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2 FOCUS POLYURETHANE SOLUTIONS CEF develops, manufactures and sells polymeric technical parts and integrated systems made out of rubber and polyurethane. ANTI-VIBRATION SOLUTIONS We offer a range of high added-value products designed to cope with dynamic stresses, enhance safety, cushion against shocks, insulate vibrations, reduce abrasive wear and noise. Components for sealing, Attaching Spring elements. Levelling supports. OUR COMMITMENTS To provide support to our customers throughout their project development PNEUMATIC SOLUTIONS DIAPHRAGM CYLINDERS ˮ SINCE 1961 To ensure optimal quality while meeting cost objectives Ensure the durability of the solutions we offer. We are capable of replacing products we sold in the 1960s To help our workforce to develop and be creative To maintain a win-win partnership with subcontractors To maintain a reactive organization To use the safest and most environmentally-friendly chemicals

3 FAMILY-OWNED COMPANY COMPANY TYPE: Simplified Joint Stock company (S.A.S) STOCK CAPITAL: Creation/distribution of EFFBE Werk products Standardization of elastomer springs, and utilisation by major clients Distribution of Barry-Controls products for the aeronautics market Creation of an isolating shock absorber for press with 100kN capacity Introduction on the French market of pneumatic insulators, ISOLAIR air cushions Creation of PU shock absorbers for high-capacity equipment Fitting of air-conditioning devices at the Louvre museum with ISOLAIR air cushions CEF isolates down to 1Hz a 400To a testing ground for Michelin Take-over of the mechanics company SUMI Take-over of the polyurethane processing company BARDOT cps in Valence Transfer of head office from Asnières sur Seine to Valence Extension of the Valence plant Creation of a new range of LMPS anti-vibration feet Moved to a new plant Change of company name to CEF Polymères Plant in Valence, France Manufacturing of polyurethane Sales office Asnières sur seine Plant in Bursa, Turkey Manufacturing of metal-rubber MEETS QUALITY STANDARD ISO 9001:2000

4 ENGINERING CALCULATION Computation for isolators and shock-absorbers using specially-designed software Computational tool for multi-point centre of gravity Simulation of vibration behaviour depending on mechanical requirements DESIGN TEST Advice and technical assistance Materials selected according to costumer specifications 2D/ 3D CAD design parts; Optimised product functions and lighter parts Abrasion resistance machine Characterization of parts (stress and effort ) Durability, fatigue tests Heat run tests Shock recorders Testing press Traction resistance tests

5 PROCESS POLYURETHANE MOULDING Machine gravity casting with electronic control of process parameters Low pressure casting 0.5 to 90 kg/mm Thermosetting RIM 2 Components Bonded coating using Insert moulding RUBBER MOULDING Compression moulding press up to250to Transfer Press 120To Bonded coating on automated machines TREATMENTS APPLIED TO INSERTS Mechanical sandblasting of inserts MACHINING Production of moulds and equipment Machining, turning, milling, drilling Conventional and CNC machining Roller correction CUTTING Hydraulic and mechanic cutting presses Arm Press, die-cutting Internal production of metal inserts FINISH Manuel or cryogenic deburring Application of initial bonding layer


7 PRODUCTS STRATHANE MOVING PARTS PARTS ACCORDING TO DRAWINGS & SPECIFICATIONS POLYURETHANE SOLUTIONS Pu formulations Base Hardness range Other MDI - TDI - NDI Polyether Polyester Sh A (72 Sh A) Pu Gel - RIM 2 components STRATHANE VS RUBBER STRAPHANE VS METAL STRATHANE VS PLASTIC Abrasion resistance Flaw tolerance Load capacity Possible to color UV Ozone Resistance Resistance to oils Broad hardness range Reduced tooling cost Cost-effective production process Weight gain Noise reduction Abrasion resistance Corrosion protection Resiliency Resistance to shocks Non-conducting Easy to process Elastic memory Break-proof Resiliency Low tooling cost Resistance to low temperature tolerance temperatures Resistance to radiation radiation Noise reduction Cost-effective production process Shock absorption

8 POLYURETHANE SOLUTIONS SEMI-FINISHED PARTS Suitable for machining, cutting, watter aitting Resistance to tearing Extended hardness range: Sh A. Abrasion resistance Hardness code / color Fast delwery times STRATHANE MOVING PARTS Toleranced plates Extra-large plates Hollow round rods, diameter Solid round rods, diameter Hollow sections 1000x x x x x to 250 mm 6 to 250 mm 5x5 to 150x150 Standard-sizes and customized production

9 URELAST DYNAMIC PARTS SPRINGS High strength yet compact Increased tool reliability Noise reduction Prevents breakage Corrosion protection Sizes according to DIN standards Shock absorption Customized sizes according to client specifications Standard strength range Non-standard strength Stroke Diameter (DIN standards) Non-standard diameters Resistance to chemicals dan dan mm mm 16 to 160 mm Up to 400 mm yes WASHERS Pre-tensioned springs Resistance to tearing Extended hardness range: Sh A. Tight dimensional tolerances Abrasion resistance Anti -corrosion Shock absorption Re-machining

10 POLYURETHANE SOLUTIONS STRATHANE MOVING PARTS WHEELS ROLLERS CYLINDERS Mechanical stripping Resistance to tearing, abrasion resistance Noise reduction Complete manufacture or coating only Correction of Ra, concentricity, tolerances Dynamic balancing service Repair, change of bearings FDA version Anti-static Hardness range Sh A Obtainable diameters Max. 650 mm Obtainable length 2500 mm COATED BEARINGS Overmolding onto sealed ball bearings Resistance to tearing, bearing noise reduction Standard range or according to client specifications Abrasion resistance

11 STRATHANE MOVING PARTS LARGE / BULKY PARTS Possibility of Moulding large parts Reduced tooling cost Resistance to tearing Extended hardness range up to 73 Sh A. Abrasion resistance Suitable for machining Casting machine Weight of cast parts 90 Kg/mm Up to 450 kilos Offshore manufacture of parts Manufacture of parts in quarries

12 ctor mper POLYURETHANE SOLUTIONS STANDARIZED TOOLING ELEMENTS STRATHANE MOVING PARTS URELAST DYNAMIC PARTS Resistance to high levels of dynamic stress Resistance to tearing et abrasion Extended life span Reduced creep Meets RENAULT, OPEL, BMW, PSA, MERCEDES Etc. standards RANGES Ejector Damper Spindle damper Punch stripper/urethane Stripper Flexible stripper Guide bolts

13 VIBRATION ISOLATOR FOR MACHINE SET-UP NIVELASTIC ANTIVIBRATION FEETS ISOLATING - SHOCK ABSORBING SUPPORTS FOR MACHINERY Prevent ground-borne shocks and vibrations Increased reliability of tooling, reduced maintenance costs Noise reduction 2 to 8 db Protect worrers, ensure compliance with vibration standards Avoid costly investment in civil engineering works Quickly install and move machines Levelling, precision alignment Food-safe range Steel, stainless steel, and plastic range Load by support Natural frequency Diameter Floor anchoring Resistance to chemicals Levelling kg hz 80 to 315 mm On BA version Yes Accuracy 1/100 mm Economical Levelling feet

14 ANTI-VIBRATION SUPPORT SOLUTIONS ISOLAIR PNEUMATICS ISOLATORS AIR CUSHIONS Active and passive isolation Effective insulation even at low frequencies, i.e. 1 Hz Shock absorption (on SLM range) Noise reduction Automatic levelling Avoid costly civil engineering works, quickly install and move machines Low-height, easy to integrate Load on each support Natural frequency Diameter Floor anchoring Internal shock absorption kg Hz 80 to 610 mm Yes, with SLM SLMU Yes

15 PLAKISOL PADS PLATES AND SUPPORTS Plates designed to optimize insulation and damping performance Multiples uses and applications Cut to shape Natural or nitrile rubber Polyurethane elastomer Load Natural frequency Max. format Anti-slip 0,3 kg/cm² kg/cm² Hz 500 x 500 mm Yes

16 ANTI-VIBRATION SOLUTIONS PLAKISOL PADS HIGH PERFORMANCE VIBRATION INSULATION FLOATING SLAB INSULATION SYSTEM Betondecke Wood /mineral wool /insulator system Rubber insolators or steel springs Cut to slab format Customised analysis according to building specifications Peripherische Isolierung Schwingungsdämpfenden Klotz Mineralwolle Verlorene Schalung Load Natural frequency Format Height Up to 900 kg/m² Hz 1500 x 1000 mm 1000 x 1000 mm 68 and 133 mm

17 ELASTOPLOTS ISOLATORS AND DAMPERS CYLINDRICALS MOUNTS & BUFFERS Cost-effective, multi-purpose mounts Compression and sheazing mouting Natural rubber (NR 45/55/70 sh A ) CR, EPDM, NBR, SI, rubber available on request, Stainless steel available 304L & 316L UNC mounting system Load Natural frequency Diameter Version 0, kg Hz 08 to 200 mm 5 typs MINIATURE BLOCKS

18 ANTI-VIBRATION SOLUTIONS RUBBER MOUNTS Solutions for all uses and applications Assembly compression and cutting Natural rubber - NR 45/55/65/75 sh A CR EPDM NBR rubber available on request Manufacture of insulator-dampers according to customer specifications and drawings Anti-tear safety system Engine supports Cab supports Long-stroke supports Tracks Anti-Noise Attachment System Load on each support Natural frequency Mounting system Secure fitting kg Hz Yes Available

19 ELASTOPLOTS ISOLATORS AND DAMPERS SPRING VIBRATION ISOLATORS Large stroke Low natural frequency < 5Hz Linear deformation behaviour Reliable computation of natural frequency Extended load range Integrated levelling system Overload capacity Load on each support Natural frequency Levelling Fixing kg Hz Yes Yes

20 ANTI-VIBRATION SOLUTIONS DAMPERS Multi-directional effectiveness Fail - safe Traction resrotance Shock-adapted construction High mechanical strength Secure mounting system Load on each support Natural frequency Shock damping kg Hz Yes

21 COMPRIMATIC DIAPHRAGM Membrane cylinder with rolling diaphragm Reinforced membrane Wide pressure setting No stick slip effect Works at low pressures Long service life Optimized maintenance costs Low operating costs Low hysteresis RANGES KH Stress-strain 50 a 4000 dan 6 bar MH Stress-strain 100 à 500 dan 6 bar

22 SERVICES Optimization of stocks, and framework contract Stock definition warning Optimized logistics designed to meet customer needs Reliable technical recommendations thanks to our extensive experience in industrial applications

23 National and international coverage Close to industry High performance ERP software Client information tools Engineering office Specialized elastomer computational tools Testing facilities Many local retail partners International distributors UK, Germany, Spain, Russia Belgium, Romania, Turkey, USA, Switzerland