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1 I. OPENING PROCEDURES TOWNSHIP OF O HARA SPECIAL COUNCIL WORKSHOP MINUTES SEPTEMBER 18, 2012 A. Pledge of Allegiance lead by President Smith. B. Call to Order by President Smith at 7:00 p.m. C. Roll Call Council Members Present: Robert John Smith, President of Council; Charles Vogel, First Ward; Mark F. Rothert, Second Ward; Alan C. Templin, Fifth Ward; Bart E. Bodkin, At-Large Absent: Brian R. Kozera, Sr., Vice-President of Council; John R. Denny, Jr., Fourth Ward Also Present: Julie A. Jakubec CPA, Township Manager; Charles W. Steinert, Jr., P.E., Township Engineer; Loren R. Kephart, Public Service Superintendent; James R. Farringer, Police Superintendent; Cathy Bubas, Manager s Secretary Manager Jakubec indicated Mr. Denny, Jr. was unable to attend the workshop due to a business conflict. II. CITIZEN COMMENTS CONCERNING NON-AGENDA ITEMS No comments. III. REVIEW AND DISCUSSION A Capital Improvements Plan Mr. Bodkin stated he reviewed the CAFR and recalled that projected revenues are anticipated to decrease after the Township reaches full build out. Manager Jakubec explained development would plateau at some point. She noted a few potential lots for development along Saxonburg Boulevard. Total build out is not anticipated for ten years once the sewers are installed along Saxonburg Boulevard. She also noted ongoing revitalization of RIDC Park, such as Tsudis Chocolate, which intends to expand. Though there may be a decline in real estate taxes, earned income and local service taxes will increase with earnings and balance out. Mr. Bodkin questioned the possibility of reducing capital expenditures. Manager Jakubec did not advise reducing expenditures, as they would end up capitalizing one year. Capital expenditures, such as the annual road improvement program are needed, and quotes are required for the project. She explained the fund balance forecast would be included in the budget. Calculating the real estate tax will be challenging due to the property reassessments and appeals this year. President Smith questioned a check payable to Matrix. The Council Special Workshop 1

2 Manager explained it is a reissued check, as she did not send prior checks to Matrix because the Fire Study Committee was not satisfied with the study, though some things are beneficial. The study also took longer than a year to prepare. Manager Jakubec stated the main purpose of the special workshop is to review the Capital Improvement Plan. As in the past, Council and staff reviewed each section of the Plan. The following comments were noted: The cost for the new municipal building garage floor was within $115 of the allocation. Parks and Recreation Commission is interested in designing the former McChesney parcel with edible shrubs and trees. They will work with Michael Brothers Nursery. The Township has allocated $1,000,000 toward the new community center. Parks and Recreation Roads Ball fields are refurbished every five years. All park court surfaces have been replaced and treated with an acrylic coat to withstand rollerblading; parking lots were treated this year. Roads proposed for the 2013 Road Improvement Program include: Alpha Drive from Freeport Road to the bridge Boyd Avenue Central Avenue to Lawrence Avenue Lawrence Avenue and Walnut Street Mr. Vogel requested consideration of widening Central Avenue. Mr. Templin noted since the water line has been replaced along Rogers Drive, if the road would be repaved. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated Rogers Drive was not on the Road Improvement list for 2013, but could be considered as an alternate. He explained the Fox Chapel Authority is to replace the cold patch with asphalt. Mr. Vogel suggested including Rogers Drive in the 2013 Road Improvement Program. Construct extension of retaining wall to stabilize the hill along Harding Road. Repairs to Brownshill Road Bridge Mr. Bodkin noted the bridge is scheduled to be replaced in Manager Jakubec indicated staff may request replacing the bridge prior to Depending on interest rates, the bridge replacement Council Special Workshop 2

3 may be included in the Saxonburg Boulevard Sewer bond. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated the bridge is inspected each year and necessary repairs are made. The new bridge will be wider to accommodate two full lanes. Upgrade one school light along Kittanning Pike. Design the Mary Street wall located behind Pleasant Valley VFC, and bid the project in Replace gabion basket wall along Squaw Run trail with soldier pile and concrete lagging retaining wall. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. explained the gabions have not held up due to the amount of water. The existing gabion baskets are slipping. Stormwater Management Delafield Road Stormwater Removal Manager Jakubec explained the Delafield Road stormwater removal project is now about grit. The Army Corps of Engineers performed a study and has asked the Township to dig up the road. Delafield Road is owned and maintained by Allegheny County. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. explained there is a chamber under the road. Stormwater and sanitary sewer water go into a combined storm sewer. Allegheny County has no record of the chamber and say it is not theirs, and the Township has no record of the chamber. Mr. Vogel verified the chamber is between the white lines. Meadow Park Lane Stabilization Manager Jakubec hopes to negotiate an agreement with the adjacent property owner in order to replace the deteriorated storm drains and restore the embankment with fill. Mary Street Pipe Replacement Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. explained the size of the pipe needs to be increased to handle increased flows. He recommended replacing the pipe the same time the Mary Street wall is constructed. Sanitary Sewers Manager Jakubec indicated staff continues to meet with Sharpsburg Borough Engineers to resolve concerns related to the Saxonburg Boulevard Sanitary Sewer Project. Sharpsburg must sign off on the sewer planning module. It was recently discovered that the sewer model used reflected a 12 pipe, and it is actually a 15 pipe. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated when Sharpsburg reviewed the model the numbers seemed strange from Kittanning Pike. Apparently the pipes were reversed. Council Special Workshop 3

4 The Manager hoped to have all approvals by year end. She anticipates Sharpsburg will want to renegotiate the pricing for transporting the sewage through the pipe. Sanitary Sewer Assessments Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. noted the Township is required to comply with the Allegheny County Health Department Administrative Consent Order ( ACO ). Mr. Vogel asked when the Feasibility Study is to be submitted. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. indicated a draft of the study had been submitted and the final study is due next year. He hoped to finalize disputes with ALCOSAN concerning the models. Field Club North Sewer Extension Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. explained several homes along Field Club are without public sewage, but only one resident has requested to connect to public sewage. The Township would extend the sewer lateral across Field Club and the resident could connect on Woodvalley Drive. He noted the house basement elevation is higher than the sewer. Mr. Vogel questioned the possibility of enlarging the pipe to accommodate the remaining houses along Field Club, which Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. indicated could be done. Manager Jakubec indicated if the Township floats a large bond, funding for the project could be included in the bond. Dorseyville Road East Sewer Extension Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. stated a few homes along Dorseyville Road are without public sewage and the design has been done. He anticipated going out for bids with the Saxonburg Sanitary Sewer Project. Crofton Pump Station Abandonment Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. indicated he is working with Fox Chapel Borough and ALCOSAN to eliminate a Fox Chapel Borough resident s easement issue and determine the storm design. If the storm design is more than two years it becomes more costly to Fox Chapel Borough. He also explained wet weather flows are a burden for Fox Chapel Borough. The Township Engineer noted O Hara has some capacity at the end of the line and could take some high peak flow periods, and the VA improvements have capacity to take flows during wet weather. It was noted Fox Chapel Borough could have overflows at the interceptor. Vehicles and Equipment Trucks and Major Equipment Replacement Mr. Kephart indicated one 10-ton dump truck with plow and spreader and one pick-up truck are scheduled for replacement. He recommended including the Johnson street sweeper and the 2006 Ford ¾-ton pickup with plow in the Extended Life Program. He noted one truck would be used for parts and replaced with a 4-ton dump truck which would be used in Chapel Harbor. A quad-cab is Council Special Workshop 4

5 needed to transport summer help. Manager Jakubec recommended summer help not drive Township equipment. Public Safety Manager Jakubec explained fund changes as a result of GASB 54. Each year the Township sets money aside for future emergency equipment purchases. Parkview VFD has requested a new truck. Manager Jakubec requested the establishment of a policy concerning fire apparatus replacement. Police Response Vehicles Police Superintendent Farringer noted two vehicles are scheduled for replacement. The Ford Crown Victoria is no longer available. Neither the Ford interceptor or Dodge Charger provide excellent visibility. The Ford interceptor is comparable to a Taurus and too small. The D.A.R.E. car is a Dodge Charger and has much more room. However, no equipment is transferrable to the Charger except for the light bars. The Dodge Charger is also rear wheel drive. Mr. Bodkin inquired as to the number of police vehicles, which Police Superintendent Farringer stated two Ford Expeditions and three sedans. Manager Jakubec noted if needed, the police could also use the Administrative Department vehicles. Municipal Building Mr. Kephart stated the garage entry doors are rusted and need replaced. Manager Jakubec noted the air conditioning unit for the Administrative side of the building is not doing well. Mr. Kephart explained the unit is 17 years old and the average replacement is 20 years. It is recommended to budget funds for future replacement of the air conditioning unit. Manager Jakubec noted other problems with the HVAC system, such as inconsistent temperature, and inefficiency. General Government Manager Jakubec indicated the server is scheduled to be replaced in 2015 and recommended setting funds aside for future replacement. She also noted the copier is replaced every three years per the lease agreement. Planning/Zoning/Code Enforcement Digital Mapping / GIS Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. noted ongoing maintenance to the GIS system. An update is scheduled for next year. The Township owns four GIS packages and the cost to update each package is $400. Council Special Workshop 5

6 Mr. Vogel noted the plotter is 15 years old and asked if the software works with the plotter. Mr. Steinert, Jr., P.E. indicated for the most part the software works with the plotter. Manager Jakubec noted the cost to replace the plotter is $3,600, which would not be considered a capital item. Staff is looking at plotters that could scan and print. The Manager noted the Township utilizes Mitchell Humphries permit software for fire inspections, rental unit inspections, building inspections, and complaints, but each is in a separate database. Staff is researching software that will keep all data in one place. She suggested requesting proposals to determine what software is available. Concluding review of the Capital Improvements Budget document, Manager Jakubec requested Council to submit the review sheets by October 2 nd, so that staff could begin preparing the Capital Budget. B. Discussion of Trick-Or-Treat Night in the Township Manager Jakubec stated historically Halloween has been celebrated on October 31 st. This year Halloween is on a Wednesday, which does not conflict with Steeler football games. The consensus of Council was to designate Wednesday, October 31 st as Trick-Or-Treat Night in the Township between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. IV. CONCERNS OF COUNCIL President Smith inquired about the status of the Community Center Association ( CCA ) lease agreement. The Manager indicated the proposed lease was received as expected. She noted the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for September 17 th was canceled due to lack of a quorum. The proposed new Community Center will be included on the October 15 th Planning Commission meeting agenda. The delay allows for additional fund raising activities. Manager Jakubec informed Council she has not signed any contracts as of yet and the funds for the new Community Center have not been transferred to the Township. She indicated CCA requested a one-page agreement for the money. A lease was provided to CCA for review, but she had not received comments. The Manager explained she could not sign for bills without the money. CCA had requested a special Planning Commission meeting be scheduled to review the plans, but without the lease and money there was no point. Planning Commission will review the plan in October, and it will be presented to Council in November. Mr. Bodkin noted the candy company in RIDC was expanding. Manager Jakubec stated the company received a grant and will be expanding the building. V. CONCERNS OF STAFF The Manager requested Council to remain after the Special Workshop for a brief Executive Session to discuss legal and labor matters. Council Special Workshop 6

7 Police Superintendent Farringer informed Council that HAM Radio exercises would be conducted September 30 th. He requested Council notify him if they wished to attend so that he could prepare an informational packet. Mr. Bodkin indicated he would like to attend, but would confirm. VI. ADJOURNMENT The Special Workshop adjourned at 8:03 p.m. and following a short break, Council entered into Executive Session to discuss legal and labor matters. Attachment(s): Sign-In Sheet(s) Cathy Bubas, Manager s Secretary Council Special Workshop 7