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2 Infrastructure solutions from the ail Group support many of the world s most successful mines. minesitesolutions.com

3 Staying competitive in today s economic climate means building in efficiencies from the ground up. That s why many of the world s most successful mines have turned to innovative infrastructure solutions from the AIL Group of Companies. Save time. Save money. AIL Group professionals can help you achieve maximum efficiencies and provide safe, practical We offer a wide variety of efficient mine site infrastructure solutions to keep you competitive. work sites for your employees. By design, our custom mine site infrastructure solutions are easy to ship and install with light equipment and basic labour skill sets, making them ideal for remote locations. Plus, with over 40 years of working closely with the global mining industry, our technical sales teams and engineers are well-poised to deliver turn-key, value-engineered solutions with a difference. AIL professionals will guide you through every phase of your project assessment, design, specification, assembly, backfilling, testing truly walking the talk of supporting your success. Opposite: Nammuldi Mine, Western Australia. Below: Newman Hub Mine, Western Australia. THE AIL GROUP OF COMPANIES

4 Heavy Haul Road Arches Portals Corrugated metal structures ship and assemble easily in all seasons and in remote locations without the need for concrete. The right solutions for today s mine sites. There s an AIL Group product for virtually every mine site infrastructure application. Whatever your requirements, our in-house engineering teams will provide solutions that ship economically to remote sites and assemble quickly with light equipment, material and labour requirements. bottomless, fish-friendly arches. They are easily widened with added rings and their surfaces, with multiple layers of engineered backfill just below the running surface, withstand the wear of heavy vehicles without the costly surface and expansion joint maintenance requirements of conventional deck bridges. Heavy Haul Road Arches SUPER COR BOLT-A-PLATE We re big on heavy haul road arches. Very big. We ve even created the world s largest! With its light weight and superior strength, our patented Super Cor premium, hot-dip-galvanized, deep-corrugated, structural steel plate is a natural for larger engineered structures needing to withstand the heaviest of loads. Our Bolt-A-Plate standard, hot-dipped galvanized steel structural plate is usually specified for medium-sized structures. Both are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including Portals SUPER COR BOLT-A-PLATE We know all of the ins and outs of these critical structure requirements. Specify Super Cor for larger scale applications and Bolt-A-Plate for mid-size ones. Both offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit virtually any site or mine vehicle requirement. Many different shapes and sizes are available for virtually any application. Your AIL Group technical representative can help you select the best solution for your needs. Taking a cautious approach. Safety above all else was the directive from Canada s Galore Creek Mine officials. Choosing Super Cor for rockfall/avalanche canopies was another safe decision to protect workers, equipment and the bottom line. This location was so remote that components and equipment had to be air-lifted in by helicopter.

5 Road or Rail Underpasses Overcasts and Conveyor Covers Stockpile and Escape Tunnels Drainage, Ventilation and Utilidor Systems Road or Rail Underpasses SUPER COR BOLT-A-PLATE Specify Super Cor or Bolt-A-Plate, according to the size, specifications and load factors of your application. Both are virtually maintenance-free with leading design service life expectancies. To help keep your operation running smoothly, we specialize in working with your teams to limit or eliminate critical traffic interruption and environmental site impacts. Stockpile and Escape Tunnels SUPER COR BOLT-A-PLATE Another ideal application for our deep-corrugated Super Cor or our Bolt-A-Plate structural plate products is the stockpile tunnel. Depending on the planned pile height and dead load, both offer excellent strength and cost saving over other methods. A range of reinforcing rib options extend the capacity of each plate product. Your AIL Group technical representative and our engineering teams can help you determine the best corrugation profile and tunnel size or shape for your particular application. Similarly, escape tunnels can be made from either product according to their individual site requirements. Overcasts and Conveyor Covers BOLT-A-PLATE CORRUGATED STEEL PIPE Our products have covered a lot of ground on these critical arterial applications since According to the required size and specifications, overcasts and conveyor covers can be made from various shape profiles in Bolt-A-Plate or Corrugated Steel Pipe. In some cases, overcasts can incorporate utilidortype passages to serve double duty. Drainage, Ventilation and Utilidor Systems CORRUGATED STEEL PIPE We offer a full range of galvanized, aluminized or polymer laminated Corrugated Steel Pipe for virtually any drainage, ventilation or utilidor requirement. In addition, we can supply all of the necessary elbows, couplings and access port accessories. Our Corrugated Steel Pipe will not crack under impact loads or vibrations due to the inherent strength of steel and the flexibility of the corrugated pipe section. Lightweight and super strong, Super Cor is now the most internationallyaccepted and widely-used deep corrugation profile on the market. Making it good for the long haul. Canada s Cheviot Creek Mine needed a heavy haul road to cross the pristine waters of Whitehorse Creek with limited impact on the environment and the budget. We supplied heavy-duty, long-lasting Super Cor in the world s largest corrugated arch. Beating a budget in decline. When Western Australia s Argyle Diamond Mine was faced with critical budgetary constraints, our Super Cor galvanized structural plate was the clear choice for its decline tunnel canopy.

6 Crusher Ramps/Walls and Retaining Walls Modular Steel Bridges Abutments Safety Barriers Crusher Ramps/Walls and Retaining Walls MSE STRUCTURAL WALL SYSTEM Ideal for remote locations with available fill material, these structures are easily created using our MSE Structural Wall Systems. Made from heavy-duty galvanized wire, these interlocking wall and mat systems provide easy, on-site construction solutions without the need for time consuming concrete. These systems are also ideal for bridge or tunnel headwalls and wingwalls. Modular Steel Bridges BIG R MODULAR STEEL BRIDGES Fast and easy, our Big R Modular Steel Bridges come in a variety of widths and spans to handle heavy mining vehicles. These bridges ship and install quickly in remote sites without the need for specialized bridge construction companies. We also make a utility truss bridge to carry conveyors or large pipes across rivers or roads. Abutments MSE STRUCTURAL WALL SYSTEM BOLT-A-BIN Our MSE Structural Wall Systems and Bolt-A-Bin System create cost-effective on-site abutments and walls. Bolt-A-Bin is a cellular bin-type of retaining wall system available in a variety of bin sizes for vertical or battered applications. Safety Barriers GUIDE RAIL SYSTEM GABION BASKET SYSTEM According to the needs of the site and safety regulations, we can provide our galvanized Guide Rail System or a convenient Gabion Basket System. Geotextiles We offer a comprehensive line of Geotextiles including woven and non-woven fabrics for soil stabilization and reinforcement, erosion control, drainage, filtration, separation and other needs. AIL Group professionals can guide your teams through every stage of the project to ensure best results. Going to the wall for the bottom line. The operators of the Lac des Iles Mine, in Ontario, Canada, moved to our black steel MSE Structural Wall Systems to get more for less, without compromising quality in this short design service life application. Retaining expertise as needed. Outsourcing can unearth the best talent at the best cost. Technical Representatives from the AIL Group offer professional engineering expertise in many areas, as was the case when AIL Group professionals added on-site guidance for this Modular Steel Bridge with Bolt-A-Bin abutments in Ontario, Canada.

7 Improving your outlook. Specifying Bolt-A-Plate structural steel plate has helped the Goonyella Riverside Mine in Australia s Central Queensland improve its financial outlook for many years. Stockpiling on success. With over 40 years of proven success with the mining industry and our rugged Bolt-A-Plate galvanized steel structural plate, The AIL Group clearly offered the support needed for the Lisbon Valley Copper Mine s stockpile tunnels in Utah, USA. Keeping it simple. AIL products are relatively simple to assemble with light equipment needs and basic labour skillsets, helping you keep infrastructure costs down. Jimblebar Mine, Western Australia. Conveying confidence. Our experience with dozens of similar applications, gave the decision makers at Sonoma Coal Mine in Australia s Central Queensland the confidence to have us design and supply the cover system for this conveyor line.

8 A solution for virtually every application. Application Product Details Our versatile products are available in many different configurations but can also be tailored to your site requirements. Heavy Haul Road Arches Stockpile and Escape Tunnels Road or Rail Underpasses Portals and Canopies Storage Structures Heavy Haul Road Arches Stockpile and Escape Tunnels Road or Rail Underpasses Portals and Canopies Storage Structures Conveyor Covers and Overcasts Utilidor Systems Conveyor Covers and Overcasts Drainage Systems Ventilation Systems Utilidor Systems Crusher Ramps/Walls Retaining Walls Headwalls and Wingwalls Bridge Abutments Super Cor Premium, hot-dipped, galvanized-steel, deep-corrugated, structural plate for larger applications, including box culverts Spans can exceed 25 m (82') with reinforcement options Corrugation profile of 381 mm (15") pitch x 140 mm (5 ½") depth Available in: Standard, Low, Medium, or High Profile Arches; Box Culverts; Rounds, and; Ellipses Bolt-A-Plate Industry-standard, hot-dipped galvanized-steel, corrugated, structural plate for medium and small applications Spans of 1.5 m (5') to 12 m (40') Corrugation profile of 152 mm (6") pitch x 51 mm (2") depth Largest range of shapes: Standard, Low, or High Profile Arches; Rounds; Horizontal or Vertical Ellipses; Pipe Arches, and; Pear Shaped Underpasses Corrugated Steel Pipe Available in a variety of sizes, corrugation profiles and thicknesses to suit virtually any application Coatings include: Galvanized (up to 50 years); Aluminized Type 2 (up to 75 years), or; Polymer Laminated (up to 100 years) Complete line of standard and specialized fittings and accessories MSE Structural Walls Heavy-duty, black or galvanized, steel wire interlocking wall and mat construction Wall heights can exceed 30 m (100') Height increments are 610 mm (2') Adapts to curves, angles and steps Vertical or battered applications Crusher Ramps/Walls Retaining Walls Headwalls and Wingwalls Bridge Abutments Bolt-A-Bin Cellular bin-type retaining wall or abutment system Galvanized and Aluminized Type 2 steel construction Size range of 1.2 m (4') to 8.5 m (28') in height, in 3 m (9.8') increments in length Vertical or battered applications Stream Crossings Road or Rail Overpasses Detour Bridges Big R Modular Steel Bridges Heavy duty loading Variety of deck options Weathering steel structurals Bearing plates and pads Curb or rail system 2.44 m (8') wide modules are standard Spans of 4.9 m (16') to 45.7 m (150') Easy to ship and install Excellent fish passage solutions Safety Barriers Steepened Slopes Erosion Control Gabion Baskets Strong and lightweight galvanized steel mesh 83 mm (3.3") that holds face alignment with machine filling Pre-assembled units fastened with galvanized steel spirals No field flattening, folding, or bending Standard units of up to 6 m (19.7') x 2 m (6.6) x 1 m (3.3') can be field cut without losing strength Safety Barriers Guide Rail Systems Durable, lightweight galvanized steel construction Highly visible barrier protection Easy to install Silt Fencing Erosion Control Environmental Protection Geotextiles Woven and non-woven fabrics Soil stabilization and reinforcement

9 Your global portal to mine site solutions. With locations and professional representation around the world, members of The AIL Group of Companies are well poised to save you time and money with innovative mine site infrastructure solutions. minesitesolutions.com AIL International Atlantic Industries Limited Big R Bridge Atlantic Civil Products T&B Structural Systems THE AIL GROUP OF COMPANIES The AIL Group of Companies, based in Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada, has been providing innovative and cost-effective solutions in corrugated metal, bridges, and retaining walls since ail.ca Toll Free in North America International Based in Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada, with plants and distribution centres across Canada, Atlantic Industries Limited provides engineered solutions in corrugated steel pipe, corrugated structural plate, MSE retaining walls, and modular steel bridges. bigrbridge.com Toll Free in North America International Based in Greeley, Colorado, USA, Big R Bridge provides engineered solutions in modular steel bridges, corrugated steel pipe, corrugated structural plate and MSE retaining walls. Toll Free in Australia International Based in Townsville, Queensland, with fixed and mobile manufacturing facilities across Australia, Atlantic Civil Products provides engineered solutions in corrugated steel pipe, corrugated structural plate, MSE retaining walls, and steel girder bridges. tbssus.com Toll Free in North America International Based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, T&B Structural Systems provides engineered embankment retention with MSE retaining walls (also known as wire walls, wire-faced walls, welded wire walls, or reinforced earth walls) in a variety of facing and soil reinforcing options. AIL International licencees are strategically located to extend our global product offering and service delivery with professional sales service and engineering support.

10 Printed in Canada 02/2009 minesitesolutions.com THE AIL GROUP OF COMPANIES