing) Subjects Studied Date Certificate Awarded Please tick ( ) if awaiting results MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES Current Membership Only Name of Awarding Body / Institution Class of Membership Membership / Registration No (if applicable) Date Awarded TRAINING COURSES ATTENDED Relevant to this application Please tell us about any training you have received or are currently undertaking which you feel may be relevant to this post. Course Provider Description of Course (including main subject covered) Date Awarded Please list any foreign languages spoken and the level of competence: CURRENT EMPLOYMENT DETAILS (or most recent employment)

3 Name and Address of Employer & Job Title (Please state name & designation of line manager) From Dates To Basic Salary / Wage Per week/year Job Title Additional Supplement / Bonus, etc Per week/year Notice Required: Reason for Leaving: Briefly describe your current/most recent employment, highlighting duties, responsibilities, skills or experience gained, relevant to the role for which you are applying using supplementary sheet(s) if required. Please ensure you put your name (surname and initials) on any separate sheets used. Is this your only employment? YES NO If NO, please give details below of other employment below: PAST EMPLOYMENT

4 Start with your most recent employment Please provide as much detail as possible You must also include any periods of unemployment Please do not leave any gaps in your employment history Use supplementary sheets as necessary ensuring that your name (surname and initials only) are added to each sheet Include paid or voluntary work and any periods of employment outwith the UK Name and Address of Employer (include name and designation of line manager) Position Held Annual Salary or Hourly Rate From Dates To Reason for Leaving Please explain any breaks in your EMPLOYMENT HISTORY From: To: Reason: From: To: Reason: From: To: Reason: PERSONAL STATEMENT

5 Abilities, skills, knowledge and experience Please use this section to explain in detail how you meet the requirements of the post. INTERESTS, ACHIEVEMENTS, LEISURE ACTIVITIES (e.g. hobbies, sports, club memberships)

6 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION Please set out below any further information to support your application, e.g. past achievements, future aspirations, personal strengths. SOURCE OF APPLICATION - How did you hear of Al-Maktoum College?

7 REFERENCES Please provide details of two referees. If you are currently in employment, at least one must represent your present employer. Students should include Head Teacher, Tutor or Professor as appropriate. These should NOT be members of your family. References are normally requested if you are short listed for interview. Please tick the appropriate section if you do not wish contact to be made with a referee prior to an interview being held. After interview, if Al-Maktoum College is considering offering you an appointment, referees will be contacted. You are advised the company reserves the right to contact any previous employer. Name: Position: Organisation: Address: Name: Position: Organisation: Address: Address:- Address:- Tel. No: May we contact this referee prior to interview? YES NO Tel. No: May we contact this referee prior to interview? YES NO DISCLOSURES In the event that I am offered a position, I understand that any offer of employment may be subject to information on my criminal record being disclosed to the Company by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) / Disclosure Scotland. DECLARATION I understand that any agreement entered into is subject to a probation period, references which are deemed to be satisfactory by Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education, a satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure check and evidence of my right to work in the UK and any academic or vocational qualifications that maybe required for the role I am applying for. I declare that the information given in this form is complete and accurate. I understand that any false information or deliberate omissions will disqualify me from employment or may render me liable to summary dismissal. I understand these details will be held in confidence by the College, for the purposes of assessing this application, ongoing personnel administration and payroll administration (where applicable) in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (and subsequent amendments). I also confirm that I am physically and mentally fit to undertake the role for which I have applied and there are no health issues that would prevent me from carrying out the responsibilities of the post.* Signature: Date: RETURNING YOUR APPLICATION Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education, 124 Blackness Road, Dundee DD1 5PE Tel: , Fax: * Al-Maktoum College shall meet its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to make reasonable adjustments where appropriate.

8 EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES AND DIVERSITY IN EMPLOYMENT Please complete the following details. This is not obligatory, but will allow us to monitor equality of opportunity in employment. The information will be held within the HR department and will be used for statistical purposes only. Name National Insurance Number Position Location 1. Where did you see this job advertised? 2. Are you applying on a job sharing basis? YES NO 3. Are you interested in full time or part time work? Part time Full time What is your ethnic group? Please pick ONE section from 4 to 8 then tick the appropriate box. 4. WHITE British English Other White background (Please specify) Scottish Welsh Irish 5. MIXED: Any mixed background (Please specify) 6. ASIAN, ASIAN SCOTTISH, ASIAN ENGLISH, ASIAN WELSH, OR OTHER ASIAN BRITISH Indian Chinese Any other Asian Background (Please specify) Pakistani Bangladeshi 7. BLACK, BLACK SCOTTISH, BLACK ENGLISH, BLACK WELSH OR OTHER BLACK BRITISH Caribbean Any other background (Please specify) African 8. OTHER ETHNIC BACKGROUND: Any other background (Please specify) 9. What religion, religious denomination or body do you belong to? None Roman Catholic Other Christian (please specify) Church of Scotland Buddhist Hindu Jewish Muslim Other Religion (please specify) Sikh 10. I am: Male Female 11. I am: Married Civil Partnership Other 12. Do you consider yourself to have a disability Yes No (If you answered yes please specify) Physical or Motor Impairment Learning Disability Communication Difficulties Hearing Impairment - partial Hearing Impairment - Total Other Chronic condition or disability (please specify) Visual Impairment - partial Visual Impairment total Mental Health Issue Multiple Disabilities 13. My age band is: and over