The 2015 Retail Graduate Programme W E S T A N D O U T B E C A U S E O F YOU

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1 The 2015 Retail Graduate Programme W E S T A N D O U T B E C A U S E O F YOU

2 ...from store colleagues to store support, food scientists to retail strategists... from new graduates to our new Chief Executive... CONTENTS Talented people, and everyone plays their part in making us stand out... Introduction from Mike Coupe We Stand Out in Retail Retail Programme Being a Retail Leader Your Support and Development Rewards An Application that Stands Out Sainsbury s is a business full of people. 160,000 of us. All of our new graduates start with a week-long induction. It s a chance to settle in, get to know each other and get to know us. You ll really enjoy it.

3 Mike Coupe... everybody plays their part... W E S T A N D O U T B E C A U S E O F YOU INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome to Leaders by Sainsbury s. I d like to thank you for showing an interest in joining our business. At Sainsbury s our Vision is to be the most trusted retailer where people love to work and shop. And I believe it s the talented people right across our business that really make us different. That s why Leaders by Sainsbury s is so important. Your generation of graduates can look forward to opportunities like never before, which will really set you up as leaders of the future. That s exactly why, from the moment you arrive, we re so dedicated to developing your talent. We invest in you, reward you and give you the platform you need to become a business leader and take Sainsbury s to greater heights. Good luck with your application. Mike Coupe, Sainsbury s Chief Executive Mike Coupe, Sainsbury s Chief Executive

4 Because Sainsbury s is such a diverse business, leadership can mean different things. It can mean leading a store with a 1 million turnover and a team of more than 200 people. It can mean taking ownership of product development, from concept through to packaging and delivery. Or it can mean taking the reins on a major, strategic project in any of our Store Support Centres. Awaiting shot and new copy Others did a Sponsored Spin, cycling 250 miles in 12 hours and raising over 1,500 for Sport Relief! Some of our graduates got involved with the Sainsbury s Anniversary Games. As one of the UK s largest and most trusted retailers, we are always looking for new ways to promote our values

5 Some did a 12-hour sponsored walk for Comic Relief - wearing onesies! There are so many different careers at Sainsbury s. Did you know we employ our own beekeeper? WE STAND O UT IN RETAIL Sainsbury s is one of Britain s best-loved retail brands. We ve more than 1,200 stores, over 160,000 colleagues and we look after more than 24 million customer transactions every single week. We stand out because of our heritage, our commitment to quality and our values. Our Vision is, quite simply, to be the most trusted retailer where people love to work and shop. Of course, we move with the times too. We have a 2020 Vision that is transforming how we operate as a retailer to ensure that we re ready for the future of retail. We re well on our way to achieving our goals. We re diversifying our product ranges and offering our customers much more choice: expanding our clothing, energy, banking, online, entertainment, pharmacy and mobile businesses. We ve been investing in every area of our business, our systems, our stores and our people. This is exactly why Sainsbury s is such an exciting retailer. Our size, growth and sheer ambition are creating a constant flow of career development opportunities. Joining us as a graduate now, you ll be perfectly placed to grow with us, gaining a really diverse range of skills that enable you to stand out as a future leader. Along the way, there ll also be lots of opportunity to develop as a person. We ve a deep-seated commitment to supporting charities and all of our graduates are encouraged to get involved. Keep up with the blog to see what our grads have been up to. Some worked on sustainability and ethical sourcing projects. Did you know we were the first major supermarket to sell 100% Fairtrade bananas? n

6 RETAIL PROGRAMME What does it mean to be a retail leader? At Sainsbury s, it means having the skills to manage and run a store that might have a team of over 200 people. That requires more than just knowledge. You ll need to be able to inspire, motivate, support and encourage. You ll need to understand people, be in tune with customers, have a genuine passion for making the store feel like a great place to work and to shop. The Retail Programme is a two-and-a-half year structured programme and, at every stage, we ll give you the challenges you need to build the right kind of skill set. What makes the Retail Programme different is how quickly you begin building hands-on, retail experience. There s a one-week induction, then you go straight into a store for six months of intensive retail training. By supporting and developing you, we ll make sure you re ready for the challenges ahead and that you can grow into a successful retail leader. When you ve completed your training, you ll spend the next 12 months as a Deputy Manager. We want you to put what you ve already learned into action quickly, so you ll have real decisions to make on how the store is run.

7 From here, you ll keep on growing your knowledge with a placement in a more central role, perhaps in logistics or a store support centre. Your final six months will see you back in retail, this time managing a high-impact convenience store. By now, you ll be fully equipped to take ownership of your role, bringing the best out of your team and taking responsibility for profitability and performance. Sainsbury s is growing. Did you know we open an average of two new stores per week? W E S T A N D O U T B E C A U S E O F YOU

8 As a retail leader, you ll be visible. You ll be visible to customers in the store and visible to colleagues as you lead by example. So, we re looking for confident communicators with a visible passion for everything they do. Underpinning that passion is going to be a clear grasp of what makes people tick. When you re running a big team in a fast-paced store, every day brings a different challenge. So you ll always be on the front foot, making sure that the store feels like a family and that everybody plays their part in creating great customer experiences. Entry Requirements: - a 2.2 degree - three A-levels, grade A-C - at least a B in GCSE Maths and English - some relevant work experience - a passion for retail - the ability to lead by example BEING A RETAIL LEADER RETAIL: INDUCTION INTENSIVE TRAINING AS DEPARTMENT MANAGER DEPUTY MANAGER ROLE IN-STORE CENTRAL ROLE IN STORE SUPPORT CENTRE (1 WEEK) (6 MONTHS) (1 YEAR) (6 MONTHS)


10 YOUR SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT We make sure you get the support you need to help you stand out. We make sure you get the support you need to help you stand out. This includes a comprehensive induction programme, during which you ll spend time with key figures in the business including Board Directors. We ll organise a couple of social events too. When you join us, we ll also assign you a mentor. Your mentor will be a senior business leader who can share their knowledge and expertise with you. It s really good to have that kind of help during the early stages of your career. Finally, you ll also benefit from a host of training programmes and learning activities so you can develop your leadership skills, such as negotiation, influencing and people management.

11 Competitive Starting Salary Pay Progression We make a commitment to reviewing your salary regularly and ensuring it progresses if you perform. REWARDS We value your contribution to the success of our business. For the graduates who join us on our Retail Programme, the rewards are excellent. Bonus Your annual bonus is based on business and personal performance. Other Benefits We also offer a host of other benefits that reward people for dedication, support and service. Many of our benefits are flexible, so you can choose those which suit your lifestyle best. Discount Card (eligible after six months service) Every colleague receives a discount card. This entitles you to a discount on shopping at Sainsbury s stores and through our online shopping channels.

12 Keep up with last year s graduates Some of our 2014 graduates are blogging their experiences of the Programme. It gives you the perfect insight into what it s really like. Don t rush it Don t forget that you can save your online application and return to it. No need to power through it all before breakfast. AN APPLICATION T H A T STANDS OUT We want all of our candidates to apply online. You can only apply for one scheme within the Graduate Programme, so you must choose carefully and ensure that your application stands out. When you ve chosen the scheme that best suits your skills and ambitions, here s a few tips to help you prepare a winning application:

13 Plan your application carefully If you need to, write down the key points you want to include on paper before you begin your application. A few bullet points often helps to focus the mind. Get to know our business Sainsbury s is a big brand and we re always in the news. A little bit of extra research and knowledge can take you a long way. W E S T A N D O U T B E C A U S E O F YOU check...check... Good grammar and spelling make a big difference. Maybe get someone else to check it through for you a fresh pair of eyes often helps....check again Have you supplied all the information required? Answered every question fully? Have you fully showcased your ability to be a Leader by Sainsbury s?