IMPROVING SALES EFFECTIVENESS. John Kieffer Business Transformation Director

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1 IMPROVING SALES EFFECTIVENESS John Kieffer Business Transformation Director

2 Working from a Position of Leadership and Growth Global Sales: $26.6 Billion (65% International) Net Income: $4.0 Billion R&D & Related Investment: $1.4 Billion Earned 589 U.S. Patents Global Reach: Sales in ~200 Countries Five Market-Leading Business Groups

3 Enabling Customer Success: Our Business Groups Through our five business groups, we turn ideas into ingenious products and solutions that make life better for our customers and end-users every day Consumer Simplifying life and work Health Care Promoting health and improving quality care Electronics & Energy Enabling the global power and telecommunications networks and the world's electronic devices Industrial From underground to outer space changing how industry works Safety & Graphics Keeping you safe, your world secure and enhancing visual communication and interactivity

4 Driving Progress Around the World Canada Mexico Jamaica Dominican Republic Puerto Rico UK Denmark Germany Netherlands Norway Czech Republic Sweden Estonia Finland Latvia Lithuania Poland Switzerland Hungary Austria China Ukraine Russia Japan Romania Korea Hong Kong Guatemala Taiwan Philippines Costa Rica Trinidad & Tobago Colombia Brazil El Salvador Panama Ecuador Venezuela Chile Peru Argentina Spain Uruguay Portugal France Morocco Belgium Italy Greece Turkey Kenya South Africa Egypt Israel UAE Pakistan Kazakhstan India Sri Lanka Indonesia Sales & Marketing Vietnam Malaysia Australia Thailand Singapore New Zealand Manufacturing/Converting Technical Capabilities

5 An Ecosystem of Ideas World Class Innovation Trusted Partnership Collaborative Culture Unparalleled Quality Curious Problem Solvers Creative Passion Uncommon Connections

6 The Sales Effectiveness Opportunity An Ecosystem of Ideas World Class Innovation Trusted Partnership Collaborative Culture Unparalleled Quality Curious Problem Solvers Creative Passion Uncommon Connections


8 STANDARDIZE SALES PROCESSES Merchandising Data cleansing Reporting Inside Sales Lead qualification Lead nurturing Lead conversion Opportunity mgmt Key account development Customer Service Order mgmt Cross sell/up sell Business Services Field Sales From Not consistent or documented process High cost resources working on lower cost tasks Duplication of effort leads to inefficiencies To Clear, consistent documented processes Delineation of roles & responsibilities Focus on specific tasks/focus on driving process efficiencies/rhythm of regular review

9 Sales Channel Cost Sales Rep Time Allocation % Time Spent 25% 30% 45% Non Value Add Value Enabling Value Add 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

10 LEVERAGE DATA AS A CORPORATE ASSET Field Sales Pricing POS Call Centers The Web Order Processing Customers Marketing Program Management From Customer data held in multiple systems Duplicate customer records with inconsistent information Multiple processes & people creating and managing customer information To Complete view of the customer across businesses, countries and touch points Improved customer experience Consistent process & standards for creating & managing customer records and customer hierarchies in single platform

11 OPTIMIZE CONNECTION POINTS From Utilize and meetings to share information and status on sales efforts Challenge in identifying and tracking activities with key accounts across businesses and countries To Facilitate collaboration across functions in the sales process with tools like Jam Enable global key account management through greater visibility and coordination of customer interactions

12 FOCUS ON SATISFYING OUR CUSTOMERS From Sales rep time spent during off-hours, catching up on computer work, results in longer cycle times to respond to customers and stale CRM info Culture less oriented with sharing information on the fly To Sales teams communicating customer information and activity real-time, thereby improving responsiveness to customers Sales team sharing tablet-based communications with customers, thereby accelerating sales process

13 One Actual Example Total Orders per Day

14 Key Learnings The CRM journey is a marathon, not a sprint It s not about the tool, it s about the process WIIFM for the users is critical for success Top-down support is critical for success