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1 Check <x4 th9 coupons nsmad n todays ssue of y<?w home- ;. : befvefed Observe/ av) saya an! avefag J20.lo 30 a weekonyoo ; gfocery bll, f<?rbome-de!ye(y, pleaw cab ,,<.- :.";., -...v.....-**.!.*.. j VOLUME 32 NUMBEB 27 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9,1996» WESTLAND, MCHGAN»44 PAGES \.SEVENTY-FVE CENTS, N THE PAPER TODAY Mlestone: The Westland Chamber of Commerce s celebratng ts 34th annversay. A luncheon program wll focus on the new DDAs progress. /2 A Dverson: A Detrot polce offcer charged wth shoplftng has been referred to a dverson program./zk Travelng man: A local karate student wll compete n Vetnam. /4A COUNTY Stadum tax: The Conference of Western Wayne votes Frday on whether to support or oppose a proposed tax to help fund a Detrot stadum. Meanwhle, a former Plymouth-area congressman wll lead the fght aganst PropostonSon the Nov. 5 general electon ballot./5a MALLS & MANSTREETS Survvor: A 24-year-old cancer survvor who s majorng n chemstry at Wayne State Unversty enjoys that,opportunty because of a specal fashon beneft. The Fall Spectacular beneft wll be staged Wednesday nght. /10A TASTE Apples: Fall s crunch tme n Mchgan, one of the top producers of apples./b Lauras Fat-Free Ktchen: By substtutng a few ngredents, you. can drastcally cut tle fat n apple coffee> cake. /B SPORTS Grd openers: Wayne Memoral and Westland John Glenn launch ther football seasons Frday * nght./lc Kck-start: Rvals.Westland Glenn and Wayne Memoral n a non-league boys soccer clash. /1C t John meet NDEX SuburMul Communcaton! Corporaton Teen faces tral n shootng BY DARRELL CLEM STAFF WRTER The polce department sad a defendant wasnt provoked and had no apparent reason for frng a rfle at a passng patrol car. The teen wll be tred on attempted murder charges. A 15-year-old nkster boy faces tral for allegatons that he. tred to kll two Westland polce offcers by frng a.22-calber rfle at them as they rode south on Henry Ruff near Mchgan Avenue. Maurce Lamar Davs, charged as an adult, was ordered Thursday to stand tral on two counts of assault wth ntent to murder for the Aug. 20 attempted kllngs of Westland polce offcers Tom Edwards andjeff Jedrusk. Nether offcer was ht by the gunfre. Davs also faces tral on a felony frearms charge followng a rulng Thursday by Westland 18th Dstrct Judge Gal McKnght, who sent the Puppy love case to Wayne County Crcut Court after the youth waved a prelmnary hearng. - Davs wasnt provoked and fred several shots for no apparent reason as Edwards and Jedrusk rode southbound on Henry Ruff, south of Mchgan, at 1:45 a.m. Aug, 20, Westland polce Sgt. Tom Kubtskey sad. "The suspect took the rfle, amed t at the polce car and shot," Kubtskey sad, based on the offcers account of the 1 ncdent. None of the shots ht the car, he sad. The suspect was standng n a STAFF PHOTO BY TOM llww Pets enjoyed; Buddy, a 7-year-old mux of basset hound and beagle, played hs role and vsted wth the setors such as Ruth Curry of Redford at the Pet-a-Pet program at Garden Cty Hosptals Health.Educaton Center. Buddy was brought to the program by JeanSchwnaker of Redford whose mother, Ann Schumaker, s the owner. Seethe stoy, Pae3A.\;,, \ :.".;; C.." - : v.:.:.-..;.-,.: grassy area on the east sde of nkster Road at the tme, he sad. Edwards and Jedrusk made a U- turn on Henry Ruff to pursue Davs, who began fleeng, Kubtskey sad. The offcers chased hm on foot, and he was eventually captured.. Polce also recovered a rfle used n the ncdent, Kubtskey sad. The suspect has gven no reason for allegedly frng the shots. "He has made no statement," Kubtskey sad. A not-gulty plea was entered for Davs when he was ntally ~"~" ~ See SHOOTNG, 2A Outlook good for BY CHRSTNA Fuoco STAFF WRTER Greg Unger, the John Glenn Hgh School student who underwent a double-lung transplant 13 months ago, s "dong great" after havng a second surgery Wednesday at St. Lous Chldrens Hosptal. Greg, a Canton Towshp resdent, receved a lobe from the lungs of hs 51-year-old father, Bll, and hs 23- year-old sster Jame durng an operaton whch took Greg Unger approxmately sx hours. "Hes dong great," sad famly spokesman Rchard Unger, Gregs uncle and Blls brother. "All three are dong great.... The doctors are very pleased wth ther work. Theyre really happy about how t all went.". As. of Frday, the 16-year-old Westland John Glenn Hgh School student was on a ventlator and recevng 40 percent oxygen, Rchard Unger sad. He was told that the doctors mght try to wean hm off Frday. Greg wll be n the hosptal for at least a couple weeks: Bll Unger and Jame Unger were also dongwell and are stayng n prvate rooms at the hosptal. The two are expected to be released sometme the week of Sept. 8, " talked wth hm last nght (Thursday) and he sounded lke he dd last week," Bll Unger sad about hs brother. Bll Unger and Jame Unger stand to lose up to 15 percent of ther lung capacty whle Greg "could gan as much as 80 percent," Rchard Unger explaned. "They- took out the old ones. The new ones wont grow but they wll expand to fll the chest cavty. Greg wont be able to run a marathon but he wll be able to do some swmmng and some runnng eventually." Greg, who suffered from cystc -* fbross snce brth, had hs frst transplant Aug. 6, 1095, at tle St. See OUTLOOK, 2A Classfeds Announcements Autos Crossword Jobs Home & Servce Merchandse Pets BD 3D 4D 7B 9B 3D 3D 4D Real Estate Rentals Sports * 5B 7B 1C HOW TO REACH US Newsroom: Newsroom Fax: E-mal: oeonhne.com Nghtlne/Sports: Reader Comment Lne:,313: Classfed A dyer Usng; , Dsplay Advertsng: ZlS9l-2Z00 Home : Delvery: Z1Z-51-0B0Q Prze offered A portable basketball set has been donated bymc Sportng Goods for the Observer Newspapers carrer recrutment program Saturday, Sept. 14, at Westland Central Cty Park: The prze s valued at more than 200. There wll be Olympc-typegames and refreshments. Those plannng to attend the event, to be held 1.0 a.m. to 2 p.m., are advsed to use the Marquette entrance, just.east of Newburgh., Headquarters to open Two publc offcals seekng rc-electbn.wll open ther jont campagn offce Sunday afternoon, Sept.15, n the Cherry-Venpy Plaza, on the southwest corner of the Cherry Hll-Venoy nterscctor. : U.S. Rep. Lynn Rvers, D-Ann Arbor, and state Rep. Eleen DeHart, D-Westland, wll launch ther campagn offce noon to 2 p.m. Sunday, and nvted the publc and volunteers to, dropby.;.,. ";/, -;\;; : - :>.,, _...:.. n.a jont statement, the two Democrats sad they are grateful for thesupported they have receved n ther rb-elccton campagns and are "lookng forward to meetng new faces and old faces Sunday as we launch very actve campagns." Both are frst-term offcals seekng ther second two-year terms. - Rvers s opposed on the Nov> 5 ballot by Republcan Joe Ftzsmrons whle DeHart s runnng aganst Republcan Denns LeMatrc. The campagn offce phorto number s 728- DEMS. ) ; v ;:. ;;.".; Top senors honored! The Westland Senor Resources Department named a couple as senors of the month. The honorecs nre Ross and Sarah Bohmhauer, local resdents for 17 years. Ross s a retree of the Ford Mchgan Truck Plant n Wayne whle hs Wfe s a homemaker,. She s charwoman and her husband co-charman 6f the.amercan Assocaton of Retred Persons volunteer tax. preparaton program for the past four years. He s also a Neghborhood Watch crme pre* venton program volunteer.whle both senors volunteer for the weekly bngo commttee at the Westland Frendshp Center. A jont hobby for 15 years s square dancng. On ther own, Ross lkes woodworkng, remodelng and plumbng projects whle Sarah enjoys dressng dolls and workng around the house. Resale shop wnner Westlands Sue Smth was a wnner n several ways recently. She was the 1,000th consgner at the Reruns consgnment boutque on Fve Mle, west of Farmngton Road, LVona. Smth was runnng several errands on Thursday, Aug. 22, when she decded to look nto consgnng some tems at the resale busness. When she was told that she was the 1,000 consgner there.slvd receved a bouquet of flowers, a 50 gft certfcate, whch she quckly spent, and a "thank you" balloon. <,.

2 * m** HV W **P 2A(W) The Observer/MQUDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, Outlook from page 1A Lous hosptal. The frst nne months after the transplant went.well but complcatons arose and hs body rejected the lungs. The lungs he receved tested postve for Epsten-Barr, a her- : > pe.s-lke vrus whch s thought! to. cause, nfectous mononucleo- ss. "As a result of the donor beng postve for Epsten-Barr vrus, theres a lot of complcatons," hs mother Barbara Unger sad. n.january. "n Gregs case t causes malgnant lesons n.the lungs. ts serous but they feel lke they caught t early." "Theyve had cases of t before and they treat t by cuttng back on the amount of mmunosuppresson (medcne* that he receves so that hs own natural mmune system can lght off the prolferaton, and they gve hm medcaton. "When they saw these tumors, they had to reduce the ant-.rejecton drugs so they could treat the tumors. That started the rejecton most lkely - a combnaton of the ant-rejecton drugs and the cancerous tumors on hs lungs." A hosptal spokeswoman, who.wshed to reman anonymous, explaned that when the mmunosuppresson medcaton, Cyclosporn, s cut down t causes the potental for rejecton to occur. Shootng arragned on the charges. The defendants decson Thursday to wave hs prelmnary hearng averted testmony from Edwards and Jedrusk. Davs remans jaled n leu of a 200, percent bond. He As a result of the donor beng postve for Epsten-Barr vrus, theres a lot of complcatons. n Gregs case t causes malgnant lesons n the lungs. ts serous but they feel lke they caught t early. Barbara Unger Hs body rejected the lungs and he came down wth broncholts oblterans, a dsease that many lung transplant patents de from, she sad. Gregs, mot her and brother, Krs. 27. are n St. Lous wth the famly.- Ths tme around, Rchard Lnger sad that Gregs prognoss looks good. "The frst 24 hours are mportant. The frst 48 hours are mportant. The next week s mportant. t goes n. phases. Thats what they told us when he had hs transplant 13 months ago. He passed all of them. hope t happens agan ths way." from page 1A could face a maxmum sentence of lfe n prson f convcted of assault wth ntent to murder. He faces a mandatory two-year term f convcted of the felony frearms charge. USPS«3.5J3 & f--ru-fej every Wond/ al.trur*a/ c> Ctw.«- 4 Ecce-tr.c-, r.espar-s Scrxorart l.vc-a V SotSG Se&nd-cfass po*ay» taa a: L-c* J f.-tas A*-e«j-; r-a:.akr jror. :na,.jj o a>3,-e«fern 3S«9 to PO <W L.aXfgtS, TeeeAaress. SCM?<v5!a-K!5 Ca;r«r Carr.er t.at. MOW? GHvEFW SERVCE f«f jr.g/vn S3 60 c*r >ea r S-»32G yean, S55 00 A! a3.er.srtg {ut..s-.e-j,r, re Vrsta-u Oterver.5 s-tec to r* c&rjt.jrj 5133 n ;r.e 3pp<a-.e rare ca r a copes ot *-.<h are a.a atjerom tre 3S.n s:ryj SrSsaTr.erj v.esa--3 Ccwver 3?j: Scnocrat L.vorta Ml <S»Ml.J13J M l>e.vesta.-k) Ocser.r reserves 11-e r,gr,,t r<,: 70 a:cept a aa.to.w orcjer Observer 1 Fcce<vroX jj-ra*«5 r.*w no, authcv to bo3 tfvs Respacer an3 or,., cvccatcrt 0* an aj.ert.err,ent shaj -.Ofsltutet.ra! a;c*t!arct o( :fe al.ert.sers orfler READER SERVCE LNES Observer Newsroom E-Mal. Readers can submt, sory sujesos. redos 1.0 sorjes.. clcrs to the edtor or make encraunmrfents n Lny.mcmbcr.ol our.ncvvs stall through H-Mal va the nterne!.11 thefollowng address: Homelne: Open houses aruneu developments n your area Free real, estate semnar nformaton. Current mortgage rates. Classfed After Hours: Place classfed ads at your convenence Crculaton Department: f you have a.queston.about home delvery or f yot dd not receve your paper, please call one ol our customer servce rcpre- : sentatves chrng the followng hours: Monday and Thursday:. 8 a.m - 6 p.m. Tuesday. Wednesday and Frday: 8:36a.m; -5:36p.m. VaxUne3l3 : S You can use,a MasterCard or Vsa n access the followng nformaton from our classfed ads. Ths servce s avalable by noon Wednesday and Saturday: \ tem No. 9822:. Vehcles: used trucks, vans and all makes of automobles. Cost:: OEOn-Lne: Ym can access Qn»Lne wlh.jusl about any.communcatons software - PC or Macntosh. On-.nc users can: - Send and[receve unlmted e-mal : * AccessM.feamo)thenternet Telnet. Gopher. WWWandntore. \,?Read electronc edtons of tnthe Obstrvet. Eccett/lc newpaptrs..»: Chat wth users across town or across the country. ;. H T<> begn your ()l-jne cxplota<m,,call * wth your computer-modem. Al.the logn prompt, type*, new. At the password prompt, press your enter key. At the key prompt, type: On-Lrte Hotlne: 313*953*2266.M f you need help, call the On-Lne Hotlne at the umkr above. THE.,/- ta-a CDC NEWSPAPERS -SS\ flhwb Jm f+***~ * mjc*n*ral Award. J L Program to focus on DDA The Westland Chamber of Commerce wll celebrate ts 34th annversary Tuesday wth a specal program focusng on the progress of the newly-formed Downtown Development Authorty. The luncheon-program, to start at 11:30 a.m., wll have cty offcals and the DDA charman provde "an update on the Downtown Development Authorty Authorty," sad chamber executve drector Lnda Shapona, Dr. Km Shunkwh.ler, DDA charman, wll be accompaned by Mayor Robert Thomas, cty plannng drector Tod Klroy and cty economc development drector Scott Veldhuts n dscussng the DDA. The authorty was formed ths sprng n an effort to mprove the busness frontages along Wayne Road between Ford and Glenwood and along the entre stretch of Ford wthn the cty lmts. "t s fttng that the chamber celebrate ts longevty wth a program hghlghtng one of the busness communtys most mportant accomplshments to date," Shapona sad; The annversary program, to be held n the Hellenc Cultural Center, on Joy between Wayne Road and Newburgh, wll also nclude a specal brthday cake sponsored by the center and an "Expo Tme Punch" sponsored by John Toye, of Neghborhood Realty. The chamber s also plannng numerous other events whch are open to the publc or guests of chamber members. Canddates comng Preparng for the Nov. 5 electon, there are PAUL T. MERSNO Servces foe Mr. Mersno, 85, of Garden Cty were Sept. 4 from the Santeu & Son Funeral Home wth bural n Cadllac Memoral Gardens West. The Rev. Edward Prus of St. Raphael Catholc Church offcated. Mr. Mersno ded Sept. 1 n Garden Cty. Born June 12, 1911, n Detrot, he was a dspatcher for Whte Star Truckng, Lncoln Park, from , and a Garden Cty resdent for 43 years. Survvors nclude:wfe, Betty; daughters, Nancy (Denns) Allson of Garden Cty, Cyntha /. SECRET OF\ ouzsuqcess. - PV.U URBAN- THANK YOU FOR OV R 5 YEARS OF YOUR TALENTS & DEDCATON CONSGNMENT NORTHVLE W. 7 Mle HGHLAND LAKES SHOPPNG CENTER PH O HOURS M-FO-7 SAT SUN 11-S, two canddates forums planned wthn the next four weeks. The frst wll be a breakfast forum scheduled for 7:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, at Joy Manor, on Joy east of Mddlebelt, for state Rep. Eleen DeHart, D-Westland, and her Republcan opponent, Denns LeMatre. The breakfast wll start.at 7:30 a.m. wth the canddates forum to be 8-9 a.m. There s a 6 charge wth reservatons needed. Wrtten questons from the audence wll be accepted, tme permttng. The next one wll have two congressonal canddates at a forum scheduled for 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 8, at the Hellenc Center. Expected to appear are U.S. Rep. Lynn Rvers, D-Ann Arbor, and her Republcan opponent, Joe Ftzsmmons. The lunch wll start at.noon wth the canddates program at 1 p.m. Luncheon s 13 wth reservatons requred. For both events, a 24-hour cancellaton notce s requested, the chamber sad. Garage sale The chamber wll hold ts thrd and last garage sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 28, n the Cvc Center parkng lot, betweeja_cty Hall and the polce staton, on Ford Between Wayne Road and Newburgh. Rental spaces are 20 wth 25 charged for premum locatons. Drectory changes The chamber s also changng the format of ts annual membershp drectory and co m- munty gude, Shapona sad. McNortonof Farmngtbrr Hlls, Sandra (Robert) Twgg of Bellevlle, and Sally Mersno of Garden Cty; son, Paul of Whtmore Lake; 10 grandchldren; eght great-grandchldren; sster, Mary Weland of Warren and Charles of Manton. Memorals may be donated to Communty Hospce Servces. MELVN MATHAS MDDENDORFF Servces for Mr. Mddendorff, 65, of Garden Cty were Aug. 23 from the R. G. and G. R. Harrs Funeral Home, Garden Cty, * wth bural n St. Hedwg Cemetery, Dearborn Heghts. Mr. Mddendorff ded Aug. 20 n Garden Cty Hosptal. Born July 25, 1931, n St. Lous, Mo., he was a self-employed truck drver and a member of the Sttts Amercan Legon post. Survvors nelude: wfe, Patrca; Sons, Greg, Robert, John and Thomas; daughters, Judy Puczkowsk, Cathy Morrow and Susan Markewcz; nne grandchldren; one brother and two ssters. RAYJ.T0WUR Servces for Mr. Towler* 76, of Westland were Sept. 7 frpom the Moore Memoral Chapel of Stark Funeral Servce, Ypslant, wth bural n Hghland Cemetery. The Rev. Vallen Prest offcated. Mr. Towler, formerly of Ypslant, ded Sept. 4 at home. Bom Novl 29, 1919, n Ypslant, he was a Ford Motor Co. stock employee for 33 years and was poltcally actve n the Ypslant area. Survvors nclude: son, Patrck (Robn) of Westland; Sharon (John) Dllow of rvng, Texas; fve grandchldren; four great- PUBLC NOTCE OF MEETNG WAYNE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF ENVHONMENT 415 Clfford, Detrot, Mchgan NOTCE OF COMPLETED REMEDAL NVESTGATON/FEASBLTY STUDY and REMEDAL ACTON PLAN The Wayne County Department of Envronment (WCDOE) has provded the Mchgan Department of Envronmental Qualty (MDEQ) wth the remedal nveatgaton/feasblty study (Rl/FS) and a proposed remedal acton plan (RAP) to restore Newburgh Lake, located at Newburgh Road and Mnes Drve n Lvona, Wayne County, Mchgah. Ths notce s provded to notfy nterested person of the R/FS and RAP and to allow for publc comment pror to fnal approval of the proposed plan. Ths meetng s to provde a bref summary of the R/FS, to outlne the proposed remedal acton, to offer an opportunty for publc revew and comment and prbvde for,a publc meetng near tha ste. WCDOE wll carefully consder and address sgnfcant publc comments before a fnal decson s made regardng the proposed plan. Wayne County Department of Envronment wjl conduct a publc meetng at 7 p.m., Thursday; September 19 at the Lvona Cty Hall Audtorum; Cvc Center Drve, Lvona. nterested persons may provde comment on the proposed remedal actfon plan at the meetng/persons wth dsabltes needng accommodatons for effectve partcpaton n the meetng should contact Zachare Ball Envronmental Consultng & Technology, nc. at (313) , a week n advance to request moblty, vsual, hearng or other assstance.-" -,., Wrtten publc cornmehts wll be untl 6;00 p.m/on October 16, 1996 and should be drected toellen Lndqust Chef Deputy Drector, Wayne County Department of Envronment, 415 Clfford Street, Detrot, M Copes of the complete Rl/FS and remedal acton proposal are avalable for revew, durngnormal busness hours, atv. Lvona Publc Lbrary, at Cvc Center Drve, Lvona." Lvona Cty Clerk, at Cvc CntcY Drve, Lvona Northvlle Cty Clerk, 216 W. Man Street, Northvlte" Northvlle Townshp Clerk, Sx Mle, Northvlle bwrshp Plymouth Townshp Clerk, at E. Ann Arbor, Plymouth Townshp Westland Cty Clerk, at Ford Road, Westland the ste * contamnated wth hstorcally accumulated polychlornafed bphenyls (PCBs) n the lake sedment and fsh. The n stu contamnated lake-sedment wll be dredged and dsponed of at an approprate dsposal locaton such as permtted Type or RCRA Subttle D faclty. Addtonally, clean sedment wll be remove/) to help rt restoraton of the recreatonal use of the lake. v. V.. ;..": :.; PuWf»h:8*pfcmtwM99«;,. OBTUARES grandchldren; two brothers, Robert (Mare) and Rchard, both of Westland, and several neces and nephews. Precedng hnv n death were Shrley, hs wfe of 45 years who ded Aprl 10, 1996; a son, Phllp Ray; one sster, and one brother. Memorals may be donated to the Amercan Dabetes Assocaton. RALPH F. ALLEN Servces for Mr. Allen, 82, of Westland were Sept. 6 from Uht Funeral Home wth nterment n Glenwood Cemetery, Wayne. The Rev. Ray Babb offcated, Mr. Allen ded Sept. 3 n Oakwood Hosptal, Annapols Center, Wayne. Born Oct. 30, 1913, he was a bus drver. Survvors nclude: wfe, Shelby Jean; sons, Robert and Harry; sx grandchldren; seven greatgrandchldren, and ssters, Evelyn Trout and Bea Ross. Precedng hm n death were a sster, Edth Maynard and two brothers, Wesley and Watson. DA MAE CLFFORD Servces for Mrs. Clfford, 79, of Westland were Sept. 6 from the L. J. Grffn Funeral Home wth bural n Parkvew Memoral Cemetery, Lvona. The Rev. Herbert Noe of Gallean Baptst Church offcated. Mrs. Clfford ded Sept. 3 n Westland. Born July 5, 1917, n Rockford, Ky., she was a homemaker. Survvors nclude: daughter, Nadne Grode; grandchldren, Kandy, Shannon and Charra, and fvegreat-grardchldren, Melssa, Patrck, Kar, Bekka and Amber. HOWARD ARTHUR WLLOUGHBY Servces for Mr. WllbUghby, 82, of Westland were Sept. 5 from the Charles Step Funeral Home, Redford Townshp. Bural was n Ft. Custer Natonal Cemetery. The Rev. Anne Schaefer of Redford Presbyteran Church offcated. Mr. Wlloughby ded Sept. 2 Born May 10, 1914, n Seaforth, Ontaro, he was a truck drver. Survvors nclude: daughters, Barbara Ptasnk, Sharon Wludyka and Lnda Collns; 11 grandchldren; sx great-grandchldren; brothers, Robert and Wllam and sster, Dors Barthell. He was preceded n death by hs wfe, Blanche. MLDRED SUTTON Servces for Mrs. Sutton, 79, of Westland were Sept. 6 from the Harry J, Wll Funeral. Home/Lents Chapel,Wayne wth entombment n Cadllac Memoral.Gardens West, Westland, The Rev. Nel Cowlng offcated. Mrs. Sutton ded Sept. 3 n Provdence Hosptal. She was born Aprl 28, Survvors nclude: Robert and Steven; daughter, Gwen Clar; 13 grandchldren; nne greatgreat-grandchldren, and ssters, Ola Johnson, Betty Carson and Hazel Johnson, ALCE D.ESSER Servces for Mrs. Esser, 65, of Dearborn.were Sept. 4 from, Prnce of Peace Lutheran Church, Weatland, wth nter-.. mont Cadllac Memoral Gardens West..":..* CHAMBER t wll be a full-sze magazne format nstead of the prevous dgest sze. Only chamber members wll be lsted by category and alphabetcally. Another change for the drectory and gude s that the advertsng and publcaton wll be done by Specalty Publcatons, a dvson of the Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers, whch s the parent company of the Westland Observer, Specalty Publcatons representatves Paula Kjrsch and Ray Lauth wll be callng on chamber members for advertsng. Shapona sad: "n makng these changes, the (chambers) board of drectors has moved towards ncreased qualty and mproved member servces. The drectory wll be dstrbuted to over 24,000 resdences and lj800 busness through drect mal. "The publcaton wll nclude an edtoral secton on our beautful communty of Westland.- the Place to Be. "Ths wll.enhance the stayng power of busness advertsng dollars because the drectory wll be used as a constant resource throughout the year for a wde varety of nformaton valuable to resdents and busnesses." Chamber members may contact Specalty Publcatons by callng (313) For all other chamber actvtes, the group may be contacted at Arrangements were by Uht Funeral Home, Westland. Mrs. Esser ded Sept. 1 n Oakwood Sklled Nursng Care Center. Born Aug. 6, 1931, she was a school crossng guard. Survvors nclude: daughter, Dawn (Mchael) Noyes of Westland; son, Dan; grandchldren, Jessca Noyes and Bradley Noyes; ssters, Elzabeth MacLeod and Carolne Echstead, and several neces and nephews. Memorals may be donated to Peace Lutheran Church. MARE CATHERNE WLSON Servces for Mrs. Wlson, 74, of Van Buren Townshp were Sept. 3 from St. Marys Catholc Church, Wayne, wth nterment n Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfeld. The Rev. Raymond Bucon offcated. Arrangements were by the Uht Funeral Home, Westland. Mrs. Wlson ded Aug. 31 at home. Born Feb. 10, 1922, she was a homemaker. Survvors nclude: husband, Laurence; sons, Paul, Ted, Bran, Tmothy, Raymond and Stephen; daughters, Catherne Martn and Janet Wer; 19 grandchldren, and brothers, Douglas Brehend, Thomas Brehend and Rchard Brehend, Memorals may be donated to the Capuchn Soup Ktchen or t; Marys Catholc Church. MARGARET M. SYKES A funeral Mass for Mrs. Sykes, 72, of Dearborn Heghts was Sept. 6 from St. Gerard Catholc Church, followed by crematon. The Rev. Donald Archambault offcated. Mrs. Sykes ded Sept. 2 n Vencor Hosptal. Born July 3, 1924, n Detrot, she was a credt reportng organzaton clercal employee., member of St. Gerard Church and a charter member of the Romanowsk Retrees. Survvors nclude: son, Mchael and sster, Volet Ahem. She was the sster-n-law of Agnes.Smth and Ann and Ed Stevens. Precedng her n death was a brother, Harry Smth. PATRCA 8T0U EUEA Funeral servces for Mrs. Elsea, 67, were n St. John Lutheran Church n Rochester wth arrangements made by A.J. Desmond & Sons n Troy. Memorals may be made to the Leukema Socety of Amerca, Mchgan Chapter, Harper Avenue, St. Clar Shores., Mrs. Elsea ded early Sept. 2 at Provdence Hosptal n Southfeld followng a long battle wth leukema. As a young grl, Mrs. Esea lved n Frankfurt, Mch. She moved to Ann Arbor where she : graduated from Ann Arbor Hgh. She earned a bachelor of arts degree n fashon merchandsng from the Unversty of Colorado n Boulder. Commtted to communty servce, Mrs. Elsea worked n Detrots nner cty wth Head start; was a member of Cranbrooks Womens Auxlary and was a tour gude at the Detrot nsttute of Arts. Mrs, Ejsea s survved, by: husband, Rchard; sons, Stuart and Dane);/»nd four grandchldren.

3 mmmm wmmmmm TheObserver/MOKDM, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 (W)A3 Do you have a pet that can help mprove the qualty of lfe for nursng home resdents or hosptal r/atents? f the answer s yes, then the Pet-a-Pet Club wants to hear from you, The suburban group, whch has members from throughout western Wayne County, has ssued a new appeal for "volunteer pets for ts pet therapy program, amed at helpng nursng home resdents, hospce patents, ADS patents and dsabled chldren, among others. A specfc need ths month s for pets to be brought to Garden Cty Hosptals rehabltaton department. Ruth Klosterhaus, presdent, ssued the appeal after a demonstraton of the benefts of the pet therapy program was held at Garden Cty Hosptals communty and health educaton center, on Harrson near Maplewood. Volunteers also are needed at Senor House and Camelot nursng homes n Lvona, Four Chaplans Convalescent Center n Westland and Roosevelt School n Wayne, sad Pet-a-Pet vce presdent Ruth Curry of Redford. Klosterhaus s through a recent newsletter, dsclosed some of the numerous benefts ganed by resdents by havng pets vst.them. "Pets have often played an ntegral part of growng up n a famly settng through chldhood and adult lfe," she sad. "Yet n ther declnng years, older persons are often placed n an envronment whch doesnt allow for the companonshp of anmals. "Research n anmal facltated Pet program: Bll Grant ofwestland who came to hear about the Pet-a-Pet program enjoys holdng Ma, a cat from the Beach Road Veternaran Hosptal. therapy has shown there are many benefts of human/ammal bondng." Among the benefts are: Lowerng blood pressure through strokng and pettng. Relevng lonelness, boredom and depresson. Provdng sensory stmulaton, especally touch. Facltatng conversaton durng and after vsts. Stmulatng laughter. ncreasng morale snce anmals are non-judgmental. Provdng an outlet for emotonal expresson. Provdng an outlet for beng loved and accepted. For the pet owners, there are also benefts, the group presdent sad. "Your pet wll be the center of attenton and should enjoy the new envronment. You wll make frendshps and hear some nterestng stores." Pet-a-Pet was formed nne STAFF PHOTOS BV TOM HA WTY Pets wanted: Dense Gregory of Dearborn Heghts speaks to the senors at a recent Pet-a-Pet program at Garden Cty Hosptal. Her dog, Cal Grl, a 13-year-old blnd Labrador retrever, helps entertan senors. The senors are Bll and Adell Grant of Westland. years ago through several veternary hosptal members, employees and famly members who voluntarly vsted area nursng homes wth ther pets. "The program has grown to nclude vsts wth abused and developmentally dsabled chldren and adults as well as hosptal rehabltaton patents," Klosterhaus sad. Four years ago, a humane educaton secton was ntated n the Lvona School Dstrct to teach chldren respect and care for anmals and all lvng creatures, she sad. n the sprng of 1994, the group reorganzed as an ndependent, non-proft club. There are gudelnes pets and ther owners have to follow. Vsts, usually scheduled once a month, are typcally one hour long and can be on weekdays or weekends. Potental volunteers may contact Curry at Other coordnators may be contacted about specfc locatons as follows, Curry sad: Senor House, Allson Johnson, Roosevelt School, Ruth Klosterhaus, Camelot nursng home, Debbe McDermott, Four Chaplans, Lorna Johnson, Judge sentences duo for BY DARRELL CLEM STAFF WRTER Two robbery suspects charged n a strng of local armed holdups have Been sentenced to prson followng a gulty plea n Wayne County Crcut Court. Dewayne Haag, 25, of Westland was recently ordered to prson for eght to 15 years by Judge Rchard Hathaway after he pleaded gulty to a charge of armed, robbery, a court clerk sad Tuesday.,;;... Denns Mller, 40, of nkster was sentenced to prson for 2.1/2 to 10 years. Both men could have faced a maxmum sentence of lfe n prson. Haag and Mller had orgnally been charged wth three counts of armed robbery, one count of assault wth ntent to rob, and beng habtual offenders. " Haag was accused of mplyng that he had a gun durng a strng of three robberes and one attempted holdup that occurred n less than fve hours on Aprl 23 n Westland, cty polce Sgt Scott Fetner has sad. No shots were fred. Hathaway sentenced Haag and Mller on Aug. 13, nearly four months, alter a seres of ncdents occurred n Westland. The frst ncdent occurred at 2:35 a.m. Aprl 23 when one suspect went to the Speedway gas staton at Wayne Road and Cherry Hll and demanded money, Fetner sad. A second suspect wated n a getaway car, he sad. No money was sezed durng the attempted holdup, but undsclosed amounts of cash were taken durng three subsequent ncdents, polce sad. One holdup occurred shortly afowthe Speedvlay ncdent at the Total gas statwat Cb\rry Hll ajd Venoy. _ That was followed by a 4:52 a.m. robbery that happened at the 7-EleVert at Palmer Road and Merrman, and an 8:15 a.m. holdup that occurred at.the -7-Eleven at Cherry Hll and John Hx, Fetner sad. Haag and Mller had been ordered to stand tral when they appeared before Westland 18th Dstrct Judge C. Charles Bokos for a prelmnary hearng n May. Both men voluntarly waved ther hearngs and had ther cases sent to Detrot for dsposton. name ng case BY DARRELL CLEM STAFF WRTER A Detrot polce offcer charged wth stealng hundreds of dollars of clothng from Westland Center may be allowed to avod havng a publc crmnal record. Judth Joarn Horner, 49, has qualfed for a Wayne County Crcut Court "dverson" program that wll keep her record clean f she stays out of trouble for the next year. Horner, an 8th Precnct Detrot polce offcer, appeared Thursday before Crcut Judge Wllam Leo Cahalan and was told to.return to court n one year, a court spokesman sad. At that tme, a decson could be made that would keep the offcers record clear, he sad > Frst-tme suspects may qualfy for the program based on a hstory that shows nq pror crnv. } nal actvty. Horner haa no pror.! crmnal record. v" W u T ~ - : She had been bound over for tral n crcut court after she waved a prelmnary hearng n May n front of Westland 18th Dstrct Court Judge C. Charles Bokos. Before she qualfed for the dverson program, Horner had faced possble tral for frstdegree retal fraud, punshable by a maxmum sentence of two years n prson. She had been bound over for tral n crcut court after she waved a prelmnary hearng n May n front of Westland 18th Dstrct Court Judge C Charles Bokos. She had pleaded not gulty and had been released on a 5,000 personal bond. Horner had been off duty Aprl 27 when she was followed from Westland Center by mall securty offcers, Westland polce Sg. Scott Fetner has sad... A suspect was allegedly, caught wth about 400 n stolen merchandse from Hudsons, and another 100 n clothng was found n a car, Fetner sad. Horner was accused of hdng stolen Hudsons merchandse n a shoppng bag, and she was topped n the mal parkng lot by securty offcers, Fetner sad. Mall securty contacted the Westland Polce Department, whch sent offcers to the scene to arrest Horner. A Detrot Polce Department spokesman sad Frday that Horner s stll on the job and that she works n the 8th Precnct. MHMMM

4 m m m m m m m m m m a_ m a m a m m m m m t m mmr 1 4A(W) The Observer/MOWAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 SCORE hts t bg wth local busness people Keepng the beat BY SALLY TATO STAFF WRTER George Marvaso knows why hs attempt to shoot for a pool hall n Westland succeeded. The owner of the Electrc Stck admts that he ddnt know what he was gettng nto svhen he decded to open the popular establshment on Wayne Road at Hunter three years ago. But ts not always what you know. Sometmes ts who you know. Sx years ago, Marvaso sought advce from the Servce Corps of Retred Executves (SCORE) counselng program n Detrot. A branch offce s also located n Lvona, -out of the Lvona Chamber of Commerce. "We started wth no money, no assets and no experence and we bult a busness that grossed 1 mllon the frst year and we know we wouldnt have done t wthout ther help," Marvaso sad about hs famly-run establshment. "We wouldnt actually be open today f t wasnt for SCORE and the Small Busness Admnstraton." Run by the U.S. Small Busness Admnstraton, SCORE s a federally funded natonal program made up of retred professonals who volunteer ther tme to counsel fledglng We counsel people usually who want to start a busness. Bob Wghtman entrepreneurs, as well as offer free advce to small busness owners. Marvaso gothelp creatng a busness plan, as well as advce on how to lajcj the fnances he would need for hs pool hall. "We counsel people usually who want to start a busness," sad Bob Wghtman, counselor and coordnator of the Lvona SCORE branch. "We counsel them and try to drect them where to go wth ther problems." Wth more than, 150 retred professonals on the lst, referrals arent hard to fnd n areas ncludng fnance, health care, retal, real estate, manufacturng, accountng, marketng, restaurants/food servce and sales. Wghtman joned the group of volunteers 10 years ago. A retred Mchgan Bell engneer and fnance executve, Wghtman wanted to put hs longtme sklls to good use; "m retred and ts somethng to do where can use my magnaton and be helpful to people," he sad. Lvona Chamber of Commerce Executve Drector Rod Crder says SCORE helps local busness owners and the surroundng communty. "The reason we sponsor ths s that we want to support small busnesses and we want to encourage the growth of busness n Lvona. By provdng ths servce, thats one way we can facltate that," Crder sad. Free counselng sessons are avalable at the Lvona offce by appontment. Crder consders t a waste for small busness owners hot to take advantage of SCORE. " thnk ts a really unque opportunty for someone whos thnkng of gong nto busaess. Unfortunately, ts not as well known as t should be," he sad. "ts an opportunty for them to captalze on years and years of expertse." Marvaso s well awarfe of that. Hes returned to seek SCORES advce on plans to purchase land to open another pool hall. "Theyre there for the second one," Marvaso sad. "t seems lke were dong well but, stll, you got to keep learnng." The Lvona Chamber of Commerce s located at Farmngton Road. To arrange for a SCORE counselng appontment, call Flower show a colorful affar BY LEANNE ROGERS STAFF WRTER Forty years after beng organzed, the Garden Cty Garden Club s holdng ts flower and hortcultural show n trbute to founder Lela Gotts. The judged show wll be held 1-5 p.m. Saturday n the Log Cabn n Cty Park, at Cherry Hll and Merrman. The ttle "Out n the Back Forty" refers to Gotts efforts growng flowers and vegetables on the large parcel «en Cherry Hll where she lved wth husband Harold. Current club presdent Dela Haydon has put together an arrangement featurng canna flowers as a trbute to Gotts, who ded about two years ago. Entres n the show wll come from club members forjudgng n sectons such as annuals, perennals, houseplants and herbs. "Two years ago, we had a show. We get a good response to a show," sad Haydon. "We get to show.off our stuff and get more people nterested n the club." Part of the show requrements are that at least one educatonal dsplay be ncluded, accordng to club vce presdent Gerr Rose. One dsplay focuses on a garden grown and mantaned by Burger Center students. Everyone s nvted to vst the show. The club meets 7 p.m. the frst Tuesday of the month n the Log Cabn. t s open to all who are nterested n gardenng. STAFF PHOTO «Y TOM HAWUTT n tune: Westlands Phl Gram, drummer and leader of the Phl Gram Tro, frequently provdes entertanment for organzatons as well as talkng to local schools as part of a musc educaton program. Gram s shown performng recently at the Redford Townshp Senor Ctzen Commssons annual pcnc. Karate student heads to Vetnam to partcpate n tournament A Westland karate student wll be competng nan nternatonal tournament ths week n Hano, Vetnam. Brandon Moore, who graduated from Wayne Memoral Hgh School last June, wll be representng the U.S. n the frst tme that Vetnam has nvted athletes to take part n-any competton n ts country. " am very excted to be gven the honor to be one of the seven members who have been asked to compete n the nternatonal Frendshp Junor Tae Kwon Do Tournament," sad Moore, 18. The athlete, who s a student at the KCKS Tae Kwon Do and Ftness Center nc., based n Wayne, s coached by Ronald Rose. The nternatonal tournament wll be held Wednesday through Saturday, Sept Moore s a frst degree black belt at the Wayne Tae Kwon Do school.» At Wayne Memoral, Moore was a magna cum laude honor graduate wth a 3.75 grade pont average. He was a number of the Natonal Honor Socety. Moore plans to start Wayne State Unversty classes ths month as a premed student. ". Moore sad he hopes to compete n the 2000 Summer Olympcs n Sydney, Australa. He sad Tae Kwon Do has been just recently recognzed as an Olympc sport, wth the 2000 Games to be ts debut. -. Persons or groups nterested n makng a donaton to help defray Moores expenses for the Vetnam trp may contact the athlete at , or hs mother, Karen Moore, at Donatons should be made payable to KCKS Tae Kwon Do Tournament Team, Moore sad. YOU WONT BELEVE N ONLY 90 DAYS WayneU* Westland 721-7*76 (Jut H. of Palmer) R<J;AB CGARETTE OUTLET PLAY SUPER LOTTO 10% OFF PREMUM BOX CGARS MARLBORO Crle + Tx LMTED STYLES.: mar Carte* + Tx :. UHTEO STYLES Tmm brt + Tn 1. ALlStYlES.1 s Crfe + Tx a: EXCEPT NON-FLTER -! EVE Crle + Tax AUSTV.ES NEWPORT. : Cartel + Tx ;". L ALLSTYLES Crto + Tx, LMTED STYLES CHESTERFELD L&MorlARK : Certe + Tx..All STYLES Cartel + Tax :. ALLSTYLES.1 ft Htness USA Health Spas, we provde each member wfth fndrtfdtaj nutrtonal gudance and a wto*ajbed fftnets program «enrl»ed by our staff* Hmess \" /.!//,> f HEALTH SPAS " : ; MSTY ; -. t. m**mmmermp***mm*m Crle + Tx ALLSTYLES.1 3. OPCs Crle + Tx ALL STYLES BASC!5 >k. Ctrl.) Carter* Tx LMTED STYLES.! Surgeon Warnng: Cgarette smoke contans carbon monoxde fl/oftf) All Specal tems Avalable Whle Supples Last Must Be 18 years of age.,.,.t F Hours: Mon. Fr. to-8; Sat. 10? - A &

5 w-.* - f - _ >mwm wnpvf.!,.! l.f.ffffpp ff P mm mmm **m*m PMVMW 77H? Observer/MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 *A5? fght to defeat county tourst tax Former U.S. Rep. Carl Pursell has kcked off a campagn n opposton to a proposed tax to fund the Detrot stadums project...- And Bll McMaster, state charman (volunteer) of Mchgan Taxpayers Unted, sad Thursday he s seekng legal counsel to fght the tax beng placed on the Nov. 5 ballot. Proposton S, whch s beng, called a tourst tax by some and an excse tax Carl Pursell by others, would mpose a 1 percent tax oh hotel room rentals and a 2 percent tax on car rentals to rase money to help fund a baseball stadum n Detrot for the Detrot Tgers. The proposal s part of a plan for the county to enter a project that would result n buldng two stadums sde-by-sde n Detrot. Besdes a new Tger "stadum, a domed-stadum would be bult to house the Detrot Lons football team. Pursell sad he wll begn ths week organsng a group to campagn aganst the tax and s plannng to set up an offce at a to-be-determned ste on Telegraph Road. Called CAPS, Ctzens Aganst Proposton S, the group wll organze to begn fund-rasng and then launch a "Davd and Golath type of war," Pursell sad. The group doesnt oppose buldng" new stadums, but objects to the use of tax money, Pursell sad. The county s askng people to support a tax that goes to a mllonare, he sad. The proposed tax and stad-. um authorty have "all the connotaton of more bureaucracy and more taxes," he sad. The group wll do malngs and have a speakers bureau, he sad. Meanwhle, McMaster put the Wayne County Commsson on notce Thursday that he thnks the specal meetng held Aug. 22 to approve puttng the proposed tax on the ballot was n volaton of the Open Meetngs Act. The publc was not notfed properly of the specal meetng and the mnutes were not made avalable n eght days after the meetng, McMaster sad. Notces were posted and maled as s usual for a commsson meetng and the mnutes were avalable wthn eght-busness days, wth Monday counted as a holday, Al Montgomery, clerk of the commsson, sad. After McMasters statement, Commsson Charman Rcardo Solomon defended the meetng, sayng he resented the mplcaton of wrongdong. BY BETH SUNDRLA JACHMAN STAFF WRTER - The members of the Conference of Western Wayne plan to vote Sept. 13 oh whether to support or oppose a proposed tax to help fund a Detrot baseball stadum. Members of the consortum of 18 western Wayne County communtes met wth deputy county executve Mke Duggan and Chuck Schmdt of the Lons on Wednesday, Aug. 21, to dscuss the plan. That was one day before the Wayne County Commsson voted to put Proposton S on the Nov. 5 general electon ballot..and that meetng came about a month after the conference met wth members of the Downrver Communty Conference and the Conference of Eastern Wayne n July to vote on a regonalposton concernng county mllages, before the Aug. 6 vote on the countywde parks mllage. There werent enough votes to approve a regonal poston, but communty leaders expressed ther dspleasure at not beng consulted before county mllages are placed on the ballot. f approved by,voters Nov. 5, a 1. percent tax on hotel room rentals and a 2 percent tax on car rentals would rase money to help fund a baseball stadum n Detrot for the Detrot Tgers. The proposal s part of a plan for the county to enter a deal to buld two stadums sde-by-sde n Detrot. One for the Tgers and the other a domed-stadum to house the Detrot Lons football team. The proposal has rased some concerns among western Wayne County leaders. Thomas Yack, house f ultof love wth a foster chld. Wayne County Chld S Famly Servces 396-Kds Canton Townshp supervsor and charman of the Conference of Western Wayne, sad there are parts of the proposal he doesnt lke. "The county wll be pledgng ts full fath and credt," he sad. Also, the county s puttng n 100 mllon whle the cty of Detrot s puttng n less, 85 mllon, and none of t from new taxes, he sad. The resoluton the CWW members voted.on n July sad that t would "offcally oppose any and all future county mllages that are not brought before the conferences pror to ther placement on the ballot. The conferences wll requre that, at a mnmum, : they be gven tme to study the proposals and the opportunty to provde nput and drecton, to county offcals on these matters. Falure by Wayne County offcals to comply wth ths request wll result n a publc poston of opposton to the mllage request n queston." "ts always a source of rrtaton that these thngs are always done at the last mnute," Yack fk % NEED OF LENNOX FREE ESTMATES (313) UNTEDTEMPERATURE 8919 MDDLEBELT LVONA K WAYNE/WESTLANDY.M.C.A. NDAN GUDES PROGRAM A QUALTY tme program for parents & chldren Orentaton meetngs are scheduled for 1. Canton Lbrary 1200 S.Canton Center Rd Canton 9/12/96 7pm 2 St Johns Epscopal Church 555 S Wayne Rd Westfand 9t5/96. 2pm 3 Garden Cty Mapewood Comm Center Maplewood Garden Cty 9/18/96., 7pm 4 Wayne Lbrary &ms Ave Wayne 9/19/96 7pm September Fun ts always a source of rrtaton that these thngs are always done at the last mnute. Tom Yack Canton Townshp supervsor on ssue sa "y./.., ference wouldnt stll oppose the The county satsfed the tax," Yack sad, callngt. good requrement to meet wth the government to meet beforehand conferences a day before the wth elected offcals n Wayne vote. 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USED BOOK DRVE FOR FRST TEP SHELTER v n Support of Natonal Readng Month, Westand Shoppng Cdnter s sponsorng a used book drve for the "Frst Step"shelter for abused women and chldren. Jonnthe - movement to promote readng for those n need by brngng n a used book to : Customer Servce fn East Court through September 30, PLEDGE A PROMSE TO READ <j: Chldren and parents are nvted to sgn our huge book on dsplay n East Court as a promse ; to read n support of Natonal Readng Month and the. new lbrary. Ths specal communty autographed book wll then be presented to Governor and Mchelle Enger. STORYtlME AND AUTOGRAPHS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER A.M> EAST COURT..; Detrot Tgers Catcher Brad Ausmus \ ; Watch for September 21 & 28 appearances arand AH Of Your Favorte Thlngst. Waya and Warren Roads Westand., Over 8Q Specalty Stores * Mall Hours: Monday - Saturday 10-9, Sunday11-6 Elk Rapds Beach Resort Qualty sofas at great low prces! 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WCS452K33.0R 9?W8 «1 H177.TN H01M4; VA??06 0J1?MA WA DA.OEOr/NS. VW 02MSS

6 6A(W,G) O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 * * ". ( - Who brngsvpu»the best * * connectons... to the most entertanment n Garden Cty? to the latest technology thats easy to use? ¾ ¾..: \Anwffs-,y \ W?::/ to the lowest prces avalable? J r * ( to the local people at the best prce COV Better onjft :

7 *W1!mmr*m WW P! *mmm m*m The Observer/MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9,1996 *A7 BY BETH SUNDRU JACHMAN STAFF WRTER HOMEOWNERS! Mngfrompayclwck to paythedj M r same day approval t was a bumpy rde for awhle as Wayne County commssoners debated fundng part of a road pavng project n Plymouth Townshp. * After more than an hour of dscusson, commssoners Thursday approved payng 25 percent of the cost of pavng Rdge Road from Powell to North Terrtoral and Powell from Rdge to Beck. The vote was 9-2 wth three commssoners abstanng and one absent. Local commssoners Thaddeus McCotter, R-Lvona; Mchelle Plaweck, D-Dearborn Heghts; Bruce Patterson, R- Canton Townshp; and Vce Char Kay Beard, D-Westland; all voted yes. The county wll pay 331,110 of the 1,257,330 project, whle Plymouth Townshp wll pay 926,220. The project also ncludes wdenng the ntersectons of Powell and Rdge, North Terrtoral and Rdge and Powell and Beck. An angry McCotter, who also represents Plymouth and Plymouth Townshp, pounded hs fst on the table n frustraton after some commssoners questoned payng any of the cost of pavng gravel loads n Wayne County. Callng t a rare example of dfferent levels of government workng together, McCotter sad the countys refusal to help fund the project Would only renforce vews n western Wayne County that resdents dont get ther moneys worth from county taxes. McCoUer defeated hs opposton n the Aug. 6 prmary from Jeff Schroder who ran on- a platform of leadng a secesson movement n western Wayne County, sayng taxpayers n that area arent gettng a return on ther tax money. f the county says 25 percent DOLL HOUSES Sturdv Kt* for Aqet 2-12 Mnturt furature &Sup«la H«vwor nkal>»dtol HolJyj... BUl J(»ynk* ht Year pkf Vojtrertj, <.»4. > \S s too much, " tell you, ths tme may have to agree wth them (the secessonsts)," he sad. B.utsome commssoners questoned fundng the project, sayng t would be settng a precedent. The county hasnt pad to pave mle roads n the past, sad Alan Rchardson, deputy drector of the engneerng dvson of the countys Department of Publc Servces. Resdents along the roads have agreed to a specal assessment to pay for most of the cost of the project, and the fundng breakdown for the county s smlar to what t would be f t were a state or federally funded project, he sad. A smlar project s beng looked at n Bfownstown Townshp, and ths s part of a change n county polcy adopted bythe department several years ago, Rchardson sad. Commssoners were told they wll be gven a copy of that polcy by the nextregular meetng. Patterson ponted out Plymouth Townshp s gettng dfferent treatment than Canton Townshp, n whch the townshp and developers had to pay 100 percent of the cost of pavng Beck Road recently. "The vast majorty of unpaved roads are n my dstrct," he sad. The Plymouth Townshp project was ncluded n a project lst approved by the commsson durng budget talks last year, Rchardson sad. WE ARE LOOKNG FOR A MRACLE AND THAT MRACLE S YOU1 Donate Your MOTORZED VEHCLES Drectly to the Socety of St.Vncent DePaul Call or ,100 Free Towng f needed-we Accept Everythng ; Your Donaton s Tax Deductble Proceeds beneft thousands of chldren hatk%uor7durupp6n "Ths project s under way. They felt our word was good and went ahead wth the project," Rchardson sad. Some commssoners questoned why the county dollars would be used for pavng, when many rough, already paved roads are gong unrepared. "We try to assess all of our needs," Rchardson sad. "We try and mx and match theskfunds for our needs," he sad, pontngs out money s used for a range of projects ncludng resurfacng, road wdenng, ralroad crossng mprovements and pavng. "We dscussed ths almost a year ago," Plaweck sad n defense of the project. " too represent a townshp that has gravel roads. dont want to go through ths every tme a townshp comes Xo us wth a project," she sad. After a moton to send the project back to commttee faled for lack of support, McCotter ponted out that the real ssue s polcy. "Commssoners wth gravel roads should.welcome ths," he sad. "We all have road needs n our dstrcts." RadoShack Ad Update on BM* Computers Demand for the BM Aptva "Better School System" featured n todays advertsng nsert s exceedng our supply and some stores may not have the system n stock. The products n ths ad were selected far n advance, and we regret any nconvenence ths may have caused. For an update on local avalablty, we recommend that you vst your nearest RadoShack as soon as possble. We apprecate your busness and your understandng., AA MoRTCAct & FNANCAL COUP. m W»l Mll BMHM SO-S Kf trf 10-5:}Q: FrUtt 10» DENTSTRY WTHOUT FEAR! TWLGHT seep" NTRAV N0U5 SEDATON LVONA VLLAGE D6NTAL ASSOCATES MARTHA ZND6RMAN. RN. DD5 [810) vlt m L* m luaranteeft 1W Add beauty and safety loyoff 1 freplace \. 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9 mrm-r!w*l!**» « Th Observer/ MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 *A? BYTWRCHARD STAFF WRTER Republcans on a state Senate panel ntend Thursday to report out a "dgnfed death" bll, probably on a splt vote, and send t to the full Senate.. A Democrat served notce he wll seek to amend the bll to.allow doctor-asssted sucde, subject to approval by voters, " wll support the bll. ts well wrtten," sad Sen. Robert Geake, R-Northvlle, a member of the Senate Commttee on Famles, Mental Health and Human Servces. Senate Bll 1102 s ntended to assure that doctors tell termnally ll patents ther rghts to accept or refuse treatment; are gven mmunty when they prescrbe narcotcs as pan-kllers; and tell patents that Mchgan case law prohbts anyone from assstng n a sucde. Sen. Joel Gougeon, R-Bay Cty, also seemed pleased wth the bll. Sen. Mchael Bouchard, R-Brmngham, mssed last Thursdays meetng and publc hearng but s expected to vote yes. But Sen. Gary Peters, D- Bloomfeld Townshp, wll offer a substtute "whch provde a process to allow a termnally ll ndvdual to request from a physcan a prescrpton to end hs or her lfe n a dgnfed manner." The Peters substtute would requre voter approval to by Herbert M. Gardner, D.D.S, & Martha P. Znderman, R.N., D.D.S. become law. * * -; Sen. Vrgl Smth, D-Detrot, sad, "The best determnant of the states nterests s a vote of the people," ndgatng he wll support the Peters/substtute. Peters s lkely, however, to wnd up on the short end of a 3-2 vote. The "dgnfed death" bll that wll get majorty support steers a course between two polar vews. Rght to Lfe spokesman Ed Rvet supported t but would prefer a bll that provdes crmnal penaltes for a physcan who asssts n a sucde. "t should create a felory offense for coercon of a patent to commt sucde," added Rvet, ctng the abused woman who was asssted n her sucde by Dr. Jack Kevorkan. "Theologcal tyranny," sad Howard Smon, Plymouth resdent who s executve drector of the Amercan.Cvl Lbertes Unon of Mchgan. "Youre forcng some people to lve by someone elses theology," sad Smon, referrng to a secton that prohbts anyone from assstng n a sucde. n many Chrstan sects, sucde s a sn that bars the snner from Heaven and bural n consecrated sol. Both sdes agreed the bll, sponsored by Sen. Dale Shugars, R-Portage, was good n requrng a physcan to fully nform a termnally ll patent of alternatve swjss/rssrsft-w SGNS THAT SEALANTS DELVER Accordng to surveys conducted between 1988 and 1994 by the Natonal Center for Health Statstcs, 5S percent of Amercan chldren and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 ace cavty-free. Along wth ncreased use of fluorde, part of the credt foe ths lessened cavty rate can be attrbuted to the use of sealants. These are the plastc coatngs that dentsts apply to molars, whch are the most decay-prone teeth because they have grooves and fssures n ther surfaces that trap food and bactera that cause decay. Sealants form a protectve barrer that shuts out these decaycausng elements. As effectve as sealants are n preventng decay, however, ther full potental not beng utlzed. Whle twce as many youngsters are havng sealants, apples as compared to ten years ago, stll only 19 percent of chldren and adolescents aval themselves of sealants. As good as sealants are, they cannot work f they, are not used. At LVONA VLLAGE DENTAL ASSOCATES, we provde qualty dental care n a warm and carng envronment. t s never too early to start good dental habfts. Call C to schedule an appontment. Well be happy to dscuss all of your dental needs wth you or any member of your famly. Your oral health requrements, from restoratve to cosmetc consderatons, wll be met wth the latest avalable technology by our tarng staff. Our offce s located at Merrman Road. Hrs. Mon, Tue, Thu & Fr 8-S, Wed»J 9pm. Smles are ooc busness. LVONA VLLAGE DENTAL MERRMAN LVONA (810> P.S. Accordng to government statstcs, only 3} percent of U- to 17-year-olds Were found to be free c/ cavtes, ndcatng that teenagers are more prooe to gettng cavtes than young chldren. treatments, rsks,, the rght to court-apponted guardan, and the rght to end treatment. "Everybodys n favor of more dalog, 1 sad ACLUs Smon. "The bll s a catalyst for patent empowerment," sad RTLs Rvet, Crtcs found the bll ambguous n a subsecton that allows a patent to order the wthdrawal of lfe support systems; "ts a desre for an earler death," sad Shaw Lvermore Jr., Lansng, representng Hemlock of Mchgan, "f ts respratory (support), death occurs n mnutes. They know absolutely what the consequences wll be. ts no dfferent than askng a doctor to prescrbe sornethng to cause death. Nobodys foolng anybody," But Shugars, the sponsor, sad theres a clear dfference between takng ones own lfe artfcally and allowng nature to take ts course n tme. Kenneth Shapro, Lansng, of Merans Frends, blstered the bll as "hot ar... a mrage... a smokescreen. Youre removng the most potent pan relever of all (sucde). Two to 20 percent of termnally ll patents dont o V ** v>»- Wnter s Comng! ts Tme To Start Thnkng About Puttng Somethng From }ttrchs Between You And The Cold All Fur Lned Stormcoats Reduced 25% Startng - A,: 597 Through Saturday rjna /S9S Only. :.J /,ty 0r.11* J Ol) 87.VX3X) M am l. p r fc B.V.T..-JMK </. W.< Thrd Avenue, ur~j n > respond to pan management except by a drug-nduced coma, f you want to stop Kovorkan (assstng n sucdes), you would legalze and regulate t. - "Sen. Peters had a substtute to. put before the people," Shapro sad "But 1 would probably be shocked and need resusctaton fthat got out of commttee." Merans Frends s an Ann Arbor and Northvlle group that takes ts name from Meran Fredercks, one of Kevorkans late patents. Dr. Ed Perce, a former state senator from Ann Arbor, asked the panel to legalze restrcted asssted sucde. Perce, also AUCTON SAT., SEPT. 14th* 10 a.m SpfnjUrxJ, Fwmlnglon HUH SarthonOrchtrSUUfd.ofsM ANTQUES; Motel A & T R«J meter* and»ae«ores, Rot top desk Rand OaX UNe. Toys. Cta*s. Sands; totsnwe - HOUSEHOLD GOODS: fce ne* t*o dew refrgerator Ueter, solas. TVs,totsrrwe: TOOLS: P/eds«n 100¾. Electrc hand tools. Hand tools. U*n factors. Roto Tter, Sowers. Chan Saa, lots more Wll BE SELLNG TWO RNGS AT ONCE. TERMS, Cash «Bar* guaranteed checks orty CHARLES HOPPE. OWNER W16ER AUCTON SERVCE For larger tst cal Garth W*«r at (SH)f642-MXK) 1515 N Woodward Avenue actve n Merans Frends, would lmt t to nentally competent adults dagnosed twce as facng death wthn sx months, requre a psychatrc eyaluatpn and mpose a severt-day watng perod. - Lsa Gglott, staff attorney for Mchgan Protecton and Advocacy Servce, supported the Shugars bll as leadng to "better patent-doctor communcaton." Sue Horn art, of Mchgan Hospce n Lansng, gave the bll "strong support" because t wll "provde good deaths and dgnfed deaths." She asked that the bll nclude hospce n ts lst of alternatve treatments because "physcans occasonally forget to tell patents about hospce care." Sen, Geake promsed to offer amerdmenta.to nclude hospce, the Shugars bll.s one of a four-part package of blls desgned to allevate patents desres for asssted sucde. Other parts nclude a hospce lcensure law (sponsored by Rep. Gerald Law, Plymouth); a"donot-rsusctate" bll (sponsored by Sen, John Schwarz, R-Battle Creek); and pan management legslaton (sponsored by Rep, John Jaman, R-Bloomfeld Townshp). Refer to SB 1102 when wrtng; about the Shugars bll. Refer to SB 1102 (sub 1) when wrtng; about the Peters substtute. Yourl senators address s: State Cap- tol, Atnsng Product Lablty Are you a physcan, nurse, physcans assstant or medcal techncan dagnosed wth latex allergy? Have you been restrcted n your ablty to earn a lvng due to your condton? We Would Lke To Talk To You! W e are currently representng health care professonals n personal njury clams aganst manufacturers of rubber latex gloves. Know Your Rghts!!<-., 1 WAf» < J rvf % JpRYKHER STUART HUDHBM; (810) 33S-9266 (810) 932-3SOS -.:¾ O&EOn-Lme! lessmoney! U T > 1 M HAPPER KNOWNG THAT MOM GOOD HANDS. S N Slls UST HAPPER. PEROD." L lhere\ what our subscrbers have to sax about On-Jne! " called you on Thursday and got the new software on Frday cant get any better than that. Thanks agan for your wonderful support." "the new software was terrfc as easy to nstall as you promsed" "O&E OjLne.l s compettve, and much better than the commercal servces. 1 "Had the most ncredbly speedng logon "Way to go!!! lam ECSTATC that chose torenew." Here v what our subscrbers are excted about: # Double System Speed Web pages come up faster, smoother # More Connectons You can connect anywhere n the 313 and 810 area codes,- # 50% ncrease n modem ports! Youre on the system faster # More for Less-Reduced monthly servce Charge s only plus 100 free hours! % t< # Support Staffs-avalable at from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Frday. Ask for Byron. For a recorded message dal The WEB address for help ON-LNE! TO ORDKU CAM, t\v K&&& \prnghous ASSSTED LVNG O l/x> M.(xr Hwlth<"arv <)rp Actve days. Dscusson groups where every voce s mportant. Gardenng where frendshps bloom as well asflowers.and daly routnes where people are secure knowng that traned, carng staff s nearby to offer assstance.f necessary. Thats lfe at Sprnghouse, an asssted lvng- faclty for those who need extra help n ther day-to-day routne, wth thngs lke dressng, bathng, and takng medcatons, but stll want to enjoy lfe to ts fullest. We customze care for our resdents, gvng them only the servces they need or request., Ths helps them reman as ndependent as possble. Frendshp s one of the hallmarks of the Sprnghouse experence, n fact, ts never been easer for some of our resdents as they are free to jon cad other for actvtes lke wlkng.and lectures. But resdents can be on ther own, too, settng ther own routnes. f they want to enjoy a quet meal n ther own apartment, they can. n short,, resdents make the choces that let them mantan control of ther own lves. Weve desgned Sprnghouse to be. a safe ad secure envronment, wth lcensed health care professonals, staff and personal care assstants just seconds away 24 hours a day. So whle resdents are leadng secure, acqve lves, ther loved ones enjoy the peace of mnd that comes from such specal care and Manor Healthcares 35 year tradlonof excellence n health care. For a free brochure, call us or send n the coupon below. And f youd lke, schedule a tour to sec frsthand how we make a dfference n the lves of our resdents., Name Aklrvss Sprnghouse. >Merc lfes too full to worrv; Cty Sc Wp.) Honc Number SOUTMFE.LD ;2M 11 TervKTptj Road, Southfvlj. Ml 4HOJ1 (816)358008«On-ste alubltatlon clnc : Scmlprvatc t\mms avalable r=-

10 ; SUSAN DEMAGGO, EDTOR A10(OF*) MONDAY, Sept. 9,1996 \\! SHOPPNG CENTERED Leggy looks: These autumn separates from Jantzen are complmented by roll-crew anklets over tghts whch whch add a sporty touch whle keepng toe warm. -v Fall legs: Color and texture rule!. BY LNDA ANN COMN SPKClA. WRTER The New York Tmes reports that between 1987 and 1995, the number of women wth membershps at gyms n the U.S. rose 108 percent to 7.58 mllon. ts no wonder shapely legs take on hgh Voltage looks ths fall! "Burgundy mxed wth red s a hot hose color ths season as well as bottle green, plum and eggplant. Wear these colors as an accent f you have a black sut," sad Anne Clark, owner of Fogal at the Somerset Collecton South n Troy. "Theres a mxng of texture today, women are wearng a tweed sut wth fshnet hosery. The nude leg s stll bg. Ths summer women got used to expermentng wth dfferent stockng styles." Fogal. a Swss hosery manufacturer snce the 1920s, offers more than 130 colors and 100 dfferent styles of leg wear. Even ther nude hosery has a lttle shmmer. To accent a black sut try layerng a fshnet over an opaque color of your choce, preferably to mrror your blouse. Or how about addng pzzazz wth black hosery hand-embrodered wth a red and gold floral pattern (269)? "A lot of women are focusng on hosery now because theres more to choose from. f yzlu_e-avt fnd your color here, you probably wont fnd t anywhere," boasted Fogal manager Chere Cunnngham. "Show your skn a lttle. For day, ts. nude wth lots of shmmer, for evenng ts black wth Swarovsk crystals runnng n a seam down the back (210): " For anytme, Cunnngham recommends lambswool tghts n a tweed pattern (105) to wear wth a bulky sweater. Bege cashmere tghts (301) make a great gft from yourself or someone else when matched wth a cashmere bodysut -4550> -: "ts a total look. You just add your sut and thats t. ts easer dressng," sad Cunnngham. Fogals new fshnet thgh hgh called Can-Can (22) brngs to mnd Henr de Toulouse-Lautrecs. posters of Mouln Rouge dancers. Garter belts and stockngs are growng n popularty after declnng wth the nventon and perfecton of pantyhose. Many soon-to-be brdes are buyng the vory all-n-one garter belt and stockngs for 75, sad Cunnngham. Fogals Lmoges (63) s the fnest matte fnsh sheer ve ever felt: t not only feels good on your leg but looks great. "Fogals mentalty s - ts makeup for your leg," Cunnngham sad. Conservatve takes a walk on the wld sde at Saks Ffth Avenue. Rows of suntan, taupe and black domnate the Wolford, Calvn Klen, Ellen Tracy, and Ralph Lauren hosery bns because clentele demands t, accordng to assstant man-. ager Nyda Lund. Socks are classc angora, celandc, wool and chenlle. However, hosery and socks n New York desgner Donna Karans lnes go wld wth color. "Donna Karans new colors for fall are ctrne green, zrcon orange, sapphre and mahogany. Remember how popular these colors were n the 70s? She follows through wth socjks. Theyre fun. Classc rbbed shortes by DKNY n red, muscat, orange and peabody yellow, can be worn wth a patent leather shoe of classc, chocolate loafer. The nce thng about addng the latest hosery or socks s you dont have to buy a whole new outft," Lund beamed. ; Nudes ( ) are also hot at Saks: "We.have to pull people out of Donna Karan. The nudes contnue to be very strong. They come n seven dfferent coloratons to match them up to your skn. Theyre the lghtest and fnest sheers; They premered last summer, sold 19 pars whle was stockng the shelves." Anne Clark offers a few tps for extendng the lfe of hosery: "Wearng cotton gloves (whle puttng "on your stockngs) s the best way to preserve your hose/ Wash stockngs by hand or.put them., nsde a lngere bag before hangng them to dry " Basc black: Stll a wardrobe sta-, pe, dark hose adds panfche-s.: to fall outfts. These are by -Honors at Target, 2A9< Oakland Mall dedcates two new sghs SEARS JCPenney 1-75 motorsts oan relax once agan - Oakland Mall launched ts new sgn on Aug. 29, and folks can resume-settng-ther watehes and notng the temperature as they pass the 75-foot hgh electronc pylon near 14 Mle. Troy Mayor Jeanne Stne threw a swtch llumnatng the 300,000 landmark, whle hundreds of youngsters from the malls Gggle Gang placed a tme capsule full of 90s trnkets nto the base for posterty. Ther names are beng etched nto a plaque that wll hang near the bottom of the pylon. Musc and refreshments fueled a parkng lot tent party untl 10 p.m. One of the tallest sgns n Mchgan, Qakland Malls pylon was ere ated by Warren Sgn Systems, t stands 75-feet, 2-nches hgh and s 25 feet wde. ts sster, a mere 45- feet tall, sts on the other end of the mall facng John R. The 1965 orgnal sgn by Acme-Wyley Sgns of Chcago, marked the frst tme Sears and Hudsons ever appeared together on a shoppng center beacon. The new sgns wll "help reflect the malls vtalty and ts responsveness to customers," accordng to consultant Ken Smth of the Key Marketng Group of Waterford. He sad the malls emphass on beng a famly-orented center means Oakland Mall may be mnune from ache_compettqn that emphaszes only the affluent shopper. Then and now: The 30-year-old sgn at left had become an eyesore forthemall, the cty, and passersby. Everyones thrlled wth the new verson featurng a brohze-fnshed steel clad base wth llumnated store names, and a seres of concentrc The Bg Swtch: Troy Mayor Jeanne Stne (center) flps on the N crcles that repeat the archtectural motf of the malls lghts of Oakland Malls new pylon wth smles from mall curved entrance. - co-owner Douglas Mossman (left) and Sears manager Peary Pearson. \ \ Ctys fashon show benefts cancer stars BY SUSAN DEMAGGO STAFF WRTER ts mportant to attend downtown Brmnghams fashon beneft Wednesday nght and John Telles can tell you why. Urban chc: From left: Wendy Pollack of Detrot models an outft from Caruso CarusOj Jennfer McGrathof Troy wears jacket jeans from ts The Rtz, Wendy Schaffer of Hghland sports funky threads from Franke & Debbes. News of specal events of nterest to shoppers s ncluded n ths calendar. Send promoton nformaton to: Mall & Manstreets, c/obrmngham Eccentrc, 805 East Maple, 48009; or fax (810) The deadlne s Wednesday at 5 p.m. for publcaton oh Monday. MONDAY, SEPT. 9 Puppet hows *The Reluctant Dragon" daly through September n the malls puppet pt, 11 a.m. 1 and 3 p.m. Sunday at 1 and 3 p.m.. MeadowBrook.Vllage; Walton/Adams. Rochester Hlls. (810) ;...: : WEDNESDAY, SEPT, 11 Walkers Meetng. Guest speaker Wayne Tanner 9:15 a.m. Lower level communty robm. Newcomers welcome; Mall s open for ftness walkng each day begnnng at 7 a.m.near OlgaV Westland Center. Wayne/Warren. (313) THURSDAY, SEPT. 12 Sports Collectbles Show Baseball cons and cards for show and sale through Sept. 15; Tger ptcher Rche Lews sgns autographs Sept. 14 noon to 2 p.tt. and Toronto Mapleleaf and Hall of Famer Johnny 0,, ).111. CenXer Court. Wonderland Mall. T. " Plymouth/Mddlebelt. Lvona, - (313) , \ The 24-year-old chemstry major at Wayne State Unversty owes hs upcomng junor year n part, to the scholarshp money he receved as a pedarjc cancer survvor. The scholarshp funds come through Beaumont Hosptal from. Brmngham annual Fall Spectacular. "There was a tme when we thought we would lose John," hs mother saddurng a pre-beneft party, "but he made t and were elated. Were so happy to have hm now! The scholarshp s so wonderful. t came as a blessng." Brmngham retalers adopted the pedatrc oncology ward at eamujt Hosptal years ago and. work long and hard to produce the fall scholarshp beneft whch ncludes a slent aucton of donated goods and servces, entertanment, tastes of the towns 20 restaurants, a hour-long fashon productoraftd a desserts and coffee afterglow. Tcket tps Tckets are 25 each presale, 35 at the door, patrons 100, sold n shops throughout the busness dstrct. The Wednesday, Sept. 11 event gets under way at 6 p.m. "under elegant tents behnd the Townsend Hotel." Charpersons Rchard and Debbe Astren of "Astren Jewelers, sad the event s an outpourng of generosty frdm ndependent merchants \vhb donate from the heart. "ts one thng when a major company underwrtes an event, or.a "The event s an outpourng of generosty from merchants who donate from the heart." Rchard Astren,. Charman mall spends marketng funds to host a beneft, but ts qute another to go to ndvdual busnessmen and women and ask for merchandse and cash donatons. Yet thats what happens here," Astren sad., Br, Charles Man, chef of Pedatrc Hematology/Oncology at Beaumont Hosptal came up wth the dea of a cancer survvors scholarshp notng that due to frequent hosptalzatons for chemotheraphy ard treatment of nfectons, t s very dffcult for young patents to mantan ther grade pont averages durng hgh school. Workng to earn college tuton s almost mpossble. "They deserve a break," he sad. "Theyre wse beyond ther years because of what theyve been through- And theyre mature. They make excellent students." Man sad he expects to award 11 Scholarshps at the Fall Spectacular thanks to the sponsors and guests of the Brmngham Fall Spectacular. All Star lne-up Jm Harper, of the Breakfast Club on WNC rado, wll emcee the event. Fashons wll be provded by ADDED ATTRACTONS Sportswear Collectons Saks; Ffth Avenue hosts recepton and fashon show begnnng at 6 p.m. wth reps from Ellen Tracy, DKNY, saac Mzrah, Calvn Klen and Versace.Reservatohs suggested.. Somerset Collecton South. < - Bg Beaver/Cooldge. Troy* (810) Photography Exhbt Bloomfeld Plazas mall serves as an exhbt hall for the works of Mark Stadler who specalzes n dance photos, through Sept. 19. Shoppers can meet the exhbtor at a recepton, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. Bloomfeld Plaza. Maple/Telegraph. (8lp) FRDAY, SEPT. 13 Petltes Fashon Show The latest Lz Claborne pette collecton s modeled for Hudsons shoppers 1 p.m. Second floor. ; : Somerset Collecton North. Bg Beaver/Cool dge. Troy.. (8.10)816, Saturday, Sept. 14 Health tests Amercan Heart Assocaton co-sponsors free blood pressure screenng 11 a.m. to % p.m.near Montgomery Wards. Repeatedor Sept. 28. :. Wonderland. Plymouth/Mddlebelt. Lvona. Jacobsons, Adamo/NcoleMller, Basc Goods, Caruso Caruso, Ceresne & Offen Furs, Edward Doran, Ftgues, Franke & Debbes Furs by Robert, Hansel & Gretel, ts The\ Rtz, Kathryn Scott, Kddlywnks, \ Lnda Dresner, Lsa Parks Knts, \ Maxwell, R. DeLaura Clother, Shades Optcal, Sherman Shoes, Tender, The Claymore Shop, Thorn Leffler, Tmbuktu, Urban Walker. Harstyles by Anton, Kennce Bashar, Salon Sydney and 90th Floor. Aucton acton Some of the 150 aucton tems -wmowlp-an XJ6 Jaguar Sedan for one year (owners choce of color); a sheered beaver fur by Robert Grosvenor, two-round trp tckets to anywhere n the U.S. "t takes tons and tons of tme to produce an event of ths qualty," sad Tracey Toepp of ts The Rtz, "but we do t for the kds, always, the kds. And wth me, ts also very personal. My nephew, now n remsson and enterng the second grade, was a patent at Beaumont. Before he could walk, he was n the fashon show. When he was three, he became a patent. You just never know." Last year the Fall Spectacular rased 60,000 for the cause. The town hopes to surpass that record ths year.. ;..- For nformaton about the scholarshp or the event, please call (810) or (810) (313) Art Aucton Pontac Oakland Socety of Artsts jon Jacobsons and the Great Oaks Mall to present a mult-meda aucton to beneft the Mchgan Ads Preventon. Program begnnng at 6:30 p.m. at the Art Gallery wthn the mall. An exhbt commemoratng the event wll run through Sept.. 22 at the mall. Tckets are 20 n advance, 25 at the door. Great Oaks Mall. LverhosAValton. Rochester Hlls..(810) Rose Show Detrot Rose Socety exhbts prze collectons through Sept, 15 n the center concourse. Laurel Park; Sx Mle/Newburgh; Lvona. (313) Farmers Market Both downtown Farmngton and Plymouth have small produce, bakery and craft stands from the mornng untl afternoon each Saturday n the heart of ther busness dstrcts untl late October.. (313) SATURDAY, SEPT. 14 Kds program Borders presents Stellaluna r tho tale of a frut bat who loses her mother, 11 a.m. Chldren make a Stelaluna craft followng the story. On Sunday, Sept. 15 at 1 p.m. professonal story tellers Sue Cresaon and Deena Vanetta return, wth books by Robert. Munsch. 13 Mle/Southfeld. Brmngham. (810) \X rr r---- >

11 -v***** w****w"p» *m*m mt. m*m**m * All* The Observer/MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, V.? Gl Joe Hstory Collectors Edton: Target Stores have brought back repjmtmnfjjhe orgnal S4 male acton fgure along wth a book about hs begnnngs by Don Levne, father of the famous play toy. The "Masterpece Edton" sells for llustratons were made by collector /author John Mchlg. Accordng to a Target spokesman, last years lmted edton seres became such a hot topc, nternet surfers had to wat up to four hours to chat on-lne about Gl Joe. Levne, a Korean War veteran-turned toy desgner, came up wth the fgure after watchng the 1945 World War flm "The Story ofgjoe" wth Burgess Meredth and Robert Mtchum. Levne sad boys should have somethng to play wth that resembled Barbe, but wouldnt "carry the stgma of playng wth dolls." Lvona Mall begns new club for walkers Lvona Mall and Botsford Hosptal of Farmngton Hlls are hostng a complmentary, contnental breakfast to kckoff of a new Walkers Club, Wednesday, Sept. 18 from 8-10 a.m. at the shoppng center at Seven Mle and Mddlebelt n Lvona. Lvona Mall Walkers Club members receve free gfts lke D badges, T-shrts, monthly blood pressure screenngs and health programs, plus mall dscounts and ncentves to mark ther ftness progress. For more detals call the center at (810) "We want to gve our walkng customers a more organzed program," sad a mall spokeswoman. "We already have a good sze number of walkers each day at 7:30 a.m., ths way they can enjoy ther clmate-controlled walks on a more regular bass." Walkers are asked, to use Entrance G for the Walkers Club Program. WHERE CAN FND? From a recent lst, two callers nformed us The Vermont Country Store catalog has lades shoe trees, as well as reclner char covers avalable. To receve ths catalog full of unque products, call , fax a request to or wrte Vermont Country Store, P.O. Box 3000, Manchester Center, Vermont, Another reader suggested Mejer Thfty Acres as a source for reclner covers Jean Townsley of Farmngton sad she found plastc ronng board covers for 8.99 n the Walter Drake catalog tem #H5586. * Ruth Moss of - Beverly Hlls needs to fnd a glass, screw-n bowl for a Ktchen-ad mxer about 20 years old. *Barry Jensen of Brmngham s lookng for plastc playng cards, notjust""plastcaled" - *Betty Kampa of Lvona needs a blade replacement for a Faberware Processor Model 386. *Jean Murphy of Detrot s shoppng for bed pllows manufactured under the name "Blue Heaven.". *Rchard Wrght of Lvona needs a copy, new or used, of "The Scafsdale Det." f youve seen, any of these tems let Malls & Manstreets know and well prnt the answers. Call (810) Dont be afrad of the Observer & Eccentrc On-Lne! and New Horzons * Computer Learnng Center have teamed up to get you onto the nternet, and teach you how to use t once youre there. :" O&E OntLne! subscrbers can enroll n New Horzons. nternet Classes at a specal dscounted rate. AHclassses ate taught n LVE, HANDS ON NTERNET classrooms n Troy and Lvona. n one day youll team: nternet Bascs "Newsgroups, Remote Connect and Fle Transfers - nternet Surfng; Gopher and World Wde Web nternet Securty and nternet Culture Call 0& On Lne!- NFORMATON- 3) TO SUBSCRBE- (313) 953:2297 TECH SUPPORT-13) A»;L*«*. 0 M -L HE! New Horzons CompuUr torfng C«hl«f< (313) ext RETAL DETALS Retal Detals features news brefs from the Malls and Manstreets beat. To be ncluded, send nformaton to: Retal Detals. Observer & Eccentrc ewpapers-r-8q5-br-maple - Brmngham, Or fax (810)\ , Crowley closes Brmngham store When ts lease expres at the end of the year, Crowleys at 200 North Woodward n Brmngham wll close.. f Plans call for the buldng to be demolshed n the sprng, and.; an entertanment/retal complex to rse n ts place. The announcement came last week from the Related Retal Corp. of New v York Cty. Spokesman Jm Wener sad the new 130,000- square foot complex wll feature a 16-screen move theater on the second and thrd floors. The man and sub street levels wll house small boutques and a restaurant. Wener sad hs company s talkng leases wth retalers lke Lpehmanns and Vrgn Records. Neman Marcus hosts fall fashon beneft Neman Marcus wll present ts Best of Fall under a tent n the Somerset Collecton South, Troy, Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 11:30 a.m. to beneft Orchards Chldrens Servces. Guests wll be treated to a lght lunch after the runway show, "The Art of Fashon." Garments from the show are featured n the September ssue of Harpers Bazaar. The show s a travelng producton that s appearng throughout the U.S. Tckets are 50 for frends.and 100 patron. For reservatons call Kroger hres experts to ad busy shoppers Mchgan Kroger stores become the frst n the natonal chan to offer grocery shoppers the advce of two nutrton spe-1 calsts". Regstered dettan Janet Lermnaux and food servke specalst Anne Kuhla, joned the staff to assst shoppers wth nutrton concerns va store dsplays, newsletters, bag stuffers, a product labelng program, menu suggestons, and nhome, advertsng crculars. Kroger operates 81 stores n Mchgan and 1,300 natonwde. Kroger s also launchng Prme Tme Express. To meet the demands of busy shoppers, Kroger stores wll open every avalable checkout lane n every store weekdays from 4-7 p.m. and weekends noon to 6 p.m. Jacobsons welcomes Oscar de la Rehta } l havent beert n Detrot snce 1978, and ths month ve been..here, twce!" the desgnng nternatonal superstar Oscar de lg Renta sad after ntroducng hs new brdge lne Oscar! to Jacobsons customers n downtown Brmngham. de la Renta was the guest of Jacobsons presdent James Fowler and hs wfe, Betsy, last Wednesday nght when they PL f?] J * 3 m " J. f J «<* m t H 5 hosted a fashon show and recepton on the stores second floor. n July, de la Rent a presented hs haute couture collecton at theda. Jakes spokeswoman Jance Hayes sad she personally loved the new brdge offerng, "Beautful clothes; so very wearable," she sad. New skn care lne Natura Bsse debuts exclusvely at Neman Marcus, wth a facal and body clnc Sept Appontments are lmted and a reservatons are requred by callng (810) ext The collecton s desgned to "provde salon results n the lesure and comfort of your own home." Glyco-Lne s a collecton of products contanng 10- to-50- percent glycolc acd and other alpha hydroxy acds buffered wth a PH balance of 4.5 formulated to exfolate the skn. A Glyco-Peelng 25-percent and Glyco-Peelng plus 50-percent can be ncorporated nto skn care regmes to enhance the absorpton and penetraton of all other skn care products. MedMax health programs The MedMax super store across from Westland Shoppng Center, Central Cty Pkwy., s offerng a pernatal program for moms-to-be and ther partners, Thursday evenngs, Sept. 12-Oct. 17, 6:30-9:30 p.m. 55. The semnars are co-sponsored by Garden Cty Hosptal and regstraton s requred by callng (313) Programs about fvng wth spna bfda, dabetes, "and the rehab process are also scheduled soon. Call the store for more detals. Hudsons Marketplace hosts cookng classes From Sept. 19 through early October, the marketplace departments at Hudsons wll host cookng workshops wth manufacturers representatves and chefs. Reservatons are requested. The classes are complmentay. Fo a complete lstng and store locaton near you, call COOK between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Some of the companes represented nclude Consorzo Ols, Calaphon, Cusnart, Krups and KtchenAd. On Wednesday, Sept. 18, more than 50 companes wll demonstrate products from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Somerset Collecton North store n Troy. Trend nformaton and samples wll be dspensed. Nordstrom hosts seres Tckets are stll avalable for Nordstroms Lfestyles Seres featurng celebrty speakers, fashon shows and breakfast begnnng at 8 a.m. once each month through~th~e TarrReservatons are requred. Tckets are 10 per person and can be arranged by callng (810) , ext Paula Zahn speaks on Sept 21, Alexandra Stoddard on Oct. 19, and Elsa Klench on Nov. 9. atthe Observer & Eccentrc Classfeds Personal Scene Place Your Free Personal Scene ad and meet other Metro Detrot Sngles n a fun and safe envronment! Jon Us Wednesday, Sept 11,6-8 pm at Tremors! Nghtclub at Laurel Park Drve n Lvona Complmentary Refreshments Przes m\m\ Hnt V* 4V V» # * * ft t ft t ft t :,¾ ft > t -¾.¾ THE tepersctetrt NEWSPAPERS NTERNET ADDRESS Fnd these stes on the World Wde Web ON-LNE! Brought to you by the servces ot O&EOrvlme 1, To ge: your busness On-Lme. call ADVERTSNG PROMOTONAL PRODUCTS Monograms Plus htlp7/oeomne.oom/monoptus AMATEUR RADO The Rado Fnder - -? 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Servces AUTOMOTVE RELATED TRANNG The Hgh Performance Group. nc http/oeonlne.conv-hpg BAKNO/COOKNQ "Jffy" Mx Chelsea Mltng Company BOOKKEEPNQ PRODUCTS BGE-Z Bookkeepng Co - BOOKS Apostolate Communcatons - BUSNESS NEWS nsder Busness Journal- - httpv/ com CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE Lvona Chamber of Commerce--.- http-7/oeonlne.com/lvonachamber CHLDRENS SERVCES St. Vncent & Sarah Fsher Center htjp://oeonlne.com/svsf COMMUNTES Cty of Lrvona hrtp/oeonlne.com/lvona COMPUTER HARDWARE/SOFTWARE/PROQRAMMNQ Stardock Systems ne.com/-stardock Mghty Systems nc COMPUTER PRODUCT REVEWS HORSERACNO HANDCAPPNG SOFTWARE CyberNewsand Revews - DRUQ STORES Concord Drugs - EDUCATON FordsonHgh School Global Vllage Project http7/oeonlne.com/gvp.htm Oakland Schools,- Reuther Mddle School - ELECTRCAL SUPPLY Canff Electrc Supply ENTERTANMENT Vew & Do Vdeo Gallery http// ENVRONMENT Resource Recovery and Recyclng - Authorty of SW Oakland Co. 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OConnell & Assoc, nc. nsurance - «Meakn & Assocates-? -- NTERACTVE CD ROM PUBLSHNG nteractve ncorporated MARKET RESEARCH Qualty Controlled Servces. nc. ->...-y- - MORTQAQE COMPANES Mortgage Market nformaton Servces -, - Vllage Mortgage - NATURAL PRODUCTS.:- Healthy Food Supplements - PANTNG v Al Kahm Pantng PARKNG MANAGEMENT SERVCES Natonal Garages. nc. - PARKS & RECREATON Huron-Clnton Metroparks ; ~ PROFESSONAL JOB PLACEMENT FRMS bcksonassocates -> - REAL ESTATE REALnet ---" The Anderson Assocates - Anget Fnancal Servces- ; - Brmngham Bloomfeld Rochester South Oakland Assocaton of Realtors- ; Century.21 at the Lakes-? - < Chamberlan Real Estate- -" httpyoeonlnecom/rrrasoc ht1p:// httpv/wwwheadsyouwacom Comng Soon! http/ hrtp://wwv.nteresl com/observer http~7/oeonlnecomalkahn Comng Soon* Comng Soon! htlp://oeonlnecom/realnet.htm] -httpy/www,chamberlajnrealtprsxom httpy/oeontme.com/realnel.htrrl http/ - http7/ Brmngham Restaurant Collecton Albans -.,.. - hltp://oeonlr>e.com/dneout/albans.h(ml The Communty House "--http/oeonlne.convdneout/communtyhouse.html MdtownCafe -.»...;, httpv/oecfllne.corrvdneout/mdlowncafe.html Normans Eton Street Staton "hrtp://oeontne,com/dne6ut/etonstreet.html Ocean Grlle -- * r---hf7/oeonnne.convdneout/oceangrlle.html OkJ Woodward Grll--...:... Peabodys- - httpj/oeonlne.com/dneoul/peabodys.hlm.l CoWweK Banker Schwetzer Hatl & Hunter Realtors Hertage Real Estate Belter Homes and Gardens - Langard Realtors...» -- - Ralph Manuel Assocates Sellers Frst Choce Bob Taylor - RELOCATON Conquest Corporaton RESTAURANTS nn Season Cafe Phoenca- Rugby Grlle Steves Backroom----: SHOPPNG -. Brmngham Prncpal Shoppng Dstrct". SURPLUS FOAM McCulkxgh Corporaton... SURPLUS PRODUCTS Harrys Army Surplus ---- McCullough Corporaton" TECHNCAL EMPLOYMENT SERVCES ACRO ServceCorp.- - TRANNG Vrtual Realty nsttute -:: WELD GUN PRODUCTS C.M.-SmleCo.- "-- - WNE Frut of the Woods Wnery -httpy/oeonlne.ccn/dneout/phoenlca.hml ---httpy/oewlne.coftdneout/rugbygrlle.html...».. sbackroom.com - - http/oeonl:ne.c»rrvbrmngham v-hrtpww.mcsurphjs.com http;//oeonlne.com/-acfo/acro.ntmt -- http/www. vrnsttute.com : "--"httpy/wwv.smtte.com y httpy/oeonlne.com/~edogavnehome.html

12 1 12A(0F*) O&K Monday, September 9, \996 l 1 V J.>. Somersel Collecthn,(810) Open Weekdays 10:00-9:00, Saturday 10:00-7:00, Sunday 11:00-6:00. To ordtr, call l800-69*8oo0. Shppng (harge on mal/phone orders.-

13 KEELY WYGONK, EDTOR *2105 NSDE; Apple recpes MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 B TASTE BUDS mm** CHEF LARRY JANES Cookbooks help college students tackle home work My kds arent old enough to be sent off to college, but helped my best frend last weekend n the rtual send-off of hs frst born son to Western Mchgan Unversty n Kalamazoo. t was a lesson for me not only n economcs, but also n ergonomcs. We attempted to cram a 1,000-watt stereo system and a mn ktchen nto ah 8- by 12-foot dorm room common area already occuped wth necesstes from three other guys. Homework Before the send-off dd a lttle research and found two books to help my frends son make the culnary transton from home to college.. wanted hm to know there are optons besdes tcketed dorm food, pots of coffee, and Ramen noodles, whch can be cooked n a clean coffee pot or a mcrowave n less than 5 mnutes. My frst foray was a rather fast fly through of "The Campus Survval Cookbook #2" by Jacquelne Wood and Joelyn Ghlcrst, (copyrght, 1981 Morrow Qull Paperbacks, 8.95). Although ths book offers some farly n-depth deas and suggestons, ts somewhat outdated. dont know any college dorm student who s wllng to cook "Brased talan Chcken Hugo" or "Survval Bone Soup," whch calls for nothng more than water, soup bones and a couple of pgs feet. The lst of tems that the authors suggest to put n a "mnmum ktchen s sx pages long and lsts some thngs that dont even own! (.e. a potato rcer), What the book does offer s some outstandng tps on cookng all the bascs lke rce, pasta, meatballs and lentls. But f you contnue to search for somethng small that should be consdered a K mu!t have" for any college student or person venturng off nto ther frst apartment, ts a copy of "Wheres Mom Now That Need Her" by Betty, Kathryn and Kent Frandsen, (copyrght 1983 by Aspen Publshng, 21.95). The Frandsen kds put together ths cumulatve effort. ts one of the best books on the market for folks who had a momma lke me who roned towels, used a mangle on my sheets, shopped and dd everythng a 1950s June Cleaver would do whle Wearng a mumu nstead of a perky dress, and curlers nstead of pearls. Ths book s fun to read. There are chapters on "conquerng the grocery store" and how to" purchase everythng from avocados to zucchn, how to read food labels, recpes for thngs you cant eat (cheap cleanng supples), and all sorts of meat charts, cookng charts, measurng charts and.so forth. All of the recpes 8 erve 2-4 people and each chapter offers a few pages that are lned for nsertng "moms old favortes." Lke the Campus Survval book, t also explans how to do everythng from poach an egg to remove laundry stans. f were movng out of the house, would feel very confdent wth a copy of "The Joy of Cook* ng," and ths book, tucked neatly between my pressed underwear and mommas old crock pot (that stll use). Both books were avalable at all Ktchen Glamor stores. Cookng programs For those gong off to school or wherever wth nothng more than the clothes on ther back and a computer, recommend two good basc cookng programs. The frst s dubbed "Manga!" and s avalable for around 35 wherever computer programs are sold. The second, called "Master Chef s a more advanced collecton of great recpes and how to food tps that also ncludes a nutrtonal value program for every recpe. Expect to pay around 40 for the Master Chef program. t s avalable for both Mac and BM formats. Now f money s of lttle concern, one of the hottest holday gfts to,be unwrapped ths season wll be a color televson wth a programmable CD Rom player bult n called the Ktchen Coach. ntal revews show ths promsng vdeo alternatve to be an upscale Way of ncorporatng personalzed, prvate coofcng lessons rght n your own ktchen. The remote control, can take you anywhere n a recpe wth just the push of a button, Sounds hgh tech but fun! The only place ve seen t s at Ktchen Glamor stores. Although t retals at , the folks at Ktchen Glamor tell me they sell but fast. Call (313) for detals. - Chef Larry Janes s a free-lance wrter, He welcomes your calls and comments. To leave a message for hm, dal (313) on a touch-tone phone, malbox See recpes nsde* LOOKNG AHEAD "."."...., ". ".... What to watch for n Taste next week: Focus on Wne column. m m m 8 m 1-3 m % m # 1 1 % f ¾ M s ; o me, fall means apple season. Btng nto an apple crunch tme straght off the tree s a smple pleasure that n tgan just about everyone n Mchgan has experenced. As a kd, remember hkng n ; the woods wth some frends. After gong qute a dstance, we came upon a clearng wth a bg apple tree. Boy dd those apples taste good! Never mnd that they had a few holes and blemshes, we just ate around them. Fresh; crsp and tart, they satsfed our hunger and thrst all at once. Everyone has heard that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." But whether that s folklore or not, t s true that apples are jucy, s,weet and just the rght sze for a snack. They have been called "natures toothbrush" because they cleanse the teeth. and exercse the gums. As far as nutrtonal content goes, apples contan a lttle bt of lots of nutrents ncludng vtamns A and C, ron, thamne, rboflavn, phosphorus, magnesum and potassum. Apples are fat, cholesterol and sodum-free, an excellent source of fber fve grams per medum (154 gram) apple, and contan only 81 calores. Everyone lkes apples. Ths could be because apple juce s one of the frst testes experenced by babes, ard applesauce s:. one of ther frst sold foods. Ths s because apples are low n acd and easly dgestble. Measurng apples for recpes 3 medum epples generally wegh about 1 pound 1 pound of apples equal* 3 cups, peeled aod slced - 2 pounds of apples (6 apples, peeled aod slced) s enough (or ooe nch pe. of the 50 stetes, andare " probably one of the most popular and versatle fruts around; Apples are avalable year-round, but are at ther peak n Mchgan n August, September and October. Vstng a cder mll s/ a fall rtual for many people. Watchng the apples beng pressed nto cder, along wth the combned smell of apples and fresh hot doughnuts delght the senses, Learn to slowly enjoy one doughnut, then have an extra apple _and your wast ard heart wll ; thankyou: " One area of controversy nvolvng apples s pestcde resdue. Apple processors have developed methods to remove pestcde resdue before processng. They use scrubbers, sprayers, brushes ard cleansng solutons. Thoroughly scrub apples n warm or hotwater before btng nto them. Apples are also part of the Jewsh New Year celebraton, Rosh Hashana, whch BY LAURA SYKES SPECAL WRrTER Apples are.at ther best ths tme of year, and September s a Wonderful month to take advantage of the bargans that can be found at local farmer markets, fall fars, and festvals. Whle apples make fabulous snacks* desserts contanng apples tend to be very hgh n fat. Lets look at an apple coffee cake recpe to see how we can reduce the fat and calores. The orgnal recpe requres one whole egg. f we substtute egg whtes from two large eggs, We can easly reduce the fat by 5 grams, elmnate 213 mg of unnecessary cholesterol and 58 calores. Mlk s the next ngredent. Because ths recpe contans a very small amount of mlk the benefts are not as notceable. Yet, f we compare one cup of whole trlk to one cup of skm mlk youll see the dfference s sgnfcant, One cup of whole mlk haa 8 grams of fat and 160 calores. Skm mlk contans only 6.4 grams of fat per.cup, and 84 calores, Skm mlk can almost always be substtuted for whole mlk n a recpe wthout causng any problems. The orgnal, recpe calls one-half cup of shortenng. Here s where fat can really ple up. Onehalf cup of vegetable shortenng contrbutes grams of fat and calores. f we replace the shortenng wth one*half cup of frut flavored nonfat yogurt the change s dramatc. We now arc only addng 50 calores and no fat. Blend the cnnamon and sugar together n a small bowl. Pour the cake batter nto the pan and then sprnkle the cnnamon and sugar mxture :-.::.. -:../--yuca9anapfuo>orfr E: Apple-polsher: Mchgan s among ~. the top apple-pfoduchg states n the county and s known as the "Varety State" wth nearly two dozen types of apples grown commercally throughout ts hlly terran. ; begns ths year at sundown on Sept. 13. Accordng to the authors of "From Generaton to Generaton," a kosher cookbook publshed n 1993 by the Ssterhood of Congregaton Shaarey Zedek n Southfela 1, 1 Rosh Hashana marks the 10 Days/of Awe and s the tme when hope sprngs eternal for the yeartocome. "Lke all Jewsh holdays, food contrbutes to the celebraton. t s customary to partake of apples dpped n honey, honey cake and delcous taglach (cookes cooked r honey). Eatng these foods symbolze a wsh for sweet new year.!* The custom of eatng somethng sweet, and avodng sour foods durng Rosh,,- Hashana preyaled throughout the ancent world because of the belef that what one utto APPLE COFFEE CAKE Orgnal recpe 11/4 cups flour 1 teaspoon bakng powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup sugar 1 targe egg. * 2 tablespoons mlt v * 1/2 cup shortenng 1 large apple peeled and dced 2 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon cnnamon 4 tablespoons butter. mmmzmmzmzkmmmwmmm Celebrate the harvest at these festvals Kensngton Metropark Fall Festval Sept Nature Center & Farm Center, Mlford (800)-47-PARKS Crafts & Cder Festval Sept Clarkston (810) Honey & Apples Festval Sept Oct. 5-6 Cranbrook nsttute of Scence, Bloomfeld Hlls (810) Holly Clderfest Weekend Sept Holly core m a Serves 10 Per servng: calores, 15.6grams fat, 34 mg cholesterol. 3L9 grams carbohydrates, 2.4 grams proten. [ 197 mg. sodum. Percent of caldrcsfrorf fat 50.6 per-. cent,- - Preheat oven to 350* P. Mx frst seven ngredents n a medum mxng bowl. Fold n apples. Pour batter n a greased and floured loaf pam Blend 2 tablespoors sugar, cnnamon and butter wth a fork; Sprnkle over top of batter. Bake for 40 mnutes or untl toothpck nserted n center comes out clean. *,... over the top of the bafter. Next; swrl the toppng nto the very top layer of the batter. The cake wm have all the flavor from the toppng wthout the unnecessary fat that s added from the butter n the cnnamon/sugar mxture. For more low-fat and fat-free recpes and ktchen hnts from Lauras Fat Free Ktchen, an -. (810) 63-V8981 Fall Harvest Days Oct.5-13 Greenfeld Vllage, Dearborn (313) or (313) Apple Cder Days Ongong durng Oct. and Nov. Stoney Creek Nature Center, Romeo (810) Autumn Magc Famly Festval * Oct. 13. ndependence Oaks Nature Center, Clarkston (810) Armada Applefest Oct Armada (810) Mchgan Department of Agrcultures Farm Market S V-fch D-teclory, has lots o1 nformaton about Cder wrts. up>c* terms and (armmarkets. ts aynable at ftthrgan Department qf Transports t*oo Wekowc Centers aong ma,or tr.tc-mates, r, cav.r.g (517) orvrtng the Mchgan Department of Agrculture, Mar. keung and Market Development D,\t>on. P.O. Bo 3COX7. Lans.ng. Ml Tps for selectng and storng apples Select frm apples that are free of bruses. Handle apples gently to prevent bruses. Refrgerate apples to keep them crsp longer. Store apples.n a ventlated plastc bag away from atrong-odored foods. Coat apple slces and dces wth apple or lemon juce to prevent brownng. Art apple a day Whp a frozen applesauce "slushy" n your blender for a breakfast beverage. Stash dred apples n your glove compartment or desk for ao,uck pck : up. Slce an apple onto your sandwch for a crunchy, treat. " Dce an apple nto salad for extra zp. Spoon canned apple slces onto low-fat pound cake for alasty yet elegant dessert... Mbc apple Chunks nto hot cereal or put them on pancakes to energze your breakfast. Drnk apple juce nstead of coffee durng your mornng commute.. Pack ah apple nto your backpack or brefcase for a snack on the go. - Dp apple slces n vanlla low- or no-fat yogurt for an easy snack. \ -.. Mcrowave a cored apple rt a tttle juce or cder.. for a quck, low-calore.dessert.. nformaton suppled by the nternatonal A ppe nsttute ate determned what the year would hold. Peggy Martnell-Everts of Clarkston s a regstered dettan and drector of clncal operatons for UDS Servces, a Farmngton Hlls-based food seroce and hosptalty management company. Look for her column. on the second Monday of the month n Taste; See recpes nsde ftt... APPLE COFFEE CAKE Low-fat verson * 11/4 cups flour l.teaspoon bakng pbwder 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4cupsugar 2 large egg whtes 2 tablespoons skm mlk 1/2 cup frut-flavored yogurt, (Such as strawberry or raspberry), nonfat 1 large apple, peeled and dced 2 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon cnnamon ---; ft 1 % *. -, ; -K %\ y.r ¾ m W : * 1 1¾ % & <J- r.; m : -,, : : : Serves 10 Per servng: calores, 0.2grams fat, 0 mg cholesterol grams choles- tero, 2.9 grams proten, 163 mg sod-. urn, percent of calores from lax A percent. Preheat oven to 350 F. Mx frst seven ngredents n a medum mxng bowl. Fold n apples. Place batter n a non-stck loaf pan. Combne 2 tablespoons sugar and /4 teaspoon cnnamon n a small bowl. Sprnkle over batter and gently ssyr nto batter wth a fork.. Bake for 40 mnutes or untl toothpck nserted n center comes out clean. eght-page monthly newsletter, send a 24 check or money order for 12 ssues to PS Publcatons, P.OTTJox 76S7; BloonfcdHns, Mr ,7687. For a complmentary ssue, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above address, Look for Lauras Fat Free Ktchen on the second Monday of the month n Taste. r.

14 ma lflmfcmmmmm 2B* The Observer/MomAY, SEPTEMBER 9,1996 Easy dshes help students survve Spe related Taste.Buds column on Taste front. ddnt thnk t would a goad dea to prnt basc cookng nstructons for rce but*after pagng through the "The Campus Survval Cookbook #2," foujd ths great recpe that can be made n an electrc skllet and has all the tastes of what my momma used lo call "comfort food." MARONS PORK CHOP DREAM 2 medum onons 2 tablespoons butter or margarne 6 thck center cut pork chops 1 (14 1/2 ounces can brown gravy- t 14 1/2 ounce) can water 4 ounces canned slced.mushrooms, 1 cup raw whte rce (Uncle BerTs Converted) Salt and pepper to taste Peel and chop onons. n an electrc skllet, melt butter or margarne over 375 J F. Jcnt. Add onons and str and cook for 2-3 mnutes. Add pork chops and brown 2-3 mnutes on each sde. Reduce heat to 300 F. Add gravy, water, mushrooms and rce, mx well. Cover and cook for 30 mnutes. Season to taste wth salt and pepper. Serves 6 or 3 f youre really hungry. Recpe front "The Campus Survval Cookbook #2" by Jacquelne Wood and Joelyn Glchrst, (copyrght, 1981 by Morrow Qull Paperbacks, 8.95). Heres another recpe that can be cooked n anythng from a hot plate to an electrc skllet. made t and t was just as good as t sounds!. t also made great leftovers and was outstandng as a sandwch the next day! PORCUPNE MEATBALLS 1 pound ground beef 1/4 cup uncooked rce 1 (10 1/2 ounce) can condensed cream of chcken soup 1/4 cup mncerl onon 1/4 cup mnced green pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1 egg,beaten 1 cup water Thoroughly combne the ground beef, 1/4 cup of the creamed soup, rce, onon, pepper, salt and egg. Mx well and shape nto meatballs. Brown n a skllet for 2-3 mnutes on each sde. Mx remanng soup wth water; pour oyer meatballs, cover and allow to smmer for mnutes or untl rce s tender. Serves 3-4. When was the last tme you found a recpe for homemade dran cleaner that doesnt consst of the thngs you would fnd at a toxc dump? Heres one from the book: DRAN CLEANER 1/2 cup salt 1/2 cup bakng soda 2 tablespoons cream of tartar Mx dry ngredents n a bowl and store, covered. Label, To use, spoon 4 tablespoons of the mxture jnto a slow dran and slowly pour n ltcup hot water; the mxture wll bubble. When bubblng has stopped, repeat, then run cold water down the dran. Use ths mxture once a month to keep drans runnng free. Recpes from: "Wheres Mom Now That Need Her" by Betty, Kathryn and Keny Frandsen. (Copyrght, 1983, Aspen West Publshers, 18.95).. Mchgan apples addflavorfuldmenson to foods See related story on Taste front. CHCKEN APPLE CURRY Serves 8-2 tablespoons olve ol, 3 cups choppedapple. 1 cup chopped onon 2 cloves garlc 4 tablespoons flour 4-6 teaspoons curry powder (amount & strength to taste) 2 teaspoons salt 2 cups low fat mlk 2 cups no fat. low sodum chcken broth, 4 cups cooked, cubed chcken breast Heat ol n non-stck pan. Saute onon, garlc and apple for 5 mnutes. On low heat, str n flour, salt and curry. Slowly add mlk and broth, strrng gently. Sometmes more flour s needed. to thcken sauce- f needed, ~ remove some of the sauce and str a lttle flour nto t, then return to the pan whle strrng. Add chcken last. To make ahead of tme: make sauce and leave chcken separate untl tme to serve. Serve over whte rce. Ths dsh s tradtonally served wth chutney. Other condments that complement t are chopped tomatoes,.rasns, shredded coconut, chopped peanuts, fnely chopped parsley, and green onons. Nutrton nformaton: per servng calores, g proten: 7.43 g fat, mg sodum, g carbohydrate, percent of calores from fat Recpe from Peggy Martnell- Everts, regstered dettan, HDS Servces, Farmngton Hlls. FRENCH STYLE CHCKEN WTH. " APPLES 6 boneless, sknless chcken. breasts 1 slced onon. 10-ounce can condensed chcken broth 3 tablespoons apple brandy; cder or apple juce 3 sweet-tart or tart apples,. cored and slced 6-8 canned artchoke hearts, draned and cut n half. Pnch each of ground cnnamon, nutmeg, salt and. pepper, mnced fresh dll or parsley Spray a large non-stck skllet wth cookng spray. Brown chcken breasts on both sdes. Remove chcken from skllet and set asde. Str n slced onon, apples, artchokes, broth, juce and spces. Cook 3 mnutes. Spread chcken breasts n skllet; arrange apples, onons and artchokes on top. Smmer, covered, about 10 mnutes or untl chcken s tender and heated through. Sprnkle wth salt and pepper. Garnsh wth fresh parsley or dll and apple slces before servng. Serves 6. Nutrton nformaton: 241 calores, 5 g fat, 66 mg cholesterol, 3 g sodum 252 mg sodum, percent calores from fat 18 percent.. Recpe from t he nternatonal Apple nsttute CNNAMON BAKED APPLES 8 sweet apples, cored cup sugar 2/3 cup water 1/4 cup lemon juce 1 teaspoon ground cnnamon 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/4 cup bolng water Pare apples 1/3 of the way down from top. Place n 13 by 9 by 2- nch bakng pan. Combne sugar, 2/3 cup water, lemon juce, cnnamon Jemon peel and nutmeg; brng to bol. Pour over and around apples. Bake, uncovered, n 350 F. oven 50 to 60 mnutes or untl apples are tender. Baste wth mxture n pan every 15 mnutes. Cool n pan. When ready to serve, remove apples to servng dsh. Add 1/4 cup bolng water to pan to dlute mxture n pan. Drzzle mxture over apples. May top wth frozen yogurt f desred. Makes 8 servngs. Nutrton nformaton: 221 calores, 1 g fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 4 g fber, 2 mg sodum, percent calores from fat 3. Recpe from the Apple nsttute. nternatonal Send tems to be consdered for pers, Schoolcraft. Lvopublcaton to: Keely Wygonk-. h a 48150, or by fax (313) 591- Observer & Eccentrc Newspa _ rrmmmnvmnnmt > H.HK presents THURSDAY HAPPY HOUR on the DECK!! wth DOG SHELF "LVE" 1.50 DKNKS & FREE APPETZERS! SPECAL TODAYS. COOKNG CALENDAR Tr-County Celac Sprue Support Group Meets 7:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 16, Southfeld Presbyteran Church, W. 10 Mle Road, Southfeld, (810) or (313) For persons dagnosed wth Celac Sprue and Dermatts Herpetforms, ther famles, spouses and frends. Monthly meetngs nclude nformaton on gluten-free foods, label readng, recpe sharng, taste testng, deas for chldren and nformaton from professonals..,. Vegetaran Cookng School Dr. Arthur Weaver and hs wfe Natale are hostng a cookng school 2-6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15 n the Communty Room at Plymouth Seven-day Adventst Church, 4295 Naper (between Ann Arbor and Warren Roads). The cost s 15 per person, or 25 per couple. Call (810) or (313) There wll be lectures, and cookng demonstratons. Each partcpant wll receve a vegetaran cookbook, and many other materals and recpes. The school fnshes wth a delcous vegetaran meal. CLcnores Natural Cusne Breakfasts 6-9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 30; ntro nto Macrobotcs 7:30-9 p.m.-tuesday* Oct. 1; Beyond Begnnngs 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct nkster Road, Farmngton Hlls. Call (810) for regstraton nformaton. Upcomng classes: Mac & Rays Creatve cookng classes offered by Jeff Baldwn at Mac & Rays harborfront restaurant, North Rver Road, Harrson Townshp. Cost 30 per class (ncludes class,, luncheon, tax and gratuty). Seatng lmted to 40 per class. Call (810) to regster. Upcomng classes: Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! and talan wne & grappas, Saturday, Oct. 5; October Fest! Tastng of late harvest foods, wnes and beers, Saturday, Oct. 19. Palo Northern talan Rstorante Saturday mornng cookng classes Oct. 12, followed by mdday, feast. Executve Chef Smon Pesusch and Palo Chef Matt Parent share preparaton technques and recpes for Northern talan foods. Cost 45 per class. Class sze lmted, regster early, call (313) or (313) Superor Fsh Company Ongong seres features chefs from popular restaurants. Executve Chef Mark Platz, Oxford nn, 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 14; Superor Fsh, 309 E. 11 Mle Road n Royal Oak, (810) CHECK OUT OUR DALY LUNCH & DNNER SPECALS OPEN MON-FRJ 1 lam Tl 2 am 8s SAT-SUN 4 pm. Tl 2 am U fgurng: NGHTLY DRNK SPECALS AND ENTERTANMENT!! Grand Rver Ave. Farmngton Hlls (010) ) ANN ARBOR TRAL JUST W. OF MDDLEBELT Prces Eflectve September 9 hru September ALL MAJOR CREDT CARDS ACCEPTED FOOD STAMPS ACCEPTED BEATS WR QUALTY U.S.D.f. CHOC6 B0N L SS N W TORK STRP SKflKSm 4,1 18. Smths. ptmen BACON B. USOfl Choce -- 0ONCUESS RUMP ROOST Only LB. leoa&meoty CCNTCftCUT PORK CHOPS B. JB USOf Choke BONCUSS.CHUCK ROAST Only ; CflNSMflTV COUNTflV STVLC RBS 149 P.ltf LB, Whole Ter>derlolr> FWT MGNON OnU / *4" te. fl GftefflT Dtt SKCAS FflOM OUft VCAV HGH 0URUTV DCU g Krohusfteol POLSH MM Onhf. Wf m m B. "v Kowolskl drest RCGUAR OR GAAUC B0L0N0A OHL K<xoolskr fleer SALAM County lne BABV SWSS 3.19 ttoukmskl flcklt, OllVUUfftSfl & OLD f ASHKMD lorf **%6? UJ. Kouwskls Premum TURKCV OftCflST Onf. ## # 18 Bonne Bell 8R0UN SUGAR HRM tpbr MflflBl CH CS :.%99u,7.:: one get the *Now, buy a Pella Desgner Seres* SmartSash wndow wth your choce of factory nstalled Slmshade blnds, pleated shades, or grlles, Buy a second SmartSash wndow and get the blnds, shade or grlle of equal or lesser vaue...free! See us today for these specal "buy one, get one free" savngs. And be sure to check wth us f you need help wth nstallaton. Dont delay...ths money-savng offer defntely ends October 12th! Some sze andproduct restrctons apply. Offer good at partcpatng locatons, Not vald on pror sales. HOUSE SEPf EMBER 14 Aam B 4 P m ft DOOR PRZES, REFRESHMENTS. ft N-ST0RE SPECALS - ; ft ENTER TO WN A6 FOOT SLDNG DOOR ft VELUX SKYLGHT PRESENTATONS ft THERMATRU ENTRY DOOR PRESENTATONS. ft LET PELLA: HELP YOU PLAN YOUR PROJECTS FOR THS FALL. mmnaftfjjln.a f m «HO m GRAND PRZE DRAWNG 6 Foot ProLne Sldng Door All entres must be receved by 4:00 pm on&14-?6 Name J Address Phone Door Store Ann Arbor 3256 Washtenaw :..,:,.,..,,.., A""""" -/--**-"" Clarkston 7180 Dxe Hwy...,.,.,..,,..,,62()-3550 Rochester 8280 Rochester Rd.,,...,...,...,.., Lathrup Vllage W. 12 Mle Rd...,, Sterlng Heghts Mle Rd.,,,...:,...,.., Lvona Plymouth Road..,,,,,,,,,,...,.,,,,, Taylor Eureka Road...,.,...,,..., SLClar Shores Harper...,,..,...,...,...,...,., West Bloomfeld 2000 Haggerty Road PELLA Brng thla coupon to for] any PeUa Wndow and

15 ...,. * <. " -. The Observer/MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 *B3 t BY Los THELEKE SPECAL WRTER Burgundy, red, black, orangeyellow and vory are the colors, mnature to massve; round to flat or cylndrcal, they are all beets. Bunch beets have the green tops stll attached, trmmed beets are loose packed n plastc or canned, whole, slced, dced or pckled, these are some of the avalable forms of beets.. ; Beets have the hghest sugar content of any vegetable so are noted for ther sweetness. However, they are stll low n calores, 44 calores n three-fourths of a cup slced. Beets purchased early n the growng season are generally smaller n sze and the leaves are more tender and flavorful. Some of the very large beets can be woody and tougher n flavor and texture, besdes takng longer to cook. Always look for beets that are smooth, hard and have a healthy color. Attached leaves that are bgger than eght nches or yellow n color are btter and less palatable. After purchasng beets cut off the green tops before storng to help reduce mosture loss. When cuttng the tops off, leave about two nches of the stem attached or they "bleed" and v/ll be pale n color when served. Store separately and use the greens as soon as possble. The be"ets can be stored for up to three weeks, but make sure they dont become soft. They can also be stored n a root cellar for up to sx months. Beets can be baked very smlar to a potato. nstead of tryng to perce a beet so t doesnt explode, wrap t tghtly n fol and set n a roastng pan and bake 45 to 60 mnutes. Dont peel beets before bakng, youll lose the red juces and they wll turn a very unappealng brown- Scrub beets well (just lke a potato) before bakng or cookng. Dry heat seems to lock n the nutrents and ntensfes ther natural sweetness. When cookng, prepare extra for another meal. Cooked beets keep very ncely n the refrgerator for use later. Beets can be served hot or cold, whole, slced or dced. Raw beets can be peeled, shredded or grated for salads or added to salsa. Strong flavors such as vnegar, lemon juce, horseradsh, gnger, or curry complment and make beets more colprfuland flavorful.. Pckle beets quckly, by addng peeled, cooked beets to smmered red wne vnegar, onons and spces such as cnnamon, whole cloves and anse, brng to a bol, cool and chll n the lqud. These wll keep n the refrgerator for several days.f covered wth the lqud. Uncovered, beets wll dry out. Other deas for beeu: A relsh tray snt a relsh tray untl pckled beets are added. Add pureed pckled beets to plan yogurt seasoned wth mnced red onons, salt and pepper. Ths s a perfect, dp for any vegetable. Shred cabbage wth dced pckled beets and fresh parsley, ths makes a beautful salad. Slced chlled beets, oranges and onons make a refreshng salad. When addng beets to a salad, wat untl the last mnute to mx so the beet juce doesnt run all over the greens. Great seasonngs to add to beets are: fresh ground gnger, orange or lemon.zest, caraway seeds, cloves, nutmeg and cnnamon. Our exctng new advertsng feature wll help you locate many area bulders. Look for the NEW HOME DRECTORY page wth ts easy locator map, every Thursday begnnng Thursday, September 19, on the back page of the New Homes secton of your Observer or Eccentrc Newspaper. L1VJNQSTON \ COUNTY t,,bry.w WASHTENAW COUNTY r<3>- OAKLAND COUNTY S&JT* LyX- d ft-ttt-gcn H,rt* -Q -. * kjl 1 f - >T TS WAYNJ COUNtYA fne SMORES SMORES 2 cups oats {quck or oldfashoned, uncooked) 11/2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon bakng soda 1/2 teaspoon salt (optonal) 1 cup (2 stcks) butter or margarne One 7-ounce jar marsnmallow creme 1 cup (6 ounces) semsweet chocolate peces Heat oven to 350 F. Lghtly grease 13 by 9-nch bakng pan. n large bowl, combne oats, CLARFCATON flour, bakng soda and salt; mx well. Add butter; blend wth electrc mxer on low to medum speed untl crumbly. Reserve 1 1/2 cups oat mxture for toppng; set asde. Press remanng oat mxture evenly onto bottom of pan. Bake 15 mnutes. Remove pan from oven to wre rack. Drop spoonfuls of marshmallow creme n rows across crust. Wth knfe or spatula, carefully spread creme to wthn 1/4-nch of edges. (f marshmallow creme s dffcult to spread, place bakng pan n warm oven about 1 mnute to slghtly soften the creme). Sprnkle chocolate peces evenly over marshmallow creme. Crumble reserved oat mxture evenly over chocolate peces.. Bake 25 to 30 mnutes or untl toppng s lght golden brown around the edges. Cool on wre rack 30 mnutes. Cut nto bars whle warm. Serve warm or cool completely and store tghtly covered. Yeld 2 dozen. Recpes from Quaker Oats Company. * YpvLar* AHENTON HOME BULDERS: Here s your opportunty.to reach more than 600,000 Observer & Eccentrc readers** Put your newly constructed homes on the locator map along wth a one-nch or larger advertsement. Call for detals Reserve your NEW HOME DRECTORY space today. Char Wlson, or Jack Padley, Sample Sze One-nch Ad V. (#f\ // D Sol tftflrtr CANTS* M*** "s THE )b0eruer Q ftttmtut NEWSPAPERS SCHOOLCRAFT, LVONA/48150 FAX week cume readershp-the Meda Audt:May-June LlleyRoad*Canton, Ml ; We Accept; U.S.D.A. Food Stamps-, TMJ Fresh Whole Turkey Breast U.S.D.A. nspected Seafood Alaskar Salmon Flets Great on the Grll Boneless, Sknless Chcken BOB SAYS... Please Prlye Carefully around outmoots our. M are "Prolot" Kowalsk Oven Roasted turkey Breast aw Krakus Polsh Ham f LB U.S.D.A. Grade A Choce Boneless Jertder Pork Lon Roast B, prces are good Sept. thru Sept S Pork Lon Salr Center Cut LPork Chops Lon Chops 459 U.S.D.A. Grade A,. Sunday Pnner fork lon End Roast #49 JB A Great Tme to Buy steaks- Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks What has twelve thousand legs, wears sneakers and can f you sad the Amercan Heart Assocatons Metro Detrot Amercan Heart Walk, then you have the rght answer. The Amercan Heart Assocaton. 0 HEALTHrtCHOTCE. >A%ljt HNHEMK... Heart Walk s a fun-flled day for the whole famly at the Detrot Zoo. ±N ot only wll you have fun walkng wth the anmals and learnng how to reduce your rsk for heart dsease and stroke, but you can also make a dfference. The funds rased durng ths U.S.D.A. Grade A Pork Western Sttfle Spare Rbs * ««Ornsh Country Smoked Bacon W9 B Shertfooc Medum Rare Roast Beef.»69 Lprl Colby Longhorn U.S.D.A Grade A Choce Or J(X Weekly Spectl Ground Beef from und Srlon 5 10 t. fml tt U.S.D.A. Grade A Oven Retfy Seasoned Meat Loaf, ;<» < Gret For Sunday Dnner Boneless Roast *«.. *. &*Ld<uulGk<tfc*&k 479 B event help to support research and educaton programs n the Metropoltan Detrot Area. uo come jon 6,000 walkers, the Detrot Lons Herman Moore and Angela Moore on Saturday, October 5,1996. Regstraton begns at 8:30 a.m. and the walk begns at 9:30 a.m. Vall (810) , to fnd out how you can jon the Heart Walk. A CHRYSLER WFUND Health Syltm The Heart VValk s sponsored by: 0# Household Lfe rjsurarce Company A PLAN FOR-LFE ttmvtt THE fyfttttrmxt NEWSPAPERS 0530 WJ1K-TVD1R0T

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H U ljutnoof(t) 1:30,3)0,(5: )7:)0,9.40 AVHYttA0Y5{OJJB(K13) 1:10,3:10 (5: ) KXFD<rXNaDAY(K13) T«.{4«# 5325)7«, 10«UATlPAtK) 1-03( )7«, 1000 ATMTO 111 () 7:10,1010 TKtaOW:CrTY0fAXCUS(t) 12-3,( )7 0, Move nformaton was not submtted b deadne! d L n e r*st ; "r Lm Mm _:] Please..., calyour ; -..; theatre for..,.--..//. features.-kjj.y. - and tmes. tvj- - : ;,: l{" ")f<t>f" Al/1 w vul A* rw«c»jw (C) 5«0MV TW5TTJt{N)). 7«UtSSFOM MfOlMJ (PCf 3> K V.- \\ he >\ RON BATZDORFF/OLLOOP PlfTfRESrCAR.».VAS r PCTVRS Thrller: Jose Potenza (Halle Berry, rght) appears to have t all, ncludng a rch husband, Tony (Chrstopher McDonald, left). When Tony s murdered, Jose becomes the prme suspect and the vctm of blackmal, n "The Rch Mans Wfe" openng Frday at metro Detrot move theaters. COMNG ATTRACTONS Scheduled to open Frday. Sept. 13 "FEELNG MNNESOTA" Romance story about a down-andout drfter who lusts after the same woman as hs brother. Stars Keanu Reeves. Vncent DOnofro, Cameron Oraz. Delroy Undo. "GRACE OF MY HEART" Story about a young woman strugglng to fnd her own voce n the male-domnated world of musc. Stars Matt Dllon, llleana Douglas. John Turturro.Enc Stolz. Bruce Davson. "THE RCH MANS HEART* A psychologcal thrller about an unhappy wfe who goes on vacaton wthout her husband, only to confde n a man who turns out to be a socopath. Stars Halle Berry. Chrstopher "McDonald. -FLY AWAY HOME" Famly adventure nspred by the hfe-and work of Bll Lshman. Tfe story of a father and hs daughter who rebuld ther relatonshp after a nne-year separaton wnen the daughter dscovers a nest of goose eggs and bnngs-tr-.em-hbme to hatch. When the geese mprntng on the grl, the father and daughter undertake the task of teachng the geese to.mgrate. Stars Jeff Danels.: "MAXMUM RSK" A retred Sergeant Major from the French Army s drawn nto a murder mystery nvolvng the death of a twn brother her never knew he had. Abacton thrller starrng Jean-Claude Van Damme. Scheduled to open Frday..September 20 % rust MAN STANDNG" ths remake of Akra Kurosawas *Yojmbo"- - C - takes place n Texas and ts Prohbton tme wth one man embattled between rval gangsters over the lquor busness. Stars Bruce Wlls, 8ruce Dern., "THE FRST WVES CLUB* Comedy based on the best-sellng novel about three women who get back at ther husbands who have left them for younger women. Stars 8ette Mdler. Golde Hawn. Dane Keaton. and Magge Smth. Scheduled to open Frday, September 27 "EDS NEXT MOVE" Exclusvely n Ann Arbor. A fresh romantc comedy about a Wsconsn natve who lands a job n New York and learns to endure the trals and trbulatons as well as the surprsng rewards that lfe n that cty can prov.de. Stars Matt Ross. Calle Thome and Kevn Carroll. "EXTREME MEASURES" A medcal thrller about a doctor who stumbles onto a prvate research program that has an unthnkable truth at ds core. Stars Hugh Grant. Gene Hack-.!"man. Sarah Jessca Parker. * Scheduled to open Frday. Oct. 4 "GLMMER MAN" An ndependent polce leutenant specalzng n seral mtfrdefs must team up wth a reluctant and resentful detectve from homcde to track down an elusve kller stalkng famles n suburban Los Angeles. Stars Steven Seagaland Keenen vory Wayans. "SWEET NOTHNG" A md-level Wall Street executve, lured by the quck, easy money avalable from sellng crack, becomes entangled n downward.spral of addton and faces losng everythng, even.hs lfe, as he.. struggles to free hmself of the drug and hs desperate socety of crackheads and dealers. Stars Mchael mpend. Mra Sorvna and Paul Calderon. "THAT THNG YOU DO" The story of "The Wonders," a rock and roll band from Ere. Pennsylvana whose popular song, "That Thng You Do!* s about to change the lves of the band members forever. Stars TonVEverett Scott, Lv Tyler, and Tom Hanks, Scheduled to open Frday. Oct, 11 CURDLED" A back comedy set aganst the vbrant Latn backdrop of Mam. The story of a young woman wth a lfelong fascnaton wth murder. When her nterest stars to an obsesson she takes a job cleanng up after murders and fnds herself n a place more dangerous than her wldest dreams, Stars Wllam Baldwn. "THE GRASS HARP" Pper Laure. Sssy Spacek. Walter Matthau and Edward Furlong star n ths comng of age saga adapted from a Truman Capote novel, about a teenage boy who goes to lve wth hs maden aunts and deal wth the eccentrc people of a small Southern Town. "LOVE S ALL THERE S" Lane Kazan and Joseph Bologna star n ths ensemble comedy, about two feudng famles forced to come to terms wth one another when ther chldren become romantcally nvolved. Have your frst cup of coffee ths Satrday mornng wth /Our House/Detrot Edsons H Let Tom Tyhanahd Paula-Engel get your mnd percolatn Saturday at 6:30 a.m. Fnd Out ways to make your home more energy effcent savngyou money and helpng to preserve the envronrheht at the same tme. St down wth "Our House" ths Saturday at 6:30 a.m. on WblV-TV; Channel 4. Carrer \\#rethe n sde Guy. *01«JD»0 Y Turnng energy nto solutons * Detrot Edson THE NEWSPAPERS UJNC &M&fa f : -»» «-. - ; ;» r< r. *< f.

17 **m MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 (OF»)BS MO V C > moments to BY DAVD GOODMAN -. ASSOCATED PRESS WRTER NEW YORK (AP) _ San Francsco knfe salesman Gl Renard (Robert De Nro) lves for baseball. Wth an ex-wfe who despses hm and-a-chreer n freefall, the hallowed confnes of Candlestck Park are a happy, green haven. For Renard, ts a place where tme stands stll, where he can connect wth hs dealzed boyhood. "Baseball s better than lfe," he says. "ts far." Fourteen years ago, Renard began followng the career of hgh school center felder Bobby Rayburn (Wesley Snpes). Now a swaggerng superstar, Rayburn has been lured back to the San Francsco Gants n a controyer-.sal deal worth 40 mllon dol- lars. When the beleaguered Rayburn falls nto a no-httng slump, the salesman casts hmself as the whte knght who wll defend Raybum from hs crtcs and earn hs undyng frendshp. Renard only "knows" Rayburn through the newspapers and a bref exchange on a sports talk rado show hosted by Jewel Stern (Ellen Barkn). But hes just crazy and desperate - enough to pcture Rayburn and hmself as comrades n vctmhood. And when he thnks Rayburns terrble form may be due to teammate Juan Prmo (Beneco Del Toro), Renards obsesson turns to thoughts of murder to restore hs dols reputaton. The moves vrtues are centered n ts frst two-thrds; where De Nro and Snpes get the space to unreel ther subtle, REVEW mxed characters. Another bg plus from drector Tony Scott ("Crmson Tde/Top Gun,") are the rght-there-at-theplate baseball sequences, whch nclude an appearance from exmajor league nfelder John Kruk and techncal advce from baseball legend Cal Rpken Jr. Theres also a superb, thumpng soundtrack featurng The Rollng Stones, Nne nch Nals and Santana, among others. But "The Fan" has drawbacks, too. Consderng the amount of acton, the latter part of the 120- mnute move s strangely ploddng as De Nros character, so shaded at the begnnng, s allowed to turn nto the standard, cardboard stalker. The move reaches a peak n a scene where Renard gets to hang out wth Rayburn at hs beachhouse after rescung Rayburns son from drownng. But the carefully chershed, dealzed mage of hs hero s blown to peces when the straght-talkng Rayburn dsmsses de-hard fans as "losers." The fans fragle adoraton swtches all too easly nto the hate of a spurned lover, and Renard kdnaps Rayburns son. From ths pont on, ts all downhll. Wth a plot lne that manages to be both clched and unlkely, the moves fnal 20 mnutes start to resemble an expensvely flmed but vacant made- for-tv m ov e. Untl that moment, the screenplay by Phoef Sutton does a nce job gvng Rayburn some dmenson. We see hm strugglng to conquer a crpplng neuross _ the belef that he cant play wthout the number 11 on hs shrt _ and workng through hs smmerng dslke for Prmo. De Nros Renard ntally seems normal enough _ just a guy gong through a bad patch _ but Scott keeps ntroducng lttle clues to show that everythngs not as t seems. At the openng day Gants game wth hs young son, for example, Renard treads on the boy whle clamberng to catch a ball thats flown nto the-stands. Later, he tres to make amends by buyng the kd a pzza, but seems unaware that hs son hates mushrooms. The move has Renard a peddler of knves., whch creates an ar of menace around hs character and provdes excuses for much ghoulshness later on. Not surprsngly, De Nro seems to. have perfected hs rou-! tne from "Tax Drver" and "Cape Fear." The now pre-1 dctable repertore of psycho J moves are all here _ the twtch- es, the cold stare, the curleddown lp, the crazy smle where the eyes crnkle snsterly. The overly famlar performance s also lessened by some annoyng, ntrusve camera work. There are a few too many jump-cuts and extreme close-ups used to create tenson. ts lke the camera s the star here. Consderng the flms collecton of talent, thats an odd choce. "The Fan" s produced by Wendy Fnerman. The screenplay s based on a book by Peter Abrahams. TheSp engrossng r g saga BY LNDA DEUTSCH ASSOCATED PRESS WRTER At the end of ths long summer of loud, hyperknetc, volencerddled acton moves, "The Sptfre Grll" may be the knd of <juet respte longed for by exhausted vewers. A flm about nether alen nvaders nor pumped-up cops, The Sptfre Grll" s a small story about people, set aganst the backdrop of a staggerngly beautful new England landscape. t s by no means a perfect move, nor one that can be embraced wthout realzng ts glarng flaws. But ts ntentons are so honorable that much can!)o forgven. Frst, lets explan that werd ttle. "The Sptfre Grll" s a small-town restaurant that serves as the hub of gossp and socalzng n the tny burg of Glead, Mane. ts where a young woman named Percy Talbott (Alson Ellott) comes to work after servng tme n state prson: And ts where Hannah Ferguson (Ellen Burstyn), the trusty, agng restaurant owner agrees to take a gamble on Percy wth surprsng results. Wrter-drector Lee Davd Zlotoff panstakngly sets the stage n the flms frst half, showng Hannahs desre to sell the restaurant, her lngerng gref over a son who dsappeared nto the Vetnam War and hnts of a mystery that haunts her and the rest of her famly. Percy, the mysterous newcomer, s a subject of ntrgue and suspcon. ts a long, slow clmb before we arrve at the center of the story _ Percys unque dea" to help Hannah sell the restaurant. The ex-convct, who helped operate the Mane Tourst Bureau whle n prson (a neat lttle twst taken from a true story) recalls that someone once sold a cafe by runnng ah essay contest. Bdders would send n 100 and an essay on why they wanted the restaurant. (Agan, Zlotoff says ths s. based on a true story.) What happens as a result of the contest s predctable, but there are enough new twsts to keep t from fallng prey to cloyng Hollywood clches. Percys character, as developed by Ellott, s the moves heart and soul. Although Ellott s lkable enough, she falls short of the depth needed for a tragc herone. A shockngly aged Burstyn creates a woman of many dmensons and even car- res off the cornball endng wth aplomb. But perhaps the most fully HMBMBMB developed character s Hannahs R E V E W daughter-n-law, Shelby, a touchng portrayal by Marca Gay Harden of a woman dscoverng her own capabltes n adversty. Wll Patton and Keran Mulroney provde able male support, but ths move clearly belongs to the three strong women n control. The flaws marrng ths effort are the subplots. The tale of the hermt who comes out of the woods to collect canned goods from Hannah s carred on far past the pont of nterest, and the soluton to hs mystery s telegraphed early on. TJhe hstory of Glead, a town destroyed by deforestaton and seekng rebrth, seems supermposed on ths human nterest tale. Trjat sad, "The Sptfre Grll" remans an engrossng, soulsearchng saga n a tme when such flms seem n danger of extncton.. A samplng of whats playng at. alternatve move theaters across metro Detrot as revewed by John Monaghan? Magc Bag Theatre22920 Woodward, Fcrhdale. Call (810) Swtchblade Ssters" (USA ). 9 p.m. Sept. 11. Quentn Tarontjno was behnd the major studo rerelease of ths dsco-era grl gang move n whch the head of the Jezebels meets her match n a.smart, sexy new recrut. Drected by Jack Hll., Man Art Theatrell8 N. Man Street at 11 Mle, Royal Oak. Call (810) for nformaton and showtmes....» "Transpottng" (Brtan ). A runaway ht n Brtan: the story of fve lars, losers, junkes, and theves on the road to self-destructon n modern-d.ay Ednburgh. MlCS-lS0M096 s sponsorng ths message n the nterest of the Greater Detrot communty. Unted Way Torch Drve contrbutons are not used to pay for ths ad. N

18 6B(*) CLASSFCATONS 300 to 374 O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 CnSSFl D R fll STAT R fll STRT forsru # snr roes Canton MOVNG SOON Cape Cod.near Summt 4 bedroom. 2 bath lull basement. 2 car garage, central a r applances 149, WE MOVE HOMES Call Classfed PRESTGOUS FOX RUN Tn s SuperSharp 4 bedroom 2\ Pan tc* colonal s located en a-prem um».: mat backs to woods master su-te nas valued ce-l ng batf, wgaden tvt dveam ~kr*cr.en w ryaryj S aezk- a--! nock 2rvj kxr aurnjp, 1 larn.1,- \w. v.ng room formal d-n,ng casement sde entry okerm/fe.j ga-dje Can today - f256,90o HE Farmng! on/ Fannjngton Hlls BEAUJlFUL PRVATE rear yard gves a wonderful settng (or ths 4 bedroom cokma) Oak floors. Hllsde Elementary, Fenced yard 204,900. THOMPSON-BROWN (810) Open S;o 1-5 4>04C Canton CcnlerWarrer bncv, 4 bedrooms 3 5 haths. New ceramc hartfwcocl carpet Owner ( CANTON Brunswck Spacous. OPEN BUN Saem, Rerord 3 bedroom, r- bafh bfck ranch wtn 2 car garage A tn.shed basement l.lo-.e-n condlo- S of 5 M.o cf Be«ch OPEN FRDAY NVTNG BLOOMFELD HLLS FOUR OEDROOM MOVE Cathedral ce-lmg avd skylghts n lvnc) and ct rung rooms Grsa master wth *akn closet W.Vk>nq dstance to Bloomfeld H.ls elementary and m-ddle schools 319,900 1&4427 AVe-f Manuel. Snyder S-Ranke. nc Cal Card Gargaro at Brmngham/ Bloomfed (31.,.,. J..St move rgk n 1 New wt.te ktchen wtn sland Beautful hardwood floor n foyer New central a r, furnace and root Pus 3- bedroom. 1-v. baths t.rr y room w-lh t-repace formal d.rrng room, al nested nto a lovely wooded tot t52.900fjtmo-p> Ak lor Joanne latum HOMETOWN 11 REALTORS FARMNGTON HLLS Country n the Cty acre fenced park-lke yard 3 bedroom rancf r> bath FARMNGTON MLLS 1600 sq foot colonal 3 bedrooms 2 5 baths. 2 car attached garage trepjce, neutral decor new carpel. ah ktchen appt-ances stay Sauna m basement Quel street ST71.J00 Can (810) TP TOP SHAPE Spacous 3 bedroom colonal wt 1*30 sq tf Updates nclude, re s wndews, garage door, pa nl and carpet Fan- -!y room wth wooed me s-tevtf Central at arvd 1-: paths Just LsteJ at GJCU-P) As t-.- Gay or. Party BRMNGHAM - t4x) sqtl 3 bedroom bungaow trbalh remodeled k.tchen bath, neutral deter, alt applances ( BLOOMFELD TV.P -By owner 407 Ke-rvjry Extensvely updafed qoa* «.el Over 230U s-rjrtof fnshed l.vng area B l o«r,f<sld Hs schoots Occupancy at cdsng Askng prce S Cat BV ARCHTECT OVVNEH Un que Bm\nqt-am r>o-te rerr<ode.na Near town, parks Nc-jo!3t:k> NVTNG.BLCOWFELD HLLS FOUH OEOPOOM HOME. Mart-e fo/f Crtthpjrjl.»-rVg <nj SVyljhtS J,.),.-\ dl.n.-j «>jn5 G-eal rna-tpr Ath,\R» r. K.st!.Varq FVV.rrt*!.} H.s etemendd-e school-!, S srv/e.-tr,,l-.J.6 JJt! 7),.-1 Sn-,-V-r * PAr*j?. a 10-6*-»-6300 re * NEW CONSTRUCTON * complete V/ Boomf-eld schools Rchard 8-nder Bofd.ng Co Canton FJY.OWNER,- termc locaton,1235 sq loc.ccjxal 3 tedroom. t 5 bjtf. 2 car attached garage, central,! wtt partraly hn-sr-et) basemtnt Ld.3-Tl Ath B-12 shed an.j wood par sot Nt-w neutral carpet ktchen t.oor e<tefor tr.m vn, wndows S1C6.5X. [313) BV OWNER S.mcce mrnacolv.a 1 /00 set rt 3 bedroom. 1 - bath colonal, large, courtjry -ktcnert (oak Cabnets panfry). t.vtng 4 drvng fobms, large farn/y fdonvcecur dedk Wak-n closets wcvrgamjers. large lot 4 much more By appm! only.5155,500 <313> CANTON ACRES Lock r,g for That ttle pece of counlry? - HCA about acres plus a 2 bedroom bunqaow, ust walr lor your specal- tcuch..hardwood floes. updated Bath, r.ew funace; wafer r.eaer,-and all-new.septc 1*kJ. 154,900 (JTF0-P Ask torjoanne.latum. ". HOMETOWN REALTORS ULD 1 Transfer forces sae /peautu 1 4 bedroom 2* bah Vat on go«1 course n Canton net ktchen, deep base.ment prern\jrn lot Cattedral cet-rvgs m farfv room Bu.t May 96 S ELLEN, 1313) The Mchgan Group Realtors (313) NEV/ CONSTRUCTON CUrksfon 3 acres 750 sq f cdomat Fut basement, 3 bedropfhs 2- baths large master su.te wtn jet tub.,replace, ktchen apft<ar»:es t rst oor faundry, and man rany nwe e.lras S nn Dearborn-Dearbon Heghts BV O-VNER ke new 3 bedroom ranch; 1070 sqrt,,a1 bnck wth alum.num trm ent,re V: car oarage, central ar fnshed.basemem St03.9OO DEABORN 3130 Sootrtfteld.bncX ranch. 3 bedroom, wood f : oors. no oarage, Open House, Sept 15 l2 30-5pm C83 Farmngton H.! :s BULT N 1939 th.s greal rcc-m rar«:h offers catrdral ceng. natural (replace n great room mavc-r t-edro-om bath, tu baserrent centra; ar. tw-o sky gh.ts. upgraded gr.t,futures two car gaa! ge super dock overockng treed d ana fens moe. CALL KG.N GENTLE for more r.lo ,900-or tess RE WAX 100 NC Gorgeous - Ramble Aood Forest Esates 2 specs left A! (rst floor Masters Appronmatety 2300 sq tt They wont last - located off of 14 W-le between Drake and nalstead Reduced TAN) CENTURY 2t ASSOCATES 1810) GREAT FAMLY HOME 1 BeauV a-ea cffarmngton Hls ; s the sett-ng for th,s lo-.e! y 4 bedroom trck 2-. Oath colonal. sdeemran-.e 2-. car garage, tamy rcom, d-n.nj roc-m, fb : basement ASXHG ASK.FOR JUNE KCHLER LEFS MAKE A DEAL on lh>s super 4 bedroom. 2- bath colon alw-.th fnshed basement, new carpel, ng etenor. mleror teshty panted cenlratar, sprnkler system, new door wall to 24» 24 deck overtookng park ke yard, marbe..wndows Slts. Tam-ly room wr.n cathedral ce r,ngs & natural l-reptace and tons more CALL KEN GENTLE (or more mlo a CO S207.9O0 or Less RE-MAX 100 NC * LVONA So much to offer Oosa to sh-d>-p:ng wavmg o.stance tj schools Updates nclude a new rool ptumbng newer furnace A!< thus wth 1842 sq t of lvng area Great ope-n ftoor P.; & dramatc Cathedral Cecng *s>.ng S CANTON Canton Coton-a.1 features 4 bedrooms. 2: baths, ra.me lot backs to woods, 1st floor laundry, central a:r, 2200 sq rj basemem. attached garage and more Cal tor pn.afe show.ng Askng Sl86, f XO A BEAUTY TaXe the tme lo drve by our home at Green Valley and youd war-t lo see our stunnng Tudor Ctjlor>aJ m Plymouths 1 TtaUood Sub We have 2300 sq fl ncludng 4 bedrooms. 2 5 baths 4 the prvacy ol a large 2 tereddeck Were askng 234 9X1 4 we hop* you wvj g,\e us a can By Owner. (313) DOWNTOWN PLYMOUTH charmer - Prjce /educed- 3;bedroom4, fnshed basernettfnkry "rnanftupcjalsssw rv-n. S (313) Redford 21 CENTURY ROW (313) PURE 3 bedroom?- n rg.great re* navc-ut 4 2- SHARP 3 bedroom buncpow 19«16 famly room Updates are elactnc. roof, w.ndow-s Stove, (r,c!g«4 m cto- Aave stay Crestwood schoc-s, 23 ( cozy country porch Scoff Thorp. Century 2V Chalet Detrot CLASSFEDS WORK Call Today! HOMETOWN U REALTORS* CANTON BEAUTY Huge h.ly yard. Spotless 3 bedroom brck coobal 1¾ baths, famry room w-,th f.replace, attached garage, basement, many updates reudtng decor, c-arpet-r. roof: pavers and mem Ouck occupancy, 142,900.. ASK FOR SANDY TAYLOR. CENTURY 21 ROW (313) COLONAL - large 4 beovoots. 2½ baths, ar. (.nshed basement. 2 car attached, bnc* pafo. alarms, Etacks 10 Assoc park & pooj w lenrts court 220,000 : : "COLONAL ; 4 bedroom. TA bath. over sq fl, f-nhed basement wth M bar..vv)odsor Park Sub. By orvnef. 174,900. (313) R fll STflT FOR SAU # , _Farangton/,..- Farmngton Hlls- ABSOLUTE PERFECTON Wows you from the ctb and the nteror. Two story loyer, otcufar starcase. a Sunlt famly room vews treed ste hgh volume cengs. (our bedroom, horary Page RANDAL GOODSON TtK-PrudentaU Great Lakes Realty o DOV/N: 3 Bedroom ranch. 40s. Land Contract, 8A%, 30 yr. 5322/MO. Choce nvestments (616) HOW ABOUT 3/4 OF AN ACRE Beautful ranch wth fnshed walk-out basement, 2 full baths, attacked garage. AH on /«acre lot wth rollng terran & mafure park settng. You wont beleve t! 139,900 S16962 NCE DOUBLE LOT! Cute alumnum Ranch has dnng room & famly room. Updated bathroom and large garage. Perfect tor newlyweds or retrees. 69,900 : L12159 AFFORDABLE & MANTENANCE FREE Vnyl sded Wth newer bathroom, rurrace, deckng, &steel doors:.fenced yard wth lots of (lowers Wont last long, call now to sec!. 73,711 F20110 MECHANCS PREAM GARAGE Super sharp 3 bedroom home wth coved celngs, 1¼ baths all wth copper plumbng, partally fnshed basement & a great garage, Aarel, aargh, aargh. Call fast! 169,900 W20572 FANTASTC VALUE Lvona ranch wth 3 large bedrooms, large famly room, stone freplace, plenty of ktchen cabnets. All on 3 lots!!!. 96,311 A20230 LEARN BEFORE YOU BUY! Attend our buyers semnar, \?mv?*}*~r*-1 : Uunl *» ]stntu SERENTY bath ranch has stu,m pa-ta y r- s r * eve deck wbut- :er-s.-nes Waed Lake selects Call DaneBraykovch R&MAX 100 NC WOODED TRANQULTY descfcesthesetfrtg torths Ca-fomj ccnempcay ranch Cathedral ce-v n-js fhru-ojf huge great room wwa 01 w.r-dews overlookng brckscape Upcac-d kch«n w breakfast area, large 2 5 ca- garaje pkjs a 12 «25 ca-pon. One yea- Aaansy S « Prnco O fs.mxkpon Hs Ca3 Tm Hajgc-rfy tor more JXO at TH MCHGAN GROUP 1,.l,-.r...,-uW.,..., (313) , LVONA Super 4 tedroom colonal, updaed ktchen. y-r.g room (am!y rc-c-m wfh replace, lormal dn.ng ro;,m,!u r f n- shed basement, 2 car attached garage, underground sprnklers aarm. gorgeous backyard w.th dock that leads lo poo & gazebo As*ng 5169,000 WOLVERNE AFFORDABLE NEW LSTNG 3 bedroom brck ranch, 2 baths, fnshed basement wth offce. 2 car garage wth worfc area FMA or VA terms Wont last at Cantor prvate show-.ng Ask for Jm Graves MECHANCS DREAM GARAGE Over 3 cars Wlh shop 2 bedroom home on a 290 lot fnshed basement Wont last S69.WX1 Ask tor JJT Gra.es RW Frst Cho,ce. 53?-?7X> DREAM HOME Mo-.e nght nfo tf-ns-sn.;rp and clean; taseu,- decorated 3-bedroom larch teaturg spaccus v.ng revem,. tnrsheo basement, f: baths and dxbe car garage ONLY SS4.900 CENTURY 21 ROW (313) M Royal OaWOak Park-Huntngton N ROYAL ClTuoc>a]ovv! 3 bedroom. 1 bath, garage, fnshed basemenl, hatdwood floors, ncely landscaped, new cooper plumbng 4 water heater ( OAK PARK North Byjwner. 3 bedroon colonal, 1 5 baths, centra) ar, hardwood floors, attached Tjaraoe. r js barbeque Berkley schools )29000 Cat!.(810) n Southfeld-lathrup" COLONAL 3 bedroom; V Path. Fa-nV room 2 car attached garage, central ar S135.CO MAGNFCENT 3 bedroom, bnck ranch Many, many updates 1 year home warranty GcHdwtn, N ol 10 W cf Evergreen 109,900.., SOUTHFELD - Evergreen Rd Beauv tful bnck rancj 1 00 sq fl. fnshed basement many enras Call BLL at Blount Rea-Ty m Westland/ftayue FRST CLASS from the gorgeous new ktchen wth skylght and hardwood floor to the perfectly mantaned entenor. ths 2-4 bedroom home s a**some Offers a bg 25 car garage, famly room. 1 5 baths and natural freplace Updated wndows, furnace, central 3 and shngles - 99,900 SPACOUS - ust lsted. spot*ss home or pretty street, over 1300 sq wth bg larmfy room, natural!>rep-facer n-c* Ftonda room and? 5, ca.. garage cst everythng has ; been updated ndung beautful ktchen, w-ndows. furnace and cement great buy at 91,000 Cax J-m & Mke -Anderson Today 1 Century 21 Dynamc (313) WESTLAND - Almost New - FJuvrt m bedroom bnck 4 vnyl ranch on almost. acre wooded tot. huge ktchen, lulf basement, neutral decor, applances stay. Askng S By owner (313) SHSTukefr gjfjjjwaterf Lakefronf/ Waterfront Homes HARRSON: 2 bedroom, garage, on pood By5 lakes 4 next lo sfats land for deef. lurvey and geese 38, of LAKE LOTS Bellevlle Lake-Monterey Esttes Wafer tots from 90,000, Others sfart st 45,000 "Lve m an etcysve lake- ror sttlng US n-unufes from Ann Arbor and Detrot Metro Alport Your bulder welcome or choose horn bthe rs: a re ady u-d-n9 «ode* hor>,es - Hurry 1 Only 7 Kts left Call Campbell Deveopmer*. Broker, (810) Ask for.deub. LOWER STRAGHTS Lake (Commerce).Basemem. sandy beach golf course 285,000 Call <8t0) or (810) :fw Mus See.3 bedroom 2 9baths bnck Ranch New ktchen* wmdoas Fnshed basement Central ar sq tt. 135,000 (313) HOMETOWN ONE or Garden Cty ABSOLUTELY CHARMNG 3 t-edroom home w.th up-dated ktchen 4 Dafh. newer capet thu-out. garage huge corner lot A-l br<k tn-eve wtn e»tcnded 2: ca- garag-r. ever sq ft. Mary up-dates rxtudng furnace central a roc- rewer carpel thru out, not a drv-e-ty Must Ste cal for mere r,*o,-ma!o,n. Century 21 CASTELL (313T CENTURON AWARD WNNNG OFFCE BY OWNER. 3 bedroom bre* Ranc Ar, dnshed basement New wndows Onc/na} Owner, Cean- S (313) Garden Cty Oorner/ 732 Per Month 4200 DOWN Brand Ne* 3 bedroom bnck tanch wjh tfl basement PANT & TLE FOR PART OF DOWN PAYMENT & CLOSNG COST ROSS REALTY ROSEDALE GARDENS! Charm n-j ranch offers 3 bedrooms. 2 fu baths, updated wndows, root. beautful re-modeled ktchen basement garage and much more ASK FOR CHARLOTTE JACUN5K 1810) CENTURY 21 ROW (313) PRCED TO SELL! Dent m.ss th.s sr.rr.c-.us 1 cej-ocm. 1 6 bathw large k.f. ;.pcn loot plan,.-,rg rc-cn, 4 am :y r>t,t, LCdated k"cre.n hacfwood.c-rs j.ctnng rjom (4 uncle ca-po: t-ru-v-t-; Newer r>-.f 4 he* water red-er 5"Mt landscape a one year ncn? warranty F.s basement 4 1 c,r attached car garage 562 9».« F.ve Ps Reao-d Cal :* HOMETOWN ONE SUPER VALUE en tns 4 bedroom 2--. bah coon-.a stuated en a cou offerng so «wfh newer lc,rnace. root, cem-al ar. upoafed ktchen some newer carpetng, treed lot. farr.fy room wnatural frepace. lul. basement even under tam-ty room mantenance free e«tencr and tons more. CALL KEN GENTLE tor mcre,h!o at »81,900 or less fclmxloo NC UPDATED LVONA RANCH... Ths brck 3 bedroom ofers newer. w,nd:as furnace, central ar root and more Fam.fy room f.n.shed baserrentwth huge t«doom and V- PaJ- MelCutjus yard-0ano r ew on marketals 122.S00 PSFfA-P. Ask for Party or Gary SA HOMETOWN f REALTORS* THREE BEDROOM/2 batk 2 car attached garage 4th bedroom n fnshed basement, beautful 2 acre lot S W/>a consder lease w.th oc.bon lo bcry. Oays (810) or Evenngs; (810) PERFECTfON Very clean. sharp 3 tjedroom home m Garden Cm/. Bnck ranch wth tamtfy room, featurng.freplace. basement ndudes bath (#33148GS) Can today. (313) REDFORD Sharp 3 bedroom bnck ranch -n N Redcrrd Fu basement, r ca- r ; etg4pa,nt Move ~ co-jfc-r Cl tor mc-rr dcta s AsVna *l.90u *v5pl,veblme (313) PEMBROOKE CROSSNG HOMES South Lyon area sq ft. avaable pneed rom 185,400 4 up Pfease can A J Vancr,en Bulders or m Troy BY OWNER 4 bedrooms. 3 baths. Jacu/f tub. applances Bu.t W sq ft S CLEAN 4 tedrocm coocal. neutral cr--jrs N ol 16 oljohn R.alarm central a-.r By c/ner, S C810) WESTLAND 1471 NORR1S Per Mo. S370O DOWN Orand New 3 bedroom bnck ranch wth tufl basement PANT & TLE FOR PART OF DOWN PAYMENT & CLOSNG COST ROSS REALTY ACACA PARK -.6 lots. Secton M 8200 value; wh lake 5000, Secton L 14 lots. S value; w8 take Calt OPEN SUNDAY 1 to 4 Spacous 3 bedroom ranch. rvngroom, dn tg room, famly room wth freplace. 2 car garage, pato. 173,500 After 3pm W, Bloomfeld- Orchard Lk-Keego REDFORD Sharp fu 2 story cotorva Los ol ok3 world charm 2 full bams, large vng room 4 dn.ng rocm, 2 5 car garage Caul for more detals AskTg 69,900 4PLVER1NE (313) ROCHESTER HLLS - 4 bedroom cape. cod. 2 full baths, gorgeous ktchen, a3 applances, ful basement S15?.900. OrvV 3 yfs old ONe3 Group Reat-y. ask for Chuck Shotwetl ROCHESTER HLLS 4 bedroom.* bath colonal sq fl 242,000 Days 810 & Eves BETTER. THAN NEW. recently wrtten up n Observer feature page Popuar Kensngton mode) colonal n Wage Square N cfl4,w of Farmngton Bu t by Herman Frankef organsaton Motvated owner SvVl r>0.-t One.Vay Realty 1810) DY OWNEO Spacoos 4 t»f?droom. 3 lu.bath tnfevet. large master bed- c-om no root 4 applnces.l*eplce hvdaood, ll-oors. 2 large ckx>rwa;s lo large prvate My fenced backyard 179, WALNUT LAKEprvleges 3 bedroom. 2: bath oc«onal Fabulous great room. Jenn Ar gnll. ceramx: te Brmngham schools By owner. 2t4.9O W BLOOMFELD - BloomfEtd H,11S S-hoo!s 5 bedroom. 3": baths, 4 doors from P;r.e Lake, beach prvleges (810) ENJOY THE SUMMER n the nground heated pool 4 pato of ths 3 bedrooff, 2 bath bnck ranch located on Ml acres There are many ertras jn ths home, 2, f.rep r aces. trp"e doorwatl. Wont last at - 269,000 j Century 21" CASTELL & LUCAS O (313) Commerce Lake -canal front - Why byd? T(vs newer custom bult Ranch home canl be duplcated a Urs pnee. 4 bedrooms. 4M baths. 3 car attached garage, gourmel ktchen Perfect use ol Gran.te. marble 4 conan Crcvar starcase leads-p fnshed wak-ool basement. Home overlooks a 10 acre sland Askng S (153WAN). CENTURY 21 ASSOCATES..(810, " PRVATE HUMMER Lake 2700 Sq foot bre* 4 cedar home n Brandon Twp. on 2 5 acres Beautfully landscaped wth decoratve pond and waterfall Extensve deckng and ga2ebo, 3 car garage, quahy home S319 0OO Ca» (810) 62B : 5BS6.. or (810) Coados LOCATON + PRCE.. EQUALS VALUE Outstandng value n 2td t/or. 2 bedroom. 2 bath condo n "The Woods" Prune locaton v»,th vew trees from eery room Easy freeway access Fnd here me care tree fe-style you deserve. Awesome Clubho/e Wh ndoof pool Easy wa"< la Lvonas pren.er shcfp.ng center Laurel ParV AK apcjjncts nvludod Make your rnove now On.y 94,(X«Cal Pat Newman for more nfo a REMERJCA HOMETOWN ONE Countn* Homes ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY N HURON TOWNSHP Homes on wooded acreage 2,700 sq ft ranch. 7 acres, pole bam S229.9O sq fl ranch, 3 acres, pole,bam. S For more nformaton, cal Lonna al Remnder Reaty or (pager) Real Estate Servces t-d» NORTHVtLE Beautlu walerfront homes Ranch 4 2-story un.ts avafrbe n Northv.les preshg-ous-b-- Heron Pomtc- Walkout loner level t : tshng.toaf-ng. swrmm,ng a b.,-n ol fre&h ar Pncus ra.ng-.ng lrr.-- S300rs to 5520s Dane Braykovch RE.WAX 1-CO NC NOV - CROSSWOS CONDO bedroom vaulted ce-. ngs, ttush-- lower level, pool. t?.r«s cous., owner S )3-92: PLYMOUTH - Adull comtf,r,ry bedroom Mus.See Heated (< and clubhouse Prced to S: 95,900. Buyers Only U, Oakland County CAHAL FRONTAGE; on al sports prvate lake 2 adomng lots, adjacent to state land A perfect wa*-out MaXe Offer. (810) Washtenaw County -Look no turlhef Lock no lur-jer One realtor does t al Saw a house want nfo CaU Dan. Want to know your home value Call Dan Prevew homes rom your home Can Dan Rde m syte s see your n«ahome m the comfort of a "LfMO" Call Dan!" Call Dan at Of REMAX PREFERRED SOUTHFELD (12 Telegraph) Frr--t lloor. 2 bedroorr,. 2 bath ranch <rv p-drt n uml laundry, 1500 sq h. 3y owner- %&) <>.> 3l MJOr--! [ SOUff, L r-on. - Cocal A-f- ; Bcdcx.m,2 balh c-"d unt fn,sh--1 j "lower l-?.-e!w walk-out woodad v.s-w wa*lrhj dstnlr to t lulhuos*- 4 re- 96,000 ;rfo o8l-86b The. qua-ty m Rolls Royce tndelncfed condumum tone t -< altonlon to every d*ta. 3 tedroom-. lbrary, ful baths, or.ormr-.m. stofage shed Totaly top ol tn? -- v? Call For A Frc-e Brdch: (303SAV) CEfJTURY 21 ASSOCATES ( CSOO SELLlr«3 CALL DAN " Offer corvl-t"3nat DAN CAN f. V/ BLOOMFELD ASPEN RDGE.. 2 tedroom. 2-. bath cctemp-..v wth hgh cengs Loaded wt upgradc-5 Securty system Mo.. condton 7h,s beautful cohd-w nt last PlOl f: BEAUTFUL 3 year old house n country settng 5 bedrooms and study and 2 famly rooms 2800 sq feet partafy fnshed basemen) Decks, screened n ROTch. bnck pato Whte ktchen, hardwood floors PeaseSjf. t acre lot. part of sman sub- Easy access to most hghways Dexter schools Open House Sun, 2-4pm 6676 Ralanc Dr (313) MP Wayne County Beautful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on acre.updates hdude 1 year r>d wmdows,.skd.ng. roof. FJonda room 4 2 car rgarage Plenty of closets wth a very open, floor plan Prce reflects, need to sen. 126,500. Br.ncj all offers (210WAH) CENTURY 21 ASSOCATES (810) Mantenance free.3 bedroom brck Ranch Beautful new oak ktchen, updated bath, dnshed basemen). 2 fu baths and a 2 car garage Only 94,900. (243Hay). CENTURY 21 ASSOCATES (810) Condos BEVERLY HLLS 3 Bedroom end un.t Basemr.-nt garage sq ft. central ar staned gass wndow overlook nc; quet corner S Sferr/Ec»tr Century 21 Ouaker, nc S Lapeer Rd ( V.* BlOOM ran h lpk tenh.:e., Crfr.l,1 r ar--r-jre-t ELD Cor,!.( ttdr,r rnje S11 H C; [ fl 1J rxtr Lt; -!>-. BLOOMFELD HLLS Spacous Condo m Manor n the H ts Comple*. 3 bedrooms. 3 bath. 2 car garage many extras Call FARMNGTON HLLS - sharp contemporary 2 bedroom. 2 bath, stud 0 ce!,ng, custom leatures throughout applances,..mshed basemren. wel bar. workout area, garage 135,000 D4H PROPERTES (8(0) FARMNGTON HLLS 2 bedroom. 2 5 bath. 2 car garage wth led. f.nshed basement gatod bnck patrd quet cul-de-sac wth beautful \,ew- Adjacen! to Golf course Lke nc-w 159,500 By appt LlVONfA 8 Mle-Memman 2 bedroom. 2>. bath. 1st floor laundry, securty syslem", large deck 4 extras over 1500 sq ft Nov avalabf.ty. Must see 124, N. BRMNGHAM condo. 2 bedroom, V bath. 900 sq t. neutral decor mmedate occupancy. Ca!l Robert. Remax Exec. Prop; W ULOOMnF.LD Our-V-m- 2 h.doorn tuv.r ronse, /.- t;,, r,ctxtcd vrr.-. f,r»--c!,un prvdl- -. yard U) /8d-U; Vt BLOOMFELD Gr?>;r<r,cn-» Compex Townhouse fo-or plan /. 2 bedrooms and 2 fut batts up gnroom: ktchen and halt bath dn/.- Fullbasement. 2 car garage "" storage loll. deo. deal trxot.-r qu.ef. seclu-jed s.rect Q.er;>. r natural, area CV< appontment, please lase mfcs«..> :. B10) r.r r313) 077-f:(-. W GLOOf.ffltLD T0.\nhOUS CCndC p-let-;; 1 / re-t>rxteea M<XM Lak.r 159 9(.0 Cur e o-cpf -: v W BLOOMFELO - P car garage freplace, bath, cattedrat cc-t basement, secluded Un.t tl.tl LM 1.? bedroom- 2 ngs. (.nsht) wooded end ) -6:-2()- CANTON > Cleph. 14x60. 2 bo J- room, t bath, central ar. (aro? awnng, landscaped SlO.900 -( S9CV.1 HOWELL. NEW corystructon to be cdrhpletecl n 3 weeks 1620 sq t. 3 bedrooms,2 baths rpoghed lot 3rd, oak-doorsand trm, cathedral celngs. 2x6 wals. ft-38 celngs, upstars laundry, central ar. freplace,- wakdut. 2 5 garage, and much more w 1.6 acres. 169,900. (313) (JEM" 1 " BURTON HOLLOW - Near pool dub 4 elementary school 3-4 bedroom colonal. 165, Wood. By arntmenl BURTON HOLLOW - Near pool dub 4 elementary school. 3-4 bedroom colonal. "Wl pay Buyers legal costs 165, Wood- By appekhtment BY OYVNEfh, 3 bedroom bndx ranch n desrable ub. F«nshecl basement. Newt/, panted, decofa;ed ah<j landscaped. 132,000. (313): BY OWNER; 3 bedroom brck rnch, 2 ca/ sached garage, famly room, solar room wth spa. horse,bam and corral on 1.3 acres> 270,000. Ca* <616) 745-3M5 Great Opportunty!, to own ths Northv.te cfarmer. Located tn the heart et tew. ths home s h move-n coodton & has a long fst ol features.3 bed- Tooms, 1.5.baths, l/shed basement, newer- furnace, ar condtonng. ktchen &, bathrooms. You wont want to pass ths one up! 219,900 Call 4 ask for M.ke Na!e (AMNRO) Hometown Realtors COMMERCAL NDUSTRAL OFFCE Area Propertes for Sale or Lease VERY WELL MANTANED 3 bedroom T4 bath brck ranch, wth fashedbasement, farr-fy room, huge Flonda room, oh alreed 2 /3 aae lot. Dont let the need cf landscapng keepyou trexn vewng the Anderson wndows, beautful harefwood Odors. new roof, copper plumbng, new well system, updated electrc, plus a 2 caf attached oarage. 173,900, Call THERESA DHEORCH The Mchgan Group Reaftors BY OWNER. S. of S MM, V/. ol Merrrnan, 1600.sq t.. "153,000, For rhore nlormatort CaH. (313) FALL PROJECT! Brng your lool box to th» 1400» sq fl. 4 bedroom ranch, nestled on a M acre tot. Newer (urnace, cetfal ar and h car oaraffe Exceff«n< rvestment at 97,900. CENTURY 21 ROW (313) FANTASTC BUY, Rosedae Gardens b(jy of the year on hrj 3-4 bodroom bre V colonal lea - ture* farr»ry room, 2 freptacej, Th bath*, central ar. basement and much, much more. Below martcel at 154,900. CENTURY 21 ROW (313) JUST LST60 thu krynacoate 4 bedroom, 2-½ bath cotofwal offerng 2,404 sq fl, of spacocr lvng wth huge master sr>le w*h 12 K 10 sftog room. new central *tt 4 H20 healer,- Orgo larrtv room w-natural freplace wth door waa to 21 x-13 oovened p*o cvenookng super yard, stfa entrance Ovage, tome hewer thermal vrcdw*: newer vvjscepng. fnshed baeroert updated Uchen and tone more. CALL KfN GENTTLE for rnor* Wo M ,900 Of fe«re7max 100 NC. EVAN/5 MLE. 3 bedroom brck ranch, new, wtrrowmchefvbelh/ :unac<vatfylakjsxap<ncjrmry fnshed b-semenl. ) (313) » COLONAL- 5 becvooms, 2500 sq ft, gorgeous prvate backyard. Move-n concfbon. 182,600. By owner. Ca» for appontment: MYSTC FOREST Nov! Road, fjehveon 9 10 MJe... New lesdensal homes rangng from 252,600 & up Spook homes are avalable. A J, Vanoyen f3uvder». hc, B Of COMAt-RCm NDUSTRAL Sfll ORl AS # Busness. Opporluntee "AWERTEL PAYPHON6 ROUTE Local Stes avalable. Lcrwesl pooes 1S0k year potental. Call; (24 Hrs ) BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE. n Wesllahd area. Any reasonable offer. CaH anytme; 313: or Nov rvng at rtjfnetf BuJt k sq.ft. Fatuous custom but northern whle pne log f-«r>s f > dn 2 wroded acres..4 bedrooms, 3 6 baths, 3.5 car garage vv/o tower level. 26eeSrvjs. Many, many tuslom features! 653,500. «99N(N).. CENTURY ASSOCATES (810) Wonderful Nov Colonal onpremlyrn Mjed lot. Profe«tonay landscaped. Brght S ary floor plan. Some newer wndows, huge cedar deck, nce vew of wood*. AJl apprances.wfll way. Ey eeeet* lo thopplng * expressway. 195,000 (216SUN). CENTUFY 2t ASSOCATES (810)349*800 Oron Twp/ juloroafaford ORtON TWP., lake Voorhers*.»\ sports lake prtvlecjev 4 bedroom colonal, 2,916 tq. ft., two starcases, wooded W, 3 mflee N. of 1-73 oft Joslyn 284,500 8) Y OWNER mmaculate 1992 brck wakdul ranch. 3- bedroornj wrth «tudy, 3 M bathe, deck croowng ore* of forest. 153,700. By aprplhtnwrl, (313) GREAT SEhVCE. Cleanng Account. Northwesl area: Money, maker.. Pager Or caf (810) SMALL VENDNG Machne Busness -7 couhler lop snack machnesr 4 canned beverage machnes; 1 change machne (313) Comm/telaSale/ Lease v RETAL SPACE FOR LEASE between Ann" Arbor and Ypslant. Founla-n Square Plaa on Washtenaw Avehue next to Bulders Square! Prme locatons. )150 lo 5200 sq ft Ca» Mr. Hortoh. at Norton Oewelopmenl Co or M/Warehouse Sa!e/Leas«ARPORT, COMMERCE. CENTER. NOW LEASNG. Award Wnrvrtevekbpment ndustral Sutes. M-59 AT PONTAC AfRPORT Sutes From sq ft. A MontaSo (810) AUBURN HLLS sq.ft., 125 acres, 14 ft/20 ft. celng, sate-leasa, Lapeer RdVBrow-n Rd. Agent, (810) FARMNGTON HLLS 2,400 so ft. tut-tenant. l6ov*rfv>addodr. Nce offkc-warehouse space mmecale occupaney- Aflehl. (810) ! Offce Busness Space Sale/lease BNGHAM CENTER Space avalable m professonal sute. Telegraph near 13 Mle. CaT Oart: (810) BRMNGHAM OFFCE SPACE 700 EASt MAPLE 4300 sq fl. - enre4th floor, Recently renovated complete wth phone system and wred lor computer network. 14 offces.conference rooms. Spacous lobby, ktchen wlh dshwasher, skylghts. hdude parkng 4 ut*ses BRMNGHAM SOUTH ADAMS SQUARE 2 room ofnee sute avalable, n tower level, rates startng al t3.75 r per sq ft Rent ncludes heat, ar & jantoral servce. 810* BLOOMFELD HLLS - Share space w.th CPA 4 Fnancal Advsor. Receptonst, secretaral, Fat, coper, per cfem work avalable. Up to 1200 sq ft rtrxjfnvestment Co; STEEL BULDNG sales or constructon. Huge proft potental. Example; 21x30 buddtnc- lor Oealerdscount cosl. Manufacturer awardng dealershp eoco Ext CommyRetalSale/. Lease,-. BELLEVLLE." BELLE Ptaa Shoppng Center now leasng for restaurant, chfdcare,. etc. Moble; Vcfce O r FARMNGTON HLLS On (0 MOe between Ha)st»ad» Hajgerty RETAL SPACE Last Space Avalable tq K Excflcnf Exposure CERTFED REALTY. NC.. (810) j RESTAUrUNT sq ft, located n Easl Taw»s (The Chna.House). ComeJetery equpped Banouel room, dnng, room, lounge. 300,000: Excellent busness. opportunty, fnancng ava fable lor. qualfed BrrTfENEW (313) & : WOLVERNE PROPERTES X>Y RD.-- WestlancllJvorrla area, 25 x 75ft. outsde storage space and 15*40 f. nsde storage space wlh overhead door, 505 total plus electrc, (313) "3 MOS. FREE RENT. Offces* Warehouses fcr lease. CANTON * NOV areas. mmedate, occupancy. For more nfo cad; (313) ,000f sq. ft. buldng for lease, mmedate occupancy, commercal JOnrtg offce/retal. A rhw S ol r96 n Howell. Cal Tom or Steve, Prudental Preve/r Prcpert>«s (810) (Offce Busness j Space Sale/Lease. FARMNGTON - DOWNTOWN Prvate 11 x 13 offce space wth ar, all utltes, good patkng S225m0 MLO PROPERTES LVONA MJe Rd. S>tes for doctors 4 accountants. etc; Mnmum 250/mo/sute. Moble Beeper LVONA OFFCES Mdcfebel Mdtfebefl FafrT-ngfon Rd. 1 room from 225mo. Also 1132 sq. fl.ava-abe 1 lor 51244mo., CALL KEN HALE: DAYS: EVES: LVONA- Smalt bflce space lor lease rom 250 Full servce bukfng. Easy teeway access (315) NOV AREA Sublet 3000 sq fl executve.offces wth conference room & ktchen area. Steecaa Jurrvture avalawe wth: lease. mmedate occupancy CANTON > 3 MOS. FREE RENT. 250 sq fl. 4 \Jf>. Secretaral servces avalable. mmedate occupancy. For mora nto Cad: NOW LEASNG! DOY/NTOVVN BRMNGHAM 219 ELM STREET w t of offce space lor casa n upsc-ae buvtyng wth preslgous porporate rrsage. 25 car on-s-!e rarl-v R<v rohtj. Fall 1996 (Wll- Offce Busness Space Sale/Lease OFFCE FOR LEASE Detlke 900 sq.ft. Avaable Oct 1 Redjord-(313) OFFCES Downtown Brrnlnghan Conlerence room. Utltes 4 parkrvd rvcluvjod (810) OPEN HOUSE. Sept 11 Sept WeeVrJays.Weekends by App Oa:»dWhtney.Btdg, centrally located n rev-.taed New Tger Stadum area, Leasng.avalable for new 4 eslab-lsh/yj busnesses wh a w sh to locate n the Downtown. Detrot Srea (313) ¾ PLYMOUTKDQV.NTOWN 660 sqll effce. 1450sqfl sur? S10 PC-r sq. Eceen! parkng REDFORD TWP Joy Road (Just W. bt.teeeraph) AVALABLE Oflce utes soft.-. 2 or 3 large rooms Beauf fujy decorated. Uhd*rgrcond parkng. Rent nc.udes all u.(».«s CERTFED REALTY. fvc (810) m SALEM. TOWNSHP 35 acres, vacant tahd. buld (o sut, heayy ndustral, outsde, s or ade. Agenl, (810) 35f>9922 hjfuckn&ham Offce Park Offce Busness Space Sale/Lease. AMEWCENTERS Furnshed otffces hoorty Conference rooms - hourly Part tme offce plans.. 12S/mo, Troy, Southfeld, Uvona 4 Btoomfeld H«s, Announcng "Shartad". Offces Troy, Llvona, Nov. Sfeng Heghts, Ann A/tor, Detrort Ren Cen. Prvate offces from 150 sq fl.- wth phonf answertng, conference rooms. Cal TafnAra Cobb» {fternatooal OuSngss Centers (313) CALL TODAY FOR HOME OELVEfY! REDFORD TWP. 4 room 500 sq. ft, sute avaab! f> Prvale eftance.a baloory TranqutatrrosprerowtrrSer Yew! Ncefy decorated rxludng tf rxls «, a-utstes. CERTFEO REALTY; UC " (810)-4/ Mvonta near Schoolcraft and rvuddlebett Near ChChs & Olve Garden 900to2,400Sq.Fr. CENTER MANAGEMErT ::r<_ Cornmercftl/ndus. Vacant Property LOT FOR RENT Fenced 100 x 400f commercal area m Northvne wth 24 x 30 g.va<y> w heat & electrc Also offce space (5 avalable.. (810) NOR1HVLLE LOCATON 20 fl. wde by 30 ft deep: OuVkx* fe se spaces. FencCdyard 3S,mo. pc-f sprtcfl. Cn3: nvestment Property NVESTMENT PROPERTY Garden C4y-2 modem offce ctjdywv Sq ft 93,000 ncome. 4*9 CXO Ca«Jerry Scott: J3 -:/ 4,-tX* :t</ *::*:,*. 4 -** /.-/.

19 Manufactured Home* CASH FOR USED HOMES CENTRAL OUTLET t DEALERS CHOCE Free Central Ar, Washer &.Dryer) x72, 3 bedroom. 2 luff bath, (.replace. dshwasher, "more! 452/ month nclude* lot rent, 10\ down, APR, 360 months. Call Care*.. HOMETOWN USA DONT RENT! B AN NVESTOR N YOUR NEW HOME NOV 5476 a month, ncludes house payment & lot rent. LTTLE VALLEY HOMES % down,.240 mprrths at APR FOUR BEDROOM HOME Only 32,990. CENTRAL OUTLET Open 7 days. FREE CENTRAL AR, WASHER & DRYER! x72,3 bedroom, 2 bath, jacur, dshwasher, 428/month mctudna lot rent, 10% down APR, lor 360 months.. Call Carol al.. HOMETOWN USA LTTLE VALLEY AT PLYMOUTH HLLS MANUFACTURED HOME COMMUNTY NEW & EXSTNG - PLUS MANY MORE! MANAGERS SPECALS: YES. TS REAL! Bedroom. 2 bath, relr.geratpr w.cemaxer. central ar, cathedral celngs, dshwasher, dsposal, stove, washer/dryer 4 more, RELOCATNG mmedate occupancy alter approvals Double wde 3 bedroom, 2 bath, rvng room 4 famly room, large deck, permeter lot, central ar, & more & more. JUST MOVE-N" 3 Bedroom. 2 bath, ncludng relrjgerator. reptace. central ar, dshwasher, stove, dsposal, washer 4 dryer.& much more. Come n & See What- We Can Do For You! N ADDTON: Ask About OUR HOMES On YOUR LOT LTTLE VALLEY (313) PLYMOUTH-CANTON SCHOOLS 50* LOT RENT ONLY 7 HOMES LEFT CALL JM OR LARY (313) LTTLE VALLEY HOMES LOT RENT For 1st 12months wth purchase of selecled models TRADES WELCOME. NORTHVLLE Own a new home n Northvlle for only S327.28"-per month! Country Esafes has opened, a. new an double wde manufactured home, communty featurng: sq. ft homes 3 or 4 bedrooms. 2 baths Modem, open tulchen wth ah applances.-. Spacous stes to accommodate. a 2 car garage Oakland County wth South Lyon schools : _ Recreaton areas and horse coardmg nearby All just mnutes from -96; and US 23, ~ Srte rent startng at ust 275 per month. CALL LTTLE VALLEY HOMES OR HEARTLAND HOMES Based on a sellng prce of 39,900 wth 10% down for per month % APR for 360 months. ncludes taxes and ttle. Closng costs or park rental fees not nclude. ; FARMNGTON HLLS - ftemb/andt 1980; 12x40. two bedrooms, central ar, washer/dryer, antenna, excellent condton: 9,450. (810) FARMNGTON HLLS 1970; 12x58 ft.. Wry furnshed. 2 bedrooms, central heat/ar, awnng, storage shed, 5007best. Must move or upgrade lo HUD code orsght, MUST SELL: 1600 Moves You tn To a home n Westand Meadows Park; ncludes stove and refrgerator, mmedate move-n NOV) Hghland Hlls Estate 1991 SkyUne 2 bedrooms, 2 baths 16x60. Cathedral celngs Beautful NOV 14x70 Champon, 2 bedroom. 2 bath, central ar, applances, cathedral cehhgs/jans-, large deck, near WxomMefers Askng 16,000, Leave message; : (810) PLYMOUTH 1988, 14x64, 3 bedroom, large covered deck, applances, new We floors 4 carpel Large tc cvbest offer «1 LakdRverResort»J Property LAKE HURON new 24 «t«, sarrfy be»ch svbdryston. Stes are wooded, cty water & tewer,»11 underground utltes. 39,900 A up: Only 2 hrs. from Detrot0*e/>tosW Realty Co., Northern Property rtmma ABSOLUTELY BEAUTFUL 20 mnutes.. o* Traverse Cty. Kakaske, 10 acres, access to thousands of acres of the Pere Marquette stale forest- 100% hgh ground, surrounded by beautful maple hardwoods.5 rmlesto Torch Rver Marna : 4 Torch Lake pubc access. Perfect for cabn or campng. 13, down. 200Ano. or* a 10% land contract Great LaXes Land Company <616) CHEBOYGAN COUNTY: Beautful Acres wth fantastc country skje vews Remote hdnjng and campng locaton. 17,500, 500 down, 215monlh. 11% Land Con- -tractr- Also -0-*»«s-adjono9- Sta te- Land Northern Land Company NEAR CADLLAC. 3 bedroom. 2 bath, year-round home on Rose LaXa W63 feet ol sandy beach. 318 feet deep. 1,280 sq. leet. laundry room, cathedral cesngs. hgh effcency furnace. Anderson wndows ard 2x6 wats on ah cement 4 foot crawl space. 2 years old Mantenance free! 139,900 (313) WEST ARM OF WALLOON LAKE. 3 bedroom. 3 bath, two story sq. ft home stuated on 62 5 ft, of lafcs front wth beautful sandy bottom Large rvng room and a natural gas freplace, spacous and recently remodeled ktchen, Large master bedroom wth attached full bath. Forced ar natural gas heat. 395,000. Cal Phtttps 4 Assocates (616) TtlLoU* Acreage/ Z4 Vacant ANGLEWOOD SLES Florda: 100x150. deed tfestncted Close lo beaches : Guff ol Mexco prvleges. 35,000, : (941) BRMNGHAM LOT for Sale Tear down specal. 60 x 110; front & rear access ExceBent locaton 135,000 Must Sell! (810) BRGHTON SCHOOLS. 1.1 acre. wooded, by lake, perfced. 74,500. Land Contract preferred CaB: (810) BULDERS DREAM lakefront leet on beautful LaXe Avalon, n Htman. Also ncluded 2 cabns on 3 tots, and 1.5 vacant tots n same subdvson, dose lo lake Prced lo sett quck. 229,000. (313) NORTHFELD TOWNSHP. South Lyon schools Rollng 5 acre parcel Perked and surveyed 85,000 >r (810) Tme Share RC AFFLATED. 2 red weeks, 3900 Sleeps 6. Must sell (702) r«7u Money Tooan/ L»ltj Borrow HOME OWNERS BAD CREDT? Need home mprovements or t>n consoldaton? Can Mr: Cash 1 Consoldated Mortgage WHY PAY renl? can help you by a home wth as lttle as S2000 Land Contract terms and Fnancng avalable Can Ann at Aero Realty (Spansh avalable). Toll Free (888) dal 1751 Alt Cash - Any Condton LL BUY YOUR HOUSE TODAY. al apprased value (810) ALL CASH FOR YOUR HOME Any condton okay Hghest cash offer or guaranteed sale, even f n- foreclosure REMERCA NEGHBORHOOD (313) ALL CASH FOR YOUR HOME Any condton okay Hghest «ash offer or guaranteed sale, even f n foreclosure REMERCA NEGHBORHOOD (313) WANTEO TO buy - 3 or 4 bedroom house wth basement on V acre or better m Uvona CADlLAC MEMORAL West - 1. lot 593 n Garden ol Apostles. Valued at wll accept best offer DETROT MEMORAL PARK WEST. 5 choce lots Cross of Malta secbon. 2,O00Ycash (313) KNOLLWQOD Memoral.Park, Camtoh - 2 lots- n Garden ol Peace, 675 each. 2 Memdnal markers, 24 x 12; each: Ws sen at S2.200 for both. (313) PARKVEW MEMORAL Cemetery. Lvona (Near front entrance) - 2 lots. 575 each.. (313) PARKVEW MEMORAL Cemetery - Uvona. 5 Mle Rd. near Farmngton Rd. Savngs on 4 or 6 Graves. (313) : ROSELANO PARK 6 grave lots. (313) ,. TROY WHTE CHAPEL CEMETERY 8lock J. Two spaces, 1,100 ea. or 2,000 both. (810) WHTE CHAPEL Cemetery - 2 tots, 750 each or best; After 6pm: (810) 643:6698 WHTE CHAPEL TROY- 4 adjacent lots 2 Lots 1400 or 4 tots phone or fax: V CLEAN OUT The Attc. Clean The.Garage.. Have A Sale! Call ; 0900 ESTATES CHAREVQX HOMES, lt ] R fll STflT FOB R NT # "nnn- ANN ARBOR FREE and SMPLE Turn Days ol Frustraton nto Mnutes ot Successful Searchng Farrrungton Rochester-- Royal.Oak Waterford Nov SouthdeK Canton Troy Cln on Twp Ann Arbor Dearborn ) APARTMENT SEARCH AUBURN HLLS FABULOUS TOWNHOUSES OPEN WEEKENDS Luxury bedroorhv2v baths 1500 Sq Ft. A» aances. ncludng washer. dryer and Wnds. Health Club, spa. pool and tenns K«3d«ptaytot Near Chrysler Technology Center Furnshed,4 short-term un-ts avalable.,. Rent from 1,060 (810) WESTBURY VLLAGE Squxrel Rd. between AubumM-59 BARCLAY HOUSE Apartments, Westand Exra large 1 bedroom Gael. ar. Heal ncluded S445mo. plus securty depost 4 credt check V BRMNGHAM - 2 bedroom furnshed, Royal Oak 14 3 bedrooms. ncludes heat 4 water. Cal Brmngham BUCKNGHAM MANOR 2 Bedroom Aps. Call Now !RMlNGHAM.TX>WNTOWN Studo apt 650 depost. 495mo Avaabe mmed!efy. Call Moo -Fn BRMNGHAM - Ouamt 1 bedroom. 450mo. water 4 electrc ncluded Move-n beo/nnng of Oct Call between 9 6pm (810) CANTON - 1 bedroom. Stove, refrgerator, con washer dryer, carpet, blnds, S445 mo ncludes heat years lease Canton FARWAY CLUB Golfsde Apts. 1 & 2 Bedroom Free Golf Heat & Hot Water Free Carport ncluded Canton Garden Apts. JOY RD.. E: ol, 275 Spacous 2 bedroom fownhouse. 2 levels w.th prvate entrance From FEATURES: 1-4 vs Balh Seve 4 Refngeraor Dshwasher Dsposal Central ArVteat Vertcas- Convenem parkng Laundry lacl-tes Pool 4 Clubhouse Sorry, no pets CANTON LMTED TME ONLY MOVE N SPECAL 1 Bedroom S475 Heat ncluded STONEYBROOKE APARTMENTS (313) Moh.-Sat 9-5 Sun 11-4 CHERRY HLL AREA 125 Areola Clean t bedroom, 425. each has own entrance ORtLLEY REALTY (810) DEARBORN HEGHTS DEARBORN CLUB" APARTMENTS 200 Securty Depost From 490 FREE HEAT Ce-ng Fans Vertcal 8nnds -. On nkstef. jus Nonh ol Ford Mon.-Fr. 9-6 Sal 10-2 DEARBORN HGTS ( North) 2 bedroom Ar, carpel, blnds, dshwasher. No pels S2Smo :8093 Q668S M«66 North Charlevox, w, j UoftunSed FARMNGTON HLLS Luxury one and two bedroom Apartments Avalable. Ca»: * Farmngton Hls MAGNE! 12 unque floor plans. Extra-spactou* apartments., Beautf u»y landscaped grounds. Extra-large storage, areas, Close lo all major freeways. Extra-targe health club Fut tta washers 4 dryers. 24 hr. montored gatehouse (810) 478 : 5533 Ask about our current specals. FARMNGTON HLLS ORCHARD CREEK APARTMENTS SPACOUS TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT HOMES ndvdual Entrances 1300 Sq Ft GE. Applances Gas Freplace Full sze WasherDryer Covered Parkng. Fre 4 ntruson alarm (810) Famfnglon Hlls SUPER LOCATON Grand Ftver,Orchard Lake Stonerdge Manor The largest one 4 two bedrooms n the area From 515 per mo. ncludng carport, vertcals, all applances. Enter off Freedom Rd. W ol Orchard LaXe Rd.. S. dt Grand Rver. (810) (610) FARMNGTON HLLS COUNTRY TOWNHOUSES Spadous2 bedroom. lull bath. (2 baths Fm.shed wasout baserrentperfect lam,!y toom. den or olfce Carport. AH app<ar<es. washer/dyer, vertcal b!,nds 77 acres ol beauts. parkjk.e settng Swmrmngpool.tenrus. voleyban 4 paved tra.s (810) GREEN HLL APARTMENTS Call for an appontment FARMNGTON HLLS RENT FROM S945 OPEN WEEKENDS 1600 sq ft 2 bedroom Garden Aps, 2 bedroom townhouses wth ful basements MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 O&E Classfcatons 325 to 400 <*>7B 2 baths wth wak-m doses. Covered parkng, washer dryer, vertcal Wnds, attended gatehouse 4 a 24 hr montored ntruson 4 lre alarm THE SUMMT NORTHWESTERN 4 MlDDLEBELT (810) FARMNGTON HLLS RENT FROM 1, sq ft bedroom townhouses. 2> baths, spacous masler bedroom sute. Washer/dryer, bmds 4 covered parkng FOXPONTE TOWNHOUSES HALSTED 4 11 MLE (810) Farmnglon H-Js HAPPNESS S.. movng nto a cozy 1 bedroom apartment and gettng olf rent! Vertcals 4 Carport ncluded S2O0 00 Securty Depost Cedarbrooke Apt* (810) FARMNGTON HLLS: bedroom, central ar. applances nclud.ng washor/cvyer. 625month. Call eves (810) FARMNGTON- MANOR Across from shoppng & theatre Sudos 4, bedrooms Carpe!,hg, vertca! ftds. wah:,n closets, pates 4 daconys. central ar. N» pels V/e pay waler only- JL _ FARMNGTON OPEN WEEKENDS FREE HEAT Large Bedrooms..O.shwashers, Vertcal Bl.nds, Clean. Quet Comrrunty RENT FROM 560 Ordard Lake Rd, N. of 6M. VLLAGE OAKS (810) GARDEN CTY - 1 bedroom, fresh pant 4 new carpet. Heat nduded 480mo+ securty depost: Call GARDEN CTY -, FordMdebeN Area Spaoous 1 bedroom apartmenls Amertes nclude: Owner Pad Heat 4 Water Central Ar. ntercom System» Garbage Osposa! Laundry Facltes Wndow Treatments/Mn Bl-nds From 440 monthly GARDEN CTY TERRACE (313) " HAZEL PARK "SENORS Lvethe lfestyle you deserve. Parkhaven Retrerrem Communly n Hazel Park oners grea servce, numerous amentes. restaurant, van transportaton and mote. Can, EHO LfVONlA FARFELD 1 bedroom - S495mo. Heat 4 water ncluded Newty remodeled. (313) 2S MADSON HEGHTS OPEN WEEKENDS FREE HEAT Clean, spacous 1 bedroom. Walk lo Oakland Ma! Chatsford Vllage John R between M-e Fall Clearance Models Must Go! Dscounted Prces! rharlevox vstates 1 A luxurous Manufactured Home communty, Spacous rental ota aytllblc Beautful clubhoum, tenns courts and heated pool Near shoppng, dnng cv golft CALL Now (616) OR (800) M Lrvorta" FRANKLN SQ. APTS. FROM 545 (HEAT NCLUDED) Bedroom Aps AFFORDABLE LVNG Great locaton, plus much more! 5 Ml 4 MlDDLEBELT Uvona Woodrdge Apartments 1 & 2 Bedrooms Lvonas Best Value CALL TODAY (810) »Mad lson Heghts.» Concord Towers J LLA -21 Bedroom Aps.. Kude: Stove 4 refrgerator.> Dshwasher Carport ntercom " 1 Newly decorated» Smoke detectors 1 Spnnkler system, FROM 475 Ptmouth 1-75 and 14 Me j Next la Abbey Theater J Madson Heghts GREAT APTS. GREAT LOCATONS RENT NCLUDES Heat &, Vertcal Blnds. 6month or 1 year lease, Welma-ntamed. Newty decorated Features a;r condtonng, retrgeralor, range, smoke detectors, laun/jnjlactes 4 Qxtrasorage Swmnvng pool Cable avalable su-, y \ 1 & 2 BedroomApts. LEXNGTON VLLAGE Small Pet Secton From 505-7S and 14 Mle- Opposte Oakland Ma PRESDENT MADSON APTS. From Block E ol John R. Just S ol Oakland Ma 7! HARLO APTS. From S495 t. V/arren. Mch Wes SOe of f.<3und Rd Just N of l3,mle Ocposte GM Tech Center NOVLAKES AREA WATERVEW FARMS Sutes From 475 Country Settng Central Heat 4 Ar Condlc/vng Sold Masonry Constructon Pool Tenn.s Pontac Tral tberween V/est & Beck Rds ) Dary 9-6; Sat, 10-2, Sun 11-3 Nov NEED MORE SPACE? 2 bedroom townhomes XALL NOW " 7 Nbv Rdge On 10 Mle betv/een Nov and Meadowbropk PLYMOUTH, COZY 1 bedroom upper Hal, applances, gas ncluded, walk to town. 52 month.. No smokng. No pels. J313) , «JPLYMOUTH HERTAGE APTS " Acheve the eomor you sp deserve at a prce that meets your Jreeds. From 465 per month. J Relax n a spacous apt. located! just mnutes from downtown Plymouth. Heat 4 water ncluded. Be a part of our ccmmonty, a B -Cat h. M.H Ml H M M M N.W. DETROT -LahserS of 7.M!e. Premer Apls.l bedroom, 380mo: ncludes heat 4 water OAK PARK NORTHGATE APARTMENTS - Studo, 4 2 Bedroom Apls. Slart at 415 Free Bass Cabe Heat ncluded. Swmmng Pool Tenns Courts. 4 Much More. Cat now S8 Lccaled on 10/<-Green(,eld : _ 1 1 PLYMOUTH 1 bedroom ranch-sty.e apartmertts Prnceton Court Apts. Call pm. Mco-Fr PLYMOUTH-1 bedroom apartment. Utlty room. All apdances. Balcony, storage area, carport, ar "condtonng S600mo.» -utltes. (313) PLYMOUTH - 2 bedroom upper located n Old Vllage Nobetr, Avalable Oct 1st 5S0,rt-r6 CaH after 7pm. <313) PLYMOUTH 1 bedroom apartment. Heat and water ncluded Cal PLYMOUTHCANTON HLLCREST CLUB 200 Securty Depost Sutes from 510 Heat. ncluded Park Settng Dshwashers Pcnc Area Pool [313) S of Plymouth Pry Rd, E. ol Haggerly Daly 9-6 Sat.-Sun. 114 PLYMOUTH HOUSE APARTMENTS Spacous 14 2 bedroom ftodrpans from the low 500s PLYMOUTH - large 1 bedroom wth washer 4 dryer. Avalable Oct 1 +teat-tnetodea-mul-se*.-s545*>c-.- Cafl after 6pm (313) PLYMOUTH - Newly renovated, one bedroom upper; must see; 475 mo Heat 4 waler ncluded No pets. Call Mhael at (313) * Plymouth Hlls Apartments 746 S. Mll St: Between Ann Arbor Tr./Ann Arbor Rd 1 & 2 Bedrooms»Washer/Dryer n each unt Wndow Treatments Dshwasher Ar Condtoned Walk to Downtown Easy Access to From 500 Open Won. thru Ft Plymouth Square Apartments 1 & 2 BEDROOM. QUET COMMUNTY CHARMNG PARK-LKE SETTNG Vertcals. Pool WalX 10 Shoppng Dshwasher 4 Dsposal Central Ar 4 Heat.ng Ol Ann Arbor Road. T block west ol Sheldon (ne«t to B>g Boy) OPEN MONDAY - FRlOAY. 9-5 SATURDAY Equal Opportunty Housng Plymouth Twn Arbor Apts. 1 s 2 Bedrooms Fabulous LocatoT ncredble Sze Lmted Specal Offerl "Theres No Comparson" (313) REDFORO AREA OPEN WEEKENDS FREE HEAT Clean quel buldng Large» 4 2 bedrooms wth walk-m closets. ntruson alarm system, Attended gatehouse. RENT FROM 475 Telegraph -. m,!e. S..ol 1-96 GLEN COVE APTS: C313) REDFORD AREA Teegraph-5 Mle Large Studo and 1 Bedroom Clean, decorated: quet, carpet, ar condtoner, blnds, hea 4 water ncluded References Startng at 315. PARKSDE APTS Redord f wp. LOLA PARK MANOR APARTNTS has 1 bedrooms from S500.mo Peaceful settng wth pool., laundry rooms, pcnc area Call (313) 25S-0932 ROCHESTER - Spacous-1 bedroom wth carport, near oowntown S park Ava-laWe now 460 electne. Can Marda eves ROYAL OAK 2 bedrooms : Spacous, carpeted, heat ncluded, pool, newty decorated Great locaton (810) ROYAL OAK, - t bedroom; Near downtown, close lo all freeways mmedate occupancy, 42&month, neat 4 wafer ncluded. (810) , ROYAL OAK - clean S quet 1 bed: room 12 Mle & Crooks area. 460 per month plus securty. ncludes heal 4 water Can ROYAL OAK 4200 Rochester Rd-1 bedroom. 495mo. Heat 4 water ncluded Carpel. Ar. Refrgerator. stove Ho pets ROYAL OAK/TROY Doggy/ ddggy where w-,h yco "ftva?- At Amber Apanmonls, Permsson they gve!.<8!0) hlp:/,y.-rvvv amberapt.com A oulht-ekj Townhouses & Apartnrents. from -., FREE FULL StfE WASHER 4 DRYER sq f. Garage s/carporls Manned.Entrances, Sutton. Place Rversde Drve SoulWed, Mchgan WESTLAND Hawthorne Club APARTMENT Fro m H90 :. 200 Securty Depost Heat ncluded : Vertcal Blnds Short-term leases avalable «Mcrowaves Outdoor Pool (313) Mefrman Between Ann Arbor Tral & Warren JMon. -Frl. 9-0, Sat. &ur. 114 / ¼ ¾ ¾ ACROSS 1 Rodents 6 Mr. Hope 8*>«ghNoon eta/ 12 Expel 13 Tavern oywt 1«U -r Ta/. Pta 15 TW )6W«ow 18* FlyAwa/ 19 Grad.4o-be 20 Frutless 21 12mo». 23 Tha b (Utn attx) 24 Scottsh chfld 28 Fert*» spot n desert 28 Wde ot actor Kevn KSne 29 voyage 30-HaNa 32 Play segments 3»*-=-Qoes-t»»- WeaseT 34 ancles 35 Beta Kappa 36 Sne played a GokJenGn" 37Botwn)oe, for one 4) a 6 " 1 38Ac»of«aJgnaJrj. 40-Sma»... passageway 41-Mans 43 Selenum - symbol 44 Gyro bread 4 Perrt 1» «S cap. 47 n musc, hgh 49 Con-toss cal 51 Scvrdal HaBoween 52 Real-estate map 54 Barbara Geddes 55 Colorado sk resort.. 56 Juncture 57 Laundry detergent name 8 Summon DOWN \ Ters 2 Former Celfcacoach 3 Mao -tuog 4 Lous, MO 56owt An»ww to Pr*ytou» PLUZJ«ml JUWlllJ KlllW ULL-] LWLWl UlU UMM MWWWH UM MWWLl lmuhmlllo HmwM-w wuwyj LdllO (UlUlalUll l)> rjua BUBHS UH «Unted Feature SynrJcee - 6 Lena or Ken 7Socal 8 Grade partner (jntol. 9 Mr.On Onasss 10L*es 11 rvy League unversty. 16 Rowng tools 17 Nolan 20 Contends 22 Two letters omplments of The rl:n lolu k!(l H REALTOR J NEW YORK STYLE SOUTHflELD ADDRESS OPEN WEEKENDS Large bedrooms wth wa-vm closets. 2 balhs. attended gatehouse, montored. alarm. fuby appanced ktchen, socal actvtes, prvae carport,.eevalors. pool, and elegant cljbroom, Shon walk tokarvard Row Shoppng Center. FOR ADULTS OVER 50 Rent from 706 LAHSER RO ; N OF 1,1MLE PARKCREST (610) SOUTHFELO CHARTERHOUSE APTS Free.Bcsc Cable. Upscale H-Rse apartments Stud,o, 1 & 2 Bedrooms startng at S420 Pool. Tenns Courts and much more. Ca.l now Located on 9 Mle.Green?ek1 Southfeld. COMNG SOON. THE SPECTACULAR FALL COLOR SHOW AT Frankln Rver Apts 12 M. & Telegraph r Southfeld- Country Corner Apts. Vere BG on Square Feet 1 bedroom sqtv 2 bedroom 1300 sq ft 3 bedroom.4 lowrhorre: 1600 sq ft, Forma! dnng room, carport, heat, balcony, health club/pool Close to Brmngham EHO Let us (ax you our brochure O , Southfeld Road V (Between Mte) J S0UTHFELD/FRANKL1N RENT FROM 1,410 OPEN WEEKENDS 2 or 3 bedroom spacous.townhouses, elegant lormal d-n ng room 4 great room, natural ftepace. a 1«j «K*H»S>» *" ta 10 a Oll<ll yskhmd sso<;ho ol :\ocs 2 baths, master bedroom.sute. full basement. 2 car attached garage WEATHERSTONE, TOWNHOUSES, (810) Frankln Rd. S. of 13 Mle FAX US YOUR AD SOUTHFELD Low Move n Costs 1 Bedroom Apartments From 525 Heat ncluded TEL-TWELVE PLACE APARTMENTS (810) Mon -Fn. 9am-5pm SOUTHFELO 12 Me between Telegraph 4 Northwestern H*y LOW/MOVE N COSTS 2 Bedroom Apls. From" 615 HEAT NCLUDED FRANKLN HLLS APARTMENTS Men -Fn 9-5 Sat 16-2 H UPPLJ CLASSFED WORKS lor you! on the #7.. phonekey 25 Storage area ola home 26Aley -27A-Hous«" a Home" 28 Tooth crown 29 consucfcx 31 PeefGynfs mother 33 Footke part 34 AnONea 36 vegetable referred to when one tumsred 37 Shea Stadum tenants. 39 FVstTwo mls ot 16th pres. 40 Pretentous rural resdence 41 Crcuts around the track 42 Model Maopherton 44Ms.Ange* 45 Drt 46 Toy-store purchase 48 Chnese. pagoda 50Mr. Vgoda 51 Cry ot sheep 53Seleckrole 55 CKbum 10 Feelng slghtly clueless Call for Answer Touch-tone or Rotary Phones ext. code 708 SOUTHFELO OPEN WEEKENDS FREE HEAT Clean 1 bedroom, quel locaton, nlruson alarm, l-ghted parkng, large way m closet, erfra large storage area RENT FROM 520 LAHSER NEAR 8* MLE Wellngton Place SOUTHFELD PARK LANE... The Perfect Place to Call Home One and Two bedroom apartments lealunng prvate entrances, washer and dryer m each unj. self Weanng oven, self defrostmg refrgerators. blnds. wa*-m closefs. paobafcony. free carport, lenns court and swmm.ng pool Greal localon wjh easy access lo major e>pressways Luxury a l an unbetevable. pnee On Cvc Center Drve between, Teegraph 4 Lasher,, SOUTHFELO SVe are taong appcatons lor spacous bedroom aparlments. Convenent locatcn Can today tor more delats V/AKEFELD APTS SOUTHFELD WHTEHALL APARTMENTS. Spacous 2 bedroom apts; Startng at 730..Freebasc cable 4 heal on selected umts. Call now Convenently located on 9 Mle/Greenfeld 2,3 & 4.BDR Townhomes - Prvate Entry Full Basement - Central Ar -Washer & Dryer Pato or Balcony-Covered Parkng Pool-Playground for all Ages Exercse Room -Lbrary.; 2 BDR from 1, / Wexford - Nov.» Located n Nov at \B ] the Corner of Decker ss-rs* 13 Mle Roads. Prces! 2 BDR from 1,325 A SNGH DEVELOPMENT V)..- \\wp>\\\ &.}) )t Jrnxms trotn whd to ennosfv Pllll? olll, rltl; : ; Avvcpcl \vvnq cnclsc.cpntj Attcrlpd covert el jxrknc) ex mrn v murn mp,p(?!".. M M ( llll ( Ml 1( A\ MUDWOODS G.n.l K.r \1 ll.. (S () 7S-))U A

20 ...«_.. n 8B(*) CLASSFCATONS 400 to 411 O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 M Apartments/ Tll Apartments/ TU Apartments/ Tl Apartments/ Unfurnshed J1U Unfurnshed fllj Unfurnshed H J Unfurnshed Wa"od lake Westtand SOUTH LYONS TROY 1 WALNUT LVONA SCHOOLS * *r BEST VALUE RDGE WESTWOOD VLLAGE VENOY PNES APTS. APARTMENTS No* tav.ng apf-catons on ouf APARTMENTS Brookdale 1 Bedroom..510 bedroom apts We ofler &pac>ous - 1 & Z bed/own ap<s. 2 Bedrooms uns w.h heal rttodecf. vertkral some wth (.replace b-nds, neuval carpet, carports.-d.hstartng al Sy-tmrTtrg pool Apartments Aashers. ntercom systems & foundry Wth Ap.prc-.6d Credt - Tenn.s Court tact es on each floor We also nave 25 Appcaton Fee CtubhouM 2 ouctoof pools, 2 terws cootls. 2 ONE MONTH Securty Depost SENOR DSCOUNT - Pro.e«ona!.y Wanagd saunas, a Ae.ghtfoorn and a.cubtouse 1. Beautfully Landscaped.ncludes FREE Securty cteposrt onfy S Heal 4 water Can lor our August SpecasVft Ar CGTNJ Pored CENTRALLY "Oo selected un-ls onfy. Batones 4 cat:e LOCATED BEAUTFUL 1 Yr. & 6 Mo. Storage N WESTLAND Laundry!ac 1 & 2 BEDROOM Leases Avalable! t es joy RJ West ol NeAtxjrgr.Easy access Hous Man-Sat 10-6 APARTMENTS Sun 12-5 (313) Decker Rd: m (Deckef 4 Commerce) CALL NOW! On 9 M/e Road w. West o! Po?>ac Tra > TROY. ROYAL OAK Full Sped rum Selecton At Amber Apartments " (S http www amberapt com TROY SOMERSET-AREA FROM S-J Stud-o and spaoous & 2 t-rf-o.-.f.-rtn.ens Anentes.ncuo-.- Owner Pa a Hea Laundry Fac-tes 3accp.es u Pjs. -.-ercoms D.shwasrers Dsposa! s A r Cond-VC-rvng.VJo/v T:eatrr-*-r rs t"se To Shcppca E>r.~t*J>s VLLAGE APARTMENTS 181O THREE OAKS e.la c;--~ Cal T:-aa,- D:«--t Deaf C"y J Few A-.a late S8 Newly Decorated 1 & 2 Bedrooms sq.tt Some nclude 1 washer and dryer. Enjoy Luxury Lvng n Trendy Troy At Affordable Prces SUNNYMEDE APTS. J 561 KRTS " CL-e:! J WALLED LAK.F BEDROOM Tc-wnnen-es Centra a r spu uv pod P»3s slcr.jo laundry Frc-fTT S-561 S V~ 6.M <5(flOo, WALLED lakev. 1 BLOOMFK LO -"er.:a>» Aps Large J t<-0vo-: Meat..-.eluded "A.-,5 > ;51J : C tjju _ :. WATERFORD 2 feorcvn-s : - bams utv.tes no!r>d..jej "0 rets [ -JKnl t\a:- -ar sr.e aat T~:1S Spacers easels a r 2 saja d r trt ~z<. A. c\t"<c»:,::>.-.-:- yj :3-.-Aqs *.e-!a -a~-e: A,r sh*osfe.-ao u-nj SSJOp -.f-os.m a.-ee oa-r\.*- A~e-:es mo Ca tor app! fto } rose room re"--.cjs r.v-3-0» WA.VNE Alva.-nf f-:->; A-.-: a; ocaled n :ne t«sl area o..\n--..> 5350 Al ules. -"CM 1-. d ; S1D-87:-654D, nuaerjqnnecdoe D] FARMNCTON D Mr CHATHAM HLLS *H Luxury Lvng E3 El El fa Actjtlu> (jjrj_;tn Mn r\vjv(.-s Hxtrj -tr.m Ap.rtnu llvlklf P(K> E E From E (810) Or ()..! (.rjr) Rurr xtvvrrn Drake kv Halst-.nf EJOElElEllEElEElEE SAY "YES" TO SOUTHFELD 11 Mle between Lasher & Evergreen LOW MOVE N COSTS 2 Bedroom Apartments HEAT NCLUDED Knob n The Woods Apartments (810)353*0586 s fax-sal95 Sw.Nporv5 Urge &> 2 Bedroom Apartments FREE HEAT DshwAher lots of Closets! Vetltal Blnds (>tra Storage ". 1«Hut Bathroom l Becfroom»**"* *.PHo or Balcony deluxe kftchen &. T- "Settc Ann <u* ee*** (313) open 7 d<tys ENJOYABLE LVNG CAN AFFORD! 1 & 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS FROM HEAT NCLUDED Beautful Settng n a Great Locaton! Pool Ar Condthflg tsy Access m Mom Oftf Mon.St 94 Suft.11-5 ( T WAYNE bedroom apartments heat 4 water ncluded Pnoe S S9S lo bedrooms S470 Securty depost requej.wl J2 WAYNE - 1 J tojrooms S vu;e. neat & watef." " r WAYNE.WESTLAND NeAt;,-:yf. R) S-lK rro Cats OK?; «WtSTLANO 1 P>MrNm apt (edeovalej carpv-1 s:::.p A rer-gra.-r --JuJvl 532; d\s:*\ 3U-32c-rt30J Westland Estates O SVa,:* R.1 S Wa-t--. R. Spacous 1 bedroom 700 sq ft. S455 Fr.,;e "CA-. 1 V ea>e K-rTf t-.r:>.a : apt.- vtal «,A- ;\ "e-v. Aj;- v v. 0 1 "jv"-> cets & -r-.-re Forest Lane Apartments 6200 North Wayne Rd. STUDO BEDROOM - S480 2 BEDROOM - S520 SEN.OR DSCOUNT A-- c- ; (:> cu. " HC.T* < A C Carpet J S p-"3> Appaces Ljj": r. M: : ss P«J-a- c.! Wa>-.-. eees OA.se-s se.-e jr.ts Cfe a.a a; e " 0- V> r <:- RJ reate" F;.J H_n;er WESTLAND ar5e 2 :c-j-;v" apanret r.sa 4 Aa:e- MoW-3 5J75 per n-.-rr Ca- nc,a r«e-.«50s C-t t-s - T,;r.l! s rer-t,/a t h ap-cea credt Sect n s c-ay ORCHARDS OF NEVVBURGH APARTMEN-TS Spa,--,,.s 1 A 2 B*J-:-:. >;pn5 (313) LVONA SCHOOLS WESTWOOD VLLAGE APTS. NvA tavng ap.p!.ca!ors on OUT 1 & 2 cejroom apt.s We olfer spacou-s UUs_jAulTJ fa ncluded yertcal t rds n*uua capel. carports, d.sh- Aas h.ers. nlercom systems & laundry ao v«s on each tlccr. We aso have 2 outdoor pc":s. 2 tenn.s courts. 2 saunas., a Ae.ghtTOom and a cfubtcj>6 S«Lrty depost or.ry S250.00" "On selected un ts only Jc> Rd West ol NeAturgh Hp rs Men-Sat 10- Sun >2 S WESTLAND. LOW MOVE N COSTS Mcrowave & Wfhdow Treatments 1 & 2 Bedroom Apfs. From 450 HEAT NCLUDED HNES PARK APARTMENTS Fr. 9-5 WESTLAND Sat 10-4 S399 Moves You n 1 & 2 8edroom Apts. Outdoor Pool Central Ar Extra Storage Space Rent Specals on Select Unts Western Hlls Apts. k Westland Park Apts. Acoss from Cty Park (Oern/.H.) cetaeen Mdrjete-t & Verrt.an)..w-.n approved credt) 2 tedrcom..t bath-5520 Large 1 terjreem - S-S5S 11 ear lease tf.;r> credt) HEAT BLNDS POOLNO PETS Open 7 days Colonal Court Apartmete Brmnghams Best Gets Better mmedate Occupancy 1 2 Bedroom Apartmenls or «Eleclronc Securty System 2 & 3 Bedfoom Tovmrcuses and Emergency System Cn-Ste Management F Basements n TwnrKWses Mcdern Ktchens wth dshwasher, mcrowave »Freplaces & Sundecks n selected unts Reser.ed Covered. Carports Leasng Hours: 9am 5pm daly Sat. 12 noon-3pm NOV WESTGATE V 200 Securty Depost Sutes from 530. Spacous Apts. Wflk-n Closets Patos and Balcones Off Pohtac Tral Between West and Beck Rds. Mnutes from o Dally 9-6 Sat. *. Sun Westland HUNTNGTON ON THE HLL 1 BEDROOM from BEDROOM from 560 Heat ncluded Spacous Sutes Dshwashers Outdoor Pool. Central Ar Park Settng Walk-n Closet (313) Ann Arbor Tral, West of nkster KDaly.9-6; SaL&Sun, V1-4 CANTON- PLYMOtT Apartments 200 Securty Depost FROM 480 ncludes Heat Dshwashers - Pool Gentrat Ar Masonary Cbtstructon Daly 9-6 Sat-Sun 11-4 WAYNE/FORD RD SPECAL S200 SECURTY DEPOST Spacous l and 2 oedroocn courtyard apartments- located feaf~stwpmv.:j 4 epressways. Other amentes nclude Newly renovated ktchens Carpetng Free Heal Ar Condtwng Wndow Treatments «laurxjry Fac-Msas.,. t Bedroom S Bedroom S500 COUNTRY COURT APTS (313) WESTLAND WAYNBFOflD RO AREA SPECAL S200 SECURTY DEPOST Spacous 1 and 2 bedroorn courtyard apartments near shoppng A expressways Other amentes ncude, Newty renovated k.chens Carpet.ng Free Heat Ar Cord!<on:ng Wndow Treatments Laund Fac/.tes 1.BEDROOM S470 MONTHLY 2 BEDROOM S500-MONTHLY COUNTRY VLLAGE APTS (313) Westland WOODLAND VLLA LVONA SCHOOLS 2 bedrooms, super closets BreaVast bar; apcances. pool. laundry taolr.es. securty doors, ntercom, cable ready, central heat-rg and ar condtonng SECURTY DEPOST Warren Rd bet V/ayne UeAturgn Carpetng Owr*r Pa-d Heat Pool Laundry Fao-ves ntercom Ar Conddon.ng Close To Shoppng S Expressway WrK5o* Treatments.! m B-nds 1 Bedroom SS05: 2 Bedroom 545 (313) WESTLANO - WOW - 485* Free Heal/Hot Water Vertcal B.nds. Ar Carpel cutr-ouse. pool, deck.ncl D.sn washer. Cable TV Pet Unts Avarable 1 BEDROOM FROM S4SCT 2 BEDROOM FROM SWO" BLUE GARDEN APTS. Cherry H.ll near Merr.man Daly 11am- pm - Sat, 10arn-2pm Cal lor detals appt Y Apartments Furnshed BRMNGHAM-ROYAL OAK Furnshed Apts. Monthly Leases lmmed3.e Occupancy Lowest Rates Tasefuty Decorated - SUTE LFE BrmnghanvVV, BScornfelcVTroy BLOOMFELO LAKES APTS. Furnshed aps, n small, quet complex. Fully furrtshec & decorated.studo bedroom unrts. ncludes dshes, lnens, etc. Cleanng servces avatfablfl; Deach prvjeges. No pets please. Rents startng at 600. Heat 4 water.nducted SHORT TERM LEASES lor qualfed applcants :. PLYMOUTH - "1 and 2 bedroom apartmenls, completely -furnshed Avalable now., (313) PLYMOUTH large, furnshed studo apartment ncludes a» utlates, prrvale parkng, dose to town.* 5475 plus rdeposft. (313) Apartments/ Furnshed ROYAL OAK DOWNTOWN FuSy furnshed stud.o apartment n. quet secured complex. 4J5 month plus securty depost You pay electrc.»ve pay heal No pets Laundry facltes. Ott-street parkng avalable Mnmum ncome requrement. 25, WE JT» 1 Condos/ AUBURN HUS. SOUTHFELD FARMNGTON HLLS OPEN WEEKENDS Outstandng 2 3 bedroom K>*nrwuses 4 rancft&s. some vattached flafage 4 freplace CaH 810 Westbury-Auourn Hs Weatherstone-Soutfleld, 3S Fopc*nte-Farn>ngton Hs Summt-FarmJgton Hs Cov-ngloo-Farmnglon The Towrhouse Specalst Hours 1am-5pm etftmlnoham-maprtretoft.-* bedroom lownhouse. 1 bath sq tt ar..hardwood foofs applances, parkng space No pes/smok.ers 875.mo D H PROPERTES BRMNGHAM - Townhouse Apt 2 bedrooms, lvng 4 drung room kltohen, vv balhs. basement SnOOmo,.. (810) BLOOMF1ELD HLLS Coodo - FUR NSHED 2 bedroom. 2 bath, lenced paho UnM June 1st Maple 4 Telegraph Relerenbes BLOOMFELD HLLS - SpaoouS 1 bedroom, central a.r. close to M-59, clubhouse, swmmng pool S600,:mo ( CANTON -, 2 bedroom. 2 bath, condo. avalable Oct, ncluded- rv un.t washer 4 dryer, S7Sttmo» securty Ask lor Patty, days Eves FARMNGTON HLLS Off Orchard LaXe 4 12 KUe Apartment stylo bedroom, bakxoy. central ar, washer, dryer. Pool 650.mo. of optjcu to buy ayatabse FARMNGTON leorchard Lake Furnshed contemporary. 2 bedrooms. 2 bath sq ft. covered porch, carport, pool.. heal wate; ncluded No pets>smokers mo D4H PROPERTES (810) 73?-tC02 LVONA COf J DO FOR RENT! 2 bedroom ranch SHARP CONDO 1 Bu.rt n baths, deck, carport, all applances ncluded. Stevenson Hgh School Dstrct Rents for S7875 month Call SANDY, or (313) Romu.us OAKBROOK VLLA 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses Rangng from 5399 to S500 ncludes an ut. ; tes Open Mon hru Fn 9-5 PM Sal by appo-ntrrent BRANDT TOO (600) TROYVCLAWSON Near Crooks 4 14 Me 3 bedroom, 1t bath townhouse wth lull basement, prvate pato yard, central ar. covered parkng Avalable Max 2 cars, cat OK wth fee E HO Call Karen al (810) Duplexes CANTON Duplex 3 bedroom, z*. appl-ances ncluded No pets 785, mo plus V: mo securty (313) GARDEN CTY 1 Bedroom Applances, No pets 42SmonrhJy. Leave Message (313) " NORT.HVtLE 3 bedroom. 15 bah low-nhouse recently renovated wthn walkng dstance So downtown S1.250.mo Ext 2 PLYMOUTH - one bedroom duplex. Fenced yard Pets okay S575 per month Call REDFORO. m.nt 2 bedroom Newly. carpeleddecofated4 kjtohen, lenced yard. S57Smo. 2 months seounty 4 utltes No pets, (313) WESTLAND, 2 bedroom, applances, carpeted, Ford Rd, S55amo. plus securty depost. -. (S0), Westtartd. Norwayne 2 bedroom. newly renovated 450 depost. No bad credt M Flats 81RMNGHAM - n town. 328 W BfOvrh, 2 bedroom upper unt, 1 bath, cetra ar, all applances, avalable now. 69&mo. Jerty. (810) FEflNDALE:- Charmng, beautuly decorated. 1 bedroom upper, hardwood floors, leaded glass w-/dows, central ar, washer-dryer, garage. A musl see! S575 mo. plus-utltes. (810) PLEASANT RDGE - Charmng 1 bedroom plus den. Oak Moors, sunporch, laundry. No Pets Call (810) Great Lvng Super Value! APARTMENT 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom from ,,--:: 350 Depost FREE HEAT and COOKNG GAS Dshwashers * Vertcal Blnds 11/2 Baths Central Ar Pool Laundry & Storage* Tenns Carport "Clubhouse Cable Ready - Nfe\vburgh between Joy & Warren (313) Stuated wthn 77 beautful acres of park ard recreatonal paths- Four >.. Seasons ot actvty Wth comfortable lvng n arjelqtful Farrnnglon Hlls heghborhood. Excellently. servced and mantaned. 1 and 2 bedroom apaflments and tovvnhouses Easy and quck access to 1-96 and drect routes to the arport downtown Detrot and Brmmgham/Soulhfold. 9 Mle RojJd 1 V mll«west of Farmlngton Road Wa&horS aryl.dryers r.rnan/ apawems A UZNS DEVELOPMENT \ Call Today 10) Flats SOUTHFELD - agreenjejd 1 bedcom. coy, carpeted. Dnng room, applances, heal ncluded No pels 475, After 7pm, TROY -. 2 bedroom upper flat. Heat 4 water nducted Near.Somerset 4-75 Great, locaton 5450,montJ «securty. (810) BltM-""* Alen Park to Rochester Brngng Landlords AND Renters Together HOUSESXONDOSAPTS RENTAL PROS SOUTHFELD, RENT GARDEN CTY RENT EAST PONTE RENT AUBURN HLLS RENT - JW _ BATES BRMNGHAM, Downtown 3 bedroom. 3 bath Vttoran OR BE A BUYER STOP RENTNG low o\mnpa-,ment5 Call Dav.d M.sXo lor FREE PRE- APPROVAL at AMERA MORTGAGE BELLEVLLE. DETROT, Realord Twp, Lncon Park be-drooms. Vant homes 4 apts Kds pets c* Hasenau Co ¾ BERKLEY 3 bedroom 1 bath buck ranch Ful.basemt-nt. AH applances Washer-dryer 85Qmo lv securty. References BEVERLY HLLS, Brmngham Schools Over 1900 sq ft 3bedroom ranch on targe tot, r-. bath, ktchen w.applances. central ar. t.replace. famly room, 3 car garage, fenced backyard,51,550,mo 80: FARMNGTON HtLLS - Spaoous 1. BEVERLY HLLS ranch, 1500 sq t. bedroom, pool. carport, 3rd floor wth 3 bedroom, v- bath, al applances, balcony, S53CVmo No pets Days garage wth,opener, storage, fenced Eves: yard, opton to buy mo BRMNGHAM 4 ALL CTES FREE PREVEW, CATALOGS. PHOTOS HOUSES. CONDOS. APARTMENTS "S-nce 1976" TENANTS & LANDLORDS SHARE REFERRALS RENT-A-HOME S Adams, B-rm r.gham ROCHESTER HamlrvRochester rds Brck ranch bonus room n fnshed basement. 3< baths, cathedral WESTLAND WOODS APARTMEMTS celngs. Wfds, formca ktchen BRMNGHAM - Attractve.3 bedroom; freplace., l-brary. attached Spacous 1 and 2 bedroom apartrrnls Amemtes nclude sq ft. ar. 2 Car, S14Q0.mo D 4 H PROPERTES garage applances S05Omo plus umtes (810) BRMNGHAM - 2 bedroom Lvng room w t;<epa;e garage. ncljdes al appl-ances Avaabe Sept Askng 1200 mo 1.810) ermngmam - 3 tedrocyn 2 tath. tlrepace, 2,.car garage «acre lor Prvate b-ackyard wavng Aance to town. S500mo CaT BRMNGHAM 2 Bedrooms Carpeted 1 Bath Basement Yard lor pets S695MO RENTAL PROS 1810> 356-RENT BRMNGHAM LOCATON.- Cute lttle.2 bedroom house 2 car garage, lenced yard deck S775mo (810) BLOOMFELD 2-3 bedrooms, nce ktchen & bam 2 car garage storage, t-eaut-fd lot, Boomfetd schools, Sl20C,mo BR1GHTMOOR AREA 96 4 Outer Drve Call for more nlo 1313) BRGHTON 3 bedroom ranch D.n.ng Alt applances Lakelror.t Yard Pels OK S850MO RENTAL PROS (810) 373-RENT CANTON - Beauttul 4 bedrcom colonal. 2 5 baths, lam.ly room, attached garage sqft. 1,300» Mb securty depost Pager ,-3147 CANTON - Beautful 4 be-droom, 2; bath. fjt.hed basement. 2¾, car garage, deck Betwvd : elementary school 1265 Appt (313) CANTON - 3. Bedrooms 1 Bath Applances Freplace Basemenl. Fenced yard. Pets OK RENTAL PROS (313) 513-RENT CANTON Newly remodeled nteror, 3 bedrooms. 2 baths on 2 9 acres Hardwood foofs. new whte dream ktchen, 1300/rrK>, CANTON 4 other suburbs. CORPORATE TRANSFEREES For your RELOCATON NEEDS Can D 4 H PROPERTES O2 CANTON -Warren/Beck. Sunflower Sub Pool/tenns ladles, 1990 brck 4 bedroom Colonal 2,310 sq (1. 2/<S baths, famly room. ar. 2 oar, ar, dog only, no smokers 2,lOO-mo. D H PROPERTES W02 CLARKSTON 3 Bedroom ranch 1 Bath All applances Freplace. Basement. Fenced yard RENTAL PROS (810) 373-RENT COMMERCE. OAKLEY/WELCH brck 4 tdroom colonal. 2V5 path, vaulted celngs, lbrary/larrtly fodm. f.replace, neutral. 3 car. ar. Wated Lake Schools, S240o.mo. D & H PROPERTES COMMERCE TWP Lower straghts lakefront. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, J1.50b.month. Call. (810) or (810) DEARBORN GreerCelcVFord Rd Palmer.. Clean redecorated 3 bedroom, applances; garage, 725/ mo, No pels DEARBORN HEGHTS -4 bedroom, fmrshedbasement. garage,.750mo: 2 bedroom, 6l0mO, Opton to buy avalable on both (810) DEARBORN HGTS Blooms 1 Bath Carpeled.Lr.-hg room Fnshed basemenl. Yard Garage. S750, RENTAL.PROS (313) 513-RENT DETROT Clean 2 bedrcom brck ranch, fnshed basement, garage. Nce homrj; Hce area 615 plus securty. CaS (313) FARMNGTON & ALL CTES RENT-A-HOME TENAMS 4 LANDLORDS Homes FAFdNGTON HLLS: 11/Orchard Lake Rd Bnck 4 bedroom, 2-, baths 2 r,fplaces, parta! basement,.wet bar. r*utral carpeug. 2 oar mmedate occupancy. Small pet 150Omo D 4 H PROPERTES FARMNGTON HLLS, 3 bedroom, dmng room, large (amly room, applances, no basement, S800 plus securuy (310) FARMNGTON HH.LS - 2 bedroom. U ol 8 M.!e,W ol lobster Carpet bl.nds slo.e No jmoker-or perf. 560 no securty FAR+rNGTO-N-WXS- 3_bedtQ0m. ranch- Appaces Bath. Fenced yard 2 Car garage 850-MO. RENTAL PROS (810» 356-RENT FARMNGTON HLLS - Goo J locaton Prvate 2 bedroom brck 4 stone cm beaut.fu acreage basement, garage %»2 mo FARMNGTON & other suburbs CORPORATE TRANSFEREES For ydur RELOCATON NEEDS Can D 4 H PROPERTES O2 GARDEN CTY - 3 bedroom ranch, full basement central a.r. bult-n d.shwashet haroaocd floors. 2 car garaje No Pels Lawn serv.ee.n.-ujed 58OT per mo Cal 6pm - lpprn 8lQ) BEVERLY HLLS 2 bedroom. 1 bath, f.replace basement. (ercej yard 1 year lease 900-mo GARDEN ClTY - Clean 3 bedroom (810) 642-7B01 ranch, vs basement Carp*!, applances f.replace 4 garage S800 mo plus uft.es (313) BRMNGHAM Very dean, 1450.sq 11 3.bedroom home Oastment Walkng d.stance to downtown & school S475mo NORTHVLLE NKSTER COZY 2 bedroom ranch. 550 mo attached garage, large yard, freplace. Wayne Westand Schools NO pets NO Secton Hazelwood E of Henry Rutf. S of Avonda Secunty depost 825 1st mos. rem moves you n Mark NKSTER - Sharp 2.bedroom ranch. mechancs garage, (rashly panted, n-.medale occupancy. Opton!0 buy ava.able Home FARMNGTON Downlowrt Hston ROYAL OAK - b«st locaton n D.stnct 2300 Sq. ft. -3 bedroom (2 town. 2 blocks from Man Street. master sutes), 3 lull balhs, famly Large older 3 bedroom home wth room den,.drfvng sunroon. lfeplace, hardwood floor. 1st floor basement large lot. front porch, orgnal wooefwork Dvooghoul. Reference requred, no pels, non laundry, cent/a) ar, fun basement. 2 car garage 2, smokers preferred. Agent FARMNGTON HLLS lamcmebert. Completely lurnsherunfurnshed. ROYAL OAK:- Neutraf 3 bedroom. lasteluly decorated, 3/ 4 bedroom lamrly room 27 «13. ceramc Mchen ranch, 2 bahs sq t 2 car. floor, basemenl, r* car. ar. applances, deck lawn mduded, no pets-smokers 2660 D4H PROPEflTtES Orno (810) LAKE ORON --2 bedroom ranch 1 8ath Carpeled Applances Fenced yard Small pets OK 625MO RENTAL PROS (810) 373-RENT LVONA 4 ALL CTES RENT-A-HOME TENANTS 4 LANDLORDS LVONA - ava ab ; e from September Apr.l - 3 beckoom brck ranch. 2 balhs updated ktchen, appances. fn.shed baserrent, 2 car. cat only, no smckers, S140QVmon!lv OSH PROPERTES LVONA 7 bedroom bunga-ow Carpclel Al applances Fenced, Deck S 750 MO RENTAL PROS 3T3) 513-RENT LV 0 M A - 3,be d room b r ck Apr;, f - ances Fnshed basemen! Fenced Yard Opton r»;-go!able RENTAL PROS (81O) 356-RENT LVONA 2 bedroom home on 1 ace ><j be/ Avaabe October.st.be able to rra-nta-rt. Shown by arpontr.ent 3793G Plymouth Road Adus onry ( LVONA 5 M.e & Newburgh area. 4 bedrpom quad Lancaster lrrrrredale occupancy, S,1350TX> Can (313) MLFORD AREA -contemporary 3-4 bedrooms en lake. 4 decks, garage, farr.;!y room 1495 a mo * securty Week-days after S MleWaggarty area 2 bedroom. garage 4 entras 700 rr.o. V mo securty C-all (810) NOV 3 bedroom bungalow, slcrve 4 relrgerator No pets S650 ptus secut.tv No cas atter 8PM (810> OAK PARK - 2 bedrooms, stove 4 refrgerator, no basemenl 500 a month plus securty ORCHARD LAKE - channg 2 bedroom 1 bath home vlh lake pntleges 4 large treed lo.. All applances ncluded SCOO-mo PNCKNEY - beautful executve lake front cham of lakes home. Applances Short term possble. SVeoO-a. month. (313) PLYMOUTH DOWNTOWN, beautful vctonan home.-3 bedroom Avarlable Ocl plus utltes,. No pets: 263 S Unoh (313) PLYMOUTH - LleyJoy, 3 bedrcom rarh.-f.rst floor laundry, basement. V? baths. 1,200 sq tt, 2 oar. ar. lenced yard, SUOOVmo. D 4 H PROPERTES REDFORO - 3 bedroom brck, V. bath, full basement. 2½ car attached garage. 5825monlh+ utltes. S1200 secuhty. By appontment Lucerne REDFORD..TWP - 2 bedroom. 6 M.leBeech area. No pels. S595 plus frst 4 last securty. (810) REOFORD TWP. - 3 bedroom, 2 baths, central healar. Nce ktchen, all applances. Avalable Now. Low Fee Rontoday. (810) REOFORD TWP. - 3 possble 4 bedroom cape cod bedroom bnck flat wth freplace 4 applances :,. 2 bedroom -starter ranch 645, Can Dave ROCHESTER - 3 bedrooms. 1-Bath. Carpeted Dnng. Applances Basement Yard Garage -850VMQ. RENTAL PROS (810) 373-RENT ROMULUS - 2 bedroom, largeyard, no pets Good references Good credt, S450 per monlh. (313) ROYAL OAK -3 be-drdom, 2 story home w,1a basement 4 garage, large yard Ready To Move n tow Fee Rentoday. (810) ROYAL OAK - 2 becvoom ranch Famly rdom: Applances.Basement. Fenced Pels OK Garage, 750. RENTAL PROS (810) 356-RENT ROYAL OAK: 3 bedroom home, ar, nce backyard, rmshed basement. 1 cargarage, screened n porch. Open House Sat. 11-3om Cooper, UWcodward. : (810) ROYAL OAK: tacampoelj Brck3 bedrcom, fnshed. basemenf. rec room2715. apphances. 2 car. deck, schools Wthn walkng, neutra) thruoul 1200rro H PROPERTES AP-ARFMENTS LKAttl ulj.uflt t" rt.h.rally WHKCC 1 lnts Krk, wm.muyl..h 2 xlrckm.p.rtnu-ts aul nwohnscs, Colfr.Wt lvng wth ;jr ohlrjomw/. prv.ttc-kutnts; lut lostts. ju-.u ultlttl. AUa(;hU-rV.,nul J.wmnn: Mxls. SMARTstup.u tltlronr-ntr.ht; f x,>0m)(>.\x<at SX.rr xuvnmulmlxt Sttrrm.t KduU.uul SCHOOLCRAFT- NEAR Merrman, cute 2 bedroom home wth basemenl, slpve 4 frdge, large lot, good condton, ol heal, musl have references, 775. Robert Wol Co SOUTHFELD - 3 bedroom brck ranch Fueplace, Applances Fenced Opton avalable RENTAL PROS (810) 356-RENT STOP RENTNG! ;OWN A PECE OF AMERCA ManyRomes To CTKSOs Wll-Pay Closng Costs. You Contrbute 1 Month Gross ncome. Of up to 10% (based on credt)» Specal Paymenl Plan to Htp You Save. GoodBad Credt - Dscharged Bankruptces O.K G L ENTERPRSES, NC ol MCHGAN (313) Mon - Fn TAYLOR - 3 bedroom, no pets. 525/ mo Also 4 bedroom, no pets, 555/ mo Recently re decorated Callatler 5pm (313) TROY 4 bedroom. 2 bath, basement, central ar. alarm, applances, sunpofch r < acre, mmedate occupancy. S1550 mo TROY - 4 bedroom colonal Famly room wth (.replace Formal rjnng toom Central an Cul-de-sac mmedate occupancy S1700mo or , TROY - 4 bedroom, colonal, 2600 sq ft, 2Vj baths, study, ar. 2½ car garage. 1st floor laundry, lke prvleges 1750mo Share Ustmgs: TROY Bg BeaverJofn R - Bnck 3 bedroom ranch, frst floor laundry, 2 baths, famly room, freplace, ar. bege carpet freshly panted, no relrgerator. 2 car No pets S1500mo D 4 H PROPERTES TROY Long LakeJohn R - 4 bedroom bnck ranch. 2--¾ baths, famly room, freplace, oak ktchen, vaulted celng, screened porch, applances, arr Dog only no smokers S2200,mo. D 4 H PROPERTES WARREN 3 bedroom/1 5 balh2car garage on -. acre New dak ktchen w-apparces ndud.ng washer 4 dryer. Upstars loft 795mo Water nxluded (810) WAYNE 2 bedroom Ranch Carpeled V.t Balhs Applances Basement Fenced Garage S600-MO RENTAL PROS 1313) 513-RENT W BLOOMFl LD - 4 bedroom, D.rrrtg 1 Bath Basement Yard Pels r.egotabe S825MO RENTAL PROS (810) 373-RENT W BLOOMFELD Pontac Tr/Od Orchard Wooded settng 3 bedroom wakout ranch, 3 baths. 2 freplaces Woodpecker proteges, ar. 2 car. Waled Lake schools l.80omo 04H PROPERTES (810) W BLOOMFELD Pontac TraH. Borland 3 bedroom ranch. 1 bath, applances, 2 car garage S850vmo l mo depost (810) WESTLAND 2 bedroom ranch hcm.es w.th basement, laundry hook-up Renovated lke new "Pets Welcome. ("Restrctons Appry) OAK VLLAGE ( WESTLAND 3 bedroom cape cod, mmacuate home, r-s baths, carpeted parvlrushed upstars, basement. 2 car garage, fenced yard, excellent neghborhood. 80Omo «securty Avalable Sept or WESTLAND - 3 bedroom, tn-level. Vt bath, lenced yard, S750mo. plus secunty depost Avondale Appontment Only, (313) WESTLAND; - 3 Bedroom ranch, Lrvcoa schools, garage, 750mo : 3 Bedroom. 590.mo Opton o buy avalable on both (810) WESTLAND : 4 bedroom colonal D.nng Famly room. 2 Baths. Fenced yard" Pets Ok 69.WO RENTAL PROS (313) 513-RENT WESTLAND -275 area - 3 bedroom, prck, basement. 1e bath, carpel, dean, central ar, no pels, SSSOVrrO Excellent area (313) WESTLAND - Lrvona schools, clean 3 bedroom bnck ranch, applances, basement, garage. S90QVmo. plus securty Call after 4:00 pm. (313) REDFORO - 3 bedroom bungalow. Carpeted Applances Fenced Pels OK. 2¾ Car garage RENTAL PROS (810) 356-RENT WESTLAND : Newly remodeled. 3 Bedrooms \ Bath Lvng room. Yard. PelSOK 590WO. RENTAL PROS (313) 513-RENT TU Lake/Waterfront»U Home Rentals LAKEVlLLE LAKE -large 2 bedroom home, garage, yarrj wth.lots of lake. frontage, soufhend 10b0/mooth , or Lease Lake Front Home BLOOMFELD HLLS 4 bedroom ranch, ava ; lable for mmedate occupancy. All sports lake Easy access to Telegraph. Short term lease avalable. Call: CLEARWATER FLORDA: Furnshed 2 bedroom lownhouse wth poot..oec.-aprl, mnmum 3 months S700.mcoth... (810) DSNEY ORLANDO CONDO 2 bedroom. 2 bah.. Pool. spa. golf, lenns..495 wk. Days: , Eves: LAKELAND, FLA. - Large 2 bedroom Moble -Home. 950-mo. Nov. tha May; all other months 500. All clubhouse amentes ncluded. Shoppng 4 sports wthn mnutes.- Call evenngs (810) NAPES FL - Foxfre, prvate 27 Hole GoU course communty. 2 bedroom. 2 bath, Golf, tenns, heated pool, Jacu«: PUNT A GOROA, Fla, Burnl.Store Marna.4 Country Club, furnshed 3 bedroom. 2 bath home on g course. Nov.-May. Also 2 todfoom. 2 bath urtumshed annuat SUN clty-center, FL Kngs Ponte bedroom unrts; 2 baths; 4-6 mo. rental. (810) Vacattoa Resort RS Rentals >, BOYNE AREA! 5 fjedrooms, 3 bath», 2 cokx TVs. VCRS Fan Golf HARBOR SPRNGS Cory condo. sleeps 6-8. pool, spa, al ammehdes. 2 Replaces. Color, holday & sk) rentals.. (9fQ) HOMeSTEAOj-charmrvg beachfronl CAArhhouse. 2 bedroom 2 bah. toeplace, oreal vew 4 decor. Can now lot Fas escapes ,-1984 THNK SUMMER Deluxe cottages, T*was area Sand Lake.-. S174fj9-3o53 TrWVERSe.CfTY, Ncrtv Stoe h\ Hfuy beach krt oofjc<s. Smoke h» Srecfa) F«l and wmer 2 rtr/ pack. TRAVERSE CTTS mosf charmoa beatftfront resort, t-2 bedrooms ws Mchen*. Beautful MncV beech. Ced for Brochure,, WALLOON LAKE HOME. 6 mles S CPeloskey. steeps to. Off teasorv,r*le»,bf<v, days «-M96 jeves ~JL ttrmtfl

21 * * * * "W M ALL CTES SNCE 1976 "QUALFED" Urng Quarters to Share ROOMMATES FREE PREVEW SHARE REFERRALS S. Arjarrn, Brmnyha/n MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9; 1996 O&E Classfcatons 412 to 500. (*)9B AU6URN HLLS Apt to share. Luxuncus Complex. 2 Bedrooms. S375mo. plus utltes. Before 11am or after 9pm. (810) Brmngham n To*n - Fabulous spacous vntage home, seeks neat responsfrlelemajfl To share w-h same. No lease Of securty depost requred. (810) BOOMFELO ESTATE spacous home & grounds, pool. Prvate bath. laeal lor young professonal female. At uwtes. W00. (810) CLARKSTON: PRESTGOUS home m DeedaXe Sub, fub house prlveges and lake aocess. Lookng lor responv. male or temale..smolser or non. Must ke dogs. 400/month ncludes u-j*es. plus J2O0 securty requred. ~(&K>) *fAflV.NGTON..3. bedroom home. ureal tocaton. Non smoker preferred latamo. ptus W utltes. (810) FARSUNGTON HLLS-Murwood Apts 2 bedroom. bath. 2 pools, (acum. AorKoul factfrty, large bedroom v»/bay»xkjo«female preferred. 370 mo Great complex, must see! Honsmoker. Avalable now FARMNGTON HLLS Fnshed basement apartment Prvate entrance. 450Ano ncludes uwrtes Non -smoker. (810) FARMNGTON HLLS - Seekng 3rd to share house 295 a mo. ndudes untes. No chldren/pels. Securty deposrt requred FEMALE ROOMATE wanted to snare lumlshed 2 bedroom apartment n WesTtand. Non. smoker! 300/ mo. Heat & water ncluded. Call Lsa: (313) GARDEN CTY - Roommate tor 3 tearoom ranch v<th basement. teheed yard, gajage. S400 mo. plus jj-ll.es. No pets (313) LvONlA Roommate needed Full r Ck.se prvleges. 30amo to T.o.e m References. No pets (810) ROYAL 0AK/8EVERLY HLLS: Professoral non-smokng female to share beautful. 3 bedroom home ut*bes. (810) 549-5"526 floyal OAK - Large bedroom, tots ol closets, lull bath, own entrance, cable Optonal garage, lots of amentes SOJTHFELO dean/quet/partafty furnshed Prvate room & phone. Mchervlaundry/cable/ro pels no smoke (810) WATERFORD - On beautful Cass Lake Luxurous targe 2 bedroom apt. tastefully decorated, walkout garden pa!>o to an seasons tun paradse lke, pnvae dock, at prvleges ncludng laundry 4 prvate bath. seal tor an evenng employed female 250 securty. Rent negotable Mark BRMNGHAM Mate professonal m late 5ffs seekng same to share home Orvy cost snare utltes 4 mantenance. (81?) BLOOMFlELO - Beautful furnshed room; prvate bath, mcrowave. lnens, TV. utates Employed older genbemen No dnnjonrvsmokng. Can 10-3pm: (610) LVONA ENTRANCE PRVATE Bath, clean, furnshed, sleepng Va Mfe 4 Newburgh 80 Weekly (313) LVONA furnshed room w/tv Offstreet parkng. Gentleman over 3S, no smokers or drnkers. 75. (313) LVONA STUDO APARTMENTS Furnshed wth choce ol ether mrcowave-retrgeralof or Krtohenette urvl. Mad servce, cable TV, phone answerng l7(vweewy. Days nn Plymouth, Lvona NewburghVryrnouth (313) REDFORD - Deluxe furnshed rooms, mad servce. HBO. Low dajv.my rates ncludes untes Tel-96 nn , Royal westlawvnear rurrtshed. pnva.e,4 bah. ktchen prvleges. Norvsmotong lady employee! days. &Vweek depost Offce Space (See Class #395) BRGHTON - Deluxe offce space sjfl. sute wth prvate entrance, 1200 sq.ft. upper area servced by elevator. Can be dvded. (810) l Garages/ JJ Mn Storage fa SPORT/ANTQUE SEASONAL storage. Heated buldng and securty. Leave message: ABSENTEE OWNER We personaf*e ou servxe lo meet your leasng 4 management needs. Broker - Bonded Specalzng n corporate transferees 8efore rnawng" a decson, can us 1 D & H ncome Property Mgmt Orchard Lake. Rd Fanpngton Hls (810) " SNGLE FAMLY SPECALSTS Servces TaSored lo Corporae Transferees, nvestors. Out-of-Town Owners Professonal rental management of homes and condo*. Western Wayne 4 Oakland county. 6«st Servce 4 reasonable fees RCHTER & ASSOC. ACCEPTNG APPLCATONS Area Tranees ALL POSTONS AVALABLE New company needs hardworkng, aggressve men & women mmedately. No experence necessary V/e W«rwT-the=>3b1ra-nng, pro** sharng 1 beneft package! tt youre not makng st least 4QCVwk. can me. lor persona! m.erve* ACCOUNTANT/ BOOKKEEPER TOP 20 Detrot metro area CPA lrm seeks ndvdual wth strong accountng and bookkeeomg background (Of poston as an accountng software specalst Successlul canddate wll perorm selecton, mplementaton, tranng and support serfvoes. Ths s an opportunty lo use your communcaton, teachng, computer and busness skts m a team orented envronment. deal poston for person seekng opportunty for career advancement wth a progressve, grpwth orented organzaton. Send resume n confdence to: Paul Btome SCHMALTZ & COMPANY, P.C./ NEXA NTERNATONAL FrankUt Rd. Sute 1200 Southfeld, Ml ACCOUNTANT/CPA Brmngham area CPA,frm s lookng lor a dynamo CPA seekng change a professonal advancement MUST have at least 3 years current pubhc accountng experence 4 suong nterpersonal 4 communcaton sklls Bnng your experence & enthusasm 10 our growng frm 4 receve excellent compensaton 4 potental lor growth. Respond n confdence to: Mellen, Smth & Pvoz 3O&90 Telegraph. Sle 1131 Bngham Farms. Mr ACCOUNT ANTCPA requred lor Southfeld frm Experence requred n alt areas ol accountng 4 tax work Computer competence a must Hours could be flexble. Resumes only toll Jares Zack. CPA. PC Northwestern Hghway Sxe 399 Southfeld. Ml ACCOUNTANT/ CPA Top 20 Oelrtxt melro area CPA frm seeks dynamc ndvdual wth 2-4 W. BLOOMFELD Female wanted years ol recent accountng or fnance to share home beng remodeled. experence t6r management consultng poston Actvtes w8 nclude ASmgfe mother Lake prvleges Upstars toft vvlufl house prvleges preparaton ol prosoectrfe fnancal no pets 1 chld OK 300 half umt-es Call after 5:30pm busness valuatons Strong com mtormalpn, fnancal analyss and puter, spreadsheet and word processng sw.s a plus Ths s ar WlXOM,TK>Vl area-female roommate *an;ed lo share nce 2 bedroom apt opportunty lo use your commoncaboa computer and busness sklls n a PorJ overlooks man-made lake S285T as mo plus A uttes team-orented envronment deal poston for person seekng opportunty for advancement wth a progressve, growth orented organzaton Rooms Send resume n confdence 10: Paul Blome SCHMALTZ 4 COMPANY, PC/ NEXA NTERNATONAL Frankln Rd.Sute 1200 South!*ld, Ml CMP10VM NW NSTRUCTON S RV1C S # JyJjjGenw Able to Average 8-20 Hearty AVQN CHRSTMAS SALES At WofkpUKe-NelgnbOfS-Famly Benefts! (ncentfvest ACCEPTNG APPLCATONS. Drrver who own lull sze van can earn over per day. Sorrve Wtng, (810) ACCEPTNO APPLCATONS FOR MAQS (ovt) lo dean hallways n apartment cenvnuntjes. Day work, ea/ needed, pafd hortdays 4 vacatons.»7 pe hbu». Ca* Mon.-Fr. brtween 8*rn 4 3pm ACCOUNTANT/CPA Enpenene«4 wth»h phases of Otovntng VelooVxj busness srvj peronm tax preparaton. Sertd f»sumo: FrankSn Road. Southed, Ml 48034, A* f*pm* conldef.ta.. j. ACCOUNTANT/CPA 2-5 yrs publ< and WS2 experence Flexble trs Pan or full-tme. Resume only to: Northwestern H*y.»140, Farm.ngton H.lts, Ml ACCOUNTANT lor Farmngton M.lls CPA frm. Must be expenenced n complaton 4 revew, corporate 4 ndvdual laxes- Mnmumol Syearspubcaccourlng expenence. Send resume to. Box «1061 Observer 4 Erxentnc Newspapers Schootratt Rd Lrvona. Ml ACCOUNTANT For Lvona CPA trm. Must ha«a degree Good benefts. Send resume to: R. J Ocksbott 4 Co.. P C, Schoolcrafl. Sute 110. Lrvona.-Ml ACCOUNTANT Plymouth manufacturng company needs an assertrye, ehergetc person to work n general lecvjer, bttng. accounts rece.vabe. and month-end processng. Good computer skos and prevous accountng experence requred. We offer a cempettrve salary and benefts Pease send resume and salary requrements lo: johnsod Stampng Company Attn: Human Resources 9120 Drve PljTnouth. Ml EOE.. Accountants, we have, excefem career opportun,t*s. Cat on these and others PERM Cost Accountant Establsh standard costs. revew varances. Salary low to rmd 40s. Accountng Manager Full F/S responsblty. Sold systems experence,. - Salary low to md 40s» Jr. Accountant 1-2 yts. fxed asset experence. Salary md to hgh S20s Bookkeeper - falng. accounts payable and payrbd Salary lo S24K Accounts Payable Clerk- Dala entry, some codng, check processng, Saary to 20K TEMP Sr. Accountant,- Account analyss, monthly close,. 15»mr. Jr. Accountant.«Accounts payable, payroll, or.accounts reces-afee, 9:atr. Accountants Connecton nc Schoolcraft Rd Sute 100 Lrvona, Ml V (313) g ACCOUNTANT West Bloomfted accountng frm seeks Stall Accountant wth mnmum 2 years experence m pubc area. Corporate tjx return preparaton 4 strong computer skts requred Send resume to: Attn: SZ " PO Box Southfeld. Ml ACCOUNTANT wth 2 or more years publc accountng experence. Permanent part tme job share poston FuU tme possble at later date. Computer 4 tax experence requred. CPA preferred. Tedder Consultng, Lvona Fax resume to ACCOUNTNG A large Troy based Coporaton seeks an ndvdual wth one or mora years experence. Must be neat, organzed and relable. Full-tne, great benefts, and opportunty tor advancement Please send resume and salary requrements to: Total Travel Management. nc., Human Resource Drector. P.O. Box 939. Troy, Ml Of Fax to ACCOUNTNG ASSSTANT Farmngton Hlls real estate agency seeks professonal, hardworkng and upbeat team player lo provde fun. charge bookkeepngaccountng support Must have Assocate Oegrea n accountng, and 2-3 years expenence wth journal entres, tral balances and fnancal statements. Computer expenence wth Excel. Lotus and Mcrosoft Word Knowledge of Great Pa ns payroll software a plus. Compettve salary and benefts package. Please send resume and salary requrements to Mr. Cameron. P.O. Box 691. Southfeld, Ml or lax Ptanle 4 Moran Recruter lor an Equal Opportunty Empoyer ACCOUNTNG CLERKS Our clent, a Lvona-based floor coverng company, s seek.-ng both an accounts recevables clerk 4 an accounts payable clerk lor the.r fast paced busness t you enjoy workng w.th a dverse group ol people..these jobs are lor you We need corrpe-en people to do the targe volume ol rece.vatves. payabes. aged reports. etc.; so some experence s requred Please send us your resume m confdence to: Attn: ACF Follmer. Rudzewcz & Co Hall Rd Sute 500 Sterlng Hs..Ml S Accountng Clerks > Needed mmedately! Temp lo Perm postons ava - awe r Ls-orva lor experenced Accountng Clerks Da.a entr. 10-Xey and accounts payable and accounls recevable experence a plus Startng pay per hr. mmecate open/gs. Please ca loday to schedue an appo.r.ment ADA (313) No.Fee. EOE ACCOUNTNG Leadng constructxx management htm seekng a Job Cost Bllng Clerk to generate monthly Wngs and -reports n a last paced envronment. deal carxt-daa should have.? years accounts recevable or nvocmg on a computerzed accountng system, and have prof cency wth spreadsheet and word processng programs. Bachelors degree s preferred. Send resume w«h salary requrements lo: Human Resources.- J Helm Street. Plymouth, Ml ACCOUNTNG PERSON to handle accounts recevable 4 nvocng n a Plymouth nsurance agency. Call Stacey tor appontment. (313) ACCOUNTNG CHLDTME. Staff Accountant Natonal chld care company: seeks ndvdual to jon Corporae offce as Stafl Accountant.. Poston requres B&H3A n accountng or Assocates degree wrelated expenence. ADP experence a plus. Responsb.ftes nclude fxed asset accountng and payroll processng. Please send resume wsalary, requrements to Human Resources-SA, CMdtme Chldrens Centers W. Ten Mte Road, Ste, 100, Farmngton HHs. Ml Far. 81CM An Equal Opportun-ty Employer. Accountng STAFF ACCOUNTANT Growng manufacturng company seeks canddates to fll accountng postons. Selected canddates w-a 1-5 years experence n one or more of the followng areas fnancal slalerhent preparaton, general ledger reconclaton, sale and local lax preparaton. Four year undergraduate accountng or fnance degree requred We offer compettve wages and an excellent beneft package nterested partes should send ther resume wth saaryhstory to: Accountng -. P.O. Box Plymouth. Ml EOE. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE for muhfaceed teal estate company. Experence requred. Send resume: Franket Development, 3221 W. Bg Beaver. Su-te M -, Troy, Ml ** famf MAW WTH W AMF.RtCAN BLND AND WALLVAPER s he natons largest drect marketer of honw,decoratng. products. Our customerscall vn revppfse to our. natonal advertsng. We are currently acceptng applcatons for ndvduals to answer nbound sales - calls for the followng shfts: lam -6pm 1pm-7:30pm 1pm-10:30pm 2pm - 8:30pm 3pm-11:30pm 3pm-9;30pm * * # * * * * *. * * * WlPROVDf; Great pay-average reps earn SSSO per hour consstng of ba-c pluscommsvon. Anxous customers, absolutely no cold callng. Professonal offce envronment.pad tranng to help you Succeed. * * * * * * * * * * *. * f you have excellent communcaton sklls and basc V computer knowledge ca to Kkdulc an appontment. y( OR JL To learn more, stop n and meet our recruters durng our upcomng Career Far y( MONDAY,SEPTKMBKm6,2PM.7PM u Restaurant. Retal & Sales Career Far Y, Double Tree Sutes Hotel, Southrcld J( [asr ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Leadng manufacturer m the pastes ndustry headquartered n Plymouth seeks a full tme Accountant wdegree Desred canddate wj have 1-3 yrs. experence n AP, Afl. ard/ or Ledger. We offer a compettve wage and an excellent beneft package, nterested partes should send ther resume wth salary h.story to: A/P PO. Box 6407 Plymouth, Ml «8170 EOE, ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - major automotve suppler lookng tor experenced Accounts Payawa person wth general ledger knowledge, computer experence, especally Excel. good organzatonal sklls, self motvated, team player, excellent workng package, send resume to: PO Box P>/mouth Ml \S ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Brmngham sales 4 marketng agency..ful-lme per hf. Profcency wth Mcrosoft software. Send resume to: P.O: Box 1634, Brmrgham, Mch ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT To support 2 busy execs. Must have strong Mtrosoft once sklls to mclude PowerpOml. Posed professonal canddate wth sold executve background. Experence m humanresources or fnance helps. Ths nternatonal company offers full benefts ard very compel te salary. Fax resume n confdence to the oftce nearest you. farmngton Klls Troy Admnstratve Support Receptonst and Data Entry Multple Opportuntes Avalabte mmedately Top Pay wth Benefts For mmedate tnerv.ew Cal SP (810) ADVERTSNG GRAPHC DESGNER A Del rol -based advertsng agency seeks an nd.vdua to desgn d-splay ads. marketng brochures. 1orms, nserts, newsletters-, etc Entry-level canddates should be prccenl n Pagemaker orouarkand have experence wth Freehand. Photoshop and the preparaton of camera-ready artwork Salary and benefts package Send resume, saary requrement and work smple.to GRAPHC DESGNER P O Box 40 Deto.1. Ml EOE advertsng TRAFFC ASSSTANT Tjl Help Wanted ALL SHFTS AVALABLE!!! For Bellevlle, Canton. Lvona and Farmmgton Hlls Warehouse. Packaong and Assembly Postons Cat Today! Corporae Personnel Servces. nc (313) \EOE NO FEE, Alteratons & Ftters Experenced n brdal 4 formal wear Excellent workng corxt-vons. Hourly rates Call (810) Grand Rver Drake Alumnum Sdng Appfcaors Steady work all yr. round 1 Payday every Frday! Good referencesown truck, tods requred.(810) A MENS shop m Brmngham seeks ndvdual wth retal, offce, peope savvy. Energetc, organzed, detal orented Enjoy meetng 4 greetng Leave message at AMERCAN CATERNG - mrneckate. fun tme Mor,- thru Fn Route Drver poston lor.eslabtshed route, wll tran aggresve person wth good drvng record, congenal personalty- 4 comfortable math ablty, ncome alter tranng - 375» per week Can (313) A PARTY ATMOSPHERE House 01 Lloyd and, Chr.stmas Around he World Home based bus JWT Specalzed CommuncatOns. a subsdary ol J Water Tnompson. ness wh unl.mfed ncome has an mmed-ate cpenr>g for an Call Claud a (810) experenced Trade Assstant You w.l assst the Producton Manager wth estmatng, trancng, and producng, advertsng/collateral materals Th.s w-.u nclude deveopng and manta.n.ng a weekly project schedue. gatherng data and prepanng pnnt estmates, mputt-ng est; males nto computer, montonng job cost estmates agamst actual costs and ssung requests lor purchase orders To qual.+y. you must be a hghly organzed professonal wth at least 3-5 years experence and outstand-ng nrerpersonal skls Computer Heracy wth Macntosh and BM,systems preferred Send or lax your resume.and sa-ary requremenls lo JWT Specalzed. Communcatons Attn: Angela Wllfdrd 3000 Town Center, Sute 16O0 Southfeld, Ml 48QZ5 Fax: /27 7. No phone cas pfssje Equal Ocrtunty.Employer AR FREGHT Expandng ar freght company needs experenced ntematonatdomesk Operatons Agent. Full benefts PHJS. Send resume to: Arport Dr... Romulus, Ml 48174, EXPERENCED ALARM NSTALLERS Call Autoextras at ( o66 ALARM NSTALLERTECHNCAN Estab.shed frm offenng secure job w/ebmpany vehtle. Experenced orvy. Cal. 5-ALARMS ( ) J T ALL THE HOURS r \ YOU NEED NO NGHTS, WEEKENDS OR HOLDAYS Earn S6-S9 hourly. Weekly pay. car needed, mleage pad. 575 hrng bonus.can: MERRY MADS ALL AREAS OF GENERAL LABOR We wll tran We want full S part tme. Startng salary S7 an hour, no experence necessary. We otter 3 fult frnge package. Apply wthn 9am to 3 30pm ask for Dane al Grand Rver. Nof/. ALL STUDENTS/OTHERS PART TME WORK 27 mmed.ale Openngs To Start, Flexle Schedues Call 9-9prr: AMOCO CASHER postons ava.labe We offer ex*e hours, pad vacatons Compettve wages. Apply n person Located a! 12 Mle 4 Nov Rd, or call ask tor Ray. ANMAL HOSPTAL has open.ng lor fuh 4 part-tme Wn tram. Must have desre to team the mam aspects of anmal care and offce procedures Reply PO Box Westtand. Ml APARTMENT GENERAL HELPER Full tme apartment prep and lght mantenance tor pelrort apartment complex. BeneMs Call Men-Fn 1-3 pm, (313) An Equal Opportunty Employer APARTMENT MANAGER COUPLE For large.suburban property management company Must have,2 years expenence n property management. Apartment 4 utltes ncluded Call Mon -Fn 9am-5pm, \ APPLY NOW. Shjrt order type cockng on a «mot-:e truck, workng Mon-Frv ; Apply Mon thru Fn befrve-en 9am-4pm at ndustral Rd., j Garden Cty J APPLY NOV/ Tral hre permanent pos-vons n OakardCounty Techncal 4 Labor postons., ava fable, Saary based on experence. Call for detals f#:< Help Wanted APPLY TODAY - Slarl tomorrow. Factory postons avalable mmedately. 1st. 2nd and 3rd shfts Must have own vanspprtabon 4 pass drug test No other.company wll treat you better or keep you workng Dont mss out can now on ste APPLY TODAYS WORK TOMORROW BONUS Temp-to-ft/e. permanent 4 temporary. Labor postons Work m Metro-Detros fnest busnesses Flexble schedules, top pay. greal opportuntes!!! Apply n person Tuesday 4 Wednesday, between 10 AM 4 2 PM Telegraph Rd, Sute 1311 n the Onyx Plaza Between M»!e Roads, on the west sde O Telegraph Be sure to have a pcture D 4 Scoal Secunty Card SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES APT MANAGER COUPLE Husband 4 wfe team to manage med um sze apartment communrty m suburban area Pror apartrner.l manager experence a must Excellent salary and benel.ts lo rght canddates No pets Call for appt Tues - Thurs., from 9-11am (810) ARCHTECT/ENGNEER. Wen establshed ln<ty area general contractor s seekng a Regstered Archtect or engneer wrvhsaes. matketrng and estrratng sklls Wryk.ng knowledge ot autocad s desred Salary and benefts negc<ab«new poston Please send resume to Serenus Johnson 4 Son Const. Co. P O. Box 14. B Cty, Ml ARCHTECTS 4 DRAFTERS Arch.tectural ottce has mmedate postons avalable to manage small commercal and resdental prefects Send resume to: P.O BOX 72, Lake Onon. Ml * ARE YOU AS BRGHT AS OUR FUTURE. Cons<3er jom/ng us as a Servce Techrr,oan. Can or ma! resume to Termnjr nternatonal 1407 Allen Or. Unt D. Troy. M or G-and R.-.tsr. Ste,180. No«, Ml BECAUSE WE EXPANDED WE RECENTLY PURCHASEO THE PROPERTY NEXT TO OUR MAN SHOWROOM AND, ADDED A CLEARANCE CENTER TO OUR STORE N NOV We are m need (A ENTRY LEVEL STOCK POSTONS BeneMs are ava-tabe Apply n person a Art Van rumture Nov\ Rd. Nov Or call Mr Donovan a! FuU 4 Part Tme Postons AvaaWe ASAP. Hrng Today! /wk to start New.warehouse las 12 ccerugs m a areas tor entry k=r/el mgmt tamng or warehouse No experence,**.!! tram Neat appearance. Sue SS JON OUR TEAM! Part-tme Team Members Were o fol,.. Fun ond Frendly retaler and were lookng-for fress one! sprled learn members who ~;; a(e guesl focused. Teom Members play ols of roles. Helpng he guests, workng he cosh regster restockng merchandse and keepng the stores presentable. We hove varous shfls, some starlng os early os 6:30 om and olhets gong as late as 10:30 pm. Come n and lalk to us, we can ptobobly fnd o schedule hot wll flfpt you. We con olso answer all your questons about workng n Relol!.!. n addton lo Team Members for he soles floor our Lvona stone needs help n he recevng area, these postons requre heavy lftng, and one poston s open lor a person wth (ash audt experence to work n he slore offce. We offer a 20% store dscount, compettve wages and advancement potenlkl for coreet mnded ndvduals.. Stop n at the gues servce flrco-fot any of nefollvwng stores lo apply t Nov Town Center Westland Center Lvona rvlall Cdl MRVYN for tlore addresses,,0l Sales Opportuntes Wth the Natons Largest Department Store! JGPenney, Westland and twelve Oaks now has openngs for new sales assocates. Apply now, and dscover the; advantages of workng for the natons largest department store! We offer excellent tranng programs to sharpen your sellng sklls. Hgh earnng potental based on personal sales n some departments. Generous merchandse dscounts at any JCPenney locaton. Plus f you only have to average 25 hours a week to qualfy for hese great benefts: Medcal and Dental nsurance Savngs and Proft Sharng Plans Pad Vacatons and Holdays Term Lfe nsurance...and more! Applcatons are beng accepted at the JCPenney, Westland and Twelve Oaks Personnel Offce, durng store hours. JCRanney M/F/V/H jtjl Help Wanted ;. ART NTERESTS? We are loocrtg for well groomed, personable ndnnduals who wll enoy a blend of retarf sales, desa/ and pcture, framng Experence preferred, we w tran nd.1dua!swth.potental. Ful.f.me wth benefts or part tre Pease apply n person at: FRAMES UMLMTEO Orchard LaSse Rd Farrnnoton H.ls Corner of 12 Mle & Orchard LaKe n he Orchard 12 Plaza. FRAMES UNLlWfTEO, Teleo/aph H*y BV»mf«ld Plaza, corner W Maple & Telegraph ART POSTON Full tme postons avalable for nvnor art A-ort on pnolograpf-s Artste ablty helpful(arts 4- crals. cake decoratng, detal vorl*. graphc art) We wll tran... Overtme and Saturday work may be requred Rases and promotons based on job perfsrmance Full tme startng pay S6 <Ohr. Heath. dental & lfe nsurance avatacle Apply; NORTH AMBVCAH PHOTO rh* coo *ao KU con CAT* on"?7451 Schoolcratl (at nksler) t.r.-oma, ART VAN FURNTURE Daa E.rtry & Customer Servce postons are open whch ofer :he follovsvng, Tranng Benet Package Compettve VVages. Full-tme 4 part-.me posons avalab! e, Appry n pefson. ART VAN FURNTURE 425 E ESENHOWER. Across ran 8narn,ocd ASPHALT LAF30RERS NEEDED Screenmanf.VFJ. Rakes, rtollerman (UF). Saenman. (UF), CDL a plus, Appy n person The T 4 M Companes Old Plank Rd. MSford. Ml ASPHALT PAVNG Well establsned company seekng enperenced personnel <n a" phases ol asphalt pa<ng ASSEMBLER EXPERENCED packer *-.th plant and manufacturng background Wlng lo work overtme and Saturdays Work n the Troy. Auburn H,:1rf, Lrvona, Detrort 4 Now areas. Startng salary between S6 & 7 per hour. Cal today. Worl Tomorrow" SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES Auburn HUs SoulM-ed , Lvona ASSEt.BLERS Ann Arbor Cl«an rodrr All shfts Long-term to drect hre S6 75,,nour EXPRESS SERVCES FAX ASSEWBLV MAL ROOM Pan-me Sludems. homemakers. and retrees welcome Lrvon a 1313» O yt MANAGER TRANEE 1¾¾ :. T 1 Help Wanted 1U Goneral ASSEMBLERS Plasbc nject Mold. nspectors. Trmmers. Company n Canton area AH shfts avalable. S7/Tr. possble temp to hre Appfy at NTERM PERSONNEL :H?71 Ford Rd. E. of Wayne Rd. 9am-1 lam 4 l-3cm ENTRY LEVEL 18 ASSEMBLY OPENNGS Farmngton Hlls manulactuer hrng tor fus-tme postons on 1st 4 2nd shft 750 per.hr. plus rases and benefts after 90 days ASSEMBLY rnrnedate open-rgs m Ppntac Al shjtts avalable No ejpeneoce necessary Up to 7,50.hr lo start HRMS ASSEMBLY LGHT assembly of small hydraulc componenls Sh.ppmo experence also a plus. FuH t.me. Avactrve benef.1 package. Salary commensurate wth enpenence Appt/ m person al EnertrcJs nc Abnjze 0t. Westland CLEAN OUT The Attc. Clean The Garage. Have A Sale! Call Help Wanted ASSSTANT GENERAL MANAGER The Delro CM> s keekng a qua*- f*d. energetc person lo share n the sgnfcant responsblty of day lo day ope raton of hs grand c*j cfuc located at he corner of Cass and Fort Streets snce Excng salary and ncentve package. Ca (313) for an applcaton, ol lax a resume to (313) «. -, ASSSTANT kgt MANAGER Outstandng career Opportunty lor entry level management poston lot kury apartment communty n tre Farmngton HK area. Poston requres basc accountng ard adrmnst/atve sklls. Sales background helpful. Excellent benefts and opportunty lor advancement, hghfy motvated professonals seekng challenge and career, opportunty. Send resumes to:" Box #2810 Observer A Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd Lvona, Ml : * &.. : FAX US YOURAD Ths Classfcaton Contnued on Page c4. TARGET NOW HRNG!!! O Cashers Food Avenue 0 Sales Floor 0 Stock Team TARGET OFFERS: Startng rate shft pay when applcable OS-25 ncrease n 30 days. 0 Medcal and Dental Benefts offered f you average 27 + hours per week O Flexble hours O Employee dscount >Fast, Fun & Frendly Work Envronment APPLY N PERSON AT YOUR LOCAL r.trrc-1 -CT C«.l r< EOE/SMOKE FREE/DRUG FREE WORK ENVRONMENT OPPORTUNTES MANAGER TRANEE OPEN HOUSE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1996, 2-6PM Come meet our Managers ond learn about our exctng entry-level Manager Tranee opportuntes. Enterprse.Rent-A-Car s the largest rental car company n the U.S., wth over 2600 locatons. Were lookng for enterprsng people, preferrawy college degreed, \QT entry-level Manager Tranee postons to ad our Delrot. Metropoltan and NorlWes Oho expanson. Brngyour resume to our OPEN HOUSE. Call to RVP, get drectons andset-up a tme for a formal ntervew or mol/fax us you/resume to; Dr>en Wk Enterprse rent-a-car Grand Rver Ave, Farmngton Hlls, Ml Fcoc8a Ask for the Humon Resource Oeportment EOUHL OoMrv EOY[S GET ON THE ROAD TO GREAT P0RTUNTY! Customer-locuserJ, Hays Home Oellvery Servces s a worldwde player n he rarsportmfon ndustry, more than.s bllon strong. Our substantal company growth s a drect result o( our co/nmlment to our customers and our employ;ecst Were seekng ndependent contractors wth strong customer servce stlls to delver goods (or a leadng Detrolt/Uvonla area retaler. / 0WNER/0p ERAT0RS Own or 1¾¾¾¾ Truck! " Home Every Nght 1 Health/Dsablty nsurance Optons 1 Excellent Annual Earnngs Potental Vehcle Lease/Purchase Optons Avalable l youre nterested n ths outstandng opportunty, call today: equal opportunty employer. «M «M n M W M H a l M B M M t a f M t M n M

22 WPPJPWW m m m m m m m m m m MMMH 10B* The Observer/U0HDA\ t SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 Program features state court owners toy run Judge Jessca Cooper, canddate for the Mchgan Supreme Court, wll speak at St. Pauls Presbyteran Church, Fve Mle Road (one block west qf nkster), n Lvona, from noon to 1 p.m. Frday, Sept. 13. Cooper fled as a canddate for the Mchgan Supreme Court as an ndependent. Cooper, was frst elected to the crcut court bench n November 1986 r She was re-elected n She prevously served as the chef judge of the 46th Dstrct ELECTON96 Court. She was Trst elected to the dstrct bench n A 1973 graduate of Wayne State Unversty Law School, she began her career as an assstant defender n the State Appellate Defenders offce n She opened her own general law practce n Bloomfeld Townshp n 1975, wth specal emphass n cvl rghts ltgaton; Cooper has served on the b.oards of several communty servces, ncludng HAVEN (Oakland Countys domestc volence shelter and sexual assault counselng center), Cystc Fbross Foundaton, Jewsh Famly Servce and was recently apponted to the Advsory Board of Forgotten Harvest (a moble food dstrbuton program for the needy). She s a 1992 graduate of the Natonal Judcal College and serves on the faculty of the nsttute for Contnung Educaton.. Cooper has receved her certfcaton as a teacher of tral advocacy from the Natonal nsttute for Tral Advocacy and also teaches practce through the. Natonal College of Advocacy, and the nsttute of Contnung Legal Educaton. She s a foundng member of the Natonal Assocaton of Women Judges and served as ts publcaton edtor. She s the frst woman presdent of Temple Shr Shalom. A new unwrapped toy s the admsson fee to the second annualharley Owners Group Memoral Toy Run and Parade on Sunday, Sept. 22. The parade starts at noon from the Westland Cty Hall, Ford Road. The lne-up wll begn at 11:30 a.m. The parade wll end at the Amvets Hall on Merrman n Westland, the use of whch was been donated for the charty event. Musc wll, be provded by Sound Entertanment. Food and beverages wll be avalable for a small donaton. A Harley Davdson collectors edton jukebox..wllbe. raffled off wth all proceeds gong to charty. Everyone s welcome. HarleyOwners Group s a non-proft organzaton sponsored by Motor Cty Harley Davdson n Garden Cty. Local forum to focus on educaton canddates A publc forum for the statewde educatonal canddates n th- November, electon wll be held at Lvona Cty Hall f. >!-- Sfp:,2<3. on j -) T-!.to-vjdOCvl-. M. Cent..«at Frm-g- ton!!v.e M.e Kjads. The, : vesuy of Mchgan Board..f Flecents canddates wll be ntervewed begnnng at 6 p.m. The St.ue Board of Educatoncanddate* wll follow at 7. Mchgan State Unversty Board of Trustees canddates at S and the Wayne State Unversty Board of Governors at 9. The publc s nvted to ths nonpartsan forum that s beng sponsored by the Amercan Assocaton of Unversty Women, Lvona branch. Tme Warner Cable of Lvona wll vdeotape the program and wll make the tape avalable to cable companes throughout Mchgan on request. Resdents can request local cable companes to schedule the vdeo before the electon. For more nformaton, call Yvonne Constas (313» or Carol Dubuque. (810J Commsson OKs stadum Wayne County commssoners approved the appontment qf the members of the newly created Stadum Authorty Thursday. Mchael Duggan, county deputy CEO,.Davd Katz, county chef of staff, and Arche Clark, county deputy economc development drector, are the County Executve Edward McNamaras appontees. Nette Seabrooks, deputy Detrot mayor, Roger Short, deputy cty fnance drector, and C. Beth DuhCqmbe, presdent of the Detrot Economc Growth Corp., are Detrot Mayor Denns Archers appontees. the authortys frst meetng s set for today (Monday, Sept 9). t wll begn the land acquston process mmedately, Duggan sad. Duggan, a Lvona resdent, s credted wth playng key roles n Wayne Countys fnancal recovery plan and, as nterm general manger of the Suburban Moblty Authorty for Regonal Transportaton, wth gettng a mllage ncrease passed to support the bus system. Katz, a Grosse Ponte Farms resdent, has served as chef of staff snce 1991 and serves as executve drector of the Wayne County Buldng Authorty; Clark, an Ecorse resdent, has served as deputy drector of Jobs and Economc;Development snce 1995".. Commsson Vce Char Kay Beard, D-Westland, questoned why nbne of the county appontees are fnancal offcers. The cotntys chef fnancal offcer and deputy fnancal offcer are not resdents of Wayne County, Duggan sad! Local commssoners Thaddeus McGotter, R-Lvona, and Bruce Patterson, R-Canton Townshp, voted ho on the appontments. Commssoner Mchelle Plaweck; D-Dearborn Heghts, ftnd Beard voted yes. v Mchael Duggan, Davd Katz, and Arche Clark are the County Executve Edward McNamaras appontees. Z BLOOMFED HLLS ALAN FORD.1845 M«rOf* {8! CENTERUNE BOB THBODEAU VooDvVe («10) DEARBORN FARLANE FORD SALES U58S WBMO Axftue (313) « DEARBORN VLLAGE FORD Mchoon Avtmue (313) DETROT JORGENSEN FORD 8333 M-ckodp Avenue (313) DETROT STARK HCKEY WEST 2A76Q W Seven /Ale Rd (313) DETROT... RVERSDE FORD SALES » JtKeooo Av*ou«(313) FARMlNGTON HLLS TOM HOLZER FORD Weu Ten tfm Rood («10) FERNDALE EDSCHMDFORD Wood-wd A«oue (S 0) FLAT ROCK SUPEROR FORD GOxohor Rood (313) UVONLA BLL BROWN FORD Plymcyth Rood (313) Ml CLEMENS MKE DORAN FORD Grofx*A*nue («10) Ml CLEMENS RUSS MLNE FORD GroSot Avenue («10) NORTHV1LLE MCDONALD FORD SALES 550W. Seven Mle Rood (819)) OAKPARK MEL FARR FORD CveenKeld («10) tymouth BLACKWELLFORD 4100) ftvmouh Rood (313) REDFORD PAT MLUKEN FORD 9600 Wearopl Rood (313) ROCHESTER HUNVNQTON FORD 2890.Ro<nejW Rood (810) ROYAL OAK ROYAL OAK FORD. 550 N.WoooWd Avenue (810) SOUTHFELD AVS FORD TeWoph Rood (313) SOUTHGATE SOUTHGATE FORD FortStreeJ (313) S CtAlR SHORES ROY OBREN Mr* W!«Rood (810) STERLNG HEGHTS JEROME-DUNCAN VartDyW<sM7-r/2M* (810) TAYLOR. RAY WHTFELD FORD SWegropa Rood (313) TROY TROY FORD, NC,. 777JonnR («10) TROY DEAN SELLERS FORD 2600W,Mopl«Ro<k». («10)64*7300 WARREN ; At LONG FORD fght Ws Rood l«10jf WATERFORD FLANNERY FORD, NC HJood Rood (810) WAYNE JACKDEMMER FORD. 373O0/fcjon Avtnu* : (313) WESTLAND NORTH BROTHERS FORD 33300fordRobd (312) WOODHAVEN OORNOFORD A*«n Rood, (313) FORD B TUtt** ;tar -,...; Mctrd Detrot Ford Dealers FOR? BXPLOKeR XX FOR A -tle r>ffer EN D5 HURRY OVER 1500 N STOCK! WwrW P4VAXPMT " OOQ ()0 1ST MONTH PAYMENT,:.. mwoarn scumoeposn... -DOWN PAYMENT:..CASHOUEAmW. LOW MLEAGE ; lease payments based on MSRP MbKP of or 29, V2Y,Y5,00 for tor 96 Ford Explorer XLT wth P.E..P. 945A excludng ttle, taxes and lcense fees. tees. 24-month 24-monlh closec closed-end Ford Credt Red Co pet Lease. See dealer for payments/terms. Lessee may nave the opton to purchase vehcle at lease-end for a prce to be negotated wth dealer at sgnng. Lessee s re espprtsble sport forexcess wear and tear and 0,15 per mle for mledge.over 24>0Q0 mles. Credt approval/nsurablty determned by Ford Cr.edt. r« ,,., «u,t urju *w, j ppr mno ror mleage.over.4,yj\aj mtes. v_reau approvu/nsuruunr/ aeernneu uy You must take new retal delvery from dealer stock bylo/1 /,9.6. Monthly payrnehts total 7,17/.96 excludng tax and other fees. " Based on RL.Pplk retal regstraton through Juno, T996. ** Always wear your safety belt.

23 BRAD EMONS, EDTOR fhe (Sfmmx NSDE; Bowlng column, 2C Grls basketball, 3C MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9,1996 L/W C OBSERVER SPORTS SCENE Locals lft Nothdruft Fve players wth Observerland tes helped Nothdrua Softball Club wn the 24-tean Naton:- al ASA 55-and-over mens slo-ptch champonshp, Aug. 30-Sept. 1, n Tfton, Ga. Noftdruft, led by outfelder Bob Maleckj of Southgate, the tournament MVP wth an :818 battng average, defeated Dxe Gas (Fta.) n the champonshp game, Noftdruft captured sx of sx games n the double-elmnaton tourhey. Other wns came aganst Wggns nn <Ga,), 1.1-6: th.e Orlando (Fla J Clpps, 8-5; Beach Bums (Fla.), 25-14; Good Old Boys (Fla.), 11-2; and Dxe Gas, Ther only loss came aganst Dxe Gas, 9-6. Area players ncluded Pete Woodard (Plymouth) and Mlo Karhu (Farmngton Hlls), both second-team All-Tourney pcks; Chuck,Hebestret (Lvona), who ht.600 (15 for 25) and a thrd-, team All-Tourney choce; Bobby Delfgauw (Redord) and Joe Martn (Canton), the latter whom was out njured. Ptcher John Upham. a former Major Leaguer from Wndsor, made frst-team all tourney along wth Jm Wessel of Unon; Ky. Other team members ncluded Steve Benkowsk, Center Lne; Bll Cole, Sterlng Heghts; John Fawcttt, Wxom; BllGoedde,- Cncnnat, Oho; Joe Kovalck, Pnckney; Sam Lopccolo, St. Clar Shores; Mke Malack, Northvlle; Clff Mayo, Rosevlle; Chuck Roehl, Smth Creek; and Jm Spellbrnk, West Chester, Oho. Manager Frank Plarowsks Nothdruft team wll play n the Senor Softball World Seres, Sept , at the Canton Softball Center. Noftdruft has won three of the past four ASA natonal crowns. BY BRAD EMONS STAFF WRTER Lvona Frankln lost the battle of attrton Frday nght n ts prep football opener. The Patrots fought valantly at tmes, but hghly regarded Sterlng Heghts Stevenson, pcked by many to wn the state Class AA crown ths year, roared to an mpressve vctory n a game that lasted over three hours. The host Ttans, state semfnalsts a year ago and sportng a 68- man roster, put on an explosve offensve dsplay to subdue Frankln. Quarterback Pat Collns completed only sx of 19 passes, but made every one count as he rddled the Patrot secondary for 220 yards. Wde recever Tm Steele caught four of those balls for 151 yards, ncludng TD grabs of 56 and 57 yards n the frst half as Stevenson enjoyed a 21-7 advantage. "Stevenson s very quck, theyre strong," Frankln coach Rck Lee sad. "We were so conscous of the curl routes nsde, but he (Steele) s just a great recever and he knows how to adjust. "They two-platoon a lot of people FOOTBALL and ts tough tryng to hold everyone n check," The Ttans, who were stymed n ther ntal.possesson, got on the board frst when Scott Bshop pcked off a Frankln pass and raced 49 yards for a TD wth 9:35 left n the openng quarter. Then Franklns Paul Terek, the do-t-all senor wde recever and free safety, went to work, pckng off a Collns pass wth 3:23 left n the perod. He followed wth a dvng grab of a Bran Facone pass at the Stevenson 1-yard lne and the junor quarterback sneaked t n wth 48 seconds left n the perod for a Frankln TD. Nck Anagnostopoulos booted home the extra pont for a 7-all te. " thought Bran played better.than expected," Lee sad. "He ddnt get rattled wth the ntercepton! But thought wed be able to run the ball better than we dd." Stevenson answered rght back to start the second perod on the Collns-to-Steele connecton. Down 14-7, defensve end Dan Boyle gave Frankln lfe when recovered a Ttan fumble at the Sterlng Heghts 37. Faconej who performed admrably under fre n hs frst varsty start, httng 16 of 31 passes for 216 yards, rfled a toss to a sprawled-out Terek at the 2, good enough for a 34-yard ganer. But the Patrots came up empty thanks to a dropped pass and an llegal procedure call. A 23-yard feld goal attempt also faled. "Mentally we have to be stronger n the red (scorng) zone," Lee sad. "That was a 14-pont swng. We went from beng ted to 14 ponts down.". ; As the game wore on Stevenson began double-coverng the 6-foot-2, 180-pound Terek, who had seven catches on the nght for 122 yards. "We had to make adjustments because ther quarterback (Facone) has a gun and he (Terek) wll hurt you because he can get open," Stevenson coach Rck Bye sad. n the thrd quarter, Stevenson mssed a 23-ya.rd feld goal attempt, but Frankln couldnt take advantage of some decent feld poston. The fourth-quarter, however, became a shootout only Mouse Davs 40T21 could love. Collns and Dan Valk hooked up for strkes of 42 and 28 yards, resultng.n a 28-7 Stevenson lead wth 5:57 left, "We couldnt run the ball early, so we had to start throwng," Bye sad. "And the new rule, where the clock stops after every change possesson untl the snap of the ball, plus all the throwng, made t a long game." Franklns Anthony Grech then scored on a 36-yard run wth 4:13 remanng, slcng the defct to 28-14, but Stevensons cat-quck junor runnng back Joe Alls capped a strong game wth a 53-yard TD dash. Alls later ended the scorng marathon wth an 11-yard TD run. but not before Facone hurled passes of 42 and 17 yards to senor wde recever Matt Downs to pull Frankln wthn "Were very explosve, but they (Frankln) can score quck because they have some explosve kds, too," Bye sad. " had started subbng some kds, but then they started to explode. stopped beng so consderate because n the back of my mnd we were gong to blow the game. sent my frst-strng kds back n." 4-on-4 soccer champs The Waye-Westland Roadrunners, an under- 14 boys soccer team, won the Warren four-onfour tournament on Aug Members of the Roadrunners, coached by Marc Lsnov, nclude Corey Dahn, Jason Brunet, Wayne Klgore, Scott Slabaugh and Chrs Vowles.., Long drver qualfes Rob Peters of Westland has qualfed for the 1996 Re/Max North Amercan Long Drve fnals, Sept. 7-10, n Las Vegas, New. Peters, a Lvona Stevenson Hgh graduate, won the Dstrct V champons wth a frst-place drve of 359 yards, Aug. 4 at Foxwood Country Club n Lttle Rock. Ark. Peters s makng hs ffth Natonal,Long Drve fnals appearance. Over 4,000 golfers began qualfyng earler ths summer for the 35 spots. The frst-place prze s 35,000 wth 150,000 n total purse. ESPN wll televse the event at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, ffec. 25. : Stevenson wns scramble Lyona Stevenson won ts own nvtatonal boys golf tournament Frday at dyl Wyd n a mxed format. :The Spartans scored 9 ponts.followed by Lvona Frankln, 8, and defendng champon Lvona Churchll, 6-v...". Churchlls Gary Kraus was medalst wth a 34 and Stevensons Steve Polansk was second wth a 35. Stevensons Nck Kouba. and Pat Glson won the scrambles, combnng for a 34. n alternate shots, Franklns Ryan Weakley and John Keebaugh ted Stevensons Jeff Lang and Justn Kerr at 41 each. n the two-man best ball, Franklns Ed Soulere and Mark Prebe won wth a 37. Womens Suburban golf Joanne McVcar of Lvona and Judy Fga of West Bloomfeld ted at 87 for frst flght low gross honors n the Womens Suburban Golf. Assocaton stop Sept. 6 at Llac. Dane Berry (Dearborn) and Lllan Vandenbroker (Dearborn Heghts) ted for low net at 71 each. n the second flght, Alary Allen of Wayne and Fran Farhn of Nov ted for low gross at 92, whle Sue Beaton of Canton shot 72 to capture low net. n the thrd flght, Pat lenke of Wayne Was lpw gross wnner wth a 95. Alce Krug of Dearborn shot 67 for low net. Suburban Hockey Schools Suburban Hockey Schools Breakfast Club, an adult hockey nstructonal program open to players of alt experence and ablty levels, wll offer one on-ce sesson per Week for 20 weeks, 13 practce sessons and seven scrmmages, Oct. 21 through March 28, The Breakfast Club wll be managed by former Mchgan State and UM-Dearborn coach.tom Anastos, along wth former NHL players Lyle Phar and Darren Elot. Area sessons nclude 7-8:30 a.m; Tuesdays At Plymouth Compuware Arean; 6-7:30 a.m. Wednesdays at Lvona DeVon-Are; and 7-8:30 a.m Thursdays at Farmngton Hlls kc Arena. The cost s 450 for forwards and defenscmen; 225forgoaltenders. "... X :. For more nformaton, call (313) ?7#r BY RCHARD L. SHOOK STAFF WRTER Defnton of a good bpqner: any opener you Wn. By that reasure, Waynes 8-7 season-startng vctory Frday nght oyer Adran was : a good g a m e ;.. ;; ".--;> ;""/ Defensvely, the Zebras were excellent, holdng the Maples to 31. yards rushng, n the frst half, 17 n the secon< and just 78 yards total offense n the game Offensvely, t was a dfferent, queston. They, were rough as the bark on a Shagbark Hckory tree. : Lorenzo Guess, one of the most hghly regarded quarterback prospects n th0 state f rot the country, and hs recevers were operatng on two dfferent clocks..-. Guess put the ball up 17 tmes. Four tmes hs gys caught t. Three,tmes the other guys caught t."and 10 tmes the ball ht the beautfully mancured turf of host Waynes football.feld wthout anybody catchng t.-."". -.:.: -V? ", Hs thrpws were good-for 40 yards, Lorenzo also ran egrt tmes for 44; yards.; \ > : ; "We ddn*t throw the ball as well we would have, lked,? Wayne coach Chck Howtoh sad. "Those three nterceptons we had when we were down close just klled us." As t was, the Zebras had to come from behnd to avenge a setr back, they suffered at the hands of. ; the Maples last season* "Theyre supposed to wn ther.league, Howtdn sad. "ts been Senor runnng back Gade Clark rushed for117 yards ard two touchy downs as host Lvona Stevenson defeated Redford Unon n the foot* ball season opener Frday, The Spartans ganed 288 of ther 314 total yards on the ground. Clark carred the ball 23 tmes, and Matt Allson, replacng njured Todd Wlson at slotback, added 81 yards on sx carres. RU scored frst afterstevenson fumbled a.puntat ts own 2-yard lne. ;. Joe Bernwanger - passed 28 yards to Jeff Rgley for the touchdown, ard Erc Scott kcked the extra pont. The Spartans countered wth an 88-yard scorng drve. On fourth downrghr-gohey* connected-wt Dave Swech for a 26-yard touchdown play. The frst of four pont-after kcks STAFF PHOTO BY JM JAGDFEU) Key play; Waynes-DavdBell (No. 9), escorted by team and LaveUe Guess(No.3), scooped up the Adran fumble whch led tqh game-wnnng touchdownnthe Zebras8-? vctory. ; :-." : \.-.." :.,.?-.- - V - two years snce weve beaten thm*";-;,- :;; ;!-., _;.v.".>.-. "-?_ -1; :-."V-." ;.=V Wayne came out passng oh. ts frst t\yb plays, ran on ts thrd ard; lned up to prnt on;ts-fourth, The snap was hgh ard Adran ended up Wth the ball on Waynes 11. :; Brad Labade rar for seven hs; bggest gan of the nght as t turned but _ a procedure penalty on Wayne put the ball back to the. nne and Bran Jeffrey took a ptch and ran t n for the touchdown.. Jeremy Dowlrg kcked the extra pont and Adran was.up, 7-0, wth the game just 2:07 old. The Maples should have ht the hghway rght then-..-/v-- ;;. :. Labade ran the ball, 13 tmes for a grand total of four yards n the game, Jeffrey ended up 4--for-16 ard quarterback Matt Lousgnau must know the nuryher of every Wayne defensve lneman! Davd J3ell ard Matt McNoa GRP ROUNDUP by Seth Carrere ted the score at 7-7 n the frst quarter.. Stevenson scored the next 23 ponts to take the game under ts control. Clark ran 6 and 29 yards for touchdowns, and Kurt Bearer had a 31-yard TD run. Ehren Kuespprt tackled an RU back n the end zone for a safety. The Panthers ended the scorng when senor lnebacker Erc Phll recovered a blocked punt n the end zone. Allson;, tackle QerekWeland and SweCh had seven tacklr-a apece to lead tho Stevenson defense. Swech also had an ntercepton. Each quarterback completed one were terrfc on outsde contan mert,.forcng Adran to run.almost exclusvely nsde. Where they were; met by tackles Ron Pennngton (lsted at 3 lopo Wllam Larame (280> plus mddle guard Mel Gray (265).., Xousgrau, whocompleted 1-pf-: 4 passes br 30 yards, was sacked nne tmes. Wayne, meantme, dd everythng but get the ball where t :COUntS...f,..": :: ; :::..-.",. ; :. : ;\ :: "." 1" Bell recovered a Lousgnau fumble at the start of the second half, and Howtor wsely decded t was. tme to qut" messng around ard pound a score n there..: - Dwayne Jacksbh carred fve straght t hes from th Adran 34, mpstbf t betvveen the tackles, runnngnto the end zone from the 1L : Hq\Yton made no hestaton. He. lned up ard1 wentfor two! Jackson swept rght end, bounced off Rus- : sell Dull at the two and,! back to the end zone, powered Ben Gurca over the goal lne wth hm>tb make t 8-7 5:16 rtbthe secord half /Guess was ntercepted n the end bne the next tme Wayne had the ball but the Zebras mantaned control the rest of the way, v;..; "They contaned Lorenzo Guess real well," Howtor sad. But n the end, he got the job dbne. Our tmv ng was off _ ard they made some great. nterceptons. But when the \ bajls jn the ar, youve got to be greedy."..;.;.;;:;;;./;:; Howtons offensve lne of center Pat Grzeck, guards Tom Wolak and.mcnea plus tackles Mke Metcalf (275) f nd Steve Barber (330) helped Jackson gan 160 yards, on 26 carres. Terrarce HardsOn added 46 yards on nne rushes/ ; /t was a good opener,- And tll gve Wayne plenty to work br, pass apece, wth both gong for touchdowns. RU. had 63 rushng yards but lost 34 on four sacks. Sophomore fullback Erc NeWton carred eght tmes for 50 yards. "We came nto the game wth a lot of kds who had never started a varsty game," Stevenson coach Tm Gabol sad; " was happy we bounced back (after RU scored frat) and contnued to play hard throughout the whole game. RU s much mproved, also." JOHN GLENN 33, MACKENZE 0: Sopho more talback Regge Spearmon scored on runs of 9 and 2 yards, end also ntercepted a pass n the secondary,..leac!ng Westland John Glenn to a shutout vctory Frday nght over Detrot Mackenze at Martn Luther Kng. Feld.. The Rockets, who held Mackenze to mnus-5 yards rushng, jumped to a 27-0 halftme lead. The Rdckeajvent ahead 13-0 n the frst quarter after. Spearmons TO. scanpers, each cappng dfjves of more than 50 yards. Davd Jarrett added a par of TOs n the second quarter _ one comng on a 40-yard.ntercepton return and the other on a 9-yard pass from quarterback Justn BererU. TheRockets fnshed the scorng n the thrd quarter on a 2-yard run by Antono Gbson... Steve Palng made one extra pont and Spearmon added a two-pont converson run. Spearmpn fnshed.wth l7 yards on 18 carres. Berent was 6-for-12 through the ar for 56 yards wth one ntercepton, Matt Grglto bad an ntercepton for the Glenn defense. LQ0ETT 21, CLARENCEVLLE 19: Grosse Ponte Unversty-Lggett and Lvona Clarencevlle traded touchdowns Frday, but ~~~- See GRD ROUNDUP, 2C

24 2C(LW) The Observer/Mom AY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 Down under Spartans make s Cross country trp benefts harrer BY BRAD EMONS STAFF WRTER Lvona Stevenson Hghs Rob Block really went the extra mle ths summer n preparng for the boys cross country season. The junor, one of the areas top returnng dstance runners, traveled to Sdney, Australa (Aug, 3-12) to take Rob Block part n the World Sports Exchange program. "t really helped to tran wth the best cross country runners from across the country and t was neat beng around runners and just talkng wth athletes from other states," sad Block, who traveled wth a group of 100. t was a great experence because we were able to run up some huge hlls. And you dont get a chance to run n that type of atttude." Block, a state Class A ndvdual qualfer and ffth-place fnsher n the Western Lakes Actvtes Assocaton meet as a sophomore, receved a letter of nvtaton last school term to partcpate n the exchange trp. He had to rase nearly 2,000, solctng donatons from area busnesses and runnng clubs. Contrbutons came from the Ann Arbor Track Club, Dr. Ed Kozloff of the Motor Cty Strders, Schmdt nsurance Agency and the Vtamn Outlet of Lvona. Hs parents help defray the remanng expenses. Blocks odyssey began n Detrot, va Denver and Los Angeles. He spent 14 hours on a plane, non-stop from Calforna to Sdney. "t got knd of borng, you got tred of lstenng to CDs,- Block sad. "Once we got on the ground we took a one-hour bus rde to Katoomba. Thngs ddnt seem much dfferent than home other than that they drve on the other sde o,f the road." The clmate, however, was a bt surprsng. t was almost ther wnter, maybe late fall." sad Block, a frst-team All-Observer pck last year. " had heard beforewe got to Katoomba that t snowed. really ddnt come prepared, all brought were runnng shorts and longsleeved shrts. t was chlly, but actually t was good runnng condtons." Therunners were assgned roomates at ther host hotel. Block roomed wth two runners from Montana, another from Msssspp and one from Holland.Mchgan. (Block was one of fve on the trp from Mchgan.). Each mornng the runners met as a group, talked wth coaches, heard motvatonal speakers and planned ther tranng runs. They also held team meetngs at breakfast. "We generally pcked our own workouts." Block sad. "The frst day was tred (from the -plane trp > and ran about 35 mnutes. We ran about an hour each day. The hll tranng was very benefcal because you dont have anythng lke that around here." Sghtseeng trps were also part of the daly routne. Block went to the Sdney Zoo. held a koala bear and vsted the gorgeous Blue Mountans. "That.was lke the Grand Canyon," he sad. "And n Katoomba we saw a lot of exotc brds. They were flyng around everywhere. We saw a lot of kangaroos. got to sample kangaroo jerky. ts a lot lke beef jerky, but not as good. "And the people are nce. Kds were askng me f t was safe to walk outsde my house. They thnk everythng n Amerca s lke the move, Boys n the Hood, But told them a majorty of places here are not really lke that." The trp culmnated n n the Gty-to-Surf 14-klometer race <8.7 mles) whch attracted 45,000 runners to downtown Sdney. "People were lnng up two hours before the start," Block sad. " was lucky was able to get through. t took me about a mnute to get to the start." Despte the chlly start, Block, who manuevered through a mle-long upgrade at the 5K mark, was fourth overall among the World Exchange group wth a tme of 51:06. Block then returned home just n tme for preseason practce. On Aug. 24, he ran the 10- mle Bobby Crm race n Flnt, fnshng ffth n hs age group wth a tme of 57:30. Block, 16, sad hs summer of preparaton wll only beneft hm durng the cross country season. n July, Rob and hs dad Chuck, one of the states top masters runners, were part of the frst-place Roadkll team that won the 10-man, 255-mle Great Lakes Relays, a threeday event n northern lower Mchgan. n hs frst prep tme tral last week at Center Lne, Block ran the 5K n an mpressve 16:34, nearly 20 seconds better than any clockng he recorded last fall n a hgh school meet. " want to make state agan and do well," he sad. U want to go under 16:00 and fnsh n the top three." After gong Down Under, Block, who sat out the summer before wth a broken leg whle skateboardng, appears well on hs way. EMU Eagles boot Ocelots, 30 When was the last tme ths happened? Certanly not n recent memory _ or even n the last decade. But Schoolcraft Colleges mens soccer team has never played a schedule lke ths, ether. The Ocelots ran ther wnless streak to three-straght to start the season wth a 3-0 loss at Eastern Mchgan Unversty Wednesday. One mght say SC has only tself to blame: defenseman Tm McCarley {from Lvona Stevenson), forward Vctor Rodopoulos (Lvona Frankln) and defender Dave Bnkewcz (Frankln) all played at SC before jonng the Eagles. Mke Kley, a sophomore defender from Plymouth Salem, scored one -goal for EMU. The Etgle defense was led by. freshman defender Bran Zawslak (Lvona Churchll), wth fresh- COLLEGES man keeper George Tomasso (Plymouth Canton) recordng a shutout n hs frst collegate start.. Vesa Vrtanen, a sophomore forward from Helsnk, Fnland, accounted for two goals and an assst for EMU. SC has now gone three matches wthout scorng, but fear hot -- the Ocelots have played two of the best teams n the NJCAA and an NCAA Dvson squad; Such experence stould serve them well n the weeks ahead. EMU 3, SCHOOLCRAFT 0 {women): One team Splayng a full game, one team prayng half a game.. That about sums up what happened to Schoolcraft Colleges womens soccer team aganst Eastern Mchgan Wednesday at SC. The Lady Ocelots slpped nto a "defensve shell and we struggled to get out of t the whole game," coach Nkk Johnson sad. The loss.was SCs frst after two wns. EMU s 1-0. The Eagles led just 1-0 at the half, and that goal -- scored by Cynde Hennhg came just two mnutes before halftme. Andrea Zawslak (Lvona ChurchlVSC) scored one of EMUs second-half goals; the other came from Tara Blbuous. Johnson lauded the play of sweeper Suse Parrsh (Plymouth Salem) and keeper Janelle Baldwn, who faced 36 shots. SC dd not get a shot on goal. NOTE: The Lady Ocelots pcked up a par of players who wll help them mmedately - especally consderng ther short roster {just 12 players before). Lsa DeShano and Kelly Sexton, both from Lvona Frankln, have joned the team, swellng the (earn roster to 14. OeShano was an all-observerland selecton as a defender last sprng. BY BRAD EMONS STAFF WRTER Had your Phll of Lvona Stevenson grls swmmng? Not qute, especally after the way the Spartans opened ther season Thursday, postng nne state cuts en route to a dual-meet vctory at Grosse Ponte North. Fourth n the state Class A meet a year ago, Stevenson appears to be even stronger enterng the 1996 season. The Spartans were ranked thrd n the preseason Class A poll, rated only back of No. 1 Ann Arbor Poneer and defendng state champon Brmngham Seaholm. Theyre good, t may be the best ve ever had," sad Stevenson coach Greg Phll, now n hs 11th season. "Los McDonald (former Stevenson coach) maybe had a couple of better teams, but depth-wse were soldy and thnk weve got a few more talented people at the top end." The Spartans ddnt get n a real warm-up pror to the Grosse Ponte meet, but t ddnt matter. Although the bus was an hour late and they arrved only 10 mnutes pror to the frst race, all 54 Stevenson grls swam.. They were led by an Olympc Trals qualfer, a talented transfer and some promsng new freshmen. Senor Anne Arsteo, twotme defendng state champon n the 200-yard ndvdual medley and 500 freestyle, set North pool records n those respectve events, postng tmes of 2:05.98 and 4: Each were state qualfyng tmes, Arsteo also teamed up wth sophomore Mart McKenze, sophomore Meghan Lesnau SWMMNG and sophomore Jule Kern to wn the 200 freestyle relay n a state tut tme of 1:44:27; v Arsteo, who competed n the Olympc Trals last sprng n ndanapols, recently fnshed eghth n the Phllps 66 U.S. Senor Natonals (held n Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) n the 400- meter freestyle. She went 4:18.74 n the fnals and nearly two seconds faster n the prelms. The honor student s beng pursued by Stanford, Mchgan and Texas A&M, along wth the vy League schools. "d lke to see Anne get two state records ths year and Swmmer of the Year," Phll sad. "Ths the hest start shes ever had," Junor Adrenne Turr, who moved n from Westland John Glenn, also captured two ndvdual events aganst North, takng the 50 freestyle n and her specalty, the 100 backstroke n 1:01.19 (state cut). Turn has fnshed fourth the last two years n the 100 backstroke (best-tme of 59.13) at the state Class A meet. "She adds a whole new dmenson to our team and makes us a whole lot tougher," Phll sad. "Shes the fastest backstroker n the state for 50 (yards). Rght now shes gettng used to the yardage weve gven her and were teachng her a new start," Turr also teamed up wth junor Becky Noechel, freshman Kate Clark and McKenze to wn the 200 medley relay n 1:54.56 (state cut). The Spartans made t threefor-three n state relay cuts by also capturng the 400 freestyle as Kern, Arsteo, Noechel and freshman Meghan Mocer combned for a clockng of 3: "We may have had nne state cuts before n our frst meet, but weve never qualfed all threelretays," Phll sad. Other state cuts were posted by Kern, who fnshed frst n the 200 freestyle (1:59.2); Mocer, who was second n the 200 freestyle (2:00.42); and Clark, who was frst n the 100 butterfly (5955). Clark alo" won" the~ 100 breastroke( 1:12,39). " Other ndvdual secondplace fnshers for the Spartans ncluded Noechel, 200 M (2:19.92) and 100 breaststroke; junor Jordan Godfrod, 50 freestyle (2:19.92); sophomore dver Laurel Doln (personal best ponts); junor. Mara McKenze, 100 butterfly (1:03.65); freshman Jessca Makowsk, 100 backstroke (1:05.34); and Mart McKenze,.100 freestyle (58.02). The Spartans 200 medley relay team of Makowsk, Godfrod, senor Brooke Myshock and senor Susan Howe fnshed second n 2: On Thursday, Stevenson wll be gunnng for ts sxth consecutve Western Lakes Actvtes Assocaton Relays ttle. The meet begns at 5 p.m. at Plymouth Salem. REPORT GRLS SWM TMES Ken Stark, grls swmmng and dvng coach at Lvona Churchll Hgh School, wll comple the weekly lst of Observerland best tmes and scores. Area coaches should report ther results and updates to Stark at the Churchll pool from 4-6 p.m. Monday through Frday at (313) The frst lst wll appear Thursday, Sept. 19. Jackpot rules confuse bowlers The bowlng season s now fully under way, and the talk of the town s the new restrctons - on mystery games and other jackpots, deemed llegal by the state. Ths column dscussed the ssue n detal last month, explanng what leagues can and cannot do. Stll, many bowlers seemed confused. Complants are rollng n to the GDBA and to.managers of TEN-PN ALLEY local bowlng AL centers. But HARRSON these are r not.. :.. the people who have decded these games are llegal. The Mchgan Lquor Control Commsson has taken ths acton. t has jursdcton n any establshment that has a lquor lcense. t also has enforcement power to suspend or remove a lcense f t sees a volaton takng place wthn the premses.. The stuaton s not good, for t takes away some enjoyment from bowlng league actvty. Not all bowlers are drnkers, but even the tradtonal beer frame has earned ts place n the game!.the bar or lounge s a neces- "sary segment of the bowlng busness, both for. the enjoyment of those patrons who wsh to drnk and also for the bowlng center to earn a proft. So what now? There are some actve groups who are workng hard to change the rules. They want to brng back the extra added attractons that league bowlers are used to and restore the fun of lttle sde games/whch usually amount to just a few dollars but under present condtons are a "no-no." t may. ultmately become a matter of gettng a sgned petton from all the bowlers who are concerned ths s a denal of ther rght to "lfe, lberty and the pursut of happness." Random ramblngs: Hats off to WJRs Mchael Barr. He gave hs opnon of the MLCC stuaton on the "Great Voce of the Great Lakes." Mchael s one of the newscasters on the staton and a strong supporter of bowlng. The same day on that staton, Mtch Albom made some snde comments about the news that bowlng shrts are now becomng fashonable among the younger set. - >«, Mtch, ths s the "Bowlng Captol of the World" and a szeable number of your lsteners love ths 3port, And f they have bowlng shrts, they wear them proudly. Latest fgures from the sportng goods ndustry show an ncrease of;12 percent natonally n bowlng. League membershp s slghtly down, but open play s way up. These fgures are generally pretty accurate, snce a samplng of more than 30,000 households s used. A remnder to all league secretares: be sure to check the yearbook for any bowlers who may be barred from sanctoned competton.. They are all lsted and are not allowed to bowl n sanctoned leagues. Related bowlers are also lsted. The yearbook carres the averages of 91,118 male and 60,328 female bowlers who were n GDBA/DWBA leagues durng the season.. - The mean average of males. was 170,28, whle lades averaged A total of 4,947 men and 84 women bowlers averaged better than 200 last season. No other place on earth can come close to matchng those fgures. FURNACES SALES SERVCE NSTALLATON REPAR l4»h* Arcoalre Carrer Deal Drect - No Subcontractors Thousands of Satsfed Customers * Roforrsls «FULLY LCENSED and NSURED ONE DAY NSTALLATON ONE DAY SERVCE Heatng, Coolng & Electrcal nc A Mnt* BKtrtetofl Offrtng Full EfrcMcd Swvk* Famly Owned A Operated for 30 Years Call r For FREE Estmate.., Showroom and Parts A 00 0/)0/) Ford Rd. Garden Cty H/CLOUOU, Grd roundup from page 1C the host Knghts.had the last say. Lggett returned the second-half kckoff for a touchdown and 14-7 lead. _ Walter. Ragtands 14-yard run closed the score ( , but the Knghts went ahead after scorng agan on. along reverse. Clarertcevllle quarterback Crag Rose scored ort a 1-yard sneak wth 7;30 left n the game, but the attempted twopont pass was ncomplete... the Trojans drove to the Lggett 20 but turned the ball over. Ther last possesson started wth 4fj seconds remanng; but the Knghts were playng a prevent defense by then. PRESEASON* FURNACE SALE ByContrKlor <» H& Fnancng Avalable UAUMtf f/jfr- * *» TRU Ho*llr»0 & 0«rd*flCHy 427-M12 Ragland rushed 15 tmes for 48 yards, Donahue Fulton, who scored Clarencevlles frst TD on an 18-yard run, had 12 carres for 87. Rose was 4- of-7 nasng for 65. Jason Daha had 14 tackles to lead the defense..- *OEARBORN 44, CHURCHLL 0: Mustapha *Cheajb rushed for 170 yards and a touchdown on 16 carres Frday to. lead the host Poneers. Senor lnebacker Brandon Henderson had seven tackles.and seven asssts for Churchll. Senor defensve lneman Pran Scudds had seven and sx, respectvely.... REBATES 1 UP TO 250 TEMP Coolng,nc. CuAtn Twp W«-M*7 Carrer Wftt 0» b*v* Gvyf MjW H"AA

25 Trojans romp, Lvona Clarencevlle got on the other sde of the con Thursday nght. The Trojans lked t. Clarencevlle drummed on Detrot Urban, 63-12, after takng a roughly smlar beatng n ts grls basketball opener aganst bgger rval Churchll, "t certanly gave us an opportunty, unlke the game aganst Churchll, to run some of the thngs weve been practcng," Clarencevlle coach Bob Wolf sad. "We werent qute ready for that frst game, whch was the. same poston Detrot Urban.was n because t was ther frst game." Danelle Sledz scored 16 ponts and Ncole Redl added 10 as host Clarencevlle spread the scorng around. t was 20-2 after one quarter and 37-4 at halftme. The Trojans shut Urban out, 16-0, n the thrd perod. "Hopefully, well contnue to mprove," Wolf sad. "The grls played well." WAYNE 48, ROMULUS 23: Wayne Memoral rolled to ts second vctory n as many outngs behnd an excellent performance by Yolanda Holt....:. Holt, scored 21 ponts, got seven rebounds and recorded seven steals Thursday to help the Wayne keep host Romulus wnless n three games. Rca Barge added 11 ponts for the Zebras. Latoya 8ell and Rachel Laskaska each scored sx ponts for Romulus. HURON VAUEY 38, ST. AGATHA 30: A 10-0 second quarter proved to be enough to keep the vstng Hawks unbeaten two games nto the season. Amy Mohacs scored 14 ponts whle Sara Taca and Melssa Gumbs added 10 apece for Westland Huron Valley Lutheran. Kate Mller scored 14 for Redford St: Agatha, "t was a good effort," Coach Tod Bartholomewsad. " havent been pleased wth our defense to date, but ths was better. "But our ball-handlng... We werent takng, care :of the ball. Were not concentratng. "But ts early yet. We just have to concentrate. The Hawks were up just 10-9 after the frst Quarter but scored all 10 ponts n the second and held a 10-7 advantage n the thrd perod. LUTH. WESTLAND 72, FLAT ROCK 63: Fresh legs n the fourth quarter translated nto clutch free.throw shootng for the host Warrors. Janell Twetmeyer scored 22 of her game-hgh 24 ponts n the second half whle sster Jenny got 10 of her 11 after the ntermsson. Both were bothered by frst-half foul trouble. Joy Ternan scored 15 and Krsly Gulfoyle 12. The rested Warrors and made all but one of ther 13 free throw opportuntes n the fourth perod to rase V ther record to 2-1, Flat dropped to 1:.2. Rock THE WEEK AHEAD PREP FOOTBALL Frday, Sept. 13 Harrson at N. Farmngton, 3:30 p.m. Luth. Westland at Uggett, 4:15 p.m. Edsel Ford at Redford Unon, 7 p.m. Luth. North at Clarencevlle, 7:30 p.m. * Frankln at Stevenson, 7:30 p.m. W.L. Western at John Glenn, 7:30 p.m.. NorthvHe at Salem, 7:30 p.m. Canton at W.l. Central, 7:30 p.m.- Lncoln Par* at Wayne, 7:30 p.m. : Garden Cty at Southga.te, 7:30 p.m. Thurston at Gb. Carlson, 7:30 p.m.. Saturday, Sept. 14 Churchll.at Farmngton, 1 p.m. Borgess at Mount Clemens, ljj.m. St. Agatha at Pckford. 7:30 p.m. Redford CC vs. A.A. Poneer at Clarencevlle, 7:30 p.m. GRLS BASKETBALL Monday, Sept. 9 St. Matthew at Pry. Agape, 4 p.m. Tuesday, S«pt. 10 Luth. East at Clarencevlle, 6:30 p,m. Lggett at Luth. Westland. 6:30 p.m.. Churchll at W. Blodmfeld, 7 p;rr. Wyandotte at Stevenson, 7 p.m. Wayne at John Glenn,.7 p.m. A.A. Huron at Salem, 7 p.m. Nov) at Farmngton, 7.p.m.. Mlford at N. Farmngton, 7 p.m. Brghton at Harrson, 7 p.m, Kennedy at Garden Cty, 7 p.m. A.A. Poneer at l4 6ywood, 7 p.m. Mercy at South Lyon, 7 p.m. Huron Valley vs. A.P. nte.r-cty at Marshall jr.-hgh, 7:30 p.m.-. Thurtday, Sept. 12 Dot, Cty at St. Agatha, 5:30 p.m. Clarercevlte at Luth, Wsld, 6:30 p.m. Salem at Flnt Northern, 6:30 p.m. Churchll at John Glenn, 7 p.m. frankn at N. Farmngton, 7 p.m.. NorthYlle at Stevenson, 7 p.m. Canton at Farmngton, 7 p.m. Wayne at Del. OePorres. 7 p.m. Flnt Powers at Ladywood, 7 p.m. Flnt Swestern at Mercy, 7 p.m. Meda Arts at Bortfess, 7 p.m. Huron Valley vs. Frankln Road at Marshall Jr. Hgh, 7:30 p.m. Frday, 8»pt. 13 Agape at Salne Chrstan, 5 p.m. (8chootcranColl«««.lnvHtl<>n«l) Country Day vs. Murray-Wrght, 6 p.m. Maran vs..traverse Cty, 8 p.m. Saturday, sept H.W. Reglna at Canton; 5:30 p.m. Schoolcraft nvtatonal, 6 & 8 p.m. BOYS SOCCER, Monday,Utf.9 Pty, Agape vs. St. Matthew. at Ftgel Elementary* 4 p.m. GRLS HOOPS Lutheran Hgh Westland wound up makng 23-of-32 free throws n the game, promptng Genu to note "ths s more representatve of what expect them to dq." Hs team shot just 39 percent from, the free throw lne n ts frst two games after makng 59 percent last year. "Ths-was a good game for us n the sense that Flat Rock s as quck a team as we : ve played," Gentz sad. "We thought Detrot Benedctne was fast _ but ths team had even morespeed-" STEVENSON 38, THURSTON 21: Senor guard Lndsay Wlhelm had career hghs n both ponts and rebounds, leadng Lvona Stevenson to a non-league vctory ~ver host Redford Thurston. Wlhelm fnshed wth 17 ponts, 12 rebounds and four steals. Jacke McClowry added eght ponts and fve rebounds, whle junor guard Carolyn Courtrght dd most of her work on the boards wth 10 rebounds. "Her goal for tonght was to do somethng on the boards, we wanted her to add that to her overall game," Stevenson coach Wayne Henry sad. " talked to her about t before the game and she met the challenge." Stevenson outscored Thurston 8-2 n the second quarter to turn a 6-5 lead nto a 14-7 advantage at halftme. The Eagles threatened to cut nto the. lead n the thrd quarter before the Spartans fnshed on a flurry to take a lead nto the fourth quarter. *lf someone dd that to us n a summer league game, we mght have shown a total collapse," Henry sad. "Weve shown some maturty and grown some." TRENTON 56, FRANKLN SO: Gve the ball away too much and youll end up gvng away the game., Frankln commtted 31 turnovers Thursday nght and host Trenton took advantage of the generosty to mprove to 3-1. The Patrots are now 2-2. Jule Warner scored 13 ponts whle Rand Wolfe added 10 for Frankln whle Trenton got 13 ponts from Mlssa Van Goethem and 12 from Danelle Landolt. Frankln traled, 32-24, at halftme but a thrd quarter gave the Patrots hope. Both teams scored 10 ponts n the fourth. Trenton went to the lne 31 tmes and made 21 free throws whle Frankn was ll-for-20. RU 47, CHURCHLL 32: Redford Unon outscored Lvona Churchll n every quarter en route to non-league vctory Thursday at RU. The Panthers mproved to 3-1 overall whle the loss evened Churchlls mark at 1-3. Senor center Shannan 8jerke led. RU wth 14 ponts and 10 rebounds. She scored all sx of RUs ponts n the thrd quarter., Senor forward Jenny Szaal added 10 as she contnues to recover from an off-season broken foot. Sophomore forward Laura Hlson added nne and junor guard Kase Mathena contrbuted eght. Sophomore guard Kersten Conktn led Churchll wth 13. Sophomore forward. Stacey Supanch and senor forward Jesse Jenkns scored sx ponts each.,. " - Salem at John Glenn, 4 p.m. Fordson at Garden Cty, 4 p.m. Thurston at Kennedy, 4 p.m. Frankln at Farmngton, 5:30 p.m. Wayne at Southgate, 6 p.m. Redford Unon at Monroe, 6 p.m. Harrson at Churchll,7 p.m... Stevenson at Canton, 7 p.m. N. Farmngton at-w.l. Western, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 10 Redford CC at Brother Rce, 4 p.m. Luth. Wsld. at. Luth. North; 4:30 p.m. Huron Valtey at Taylor Bapt., 4:30 p.m.. Wednesday, Sept. 11 Aflen Park at Wayne, 4 p.m. Fordson at Thurston, 4 p.m. Stevenson at N. Farmngton, 5:30 p.rn. W.L. Western at Harrson, 5:-30 p.m. Churchll at Frankln, 7 p.m. John Glenn at W.L Central. 7 p.m. Redford Unon at Garden Cty, 7 P-m. Farmngton at Salem, 7 p.m.. Canton at NorthvHe, 7 p.m. Frday, Sept. 13 8lshop Foley at Redford CC, 4 p.m. Chadsey.at John Glenn, 4 p.m. Wayne at Ypslant, A p.h. Garden Cty 1 at Woodhaven, 4 p.m,. Edsel Ford at Thurston, 4 p.m. Agape at Salne Chrstan. 4:30 p.m., Huron Valley nvtatonal, 4:30 p.m. Frankln at N6v,6 p.m. Redford Unon at W.L. Western, 7 o.m. Saturday, Sept. 14 Huron Valley nvtatonal, 12:30 p.m. Churchll at Troy, 1p.m. MENS COLLEGE SOCCER Tuesday, Sept. 10 Madonna at Sprng Arbor, 4 p.n. Schoolcraft at St. Claf (Ont.), 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. Kesogg at Schoolcraft, 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14 Madonna at Sagnaw Valley, noon. * Cuyahoga (Oho) at Schoolcraft, 1 p.m. WOMENS.COLLEGE SOCCER Saturday, Sept. 14 Morane (.) at Schoolcraft. 11 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 15 Harper (ll.) at Schoolcraft, 11 a.m. WOMENS COLLEOE VOLLEYBALL Tuesday, Sept. 10 Alumn at Schoolcraft, 7 p.m. Madonna at Sprng Arbor, 7 p.m. Frday, Sept. 13 Schoolcraft at Muskegon, 6 p.m. Madonna at Converse nvtatonal at Florda Tech. TBA. Sat/rday, Sept. 14 Schoolcraft at Muskegon, 10 a.m. Madonnaat Converse nvtatonal at Florda Tech, TBA. TBA _ tmes to be announced. The Observer/MomM, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 (LW)C3 STAFF PHOTO BY JM JAGDFELD Mad scramble: Waynes Mke Prpch (left) battles wth John Glenns Ken Taylor n Frdays game. Glenn won 2-0. RADAL. ALL SEASON % P155/80R-13 " WHTEWALLS PERFORMANCE RADA1S 32 P185/70R-14.. P195/70R P205/75R P215/70R P235/76R P205/70R-14..,...4L ;, P175/70ft-138Wt - P2d5/70R-4RWL P2l5/60Sf4fWL..., P195/60SR-15...,.., 48.99, P205/6OSR.15.;...,....,., P225/60SR Chargers on shutout bnge Lvona Churchll stayed on the correct sde of perfect Frday nght by edgng Rochester, 2-0, n boys soccer. The host Chargers.got a goal by Jeff. Garca; who then asssted on Rob Bartoletasgoal. Goale Mke Skolnk helped Churchll go s score. Dave George asssted on Gar- to 3-0 by makng fve saves. On Wednesday, senor Corey Berzac pumped home four goals Wednesday, leadng Lvona Churchll past host North Farmngton, 8-0. Other Charger goal scorers ncluded junor defender Joel Stage, Bartolett, Pete Pososk and Crag Rood. Skolnk and Erc Uhlnger splt tme n goahbr-the-wnhersr- - ~ CLARENCEVLLE 4, PNCKNEY (JV) 3: Adam Kng headed n the game-wnner on a corner kck from Chrs. Kng as Lvona Clarencevlle won ts frst-ever boys soccer match aganst the host Prates. Ch"s Kng fnshed wth a hat trck. LUTH. WESTLAND 1, FAR LANE 0: Junor Scott Ran dals thrd goal of the season gave the vstors ther vctory. Randall scored at the 20-mnute mark of the second half Frday nght on an assst by Brad Woehtke. Freshman goale Andrew Gesman made su saves. Lutheran Hgh Westland had 10 shots. ARMONAH ARXONAN, LMTED EDTON RADALS : P195/75R-14 P205/75R14 P175/65S-14 P205/76R-15.,. P215/76R-15 P235/75R * , WHTEWALLS TRUCK VAN & R.V P205/75R-14RWL P235/75R-15RWL......;, R-15RWL R-15RWL.....,:, R-16fWL... v P245/75R-16RWL..,..., P165/.70R-M..- P195/70R.14,. P225/70R-15.; P205/.70R-14 P215/70R-15.: WHTEWALLS HUNDREDS OF STYLES : AVALABLE! AS LOW AS 20 m mmw YOKOHAMA POWER W NOTMNO WMOVT CONTROL " XUHN ON TECHNOLOGY DmXMHMMfUTTNAJ. HO TRADE N REOUftED *KOAPPONTMKT. HCESSARY TOUR PERSONAL CHECK WELCOME [M, b Hd FNANCNO AVALABLE ON APPROVED CREDT 90 Days Sams As Cash TAYLOR ava-oobo S?<MB Eur«k«R<J.<1«m»o AW* o< 1-75) WATERFORD» e«.aaao *36\ Hlghlflncl Rd (6. 4 Porrfac nto fw) TMOV M9-8O01 M39 rvxtwlot m <Ncx» ol,16mv) fv) ) STEHLNO MEQMT* 03O-07OO <0 V»n OyV» fw. (Corn** o! 18 MJ«t fm. NOV! 34T-1S01 42&90 Grand r*wef Av». (E. NcM Fd.) 99 The Warrors are 3-1 overall. SOCCER On Thursday, Lutheran Hgh Westland earned ts frst vctory n sx years aganst Rochester Hlls Lutheran Northwest (1-3) na Metro Conference game, 3). The Warrorsled 1-0 at halftme on a goaj by Randall. They adde*d two more n the second half, Woehlke and sophomore forward Clnt Gowen, Woehlke. Randal! and senor van Popov drew asssts. Gesman notched hs second shutout. STEVENSON 1, W.l. WESTERN 0: Freshman Tom Eller notched hs fomlh goal of the season Wednesday aost Lvona Stevenson"(2-1) downed stngy Watled Lake Western.. Stevenson outshot the defensve-mnded " 3 & 1 T - : Warrors. FRANKLN 8, JOHN G.LENN 1: On Wednesday, host Lvona Frankln gave up the frst goal, but answered wth fve straght to even ther record at 2-2 overall wth a vctory over Westland John Glenn. REDFORD CC 3, EOS EL FORD: Davd Nemes. Tony Moucoulos, Larry Schmd scored goats for vctorous Redford CatholcCentral (4-2 overall) n a non-leaguer Thursday at Dearborn Edsel Ford. ZOE CHRSTAN 3, HURON VALLEY 2: Joel Hartley and Jeremy Zahn scored the Westland Lutheran goals Frday at Warren Zoe Chrstan. Huron-Valley "When Youre Ready To Get Serlou»" BFGoodrch mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmammm Tres Radal T/A SCQ99 53 F175/70RU P215/70R P225/70R P235/60R ; P205/55R QQ99 93 P215/T5R-15 P235/75R O-950R M050R P285/75R BECAUSE SO MUCH S RJMNG ON YOUR TfflLES: MXV4 %w P5S/70R.l«P20S/75R-14XZ4W.., P205/75R-15XW4B P215/75R-.15XW4W., P235/75R-15XVV4XLB,...: OUR 65,000 MLE WARFtArSTrY X-ONE MVUN UKUMTD MUWO W*nnmrv PLEASE CALL FOR LOW LOW PRCES! GOODfYEAR AGLE RH P17S/70R-13 P2O5/70R-L :.«,99 P215/60«16«- 87,99 P228/60R-W... 88:99 P20S/5SR ,000.MLES WARRANTY TOURNG EDTON 99 P175/70ftl3 P135/75RM 64.M M05/7MH P205/75R P22/7M15.-.M P23/7MS - :.80.99, ksssss: AMERCAS LARGEST NDEPENDENT TBE CO. ov.am 0MAToc»tt6M*«AT.oHwpt. mmbmom TRE CO. NC. FARMNOTON MLLS * T37-Tal W. tz MlofW. (E.o!OrCh»f(JL*V8 nd.) CLNTON TOWNSHP T fll Oratct AvO, (0«1 -. U & 16 Ml)* Rd.) NEW BALTMORE S4S-02SO S63 «23 M.G HO. (NEXT TO 94) C)ENTCRLNB«e <>BO seeo6v«o D/w LVONA J»OJ S-4SM.P MP<WK*»H ( 2 Block* 6<XJ8VO 7 Mo) FK>RT HURON «5 *> 24;h Avoouo e10-3b»-so*0 HOURS: MON-FR 8:00-6 SAT. 8:005 OREAT USEDTRK8 5 A UP Lauanau* Welcoma - A8K ABOUT OUR»R»ffl»pf«.c*mtfll, C«TlHCAT» C A N T 6 N * M 4 W «O 416SO Ford nd. ( tmxm.* Watt o< 1-276) OUTHOATB ass-oaao E*»«(acn>»«t«xn Rcxjtr<fl»l» Shofplno Cvntw) VP«LANT*40SMM01 toa E.MfeNa«n B. ANN ARBOR S71-MOO. 34S1 Wuhttuw W.ANNARBOrT»731M VV.S«ac»ym STATE OR LOCAL TAXES AND, WHERE REQURED OR CHARGED,STATt ENVRONMENTAL OR DSPOSAL FEES ARE EXTRA.

26 4C(*) CLASSFCATONS 500 to 500 Ths Classfcaton Contnued from Page b9. ll Help Wanted ASSSTANT OFFCE MANAGER rawed fuh tme lor general oflce dutes. Mutt possess good phone sklls. Salary negotable Ca ASSSSTANT MANAGER Full or part-tme lor reta.l operaton at Westland MaM. (313) T1 Help Wanted 1U Genera] ASSSTANT TEACMERtnona chd development center needs assstant teachers Must have CDA, assodales of bachelors Excellent pay & benefts Send resume Ann Arbor Rd. Lvorva. Ml Attenton AH Shfts Labor Nov, Northv.se. P.ymouth. Lvona SO lo start» bonuses Assembly Sort/g Packager Mach.ne Opeators Call Today - Start Tomorrow Assstant Managers StaT Assstants Full/ Part Tme Retal Help 1/2 Off Card Shop, Mchgans fastest growng leadng retaler of greetng cards and party -SuppUes Tvyth5tQxesjMchgan_anrDro,Js.j seekng qualfed ndvduals. WE OFFER: Compettve Salary Generous Employee Pad Vacaton Dscounts Health Benefts Flexble Hours. Great Workng Envronment Apply n person at any Metro Detrot locaton. ncludng our two newest locatons. LVOMA Mddlebet DEARBORN KGHTS Ford Rd. V""""/**. j Ac** l 1 \ NSURANCElVEmFCATOrN * 1 } J ;n»«*a*«vvvv«vvvvv>>vvw*v1 FNANCE FOSTONS Hospce of Mchgan, a not-for-proft statewde health care agency, has several mmedate poston openngs wthn our Corporate Fnarce department located n Southfeld. ACCOUNTANT ResponsrMtes rclude general journal entres and rev;e*..fnancastatementpfeparatoosand analyss, genera! ledge; rec.ooctatons, and budget complaton and analyss. Requres a8achelor"sbegree-n Accountng or Fnance:fve (5) years related experence preferred; health care or non-prom experence a plus. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK Ths s an entry level poston: responsbltes nclude processng tmo-ces for payment. comf>etpgmontrt-en<j reports, reconclng vendor accounts, generatng monthly accruals, and mantanng related flng systems. Prevous expere helpful but not requred. CLERK Requres a rrgh degree of detal-orentaton, andablty to organze and complete multple assgnments n a fast-paced envronment. Responsbltes Tclude facltatng communcatons«thth/d party peyes, completng verfcatons, and authorzaton processes. Requ res one (1) to twp (21 years prevous related experence, preferably ma health acre or nort-proft organzaton: and computer profcency wth a varety of software apprcatons. PATENT CARE PURCHASNG CLERK Prevous DME knorvledge s req-jred a.ong Attn e«ce:ent customer servce sklls, ncludng effectve and wrtten communcaton sklls Computer profcenc) m Word Perfect requred; Lotus ard other software applcatons helpful. For pw{(.co"soera:<r. please send a rfsu-r / :;n jer-:e sp«fy/!g Ux powco n wnca jw v WsrHtrt. ;< apply n person at: HOSPCE OF MCHGAN Corporate Human Resources Department NortWand Drve. Sute 212 (Crossroads Bfty.rgj Southfeld. Mchgan An Equal OppXturuty mp!o)0r LV-VWVX-WX-!-»W.»»>: LDM s a leadng fjoltcvtued long dstance company, headquartered n the Detrot area As one of the fasest-growng frms n the ndustry, we serve lens ol thousands of husness and resdental customers n the Mdwest, provdng hgh rualtv at a great value. Our atmosphere and growth assures a rch, rewardng job experence, wth nearly unlmted potental bt expanson along wth the company. LDMs propretary bllng software s among the most powerful and flexble n the ndustry, -and we how \eek tre best possble new programmng lalentfo use state-of-the-art software development tools to ad n extendng the companys advantage nto the 21 s Century. Nfctgans fastest-growng telecommuncatons company has several mmedate openngs n ts MS department for the followng: Senor Manager, SQL Programmng The prmary focus of thus pbsfon wll be to assess needs of busness users and plan, desgn and mange a team of programmer/analysts on a major new SQL-based customer nforma;on system. Upon cpmp.eton, other SQL-based applcatons w-.t be developed to meet the companys expa/xjngnforrnatjoral needs. SQL Programmer/ Analyst Ths openng wn provde rve opportunty to hep des-gn, code ard mplement an SQU>ased customer nformaton system lor the Corpany, as #e!l as to manage other ohalehgng future SQL projects. Talented ndvduals w! possess a demonstrated success m managng SQL prcjgrarnttag teams {Senor Manager), a BS n Computer Scence or nformator Systems, a stropg daabase desgn background, and SQL and Vsual Basc experence. App!cants shouw be famlar wth the Novell rvetrork envronment Experence Wth Mcroso.f tjt, Sybase SQL and PcwerfotSder s also hetpfut. LDM offers excellenl salar.es and benefts, as wes potental stock, coborts, dependng on applcants:qua!ff<at<rs and strengths. LOrl asohas poston openngs for qualfed, professonal Sales Consultants, ndung excelfenl compensaton plans.. Mr, J*rry rtv«fro«k, PrtMtrt and CEO, LDM Long CHtlance, 8W1C«o*tt. ) Hamlr»mck,M4e211.f40J. Fax rmant* t» fk> feepno-, ca-, pease, t>-. Were Gomerca a top fnancal servces comparry wth assets n excess of S35 bllon and as we contnue to expand, we need.sharp thnkers to grow ajong wth us.-people who offer new and dfferent perspectves, and have the creatve spark to r postvely mpact customers, as well as team members. Currently, were seekng a Product Manager wthn our Consumer Lendng department of our Oaktec offce n Auburn Hlls who wlt have respohsbtty for home equty tne of credt, hstatlment equty, and drect nslallrnent products. The selected cardkjate wll ba responsbfe for rrpfementng busness strateges for the drect and equty lendng busnesses; desgnng, developng and marketng new products; preparng prcng recommendatons and proftablty analyss; managng budgets; marketng plannng; and developng. segmentaton strateges. Qualfcatons nclude at least 3-5 years product managen>ent (or smlar) experence; knowledge of the equty ter>drseoond mortgage ndustry, knowledge of the nstaflrnent lendng busness and consumer lendng operatons; strong fnancal and analytcal, project management, team-buldng, communcaton.and organbraronal sklls requred. MBA prefened.. Comerlca offers acompettve salary and a comprehensve benefts package. For confdental consdafaton, send resume wth salary hstory to: Comerlca Bank, P.O. Box 75000, Dapartment CL, Detrot, Ml Comerca supports a drug-free envronment. Drug testng s a requred step n the errptoynent process. Equal opportunty Employer. ComcncA B \ } J 1 } } J Tfl Help Wanled Jll * ATTENDANTS 1 VAt-ETS» Lookng for energetc, postve, happy people tor varous luk & pan-tme postons as valel attendants. Enjoy meetng frendly people & parkng fancy cars»1 varous locatons n the Metro Detr&1 area. Days, afternoons & mdnghts are al avalable. Must have experence drvng a stck shft Earn J8-S10 an hour. An deal Job lor students gong back to school We can work around your schedule Slackers need not apply. Call Ext 40 ATTENTON deal for anyone who cannot gel out to work Work parttme lor your home schedulng pckups lor Purple Heat Caa 9am-5pm, Mon-Fr. (313) ATTENTON POWER WASHNG Relable worker lor outsde work Entry level lo ere* leader poston. W..1 ran Leave massage (313) AUTO BODY PERSON Must be certfed 3 years experence necessary Apply wthn Lyorua : "CnryKeX fyfr»uthr307t7>!y mouth Rd, Lrvcna (313) AUTO BODY TECHNCAN Experenced wth loos Top wages Plenty of work Wayne area Can.: (313) AUTC DEALER PARTS COUNTER PERSON & SHPPNCYRECEVNG Enpenence preferred, but not necessary Contact Oan Taylor al Jaguar ol Plymouth (313) T Help Wauled 111 J ATTENTON Sports Marketng Due lo unprecedented grp*th, our advertsng/marketng company s m need to fll several entry level postons. Postons nclude: Sale&Uarketmg. Carrpa,-gn Development Admnstraton Management tranng tor those who Qualty. All areas ndude growth potental and travel avalable. No experence necessary, For personal ntervewcal Ange: AUTO CAR BLLER Lookng lor experenced detal onenled ndvdual. Benefts nclude pad vacaton, cpmprehensrve nsurance package, and 401K. Please provde work hstory and salary requrements. Call Sandy to set up ntervew GflESPVQOO DODGE W& AUTO DEALERSHP needs M tme Porter. Mor, thru Fn, 8am-5pm Applcatons beng accepted al Ann Arbor Rd. Plymouth No phone calls please SsneMs avalable AUTO DETALER Experencedoofy Full tme Days & evenngs ava.table Beneft plan Establshed busness, Garden Cty area Manufacturng PRODUCTON MACHNE OPERATORS A Southeastern Oakland County area, drug-free, hgh-producton machne shop s lookng for experenced Machne Operators who are team players. Hgh school level educaton, good communcaton sklls, problem solvng ablty and mechancal apttude requred. An understandng of SPC helpful. Send a handwrtten tetter expressng your nterest and a summary of your experence to: Huran Resource Manager Machne Operator/OE P.O: Box Lvona, M CflfCCft OPPORTUNTY * *Av Professonal photo Fnshng w full ond port tme postons avalable for general yf help No experence necessary. Ut UUt UJll Wll THHN. TRRH.!vm«Some overtme overrmb S Soturdou Saturday work. ujork Rases Rnsp.s ond W promotons based on job performance. Full tme postons 6.40 per hour to start. FWvoncement * poteotol (up to 9. S per hour). Health, Dental & "W tfe nsurorxe avalable. Casual dress code. - Prnters. nspectors. Negatve Retouchers ond Artsts ath. PAO-LflB experence. Pay M commensurate ujth experence. Apply n person (no resumes please) NORTH /rvb3can PHOTO m» coot oo vcu eon tort on - r Schoolcraft, llvonla The Nuts And Bolts Of A Great Career Start Wth Us. [Lookng for a job thatll work around your [busy schedule? Take a look at Sears j Hardware.. V/ere just about to open a [new store n your neghborhood and were seekng motvated, talented ndvduals to [jon our growng team..? 1 Westland Assstant Managers Full & Part-Tme Experenced. Sales Assocates Recevng Clerk Clercal Cashers Along wth great pay and flexble schedules, youll enjoy opportuntes that only the fastest growng name n the hardware ndustry can offer. For mmedate consderaton,. please call 800/899- SEARS EOE HABDWABE O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 T Help Wanted AUTO DETALER WJ8 tran. Good pay Room 10 advance. Apply wthn: Prymouth Auto Body. 770 Davs. Plymouth AUTO GLASS NSTALLERS Experence preferred, wn tran Excellent wages and benefts Urtnvted advancement opporturntes Caa for Appt (450 AUTOMATC ADMlNSTRATrVE ASSSTANT Assstant lo Lease Manager. Fun tme poston. Monday-Frday, some flexb&ty. Poston requres responsble neatly dressed and motvated person Fast paced entry-level poston. Must M comfortable workng wth retal customer AppJy *\ person to: Lon enktey. North Brothers Ford, Ford Rd. Westtand (313) AUTOMATON TECH Western Wayne County manufacturer requres a hands-on automaton trouble shooter wth a background n auto & serm-automatc machnery..canddate wll be mvc*ved wsh an aspects of system mprovements. Experence wth 1 or more of the lottowng sen- -SoryPLCs.-pnf rrvtcs-abdcacon. weld.ng. machnng sklls. & basc computer sklls Auto Cad experence s useful. Outstandng opportunty for a sek-rrotvated ndvdual Pay lo commensurate wth experence. Send resume or apply n person al a E Manufacturng. 300 ndustral Dr.,.Plymouth, Ml AUTO MECHANC (en/y-jevel) 4 LUBE TECHtjCArAPORTEfl Excellent benefts. 401(k) Opportunty for advancement Busy shop n Westla/xl and Canton AUTO MECHANC ExceHen! pay plan Benefts Tune-up 4 brave certfcaton <810) AUTOMOTVE. OL Changers and Lght Servce Techs Earn S400 to S500 per «eek Appry m person Nov Motve nc Nov Road between Ma Roads bankng TO HHP-*?" AUTO MECHANC Unque Opportunty Poston oflerj commsson, weekly bonus, pad tranng, vacatons, major medcal, hosptalzaton. (401K) retrement Securty & Management opporturtty. Apply n person lo:. Jm Doty at Lvona Autqptex Plymouth Rd, Lrvonla or call O0 (or appontmenl Auto Tre/Servce Sales BELLE TRE Contnues lo expand Opportuntes r* avalable n the Metropoltan Detrort area Experenced tre 4 servce sales professonals earn up to S50K. Mus have demonstrated track record n retal sa)es. Only hghly motvated enthusastc ndvduals need apply. Gel on your Management Career Track and Come. Jon The BELLE TRE Team -. Ca» the Bene Tre Career Connect Hot Lne. 1-8CO-879-M40 exl. 212 AUTOMOTVE SERVCE nterested n a rewardng career? Great entry level opportunty f you are 18 or over and enjoy cars. Certfcaton not necessary but motvaton a must -Openng*- te&f <n person: Davs Auto Care, 807 Doheny Dr. mmedale fun and par true (n the Northvte ndustral Park) 810) AUTOMOTVE. STATE ot the art Lncoln Mercury dealershp lookng for Servce Porters. Advahoemen! possbltes Excellent pay 4 beneft package; Slop by n person or contact lone Wood at Varsty Lmedn Mercury, (810) Ext 251 AUTOMOTVE TECHNCANS Bruce Campbel Dodge has mmedate openngs lor auto technoans m ah skll categores, Successful applcants musl be state certfed wth the.r own tools. We offer a very compettrve pay ptan wth benefts ncludng hosptalsaton, dental, pad vacaton and 401K. nterested applcants call B~t Gr.tf.th at, Bruce Campbell Oodgo nc Part-Tme Postons NBD Bank, a fast-growng bunkng leader s Currently acceptng applcatons and ntervewng for Operatons and Part-Tme Teller postons Applcatons wll be accepted: Thursday, September 12 Westland Shoppng Center 3500 West Warren Westland, M From: 10:00am > 6:00pm We offer an excellent salary and benefts package. To fnd out more about the exctng opportuntes wth NBD, please apply at the locaton above. An Equal Opportunty Employer. No phone calls please. Dnbers NBD and You! TO PORTUnll Customer-focused, Hays Home Delvery Servces s a worldwde player n the transportaton ndustry, more than»1.5 bllon strong. Our substantal company growth s a drect result of our commtment to our customers and our employees! Were seekng ndependent contractors wth strong customer servce sklls to delver goods for a leadng Detrolt/Uvonla area retaler. Own or Home Every Mght HealthJDsablty nsurance Optons Excellent Annunl Earnngs Potental Vehcle Lease/Purchase Optons Avalable f youre nterested n ths outstandng opportunty, call today: equal 6c*pctunty employer WMf* NOW HRNG Gap rtc.s newest dvson, Old Navy Clothng Co., offers you the remarkable opportunty to b«part of our exertng growth n the famly value-prced clothng market. We seek people wth demonstrated ablty managng a busness, sales generaton experence, and experence n staff tranng and developng, vsual merchandsng, expense control and loss preventon for. MANAGEMENT POSTONS Youll fnd competruve salares whh an ncentve program and an excellent. benefts package, rf you have a proven track record wth at least 3 years retal management experence, we would lke to hear from you. SALES ASSOCATE POSTONS ARE AVALABLE. We offer unlmted opportuntes to learn, promoton based on talent and ablty, and great personal satsfacton. WE ARE NOW HRNG FOR OUR NEW STORES AT HUNTERS SQUARE N FARMNGTON HLLS AND WNCHESTER SHOPPNG CENTER N ROCHESTER HLLS. C Please apply n person at any locaton, call loo-oldnavy for the store nearest you. Or please fax your resume to: Attn: Oenlse Salvo, ao j O T H N G COjf UXMAM UT Help Wasted AUTOMOTVE TECHNCAN Du«10 Oof rapd growth. Ann Arbor Aotra,l<yUncJaJ s lookng tor a motvated, relable, and qua%-mnded techncan to lh an mmedate openng. Jon our vyrvnng learn No late nght hour*. Excellent pay. workng envronment fl nd benefts mport experence preferred Drug screen requred Apply m person 3975 Jackson Rd Am Arbor, Ml AUTOMOTVE TRE NSTALLERS Experenced Tre nsaers earn up to 6 per hr. youre one ol the pest and are a hardworker. *e have a poston lor you! Entry level Tranee pos tons also avalable. Come Jon The BelSe Tre Team Appty at. BELLE TRE Now West Btoomfeld Troy. : Farrrvngton Lrvoma Lvona North Waterlord AUTO PARTS DELVERY DRVER Part-tme. Mature person Wth good dnvmg record Retrees, rtefcorbe Prymouth area AUTO PARTS DEPARTMENT Saturn faclty seeks dedcated, hardworkng ndvdual to assst n an parts department operatons (delvery, stockng, customer servce. etc ) We otter excellent workng con dbons, exceptonal pay. hea.th 4 dental nsurance, pad hotdays 4 vacatons, 401K Program Apply n person to; DAN OULLETTE SATURN OF PLYMOUTH 9301 Massey Drve Plymouth. Ml Ann Arbor Road AUTO PORTER Busy Westsde Chevrolet dealer needs new car porter. Must be relable, hardworkng and have a 90M drmhg record. Good pay and benems ncludng Blue cross/blue sh eld and 401<K) plan Apply to Jam.es Schram or Bob Sm.th. Gordon Chevrolet Ford Rd Garden Cty (313) AUTO PORTER Large westsde Dodge dealershp has an openjng-for new car and servce porter poston. Experence helpful Call or see Stacey al BRUCE CAMPBELL DODGE Telegraph Rd. Reaord (313) Help Wanted AUTO PORTER NEEDED For lus tme ernploymenl n cottsson shop. Good bonents. Apply at HOLDAY CHEVROLET Crand Rner. Farmngton Hrts See AJan pr Ad-ra AUTO PORTER Needed for busy westscle.dea-er used car department- Mus be hardworkng, relable and have.good drwg record Apply n person to Al Denorr.r* at Gordon Chevrolet For J Rd :.just west ot Merrman. Garden Cty/. AUTO PORTER m&xx Dershp expoht<v:«rscjurtd GcxJ poy. benef.ts Hres Pa* UvxA Mercury Caprtcx Ave Crcm Ml +S18? AUTO PORTER- Se.eral postor.s jr.a.able >n New Car Get Ready and Servce Department Slart mmed4.ely - tul or parttme Mut have excellent work hstory and drvng record Full tenelrls - S6 per hour w.h bons Ask lor Stove Cerrern at Lou LaRche Chevroet PJ (nvutn >, evjrmjto...?!! 4nL AUTO PARTS DELVERY DRVER AUTO PORTER Westsde OM Dea hds mmedate mmedate openng lor one lua-trr* op«n,ng CcndCt Jodn Jeannotte at person. Good pay. full beneft package. Retrees welcome Apply m B:* Jea:.rct:e Pcm-ac-GMC Truck person to: She.aon RaJ Plymouth Sunshne Honda (313) Ann Arbor Road Plymouth AUTO TECHNCANS Are you t red ;A rd my your tool box tem slop to s..f srarchmglor the n.jr.t o:.:np.r!> <. p - you future A." V. J..,u. ">"..v s.,: Eplos.e grcah n.s CL-JOJ -.e«v c>fportuntes for EXPERENCED pros Outs.ano.ng pay r-t-rtlt- and career g/csvlh Pan. y,_,:!:.k-! f, ;> lor the las! tme. "Come. J..n :rtr Ut 1 - Tre Team" Fcr me offojr-ry nearest you Ca. m-e BEl LF TRE career cnk:! t.m.e 3!.8-0(1 f7-j4t:.l.;«t 212,n.BcV/ev pro>dd )"* : -af CaV,ery. :?:,.-;gs Vehce,610j PREMUM FNANCE COMPANY lookng tor an r J,.:3ja.Mth experence n crfcesnq t. co"uctmg consumer loans n the f.nance ndustry. Poston ncludes a 1 clercal dutes Pad vacatxxv benefts SenJ resurr-.j lo Poya! Premum Hours.V«ek Start tme 3:30pm/«Mon-Fh. Must have exce9en(l Budge! PO SG<257 Southl-eld. Ml work hstory. Room for advance- a 4P Atn Nmcy Mashnt men!. Start mmedately. Must" (SUM CC2 -JJ20 pass securty check & drug! BARN hpt.p TV; <n J..-. rt t-me (BO) 3F-Wt9 or leave rr.<_,soge SO BASKETBALL COACH YOUTH Worker vancu h-us At-(-y at the Farm-jgor vp.ca. 2H11K Farmngton Rd at,l..-_ nd-ate ob. preerence...r. t; \.:--n:. BEAvTY SALON Ful l.rne Eectroy-- c. reeded for DevhDn Sa.- Call Laura Hl.] Great Opportunty * For Hard Workng ndvduals NOW HRNG Nno Salvaggos 9*vteutotanal Marketplace Startng Wage 6.50/hr Del, Cashers, Caterng, Bakery, Produce Stock Mddlebet Located at 14 Mle A Mdoebet WE ARE GROWNG! Come.Jon Usf MACW OPERATORS All 3 Shfts Gompa > 1 lad medc al after 90 days C ompr ttv* wants. excelh* nt work cnvronhct. Apply n Person: R-tal Salr> H U D S O N S ntegrty. Servce. Fnsluon. Success. t! s the rg BEAUTY ADVSOR Cosmetc career ocp&vjnty tt Utfa. Norman Saton n Troy. Make-up»nd clothng sales. Part lnrv*. (810)» BNDERY MACHNE opermor FuH-tme postor- Send resume to: Partoo PrWng nc., C«p«ot, Redford. Ml BOOKKEEPER/ ACCOUNTANT Need MrvduaJ experenced n PuMc Accountng. For Plymouth art Please send resume to: Edward Forsyth CPA, 9357 Drve. * 107, Ftyrrouth. Ml or FAX to: (313) BOOKKEEPER /Offce Manager Accountng experence requred. Approxmately 30h/».>a wk.. Rex schedule. Ouckbooks. Word, Excel preferred, Fax resume BORNG MLL Operator Experenced. Work nghts/benefts. (810) BOWUNO. CENTER has openngs lor the lobovng poslons: Counter help; Boor persons, jrj he!p.*wa7rtartx pun jumper. FUt J part-tme, nghts & week-ends. Appry n person: Pta«Lanes, Ann Arbor Rd.. Plymouth BrctoOodCeyrent lntalers Steady work ab yr. round! Payday every Frday! Good referencesaxm truck, tods requred. (810) BRJCK LAYER. Experenced, lull bmelor Southfeld Property Management Company. Benefts. CaJ Men - Fr, 9am-5pm An Equal Opportunty Errvloyer BRDGEPORT OPERATOR Curtmg tool experence preferred CaJ lor appontmenl: (313) BRDGEPORT OPERATOR Mlt hand needed. Excellent opportunty Top pay. benefts S overtme Experence necessary. Apply wthn W. 8 Mle, Lvona. (810) rbulong CLEANNG PERSON To work n our schools. Farrn-1 "ngton area. Start at 7.00/Hr." "screenrvg. CaB 800am to Noon" on!y. Z Z! BULDNG NSPECTOR Canton Townshp s acceptng appcatons lor the poston c< Buldng nspector per hr. Mnmum of two years experence n skrted buldng constructon work. Possesson of current vald Bulders Lcense as ssued by the State ol Mchgan s preferred Must secure a State ol Mchgan certfcaton as Buldng nspector and Plan Revewer, wthn sx months ot employment. Possesson 01 current, vald Mt drvers lcense and an excellent drvng record wth no more.than two (2) ponts on Current drvng record Applcant may be requred to apply Jor copy ol current drvng record, at own expense, through the Secretary ol State Applcatons may be pcked up at the Canton Townshp Personnel Dvson S. Canton Center Rd. Canton. Ml or send a seladdressed stamped busness sue envelope to above address to request appcauort lorm. Job descrpton wn be posled al the Townshp Adrrvrvstraton Buldng, A Canton Townshp applcatons lorm must be completed n ts, entrety and on fle n the Personnel Servces Dvson pror to 4pm, September The Charter Townshp ot Canton does not dscrmnate on the bass ol face, color, natonal orgn, sex, regor, age or dsablty n employment or the provson ol servces: An Equal Opportunty Employer. BULDNG MANTENANCE Assstant lor Detrot company. Do basc repars Must have own tools. Saary negotable. Benefts. Call (313) ext 265. BUTCHER Lookng lor experenced help n the meal department Appry n person a: Ann Arbor Traa. Westland. CABNET CONSTRUCTON Company seeks responsble, hardwoftong ndvdual (or full lme poston, No experence necessary. Excellent long lerm opportunty wth benefts mmedate openng 2(810) CABNET. MAKER Hgh-end cabnet shop seeks experenced nstaser. CaB: (810) CABNET MAKER Royal Oak manufacturer seeks experenced furnture bulder. Must have experence n hardwood A veneers: Top wages & benefts. Please ca (810) CABNETMAKER Wanted. Expennced professonal lor rgh qualty shop. Ca» (313) CABNETRY & COUNTER TOP FABRCATOR/NSTALLER Catl between 9am-11am or 3pm-5pm or leave message. (313) CAKE DECORATOR Part-tme poston. Mus be able to draw. Excellent pay. Lrvoha. (313) move you Hglt urvv vvc an- lutkny fnv lynsjmr, ran s Hrln anl servr mnll ttlvlu.ls fuf tlr fllw (slns:.. AREA MANAGER POSTONS Strong lfaltr«h sklls, nrjjnzalntat sklls, unt cnmntnpnt n fxcrlll ctstomt-l s-rvrv ar ss-ll n lltl* tfrtnl t-atltt nstn. H«tnsllc fn< rtt" thr.s scvrclovcln through munag-nnl (f stlcs fluff, ;nl mnlnng deja (ment xlmtdatls. K\crtlfhl nlvlonl tntl ttvju.sdnhl sklln nmlet. (Hatll(rt( lrtc.ncf-red;).. SALES ASSOGAtES : Frst anl fnn-nnsl: A lr.rr lo MMMC thnd lcv-l Vf rutomtt M-rvrcm-ftltd for ths poston, Mus have»rnftnn(nal communaton sklltt and sttmjr jnolltn dlvnj; sklln. Crcut nlfrpcrs<nal nkllt a must. ScMml l-) HM> avalallf! MERCHANDSE FLOW TEAM7LOSS s lumventon Ths n[ortrnt "hchnl lln- s rnrs" joslon ftvrng our rttnlotn-»r*rr< TH!tn)};<onnlntnt nsn vjrc, lttrnhnajr,<mcnl okll*.andgreat nt rr.nn*l sklls. Flxhl- ntunnp hor* avalahlc. Youll rnjy: FlxOlt> scln dull- KXCT letrfts.. Generous mchunlstlscoutt Ftunore nfomalu), plrae call HRE ext T to sltltlc tn appontment... Kpnl 0 >pm tnnly Rnptyrl-

27 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 O&E Classfcatons 500 to 500 Help Wanted CABL5 NSTALLERS Our growng.low voltage and fber cable contractng frm 3 lookng (or dedfcated, hard workng people, n the fal changng tetecwnrnuncatons ndustry. Real appearance and good commcmlcalont skas are requred. Compettve compensaton package s avalable. Fax resuroe lo: (810) , Of complet* applcaton at ouroffces at; 4212 Martn Rd, Walled l_ake. 1 (800) CABLE NSTALLERS Communcaton* frm seekng entry level career mnded, cablng team members, Hard workng. Honest, Wlng to learn. Excellent pay, benefts, & (ranng. No experence needed. Mal or Fax letter about yourself and why you would be an asset to: REH Assocates nc NOrtrnvester Hv«y. te 301 Southfeld, Mt Fax CAD OPERATOR DesgrVDetal ol Automaton components and End Arm tootng for auto ndustry: AutoCAD experence requred. Excellent, opportunty n -arc-wng fem Fax resume lo: (313) OR Ca5 9am-3prn, CPl Products, Plymouth. (3)3) CANVASSERS (EXPERENCED) needed for replacement wndow company. Top pay * postons avalable, CANVASSERS. 20 hours/week (4pm-9pm) Wlt tran. Transportaton requred Commsson Wth Draw CAREER CHANGE Real Estate sales! Excellent opportunty frst year ncome potental n excess of 50,000. YOU be n control of your He. REAL ESTATE ONE Ask for: ERC RADER CAREGVER FOR Elderly Women. Lve-n poston or 5 days/wk. Good wages. Call 9-5pm: HelpWuted : CASHER/ GENERAL LABOR Relable, adaptable and punctual people needed for mmedate, permanent poston* n the. Plymouth area. Casher and/or Labor experence a must 2 smu avalable Monday thur Sunday. (810) EOE No fee CASHER Needed tor busy fut servce staton. Afternoons. Flexble. Good Pay. Benefts avalable. Apply: 6 MJe 4 MddtebelL AMOCO. CASHERS FuU and part tme. AH shfts. Benefts avalable. Nce workng atmosphere Opportunty for advancement. Apply at: Sav-on Dmgs 6510 Telegraph BtoomfekJ HM CASHERS - hrng dependable self motvated people who are-nterested- n workng n a dean pleasant retal envronment, Al shfts avalable. ParV fun tme, up to 5.75 to start w/ scheduled revews. Holday & vacaton pay. Opportunty tor hosptafatorvadvaneement. Appry: Sunoco Ford Markets, Ford 4 Newburg, Westtand 5 4 Haggerty, Northvfle Joy 4 uttey. Canton Rochester 4 Long Lake Troy EOE CASHERS NEEDED fub and/or part tme, Atso one full tme, person to casher and assst wth accounts payable. Chock our benefts avalable for fuu tme postons. Please contact Colleen or Dan: 2015 W. Stadum, Ann Arbor (313) CAREGVERS Carng ndvduals to assst memory mpared adults n an attractve resdental settng. Pay above ndustry standards. Please apply «rperson or call: Hamlton House, Drake Rd, Farmngton Hlls , r FNSH CARPENTER Seekng an experenced carpenter for a ful range of constructon, remodelng and repar projects Must have experence supervsng the work of others. Requrements are a Journeymans card, or equvalent, and 5 8 years recent experence as a fnsh carpenter Apply n person Mon-Thur.. 9am-2pm or call to receve an applcaton by man. PROVDENCE Employment Servces Greenfeld. Ste. 310 Southfeld, Ml Equal Opportunty Employer CARPENTER ANO/Ofl VmyJ Sdng nstaeer needed wth experence n new constructon 4 remodelng work. ALSO ROOFER (810) CARPENTER Apprentce, some experence helpful FuU tme poston,.wage negotable. (313) CARPENTER APPRENTCE to work Wxom, no experence needed, wll tran. Startng pay S7/br CARPENTER Cuslom Fnsh Experence and references requred. Tools. 4 truck needed. Orvy motvated need apply. Benefts avalable. Call CARPENTER - Experenced externa) and nternal. Fufl tme for Southfeld Property Management Company Carpenter Laborers needed also. Benefts. Gal) Mon.-Fr. 9am-5pm al CARPENTER For remodelng company. Wood & metal stud work. Must have own vehcle & tools. Experenced n drywan, electrcal, pantng, plumbng 4 ceramc helpful Absolutely must be experenced, honest. relable 4 mot/valed." (810) Casher/Stock Ful tme, no Suns, or evenngs. Ful benefts, pad vacaton 4 holdays. Appry wthn Maro Beauty Supply Orchard. Lake. Help Wanted CLEANNG STAFF Resdental cleanng servce lookng for fuu or part-tme staff. No experence s necessary. Dependablty; s the onry requrement. 7 per hr. Days, Mon-Frl.. pad weekly, benefts. Apply M person: Sweepng Beautes Joy Rd, Canton. B»wn. Haggerty 4 Ltey. CLENT SERVCES Farmngton Hts company seeks professonal to servce and sell to e/stng ccents. Good ncome potental on salary commssoo. One yr. customer servce experence requred- Send resume wth salary requrements to: Box #1056 Observer. 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd Lrvona, Ml CLOSNG PROCERSSE.R Experenced. Lvona based ttle company. Good pay and benefts Please fax resume to: CNC Lathe Operator 8.00 to per Hour 100 STARTNG BONUS Detrot 4 Farmngton areas. CMJPT-_geta)!s,4aOX 4Z3LLL12, CNC OPERATORS Openngs on 2nd 4 3rd shfts 1 year mnmum experence. New equpmenl 4 ladltes. Farmngton H.tls (810) T 1 Help Wan ted COMPUTER J TECHNCAN Must be setf-mo(vated ndvdual wth hands-on experence! -reparng compact JBM HP. MustJ be A* Certfed. BM or HP a plus. : ments lo: V/, Lathrup VSage, MJe _ Mchgan j Attn: Servce Manager B CONSTRUCTON Z ASSSTANT SUPERNTENDENT J Needed lor retal constructon.! Mrvnum 5 years experence!? ncludng sound knowledge of all phases of constructon. Mus have excellent communcaton anda organzatonal skfls. Fax resume, telephone number and saayl requrements lo: CONSTRUCTON EXP HlENCEO_ operators, jeeded lor gradngconlractorrca!!" (610) CASHER STOCK -40hours a week, Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm Start n 30 days. Specal Seconds. Westtand: CATALOG ORDER DESK /hr. We need enthusastc people to answer the phones 4 assst our customers wno are callng to place orders. We provde pad tranng plus complele benefts n an upbeat offce emrronnjent; full tme day 4 evenng shfts avalable Call: CATV Major nternatonal CATV contractor lookng lor quawed Snemen (M/F), splcers & foremen, (M/F). Top pay. Experenced Call (313) CEMENT FNSHER 4 Brk*/B!ock Layers. Experenced. Good pay. plus benefts. Full/part-tme. (810) U CENTERLESS GRNDER Set-Up Person Good wages 4 benefts Canton area. (313) CERTFED MECHANC" needed Experence n brakes, frontend and exhaust. Full lme w/benetts CHAUFFEUR/DRVER NEEDED weexjy. AH shfts, avalable. Cart Raymond 9am-Noon at, U60 CHEF ENGNEER experenced n mantenance, Mon- Fr, 8-5 Poston avalable n hotel n Farmngton HHs. Please can Suly CHLD CARE ADE. 2:45pm to 6:15pm, Monday thru Frday. Ages 5 trm 11. Cal New Mornng School (313) CHLDCARE ASSSTANTS Needed for Chrstan Learnng Center. Please cab: CHLD CARE ASSSTANTS needed to work n a home-based chsd care center. 7 Mle/Farrrvngton area 1-5:30pm and 3-6pm. Call Karren, CHLD CARE GVER Full/part tme. Experence requred Call: (810) Of 8t0) CARPENTERS APPREN-, TCES 4 PANTERS for general contractng oo. Drvers rcense 4 toots preferred CARPENTERS (CommefCal) wanted, experence prefened, calf for an ntervew Days Eves CARPENTERS 4 HELPERS Experenced onty. Must have transportaton.benefts 4 top pay: (810) , Pager (313) CARPENTERS/LABORERS - wanted fdr growng company. Jon oor leamltop pay. Benefts avalable. (810) CARPENTERS 4 LABORERS Good pay, benefts, FuD-tme CARPENTERS - LABORERS for roh framng. Must have good coordnaton, hghly motvated, good basc math sklls, dependable 4 jpood transportaton. Call Tru-Craft Constructon., Nov area (517) CARPENTERS 4 PANTERS Must be experenced, dean and presentable. Have own truck, tools 4 references. Benefts avalable. Call: (810) CARPET CLEANERS Natonal department store, carpel cleanng has mmedate openngs. Top pay, no experence necessary. Pad tranng. Contractors welcome. Cleaners currently earnng 400- SlbOOVper wk. CaS: (313) CARPET NSTALLERS Experenced. Must have truck 4 tools. Start romedalery CARPET 4 LNOLUM NSTALLERS Uvona based company. Local work. Top pay for lop crews. Cal tmmedatev (31.3) 525:5276 CAR & TRUCK WASHER Good pay 4 good hours. Full and part lme avatab"e. Call: **CAR WASH ATTENDANT** Part or fufl tvne, weekday mornngs. Great for college student, Appry n person al Colonal Car Wash Mte, Farmngton CAR WASHE RS needed, mmedate openngs. Good pay CASHER Afternoons * weekends. deal for students. MathSon Hardware,: Ford Road, Garden Cty. CASHER/DEL Afternoons 4, Weekend! 6.25/hr. to start. Contact Russ at Orchard-Ten Supermarket CASHER, DEL or MEAT DEPARTMENT Permanent, M tme postons. _ 7.25/TOur. CaK: (810) CASHER t supply store Part tme dayr v. (810) For For pel NovT. CASHER -MONEY EXOfANGE Ful.and part-tme, weekends.and nghts. mmedate openngs. Must be ftexbte. Apply n person: 3400W. LKayetW 3 1 ¾¾¾ 32 AMMEX OUTY FREE. DETROT CHLD CARE Multple postons avalable: PROGRAM DRECTOR Must have CD A or 60 credts wth 12- n chld development, and good references. CHLD CARE ASSSTANT FuB and part tme. References requred. Fax resume to: (313) or nqure at: (313) COBOL PROGRAMMER/ ANALYST World headquarters ol Damond Automaton, a fast growng, hghly techncal Farmngton based manufacturer s seekng a COBOL Programmer lo/ the Data Processng department. Ve successful canddate w.l be fluent n COBOL for both nteractve and batch envronment, have knowledge of data processng procedures and possess strong analytcal abltes. Responsbltes ncude the mantenance and enhancement of the legacy system and partcpaton n the transton to anew, yet to be determned platform. Ths coud develop nto a supervsory poston at some future tme for tre rght canddate. Send resume 4 salary hstory lo: Damond, Automaton, nc Haggerty Rd Farmngton H;tls. Ml Attn: Personnel COLD FORMNG/COLO HEADNG OPERATORS A progressve Detrot suburb parts manufacturer backed by a well establshed and fnancaby strong Canadan parent company has Openngs for experenced operators Excellent Wages 4 Benefts Apply w.th resume or n person MAXTECH NC HAYES ROAD ROSEVLLE, Ml (810) COLLECTORS Wdely. known Southfeld collecton company seeks 6 collectors wth, experence n skp-tracng Pays 58 an hr. Must be avalable to work Morv Thurs.. 5-9pm, Sat. 8-.CalHorntervew COMMERCAL WNDOW CLEANER Hgh nse experence. (810) CONSTRUCTON LABORER Entry level laborer needed for grad.ng contractor. Can. (8t0) CONSTRUCTON LABORER Gradng contractor seeks laborer wth experence n checkng grades n roads, parkng lots 4 bukjng pads Cal (810) Constructon Servceman Own truck, tools, references requred Must knov remodelng Week!-/ pay. re. benefts Mr/ Lee COMMUNCATONS Marketng frm seeks motvated, goal orented ndvdual. Great people skfs a must. Tranng 4 travel avarlabe. Serous nqures: (810) COMPUTER*. - Applcaton Developer Lvona based computer systems ntegrator has mmedate fu.t tme or contract poston open. Successful canddate wll be hghly motvated, wel organsed and develop appscatons for the purpose of busness automaton. Qualfed applcant wll have a mnmum of 2 years programmng expenence wth Vsual Basc Please send resume wth salary requrements to: Box «1078 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. fjvoma, Ml CHLD CARE now hrng energetc dependable caregvers for Rochester tommurfty Schools, Latch Key program. Before and after school: Hours: Mon. - Fr. CaJ) Magge. (810) , Ext CHLD CARE PROFESSONALS Learn whle you Earn! The Learnng* Tree oflers employees -an Educaton rembursement program 4 on-ste traner. Along wth: K Retrement Plan... Medcal 4 Dental Benefts...Pad Vacaton, Holdays, and Persona! Days.. Rase revews b-yeary... Bonus Program Cal or ape*/ n person CHLO CARE Provders needed for nfants, toddlers 4 pre-schoolers. Farmngton HltS (""arm- "** CHLDCARE PROVDER/ ASSSTANT Lcensed home day care n Farmngton Has seekng energetc person to work wth on-the-go loddfers and nfants, 8am-pm or 2pm-4:30pm, Mon., Tues. 4 Thurs Wllng to provde flex hrs. f nterested. (810) CHLDCARE STAFF -. Part tme afternoons for Lvona presohooj, Experence or college chld developmen! requred. (313) CHLD CARE worker needed n downtown Royal Oak, Futl 4 part lme. (810) CHURCH CHOR OlFlECTOR 4 PANST.Canton Church seekng both a choft drector 4 a panst. Candda!e(s) must have e love tor Chrst as wen as. musc 4 be able lo express that kwe both n conten-horary 4 tradtonal musc styles Preferred experence 3 : 4 years. Salary commensurate wth experence 4 educabon. Fax resume to: Geneva Presbyteran. Ghurch, CVL ENGNEER Professonal (Sensed engneer wth experence n ste development, roadways, sewer 4 dranage. Knowledge of CAO helpful. Send resume 10 Arpee.Donoar, nc Schoolcraft. Lrvona, Ml CLEANNG HELP NEE0ED. For NorthvMe Lrvona area. Mon.- Fr hrs. a. week, Coopes welcome. C.75-7.S0 (810) CLEANNG OFFCES Mor-frt, 5-9pm. 6»mr. Plymouth Twp. Supervsory and moppng posleon* «vasabk». 7+*r CLEANNG PERSON Ughl cleanng, days: Mature person wantng qualty part-tme work. 7:30anrv11:30am Moo-Fr. Cenlon. Call Bruce al Randcom: Leave Message (313) CLEANNG PERSON needed tor Westand apartment complex. Fu«tme, Permanem poston, *4 CLEANNG PERSON. needed Mrt-lme evenngs for offce cleanng n Plymouth (810) CLEANNG PERSONS, needed for crvkfcare centers. Lght cleanng and adng teacher*. Benefts avalable, Fy«part fr*. (8.10) CLEANNG TECHNCANS For Nov! based carpet upholstery cleanng Co. WD tran. (810) COMPUTER NET WORK SPECALST Our growng custom tranng/ consultng frm seeks an energetc. creatve ndvdual to admnster our LANtastc network. Selected applcant wll provde help desk support to 30 users.- system admnstraton, and techncal support. Network conssts of PCs utlzng DOS. Wndows 3.1x and Wndows 95 runnng appeaton software such as Mcrosoft Offce, PCAnywhere, cc:mal, Lotus Notes, PageMaker and Photoshop. Selected canddate wll play key rore. n mplementng new hardware and software and convertng network OS to Wndows 95/ TCP/P. deal canddate possesses two years experence as a networkadmnstrator, and a degree n computer scence.. Excellent troubleshootng sklls and servce-orented atttude are musts. Applcants wll ftrd a hghly proesslonal, supportvp worj(*«f»**crrent n wtoh to grow. Re>&oabte full-tmehours, busness cfcual dress code. compewve salary and benefts, and frendly coworker J add up to a great opportunty! fnts should, submt tett hstory, salary, resurne to: ested applcants ncludng a salary equrement and Trad Performance Technologes, nc Northwestern H*y. Sute 330 Farmngton Hts. Ml ATTN: LAN COMPUTER OPERATOR Operator needed by nsurance company to run HP mn durng afternoon shft. deal for student Salary ptus benefts and pleasant workng envronment. Mal resume to: P.O. Box Frankln. Ml or FAX to: - (810) E.O.E. Drug Test Requred COMPUTER SOFTWARES AROWARE NSTALLER/TRANER Natonal software company has mmedate full-tme postons w.th benefts for ndvdual who has expe: hence n software nstallaton and support. ndvdual should have good organzatonal sklls, self-drecled. works well wth others, fast learner and-.has good oorrmuncatod and phode sklls. Experence wth PCs n DOS envronment and experence wtfv Wn9S a PLUS Ovemltc travel requred. Send resume wth salary requrements to ATTN: TDM al FAXt mal 10:. P.O. Box ; Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers SchocJcraft Rd., Uvona. Ml COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMNSTRATOR For a growng mut tocator buovg materals dealer. Poston requres help desk support lor users, system admnstraton.. Desktop Publshng, and techncal support for hardware. To be consdered for ths, chalengog career opportunty. Send your resume lo: 6450 E. 8 Mle Rd, Detrot Ml Of FAX: COMPUTER TECHNCANS Wanted for. last, growng computer essembty/corrponcnls dstrbutor.. Package deal wth a base saary, guarantee of 12 hours ol overtme per week, + a percent of labor rales whch wn be. a mnmum package ol 30-50K commensurate wth experence. Must have workng knowledge of Wndows 95. OOS 6 22, and Wndo*! 3.11.Wndows NT ard NoveH a plus. Must be able to assemble a computer n,45 mnutes or less. Must have at leasts years of experence confgurng computer hardware. Send resume lo: Patrck Garvey, Stark, Llvorfa, Ml > NO PHONE CALLS ACCEPTED CONCRETE LABORSRfor flat work 5 years experence..unon scaa, health nsurance. (810) REMODELNG 4 PANTNG He*p Some experence preferred Relable transportaton a must Cal 4 leave message: (810) CONSTRUCTON COMPANY Speclajng n nteror remodelng lookng lor people experence n drywa. pantng, eectrcal and te CONSTRUCTON SUPERNTENDENT Wanted For Resdental Subd-: vson. College Educaton & Experence Necessary. Fun Benefts Contact Kaftan Enterprses (810) jtjl Help Wanted CUSTOMER SERVCE REPRE SENTATVES Professonal phone voce 4 manner. No outbound calls. Days or Afternoons. Startng at %7/h. Troy. ; (810) or Fax resume: (810) CUSTOMER SERVCE OR...- COLLECTONS Professonal atttude, lamlar wth Wndows 4 Auto Daler. Oays or part-tme afternoons. Uplo 8.75/hr. (810) FAX: CUSTOMER SERVCE REPRESENTATVE. We are lookng lor peopje.to jont our customer servce team at our Artslan Bakery Need to be flexble wth store hours, Tues. thru Sat., 7am-6pm. Must enjoy hard work 4havng fun! Hourly salary startrwal Appfyat: Great Harvest Bread Co., 1137 Adams, Brmngham. CUSTOMER SERVCE/ TELLER PERMANENT PART TME/FULL TME mmedate opportuntes wth top three bank m North Woodward area, also openngs Rochester and Southfeld, Canddates must have 6 months chhancsng and customer cpntact experence. ) / o~start benefts and 401K Call Tonya today Advantage Staffng CUSTOMER SERVCE REPRESENTATVE Career opportunty workng wth a natonal frm. Mus have sgnrfcanl experence m a cuslomer servce poston or a degree n Materals Management CompeUrve compensaton package Ml resume to HRMS W. Bg Beavc-r. Ste 220, Troy. Ml or lax resume to Tl Help Wanted!1M Genera] DESK TOP PUBLSHNG 4 PRNTNG TECHNOLOGY TEACHER ASSSTANT Wllam 0. Ford" Career/Techncal Cerler. For nformaton on.applyng cal... (313) SS Wayne Westand Convnun.ty Schools Employee Servces Dvson Marquette Westtand. Ml EOE DETAL PERSON Lookng for. a hgh energy ndvdual wth strong Organzatonal sklls lor wndow 4 door home remodelng company. Experence n constructon requred and ablty Q take accurate measurements, and deaung wth customers and nstallers. Must have: Relable aulomobse Good work habts Corrvnuncaton sklls f you qualty and are are w-lng to travel, can» and ask for Doug for mmedate ntervew. DE MAKER 5 years experence, safety mnded, good atttude for fast goano stampng frm. Must be able to buld! -sample- 4 -actveva producton -ready, status- of new des. Requres ndtvdual wth abty to trouble shoot 4 mantan exstng des m producton atmosphere. Basc tool room machnery knowledge helplul Send resume Or apply at E 4 E Manufacturng, 300 ndustnal Or, Plymouth. Ml CONSTRUCTON UTLTY FOREMAN Experenced all.utlses, d rt, and seer work UnDn benefts Contact Crag Engel al Peter A. Base Sons. nc An Equal Opportunty Employer CONSULTANTS S/ce,1967 we have earned ah excellent reputaton n the professonal placement ndustry. Experence n ether accountng. dala processng, or engneenng, (810) CQUNTERCASHER HELP Grealpay. Flcx.b 1 lunch trr.e hours Hgh wages for rght person Mr. Pta. Farmngton Hlls. (810) « COUNTER CLERK full & part tme, no experence necessary, benefts, Janet Davs Cleaners, Maple at Lasher r CUSTOMER SERVCE REPRESENTATVES Our growng operaton n Southdekj has muttple opertngs lor sharp, teamorented ncfcvduate, wth excellent communcaton ard organzatonal sklls to servce our customers va telephone. Ths poston ncludes advancement and promotonal opportuntes. We offer a comprehensve benefts package ncludng medcaldentallle, 401K; a t.beral pad r»way and Vacaton plan and 100¾ college maon rembursement. Salary s 19,400 annuaty. Please ser»3 a cover letter and resume to. Met Lrte. 660 New Center One - SA, Detrot. Ml NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE EOE COUNTER CLERK To 22, years epe-nence Benefts. Ferndae Phone -... (810) Fax Resume...(810) Greene 4 Assocates Pesonnot COUNTER 4 Genera! Help - Full.rr.e Md-day 4 afternoons Lrvona Health Club Ask for A COUNTER HELP deal loc homemakers. college students 4 senor, omens Full 4 parttme postons avalable atnov Rd dry dearers Noenpenence necessary. Mus be ava.table lor weekends Apply n person 1069 Nov Rd, t block N ol 8 Me or cal Coteen,, :8120 COUNTER PERSON/ASSSTANT Corrputer kno*ledge a must. Contact Scott at Lvona Trophy (313J COUNTER PERSON lor auto pant store. Full tme, benef.ts Wll tran Apply. Panters Supply, 1054 W. Ann Arbor Rd. n Plymouth COUNTER PERSON for dry dearwg drop<fl store Dependabe & pleasant Good wages Fa/mngton Hlls area COUNTER PERSON needed lor Lr/orna Dry Cleaners Wll tram. FufVpart tme, flex hrs Also need experenced Presser full tme. Can Molly. (313) COUNTER PERSONS 4 DRVERS Full & part t.me. flexble, hours, Retre-es welcome Key Auto Supply.-!., COUNTRYSDE CRAFT MALL Poslons avalable, Assstant Manager Sales Assocate.s Mantenance Lvona locaton, call Annette (313) COURERS. NEEDED AH shfts and routes. 3rd shft courers needed ASAP. Weekly guarantee of S500 pus Requres good drvng record, nsurance and economcal vehcle. Apply n person only, Mon.- Fr.. 10am-2pm Northwestern Hwy. S.e. 202,-n Southf.eld. COURT CLERK 46TH DSTRCT COURT Startng salary of S21,936. plus frnge beneft package. WH perform varous typng and clercal dutes. Must be hgh schoot graduate or equvalent. One year ol court or legal experence requ-ed. Submt resume by 5pm. Sept, 20, : 46th Dstrct Court. ATT: Bran Srruh Evergreen Road.SoutWeld, Ml COURTESY MONTOR needed for apartment complex n Southfeld 6pm - 10pm, 7 days a week. Car necessary. 6 SOVhr. Call Lnda: (810) CUSTODAN Dependable person neededto perlorm lantorfa and busdng- mantenance "functons n an ndustral settng Mechancal sklls helpful, sell motvaton a must Exce"er,t benefts. Send resume or apply n person al 6400 E Eleven MteRd. Warren. Ml Attn. T.ZC. Computer Operator j p.vmouthbaseddrect marketng company s currently seekng an* experenced cor-puter opc-rator.l Qualfed canddales must bek detas orentated and have excel-* lent oral and wrtten communca- Jon sklls. Bachelors Degree n" related feld.and experenced wth! Unx and Cobot s preferred.* Rotatng schedue. Please fax! resume t> HR Recruter! CUSTOMER SERVCE PERSON largo Befevle apartment compex s lookng for outgong customer serves person (or vared job assgnments. Must be outgo-rg 4 frendly. Please tal Alton or. Nancy at Southport Apartments CUSTOMER SERVCE SUPERVSOR Prntng background requred.. FuTtme w-trf bcnefrls Prntng Wortd :7266 Call (810) CUSTOMER SERVCE/ COMPUTER BLLNG SouMetd dstrbutor s seekng accurate, dependabe p-crson wth computer skls Salary 4 benets Send re-sura lo- BFS, PO Box 360. Sdulhfteld; W 4e037 Customer Servce Troy & Sterlng Hs. Retat food shop seeks fv t ; me hep, , Dependable tranjportaton a must Sterlng Hts CUSTOMER SERVCE We are lookng for sef-molvaled team players who are llexbe and can work m a last-paced envronment He.she must be a qu«k learner who can thnk on ther teet Key dutes to nclude job orders, nqury handjg. nvokng and dspatch East Pcxnte. and Pont>ac offces are openng soon" Resumes to- Dst OPS W. 8 M.!e Rd. Uvona, Mt Men 4 VVomer k Encouraged to apply!..j DE REPAR for metal stampng plant Must be knowledgeable n progressve d«s. perform ma-ntenance and repar on current tootng. Medcal benefts 4 proft sharng Non smokjng envronment Apply pm Mon-Fn. Frankln Fastener, Beech Daly, Redtord T 1 Help Wanted mmmmmmmmmmm DRECT CARE WORKER needed Traned only. Flexble hrs. Transportaton s a must!, CaB Ctaroe (810) DRECT CARE WORKER S6 0fthr. to start: Pad tranng Square Lake 4 Woodward area Advancement possbltes, (810) 332-H71 DRECT CARE Work wth people wth Developmental Dsabltes. Compettve wages and benefts. Mxjnhts, afternoons ard weekends: fub end part tme. Several Wayne County locatons Pad Tranng and advancement potental mmedate ntervews- Call DRECTOR ASSSTANT Group home Agency Supervse Home Managers Montor medcal 4 program goals Group home management experence requred. Human Servces Degree needed ALESON HOMES NC DE SETTER/ JOB REPAR Clean, effoent metal stampng faclty seeks assocates expenenced n workng w-th progressve des & arfeed tool room knowledge helpful. Abe to set, run. 4 repar jobs. Excellent benefts. Salary based on experence Apply or send resume to. E 4 E Manufacturng. 300 ndustral Drymouth. Ml (across rom Unsys). DE SETTER Wth supervsory abltes Must have experence on small des wth ar leeds, l.ne des wth secondary operatons. Med.cal benelts, proft sharng, non snakng envronment. Apply ,30pm. Frankln Fastener Beech Daly. Redford DETARY ADE/RELEF COOK we are seekng a lull tme 7am-3pm, part tme. 4-8pm. postve learn rrember wth hgh energy to work m our elegant teo bed health care faovty. We oler educaton rembursement 4 excellent benelts/ wages Please appry n person or ca.s lor an ntervew, Georgan Bloomfeld North Adams Rd.. Bloomfeld COME JON OUR TEAM! Detary Ades needed m Farmngton H Us 25 hours a week ktchen dgtes Call Oanne for ntervew. (810) CUSTOMER SERVCE REPRESENTATVE nsde saes 4 order processng lor floorng dstrbutor. Must be personabe. wth computer sklls 4 ab.lty to learn Opportunty to advance Excellent benelrt package ncome corrmc-nsurate wth experence 4 abty Send resume lo EncksOns Floorng 4 Supply, 1013 Orchard Street, Ferndae, M Attn Pal CUSTOMER SERVCE Executore, one ol the leaders n busness commun<aton equpment, has a full t-me. openng for an ndvdual w.th exce-enl customer relaton sklls to respond to requests for changes to be made to ther systems Ths poston wll requre accuracy, good follow-through sklls and enter.ng data nto ogr computenjed sysem We ofler excellentbenefts and compettve salary to hghly motrvated ndvduas.call for an ntervew Ext :.. EOE H CUSTOMER SERVCED RECEPTONSTS sought for top veternary referral hosptal Outstand.no cusome-r Servce sklls requted Fulltme and part lme postons. Strong sklls n clent recepton, payment collectons and dent recordkeepng are a few of the job requrements. Openngs on all three shfts. Excellent compensaton package, avalable. We are lookng for the most qusued canddates to represent our fool-ty. Hghly qual.fed persons forward your resume to: MVS W. 11 Mle Rd. Southfeld, Ml or Call (810) , Voce mal employment Lne exl 398. CUSTOM PCTURE FRAMER FuHoart tme. Experence wth customers as wen as custom fram.ng Send resume to: CREATVE FRAMNG 653 W Ann Arbor Trad Plymouth;. Ml CUTTNG TOOL GRNDERS AH operatons for round carbde loots also shppng/ recevng. 2 shfts: Compettve pay. BOSS, 401K (313) DATA PROCESSNG. NPUT "\ Fu.1t.me.employment Partcpaton n company benefts Flex-te hours. Ask tor Don (810) DAY PORTER needed to professonal/ clean faoaty n Southfeld thru Frl 7:30am area Mon to 4prr 56 per hour. Call (810) DEBURR HAND M,n.mum yr. experence but wll tran rght mdvdual. We offer excellent benefts. Please apply at Ventura ndustres Port St. Plymouth DEL & FOOD MERCHANDSER A new experence and a new future awats you at a company thajs beep n busness for over 50 years SerS resume, to: Box.»1068. Obsc-rver 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft-Rd. Lrvona,. Ml DELVERY DRVER Excelenl luj.tme evenng postons open,,7pm to 3 am. Monday thru Frday,.Must have clean drvng record. All applcants wn be requred to take a physcal and drugscreen. Apply at: Schoolcraft Rd, NW corner of Schoolcraft 4 Farmngton Rds -.. DELVERY DRVER to servce accounts for snack food company. Chauffeurs r<«nse 4 good drvng record requed 7 an hour plus benefts. CaH from 10am-2pm DELVERY 0RVER wanted for, automotve pajnl store, Experonco wth automotve products. Good drvng record a must; vehcle provded, 8am-5pm, no weekends. Benefts after 1 yr. Ca.1 Mrs. Bray at: (810) r\ D1RE"CT care V/orkers. mmedate openngs avalable M O R C traned prelerred. w-l tran qualfed applcants Bloom-ed Kls (ocat-on Contact Fowena at DRECT CAREANAGEMEfa Dearborn area oroup homes have part t-me d-recl care postons and part/lull. Ue-n rnanger or substute weekend manger pos-tons Good wages C&H (313> OflECT CARE VjSp>SP Program hasm-.rrlk3 date fa part-t me poston avalabe Near Ford Rd. Please can (313) or (313) DRECT CARE STAFF Group home 8 Mte.V-ddlebct area of Lvena Varety ol sh-fts 6 30 per hr. Call aam-4pm: DRECT CARE STAFF Group Home n Ecorse/Teegraph area. Taylor. Varety of shfts S6 30 per hour Call 0am-4pm DRECT CARE STAFF Need dependabe start S6 30 per hour Call 10AM-3PM Bel*v.!le (313) or Bellevlle (313* Canton (313) Dearborn (313) DRECT CARE STAFF Group Home n-.westand near NeAOurgryFord Rd Day Shft Avalable. S6:30/hr. Call 10am-4pm A DRECT CARE STAFF Afternoons 4 m.dnhts-fembe schedules. Part tme 4 ful, t-me. S6 00 per hour + premum pay for weekends and traced stafl Mus have,relabc_trarsportaton and good attendance Only carng 1 need apply... (810) 852: u DRECTOR OF LEARNNG TECHNOLOGES Provde nstructonal meda and learnng technotog es servces and systems to the admn.strat.on, (acuty and students m support, of the nstruc-. tonal programs, campus events, and other-actvtes of the College. The successful canddate must possess a Masters degree m an nstructonal technology dscplne. Lbrary Scence, Communcatons or relaled feld, three (o fve-years futl tme progressvely responsble supervsory experence, ard experence m meda producton and learnng technologes sysems and servces, preferably m an eduoajorval trsttuton. experence n developng a departmental budget, and evdence of atoty to recommend a budget for med a and learnng technooges equpment and sysems Tor an entre organsaton, techncal knowledge and ablty requred to pan lor and Set up systems usng auddvuat, telecommuncatons, mutmecka and network based technooges and evdence ol leadershp or nnovaton n applyng meda andor nstructonal technoog es lo accomp sh ob,ect(ve(s) Workng, cond*.:ons occasonal enposure to excessve no.so rom meda, sound and vdeo systems Antcpated date o! appontment s Nov ntal annual salary range s 540, ,803 oo a twelve month base, admnstratve groupprotesscna cassfca-. ton le-ve! 32, w th numerous frnge benefts. Dead"ne for recept ot offca WCC acplcaton terms m tre Ortce of Human Resource Maaagement s 5 00pm Oct 18, 1996 nterested persons should send competed offoal WCC appl<a.on form and transcrpts lo Washtenaw Communty College. Ot1.ce of Human Rc-souce Management 4800 E Huron Rr.er Dr. PO Box D-1, Ann Artor, M (313) Job Hotl.ne (313) Transcr.pt (student copy acceptable) must accompany appcaton m, order to have canddacy consdered lunbe-r (*)50... Hoasr- DRVER F.u» Tme Tractor Traler Drver wrthcdl for buldng soppfy company. Apply at: Smede-Son Steel )2564 nksler Redtord. Ml ORVERHANDYMAN (UF). Drver neeoed to assst busy executve. Mus be hones, relable, wllng to work flexble hours Thursday through Sunday and possess excel-, lent orrvng record. Dutes nckxje drvng and handy wort< n a home envronment. Please can from a touch tone phone (810) and ask lor 269 to leave a message. DRVER/LABORER CDL requred CaB: DRVER LEADNG Home Medcal Equpment Company seeks a full tarte delrvery techocar lor West sde Must have a good drvng record and CDL wth HAZ endorsement. Compettjve wage 4 ecellenl benefts paclcage CaS J>m Lea at: (810) or. send resume to- Box #1097 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers - ~362St- SehooScratr Rd Lvona, Ml DURACLEAN SPECALST - Entrylevel Supervsory poston avalable, lor carpet 4 fabnc cleanng and res-.- loraton Mechancalry nclned 350/ -wk-4-up-4qua«edj-3> v DRVER" Must have good drvng record. Retrees welcome Apply n person: Detrot Bto Medea! Lab, Freeway Park Dr. Farmngton Hs. 10 M.leCrand Rver DRVER NEEDED hrs per week, drtwg pck up truck. Also some clean up work S&hr. Oak Park area (8t0) DRVERS ACT ortth.s ad LOCAL RUNS - NO OVERNGHTS Mon-Fn. Home every nght. Earn S500-S per week Med-ca). dental 4 retrerrent package. Safety bonus programs. Pad vacatons 4 Holdays CDL-AH: 1 year experence mrunum. Good MVR, Good atttude. CaS th4 Mon - Fn from t0am-3pm DRVER t SALES Need relable, physcawy f,t, personabte ndvduals for route dwer 4 sates 5 days**. Wednesdays 4 Sundays oh Medcal Please call Embassy Bakery: (810) Washtena* lege s an employer Com,murkty Cot- AEEOADA DRVERS ALOHA * Sgns o Success. Are n Vour Future at Thorn Apple Valley Must have CDL-A type M nmum 1 yr OTR Reefer epenence > WE OFFER UP TO S3.000 Sgn-On Bonus Medcal Beneft Package 401(K) Package Home Every 10 to 14 days No sp seatng Call t ext 500 Davs Rozm-.arek DRVERS ASPHALT COMPANY needs CDL Class A Drr.-ers lor tnax.l«dump [ruck. (810) DRVERS ASPHALT PAVNG Wel establshed company needs experenced Drvers for dump trucks and or Low Be/. COL Class A lcense requred r T THelp Wanted LH!J DRYWALLER. NSTALL- & REPAJR. Fufl tme lor large auborban property managemenl company. Benefy. CaB Mon.-Fr. 9art-5pm, * ORYWALL FNSHERS (»ufe< ** contract). Mus be relable and nsured lo work (or Urge eorrvnere*!. eonuactor, Days Eves. 410-S V ORYWALL HANGERS 4. FNSHERS Must have experence, own loo!* 4 transportaton. (313) ORYWALL HANGERS WANTED Wth experence. - CaH Susan ORYWALL/PANTER Mantenance/jantoral dutes ncluded. Must have references. Futl tme wth benefts. Medcal Center area.. Most have relable transportaton. Drug screen 4 polce clearance requred Appfyat-4701 Chrysler Dr, Mor thru Fr. from :30pm. EARN CASH for Xrras by sellng our merchandse. Free M 4 start up Weekly pay check CaH now for detals Lnda (313) Educaton WnderCttre For Early Chldhood Professonals... KmderCare Learnng Centers, nc s no* hrng lor our local centers We are lookng (or TEACHERS. TEACHERS ASSSTANTS. COOKS VAN DRVERS SUBSTTUTES Excellent salary and benefts avalable 1 Chld care.tuton dscounts f you are commtted lo qualty chld care please cafl our centers al the lotlowng locatons: CANTON TWP. DEARBORN LVONA NORTHV1LLE ROCHESTER HLLS SOUTHFELD TROY TROY WESTLAND r * « : H ELECTRCAL APPRENTCE Hard workng and dependable Mus be a fast learner ard mechancally ; nclned, WSrg to work hard for a,- good future. Send resume to: > Box #1073 «> Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers.-«36251 Schoolcraft Rd Lrona. Ml tr DRVERS Cab Drvers & V/heclcha r Van Onvers Call lor app-catoo DRECTOR OF PROFESSONAL STANDARDS Do you en.oy d«:l"> Ho* aboul beng n charge ol a oneperson department 1 Doy6u have proven wntng sk-l.s? Peopto skls 7 ;Vord Procc-SSrj t you are seekng a serous career opportunty n peasam Trey Oflce send a bcel resume toaay l.a«off<:e background a pus Correttve pay Attract.vc benefts for fulltrr.e, errpoc-c-s Wll ran Pcstor open mmedately! Lockng lor full-tme but w--tl consder a flex.be schedue or pan-me hours Resumes to: Judy Waugh Profess-onal AssocaSon Semtes 901 ToAer Dr.ve. Sute 190 Troy! Mchgan Fax» An Equal OppCf1un:!y En-ptoyer DRECT CARE STAFF Ful 4 part-tme. Wale-d Lake area group home. (810) <810) DRECT CARE STAFF Prevous experence wth develop-- mentally dsabled.adults, preferred 6 25-J6 75 an hour to start, Excellent benelts 4 trarnng prcvded -Cal programs l.stedbeo *.,, BELLEVLLE LVONA GARDEN CTY ROMULUS CANTON For further nformaton ca!!, DRECT CARE STAFF needed for devetopmentally dsabled adults Traned applcants apply af DRECT CARE staff needed to work w.th developmc-ntasy dsabed aduts. Ttarted applcants pease apply DRECT CARE STAFF Futl or Part-tme, Afternoon andor weekends. Flexble hours. Berefts Trared S6 per hr. WH ran. Can Stephane or Tm. (810) DRECT CARE WORKER Pleasant home atmosphere workng w:th developmc-nlaly dsable aduts Advancement potental. Tranng ncluded. 6 00Hr. 4 up. Btoomf-eld (810) Oron 1810) Oxford (810) OavUburg (810) (810) benefts. 6am-4prr DRECT CARE WORKER Full-tme to work wlh devc-opmentay dsabed aduts n Bc-leve. Good WH (ran Cal Mon-Fr., (313) DELVERY PERSON Great (or Retrees * Pop-N-Go s lookng for responsble ncf.vduals for. smac local vend.ng mache route, Part tme wgqod pay! (810) DELVERY PERSON - Lunch tme hours. Great cash, flexble hours deal 2nd job. Mr. Pta, Farm-, ngton HJls. (810) Delvery Van Drver & Warehouse Persons Chauffers Lcense requred. 8 an hour lo start. Located n Troy Call Personnel at: (810) DELVERY hrsaveek Farmngton H.ts (Vorsl needs pe/son lor local delveres ard general hghl dutes. AMJy to red map, peofye skns, and good drrvvsg rocord s mportar Equal Opportunty Empoyc-r DRECT CARE WORKERS FL/ or pa rt-tme lo work w-th developmentally dsabled aduts n Dearborn Hs. Promoton ava-fable. Call Donna: or ,. DRECT CARE WORXERS needed for SP program n Farmngton. FuU tme afternoons 4 part tme m-drnghts, bcoc-ffs Ca«Cyntha , or Joann: DlRECTCARE WQRKERS- Dayprr shfts n Lrvona. S6-6.50Vhc fts Cal D3re pr leave message: DRECT CARE WORKERS needed tor SP program rear Southfeld, afldrnoors. Tranng hepful r *l tran. S6-60«benefts.. Call V/anda: DSPATCHER. CUSTOMER SERVCE FREGHT BROKER 1.1 J/-e-Lahser.. Saary; ber.ef.ts. ncentves, f.ust have excelenl phone- people- skrs, truckng epenence: able to work A,tr a fast-paced team of freght brokers. Non-smokng budng. Please sendresume to. RPL Assocates nc " W, 11 M.e Rd, Sute 105. Sou!hf,etd, Mt Or Fax (610) DRVERS Detrot area courer expand ng serv<e routes epandngmtre Detrot Metro area Mus have good dnv.n g record, neal n appearance and personabe Good opportunty lor long-lerm growth Excellent bc-nem pacge CaH John betaec-n 94pm for ntern ew DRVERS For hand-cap cars 4 vans Mus be dependabe. w";ng to work and w;".ng to he.p (313) DRVERS FULL 4 par-t.me to transport fw Students 4 senors CQLB Or C- PLcense a pus Corrpany «l tran amb.-tous err.p!6yees Health nsurance after 90 days Good drrv.ng record 4 clean cnm.nal record a must 1-6OO O0 DRVERS/LOCAL TRACTOR-TRALER /drvers. You must have a rrur.mum of 3. years vertable. Cty drvng experence DOT quafed, clean MVR, and Class 2 COL a must Must be able to work all shfts (casua.on-cal) to start. Compettvehourly rate Possble lult-mt.eerr.poyment n the future for the r.ght canddates Pre-employment D OT. physcal and drug screen ng mandatory Reply to A 4 P.-FARMER JACK Burt Road Detrot, M (3t3f An Eqja Opportunty Em.poyer DRVERS NEEDED For natonal newspaper to dc-l.ver rr-tor.routes m NW suburbs Ho b ng or collectons nvolved 140 pc- Ak m.rrru.-n guaranteed * hrs. pr day. 7 days per Ak. For more n!ormaf.c-n call (810? DSPATCHER HOVNGA-Busness Systems. M-ch.gans largest Canon deaer has an openng toj a Servce Dspatcher Poor cll-ce experencenecessary We offer excelenl bene fts along wth prom sharng through 40tk 4 a pensor pan: f you are nterested n ths poston, please send resume and cover letter to: Dspatch Supervsor. HOVNGA BUS NESS SYSTEMS, Brdge St, Nov, Ml Please nd-cate Job Reference « EOE DJS WANTED part trfe, ngh-s only Call beraeen 4:30 S 6 30pm, (313) OOG GROOf/ER.. EXPERENCED. Fulpart tme. Excellent rcome Detrot, area 1313) DOZER OPERATORS. 5 years.experence m-.n.m,um. l.rvsh gadrg COL and excavator experence Up to 17 per hour and benefts lb qua.fc-d pe-ope (810) DOZER OPERATOR W.th COL wanted to work for bulder. Back!.:! septc and basement. Experence pree-rred. Cal berv.cc-n 8am-5pm. Mon.-Fr. (810) DREAM PARTY! Top ncome n Party Plan saes wth gts, homo 4 Holday docc FREE 5300 Kt Bonus shoppng Flex hrs deal for parents Recru tng orvy thru Sept Cal Dortse DRLLNG & TAPPNG REPAR TECHNCAN Clean, state-of-the-art quavty melal tampng facty seeks person experenced m ref.a ; r 4 trouble-shoot.n-j ol. drllng 4 tapf no machnery (experence n TTCO 4 SfJOW tappc-rs «oukj bo helpful). Full tmo day shft. Excc-rcnt pay 4 bt-nc-f (s. AppV n person at. E 4 E Manufacturng, 300 ndustral Dr., Plymouth DRVER For Southeast metro area. Assorted routes da ly, w-.thn specc lma frarr.es Must be depend-jbo. Cal alter 10am (810) DRECT CARE WORKER Part-tme to work wth developmenlaty dsabled adults n V/estand 5 60 to start pks bonefs Prcmctcn svajato CaH Ujrco * ; DRVER. FuU or Part Tme Avalable Mnmum CDL-B requred. S7.50.hour, hour wcvv week, local routes, few Safurdays, Farmm<3on Hls 4 Lvona XatonS Excelenl bc-nes, w.1 fan, operence a pus Physl labor requ red. Apply at Wale Management, W. 8 Mlc. South..ekJ. Must pass physcal,drug test Ho phone cats EOE MF/VJD DRVERS NEEOED rvgm t.me, par. tme. Call:,.(800) DRVERS NEE DEO wth economcal car or smal truck to make delveres n mjtro Dc-frof area.. Start ASAP, part tme or lull tme Home makers 4 rcve-es welcomed Cal Paul from 9am-3pm (313) r ELEGTRlCAL ASSEMBLY PANEL WRNG Farm.ngton HJls Locaton bua-fcators:. Apttude to read schematcs/ drawngs» Mechancal apttude Manual dexterty Attendance a must References requred Drug screen requred MAYDAY RESOURCES v (810) ELECTRCAL CONTROL - panel wremen (mt) needed Experenced only Clean envronment, lull benefts Aggressve Systems. nc ELECTRCALPLUMBNG MAN AGER needed full tme Check our benc-ms. Please contact Colleen or Dan 2015 W Stadum. Ann Arbor (313! ELECTRCAL.: Quantum has openngs or the followng postons wth ndvduals experenced n the macn.ne tool and process controls ndustres ASSEMBLERS EXPERENCED PANEL WRE PEOPLE Ouantum-s a lull servce systems ntegrator. We offer compettve pay and a Ade range ot benefts ncludng BCBS (Dc-ntal 4 OpKal), Lfe, psab-lty. 401K, 10 holdays Come and bo part olth.s aggressve. groath orented company. Forward resume n strct confdence lo QUANTUM CONTROLS NC Helm Court Plymouth, Ml Fax ( ELECTRCAN HELPER needed for resdental work n Troy area. No experence requred Good ber.e.ts. Call ELECTRCAN, Lcensed Exper.enced n commeroal & ndustnal. Excellent benefts. (313) ELECTRCAN.MACH1NE TOOL, pane! wre person: feld wre person Experenced full tme and tranees, Plymouth area Call between 6am 4 5pm at ELECTRCANS Jcwrneymeaexperenced Apprentces (M.F) Steady work Excellent pay 4 benefts. (810) ELECTRCANS JOURNEYMEN or experenced apprentce. M hum 2-3year,e>perence n resdental ard commer ca (313) 72S DRVERS Suburban tax cab fleet lookng for good dependable people W.l.ng 10 v.-ork. want ng to earn good wages. (313) DRVER-STOCtC PERSON, needed fdrgm Deae-rsh.p parts department App.fy n person to Pans Manager, Gordon ChevroeL Ford Rd, Garden Cty DRVERS WANTED BestASy Express nc, s expnd-ng ther operaton. Op-porlurr-tes are deveocung for local "Shuttle Drvers We are also acctptng appcat«>rs for qua f«d ovc-r-tfe-road Drvers Home every 5 to 7 days. Pad weekly.wth benefts. ncludng; company pad nsurance, pad vacatons, prol.t sharng. 40r».retrement. Must be 23 years of, age and possess a va f d CDL Class A lcense. A dean drvng record s requred wth 2 years experence preerred To jcrn the Beshvay <e3m, cal Rod at. 1 (600J , - DRVERS wanted Luxury sedan servce. Earn weekly Good drvng record a must AppV at Boc-ng, Southfed. M DRVERS - WAREHOUSE Postons for estab l ;shc-d gass dstnbutor. We desre sett motvated 7 servce orented peope. Grcal Opportunty for reh.won-eo, ret.rce-s or students. Full or part tme. Progressve wage. package, benem package avaabe Appl-y n person 61 SAF-T Gass Gobo Rd, Lvona, V. me South of bock East ol Nowburg. DRVER, Van delveres 4 ware-house wck Good drvng record. Srshr. Won-Frl, (810) OmVER WANTED Appy wthn: 190 N Hunter Bvd, B-rmngtxjm. DRVER WAREHOUSE Manager tor Metro Dc-lrty) area Clean record a- n-.usl Saary, Blue Cross. Pens ; on Cal Mr. Ncho-s lor appontment between pm DRVER WTH VAN oc«ed for package 4 re-gh delvery. Late model 1 ton cargo van needed Pad percentage. (313) ELECTRONC ASSEMBLY TECHNCAN Electronc Techacan,wanted!o test,. trtubeshoot and assemble hgh soec-d lood processng equpment. assocates m electronc technology of equvalent. Base rrechanka! skds 3 mus Expc-rence helpful. f quarfed app-v.n person or send.: resume to Damond Automaton 2340O Haggerty Rd...,, FarmngtOh Hlls. Ml ELECTRONCS lhspe-ct.orvasserr.lly. Must Read BueprJss / S7.50Hr. - ARBOR TEMPS Electron.es SERVCE TECHNCANS or ELECTRONC TECHNCANS Copy Oupcatng Producls, an KON: Otf-ce ScJutcns Corr.pany, s 3 For-»a t t J* \t turre 500 company deal rg n the N- lech offce equpm.ent ndustry, We, are. presently lookng for entry level> servce tecl-ncans. The prospcctr.v cand-dae shoutd have basc eeo- * trpn<s kncrafedae or rnc-chan.-ca! apttude Excefenl advancement. opportunes -avaab-e.- Competft benefts package ncludng 401K ard* compel lve sa!,jry..f Please send or fan resume to - COP ; V/. Eght M.e.. Southfeld. Ml 48034, ; Attn- Operatons Manager, fat ;7651 : * EOE1AA : ELECTRONC TECHNCAN S10-14 per hr. Ttst Tech. Tnxbfc ShooOng. Temp to Pwn ARBOR TEatNlCAL 45J-1166 DRVER FULL tme pos-ton Geat bcne.t Most Know Dotrot rr.elro area Call Mon Fr, (810) DRY CLEANERS >n Farmngton Hs needs counter help f uu or part Lrr.o CaS (810) ORYWALL. HANGARS,- FRAMERS FNSHERS 4 SANDERS Call Ed (313) CONTROL DESGNERS E>per «edabplc5. - Auto Cad a pus Ovcrtmo Berefts Bay Products Me Rd. FraserkMl Brad Hunter, (810) e>t 24; FAX: ENGNEERNG TECHNCAN * * s pofymcrchemstry or process devel- opmenl LackgroMnd peerred, to perform e»pc-rmer.fs ms-de the factory p.n whch has a foundry type " envronment Company mods t-poxy rcs-n J.rx>ra;ory tops 4 S ; nks 4 s located n Western Wayne County Ful me post-on w.th ber<lts Send resurne to or apply n person at The Durcon Company Ronda Drve. Carton, 481B7. Attn Ron

28 6G(» CLASSFCATONS Tfl Help Wanted O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 ENGNEERNG/ ELECTRONC FELD SERVCE Experence,r, Eocn T<xr,- nolojy and or mel.wgca.jv catons n nduct,on heat ng preferred f.tust u- J ft.--. r. c<j St-hoo! jr.jj.t,- A.-.r \~Pt ndcf.rc tool <.-«t-.- o.-.a.- The SuCCfcSSfu<...ll" J.5:V,V. posscss fkt-"t-.l o.sl " C: rt- 3 ons sk.s and" 3 t.ksj--d :! an uvjjr. t!:.,rj.-.ro:! GreT ov>.,, - ;rl > -- ",: r "- " custom tn-t--rtj ::: :-.. : m._r..res VC-H-J».-*f:l w,!:,.( r-": p.k».lt- JUTJ l.>j". rn.,/ 1,}-,: 1 out. 1.o- J.:,J-.; r-- ::..,-.-.- FLOOR COVERNG HELPER flcd mot.dtd r d,,vd->,l ASr.ng 10. f-t-n 1.7 tccon:c-.an.n.vc-r Good! f j; PeneMs ; Ca 181O, FLORAL [SESGNEH f kl-oe rours t p /-, re-f. care- N/.-.t (c-rsl- CO : and,w!o Fran ;.. (8u 347xo-» FLORAL DESGNER f- r! tlj r.-t-t f-c..-.r.3jt-e Top [.j- e.na- c.t:,:(.-.>s Epe-enee a ---,.:,1 C,....,o.,t lo,vtftf;or ALES PcstcK 1 f-- J- f*j t *"-<*. f-»-: -jttt.x-r.ecj :-:!:, 0(.,/1 < f,atl St-.p 8015 : f." l.v.u-! Wr.->.-*rvj "J1-7-.l 10 : FLY 4 FUN!!! Vl0-5S F-.f L,;-.,.!.--,.,: -.a- vj>:-.l -> V ::r.vs:.::.", ;.-,--. ;,-.(.- A- J, MrJ.:ts-- - J,.J-., - : : -, ->,- H...-. (, M.j s.- -:>.* ~:.:": " : c>? - k. J ENGNEERNG OPPORTUNTES * FOOD Sf H..Cf Ht.PRES: Nl ATl.t..,,:--;; -.-:."..,--. S3 0- r-oc, -:<-.,-:.-.-,-- j l-.: -3J ;:. :.-, -._ -. «.cc!.r r,.-.c-t, - 1."r ¾. T, 1 : :-j f T. -..\ -.;,. -. s r,..--:-... -:: : 1, : " *.,...,.11 - ": ":.:;:;.. " : " : : - Help Wanted GENERAL HELP No Experence Requred FULL TME MMEDATE- OPENNGS.ytn Lvona company A 1. Men Women & Ccege Students are encouraged to apply l400 per week Cal Today T GENERAL LABOR,0,-./..3 pas.es re-cyder s tocmg 1 p on the 1pm-12 rrvdnght shfl tspcns-.b--t-es.ncude unload ng.-/*->. rnds on cpera.-cn ot recy-g eq-pmem and aa.ustment ot -cn -fc controls Please send un-e /, *n s,-ary h-tc/y & expecta- 5. t - - Gent-fa- Laoor p-e-e««-6+w P..,,r:.;.jtn Ml fd«(313r-l55-0o56 EOE Gjatjty.Supervsor. CotOs Desgn. Senor Engneer Soecra ; 5t 1.V0-, >.,.-.:,-,!.;.., ; Techncan Blue Prnt Clerk- METRO TECH. MC 13 4v C-:, 1, u 3-1 :, -.-." FORECLOSURE PROCESSOR - : 1 1 : -dv -,1 6 -.: "J-., -1.-,,-.-;,---,- :.- H r-.-ol-:-.,..-* P-o,.,.: -, n-.j, M.v.,,.;-- -!,.-, :.- 4t6 M.ot ra-.e -- ;.\f-,.-j>. :; -.-,.r:rr.-,-.3 PMl CCTp--,,-. ;-.,.-v,:.;.." T : f:o -OJ.. - :,->:.a ;; - - :? o Standard Federal Bank..FNfRAL LABOF!. PARTS j PREPARATON Fc -...-str-a coat.ng co Full MT.e 4 MrSB E«tens.\p hand de1a; /crk.: \ ;;> t:nq App.y at W :< M.,;, No," or Fan GENERAL LABOR Pn.-je. Dearborn golt course.ock-ng tor grounas ma-n!c-nance v<cr\es E«per.ence apus S7,hr. Ca! GENERAL LABOR SeeMfg Employees for Fut- :a ( n-.anttacunng fachw me and benet-ts Ca GENERAL LABOR Too ;-,,:~-3 re.-rp ta permanen: post0-.> S*L,st te ffr-ap /..n excel ent tto:o--oes L/NLMTEO STAFFNG SOLUTONS NC :81a: Vare s. As,.; l.t./r GETEPA! C-SO e-n-.-.rp n-,py S7 a- -,H,,.S.LABOR r.rrer,. Packa;n-j rr & ream p, j an 1S">0j,373,8118 Envronmental Dollars E 1 J f-ot --r-s :--v: -;.,fk.,; O ,-,-., -js Ef.: MATGP FREE GOLF * HLLTOP GOLF COURSE * EXCELLENT OPPORTUNTY.::.,T ,:.0.1-, -; ----:0 - E «.-:t; t,-! ; V, :.::-. 31?-4«---3-;l-0 " FPB-.lj Mj-.t----; -s,n ;,,- -..-c>;» C. s -:>: ),-:,. : v- COBOL Pf-OGHAMMERS FRONT DFSK STAFF BHLL5TAFF. -. : -- :.(. -1:. - 1, ; - : 1 t OJ GENERAL OFFCE/ SECRETARAL r :n-o --~eda:e ccs-c a.a- JP e D,.:es --o L-e [:.-0-5 t.-.n :-, p-3 r-t A -yc Benets Ooe,: /<" va - Va.. -es.te to V C j:-x.e,e-;-ec-- De"M V -? » : ; ;--e,:.1 s r-ease GENERAL OFFCE,; ,-,-J Ca---- -e«j» V c-r pa-1 t t,;,.---..,,v :c":/f s>- s Z.--.. ": "e-te f.cvs. Ask : -.-" " -oo. t G:J;J-.. -, vq::cp COMPAfJY r-- : :«;-.- e-ceo - r -s - a-e r -.; ,..: ;,om jnar-g pva ;,,, _ r COURSE 1,- c :-: -5 Be-6.ts pr-js ej-s epe-t-ce as :: 2,ea- ce-g-c-e m -.- t a- Prsg>-aT Ca-r!:--3p~ :.> COURSE.-- 1 ere A- Apply Moo - - TT-O-Snan-erCC. e-d -ao; L" 1¾ C C OL : * 0. ORACLE PROG 0",: c - *-r<.} 9 At, Cf.:-«f» c- MER "* - t:-. - "p -... :.. Fu-r,! vvareh; -,.-. Od* v use -,.-.( - 61 J...V4 Drver Person!.. n-- t, J z C-. "43<, e:.e C Z r..j -,- - j 0 -. j ; ; 4c--..t? J -::t, 5.=.--.-,¾,e ; Mtr-?r. Ave MOVERS raov,,- -2 A-e- ca- -,-s-e-d at k-c- Ml GARAGE DCOR \STALLF.RS 6,1,0, ACSTPA.CORPCPATON -.-, Le. - -Sre P».-.o-.n M, F.OE., EXPEDTOR Gt., r..-j.cot-pj-y -s ee-«---3 a-. er er.jet-p.-nd to r, : r e pos :.0-, -..( eped-rc Can * lte +.jr,s,o ;re 0CA Pg qj-cas-!. Bol-.e,0S bc-.yee.-!- M.!er-.VS Lo-jos os.r.e-5s c- Enc, -* --J.» At :,- ::, /.,:),-. -.e: presso-e Zvrtvvrtlr:!o n-.et --re-a,o«<y redo:ret.c-nt5 C,- Culorrc-rs- «Corrp.y.er s<-:a - Tr,e tp-oa3 ;.,d.-ct ens are GARDEN CENTER MERCHANDSE MANAGER Soek.n3 Vot v6,-*3.-;rd..-d., A -,n PoChas-nj d-splay sr-d.j-r.a-an/3 P!0 S,,. nlory SjSens tackyo-na Mus fosess ot-ootrs 1 a--d sopr.-son,- st: ; S, Gd-oe decree and 4,CJS e»;ce pna-eved Cc<r.pe:..tve sa-vtsre.: pacaq,; Send rt-:.n-.e to Pvrwr, Njrrery ardga-d-n-cente P.yoj")-Ar.n Art-c Rd P.;:-;(,*n }.d Arn HLT.zrC ReSOooes GARDENNG Spa-.sr speknj years epor.e--.oe.n p-chas nj & release ys--en-.s <Vc-.c?;er a-ju-! 6-enet paoage- A con-.p«t:,ve saary. - Serr< res.re :o - Homan ResO-/cc-s Sorworal. Lrvohj M., 4&150 _ EXPERENCEO ASPHALT Uwe-. 810;, EXPERENCED CHLD CAFE NEEDED.o*jng (o< energe-c. -respor.s.be p<-rsem lof- fj.. or par-t-t.e wdrt For more r.!cmaton pasc -Ml. Bth Caner, (810) , MEN 4,-WOMEN-. -» j j-j en-[y gardn-g-acat.g Cu!- docsg -.e osa c,v. Weo-er j.srr.e ta-eer op-p-j-un.k-s to- morvsted lear p.-ented.n-.-.d-jas Top /.ages cenemsare a.-aate Ca 1 CvrtAeen &3rn 4 f.pm EXPERENCED TRUCK drver tor tnavo O short doofce trtx-k- <810) EXPERTENCE MASON lats.-ers necsdvod lnr-t,c<):a;e epenng Please cal.. <810) 343*879 r FACLTY MANTENANCE MANAGER Large, fc-ra LTC provder s sec-v.ng a Fao-ty Ma : n:«-nance Marvajc-r to Oversee Lno rrtantenanke po-grarr.s of several faov es KnoAe-d-jaof pcventat-ve rra-ntrare. slae ankd.t»:a»cc.le retju.rerren.s lor neath care aot.es a rrnjs! Tra-do tcrt;<:a!x>n. (HVAC, cleolneat etc ) preerrpd a009 w-.th haods-c-n <;«percnc«and pro-.en ab-!ty 10 tra n other man.enaryco pcso/",nel.pease servd ycjr resute aoddary eqj>emehts to 605 #1125 Obs«r.-er & Eccentrc - Ne-ASpapers Schc<4craTl Rc Lrvona. MH650 Arv Ecfja! Opoorturxry ErrV/er Farmers nsurance Group ts des-c-op-dg lns<janoe -Agences We are nlervsafng rk*r<jua.s wj rdeo/ees»>t Vrant to devclof) ther onn busness. Slart-part-tme wo ovrsg-vp, pfesen! employrrvef>l. Cal Oa.-e Starfcury ar 3) or FAST LUBE TECHNCANS CAP) PORTERS..- ful rfne, benclts. 401K. Appfy n person Krug Uncorn-Mcrcury M<vo,arV Avo.- Dearborn F1ELO SERVCE TECHNCAN CorrC.tv«pay (, bc-nc-ts. Provc«js knoedoo b( copers a pu Send esu<n«lo: Sorvw«Uaraf, P O. Box 95, Waod LaVo. Ml 4&J90. Or \2X FRE EXTNGUSHER Servce leoh Prefer experence txjt wj.ftan. Rfrdford- (313) FREPLACE NSTAUERS Earn op (0 Sl,000-\vk. Bo your O/vn bo*-*..ve»f rovrd work, wa pay every week., " (313) FLEXOOFUPHY PRESS O(«ya!or F/1-trne ponton..send.resuroo to: Panon Prntng nc, Caprtol, Redord, Ml _., FLOOR TECHNCAN E«p«rterx;«d n wood Poor car*. Exc*l!en» pay. C» (313) 453-4M5 GATE ATTENDANT A Fanr,.r,g;on- Hs apanttren! commonly f,.-.ng depensfce, movated. >r<j.v.duals part-t.me Aeekends for mdnght sh ft. Hc/sc-makers h Retrees Aeorre. Appy n peson at: Ga:c-r>->je or Managerne-nt Of<e M J raoc-d Dr Fa.rm-ng;ofl HS, Ml N W. corner of G6.d fl.vcr4 Orake.. GENERAL ACCOUNTANT PenVymng varojs aocounpog hnc-. tens, FL./ tt.e pot.on v th benefts. Mnmum 2 years c-ponence ftqjred Send resjn-,e to, KTS Cenlre Road. Autxn H"s. Ml GENERAL HELP lor nr,a hgf-.-ch ; Carton TAp lao-ly, 401K. HAP,nsunsr>:e, pro.!- Shanrg W, tra C.- METAL TREATNG l J Mc-p. Manasement- HELP 1 WANTED ntervews Nov/ Beng Accepted On Frst Corns, Frst Serve Bas-s G:0A-ng Ccpany.e -dj. J 75 Peope. fl To F l-t.rr.ed afe Oper-rs E*pandn-d Farm ; ngon HK d-s.r(j txvon center lor large 80 year oldg eeclrcal appartc company has" cporur-gs, n several deparrr.e-ntsl Jlrpm dsplay work hrougrl- J management.,- Cah do work easy, no e>per-j - enco nece s*ary a s we w 1 prcr.-do «ltra!nng Wval C-an toad to s.veryl Jecufe poston vvth fwjh srartngg»n.x>me. J J 400/wk _ Cal. Mor, 03T 6pm or Toes., _. 9am-r>oon fl L (810) 53&-7003.J GENERAL LABORER for- Detrot con-pny. VM tran. Saary:. vares. BeheMs-, Ca 1! (313) , exl 265. GENERAL LABORER laroo property n Bef!e/,a s now rxnrwj odneral laborer. Must. bo <Jependabf«- A KartA-atkng. Job dac vary, cornpctano startng wao«*. pleasb cal Am o> Aden at Sou<ort Apa GENERAL LABOR/ Fast paced factory envronment Hokay 4 atendarxo bonuses 4 rr<xf<ol plan Troy. (810) GRAND OPENNG!!! LABOR READY EASTPONTE WORK TODAY - PAD TODAY! APPLV N PERSON Mle Rd. (Between Groesbeck.& Gratot Ave.) (810) CONSTRUCTON. LANDSCAPNG, V.rlSE MFG JANTORAL, LTE rclstrlal & MUCH MOPE NO.FEES NO HASSLES - WE NEED WORKERS COME SEE US TODAY! OTHER DETROT AREA OFFCES M.CHGAN AVE (313) Ml A GR RVER (810> l.le HLTON (810) T11 Help Wanted HAR DRESSERS Now hrng Stytsts (or saton n Westlahd Guaranteed hourty wage.. Carl C*ndy: HAR STYLST/ ASSSTANT Lcensed professonal needed lor several postons. Top dollars pa*d tor experenced and clentele. Several bene!,! packages lo cnoosa rom ncludng 401k pan,-pakd vacaton and hodays Dont pass (hs ore up. grea advancement opporturvbes lor the rghl people. Can Anta (or an ntervew HAR STYLST - expeneoce. wanted lor Dearborn Hgts. saon. Good corrrrnsson. prodt sharng 4 benefts Call (313) HAR STYLST Full or part-tme Hoorty or comms, s:on Great place to bu.ld clentele Canton area HAR STYLST needed Mull twe NAtL TECHneededpartljne Experence preferred Farm>ng.on H.-ls, Nov area Ca: (or ntervte* HARSTYLST NEEOED. Canton sa-on _Fu< or pan: tme_ Pad vacatng lrend.y"afrnosprere mmedate op-en.ng Ca Cheryl HAR STYLST Needed tor very busy Fan.astc Sams on Plymouth Road.n Lvona. Guaranteed hourly wage plus conr.rt,ss«n Pa-dvacaton Apply n person; or cal Sam ornad a- (313) HAR STYLSTS FANTASTC SAMS NovNrthv.e Cal apply m pefson No Sunday Hours Nov Rd. between 8 19 Me.(810) HAR STYLSTS Full & pan-trr«commss-on or be-otn rental n n-ce Plymouth savjn 313, HarstylstsManagement Compet4\e saary pus-ccmrn.ss-or.s compare neath. t-enefls 40K. quarterly *aoe ncreases, and much more Pos-t,ons ava-1- abe w-th BoRcs -n Soo.hfekl, Westa-or. Garden Cty.-Wayne, Lvc-n-a. Farm ngton, DeartKOrn, Belev.e and throug-rput tle Detro-t area Cal for we locaton nearest you T 1 Help Wan ted HOTEL. Do You Do mpressons? Red, Rool nns. Amercas leadng economy lodge, seeks rendjy ndvduals who can.mpress our guesls wth ner warm, coorteous sennce Front Desk Guest Servce Rep FuS Tme. Afternoon 5h.ft Nght Audtor Part Tme Computer sms hepm, yoo are customer-pleas.ng and abfe lo work a r»&:e schedule ncludng.even,ngs and weekends, le us mpress you <v,th our excellent wages and frnges Appfy n person at Ann Arbor Rd (at 1-275), Plymouth EOE Red Roof nns Hotel NOW HRNG FOR Cook - Fu Tme Housekeepers - FuH Tme» At,dlor - Pan Tme» Host Staft. Wa.t Staff Appty m person at RADSSOfJ SUTE HOTEL, G.-and R.%er, Farmngjcr HJls HOTEL SALES MANAGER Hc.day nn Souhfek, a 417 room ho.el s sc-arch.ng for a fvgh energy ndvdual wth sates erper.ence Saary S tenefts Send resume A salary,requ.rements to Attn D rector of Saes Telegraph Rd Southfed. Ml T1 Help Wanted UU HUJMN PESOURCE OEPARTMENT s seekng an energetc, sett mobvated Human Resource CoonJnafpr» handlet HR dutes n arrowng mult state corporaton. ProressonaJsm. organ/atora) sxtts atong wth at least 2 years pror experence requred Workng knowledge wth Mcrosoft products benefoat as wea as automated Human Resource software Must have the abuy to work welt under pressure n ths last paced envronment. Excellent benelt package avalable and salary to commensurate wth experence. Forward resume and salary requrements to Human Resource Drector. PO Box Berkley. Ml HUMAN RESOURCES Hard workng mdrvdual lor professonaj. offce wth opportunty (or advancement Entry level postoo to handle department and- employee relatons. Experence wth Mcrosoft Offce helpful Send resumes to Attn Manager. 850 Stephenson HAy. Sle»109. Tr.oy, Ml or FAX resume to HUMAN RESOURCES Recruter/Stafler/Manager Establshed Lrvona company to open new offces. Potental promot-ons tor management pos-lonsf Computer fnendly, people person Great pay» commssons, bonuses, health benefts Over 30,000year. Call Kate: (310) , Fa*: 442M113. HAR STYLSTS. NAL TECHS 4 ASSSTANTS.or Farmngton H "s 4 No1hv.: : e Sao-ns Fu-l A part-tme Con-mss-on ;r ona> rentas HAR STYLSTS/ RECEPTONSTS Exceenteam.n-gs O entele wa tng Very Posy Pad vacat-ons Heath 4 denla ava.abe. Ksny ncentves Cal Km at HAR STYLSTS TAO har sty J -sts wanted Wen expenenced on all unsex ha-.r servces Geat oppcrtun4-y lor ambreusoperators Guaranteed S300 take home to start Can Sarandas Saon m V/estand Ask for Danny cr Mary 1313) HAR STYLSTS Very busy Canton sa : on has rmrnedate ofen.ngs lor 3 Ful Part-tme Stylsts Day sn.ts a-.-aabe Pad vacaton. S3 PER HOUR GUARAN TEED PLUS TPS Calf today. (313! HANDYMAN WTH-strong Carpentry skl-5 and a varety of remodejg sk-rs Must have own ve-nce and toots Honest, relabe 4 motvated HARTFELD LANES n Berkey ts now h.rlng Bartenders and CounterCashers Apply n person at 3490 W 12 M.e. or call (810) GREENHOUSE WORKER Greenhouse needs worker to maln- Sn nooor!o!-age ard Cowerng ptted plants, unload 4 load trucks. Fol t,me. Ca GRNOERCARBOE E-pe-nenced on carbde throa-away > r,serts.rlud ng msc. operatons. Requnng mecnar.cal abtles Top ates steady Aprk full fr-nge bene- Ms Ask for J,m, (810) An,Equal Op<>crtuo,ry Employer GRNDER HANDrFNSHER fcarbde). Ca between Sam 4 12 noon,. (313) GROUNDS :--- Come jon our team! No experence necessary. Must be dependabfe and hard workng Fuftl.me and overtme offered, opportuntes to advance: Apply at the Lahdngs Apartments. Wes&rtl or cal Jeflrey &5660 GROUNDS HELPER Needed for townhotse complex n No-.vV/ared Lake. 13 MJeRd. S Decker Rd Ca-1 Mon-Fr 10-4pm GROUfJDS! MANTENANCE mmedate open.ngs. permanent fullt me m Lrroha for a Grounds Person. Experence not necessary. Must have drvers lcense 4 transportaton. Lrvona Trade Ceofc-r. 3) GROUNDS SUPERVSOR poston for large apt. con-jmunty n Canton. Must E(,oy-workng out of doors, superv*r experence, organzatonal sktls. A.be a neat freak Does not nyofve lawn. mowng or snow removal. Excellent startng.wage 4 benefts; some weekerd work reou-red- Send resu/ne 10 Box»1021 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Lrvona. Ml GROUP HOME.: ASSSTANT MANAGER Poston ava-labfe, lor Group Home Asst Manager k) P,ttsr«ld Townshp, Ml. Workvg wth the devetoorrventafy dsabod Compettve.wage and benefts. Preferred 6 months experence Vad drvers lcense requred. For ntervew cal: (3)3) GROUP HOMEopenng? bv full" anu par tme employees. Are you a a person who tkes to car» lor- others? You w-n fnd ths.very! satsfy.ng employmenl. Startng wage 820 or J6.50 per.our". untraned. Pad tranng provded. Va,d drvers )<ense feo>v«red." 8enef1s. Cal (33) f J(3l3} Z RECEPTONST NEEDED fu* tme for upscae Sytvan Lake salon. CaVJeflrey Dean Har/ Cc**:... (810) RECEPTOMST Wth experence teoolred (or West Btsorrneld kx *1 hour, Fufl;me.,.- (810) HAR CARE lcemed Cosmetotogs! we hav4 c*- enfee w*<tng Earn guaranteed hourty wage pws wcewy servce»nd safe* bonus. Receve medxoal dental nsurance and up to 3 week pad vacaton. TREE ady»nc«d trartng ard FREE har car* servces and products for you and your lamjv. )otv> ryarv assocafes HARDRESSER FULL tme wth somo cfehta). for Ormlnoham/Bloomleld <alon. Fashon career Orented wth strong work ethcs who des-re a polshed professonal jtmospsere. Hearth benefts ava»ablo. (810) 64Z-2882 AR-MASTER HEATNG 4 AR CONDTONNG NSTALLERS. SERVCE TECHS HELPERS CorrmercTal 4 Res-dental H.gr pay Good Benefts Pens-OrvProft Sharg Company Veh.ofe CooWge HAy..8erWey HEATNG & COOLNG Busy company n Lrvona has mmedate openngs for: FURNACE NSTALLERS FURNACE CLEANERS SERVCE TECHNCANS/ Excellent pay. Full tme. Can for ntervew: (610) Hotel TROY MARROTT We o"«r hotel d.scounf lunches, Lfor re.mbursement, fut benefts for 30» hours per AC-ek. promot cms rom w,th.n and employee apprecaton e.erls Postons avalabe lor Banquet House-person Bell Person Housekeepng Flow Supervsor Pantry Accounts Recevable Clerk. Pan Tme College nternshps Part Tme Banquet Servers Securty Omcer 3rd Sh-ft Front Desk Clerks PM Busse: ntervewng Hour% Apply n person on Mon. Tues. 4 Wed. PetAeen 9am 4 12 noon Human Resource Dept 200 W B-q Beaver Rd Troy Just E o 1-75 Overpass M FHV EOE HOUSECLEANER - par-tme lor rental management company Expenehce helpful. Good pay Ask for Dense HOUSECLEANERS FULL MEDCAL. DENTAL 4 LFE Fu 4 pan-tme. Mon-Fn days, company car S850 to start ncludng pad drve tme, unforms, pad nomays-yacatons bonuses Cal to fnd out why, WE ARE THE HGHEST PAYNG MAD SERVCE - AMERCAN FREEDOM CLEANERS (810) HOUSE CLEANERS lor smj growng co Experence preferred -Satr HOUSECLEANERS HOUSE CLEANER To assst wth cleanng. Part-tme hours, no wkends Ca3 after 3pm (313) HOUSEKEEPERS - {21 fuu-tme. nght stvtl posrfons avalable, Pnor housekeepng experence preferred per hour plus shtft dfferental and excetenl beneft package. AppV n person or send resume lo: MADONNA UNVERSTY, Schoolcraft, Lrvona. Ml MU s an Equal Opportunty Employer.. MADONNA UNVERSTY HEATNG 4 COOLNG NSTALLATON TECH 4,or HELPER Expand.ng Canton company - career opportunty. (313) HEATNG 4 COOLNG TECHNCANS Wn tran qualfed people. (313) HEATNG SERVCE TECHNCAN Commercralrasdental. New truck, fu-ll benelts Experenced only. Lvona (313) HEAVY EQUPMENT and Truck Mechanc wth mnmum 3 yrs.experlence. Must have own toots. Send resume to: P.O. Box 152, Brghton. M EOE HELPER FOR rental houses. Cleanng.-pantng 4 odd jobs. Evenngs and weekends 56 per Hr. Cal: H-LO DRVERS H you have extensve N-to experence, vald drvers lcense and leadersnp background, ths leadng natonal FfymoutrvTtov area company s expandrjo. ExceKenl - earnng potental and supportve management. mmedate openng (or qualfed canddates. Call Lous today. FarmrgtoalN-bna Advantage Stallng Home mprovement TS THE POWER OF SEARS HOME. MPROVEMENTS We are wrtng n excess of a quartef mklon dollars per month! And now t s tme to double our staff. n fact we are presently Jbacktogged by several thousand BppoMrnents wtoch are alt prequakfed and verfed. More then that, we have NEW reps pacng 30,000 to 62,000 and pay stubs 10 prove to Voof Whether you are seasdneo and presently employed Of just thnkng of comng Wo sales, THS S THE FUGHT PLACE AND THE RGHT TME. Cal Mon, - Wed. between 10am-2pm. (313) HORTCULTURAL SALES MANAGER... Versatle poston for purchasng, dsplay, sales, and personnel management n a large (tortsl & greenhouse operaton. Exceler* future (o< a qualfed team applcant, tnqufra at: KeBer * Sten Florst 4 Greenhouses, Canton, Ml NK3HT AUDT Appfy njperson: Oays nn Hotel, rvymouth Rd, between levan 4 HewfeurgK; UVonla. / T ". -» HOTEL Holday nn Troy s- now acceptng applcatons for W lme poston*: Fronl Desk nepresntatya» Nght Audt Housekeepng Food 4 Beverage txperehc* Prefened - flexble acredues offered! CompetrBve cornpensaton & behefn p»ck«d«"jnclodng 40K. PJoasa apply n person for nvnedfale eooslderatkjn. HoBday nn-troy 2537 Rochester Court (0«Rochester Rd, S. ol 810) ) HOUSEKEEPNG ASSSTANTS Botsfotd Contnung Health, Center. award wnnng long-term care faclty and retrement communty seeks Housekeepng Assstants. We Offer Excellent wage and frnge benefts package ncludng tarmry medcal. dental.l!e 4 dsablty nsurances, tuton rembursement and many more. Hourly rate commensurate wth experence. nteresed canddates apply n person to::., Arch-wood Crcle FaJmrwton -HSs, Ml (near 9 M Orchard Lk. Rds) (810) Human Servce PROGRAM ADES JOB COACHES Pos-t.ons ava-lable to work wth aduls wth developmental, cogntve, emotonal and. or physcal mparments n a workshop/work advtes settng as well as n communty-based settngs One year ot related experence preferred Must have good drvng record and relable transportat.cn. Send resume to Teresa Schwartz Jewsh Vocatonal Servce SoutUeld Road Southfeld, Mt (810) , HVAC Servce Tech - 5 yrs mlm mum experence Sheet metal nstaers 4 Hepers Top pay 4,06(¾ HVAC SERVCE TECH Expandng company needs experenced Servce Tech m resdental and tght commercal Excellent wages and benefts HVAC TECH - Experenced Must have Kense 4 be certfed to hande Freon, Fo3 tme BeneMs Sal3ry based on experence 4 knoa-led-ge 8-5pm (313) 453,8443 EOE MMEDATE OPENNGS Fu-f tme Labor. Mach-ne Operatng. CTC. -Sklled Machne Ma-ntenance, Assembly,Packagg 4 V/arehouse nslalers Earn up lo per hr Overtme after 8 hours or 15 per hr Fu9 benefts. Alt shfts HUMAN RESOURCES (810) PLASTC NJECTON MOLD OPERATOR No experence necessary 6 to start Contact Wafly at NJECTON MOLD BULDER 0 4 C ndustnes. a fast-paced m,ecton mold bu-lders lookng tor experenced Master CAM 4 CAMAX programmers Excelent pay 4 benefts Call Andy at. (313) NJECTON MOLDNG PROCESS TECHNCAN World dass njecton m-dng automotve suppler seeks m.ecton MoWmg Process Techncans deal canddates shoud possess 2-5 years experence processng on mcroprocess or controlled m,ecton moldng machunes Expenence wth Engel or Cncnnat mold.ng machnes 15 a plus Benefts package ncludes 401k plan Send resume n confdence w.salary requrements to: Box 1124 Observer S Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Lvon:a. Ml NSTALLERS 4 WELDERS Wanted lor fast.growng Lrvona awnng company Wlt tra.n FuJ tme Day? Benefts. Must be 18 Call. (313), NSTALLER WANTED for a fencng company.. Must have vald drvers lcense. Good pay. Call,- (810) HOUSEKEEPNG For large Farmngton Hlls apartment communty. Apply rn.persor: MLneqcD#. Management Offce Murwood Or., Farmngton Hls, Ml..- NW comer of. Grand Ftver 4 Drake. j HOUSEKEEPNG, FRONT DESK AND NGHT LAUNORY Red/ Roof nns of Farmngton H 3s s lookjng lor housekeepers, front desk and laundry jsersonrel. We offer pleasa/l workng condtons, wages up lo 950 per hour dependng on experence, beneft pacmrje, and tranng for advancement- to other departrr,enu Smaeota, Farmngton. HSs... HOUSEKEEPNaAUNDRY WE are seekng a postve team member wth hgh energy to work n our elegant 180.bed hearth care faclty, Wo offer educaton rembursement 4 excellent benefts/ wages. Please appfy n peron or.cad for an tntervew, Georgan Btodm- /eld,2975 North Adarhs Rd,Sk>omfeld HUMAN RESOURCE CLENT SERVCE. REPRESENTATVE Jon tha ndustry of the 90"» nterm Personnef H a fast growng. f>a6ofaj ternporary help servce and we are ccjong for a peope orented organsed ndytdual to staff our SouthfjekJ offce. Responsbttej nclude: ntervewng applcants, placng employees en work assgn-. ments 4 dajy customer contact by phone. Must be, able lo hande fast paced envronment. Salary end Excelfent benefts. Send resume and salary requrements to:. CSRMR Mgr. P.O. Bon 221 Eastponta, Ml or f« Human Resource Clerk Entry Level Human Resource Clerk needed (or prvate ambulance company located n SouthWd, Dutes r*fud«. data eoby, admnst/ave support and ffng for busy HR Department. Must have a mnmum of one year computer and genera) offce expertenc*. HR exparenc«a plus. Hgh School Dploma of equvalent requred. Poston pays 8.82r. wth an exaelent benefts package. Sehd Re sums 1 to: W. Eght Mle Rd. Southrek), Ml ArrvHRC, or *«to: (810) EOE -. HVAO- Exper!oncej nstaflers 4 ServVa Tecfa. Top pay lor rght people. Own truck 4 tools preferred NSTRUCTOR For Day Program workng w<hj developmental dsabdconsumers Mon-Fr.. 8am-4pm. Excellent benefts NSTRUCTOR - part t.me, 9am- 1pm. Mon.-Fr. f/ojvatedprofcent, computers and busness courses. Degree. E.O.E. Call V. Grove, (313) NSULATON PRODUCTS CO., a dvson of Gale ndustres, a Masco Company. nsulaton nstallers Wanted, mmedate openng. Heafth benefts, 401K plan, pad homays, pad vacatons, over-tme.top wages pad, tranrg avalable. Respond by calhng: Vnce Drtard at TUE 1 NSURANCE COMPANY localed n Lvona has 2 fob openngs avalable:. DRVNG MESSENGER Must have drvers lcense. excellent drvng record, 4 proof ol nsurance. Full tme poston wth benefts:-. GENERAL CLERK -workng wth mcroflm 4 flng. Eul-tme, hourly/ Call Dave or Dense between Sam- t am. for an ntervew at (313) NSURANCE AGENCY-lVONA Full-tme ncludes receptonst 4 customer servce dutes., nsurance experencehelpful but not requred. Send resume to: PO Box , tjvona, Ml 4S :. NSURANCE AGENCY Customer Servce Rep experenced n P 4 C. Good salary, benefts, advancement. (810) M Help Wanted * NSURANCE TAMS coordnator wth Novelte experence.. CaH Rck Brdge: NTERCOM REPAR PER Experenced Full tme lor. large property management company. Benefts Cal Mon-Fr 9am-5pm S NTERVEWERS For Market Research Days or nghts Farmngton area..(810) U NVENTORY CONTROL MANAGER Fast-growng supply chan.management company wth a completer/ new and nnovatve concept, has exctng opportunty for an ndvdual, who has a math/statstcs background. Qualfed canddate ws be rued 10 manage ts retah nventory department. A tranng program wn be mplemented. Send resume to: Human Resources Dept Vson nformaton Servces. 302 S. Man St Royal Oak, Ml NO PHOW XAUS_ACCEPTEp_ NVENTORY COORDNATOR Natonal Servce company seeks career-mnded ndvdual for management of nventory control program Th-s poston s avalable n Warren: Canddates must be organzed. detajorened and have computer expererce Outes wll nclude data entry. expedtng. sh-pptng and recevng and customer servce. Benelts package. 401K and salary to S Please submt resume to. Box»1000 Observer & Eccentnc Newspapers Scboolcraft Rd Lrvona. Ml NVENTORY COORDNATOR Nakonal Servce company- seeks career-mnded ndvdual for management of nventory control program. Ths poston s avalable n Romulus. Canddates must be organzed, deta.1- onented and have computer expenence. Dutes wll nclude data entry, expedtng,- shppng and recevng and customer servce. 8enelts package. 401K and salary to 25,000. Please submt resume lo: 8ox t1093 Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd Lrvona. Ml JANTORAL FOR MACHNE SHOP 5 50 per hour. Days. Southfeld. Call 9am to 4pm. (810) , JANTORAL -Hartland area. Evenng hours. 5 rvghts per week. Approx 3 hrs, per nght. Exceent part-lme startng wages (810) JANTORAL HELP Ful.parl t.me. Cleanng restaurants n Lvorua-Farmngtoh area Can Paul, (313) JANTORAL HELP Large professonal day care PM Mon-Thur. Clean envronment. Lrvona. Can between 10 AM 4 5 PM: (810) JANTORAL 1 PostOn avalabe at our electro- mochancal manufacturng com-" pan/ Re spons:k.tes nckjde "sweepng, moppng, cleanng! reslrooms n producton area. emptyng garbage and assstngwarehouse personnel Must bel abe to operate commercal ftoora butler Excetlentlnnge benefts. Wage based on expenence fyoul meet these qua!;f«at<ms. apply n" person at MCRO CRAFT. NC JO DRVE. NOV.-Ml. (E. 0» Meadowbrook. N ol Grand Rrver m the Vrncens ndustral Park). JANTORAL - Vrlxomarea. part-t.me evenng wor. 5 eve-nngs per week. Monday-Frday. approxmatety hrs. per week Compettve pay w-,!h room to advance (810) JANTOR/JANTRESS mmedate Start. Benefts. Southfeld, Dearborn areas or after 6pm JANTOR Part-tme hours (or,man otfee and jobste cleanng for Lrvona based buldng contractor. Apply n person: T.H. Marsh Corstnjcton Co Stark Rd Lvona (South of 1-96) JEWELRY SALES - experenced, leadng to rhanagmenlposlon. Fun tme,- Rose Jewelers. Rochester. (610) JOB COACH Coach, to work wth developrnentaly dsabled adults tranng them on communty jobs Must have GEO Or hgh school d ; ptoma. Can Pat to set up an ntervew, (810) NSURANCE BRMNGHAM, now lookng for experenced Personal lnes. CSRs. Underwrtng background, wth 1 Ctzens or CNA a plus. Compettve saary. 4 bonus opportuntes. Can (810) or. FAX resume lo (810) , Attn: Art-.. NSURANCE CSR Agency n West Dearborn seekng a fua tme Personal Lnes Customer Servce Rep/ We offer contnung tranng and an abova average salary. P4C NSURANCE EXPER ENCE REQURED. f!ease phone: nsurance EMPLOYEE BENEFTS SERVCNG".Ths s an excellent opportursy wth advancement potental a our growvvj Southfeld offce for team-orented ndvduals wth strong ccmrnunlcatfen Skds to learn about multple empoyea benefts whle servcng our targes! customer. Pror customer servce experence helpful We offer a v y attractve beneft package ncludng a 100% cortege tuton refund program, a hberal pad holday and vacaton plan and 40K wth company ConWbuttofrS. Salary 22,000 per year. PWasa»?nd a cover lette< and resume to: Metlfe, 660 New Center" One- Gl A. Detrot, Ml 48202, NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. EOE NSURANCE Experenced personal.n«4 a must for agehta Stale Farm nsurance offce 1ft SouthReW nsurance LVONA NSURANCE AGENCY has poston openng for an experenced Personal Lnes Customer Servce Rep. Exeefenl work envronment, salary plus opportunty for rv>>ntrve lr>tfon>6. Strong computer sklls 8 plus. (810) NSURANCE PERSONAL Lnes CSR Requred: 2 yrs experence. AppSed Systems knowledge nterface experence. Nov! area. Salary plus benefts. CaJT: Of FAX resume; JOBS OF THE. WEEK, LONG-TERM (1 Year ) YEAR N NOV Electroncs Techncal Specalst needed.wth trouble shootng experence componant level analyss and report wrtng sklls. Background n automotve audo electroncs. 3-5 years experence, very personable, wlt be lason, between Bg 3 personnel and others TEMP TO PERM HOUR TO START NEGOTABLE. ".. Multple openngs for. electronc related companes. Lookng for anyone wth some electrcal background Color-coded wrng, wre panelng work from electrcal blueprnts. Any assembly or testng experence s helpful. mmecfate openngs. JEMP TO PERM SALARY NEGOTABLE Mechancally nclned people needed forvarous.openngs. nstallers, warehousepersonnel machne, operators needed. mmedate openngs! " Multple general"labor postons avalable mmedately. Many temporary ard permanent postons avalable. Referral Contest 4 Cash Bonuses Call today (or detals LVONfA ty] LAN ADMNSTRATOR lespors*t!es nclude desgn, ptemantafcon and admwstra- _jn ol a Wmdows NT baed fht*ork_ QuaWed applcants, must have experence managng a LAN, a comprehensrve understandng of busness software applcatons and strong communcaton skns. Cornpetlrve compensaton, r>jkjdng excellent benefts. Send resume to Personnel Manger, P.O. Box 709. Nov. Ml LAP HAND Carbde gage shop needs Lap Hand. Wll tram. Compettve waje. benefts & advaneemenl Apply n person: R L, Schmtt Company, Glendale Lrvona, Ml LARGE PAPER company tookng for seh-mouvated person 10 start at entry level postoa Mal resume to: HR. TJepl, Hagoery Rd.. Farmngton HJls, M LATCH KEY DRECTOR CDA requ.red or apofopale educatonal background. Our Lady ol Grace School. Joy Rd., 2 blks. E ol Telegraph. Varable hours. Salary negotable. (313) LAWN CARE help needed, 3 days per week. Mus be 16 years old. Leave name and number at (810) LAWN MANTENANCE WORKER Lookmg (or a responsble lawn, care worker wtw s nterested n workng M tme tor the months ol September, thru November. Please call: (810) and leave message. LAWN MANTENANCE - Lvona company hrng lawn mantenance personnel,. experence preferred. Good pay, must have own transportaton (313) LAWN SPRNKLERS AS postons. Excellent pay. Wa tran. Lots of over-tme..(810) LDM LONG DSTANCE s experencng rapd growth and s seekng qualfed ndvduals n the followng areas: CABS/CARRER ANALYST Mnmum 3 years experence n CAB s/cxr. Account Audts. SlataTCC Tarffs, etc. CRCUT PROVSONNG. M:nmum 3 years experence * n telecom ndustry. ASR provsonng. Network Traffx: ManagernenL nterfacng wth LECs and XCs, etc. DMS SWTCH ENGNEERNG Mrwnum 5 years experence n DMS database, foulng, trunk groups, DMS hardware and software, etc. nterested ndvduals should have good communcaton sklls both wntlen and oral. PC sklls usng MS- DOS. Wndows. MS Offce. Paradox a pus Send resume to: LDM Long Dstance 8801 conant Hamtramck, Ml ATTN Personnel LEADER N the glass.recyclng ndustry s lookng lo frll postons n the fofowng areas: Sem Drver CDL dass A certfed Front End Loader Drver (not h-lo drver) Mechancal Mantenance Poston AJ these postons requre a mmmum of 1 year experence. We offer bene- rts 4 compettve pay.. Submt resume to: Dan Easterly, 6465 Wyorang. Dearborn. Ml LEAD PROGRAMMER/ANALYST SENOR PROGRAMMER/ ANALYST Eastern Mchgan Unversty has openngs for two qualfed ndvduals to anafyze, desgn, mplement and mantan complex systems ard prr* grammng applcatons. Expenence programmng for latge scale BM envronment and experence wth MVS, TSO. Wa also serve as a project leader for desgnated systems and programmng applcatons. Saary range for the Lead Programmer/ Analyst s 34,515 to 42,534 annually- Salary range.for the Senor Pfogrammer/Anafyst s 30,053 to annualry.. QUALFCATONS: Bachelors degree n Computer Scence or a related feld s requred. Fve years drect work experence n computer programmng and analyss s necessary for the Lead Programmer/ Analyst and two years ol supervsory experence as a project leader s also desrsbfe: Four years work experence n rdomputerprogrammng and analyss s necessary for the Senor Programmer/Analyst. Exjperenee n a computng faclty comparable to that mantaned by the Unversty s desrable. We offer an exceflent comprehensve, employer pad beneft package {ncludng medealdental coverage, educaton assstance and retrement plan). Oual,5ed applcants may submt a cover letter and detaled resume wth salary expectatons,: no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, September 16, 1996 to:- PTUR97030BEC (Lead) or Postng PTUR9702OBEC (Senor), Compensaton and Employment Servces, Eastern Mchgan UnrverSty, 310 Kng Halt, Ypsflahtt. Ml Applcants may appfy n person al 310 Kmg Hall. Monday through Frday, 6 am to 5 pm. Equal Opportunty Employer SMELLNG. PERSONNEL SERVKES JORDAN MARE s ntervewng for full tme sales assocates lor our adorable nfant S toddlers boutque. 7 ptus.. (610) KNOPftWS.: SEEKS Shppng (V Recevng Manager for Madson Heghts warehouse. Must be selfstarter, nghty organjed and able to workwelf w.lh others. 2years supervsory experencea musl Lotus helpful. FAX resume, salary hstory and salary requrements lo: LABEL PRNTNG co LABtu FHNHNU company seeks responsble person lot label bndery. Excellent furl -tme opportunty. Benefts. Fax resume lo: orcal after 9am: LABOR/ BLOCK LAYER Mason crew, good pay excellent benefts. CDL-B * layout expenence a. major pfus. (313) GENERAL LABORERS (RELABLE) Full-tme wth benefts. Prymouth area. Call Dan: (313) LABORERS BuWnd, company n need of Wl-tlme Laborers. 7,50 per h/, lo start. C»l Mon. thru Fr, (810) LABORERS -. Sprnkler nstallaton /repars. Experenced or wn rafv Full trn* (313) FULL 4 part tme, experenced landscape and Lawn Mantenance labor. Crew leader poslons open. Southfeld LANDSCAPNG Lookng for fun trta year-round help. 6.S0-lS/hr. Pay bated on experence LEASNG AGENT. Fufl tme for RrrnngnVRdya) Oak area complexes. Weekends ncluded. Benelts. Call Mon.-Frl. 9am-5pm LEASNG AGENT large Westand apartment communty s fookrvp for.mlt-mofjvated persons wtw are Team players. Must hava good personal sklls and be detal orented. Prefer no experence. Opportunty for advancement Appfy at The Landngs Apartment or cas ASce at : J LEGAL ASSSTANT L Experenced tgatoo for hms Detrot taw frm. Degree, certjlcat«4 computsr skm requred. Send fssjme 10: Legal Assstant Coordnator 150 W. Jefferson. Suts 900 _ Detrot, Ml _ LCENSED PLUMBERS For resdental work. Top wages and benefts. Must have toots and good transporutoo. Cal Wn-4:3f>pov LFEGUARDS. STEP NSTRUCTOR, YOUTH SPORTS STAFF Wayne-Westand YMCA lookng to ft the above postons. Call: LGHT ASSEMBLY Manufacturng Company seekng fuh tme employees. Hours 9-5:15pm. Startng wage 6-8/houf. Benefts and 401K avalable. Apply at Blnds & Desgns Anthony drve, Wxom, Ml., North on West Rd between - Wntom-Rd, &VB«c* Rd. (810) LGHT ASSEMBLY Waterord plant has full-tme day postons avalable. No experence requred, ws tran. Rate determned by experence level Benefts package 4 40 tk.. For detals can between 8am 4 5pm: % (810) LGHT NDUSTRAL Sortng, nspectng parts. fum tme, part tme and.2nd sht. mmedate openngs for workerajn our faclty n PrymouthTwp. 8eoeMs avtabte. We are not a temporary agency. Cal for mora nformaton (313) LGHT MANTENANCE/ CUSTODANS Long Term/Temp to Perm Auburn Hlls, Farmngton anddtrcrt opportuntes, many opet»r>gs wth promotons and ruses for dependablty and productvty. Warehouse experence a plus. Compettve pay, days and afternoons avalable. Cat Loma FarmngtorvUvonJa Brmngham Advantage Staffng J LOGSTCS T SUPERVSOR nternatonal Logstcs Company seeks ndvduals for Supervsory postons. Experence n exports, mports 4 tnjckjrg desred. Pease send resume to: P.O. Box 74699, Romulus, Ml or " Fax to: (313) LOVE PUNTS? Why not (earn a new professon n the nteror ptartseapng ndustry? Full or part-tme. Tranng provded. Call Ncole: LUMBERYARD HELP/ LOAD BULDER for growng retal bufldrvg materals chan. Fut Erne/part tme. Excellent pay w/many benefts. Appfy n person: Ford Rd., Canton. MACHNE 8ULDER ASSEMBLER For specal machne buldng company. Mnmum 2 years experence. Fun-tmel Benefts. Nov area Cal Mon-Fr, 9am-3:30pm: MACHNE OPERATORS Lrvona plasbca manufacturng company has openngs on an Shfts. Canddates must be dependable 4 have resable transportaton. 6.Wr. + shft premum to start Health benefts m 6 mos. Apply at ALLMAND ASSOCATES Levan Rd. Lvona. ML MACHNE OPERATORS, Plastc Co., Westand Area, 240YWkJy. + overtme, all sh-fts Apply: Ford E. ol Wayne. 9-11am 4 1-3pm NTERM PERSONNEL MACHNE OPERATORS Entry level postons avalable Startng at 6.50Vhr. Benefts 4 overtme, day 4 nght shfts avalable. Mford TownsNp. (810) MACHNE OPERATOR Second shft and thrd shft postons avalable. Mecfanlcal ablty requred. Punch press or 4-sBde experence a plus. Compettve salary, fut benefts, 40t(k). EOE/drug screenng. Apply 8-5 or send resume: Sprng Eng. 4 Mfg., Glenda(e Avenue, Lvona, Ml / Located off Wayne Road, N of PlymbuU\- S of Schoolcraft, W of Stark, E ol Levan. MACHNE REPAR 4 mantenance needed for Mford/ Wxom machne shop. Must have strong electrcal background, some experence n hydraulcs, r*c*nt experence wth producton repar 4 set-up, fum trrj*; some overtme, benefts, vacaton 4 hofdays. Call Mon. Tues ext 228 MACHNE SHOP Ful tme steady work avalable n MMorAVYxom area. Day shft, some. overtme, macnne operators 4 shppng 4 fec*fvng. Soma openngs for the mature or retred person, recent expertenoa helpful, w«tran. Pad vacabons, hofdays 4. benefts... CaS Mon. Tues ext 228. MACHNE SUPERNTENDENT 50,000 PtUS BONUS Mus have machnng and supervson experence. Roughng 4 sem fnsh.machnng only- Responsble for the Machnng Dept 0) a Detrot Steel Company. Excellent benefts. Fax resume to: LEASNG CONSULTANT, Part tme ncxtdng weekends, tor Canton area Apartment cornmunty LEASNG CONSULTANT Rapdly expandng property management frm seekng oynamle person lo lease apartments n Oakland county. MUST hava experence. Cornpettva salary. Growth potental. Send resume: Leasng. P.O. Box 3045, Brmngham, Ml LEASNG CONSULTANT PuH of part tme. Brng your smse and energy to out learn! We WfHrak). Ask for Jennfer LEASNG CONSULTANT Needed for luxurous apalment fxynmufvty n 8rrr*vjhanv Most be outgong 4 dependable wth professonal atttude. Experence preferred,, but not ftec+asary. Fuatosrt-Bm* valan*. V CALL: (810) > LEASNG CONSULTANT Property Management frm seekng rjynamk; person wth sales or marketng background lo teats apartments for foo unt commurrty h Rochester Hlls. Ws w* tran. CompeWlvs saary. Growth- potental LEASNG POSTON rdr apt, communty n WssOand. part tm* weekends; LBRARY SERVCES frm, M-tma coper, days, resabls transportaton. Deb, MACHNE TECH TRANEE Do you ke challenge, growth, and workng wth your hands? We are a growng plastc contaner manufacturer and are acceptng appocatjons for our machne techncan postons. Requrements nclude: Mechancal abrtes Team Otlentsd Any Mechancal,. Hydraufcs. fteumatcs, ndustral experence ; of. Certfcates helpful. We ofter a compeftvs beneft and wage package, tranng, and dversty. Mornng and evenngs appts. avalable upon request Appfy lodayl 1351 Hlx (E. 0( 1-275,. of Ford) Westand, Ml (EOE) MACHNST for expermental shop, borng ml. small ml, lathes, 4 grnder, Must ba tamrtar wth 4 wllng to team conversatonal CNC programna. Send "resum* lo: The Durcon. Company, 6464 Ronda Drve, Canton ; Attn: Ron.. MACHNST FOR MANUFACTURNG SUPPORT Outstandfvg opportunty, n growth orented manufacturng company. Successful canddates must bs skued n areas c4 mnng, surfaos grndng. pneumatcs, drllng, electrcal experenced other bask) machnng prncples. Exc*n«nt wags 4 beneft package. Sand resume or appfy al E 4 E Marx/scfwrng. 300ndu»tr*l Dr., PrvmoulJ 1. MJ 48W0 0 Mle, NxorTax eo MACHNSTS 5 years sxpsnaoos on-brdgeport and manual lath*. Set-up and loots requred. Ca": (810) MACHNST/TOOL MAKER Mus have experencs bv repar of smah det A rnske toot detals. Must be abs to work any shft. Medcal bene ft» & proft sharng. Non smokng envlronmenl. Apply 8:30-3:30pflr, Frankln Fattensr, B«*r3 Dary.Redford, MAL SORTERS Postons hprymouth»r*l AppN FordFkl. E. of Wayrva 9-1 lm & -3pm NTERM PERSONNEL

29 MACHNST/WNDER ELECTRC Apparatus Co. the lednrg manufacturer o hgh-lech nducton motor*, haj ovnedate openngs lor the followng postons m tnelr Howell plarl... WJNOER. OR1LL PRESS OPERATOR. MACHNST Good math, readng & prnt lteracy skll* requred. Excellent wage A beneft*, mcvudlng 4-day work week, bonus (xotmyfa 401K plan. Please repylbtattn: Personnel, P.O. Box 22. Okemos, Ml EOE.... r ON-STE MANTENANCE Person needed for Plymouth apartment commuoty, Full tme poston. (313) MANTENANCE. ASSSTANT Needed for 138 unt apartment complex n Canton. Must have 2 yrs. experence n all phases of apartment mantenance, own tools, relable transportaton, salary 4 benefts Mantenance Assstant. Small transmssoo remanufacturng frm located near Plymouth has mmedate openng lor Buldng/Machne Mantenance Assstant lor upcomng 2nd shrfl Must have basc knowledge ol jrvewng, electrcty 4 wrng, he mecrsfccany nclned, possess a good work ethc A bo able, to work ndependently. Oters: Health/ Dental/ Lfe nsurance (employer pad premum) Short Term Dsablty. 401(k) Plan. 10 Pad Holdays 10 Pad Vacaton Daysfafler 1 year) 8.30/ Hour frst 3 Months Tranng lor 2nd shft durng 1st shft (hours: 7am-3:30pm) untl 2nd shft start-up (projected Nov. 1, hours: 6pm- 2:30am). Send resume to: AYVTEC, Mantenance, Keel St. Plymouth, MJ EOE MANTENANCE ASSOCATE Opportunty n fast-paoed. growthorented metal stampng company: Must be motvated wth 2 yrs, experence wth mechancal presses, hydraulcs, pneumatcs. 4 weldng fabrcaton. Apply at E 4 E Manufacturng, 300 ndustral Dr., Plymouth, Ml MANTENANCE Downtown Rochester, area, need G eneral knowledge ol plumbng, heat ar, general repar & outsde mantenance. Fun & part-tme, Compettve, pay. benefts, Also lookng for professonal Panters. Please call: 8<W50T!389 MANTENANCE - Experenced person for Ann Arbor apt complex. Knowledgeable n healng, plumbng, applances, etc. Lve on-ste wth own tools. Send resume to-po Box 7413, Arm Arbor, Ml MANTENANCE Experenced for Plymouth apt complex. Must be mature, responsble and havarelerenctfs. (313) MANTENANCE mmedate. openngs for Canton. Bellevlle & Downrver area apartment complexes Experence necessary n all phases ol resdental properly mantenance. Send resume to. P. O Box 308 Southfeld. Ml MANTENANCE Lve-n poston, to be on-ca!t lor mantenance problems n Farmngton Hlls retrement apartment complex Ovcalf hours alternatng wks Mon.- Fr 430pm to 11pm; Sat. & Sun 7am-11pm. Can keep day job Can Judy at. (810) MANTENANCE/ MACHNE REPAR Manufacturng company seeks nterested canddates to learn machnery repar and perform lne layout changes. Any prevous repar or manufacturng experence a plus. Poston s entry level, hands on", and asssts the head mantenance mechanc for projects nstatng new e<mpment, upgradng and reparng exstng systems. We offer a fuo beneft package and compettve wages. nlerested canddates should reply to MAnt-Projects P.O. Box WestJand, Ml EOE -" MANTENANCE/MACHNE REPAR person needed full-tme, day shft to mantan and repar producton presses, welders and assocated equpment. Must have proven experence- n preventatve mantenance. problem solvng and trouble shootng m a stampng plan envronment. AWty to read, nterpret and understand blueprnts,- schematcs and operatng manuals, requred. Complete beneft package ncludng 401 k. medcal, dental and lfe nsurance. Send,resume wth salary requrements to Plymouth Stampng, 315 V/. Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth, Ml MANTENANCE PERSON Fua tme lor retrement apts. Some knowledge of plumbng 4 electrcal.. - (313) MANTENANCE PERSON needed for apt complex n N. Oak Park. Must be experenced n electrcal, plumbng, heatng 4 applances..must have own tools 4 transportaton. Ths s a tuft tme poston wth Blue Cross 4 pad vacatons 4 holdays. Cal Scheln 4 Co Mondays-Frdays, 9am-5pm: MANTENANCE PERSON FuH tme experenced electrcal,.plumbng. Matng and coolng. Must be A/C certfed. Benefts. Call Mon,- FrV, 9arn-5prr MANTENANCE PERSON needed lor Westard apt. communty, apply Rental Offce 6737 N. Wayne Rd MANTENANCE PERSON repars, cearwjp, and routne mantenance of buldng 4 grounds. Lght ndustral manufactunng.and offces. (810) MANTENANCE PERSON FuS tme for luxury senor apartment communty n the Ann Arbor/Ypsant area. Apartment. ncluded along w/compettve pay 4 benefts..hkjden Pond Manor, 3470 Carpenter Road. Ypslant or CaS: )071 MANTENANCE Poston open (or person to do msc. mantenance at Westland apartment complex. On-se.o«-ste negotable. CaS for nformaton; 313: MANTENANCE SUPERVSOR a urksue opportunty Just became avalable for a wortong supervsor at«hpartmentpropertyn Farm- ngton Hlls. TTns l».a large upscale property that s r«wer and very well mantaned. Tto.l* great opportunty for an expert 1 *nc*d supervsor. Mus be knowledgeable of pkmbng, electrcal, HVAC and supemsng people. P««*n»n poston wth or wthout apartment. Salary, bonus, hearth prance and excellent beneft*. Be par of a wnnng teaml 0* to set up n ntervew 6* lax resume M744 Beflek Company MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 O&E Classfcatons 500 to 500 <*)7C MANTENANCE TECHNCAN Plastc njecton moldng auomotve suppfer seeks mantenance lechnoanj for. an shfts. Must have 3-5 years experence wth hydraufcs; electrcal and ACrDC voltages, Must be able (o read hydraulc and electrcal blueprnts. Send resume wth salary hstory n confdence to: Box 1124 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper Schoolcraft. Uvona, Ml X MANTENANCE/ SUPER (On-ste OrJy). 2-3 yrs. expe- rence. Apl. complex n Farmfgton Hfla. Knowledge d HVAC, plumbng, apotaroes, pool, mnor electrcal, carpentry 4 pantng CaH 81W7MQ2Z Of FAX MANTENANCE TECHNCAN. Needed for loo unt luxury apartment complex n Arm Arbor. Successful canddate wfl possess own loos, vam drver** lcense, dependable t/arsportton and workng knowledge 0» HVAplumbng, general mamten*no» fepatr and wwngness lo be on cal. Good salary 4 benefts, ncjovo m»d and 401K. A 3 onlta 1«preferred, but optonal. Please sand covar. letter and resume to: Manager, Letf* Crcle, Ann Arbor. Ml Management Career Ground floor opportunty. Natonally recognjed youth orented- frm expandng, to Wayre. Oakland and Macomb countes, Seeks sharp, aggressve ndvduals for career opportunty. Postons avalable n marketstg, advertsng, management, management tranee, clercal, and warehouse. Package ncludes guar-, anteed ncome, bonuses, proft sharng, company car and 3 pad vacatons. For personal ntervew cab GH-5757 PUNT MANAGER Exceptonal opportunty for a mature and seasoned prof.es &naltc.jar.a progressve, suburban Detrot, stateof-the-art, non-unon, metal processng dvson ol a md-west corporaton. Serous canddates must possess the followng 8.S. Degree n Engneerng, Fnance or Busness Admnstraton. Bottom ne orented yrs. of progressve manufacturng mangement Excellent nterpersonal,. communcaton 4 tecrtma! sklls Thorough knowledge ol the toolng. machnng 4/or metal formng busness. Computer lterate. Abtfy to effectvely mplement posave cultural changes and foster a teamwork envronment. V/e offer an excellent base salary, ncentve compensaton program and a full rnge benefts package. Please lorward your, resume and salary requrements to: Box # " Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd Uvorca, Ml MANAGER - For.vacaton group home 14 MteWddlebe.t area of W. Bloomfeld. Effectve. stall leader supportve of people wth handcaps 1 year, group horre experence requred. Pror managemenlenpenence desrable , Call Ms. Cartrr MA>.uER TRANEE Rental Agent needed for busy car 4 truck rental agency. Experence preferred, but not necessary, lor ndvduals wtlng to learn. Hourly wage 4 ncentves Full beneft package ncludng 40VK. Appfy Mon-Fr. 9am- 5pm at: McDonald Renl-A-Car, Northvlle Road, at 6 Mle. MANAGER TRANEE To S24.0O0. Natonal company, excellent tranng, benefts 4 ad/ancemen All backgrounds consdered Phone (810) Fax Resume..-,.(810) V Greene 4 Assoc Pesonnel > MARKETNG ASSSTANT ENTRY-LEVEL A downtown Octro-based advertng agency seeks an organsed ndvdual to assst n tfce coordnaton of a muft-. mjlon dollar natonal advertsng program. Knowledge of word processng and Lotus requred. Pagemaker a plus. Salary 4 benefts package. Send resume wth salary requrements to Marketng Assstant P. O Box 40 Detrot, Ml Equal Opportunty Employer Marketng Specalst Part tme lor Brmngham CPArm to expand our growng, specalzed support servces, you are a self motvated, organzed ndvdual possessng strong communcaton sklls 4 professonal practce expnence,.we are anxous to hear from you. Flexble schedulng avalable Respond n confdence to; Mellon, Smth & Pvoz Telegraph, Ste Bngham Farms, Ml MARKET RESEARCH NTERVEWER Lke to lax to people? Ths s foryou! No experence needed, wll tran. Full tme, part tme, evenngs and weekends. Call MARKET RESEARCH Openngs for experenced, telephone survey ndvduals n TroySouthfeW Typng speed 25wpm requ.red. Evenng hours Mon, - Fr, occasonal Startng Resources MASTER ELECTRCAN Downrver manufacturer s seekng Master Electrcan to work n our Mantenance Department. Successful canddate wll possess a vafd Masters Lcense Jor the State, of Mchgan. Experence n hgh.speed processng/ packagng: envronment preferred. PLC famlarty s aplus. Canddate must be physcally competent to perform routne electrcal related job dutes to an ndustral envronment. (EOE).- Send resume to: Master Electrcan P.O. Box 483 Trenton, Ml MECHANC EXPERENCED auomotve; heatng 4 codng. Rhodes Radator. Can Jeff;, (313) " MECHANC Journeyman Welder 4 Mechanc (ml). 10 yrs experence. Heavy equpment. Nocaf-s accepted. Send resumes to: Ecorse Rd,- Romuks, Ml MECHANC. Slate certfed. Experenced. 450 guaranteed weeuy, plus benefts. Uvona. Shea Servce Staton. (313) MENTAL HEALTH A10E Prefer experenced, but wn consder tranng; Motvated, dependable apptcants. Drvers lcense requred, &6-7 per hour 16 start w*h benefts and overtme avalable. Fun and part tme. Days, afternoons or mclnghts. Apply 9-330PM John R, Troy, 1 block N. of Maple. : MECHANC :. local branch ol.a,natonal.fraler teasng company located n Romuus s seekng a ful tme rnechanc. ndvdual must be experenced n semtraler repar and own hstxsr owr tools. Good salary 4 benefts Pease caj Erc TuHoch at between 9am 4, 4pm lor more nformaton. -., - MECHANC.- MECHANC famlar wth heavy equpment (Buldozers 4 scrapers) (810) MECHANC NEEDE0 A Experenced. Excellent pay 4 m benefts., -mmedately hnog Possble ad-ancement to management See Ed at: Warren-tnksler fvfcbl Staton. MECHANCS ASSSTANT Farmngldn based rebuwer of spe ; calzed electrc lft (ruckshas an mmedae openng for a Mechancs Assstant. DuVes nclude:.assstng our shop mechancs n at aspects w equpmerl rebuldng and lmted bu-tdng mantenance. QuaWed canddates must have prevous mechancal shop experence and proven mechancal apttude. Ths full tmo postkyt offers excellent compenaroo andedvancement potental fw the rghl ndvdual. Plea»e send resume wth cover tetler to: Specalty Materal Handng nc. P.O. Box 421, Farmngton, Ml MECHANCS COMFORTABLE n one or more 6f the followng: rebuldng 4 reparng ol dfferentals, transfer cases, murtspeed transmssons, drtva shafts. Also prep people n sarhe area. An bench work. We are a grpwng company lookng for qualty people. AH nq/res kept confdental Ask for Jack or Jake at MECHANCS HELPER Construclon equpment, Redford area C»» Jerry, 7am-4pn\ at. (313) MENTAL HEALTH CARE : WORKERS needed mmedatety lo work n newty developed. SP Program. Salary startng 6 50to 7 50 dependng on experence andor tranng. Good benefts. CaB: or MOLDNG/ FNSHNG., Our growng manufacturng faclty s lookng fbf self-motvated Vx*- vduals lo work n our.fnshng department. 2-5 years experence n compresson moldng lor the renlprced fberglass ndustry hetpfut but not nece ssary r t nd vauals ws be responsble for fnshng and louch up work on "parts. Oay sht Some on the job tranng. Excellent beneft package.offered. Salary based on experence 11 nterested, apply n person or send resume to: TCOM CORPORATON 6881 Chcago Road Warren, Ml (810) MOLDNG SHFT SUPERVSOR World class njecton moldng auomotve suppler seeks a Moldng SMt Supervsor. deal canddate shoud possess a mnmum 5 years experence n njecton moldng supervson. Responsbltes to nclude maxmzng machne utlualon and effcency, mnmze scrap, process troubleshootng mantan plant safety standards, mantan all requred documenalon and oversee and drect al support personnel. Benef.ts package ncludes 401k plan. SeVJ resume m confdence wth salary requrements lo: Box 124 Observe* & Eccentrc-Newspapers Schoolcrafl Lvona, Ml NOW H RNG FOR ALL POSTONS al Westfand OffceMax. mmedate ntervews Central Cty Parkway. WesWanjJ,. N.YX s an auto related company and has three locatons on the West Sde, wo n Lrvona and one n Redford. We are lookng for sklled and unsklled workers and tranng w be provded. -f you are lookng for a steady job and Opportunty lor advancerrenl please apply n person at Captol, RedTprd or Plymouth, lrvona. MOLLY MAD Now h,nng fuh tme Mon-Fn only. No evenngs No weekends Medcal 4 dental. benems avaablo Pease call Mortgage CLOSNG ASSSTANT Qualfed canddates wll have experence w-,th some processng of mortgage loans, a hgh-level of accuracy and excellent wth numbers Admnstratve sklls are a plus. Please send or tax resume to: HR, Vncent Court. Nov. Ml Fax BtO MORTGAGE CLOSNG SUPPORT nfarmoglon Experenced n closng or processng helpful. Full tme wth benefts. (810) ext» 28 MORTGAGE LOAN OFFCER Mortgage dvson of Mchgans second largest bulder, w-ll tran canddates wth mortgage or credt or eat estate background to orgnate mortgage loans from opportun.tes provded by our new development. Compettve commssons. Ptease send or fax resume to HR. 4105O Vncent Court. Nov. Ml Fax MORTGAGE LOAN Offce GroA.ng B mungham based commercal mortgage bankng f..rm wth natonal presence s seekng loan others wth 1-3 years of experence. Cand dales should bo profcent m Excel and Word and w.ng to travel Resumes should be sent to: Danel E Bobcr, Bloomheld Acceptance Company 260 E. Brown. Ste 350, Brmngham. Ml Mortgage Loan Processor Post.on avalable for an experenced Mortgage Loan Processor «lh knowledge noonventonal. FHA. VA lendng Qualfed applcants must possess a sense of urgency, must take mjatrvo and must be commtted to qualty customer servce. Excellent benefts Please lorward resume to: HUMAN RESOURCES JOHN ADAMS MORTGAGE CO ORCHARD LAKE RD 1101 FARMNGTON HJLLS, Ml An Equal Opportunty.Employer MORTGAGE MASTERS of Uvona - expandng ts market, lookng for lull or par tme loan orjgnators, no experence necessary. Worfc from home or offce, generous pay plan, for detals call Mr. Rchards Mortgage Underwrters Are you an experenced nonconformng underwrter? Are you overused and underpay? Do -you leet underapprecated? Do you want to work for the fastest growng lender n Mhgan wth offces natonwde? f you worked lor us, we vsoukj treat you and pay you wer We stll mantan the "famly" approach., f you wan to be treated and pad well n a growng company, please send your resume to us today. You can st.u get n on the SC ground floor! These opportuntes wll not exst for-long. Reply n complete confdentalty to Ron at - MCA Mortgage Corporaton Mortgage- Corporaton of Amerca Northwestern Hwy. Southfeld, Ml FAX Equal Opportunty Employer MOVER HELPERS - S8 HOUR Must pass company physcal and drug screen Cal or for applcaton MOVERS/DRVERS - Good drvng record w/lh experence. V/e offer: benefts, vacaton pay, M-tme. CalL. (810) 356-MOVE LVONA MUSC CONSERVATORY s now hrng... MUSC NSTRUCTORS Please call after 11am: (313) ,.NAL TECH A -Experenced, (or upscale N VV,- Lrvona salon. Pad vacaton. Cl-, ents wagng Great opportunty for the rght applcant: Please ca. Elane to schedule a persona! ntervew af, j NAl ; TECHNCAN. Exctng new m techncan poston avafatfe at Crowleys department stores Westbom locaton. FuH or par tme postorvs. Great benefts and commsson packages are avaabje. Call now lor your ntervew NAL TECHNCAN New. progressve, saon n Northve seekng nal techncan wth exprence. (810) OFFCE CLEANNG POSTON. Experenced, part-tme. Evenngs A week-ends avalable. Westland. Canton 4 Uvona areas. Exceben pay CaJ NAL TECHS (2) ; Needed. CommSson or rental. M or part,- canton area, frendly salon : NANNYS fu 4 part tme. vekv out. Mchgan 4 other States 6 to StO ah hour. The Nanny Corporaton NC LATHE.OPERATOR Experenced Set-up.and run pred- SKSO Machned arcrafl pars F\J\ benelts. Hytrol Manufacturng nc, Garden Oty, ( NC MLL OPERATOR Experenced Sc-up and run precson machned areraft parts Ffl benefts, Hytrol Manufacturng nc, Garden Qty. (313) NORTHVLLE PUBLC SCHOOLS 601 West Mah NorthWe. Ml., SEENNG subsrrarre twaoyees Teachers Custodans Parjprbfcssonals Cafetera Asssts Bus Drver* Needed mmedately Apply n person OL CHANGE TECHNCLAN Peno.l 10 Mnute Ol Change - Experenced or wll tran. Full andor part tme postons avalable. Appty n person: W. 8 M.le, Farmngton ms, A mle west of Farmnoton Rd or cas for HelpWanted (koersj PfaaBBM apponnent OL CHANGE_ TECHNCAN rmngharr FennzoFTtrrg expert encedlull nd part tme. Great envronment, ufto 5Q hours perweek. Bonus; pad vacaton, benefts 14 M,le 4 Southfeld. (810) OPERATONS MANAGER Fast growng dstrbuton reseller organzaton requres an Operatons Manager.. Requred sklls - nclude accountng, logstcs and personnel management. Reports drectly to CEO Management or ndustral Engneenng bacxground helpful Degree preferred. Resume to VLS-MGR, Am/hem. Lvona, Ml OPTCAL Expand-ng optcal chan s seekng top notch Optcans lor top pay. Full 4 part-tme avalable. We wn pay for tranng Wth retal experence. Jon our, optcal team. Full benefts wth career, advancement CaS now tor a personal ntervew Kathe (610) Optcal "N EXPERENCE PAYS! 1 Frst Optometry s lookng lor. fnendy, can-do, experenced 1 Managers. Dspensers. Contact Lens Techs and Lab techs for. openngs throughout SE Mch- J gan, f you are looxng for an. alternatve to mal hours; ard you want to be part of a, progressve, well managed. oompany that takes care of ts start, then call our employment hot ne (810) or send your resume to P»A»L>A«OE SPORTS & ENTERTANWENT Fall Job Far Tuesday. September from. 4.00PM PM at The Palace of Aubum Hlls Part tme postons are avarwbfe n the lotfowtng departments: Box Offce Conversons Concessons - The Palace Grlle Restaurant - Parkng - Productons Guesl Servces Securty Housekeepng - Sute Servces Malroom : Wardrobe. Merchandsng - Warehouse For more nformaton call our Jobs Hotlne at Whle Workng for THE PALACE OF AUBURN HLLS you w«erysy e**tent benefts, such, as: Health Coveorje - Tcket Advantages - Flexble Hours - Employee Dscount Programs - Employee Partes and Actvtes tf yoo enjoy workng events such as Pstons and Vpers games, bg "name" concerts and are searchng for exctng work nvolvng the entertanment ndustry, pease jon us at our Fa3 Job Far. Applcants must be 17 years ol age or older. Further Questons? Call 80-34OO144 No Appontments Necessary Frst Optometry Gratot ave. Rosevlle, Ml "Attn: VJudjrV, J OPTCAL RECEPTONST fua Lme entry level,poston for last paced, very cool offce. Room lor advancement Pay based on you. FarmngtonHlls OPTCAL SALES Ho* would you xe to worts n a cuttng edge optca! slore. offerng exdus.ve. hgh-qualty eyewear? DOC, West Boomfeld s seekng a hgh fashon, enthusastc, customer servce onentated, ndvdual, who s wj-ng to team 4*gr w W-th our company Optca! expenence a pks. but wh trafl the rght canddate. EnceHent wage plus generous commsson wth benefts To apply, call Ln at OPTCAN/DSPENSER Needed par to lull tme lor upbeat optcal Great localco and atmosphere! Calf 1810) OUR COMPANY has openngs lor a lew select nd-vduals We can teach 4 Support you n earnng an excellent ncome n real estate. For nformaton about career onenfaton and apttude tesl. call Sharon now at (313) PACKAGERS NEEDED. MMEDATELY n Westland, Lvona. Romulus areas. No expenence necessary. Da/, afternoon 4 rradrugrt shrts ava.ake. ADA. Mt tmptoymfn FfOftF Westand (313) Taylor (313) PANTER needed. (Subcontractor) Must haveown loots 4 relable transportaton. Call: PANTERS APPRENTCE Owner operated busness needs Panters Apprentce. Clean appear, ahce and handy slulls requred, Pa vacaton 4 holdays. Plymouth area Please cal; (313) PANTERS Come jn our team. Mnmum 5years expenence. Smal tools, needed plus hours per week Overtme pad Secure wth wonv year round and room for advancement. Must have relable transportaton. ExceBenl pay for serous ard commtted ndvduals. Come jon our team today. Mastercrafl Coatngs nc ( PANTERS 4 OrywaF fnshers,-benefts after 90 days, Mnmum 2-Vrs experence PANTERS - Experence needed for resdental 4 commercaj. Must have truck or van andown hand tools. Professorate only need apply. Great wages or smal Sub contract crews Catt: (313) or. (810) PANTERS Mnmum 5 years experence n commercal worv Wust have. relable transportaton. CaS Mor, thru Fr 8arr.-430pm. (810) PANTERS NEEDED mmedately, at least 1>2 yrs experence, call 7pm-9pm or PANTERS WANTED FuS tae experenced Start now. Hard-workng, re!ab! e persons for exteror resdental. Nov,; Northve, Farmngton HUs area Pay up lo 12. Call: B 3 PANTERS WANTED?Noe>perlence Re! L able4 responswe. Ovn auto. After 7pm -« PANTER WAflTEO - must. have drywal 4 plaster repar experence. fuh <« PANT STORE Fu 1! lrne postons w-th benc-ms avalable for Managers, Assstant Managers 4 Counter Sales. Stock postons avalable part tme. Help needed n Taylor, Warren, Canton. Nov,.Troy.4 Southfeld.- Send resumes or apply n person: Urued Pant, Telegraph Rd., Southfeld, Ml Drug 1«sl requred.. PARALEGAL WE are n need of a quated Paralegal to assst the legal staff n rs\ management ssues. Must have a background n hosptatmedcal rsk management. Send resume wth salary requrements lo; P.O Bqx , Frankln. Ml or FAX to: (810) EOE.. Drug Test Requred PART TME 4 FULL TME TEMPORARY postons avaablo. tmmerjae bper-ngs, 6.40Vhr. assnrrc-rts n Md- Deccrrber. Apply. North Amercan Photo, : Schoolcraft, Lvona Help Wanted PRESS FNSHNG Auburn Hdls & Rochester plant Wrfl tran. Benefts avalable. Both shfts at Auburn Hfls plant. Apply al FVO Manufacturng, 2735 PaJcw, Aubum HBs. Ml PRESS OPERATOR/ DESET-gp Clean, efcent metal stampng taolty seeks assocatej experenced n worlung wth progressrve des 4 arfeed. fjeneral tool room knowledge helpful. Excellent benefts. Salan/ based on experence. Appryor send resume lo: E & E Manufacturng. 300 ndustral Df,, Ptyrrouth; Ml (across from LJn!sy»). PART TME OPPORTUNTES Need somethng to H n the open spaces and provde some extra ncome? Leadng local vendng company has mmedate openngs n the Canton. Romulus and Carlton areas, for part-tme Vendng Attendants to clean 4 fll vendng machnes 4 assst customers.. We WH tran you. Some weekends requred Pad vacatons and holdays. Senors welcomed. For appt cabamrspm. 1-(80¾) Pre-employment drug testng PART TME warehouse help needed workng days. Approxmately hrsrweek. Need a self-motvated person to work. Compensaton commensurate wth experence. Located near.12 Oaks shoppng mall, tf nterested, can Sherr Robnson or Bob Corbett at, newton Furn.ture: (810) PEPS COLA PART TME MERCHANDSERS WestJand, Canton. Uvona. Nov. Wxom areas Flexble hours. Contact Human Hesources, Howell: x3075 PERSONAL ATTENDANT Needed 20 HrsAveek tor coe-on-ono supervson w,th hgh functonng rehabvtatton d.ent. - Some famly nteractonrequred Send resume to: P.O Box Lvona, Ml or caj (810) PHARMACY CERTFED Techncans or Drug Clerks. Full or parttme; Excellent wages 4 benefts. Appfy: Maple Drugs Joy Rd.. Westand or call PHOTO TECHNCAN Qualed applcants S7 4 up Benc-f.ts large volume lab Fulfpart-me. ncludes Saturdays Photofast located m Brmngham. (810) PHARMACY TECH Experence preferred All shfts Excellent pay 4 beneft package. Opportunty for advancement. Apply at Sav-On Drugs 6510 Telegraph Btoomfeld HKs PHOTOGRAPHER needed to- shoot on locaton throughout rt-chgan, Great pay PHOTOGRAPHY STUDO MANAGER. Full-tme lor Ameen Howran Photography, a natonal, advertsng studo. Must. be hardworkng, organzed, neat, honest, personab-e. smart, and have computer sklls Responsble for runnng studo Every day s dfferent 4 ex dng Travel 4 bonus poss.ble. Send resurra to 2820 E Grand Bfvd, Detrot. Ml PCO WSNE DESGN WEST SOE DESGNERS - ACAD / MANUAL Wsne Desgn has rnmedjs openngs for experenced ndvduals n the followng areas Trm & Chasss Automaton Assembly & Test S/A Weldng Fxtures All postons avaabe tor our Redord locaton ACAD 120 TRAWNG AVAJLASLE SEND RESUMESW. Robert Hanes ". PCOV/.sne Desgn Eage Test 4 Asse** Dxe Road Redford, Ml (313) FAX (313) EOE WF PCTURE FRAMER Expererced lor busy frame shop Partluttme. Be-/, (810) m, PLENTY (W-0F. WORK, PLENTY OF OVERTME Fast growng wndow manufacturng.company; needs ndustrous, remote, peope lor lght assembly, plant, work,- Good. dean workng condtons. Benefts Experence a plus, but not necessary. FASHONWALL PRODUCTS CO Beck Rd. Wxom (One Mle North of 1-96) PLUMBER - Experenced For servce work 4 dran, cleanng Full tme. Benefts. Saary based on experence 4 knowledge: 8am-5pm: (313) EOE. PLUM8ER Expererced FuUlme for Southfeld Property Management Company. Benefts Call Mon.-Fn. 9am-5pm PLUMBER HELPER 2 yrs. experence. Full tme lor large property management corrpany. Benefts. Call Mon-Fr. 9am-5pm, " PLUMBER NEEOED Lookng lor hardworkng person.wth expenence n new homes. Health nsurance. Must have dependable transportaton and hand toots. Most work n WestlandCanton area Can 6pm-9pm PLUMBERS TRANEES Tran to become a pfumbcr. Start by worong n warehouse. Startng S/Vhour.. Wages cornmersurale wth experence, Drvers lcerse requred. PoStons "avable now. (313) PUJM8ER wth experenced n dran cleanng and nstallaton. Benefts ncluded. Only hard wonvng need appry Press Bndery Person Experenced tor Ann Artxy Prnt shop. (313) PRESSERS/DRY CLEANER excellent pay. Shrt pressers, &\fnsher, counter help. Full or part tme,- 1810) PRESSERS For Dry Cleaners. Dayshft uplo!4 an hour, rarvng avalable AppV at Carrage Ceaners, Me Newburgh. tjyoma (313) PRESSER - VVjt (ran Full or part tme 6days a week One Hour Martrvrng, 8010 Canton Center Rd. Canton (313) PRNCPAL/DEAN Washtenaw Techncal.. Mddle College The PnncpalOean, w:b be responsble for the operatonal plannng, oesopment. day-today management ol and supervson of the staff asssgned to the Washlenaw Techncal Mddle CoCege Note: Poslon s provded lor wth outsde fundng durng the frst year and no contnung employment rghts wth the CoBege are mpled. t s ntended that ths poston wll be funded through WTMC revenues starng n Sept The successful canddate mdst possess a Masters Degree n educatonal admnstraton or related feld, nnmum of three years teachng experence, mnmum Of 2 yrs. ol admnstratve/management experence n an educatonal settng, demonstrated ablty to communcate effectvely, demonstrated leadershp qualtes, wth the ablty to coordnate a K-1.6 cofaboratve educatonal project, demonstrated abftry lo utlze technology to enhance employee performance,. student achevement, and program effectveness, and expertse n fnancal management, ncludng grant wrtng. Antcpated dale, of appontment s late Oct 1996 ntal annua! salary range s S S on a tweve month base; admnstratve groupprofessjonal classfcaton level 36 wth numerous frnge benefts. WCC offcal Professonal applcaton forms (resumes receved n leu of -applcaton forms wn not be accepted) wll be receved n the Offce of Human Resource Management untl 500 prn,. Oct. 4, 1996 or untl poston s ftted Applcatons wll be revewed begnnng mmedately and wfl contnue untl a sutable canddate s selected. nterested persons should send completed offcal WCC applcaton form and credentals (also a lormal letter of applcaton and resume lstng educatonal accomplshments) to Washtenaw Communty College. Offce of Human Resource Management, 4800 E. Huron Rver Dr., P.O Box D- 1, Ann Arbor. Ml (313) Job Hotlme (313) Transcrpt (student copy acceptable) must accompany applcaton m order to have canddacy consdered lurther Washtenaw Communty College s an AAEEO/ADA employer. Help Wanted PROJECT ENGNEER The Charter Townshp of Canton s acceptng applcatons for the poston ol Project Engneer. Professonal cm engneerng work n desgnng, plannng and, nspectng TowTmhp constructon and engneerng orojects. A mnrnom b( two years of muncpal chrjl engneerng experence, wth some supervsory experence; Possesson ol a currenl vald Mchgan drvers lcense and excellent drvng record wth no more than two ponts,- Graduaton from college or unversty wth a degreo n Cvl Engneerng ndudnjj course work n Envronmental Engneerng. Regstraton as a Professonal Engneer V the State of Mchgan. Applcant may be requred to apply (or h&ter drvng record, at own expense, through the Secretary c4 State Salary: S39,500-46,400. Applcatons must be pcked up at the Canton Townshp Personnel Dvson, S. Canton Center Road. Canton, Ml or send a se!faddressed stamped envelope lo address above lor applcatons form. A cdmpleled Carton Townshp applcaton lorm must be completed n ts entrety and on We wth the Canton Townshp Personnel Dvson by 4pm September 20,1996. No resumes wll t>e accepted wrthout wrtten applcatons form. Faxed applcatons wll not be accepted.- Job descrptons al be. posted at the Townshp Admnstraton Buldng. The Charter Townshp of Canton does not dcrrnnate on the. bass of race, color, natonal orgn, sex, resgon, age or dsablty n employment or the provson of servces. An Equal Opportunty Employer.!.. *.. LVONA BNDERY COMPANY s lookng tor a self-motvaled ndvdual to K>n ts team. Bndery experence helpful Full-tme poston wth benefts and room for advancement for the nghl ndvdual. Pay commensurate Wth experence. Call for ntervew, Mon-Fn,, 9am-4pm: (313) PRNTNG PRESS OPERATOR Qua.ty 2 color, AB D.ck Operator Clean, non-smokng envronment Expenence necessary PRNTNG PRESS OPERATOR Establshed busness forms pnntcr seeks an ndwdual to operate color Pack to Pacx presses nk 4 water experence helpful. Good career - opportunty, Redord area Frslshf Excellent salary and benefts packagc- Send or fax resume to HR Manager, or apply at Contnuous Forms, nc, Woodbne. Deuot. Ml Fax PROCESSOR TRANEE Permanent poston ava.lable for outgong ndvdual lo be traned n conventonal, FHA/VA processng ResponstJe for data entry of mortgage loan applanatons, orderng apprasals, credt reports, answerng phones and asssts processors Excellent benefts Please forward resume lo: John Adams Mortgage Company? Orchard Lake Rd.. Sute 101, Farmngton H.ls..Ml Attn: Human Resources, Opportunty Employer PRODUCT BROKERAGE company, new m area, now btennq OStrbotdrshp. No franchse fee Open House Tues Sept. 10, 1-6pm Dstrbutorshp brefng-7pm, Best. Western. Lvona Mle ext: 9244 PRODUCTON ASSSTANT Plastc Thermolormer sc-eks arrtoous hardworkng and relable producton assslant Mechancal, apttude requred. Good annual ncome. health benef.ts and penson program. Stable corrpany wth potental lor advancement Call (310) PRODUCTON DATA ENTRY Alpha numerc nput keystrokes,detaj orented.fast S accurate. Hours Southfeld, Long term. Top pay 4 benefts ttftemp? Mad-son Hts 810-&6O-B60O-Rocresfer Hts PRODUCTON SUPERVSORS Recrutng lor an nternatonal food servces, eent n Romulus Several drect hre, entry level postons. Degreed (mdudng recent grads) 4/or experenced carddates Must be adaptable, a good communcator. 4 computer terate. Puses nclude food servces, logstcs, or unon background. Startng salary range. 24,000 to S ncentve program 4 full beneft package UhVnted advancemcnl potentally EXPRESS SERVCES FAX; PRODUCTON WORKERS 4 Mar- lenanco. Lght ndustral, S6fa S7.40 per Hr-., M benefts. LM! Newburgh, LvorVa. PRODUCTON WORKERS Day and afternoon shfts avaable. >>!ust be dependable, on tre 4 drug free. CaS lor an ntervew, (313) PROGRAMMER FOCUS Programmer wth CMS background. Automotve experence a plus. Mal or Fax resumo to- Process Oevetopmem Corporauon Farmnglor Rd Lh-ona, Ml Fax Property Management Admnstratve Assstant Needed tor last paced resdental property management company. deal.cand-date should be wen organzed, self motvated, and able to work ndepen- dently. Dutes nclude mantanng property and resdent accounts, nteractng -wth resdents and managers, leasng, blmg, processng colectons. preparng day bank deposts and other clercal dutes" Computer experence requred. Excellent wages and rnge benefts avalable. Send resume wth salan/, requrements _to: Kaftan Enterprses. nc. P.O. Box 2033 Southfeld, Ml Help Wanted Ceneral QUALTY ENGNEER Fasl growng manufacturng company workng to acheve OS90O0 Cerbfcalco seeks Qualty Engneer wth strong techncal background. Engneerng Degree preferred Responsbltes nclude; extensve nteracton wth customers and plant personnel. Must have demonstrated ablty and probfern- solvng, development and mplementaton of prccedures-tootrols. Excellent wrttervverba! com-, munlcaton sklls requred. Comprehensve wage 4 benefts package/ ottered. Send resume lo; Box #1092 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd Uvona, Ml RAW MATERAL COORDNATOR Excellent cportunty lor a hghly motvated ndvdual to >vork wth a growng manufacturng frm n Wayne County Ths s a hands-on poston, wortunon-the Cocoas wcj as dong telephone communcaton wth supplers. Successful canddate needs to process good h-lo sklls. t-e *el organzed, 4 good computer skns. Send resume or apply n person at E 4 E Manufacturng. 300 ndustral Or.. Plymouth. Ml RECEPTONST Full-tme lor law offce. Salary 4 benefts commensurate wth sklls 4 expenence RECEPTONST Needed MMEDATELY lor permanent, part-tme poston Delghtful envronment at FrankJn Salon No experence necessary PROPERTY SUPERVSOR tor Southfeld Property Management Company. Apartment management desred. Benefts. References requred CaH Mon-Fr 9am-5pm PROPOSAL ADMNSTRATOR GP, one of the largest tranng companes n the wordhasanmmedatb poston avalable lor a luh tme proposal admnstrator. Responsbltes nclude coordnaton of all commercal proposal actvtes lor three busnessunts, producton of proposals, mantenance of master proposal database, and preparaton of monthh/ reports Qualfed applcants w.ll have a bachelors degree n a related lew, d.rect experence n proposal development or pfoducton. aong wth profcency n Word. WordPerfect, and Access Strong nterpersonal, wntlen communcatons, and organzatonal skts are a must -.. We offer a compettve salary 4 an excellent bene) ts package you are nterested m jonrvg our marketng team send your resume w.th saary requrements to: Physcs Corporaton Attn HR Coordrutor 580 Krts Bfvd Sute 310 Troy. Ml Fax EOE MTV/D PROTOTYPE POSTONS mmedate opportuntes lor skled crattspcrsorts for long range programs Class A 4 B Press Operators (De Try-out) for s! and 2nd shfts. (Experenced personnel only) Sheet Metal Upgraders/B Mechancs Paster Pattern Makers We ofer anattractve.wage, comprehensve frnge benefts package, proft sharng and 401-K. App, Human Resources Dept, Hy-form Products Verdrsca : Uvona, M, (313) PUBLC SAFETY SERVCE OFFCER/ DSPATCHER Canton Townsh p s acceptng applcatons lor Pubhc Safety Sery.ce OfcerDSpa.cher. Poston rdldes d-spatch and also asssts polce offcers wth reslranng and phys-cal managerr*nfol ndvduals m custody and other related dutes Rotatng shfts., S24,720V r: Pus exceler.t benefts Preference wll be gven.to applcants that have recent pol.ee/fre d-spatch experence. Testng process wll nclude wnken, physcal aglty, typng, oral board and psychotogcal examnatons. Applcatons can.be p-ckedup at the Canton To*rShp Personnel Dvscn 1150 S, Csrlon Center Fd. Canton. Ml or send a sef adefressed stamped busness sze envelope to above address to request applcatons form: Job descrpton w.ll be posted at. the Townshp Admnstraton Buldng. All applcants must complete a Canton Townshp applcatons, form n ts entrety and be receved by.canlon Townshp Personnel Servces pror to 4pm, September : Faxed applcatons wll rot be, accepted. Wrtten, physcal aglty, and typng tests wll be admnstered on October 11, 199. TheCharter Townsh.p o( Canton does not dscrmnate on the bas.s of race, color, natonal orgn, sex. relgon, ape or dsabty \n employmerl or the prov.son ot servces. An Equal Opportunty Employer. PURCHASNG AGENT Purchase materas, manage nventory levels andcoord.nte nbound and ntcrcorrpany freght Must be personabe. wth computer skls 4 ablty.to learn: Opportunty to advance Excellent beneft packago. ncome commensurate w th enpenerce 4 abty. Send resume to; Ercksons Floorng A Supply 1013 Orchard S! Fernda r e. M, Ann: Pal PROGRAMMER Growng Heath ndustry Company seeks motvated, experenced.pck programmer for spolatons development. Ths s a career opportunty wth compettve salary, excellent bencr,;, and room for advancerrent. ndvdual must be abo to work ndependently as wea as part of a team Please send resume n confdence lo: nformaton Systems Manager, P.O 8ox (,71, Southfeld, M PROOFREADER. ATTENTON Englsh teachers 4 wr.ters Proofr*aders needed lor local RECEPTONST - PART-TME to work evervngs and weekends. Non-smoker, Ask lor Lnda at (810) RECEPTONST PART-TME to work evenngs and weekends. Non-smoker. Ask lor Lnda at (810) PURCHASNG SUPERVSOR Salary 48,000Plus Growng company has need.for experenced purchasng professonal. Ths degreed person must possess competency m \er*)er selecton 4 evauatton. conlracts negotaton, protect 4 malaras, management, compute,! Hcracy. vaue added analyss, as we8 as have supervsory experence.. SEARCH GROUP Hank LeDeault Evergreen Rd #1310 Southf cd. Ml OUAUTY ASSURAMCE MANAGER Experenced wth, current qyaty requrements ncludng SPC.Dealng wth automotr.e lrms and related customers. Establshed supper, suburban weslsdelocaton Salary 4 benefts Resumes to: Box #2659 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcrafl Rd Lrvona, Ml OUAUTY CONTROL NSPECTOR Seme enperercg necessary. Manufacturng faclty. Mford Twp, {810) &34-OS55 REFRGERATON TECH journeyman relrgeraton mecharac needed for. Refrgeraton and Applance Techncan. WO have prmary responsbl.ty lor all refrgeraton equpment throughout the hosptal. Addtonal responsblty, ncludes mantenance, and repar of all hosptal apparces. Must have erpcrence, supervsng the work ol others. We requte 4 years recent work experence beyond Journeyman standng and current lcensure Appfy m person Mon-Thur.. 9am-2pm or cah to recerve an applcaton by mal PROVDENCE Employment Servces Greenfeld,Ste. 310 Southfeld, Ml Equal Opporunry Employer Help War. tea ReUX. DO YOU LOVE FABRCS? 0o you have an ey«for style c and a flar lor color and desgn? Do you love ore- : atng beautful nterors?, We do at Catk» Comers! AS the natonal leader of decoratve fabrcs lor the home. Calco Comer* can offer pur assocates the opportunty to do what they love -.- work n a creatve envronment and help other people -whle, learnng on the o6 through our n-house tranng program and earnng a competrtve compensaton package. We Offer a generous assocate dscount, a rch vacaton and holday beneft, a contnung ed. program and much more.. We currently have several Full-tme/Part-Tme postons avalable n the Boomfetd Hfls area, To fnd.out rrore. cab our Store Manager at. "CALCO CORNFRS 1933 S. Telegraph Road Btoon!,e!d Hto. Ml ( EOE MT RETAL FUN Halloween USA/Gags &. Gfts Mchgans #1 Halloween retal, store s seekng qualfed Managers. Assstant Managers and Sales Assodatee FuH 4 part tme. Compettve wages. Nov, (810) Retal MANAGEMENT Russells Tuxedos has openngs lor Sales Managers 4 Assstant Managers m pur Detrot area locatons. Bonus 4 commsson plus a comprehens,ve benef.t package. Please send resume lo Russe8s Tutedos 299T4 Southfeld Road Southteld, Ml AtterUon Deama RETAL SALES S7 AN HR. the leader n chna 4 gftware. s lookng for experenced Sales Help. Oearbom W BSoomTeld. Susan Nov. Mrs. Weber O90 Lvona, Sal* ROOFERS HELPER No experence- necessary. Starl mmedately or ROOFNG SHNCLERS/LABORERS Experenced. (313) REHAB ASSSTANT/JOB COACH To work wth aduls v,-,th closed head njures m a vocatonal settng 4 sheltered workshop wth dut»es to ndudo data collect-on. tme stud es; behavoral programmng, etc Part-tme, movng to furl-t;me No-weekends or nghts., (8\0) 476-3J10 RENTAL AGENT > Mature person tor rentals 4 ghl clercal work at suburban apt complex ShouW be sa*s onented 4 enjoy meetng people FuH r.me poston. For mmedate consderaton, please send resume to Northwestern Hwy,, Sute South!*td Ml SENOR STORE ASSOCATE Needed tor un.que retal store m Farmngton HllS, approjmately 20rrs per w* Casher ejpenence des-red Flejube hours 4 great dscounts! Call (810) SALES PERSON _ -» NEEDED Lvoma balh shop,- Expenence. helpful n sales 4or nteror desgn, but wl«ran, Saary - Commsson ~» Blue Cross, heath 4 dental Pad vacatons AppV n person or call Frank FuJ 4 pan t re postors m avaabe Management Opportuntes V/e are currently recrutng Store Managers! Assstant Managers, and a D.stnct Manager for many exceem companes n Somerset North. Twelve Oaks. Lakes;d«& Oaknd Mals Salar.es to 30,600 Caltax resun-e. Stacc-y Koc-pp , fax H2rptr Assooaes, Mddebet Fam-HfVjon H 5s. Ml s POSSBLE, READNG BOOKS Par tmo, «1 homo. For stnqs, can ton free , Ext R-3673 RECEPTfONST - Fartasr-C Samsj lookmg for a motvated person wantng part-tmo hours n Plymouth Reta.l Crate and Barrel s a natonwde specalty retaer 1 of tableware, gasswae, gbu.rmetktchenaare, textles 4 other home furnshng accestones Snce w«be! eye n promoton trom wthn, we offer outstandng opportuntes-.to carc-erner.ted people nterested n a luture wthourcorr.pany. We are, actvely seekng creatve energetc ndvduats ft ho have a strong desre to succc-c-d n a team envror.mc-n! c rhe followng permanent entry-level postons:., FULL-TME. Department Manager Stock PART-TME Sales. * Stock We offer an exctng work.envronment 4 a great learn atmosphere. Hours nclude some evenngs and one weekend day. Compettve saary pus benef.ts nctodng store d.scoun Please cat for more normat-on cr come n to complele an app-cajon Crate&Barrel Somerset Collecton Troy (810) SALES/FNANCAL* REVOLUTONARY TRANNG CONCEPT John Hancock s seevng canddales for an nnovatve new tranng program We wl provde 2 months of full tme salared tranng No lcensng or sales Ontf eom-.p-eton of the tranng program You must possess a colege degree ll you qua.fy and are nterested n a rewarjng career n the Fnancal Servces ndustry pease call 1810) Ext 130 EOE Sales Person/ Department Manager For largj retal hardware slore FuH dme Honhsde Hardware (313) SALES PERSON FULL AND PART TME FOR FUN COOK SHOPS N WEST BLOOMFlELD AND RE0- FORD ALSO NEEO PART TME KTCHEN ASSSTANT FOR COOKNG CLASSES F VOU0 LKE TO BE PXRT OF OUR TEAM CALL AfNA SALES/STOCK m POSTONS W- Reta experence desred, Part- lme, day shfl Up to 7.tr. Must appfv w.thm at Crazy Benrys Tools Plymouth Rd. Uvona Ask lor John. (313) SALESTRAVEL Dynamc person wth nn nterest n a ravel career. Travel 4 busness background a preference Fax resume to SALVAGE YARD Needs experenced auto d-smanter. Must have references. CaH: (313) SCHEDULER Must be detal-onented wth good.fosowrlhro sklls lor-floor coverng slore Apply n person: nnovatve Floor Coverng Newburgh _(1 block S o1 l-9o). SCHEDULNGSTATUS CLERK - V/eH t«,rdd ndvdual wto seeks ful te gh actvty poston n, a fjortetprovement company. Good pcop-e skrts, schedu:ng-nstaatlon. (313) ext 161. Reta SCHOOLCRAFT COLLEGE Lrvohra, Ml Clerk t - Contnung Educaton Servces Fy-tme poston. Under lmted sjpc-rv.s.on onccrnng procedures lo. t-e loowed. us : ng ndependent judgment, performs clercal dutes lor approprate area. M.nmum ouaf.catons fcje, hgh school gradual, or* year of clercal experence, acctr3e typ ; ng and keyboardrg sklls, and abrty to understand and operate offce equpmenf ncludng personal computers (Mcrosoft software) nterested appveants pease.can (3 3j and feave amessage nclud-ng. -yor comp-ete name, address and phono nut.ber, An appcat on wll be ma led to you, Appcatorrs rfustbe receved by no later lhan 5,00 pm on Frday, September AAEOE,- : DEL CLERK mrrjed ale openr n the Farrrrngton -ts area for a del clerk. Retal and tc-st3jranl experence nr/pfuf Mjst have retable transporaton. FuH snd part-tme posl<jns avaab f e. Starrr.g pay s S6-.00 dependng on ««perence BAKER Needed n the Farnvngton H"s area lo prepare bagels Prevous etough prepaatcn epcrence s helpful Two shfts avapabe am noon-or 900 a m to SOO p.m Startng pay s S7 00 depend-ng on epercnce, CaH today lor an ntervew 1 ENTECH PERSONNEL EOE RETAL DEPARTMENT SUPERVSOR A nternet manetng company. 5 to 10 and V/c-stlahd areas Ca» our man hrweek. fextje. (810) offce at Yrs, pumbrg 4 hardware say-s experence J23-S pus benefts Phone; (810) Fax Resume..(810) w Greene 4 Assoc Pesorvel. SCHOOLCPAfT COLLEGE Lrvona, MJ Clerk - Contnung Educaton Servces Full-tme posfon..under lmled supca-on concerrtngprocedures 10 bo Wowed, usvg ndeperdenl Judgment, performs cerktal dutes for approprate area Mnlmum qualfcafons mckjde; hghschool graduate, one year ol clercal e»perence. accurate typng.and keyboarrjng smls. ard at? ty to understand and operate offce c-qupmem kxludng personal con-pulcrs (Mcrosoft software). nterested appcants pease cal (313) and leave a rressage ncludng your complele name, address and phono number. An sppcatron wl be maed to you Avatons must be receved by no later than 500 pm on Frday; September AAEOE RETAL fghtng showroom needs RctatSaes help. No eperence noccssan/ Great benc-ftspadvacat*-y 4 ho<fey pay SEAMSTRESS Epcrenccd for ful tlrre. poston. Equpment provded. e»ceent pay ard benef.ts For rr,ore rkorrtjtcn please can (810)

30 «K*) CLASSFCATONS 500 to 502 /S255 Tfl Help Wanted UJ SCHOOL EDUCATONAL PERFORMER Our company presents.scence educatonal and h stone assembly stylo performance 5 thrckrybut the US These programs are Qven prmarly n Elementary 4 fvtddte Schools L you M tre tc.nc.vng then you may be a canddate to do one oor programs Husband wle or team tours ava-owe Self-motvated and drected Able to travel outsde the M-ch. tgan are3 entensely (CH the entre chooj year A desre to yvork w.th youth Our perfumers A.1 earn as much as 1200.sk Please ca Mon-Fn ~/ ~ SECRETARY " ntefrst <J»s : &n ol Slar-ca-d Fed era: Bans, s sek.rg a Secreta-v tc ts rfcrmatcn s/stc-jns Department Ann AfbOr fl.espons btes.r.cude Operamg c-of rone system. upda:.rg reeence /rarua- and ma rearng ;.c r N order y >!C-.(T= ror...-vg nvoces and r.. :." r "-:r g r_ uas SERVCE TECHNCAN J.H BENNETT AND COMPANY A groovng leader n flud porer dslnbutton has an mrned ale openng lor the fooa-.ng. An ENTRY LEVEL pos-t-on wth response 1..! e lo nclude genera! assembly, fabrcaton, and servce of product. nd.vdua! shoud possess good mechancal ath.ry and shop/sklls Send Resume To. JH Bennett 4 Co., nc V.ncert Gt Nov, Ml Attn. ENGNEERNG MANAGER SERVCE TECHNCAN Leadsg manufacturer ot bank equpment has an mmedate openng tor a Customer Servce Eng neer lo repa r nstal equ proem.n the Metro Detrot Area Excellent compensaton package ncudr.g company vehcle Send resume to LeFebure 465 Enterprse Cl Boomf-ed H.ts, Ml Tr.e wel r:j! vra,!.-,.-: nd: 4Cv, ce- sec-cv--,! ue, -.cat TlTl, "lt" da-,l ; m s.ng tl.lc.r ** f am "r,t.n J s»ste.".<! j-ja d.-.rfen.s Ut. KuatO teepno" >c-ab.m, operate m.s ;ec! T.US! C and or at on ot, «-p<?. e cour to type 3 A C lured OSC a co CCr< ru :, es, S5,-v ;-! *" S t east td p. 0- SERVCE TECHNCAN!?HoSf mechanc eqj.pmenl rgg.rvg (tor a powered scaffold ng dstrb-j utor Good sacty awareness and r;ecnan.cate:ectnca apttude Some heavy lft.ng requ red Full* tenett package Ecetent op-pon" tunty Send resume.work h.story 1 Spder Stagng Corp ndustral Road L.von-a Ml o! Fax 1313) EOE., _ m Help Wanted 111 J SHPPNG. STOCK CLERK DOC Optcs Mam" Dstrbuton center has mmedate open.ngs lor Shppng7 Recevng ant) Lens stock clerks Fulltme postonswlh excellen) wage and beneft package. Must be abe to work Some even.ngs Great opportunty (or those Wth stable job hstory Ca: Maureen for m,ore nfo e»t 303 SWEDE-SON STEEL Compel tn.e salary company pad snglemed.cal nsurance. prom shanng ptan UTCA LOCATON.. Vard Labor Counter Saes Apply at -J 6410 VanOyke Utca Ml REOFORD LOCATON Heavy Machnery.True*. Mecrww: Sem prr.er w.h CDL Apply 125S4 nker Rd Rederd-.M! ANN ARBOR LOCATON Counter Saes Apply at 7240 Jackson Rd Ana Abor Vs We are ockmg tor se (starters scel"nq a c f a-<-ngn9 5pportuP..ty Peac -enj resume to nterfrst St-v: H.,1.. 77T t A-1- nte-fft Er A D,,.s J.VJ Fee v nesc : F.se-. Sute Arbor > an Ed rp : -,er on o* ;era: Satk,rce; Dct u,\er P/.,. 700 : M ja Oppcluvty f.1 F D V SECURTY FULL-TME postons A tn cerets ava labc- -epyt.ouhj-ea Beretsnclude tjt.ty reatn cptca! cetta -v.ja-ce.acatu" J s<k days.r; -.So--ce 4tMK c! a" etc tvr.u p.r, -, orem.\,-5 \z- "ese. osrn--:;... "c apply cortact Em.,; at f.jo SeO 17&3 An 6;ua" Opponun.;, Em-p; SHR- SUPERVSORS AfternoonsMdrnghls Oua 1 ty aulom.otve suppler seeks h.gh.y motvated aternoon 4 mdn.gh shft supervsors. Strong, manufacturng background requred Responsb.te* mcude overall plant operatons, customer servce. personnel suceryscn A much more f-.tust rae demonstrated ab.-y.n teadersrp. problem Solvng. rjeyt-toprr er.t 4 mpleme na.ton o.f procedurescon.ros E»ceert communcat-oh sk s rcq.u red Comprehens.ve Aage 4 beret.ts package ofe.-ed- P ease send resume to Bo cl094 Observer 4 Eccertnc NeAspapts Scrcccrat Rd Lr.cn.a Ml SECURTY GUARD Full ttt? tor F.- rm: ",g"r>n -s Cam.puS M dngtts.re ->a ng ACekerds 4 r-o : ; days Fv.: te-e ts Eq-a OppCur. ty Ett.prjyer.tjeFema e t,s\e app.- cnto at ;>:*JO H V erj Farm..rgon H s fcetaeen 8 33?. 4PM, SECURTY Wercrwr-ts Securty has r-redae opc-"r-]> " Plymouth a"d Ca n t?n A,1: v3abc 56 an no-- to stat C. 1 ( cr m.cre m*v f ma;..c". (313) SECURTY. Cf cers reeded E-cec-rt cppprt.r.ty orna-dapm.ng team averted pe-* ; e Am tan,- ccege a.dcr secu.ty epe.c-ce W : t-a n tre rght pecp ; e Fu or pa- t me 7.0X3- to start Cat today 1 TCS Securty 313-S SECURTY OFFCERS GUARDSMARK NC. TheSCCu.ty company natora"y rec- :y.,-e-d ty NBC.Ne-AS :> CBS ee.scja.vrxt.djascpostt.oo n rvnrr*: At sh.ts ava.abe Mm.mum requrements mcude Ugh School dpo-maged fo cr,mna hstory Reabe f-a r spor.a:on 3cr.c-t.ts ncude Lfe.Medea! l.-aurance Coege rtcr. ass stance Pa.-d vacatons 401K plan Free un.orrs Startng saa"y S300»- per A«e<.terestedappcar.ts pease ca< M&n- Fn 9am-5pm SHFT SUPERVSOR Tr.e na:-cnseader -n d reef ma. rrarket.ng and ad.-er-s-g seeks a sha-p rnqvat.-e h gn erergy crccss or.a lo rep manage cu- e.v Var-B-..re> jc-a ma ng assembly. operat d.-.s n estunsbe for cvt lot -o z eces c. ma.arr-ja ;y SupetYsmg a team, ot 306b em.pg.ees yev* p-rme cb.ectr.e A Ce to nsure ": m,e, a--d cost effect.e mach-re -.nsetens! ate-.ng ad de..ery ot ad.errs rg p-eces f pr cu* marycents S-rccesVu canddates A posses 2» yeas e«pe-erce n pr-djjjtror. maragemenr and schedu-g J-cwe- e>p*-c<e n a ccs.-e r.;-..en en,-c.-m.e-: j-d re ac ty to AO n a cemprsj.-j dead : re env:-or,me"t A stro r g cuscmer and servne ore". tat.on s requ red degree p-eert-j May AOk afterroc-r sh,f: anq ACC*- e-ds To ce censdered fcr ;n,s thae-g-rg pos.on A m tr s Fprtune S-CO Company n a doah r~.yl o-aard resume A-;r. SALARY.NFORMA TON to Ad,C nc 12G52 Merrfan Ra L.cna. M EOEM-FDV Drug Free Env.rqnme-t SOCAL WORK E..ce;e,nt epportun-ty, OccupatOtal therap.st A psychoog-y students to ga-n efenc-nce Aurkrvg A re men. tarfy...n a comrr.urty mental r.ea-h Settng 56 25hour fo erpererce reqred r SOFTWARE TECHNCAL SUPPORT A hgh-tech fa r mng;or, H> based soltaare de.eopmert :m requ-.res PC programmer lo provde techncal Surp.X1 for "C-U custom sof!aa r e 4 ha, - 3Aa r e DOS 4 VndCAS k-oaedge feq red Sa : ar-y comrre-j..,-,te A tn e>perence PLATFORM SPECALST Epenenced reacrk sp-eca.s to pro-..da telephone suppon fcrcu custom sotjaare ms:a ed on No.e: S V.nclOAS atcrrs Knc-,ve-dge of LAN WAN s,s terns Novel & t.<vj. A NT cert., fcaton preferred Serd resu e 4 saa-y -cq."rc mens to nfo.tron<s: nc Commcrce D-..e k Farm, r-jen Kls, Ml 483¾ J O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 TEACHERS Substtutes needed at prvate school lor gfted students X-! 2. AS subjects rcludg Spansh, french. math 4 scence Send resume to The Roeper School, P. O Box?29. Bloomfeld H.ls Attn: Carbfyn Lett TEACHERS-SUBSTTUTES Prvate, ndependent Elementary School, Pre-Kndergarden - Grade 8 Send resumes lo Box M02 Observer 4 Eccerrtrc NeASpapers Schoolcraft Rd Lvona. Ml TEACHERS-- The Royal OakCon,- tnu.ng Educaton Department s seekng appcatons br the (olloang part tme posrfohs Mat.ttScence, Secondary Certtcahon requred CAD Draftng, certfcaton preferred- 1810) TEACHERS WANTED Aerobe. Spansh andgymnast-csfor Fa! 1996 semester S12-S14 hour. Those n:erested please call The Commun-ty Educaton Department (313) TEACHNG ASSSTANT Ath e»pe rer.ee needed for sp! le.el classroom m prvate Fann.ngton H-"s school AMPM Preschool Assstant poston also avalaba Rssume 4 coyer etter W 13 Me Rd Fafn.ng-n H.tts. Ml STANER NEEDED /rktcr lacodt.cergas steel \Jf >»rs Fu t.me Epere-ced or;., S10 12 :-«.-rr pus ter.efts Ca800 S.3J 5551 E«t. 16 fc >fo m.en: on l"s J: START MMEDATELY Ea-n S3tO».Acekry serve --g a vpays n refa Ous nesses Ca 1 R-.r, Men thru F-day 4.6pm (SO 2¾ j642 STOCK & DSPLAY Hep A anted, fu pat! me pes f :s p-oxce eper.enco p-ee-rc fu f me benefts.ncude medea A c-r-a 4 vaca.-.on App/,- n z*-<v_- c JOES PRODUCE Vt 7 M e L -.--< a STOCK PESOtJ c : pefsuccry sc e F -J re days rea.v. " rg N:,. :510 "--50.-W7 } STORE MANAGER Good,ea T-e Cene Ma-cr T>e Company S-ce m a-a;-->- cost :r avaabe Busy oca. - en Erce e--t c:."-pe-sa-n package Cs and ea.e a message Tochr can Saes FELD SERVCE REPRESENTATVE We requre n ndvdual 10 serv-ce our eeotromc aarm.communxatons equ pmew,n tre greater Detrot area epla n.ng tr.e Cc-netts of and ofer.ng customers the opportunry to purchase preventve ma.ntenance agreements You shoud have a techncal school educafon ectroncs. 2 years) or mjary equryalency Ath 1-2 years.eld e»penence nvolvng alarm s.gna-r-g systems ut-/mg sold state and.mere-processor based Crcutry anq a kncaedge of NFPA code -eq.j.remerts You A: also partopafe n a rotatog 24-hour emergency servce ussstance program NCE! certfcaton and experence on comp-ettcrs equpment.s a pus You Al en.jcy an e>ce-"ent Saary. company car -centve ncome oppcntunles and a compelt ye company sponsored benefts program Send you- resume n confdence to M K. -e Feenv Operatons Manager. EdAa-ds Sysems TecJ-.ncogy: Fa-r..ngton Road, Sue B. Lvon-a, Ml "No pr-on-e cas pease EDWARDS SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY A Unt of Sgnal Jn q.ja Opportun ty Empoyer MF.DV Tl Help Wanted 31U TELLERS Credt Unon FamJy Servce Centers has mmedate.openjngs lor parutye tellers. Yog must Kjve excebenl oslorrer servce slcls, rgood maawmatca,! apyude, prevous cash handlng experence preferred We offer a cornpettve salary, pa;d holdays, pad vacatons, and tuton assstance Job nduces evenngs and Saturdays. Applcants must be avalable tor 3 weeks of pad, fufl-bma tranng Postons avalable. at the. foltovrng locatons Uvoma Waferford Rcchester Hts Garden Cty Detrot NorthAest Bedford f nterested, please call (81.0) e«t 400 lor an applcaton TLE PERSON nstall 4 repa.r &6Wt3vc 4- vnyl -tot-large p»ope<w management company. Benefts Cal fajn-fn 9am-5om, TRE ASSEMBLERS Belevle warehouse, day sh.ft 7/hr.. Aj-p(y Ford E ot Wayne 9-11am 4 l-3pm NTERM PERSONNEL TTLE EXAMNER Experenced needed for large expandng Lvona t-fe company P.ease contact Carol or Patty at (313) TOOL 4 DE pos-tons avalable tor the followng D.OO grnder. Are EDM. surface grnd, nventory control 40K 4 health nsurance avalable Apply at 4985 Bellevlle Rd. Canton.. TTl Help Wanted ll TRUCKNG Experenced Manager to handle the day to day actlvt.es for a (njctng company operatng n the M.dAest Send resume to Box #1103 Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd Lrvonla, Ml UTLTY PRESSER Full or part tme. Experenced or wll tran. 6 to start VALET PARKERS Experenced tor Detrot Medcal faclty. CaU 9-5 M-F, VALET PARKERS For axnjry dubs.4 prvate functons n tr-county area Day 4 evenng shfts avalable. Must have excellent people skjjs 4 clean dnv.ng record For appontment (810) VENDNG MACHNE ATTENDANT Part tme employment only Wllng to tra.n Person Ml. &, clean vendng rpachnes Hours, approx 7am- 12Dfr_ Poston located n Farm.nqton Hlls area f nterested ca : l WANTEO Auto body he-tperporter (517) (517) Help Wanted j WAREHOUSE WORKERS/ pder Pultes 6.50/hour- DaysAfternoon sh.fls FOtd Rd E. ol Wayne 9am-11am 4 1-3pm NTERM PERSONNEL WAREHOUSE WORKERS Local d.stnbutot of beauty products seeks motvated workers for pckng and packng postons Both M and part t.me postons ava.-able on our 2nd sfnfl Hours-Wl tune 3-11:45pm. part tme pm Someovertrpe 4 Saturdays. requred Startng saary ncludng sh.ft premum of 8 OOHour Experence prelerred Applcants should appv n persontues thru Ft horn 10am to 5pm to: NatCo, Haggerty Rd.. FarTunglon H Ks WAREHOUSE S&HR hrs/a-k Frst sht pm Frst sh.ll. 8-5pm ARBOR TEMPS WANTED PROFESSONAL Exteror Sd-.ng nstalaton crea-s wth experence ONLY 1 Must have ycxjr own equpment.. worx. year round and prom.pt payment Lookng tor 2 crews n the Canton area and 2 ere AS mthe Flnt area. For more nformaton cal between 7 30am and 4pm TELECOMMUNCATONS DATA CABLE NSTALLATON COMPANY Lock.ng far cabe nsaers Expene-<cd,n.nsta lator. term rat on. and trc-ut es-c-ut n-g rc-q red Mjst have refjte yeh.ce A th vad nsurancednve.-s cence (610) O0 SHlPPNG MAL DEPT V/H tra n ambtcus person en a varety 0,c-bs n modem Sn.ppmg Dept No exper ence-equ rea Sma 1 packages Ccmp ete bc-refls 8am- ] 4 30pm Ca (810V478-5OOO STUCCO STONE NSTALLtRS Earn up to S GOO 1 rn Bo,.:.. c-.n boss yea-ronq ACrk <Ve pay r..enf wec-r ;3l SUBCONTRACTORS fjeeded :< brdng up prcpentes,y.r 3 c,e; esab 1 sned -m,,s! "a-e-rck and tc-; : s Be decendafce Must».avc capentry e»pc"e"ce 24 r.c r t-- vce Goc-d money * 46 SECURTY POSTONS. All areas Full 4 part-tme 6/a-able No operence rccessary, Retrees 4 students welcome Must be at least 18 yrs Apply m person at Greer.feld Rd. Oak Park., across from Northland Mal SHPPNG & RECEVNG Sr p-p.ng Pece.v ng Clerk to wck n c ear shop [Farmngfon H.s to r.ar-de shppng rece.vng and 2- tus shop dtes MAX Shp Program fo-- UPS experence fepful Must r-3-.e hgh school dpoma and a good dnv.ng record Ful-j.me Sereffs Cal fry an ntervta appo-ntm.ent - awfgr Sandy SECURTY POSTONS T>e Vfacxenhut Corporaton has been awarded a new cor!r2ct n th.e Dearborn area at an ndustral foca-. t-on Supervrsors 4"Securty Offcers Postons are..avaabe M r.otum starng wage for Securty Offcers s fnrus beref.ts, Supervsors.s hgher Call B or to see f you qua.fy and for - addvonal nformaton EOE SERVCE DEPARTMENT COORDNATOR...." Takecharge fhdvdual -needed for servce department- Growth post-on wh benef ts Send resume lo Davd Laohd S Wood/r-ard. Brrrenghaf. Ml EOE SERVCE MANAGER We are,seekng a servct manager y.th experence m.metalremoval machnetoots Must have SPC experer«e 4 a sfrccg background n machne algnment PLC 4 Prngram-. rnr kndaedge.s hepful. Good Crdmm.cncat.ons sklls a must We ofler a compettve beneft package mcudng tuvy pa-d maor medcal, dental. Me 4, short term r.spranco, tuton rembursement, 401K. 12 pad hokjays 4 prot snanng.. f you are a self motvated rxj-.vdua] 4 have the above qua, CSt>ons. send resume cv» R Knueger Machne Toot, nc P.O Box 310 Farm.ngton, Ml SERVCE REP. Fu3 tme for buker of Custom homes Fu benefts. Send resume: Box Observer 4"Eccentrc Newspapers 3625L Schooc/at.. Lvoma, Ml Servce Representatves "SS Extra rxomess FLEXBLE daytme hous No Seftng We are a recognzed natonal tejware company seekng a reabfe person wth a. oar o nventory and stock our prckjuct m local arf a»lore» part< tme. Experence Repfut. fya not necessary Call 8HM or betwn. 9am- 4Jprn. Affrm a lve ACon Employer. JT SERVCE TECHNCAN.For large Fatrhnrjfofl Hf.% apartment cxxrvtunty, Must be corrjcjentoos 40hr a rveek. Apply n person: Managemenl Offce Murtwocf Of,. fa>rrungtoh.hrl», Ml N.W. corner ol Grand Rrvef 4 Drake. A»k tor Gary. j SHPPlNGRECElVlNG CLERK UPS erpenence preerreo Startng pay based on epenence. Apply at US NDUSTRAL TOOL Cleat Pymou.n. Ml SHPPNG/RECEVNG. CLERK Entry level post.on W,n tra n nght undry.jal Some drr.-og aso requ red Please apply at Ventura ndustnes Port St, Plymouth SHPPNG 4 RECEVNG, Accounts Payabe and Off-ce -Fu-- t.me for tao person retal ofce Detal brer-ed. computer experence necessary : SHPPNG/. RECEVNG CLERK > Urgently reclc-d V Farmngtor 1 Hs Must have ht-o drtvg expenence, able to.m. 55 bs, corrrputerexpenence a plus Cal Today (810) , \ - PEOPLEMARK NC: / SHPPNG 4 RECEVNG PERSONNEL FULL & PART TME Want lo be - an mportant member of a dynamc team? Wcykng wth a fun group of people and be recognsed for your hard work* Ve. coud be just the place youre lookng for! C.aKO.Corners s lookng for ratable ndvduals who lake prde m the-r wcrt Ycd w.j be "m charge of sh pprg and recevng, where, you w,3 manfaln our store stockroom and assst safes personnel Fu-t"me assocates enjoy a complete benefts package, <nduct.r>g heath noranoe,..retrement savngs,. and a eefntnung ed, program. Flexbe hours ayaabe for. Par-tme.. Afpfy n persoo Or cal the Store Manager at: CALCO CORNERS 1933 S Teegraph Road Bloomfea Hft. Ml (810) OE UT SHPPNG & RECEVNG Part-tme poston n our Nov warehouse. GoocTpay, flexble daytme hour* per vyeek. Mus be respons*!«and able lo harxfe b.packaoej dea) lor students.. (810) X SHPPNG & RECEVNG Busy Farmngtoh Hrfls oftca ha» an mn-fectae M-tme opennjj (n ther *Mppnp & reoevtng dcpartrnenl. Computer Knowfeclge a /ttosl. Salary lo commenurate wth experence Benefts tncucflrsg <01(k). Caf) Chrstne,, Mco-Fr, Cam-3pm: (810) SERVCE TECHNCAN rxagne4 artd-repa ol exercse eopmehl. Wfl trav-bur must have rrxyjna/vcal ablty, FencSy ocrtoorg rtjrsonarty a rtval SHPPNG AND RECEVNG Clerc neeced for pacwng shpments, fprt shop work A other dutes Appfy o person: nfo Tronc*, Commerce Or.-, Farmngtoo HJs SHPPNG & RECEVNG trvjustnal tfstrbutor of bearngs & power ransmtskyt produds. Poston avalable du«to nternal pvomotky, rajst has* good drvng record Pleasa reply to: Cveratoh Manager M<«00.lnduslr«5, Vc. P.O. Son lrvon : a. Ml SW3NO/ROOFNQ. CARPENTRY HELPER Experenced or w«tran. Steady work. M hour. (810) SPORTS CARO SHOP HELP Saary n«go(;*w«. Flexbte hour*, No experence necessary. Advancement cppoftyrrty. (810) SUPERNTENOSNT- PROJECT MAfJAGEP E>pere-.eed f Genera. Ccfjct-- C;mme-ca : Start now 1 Ca J f.:.- Fn at ( X05: SUPERVSOR. Nortr.res! Detrot auto s-ppc-r has an.m.medate reed c a Stamp r.g Supervse A tn c-c-ns-.e toc-g experence Send resume Atr s3=-, requ rements to Da.-d Too! 4 Engrcermg Ar- H-uma- Resources Pymoutn Rq Detrot Ml-48223, (313) An Eqja: Opportun r, 1 Employer SURVEYOR m,med-a;e op.enr.gs tor crew cvet nstrument person, rod person. 4 CAD operator Sen-d resume to Arpee-Dor.han Schoocrat, Lvona Ml (313) SURVEYORS ASSSTANT Cvl Eng reerng land surveyng frm located n Farm-ng-Qn H.lls lookng tor experenced nstrument operator 4 experlerced or.entry, level led personnel. (5t0) SWEEPER OPERATORS Grc/A-.ng busness reeds SAeepe operators A-ll.ng to work Any sh.ft Fu-l tme A. th.medcal benefts Trajn.ng provded. Mechancal abv tes ahddr prevous equpment related e"xpc-ner«:e a plus Cean drvng record a must SS-SH1-er wvth COT eoo SYSTEM SUPPORT SPECALST Automotve st*r.per seeks ctynam c rd.vduat to jon our systems department to provde.support and traang 10 our corporate 4 pant users. Successul canddate w-s fave a dataprocessng background n BM AS/ PC.envronment Must. be knqw*,edc>abe n BM corr.pact.te PC hardware and -.software nclud.ng Mcrosoft app cat-ons, AS-400 commun<ators, O.ent Aocess.4O0 4 AS 400 operatons for.support 4 trouble shootng ssues. One year experence n.rpg.400 programmng requ-fed f your background and sk?s meet the cr.tera.. pease subrrt resure and sa.ary requrement 10: Human Resources. Vetr nfernatoha V/.Shre Dr. H150. troy, Ml 460S4 TEACHER ADES. reeded fof pre-school.fu 4 part tmepostons." Call (810) TEACHER Cert.fed Teacher needed. Mus have K-12 or mentally mpared endorsement and vocatonal experence (313) O.8 ext 2414 TEACHER. MUSC, NTERM SUBSTTUTE Fu) tme, prvate. ndependent )omentary School, Grades 1-8. Serd resume ten BOx #1102 Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers 36251Schoolcraft Rd Uvona, Ml TEACHER S ADE needed for Farmngton Hlls nurse r/ school, full 4 part l-rne. Pad benefts. Cat after 10am, TEACHErJS & ASSS TANTS for chtfdcare centers. Full 4. part lme Benelts avalable TEACHERS ASSSTANT Poston avalable fufpar-. tma. Qualty lvona/ Plymouth thldcare center lookng for warm, carng rvjvduauo work wth young chldren. Experence.andof educaton requred. Can (3)3) w.3l3 : S TEACHERS/ASSSTANTS NEEDE0 (or before or after school program. M-F from 7: ah or 3-6pm; great pay. Cal Ruth alt.(810) TEACHER SOUGHT tor nfant Toddter Program for Farmngton area VMCA. Full beneft package ncluded-. Call Mchelle at Resumesmay be senl-to: Farrnngfon area YMCA, Farmnofon Rd, Farmngton H>. M 46334, Altn: Mary Beth Hetrck TEACHER - SPANSH Needed 1.for K thru Grade 4 oft Wednesday * Frday from 11am to 3pm. Great pay. Can.Ruth at:...; (810) 7W-99M TEACHER3 WANTEO Full or part tme. nfantrov-ter/ preschool day care, openng end 6f Sepf CaH TELECOMMUNCATONS TRANER E-ecutcne BJS ness Sys-ems. a COTm-ncatOns company m Troy, r.ujs open ngs :-.nd.vdua5 pos- <esfy".g epe-erce.n.nstructonal :eeh>-,.2 e put:c reafons or coord.- naton z p-cocfs to facltate and tra n 0.- Customers.n tre use 0! tne.r Cerrr-.urcat y\ s.,s - C-T.S ExceC-rt cfrpcrtu ty avajatre fcr mose expenenced,n teecommun.cat.ons w.th pesscna atttude arq reabe fa-tct-t on Ca 18O E>: &:>M EOE PROTOTYPE MODEL MAKERS Plastc prototype co n search 0! Prototype Toolng Techncans wth epenence m model makng. Wll consder motvated h.gh schoolgrads Must be a learn player, detal orented 4 able 10 lft up to 75 lbs FuT-trr.c, benets Mal letter or resume to: Auburn Eng.neenng, 2917 Watervew Dr. Rochester H-ls, Ml or FAX TOOL MAKER/ MOLD MAKER World class njecton mold ng automotve Supp-er seeks tool maker? moy maker Must have at leas! 5 years expenence Must be profc-ent at m -.ng tnhdng, bluepnnt read-.ng and trg Conventonal EDM experence s useful but not requ-red Opportun.t.es to advance n a, fast grca-.ng company, Benefts package ncludes 401k plan Send resume n confdence wth saary requrements to Box «1124 Observer 4 Eccentrc NeAspapers Schooeralt Rd Lvoma. Ml TOW TRUCK DRVER No epenence necessary, Good drvng record Apply al Grand Ruer S PuAer Rd. Amoco TELEMARKETER Needed to se up appo.ntmc-nts fy pcrtrat studo Canton 2.-ea No e-pe-erce necessary Ca ( Kd TELEMARKETNG PART TME :-. n scree 1 Earn etra more,fcr trc- ho! -da>s BuSeSS 10 busness. mar<etr,g.. No..sel-og r.o.-l-d Generate saes eaos for commerpal-r-dustna saes fcree Hourty pay pus performancencen-; t.ves Day.gf-r hours p : easanl AOhong condt-ons 4 a convenenl Wes.and locaton (3!3) Dug tree smoke free work place EOE TELEPHONE NSTALLER/ Techncan. Entry-level 4 expenenced career opportunty, Compet.t-.e saary plus a 401K plan. P/o.t sharng 4 full medcal, dental, optcal nsurance. Apply: Haggerty.Road, Farmngton Hls or cal for an appontment, ert 202 TRAFFC MANAGER Warehouse 4 dstrbuton company seek.ng an epenenced take charge raff c manager The canddate must be an nnovatve self-starter Excellent atttude, communcaton 4 probem sorv.r.g sklls a must ndvdual A-. over-see da y operators of the traffc department, ncludng dspatch, communcatng wth common carrers 4 hand.ng nqures from stal 4 custcm.ers Complete rnene.t package mcludng ma;or medcal, dental, vson & 40l kl P:e3se send resume 4 salary hstory to Box»1104 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd Lrvorua. Ml WAREHOUSE 2ND. SHFT ACO HARDWARE. SHlPPNG DEPARTMENT Lft al least 50.lbs, work n vanabe temperatures(dependng on season, good math and readng s-lls requred Startng tme 4 PM Startng pay SS S. hour. 90 days 59.00, preemployment drug test Send letter of nterest to Art Human Resources, Commerce Dr. -Farmngton HlS. Ml, WAREHOUSEDELVERY Dependable person wnth mechan.cal apttude needed lor suburban dstrb uor. Shpp.ng Rece.v.ng and hgh-lo experence requred E-xcellent dnv.ng record and COL-B qua.ted a must Excebenl pay and company pad benel.ts Send resume to Personnel Manager, Park Lane. Garden Cty, Ml WAREHOUSE DELVERY Dependable person wth mechancal apttude needed for suburban dstrbutor Shpp-ngrecevng 4 h-low expenence requ red Excellentdrvng record and CDL B qual-fed. a must Exce.ont pay 4 company pad benefts Send resume lo Personnel Manager Park Lane, Garden Crty. Ml WAREHOUSE Z DELVERY J Receve nventory, load 4 del.verj orders.heavy lltng, hn-lowexpe- r.ence PoAered soattodng ds-1 tnbufor "No( Atfradol Heghts"* Fu bcnef.t package aong wn" excellent opportunty Send! -resume work vstory to Spder Stagng Corp ndustral Road Lve-ma. M " or Fax (313) EOE Z WARRANTY SUPERNTENDENTS "OuSuTed carv).elatw-frtrproces*+*- years experence n the resdental home buld.ng ndustry Degree and or equvalent work experence s requ.red Please send or fax resume to; Cross wnds Communty Vneent Cl, Nov, Fax WELDER FTTER - Experenced Blueprnt read ng necessary Must be 18 Benef ts. Aurora Manufacturng Northend, Oak Park (between M :e. E of Cool.dge) 1000S POSSBLE READNG BOOKS Part tme, at home. For lstngs, ca toll tree: Ext R ASSEMBLERS Needed ASAP Large Plymoulh manufacturer seekng lght assembly workers Th.rd shft wthot. 4 day work week opton Startng pay ol S8.O0.hr. wth opportunty tor hre after 30 workng days at S9 50br Cal Brghton Achon Assocates at or Ann Arbor Acton rmjhelp%-ted- Offce Clercal OUR TRAVEL AGENCY Cru.se Agent needed mmedately. 2 years expenence for hgh volume Royaf Oak offce. Good benef.ls. Ca (8.10): TRAVEL AGENT Fun and pat tme M mmum 3 years epenence Worldspan Ca Kelly (81O) TRAVEL AGENTS: Hudson Travel Servce. Northland FuH and part t.me open.ngs ava.labe Full benefts Wordspan preferred (810) TRAVEL AGENT - 1 year expenence Full or pan t.me Brmngham locaton (810) TRAVEL AGENT 2 yrs experence- Good pay 4 benefts Call..:.. (810) A ravel * TELEPHONE NTERVEWNG PROFESSONALS Excerent opporlunty for, proessonal telephone ntervewers, mmedate open.ngs for day, evenng and weekend sh,fts THERE, S NO SELLNG NVOLVED, smelly research. F YOU.. t) are self motrted 2) have reable attendance. 3} have excellent ccxmrrurucaon.sktt 4) have computer arvor typng, Sk-lrs WE OFFER 1) startng w-age up lo ) flexbe sctedur :. 3) prcre-ssxooal wornk er-.-c«vnenl 4) premum pay tor Sat and "Sun., shfts Call Ruby at (610) TELEPHONE RESERVATONS Spansh Speakng a Plus 7/Hr. to Start Full Tme. You Receve «Comf/ete hands on Computer Trarng Weeky CommsSon 4 Bonus Excellent West Bloom! eld Vork. Envronment Health SpaKemt>ersh : p,. «You Are: «Hgh Energy.Persuasve Motvatec) to.maxmze your ;.arnhds» Naturay Enthusastc Ready To Feel Good About Your&etf. Wh.e Representhg A Leader n the- Fj-jess (ndjtry for 33 years! " NO SALES. NO COLO CALLS NO CLOSNG. You wvt be r»t fyng wnners of the results of a contest draw-ng and arrangng for them to redeem thef rpe. membershp. M you are abe to work a 12 noon to 9 00 pm or 3 CO pm1 to mldnghl shfl, cal for an mmedate teferdhe ntervew:. fmessum MtAlTH th* (610) Ms. Gossett m TELESALES - Set appcwmeots by phone, lull tme, smoke free. Farmngton M 1 * tfnc*- 32CVw*ek pka bonuses 4 benefrts,. Can (810) ,Exl. 29. TELLER/ PART-TME,- Experence preferred. Mus be flexble for hour* 4 days avafabfa to. work. Send resume to: WY South Federal CU. 269 Oak, Wyandotte, Ml TELLER/ SENOR Fu9tlm«. Strong supervsory skls preferred. Cash handshg experence. Must be or jam ed, oood nterpersonal skn*. Some college. Send cover leter/resumesalary to: WY-South Federal CU, Personnel 26? Oak, Wyandotte, Ml The SoutrrrTeld Hlton Garden nn s lookng for s rxpertenced... EXECUTVE HOUSEKEEPER Experenceto ncfude: Room mantenance, ftoor.care, hlrno lechrtoues, dlscpoyury actons arv mantanng team sprt. t you are nterested n jo-rnrj our team, please FAX your resume lo: /-4690 or send to: Amercan Dr., SoutrfSeW, Ml EOE Reservaton Agents Lookng lor enthusastc career orented telephone RESERVA- TONSTS. TRANNG PRO VDED Y/ork for a respected leader n the Travel 4 Tour ndustry. TraveVSafes background a plus but not requred. Famlarty wth a keyboard 1. Salary plus beneft package;. Apply n person Mon. - Fr, 10am-4pm HMHF L CORPORATON Northxvestem rtwv SouthfekJ, Mt Travel TRAVEL AGENTS. Total TravHMarwgerrnt.one, of the naborvs leadng.trayel management-, companes, s seekng a supervsor and lull and part-tme corporate emergency servce.. corporate agents for our Y/arren offce. Evenng, weekend, and rhd-.nght snfts avalable., Only experenced agents seekng a fast paced and professonal career poston need apply.. Agent applcants must have at least 2 yr. res experence.wth an agency or arlne and be commted lo excellent customer servce. We.offer a oompettve salary wth one. ol the best beneft packages n the ndustry ncludng medcal, dental, and 40k. Pleasemal a current resume to: Cofeer Loksutn Chcago Warren, Ml TREE CARE,. mmedate openngs for experenced Clmbers;.Grounds Person 4 Sprayer. TOP PAY TRM CARPENTERS & DRYWALL FNSHERS fteded for-multrdwesng project. 5 years experence. Top wages pad,. (313) TR OF MCHGAN.. Servce Representatve for growng har care frm, SOTrs plus, start stvhr. Company van, health benetrts after 90.days, excefeol growth potental. MUST BE A GO-GETTER TRUCK (DRVER COL class 8.. Delver east-sde of State tor Grand Rapds based company. No weekends; No overnghts. FuHme wth benefts, Ca3, J<m McOcougf. (616) set up ntervew..:. TRUCK DRVER For wholesae dstrbutor. Delveres 16 Mch, Oho,.ndana, Mnors. Fulltme postons. 2 ovemte stays p«r wk. No weekends. Class A-COL Lcense requred. Applcatons accepted af Hansen Marketng er. vces, 1000 Decker Rd, WaHedlake. (810) TRUCK DRVER & YARD WORKER, Fun-tme delvery postons avalable lor lard-w\>r\vjng ndvduals! Excellent startng wages: CDL A or 8» 10 50/ hr. - No COL? thats okay - well tran you!. Hearth Care Benefts - O/ertme avalable durng busy seasons.. CbaHengng phy» T caf work Ofkportunrty.for advancement Acceptng Applcatons at. Wnsatt 00>1dng Materals Van Born Wayne, Ml. Y/AREHOUSE Dependable, motvated person needed for puh ng orders, mak.ng dc-lvenes, veh.de 4 general ware house ma ntenance Va-d M<h gan s dvers lcense requ red Full tre, 4 day week Saary plusterefts App;- catons accepted bct.veen 10am-2 Noon, and 1pm-3pm. Tues through ThuSday on>y ndustna Rd. 1 block S of Schoolcraft, west off ef Mernman Rd m Lvona WAREHOUSE Hard-workng, motvated ndvduals wantng to work (or a company wth a brght fuure goc-d benefts ana great atmosphere Experence n Rece.v.ng-HLo Scale Operator nventory Control Please apply.n person at Soveregn Sales. nc Amrtem Rd. West ol Newburgh BetAeen PryTrouth 4 Schoolcraft A SMOKE FREE. DRUG FREE WORKPLACE AN EOUAL OPPORTUNrTY EMPLOYER l Warehouse Help Earn extra holday cash! Seasonal part tme, day shft, 7 per hour. Drug testng requred. Apply n person: Toys R Us 7900 Haggerty Rd., Canlon (N. of Ford, S. of Joy) Y/AREHOUSE HELPER Fufl tme wth benefts -Send resume to: Davd Laknd S. Woodward, Rrrfngham, Ml 48009; An Equal Opportunty Employer WAREHOUSE HELP. Fufl tme. Benefts. Advancement opportuntes,- S7+tv. Westand area. (313) WAREHOUSE HELP No expenence necessary. Pease can. (810) WAREHOUSE UvorV-a dstrtkjton center seeks persons lo frt warehouse /postons. Temporary 4 permanent postons. FuH-.lme. Call Sean: V/AREHOUSE MANAGER Growng company. Fasteners 4 ndustral supples. Good salary wth excellent benem package Send resume to; Box #1066 Observer 4 Eccentrc New-spapers SchoCcratl Rd Lvona, Ml Warehouse. Mgmt - TraWng 15 NEEDED Avk to start Entry level n tf\ areas No experence Va WAREHOUSE Natonal ncktral plastcs dstrbutor has mmedate poston for Warehouse, Devery poston. Opporturvty for advancement. Benefts: Fefndae. (810) " Fax* (810) V/AREHOUSE PACKAGER Part tn;e.1u-1 tmo. Appry n person W. Road, Wxom. (810) WAREHOUSE WORKER, 30 plus hours. Mon-Fr. days. Somewhat flexble. Hr-VO experence helpful an hour. Nov, (810) WAREHOUSE work n a clean wholesale dstrbutorshp. V/r1 tran. Behef.ls-.. Apply n person Schoc! cra, 1,-Lryc>na CLASSFEDS WORL. RECEPTONST/ SALES Assstant Part-tme; Fun, fast paced rado adver- tsjng offce seekrtg - hep-mon. Wed;, ;. Thur., 8:30am to. :. 5:30pm.: Pleasant phone Voce and people sklls. Wll tran. Perfect for college student or.mom.: VW teenagers- "We htd c very good response, at lecst 30 or more \ recuses on a 2 day ad. All qualty & qualfed people \ repled. Now comes tryng to sort t all out (s to t/o we should hre! K.Southfcld Our classfed sales people are watng to hear from you... for more nformaton call... WAYNE OAKLAND OOCHcSTER/ ROCHESTER HLS: earxstonaake ORON/ OXFORD (Observer ft tecenlrr C * S 11 P, AttVHUNC ACCOUNTANT. FuH lme entry level for Southfeld Properly Management Co. Experenced general ledger ard database hepfut. Benefts CaflMon.- Fr. 9am-4pm,, An Equal Ooportunty Employer ACCOUNT ANT Off-ce Manager, lor small CPA frm n Farmngton Hlls. Muft clent, accountng, ncludng fnancal statement 4 tax preparaton, computer- lterate, oversee offce admnstraton, compettve salary 4 benef.l package..send resume -to Box»1065. Observer 4,Eccen;r,c Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Lvona, Ml ACCOUNTNG Accountng poston wth Farmngton H s, sales organzaton. Requres, extensve data entry, account reconclement and defal-orehtaton. Profcency n Lotus 4 WodPerfecl helpful. Frendly, nob-smokng envronment. Send resume wth Salary reeremenlhstory n confdence lo. Controller. PO Box 1600,.Farmngton Hlts, Ml ACCOUNTNG/CLERCAL AR ard cempufer. wth "Word and Peachtree helpful. FuU-tlrpe. Redford (313) ACCOUNTNG CLERK 4» yrs experence, ccgarwod, acoxate. 9«.typng" sklls, cxjmputer terate. Background n Peachtree 4 property management accountng preferred. Fax resume: or mal to: Accountng Clerk, Southte!d,>33. Southfeld, Ml ACCOUNTNG CLERK for restaurant rancr-se chan n.professonal Southfefd offce. CaryTdte must possess excellent organzatonal sklls, be abe to take frvtatve and work wth flexblty, Two years work expenence requ-red as wel a9 extensve experence wth Mcrosoft Exeef Pror experence w-.th regster pollng: systems helpful. Good beneft package ncludng 401K. Send resume and salary hstory to: SRSC ACCTG Oerk P. O. Box 267 Southfeld. Ml 1B037 PART-TME st Wo ac lookng for on ndvdual lov.oy, H) t:- - week, rvtondayand Thursday lcon o (Y: Tuesday and Frday 2.00pm to (5 OOpm : > : offce. knowlodo of bur :-.r,r, p r... :;,, :. offce procedure s roqufod. f..>!. " < 1»..Wpm accuraey. Good cg!rf.<-..vr.. -. telephone manners. Bas.1: corofr. r c.-.! ---/ OtOS nclude entcrncj ad f,!o lo uw/.v..?, antj assstng st.lf n-nborjruf?-dvc-. T t«:ors. sooca d.plofn of ec\uva! qnl.- Wo are a wrroke arkl drug-free wotkpabo to apply, call Kr* atw)... :-:..:. v,.;.v"r-:.v)k{. v;-,x ;; vr> V.. --: -:r..<.mfe«fe> ->!H;. y:.-?;n frh: m Help Wanted- \la Offce Clercal ACCOUNTNG CLERK: En[n/ level pos.ton avalable. Expenence n Arocounls Payable amd/or B>tfmc necessary. Poston requres attenton to detal, good oroyamauoraj sklls and * team player to handle mutple tasks. Send or fax resume n lo: Personnel DepL Soveregn Sales, nc Amrhen Rd Lvona. M Fax, An Equal Opporturuty Employer "A SMOKE FREE, DRUG FREE WORKPLACE ACCOUNTNG CLERK Fast paced nternatonal company n Plymouth seeks experenced accountng Clerks. deal canddates possess 3 yrs. + experence wth E rocessng payroll, Hlngr aha Aeeeunts- Payable. Profcent wth MS, Excel. These are long term postons wth excellent growth potental. Please call today (or an ntervew. w ERFORMANCE ERSONNEL ACCOUNTNG CLEFtK and md level clercal (entry level) neeced for Warren area. Must have knowledge m MS Word 4 Excel. Dealershp anetor automotve expenence prelerred Benefts. 401k. Call Amanda at (810) or resume to (810) ACCOUNTNG CLERK Executone has an mmedate openng for an Accountng Clenk to handle a varety of dutes n both our Accountng and Personnel Departments Appl-cants must be delalonented wth some prevous expenence n accountng functons and compufenzed bllng processes The abtty to handle multple pnonbes and deadlness also necessary. We offer a compefsve compensaton structure and excellent company-pad benefts For an ntervew, call: (810) , Ext EOE ACC0UNTf*3C0STOf<ER SERVCE REPRESENTATVE needed for enlry level poston Wth large Lrvona Dstrbutor Oules nclude handlng of merehand-se returns, heavy customer contact and.letter wrtng. Excellent math and organsatonal sklls a must. Must be a team player. Good wntten and oral communcaton sklls requred Qualfed canddates please fax or mall resume wth saary requrements to. Personnel Depl Soveregn Safes. nc 3S200 Amrhen. Rd. Lrvona. M Fax: A.SMOKE FREE. DRUG FREE WORKPLACE ACCOUNTNG OPPORTUNTES W1MSATT BULDNG MATERALS s a full-f.ne dstnbutor of bufdmg products throughout Mchgan. We currently have the follow-ng full-tme accountng pos-tons ava.labte Accounts Recevable/nvocng Accounts Payable Both postons requre excellent computer and math sklls Degree n busness, or mnmum 3 years offce experence preferred We offer: compettve wages. Blue. Cross/Blue Sh : eld health care benefts, and a 401k ret rement fund. Please send resume and salary requrements to P O Box 609 Wayne, Ml ACCOUNTNG * PERMANENT: Accountant/Analyst for Southfeld servce frm. 3-5 yrs. experence: GVL..fnancal staternents, accruals; account analyss, varances. Bachelors degree. Salary range S30XJ5K Jr. Accouhtanls," Watfed Lake manufacturng frm, 4 Warren engneerng, frm. Job costng, account analyss, strong accounts recevable sklls, prep of audt schedules Seekng ndvduals wth proven organzatonal sklls, use ntatve, handle fast paced envronment. Bachelors degree. Salary S25-30K Bookkeeper - Tral Balance. Handle ab phases p day to day computerzed bookkeepng for small Wa!ed- Lake wholesale/ retal hrm. Excellent beneft package. Salary range 23-26K Bookkeeper/Accounts Recervab-Ccfectoos, for young, fast growng manufacturng, fjrm n Eraser. G~ood general v bookkeepng sklls, wth emphass n accounts recevable and collectons. Potental for fast growth- to Assstant Controller. Safaryrange K - f you are nterested n makng a change, send; us your; resume, ndcatng what you seek n a hew poston, your- desred salary range and a daytme phone number where we may call you : dscreetly, " - ApCOUnTTANTS ONE Northwestern Hwy.. Sute 516 Southfeld, Ml (810) ACCOUNTNG POSTON.. BRGHTON Accounts payabe and general ledger experence requred wth data entry. Fax resume lo: or mal to: PMGW, P.O. Box 610. Brghton. M ACCOUNT RECEVABLE Account recevable clerk needed for busy account offce. Experence requred Good workng roonotkx, full benefts package, ryducjnq 401K. Send resume to: McDonald Ford, PO Box 305..NorthvSle, Ml ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK Rapdfy growng bulder/developer s seekng an accounts payable clerk foe busy offce. REQURED: scxjountng and compufer experence;, job costng experence e PLUS. Send resume 4 cover letter to: ACCOUNTNG,- P.O. Box 3045, Brmngham, Ml ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Fufl tme, 8:30-5pm. Nov! Area, Must beexperenced wth data entry. ; CslUStO) T11 Help WantedllOffceCUrcal Accounts Payable J Clerk j Plymouth based drect marketerl "of home decoratng products sz seekrvj a fufl-tme. entry level Accounts Payable Clerk. Responsbltes to nclude venf-1 cafcn and data entry of venrjorb mvexces- Please cajt. - (313) to schedule an appontmenl J Amercan Blnd & Wallpaper Factory 909 N. Sheldon Wymouth. Ml ( a ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK Progressve Meta) Stampng Company s acceptng applcatons for a part tme accounts payable clerk (4 hours per day. flexble hours). deal canddate wh be computer lte/ate 4 have prevous experence n accountng Wages wl be based on experence. Send resume to: Clps 4 Ctamp* "ndustres Keef- Street. Plymouth. Ml 4870 Attn: Human Resources Manager EOE. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK Openng n Wxom for»n entry leve Accounts Payable Clerk. Responsbltes nclude matchng nvoces, malng checks, flng 4 answerng phones, Must have knowledge of basc offce machnery 4 basc math sklls hour vvth medcal benefts after 30 days. Please call: (810) or send resume lo: Natural Aggregate Dvson P.O. Box H New Hudson, Ml EOEu-AA ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Experenced person needed for a busy hom9 bulders offce. Requres the ablty to handle a varety of dutes: typng, phones 4 data entry: Computer experence requred. Please send resume 4 salary requrements to: Controller, Asbbury. Nov. Ml ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Bu-fder seekng rejrvdual wth computerzed payables experence, knowledge of Word 4 Excel helpful. part lme poston hrs. per wk Please send resume 4 wage requrements lo: Bulders Ottce.1533 N. Woodward Ave. #240 Bloomfeld Hlls, ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Farmngton dstrbutor needs a person wth work experence lor ther computerzed accounts payable department. Excel 4 nventory experence preferred Excetlent workng condtons 4 benefts. Send resumes to: Accountant. PO Box 337, Farmkgton. Ml (810) ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Opportunty avalable lor an aggressve educated ndvdual. Poston n accountng department of a well establshed western Wayne County area manufacturng company. Must be h:gh-energy, setf-stater, detal onented. wth strong analytcal sklls. Applcants should have an Assocate Degree n Accountng or equvalent experence, be computer lterate wth Wndows 31 and Lotus 123 ver 5 Full benefts ncludng 40l(k) package Send resume and salary requrements to:. Controller Box «1052 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd Lryooa. Ml ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE Rlng Clerc full tme ncludes postng cash recepts, collecton calls, flng, answerng phones 4 typng. Located n Wayne State area. Call Pat. 2 to 4pm, Mon.-Thurs., (313) ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE Entry level poston, for growng manufacturng company n Nov. Must be profcent wth Wndows 95 and have knowledge ol Ouck8ooks or Oucken Benefts Fax resumes to: Attn Ann Or Mal to: Box»2882 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Lrvona, Ml ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE - experenced Accounts Recevable clerk whose background ncludes data entry, medcal knowledge and good. communcaton skrls. We offer excellent workng ervrrjnment.oom- plete benefts package and compet 1 trve startng salary. Send resume and salary lstng tot AR Manager. Spe- 6azed Pharmacy Servces Schoolcraft, Lrvona, Ml ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE growng wholesale dstrtbutor n Uvona lookng for person wth cash applcaton & customer (clow up experence. Benefts. Cell Bob lor ntervew ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE/. SECRETARY ChaBergng part-tme poston for hardwrurkng ndvdual.must be a fast learner and computer experenced 50 WPM tyr>shc*thand. 57hr (810) RECEPTONST FRST MPRESSONS LASTl Frc ndly and enthusastc obmrnuncatorneeded.for receptonst poston. RMT.nc.s a natonally based engneerng frm specalzng n- envronmental rhanagemenl. Greet clents n person and over the phone Operated»2ncomng lne telephone system plus addtonal admnstratve servces n a frendly dynamc Ann Arbor offx» of about forty. nterad wth people at all levels. Poston requres some college and at.least one fufl year experence "m srnhar poston plus computer lteracy. Hours are 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 pm. Professonal appearance and demeanor a must. Send your resume.and cover letter, RMT, nc.: Attn: OE10060; 1143 Hghland Or,, Sute B. Ann Arbor, Ml EOE M/F/TuW ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT " OFFCE ADMNSTRATON Career openngs wth md-szed comfor experen " who wsh flexblty.end a j panes for expe renced secretares who wsh flexblty.end a personal alrrosphere. Op»rtur»t«S for both long and short term. Suburbs 4 Oelrol S*!ry Q+r. Cal SopH Farrrrr>ufUvora. Kmrr/flrT ¾ 646¾¾ AtuKrantage Staffng.._ r ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Great cporturvty to excel wth a grcrwng wmpany. deal canddate s energetc 4 enjoys workng wth employees and c\rtlomer». Corhpebtrve wage end behers. Pfease Faxresume lo: 8lt> V Attn: Rebecca > CLERCAL S T A F F : ASoulheastefh Oakland County area : machne shop s lookng for clercal personnel; Canddates must be experenced n data entry, flng, typng and basc offce procedure. Must also have a postve atttude, professonal appearance, wth profcency n both verbal and wrtten Erglsh language.,...;. -. Send a handwrtten letter expressng yoor-rnterest and a summary of your experence to: ".. Human Resource Manager Clercal Staff/OE P.O. Box Lvona, Ml DRUQfpEE ENVRONMENT An Equal OpportuntyEmployer >

31 mm mm mm MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 O&E Classfcatons 502 to 502 ()& > K3..,/.3 ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Lvona»ale* offce requre* mature, dependable ndmdual lor data entry end fnancal management of several account* and related *nt#e*. Must be computet lterate, self-starter, and organzed pertoo. Accountng background rebuked. Smoke-free envronment. Ma or. tax resume lo: Ebertole Sale* Agency M157 Auty Lvona, Ml F*x#(313) Admnstratve Assstant Excel or Lotus and Word Perfect Mcrosoft Word ARBOR TEMPS «ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT - Hghly organzed nosvkfua) profcent Mcrosoft Word.- & other clercal dutes Attendance bonuses & health plan: Troy (810) or Fax resume: (816) ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT large, prestgous local CPAfrm n* BJcomSekTHaSTs seekng an Admnstratrv* Assstant deal canddate woh have a background n.bankng ft/or accountng. Sofd wordprocessng/ spreadsheet background n Word Perfect 6.0.and QuattroPro/Lotus s requred. Must have great communcaton/nterpersonal/ organzatonal sklls and be a learn player. Compettve salary and ful benefts. H nterested, please send resume and salary hstory to Ms. Chelsea. P.O. Box 691. Southfeld, Ml or lax Art Equal Opportunty Employer ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT needed tor a professonal Farrnngtort Hlls company. Mus nave knowledge ol Mcrosoft offce. CflB or fax resume to- Corporate Personnel Servces. nc. Phone: Fax: (313) {313) NO FEtjJ ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Self starter to work n loan dept. Knowledgable n Mcrosoft word, up lo 10TV. depends on exper-l ence. Southfeld area long term tadempsn) Madson Hgts.l 8( Rochester Hlls Admnstratve Assstant To 35,000 Corporaton Presdent seekng lop notch executve assstant sklls. Must be professonal lo nterlace.wth hgh level offcers and work on specal projects. VY schedule and attend executve staff meetngs and montor executve* calendar Mcrosoft Offce a plus. Hvr-rspd Recruters Fax ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT FULL-TME Downtown Brmngham management consukng/retanm executve March frm s seekng quafed person wth outstandng nterpersonal, communcaton, and organzatonal skl*.. Wndow* experence requred. Free enclosed parkng, non-smokng offce, compebsve wage and beneft package Hour* C:30am - 5pm. plea** call Mary Beth a HO; or fax your resume and cover letter to: AdmWsVatve Assstant al ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Amercan Express Tax 4 Busness Servces seeks a M-Sme AdmlrV*- rattve Assstant wth a mnmum of 2 year* experence n a professonal envronment Quafed ndvdual must possess personal computer, people/ lme management, and oltce expense management skts. Please mal or (ax resume to: Admnstratve Assstant Central Park Blvd. Sle 365 r-soathfekt.mt " Fax* (810) No Phone Calf* Please ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Southfekf based nterne! Marketng frm s lookng for a hard worker who loves a fasl paced workng envronment. Profcency»n MS Word, MS Excel, feng and answerog phones helpfuf. Please fax resume to Jeanne at or E-Mal jeanne9onne-marketng.com. {810) HelpWaoted- OflfcCkrcal ASSSTANT Of Flee MANAGER needed ful tme for general offce dutes. Must posses* good phone *k*s. Salary negotable. Ca / ASSSTANT;......to reafestal* broker. Organzatonal, computer and phone skrts a p*j* hour* per week. Contact MARSHALL ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Southfeld archtect ralengneerng frm seeks canddates for the poston of Admnstratve Assstant. Qualfed applcants must possess a mnmum of fve years of executve.secretary experence ncludng thorough knowledge of word processng and spreadsheet software. Responsbltes nclude typng-and preparng varous documents for executve level staff, recevng, screenng ard, drectng telephone calls and schedulng and preparng for meetngs, n addton to other admnstratve dutes. Please submt your resume n confdence to: p;0. Box Southfeld. Ml Attn: Human Resources Department Equal Opportunty Employer Admnstratve Assstant Growng manufacturng company s seekng a professonal to perform, admnstratve dutes. These wll nclude phone receptonst general cteocal dutes, typng, mal sorang and computer use (Wroows). 2t Years of experence requred n offce settng, strong communcaton skns and flexbsty to perform multple tasks s necessary. Normal scheduled hours ws be 1 CAM lo 7PM. Forward resume wth salary expectatons to: AdmrVJR P.O. Box 6407 PrymouthrM EOE ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANTS Growng Uvona wholesale dstrbutor seeks talented admnstrauve assstants. Strong verbal and wrtten communcaton sklls, nterpersonal skns, Excel and Word knowledge, hgh math apttude, detal orented and analytcal canddales apply. Please send or fax resume, wth salary requrements, lo; Soveregn Sales. nc Amrheln Rd. Uvona, Ml Fax: J313) DRUG FREE WORKPLACE ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANTS NEEDED MMEDlATEtV FOR PERMANENT PLACEMENTS N: Troy, Auburn Hlls, Southfeld, *~ Detrot & Uvona SALARES RANGNG BETWEEN 24,000-32,000 Our customers are lookng for someone they can count on to become ther rght arm"", that can remember/ detals, but never forget the *btg pcture"! Ths alaround, flexble assstant enjoys phone work and cart keep paperwork flowng too! Excellent communcaton and computer sklls a must. CALL THE OFFCE CLOSEST TO YOU TODAY!!! SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES Auburn H!ls: Southfeld: Lvona: ADMNSTRATVE ASSOCATES Al Amertech New Meda, were redefwrg the way we (ve, team ard nteract tftough nteractve products and servces. Currently, w* have posj- Sons *valable at our Detrot locaton supportng our cable TV operauons. You wl perform a wde varety of secretarat and edrnwslratrve support dutes ndurng answerng phones, preparng docorrents ard wg. We requtr* a HS tfptoma w8h prevous ojflfce * kperfence nducng knowledge ol word processng programs such as Mcrosoft Word, Prtfcfeocy n Excel (.e. data "manlpulatorvsurnmarttatson and database creaton) a/e a must Typng and rxganzabnaj *k*s are also We offer a Compettve compensaton and beneft* ptar ncludng wage ncrease* every 6 month*, for conrsderaffon please cat 7arv11pm, 7 days/ wee* 1-80O48S-5032, Ex. 260L6A: Equal Opportunty Erhptoyer. AMERTECH New Meda ADMNSTRATVE.. ASSSTANT For recepton, word processng, and clercal work. Strong computer skn*. 2-3 day* per week. Compettve pay. Send resume to:.,. TkrtHOO Observe! ft Eccentrc Newspapers Scbooterafl Rd. Uvona, Ml ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Bo*yx»r«tnJOtjon company lookng for top touch admw*tratsv* asslstanl. The preferred canddal wll report to f* Presdent, of the company. Mu*t l»rnotfraed,<»ng«flte, organzed ft profcent n Mcrosoft otr*e ptottt- Honel. Most have excellent verbal A wrwertewrynunlcaton *W«*. Prevtog* **perenc«wth a oonttrucbon frm * pfu*. Send rum«wtf> alary N*lory requremenu to: STP, W. Ml* Rd, Deuot, M or F*x r«*urne lo: No phen* call* please. Prncple* only.. ADMNSTRATVE " ": Entry level po»hon. «an hour. Mu*j hav«xertent wrtng *W». good UM of proper grammar ft p\jncfua< Son. 1¾ H*r». Aubrr HBs * Fax: ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT OFFCE ADMNSTRATON Career openngs wth md-sed companes for experenced secretares who wsh flexblty and a personal atmosphere. Opportuntes lor both long and short term. Suburbs & DetoL Salary 9f»«t400rr Cat Scpt FarmTOfcrvLfccna HrmrcfTarT AoVantage Staffng ADMNSTRATVE SUPPORT Rewardng opportuntes - professonals wth expertse n arty of the followng software packages. Mcrosoft Word, Excel, Word. Lotus. Powerpon, Graphcs Staffng Resources ADMNSTRATVE SUPPORT A progressve CPA frm s seekng an rxfvdual who s self-motvated, quck learner & a team player wrh 2-3 yrs. secretaral experence n a fast paced professonal envronment. Strong PC skbls wth profcency n. Mcrosoft Word for Wndows 95. ResponsW.tes nclude: supportng our Tax Dept, takng mnutes, orderng forms; collate returns & other varous dutes assstng other depts. Some Saturdays from Jan. thru Aprl are requred. We ofler excellent compensaton package* commensurate w.th experence. Send or fax*resume 4 salary requrements lo: Helen Kelly/ADMN.. Gordon & Company, PC W. tong Lake Rd., Ste. 200, Troy, Ml ; FAX: AFTERNOON CUSTOMER SERVCE REPRESENTATVES Needed tor a Uvona company Data Entry and MS Word sk.1* are a must!! tv. to start. Can or Fax your resume to: Corporate Personnel Servces, nc. Fax (313) Phone....(313) k OE NO FEE, AFTERNCONVSECRETARY. Answerng phones tnd lfog hour. Redlord area. Can (313) APPLY TODAY WORK TOMORROW Full tme general labor, machne operators and assembler postons for al shfts. Must have transportaton and workools. 150 bonus, temprrod nsurance. Apply n person Mon. - Wed, - 9 AM. -2 PM Unversty Dr. n the Auburn Crossng Strp Ma East ol 1,75 on the North sde or the street SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES RECEPTONST Fu«tme poston avalable for experenced-receptonst to work Mon. - FT., 9:30am 6:30pm at our corporate offces n Uvona. Mus have goodcorrvr>uncaton skj**, professonal appearance, ft experence" en murs phor* system, We offer a compettve salary ft benefts package. Send or fax resume lo: Attn: Human Resources N. Laurel Park Dr. Sute 500 Lvona. Ml Fax:(313) Equal Opportunty Employer, ARE YOU JOBLESS or lookng for other opportuntes? We are lookng for professonal,caffed, personable canddates who can be part ol Our growng team. We offer; FREE COMPUTER TRANNG Currently lookng tor experence wth MS Word. Excel. Lotus, WordPerfect. DOS Wndow* programs a plus. Secretares AdrhWstrafveAssstants Ganeral Offoe Accountng Assstant Customer Servce Dal* Entry Mortgage. Processor* Underwrter and More! CALL WOLVERNE (810) ex. 3 BECAUSE WE EXPANDED V»t RECENTLY PURCHASED THE PROPERTY NEXT TO OUR MAN SHOWROOM A N O ADDED A CLEARANCE. CENTER. TO OUR STORE JN.WW.We are" n need ql; ALL ClERrCAl, POSTONS Beneft* are tvalabl*. Appfy m p*r*on a Art Va Furnture Nov! Rd, Novl acro»» from 12 0»k* Malt Or call Mr. Donovan * Ful ft Part Tm* Poston* Artab)* ASSSTANT FULL TME for busy Ann Arbor Chropractc offce. Mu»t b* pte«nl. ««Hmollvaled, brght ft energetc. Wag* negotable. (313) AUDT CLERK Retaler n Southfeld has a need at t* corporate offce. Responsbltes nclude evaluatng accuracy and reconclaton of. stores paperwork. 10-kay by touch necessary. Salary commensurate wth experence. Company offer* comprehensve benefts package. Company * an equal opportunty employer. Reply to: Northwestern Hwy., Sute 250, Southfeld, Ml Attn: Doug. -AUTe-etEHrGAL -- Large Ford dealershp seeks person for fl-tme payroll poslon. Automotve, clercal experence orelerred. Good pay and beneft*. Can Barb, flam-2prn lo arrange ntervew at. (313) North Brother* Ford Ford Road Westland AUTOMOTVE Auto dealer seekng fufl tme AccouoJ Pavabe.Ct*rca} Person. Must be hghly motrvaled, dependable, frendly ft eager to work. Experenced preferred but wa tran rght person. Apply n person at; Snelhkamp Jeep-Eagle Ptymouth Rd, Redford or send resume lo the above address, lo the attenton of Laure Matland. BANK CLERK Poston located n th* Brmngham area. Must have excellent customer servce skn*. Knowledge of Lotus 123 & WordPerfect necessary. Up to 9.75/hr. lo start HRMS T)1 Help Wan td- OffceC«rc«} CLERCAL Computer skll*, Lotus 123, WordPerfect Must hav* good verbal and wrtten tkm. Major automotve sopper ha* two posnon* avaabk*. One n Auburn HA*, the other n Detrot (8 Mle/ Mt EBott are*). Fax resume wth reference*: (810)82M164 MAYDAY RESOURCES V (810) j CLERCAL LARGE property management company nneed of an organzed ncfvdual wth cxeasan personalty and professonal appearance. Experenced wth Secton 8, (HUD) property reportng preferred, but not necessary. Send or lax resumes lo: One Towne Square, Sute 1913, Southfeld, Mt., 48076, Attn: DS. Fax CLERCAL Medcal eoujpmerl company. Based n Uvona seekng- motvated md- vduaf for futvpart tme postoo. Applcate must erv>y last-paced envronment wth a varety ol responsbdses ncludng Mng and typtng. MaMax resume to: Metro Medcal Equpment nc., Wayne Rd., Lvona , (313) , fax (3)3) BE SPOLED... When you work for EMPLOYERS you wl receve: Same Week Pay, HoSday Pay. ncentve Bonus, and Free Tranng. We have long and short lerm postons for Swtchboard Operators 7.50¾ Bookkeeper/Secretary 8 SO.hr Receptonst/Secretary *8.50mr Data Entry Operators J7-8/hr Admnstrafve Assstant wth Word Processng 10-!2mr EMPLOYERS (810) ,An Equal Opportunty Employe BEST OF THE BEST NEEDED Top pay for top sms Data Entry Secretares Receptonsts Customer Servce UNLMTED STAFFNG SOLUTONS, NC Fax BLLNG CLERK POSTON Fufl tme for medcal offce, smoke free envronment, exceenl work condtons, benefts after 90 days. Send resume lo: Bllng Clerk, c/ommss, Telegraph Rd. Sute 204, Southfew, Ml BOOKKEEPER raccountant Southfeld real estate nvestment company seeks part-tme help. RetponsbL-Ses through tral balance. Peach tree accountng a plus BOOKKEEPER/ ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT For Furnture showroom n desgn center. (810) BOOKKEEPER - Experenced FuH tme. Requres excellent sklls n payrcl, Lotus. Able to handle murb tasks. Fast paced offce. Nonsmoker, Send resume: Supervsor, Schoolcraft, Uvona, Ml BOOKKEEPER FULL tme for small South feld accountng offce. Degree n accountng or equvalent experence..- Send resume lo: Morrson and Assocates Telegraph Rd., Sle. 101 Southfeld. Ml or can Mr*. Morrson at: {810) BOOKKEEPER Our clent s a manufacturng company. located, n northern Oakland County. Ths person should be profcenl n al accountng functons through Fnancal Statements. Must have mult-took experence. Pease send send resume and salary reourements to: Attn: 8KPC PO Box 1358 Sterlng Hts., Ml BOOKKEEPER/PART TME For 12 hoursnveek. Pleasant work atmosphere n professonal organabon. Send resume and salary requrements to:. Ms-Sharp - The Glass Freedman Co Telegraph, Ste. 435 Bngham Farms, Ml BOOKKEEPER RECEPTONST 12 M*e Farrnngton Rd. CPA frm needs ndvdual wth strong computer skl* - WordPerfect ft spreadsheets. Experence to nclude accountng thru T/B, sales tax, ft payroll taxes. Salary based on experence 4 ablty. Benefts. Phone Trudy BOOKKEEPEFVSECRETARY Permanent fufl tme poston for small contractors offce. Mcrosoft Word, Excel. Peachtree software. Submt resume to BookkeeperfSecretary, 2337 Cole St, Brmngham, -Ml Resume*: wtlwt salary requrements wlt ho be consdered. BOOKKEEPER SECRETARY Fun-trre poston open for a Farmngton HSs constructon frm. Mus bo profcent n the areas of computers ft accountng. Oood communcaton skn* ft accuracy requred. Fax resume: 81CM BOOKKEEPER 2-3 day per week for smaj constructon company. Casual dress. Westland area /Hr. Mal resume to: 636 N. Hx. Westland, Ml BOOKKEEPNG ASSSTANT Part Urn*, for busy Southfeld Travel Agency.- Some computer experence. Great atmosphere, good pay. Call Wendy: For mmede.start - BOOKKEEPNG-COMPUTERZED Some phone answerng»nd other offce dutes lor growng company. Some accountng background needed. Call Patty BUBBLY RECEPTONST M-»HR. ARBOR TEMPS: BUSY property management offce has poston aval able n Farmngton Ht*. Good telephone sklls regutred, knowledge ol computer* hetpfuf, abflty lo work ndependent * rrust Can Fran at (810) CLgRlCAL/AOMlNSTRATOR. Genera! Fastener* need* clercav admnstrator for our OuaHy Department. Dutes nclude: eompftrg," m*wamfng, recordng fnspecton document*, certfcatonj, suppler/ customer convnuncaton* and techncal report*. Strong computer, readng, wrttrg, communcaton* sklls. Accuracy ard attenton to detal a must. Techncal experence helpful. Good benafs/salary. Resume/salary requested to: HR (QA, t820 Globe. Lvona. Ml Fax (3(3) NO CALLS ttease CLERCAL Entry Level Experence n ratal envronment, A/R, phones. Mus be organzed Cat (810) CLERCAL ENTRY level w«tran for busy prochoce offce. Ptaase can Tony. (810) CLERCAL - Now hrng full & part tme. For appontment ca!t: MDWEST AUTO AUCTON Telegraph, Redlord fjust N of 1-96) CLERCAL/OFFCE SUPPORT Progressve buldng co has an mmedate openng for an enthusastc ndvdual wth good organsatonal sklls ft mult-fne phone experence tor a fast paced envronment. Poston to nclude al offce-dercal needs. FAX resume lo: Help Wanted Offce Ckrcal CORPOFfATE STAFF ASStSTANT Needed (oc dental management company. Responsttltes hdude tght dencaofffce <uppdrt dutes and mscellaneous courer responsbltes. Must have vasd drvers lcense and clercal experence. We offer n excellent.beneft package and salares are based upon experence. Please send yourresumeand salary requrement to: Human Resource Drector P.O. Box Berkley, Mt COST ACCOUNTANT., OuaM.ed canddates wo have knowledge n budgets, accounts payable, and tamaa/sy wth fnancal statements. xpenenee wth some cost accountng b necessary. ndvdual must be detah-orented. Please send or lax resume to: Human Resources, Vmcentj a.. Nov. M Fax COUNTER PERSON/ PART-TME for ktchen/ bath showroom. Good people sklls essental. Approx. 25 hr*. Some evenngs ft Satuf4ayv-Appfeeton*-accepted-Bt Merrman, Lvona CLERCAL OPENNG Clercal ft general offce sklls needed. Computer, word processng, bllng & payroll experence preferred. Mus type 40*wpm. Salary based on. experence, wth benefts package. Apply Tr County Securty, Woodward. Femdale. ( CLERCAL OPENNGS Both entry level ft advanced. Please cat CLERCAL POSTON ntematoha!. transportaton company seeks detal orented person for documentaton ard customer servce. Strong organzatonal and communcaton skls requred Pay commensurate wth experence. Please send resume to: Human Resources Northwestern Hwy, Ste. 220 Southfeld, Ml clercal PRE-APPROVAL PROCESSOR Detrot Metro Area Offce Due to ncreased growth, Healthcare COMPARE Corp., the leader n managed care, s currently seekng canddates lor postons n the Detrort Metro area Ths ndvdual wl be responsble lor verfyng nformaton on workers comp blls usng the EOS system. We requre a hgh school dptoma or GEO. 1 year of experence m a health care settng wth a knowledge of medcal termnology and CD- 9 codes, and attenton to detal. We offer a compettve salary, ft excellent benefts, mdocvng 401 (k) ft stock purchase plans. For confdental consderaton, please submt a resume and salary hstory wth cover letter statng postjon desred to: Human Resources Dept PG/272 HealthCare COMPARE Corp Hghland Avenue Downers Grove. L HealthCare COMPARE eoe mldv CLERCAL SUPPORT person needed tor Lvona company. Mcrosoft Offce knowledge a must Ths assgnment w\s start or! part lme and possbly go nto a permanent fuh-me poston. Call for more detals ETO Temporary Servce CLERCAL TYPST/ RECEPTONST Laboratory Corporaton of Amerca has an excellent opportunty for someone lookng tor part-tme mornng hours. We are currently seekng a dependable, detal-orented ndvdual wth advanced wordng knowtedge.of WordPerfect Excellent wrtten and verba! communcaton sklls, as well as- a mnmum of 6 months receptonoperator experence are preferred,- Ths poston would work from 8 a_m lo 1 p.m. Mpn.-Fr. AS part of the worlds largest clncat laboratory system, LabCorp offers a complete compensaton and benefrts package ncludng pad tme-off. For ermedate consderaton, please apply n person or send resume W LabCorp Captol,.Uvona, M EOE M/F/V/D CLERCAL WORKERS CUSTOMER SERVCE REPS - Plymouth. All ncomng calls - no safest Must have keyboard experence. Good atttude ft ablty to learn are musts, any college classes a pfus. 7/hr. ARFREGHT AGENT - Taylor, Must have experence bookng ft coordnatng ar freght shpments. 8/hr. Long-term... SECRETARY - Taylor. Lotus/Word Perfect 10hr. SECRETARY Plymouth. MS Word- Wndows ft attenton to detal. Evaluaton hre- 10+/hr. DATA ENTRY - TAYLOR. Noon-6pm. S7.25/hr. RECEPTONST Plymouth. Mu«- lne, busy phones. Evaluaton hre. S8.50W. _. EXPRESS SERVCES : FAX: CLERK Attorneys n Farmngton Hlls wn tran for ther computenzed offce. Typng A spellng sklls essental. Experence not requred. Startng wage 5.25 per hour wth regular ncreases (810) CLERKS, RECEPTONSTS & SECRETARES Temporary and temp to hre pos-tons. Startng»t per hour dependng on experence.. East; and west sde; locatons. Large and smah organzatons are n heed of ndvduals wth varyng *tof levels. Call for appontment 8.O SneBng Personnel Servces CLENT ASSSTANT Opportunty lo jon major company as an-mportant team member n Us Customer Servce Department Dutes nclude enterng and preparng ckent nformaton and assstng wth typng. Excolcnt phoneftpeople skfc requred. Dversfed Recruters , Fax 81O CLENT SERVCE New long term openngs to work wth Fortune 500 companes for both experenced ard new candkjates. Troy, Auburn H>n and Farmngton. Advanced tranng, progressve ncrease*, temp lo perm opportunty. Can Cndy.>, Brmngham LrvwaTArmnglon * Advantage Staffng COMPUTER OPERATOR mmedate openng at Canton transportatfon company. 2 poston* ava3- able Accounts Payabre Clerk ft Dspatch Computer operator. Computer experence necessary. Pleas* send resume lo: Accountng Supervsor. ca> Koppemfck, Canton, M COUNTER SALES Typng ft Flng. Smal Farmngton busness. Part-fultme, Mon-Fn, 9am-6pm. (810) CPA COMPUTER Northvtle CPA seeks mature person lo assst n computer/accountng operatons. Strong computer sk* (basc tax knowledge e plus). 2-3 days/r.k. After 4pm: 810-3SO-1811 CREOT CLERK - ENTRY LEVEL For, Nov frm. nvolves f.ng. processng credts, msc. olfe dutes Call Pal: COMPUTERS, PHONES. Customer Servce. Experence a pfu*. WSt tran Full tme poston. Professonal atmosphere. Great pay ft benots Musst be a quck learner. Appfy at Glendale. Redlord. Ml CUSTOMER SERVCE REPRESENTATVE NOV tooftttma of**, part/.. PtfMarr, tor*tk«y}*gtv eflee ProteMonal Atlt*. computer/ r*ggfr*t Cua Jpt«*9«Trw«MptuJ *««!» end Mlary jtjj Help Wn ted- Offw Clerc*! SlftW. CUSTOMER SERVCE Rep - ful tme, nsurance omce n w. Boomfetd. Good phone skhs. Wl! tran. No Smokng (810) CUSTOMER SERVCE REP needed fus tme for 11 am-8pm sh>ft Excellent benefts program. Appfy n person al Grand Rver. Farmngton Hlls (810) CUSTOMER SERVCE Clent companes Southf eld/lrvona. Prevous customer servce experence, data entry and computer lteracy. Possble temp to hue. Staffng Resources CUSTOMER SERVCE ASSSTANT For furnture store part tme, approx. 20 hrs/wk. Tuesday S Saturdays plus other flexble hours, no evenngs. Computer sklls helpful. Work m upstars oflce. No call please Send resume Attn Darlene Telegraph Rd Southfeld, Ml CUSTOMER SERVCE Fulltme/Part tme Evenng schedule optcmal, Amerca s fastest growng companes fe addng to staff now. Personal growth ard promoton to dfferent jobs and hgher pay. Temp to perm avalable. Qualfed canddates have: excellent oral ft wrtten sklls personal customer contact experence decson makng capabjty» typng 25 wpm Troy. Auburn HUs and Farmngton locatons. Call Came Brmngham Farmngton/Lvona Advantage Staffng Customer Servce Representatves We are seekng lartculate and enthusastc ndvduals to work n our fast-paced customer servce, department. f you enjoy workng wth customers over the phone,possess excellent verbal and wrftenommuncaton sklls and are team orened. ths s. the poston for you Several full-tme, schedules avalable. Qualfed canddates rrust be flexble to swtch hours as busness needs demand. Prevous mortgage.bankng or customer servce background s requred. Spansh speakng, a plus:,., We offer a compettve beneft package. Place apply Mon-Fr.. 9 AM. - 4 PM or send FAX resume to Human Resources SOURCE ONE MORTGAGE SERVCES CORPORATON Farmngton Rd Farmngton HJts, Ml FAX Or for other avalable.. postons please call out Job Openng Hotlne at JOB V EOEMF/D,V > CUSTOMER SERVCE REP Answer ncomng calls from members navonwde. Must be frendly, enthusastc 4 have a postrve atttude. Mon-Fr 9-5 Cat Angela: 10-6 (810) Ext 26. CUSTOMER SERVCE MuS-task Customer Servce poston tor manufacturer. Must be mature. detal orented. Automotve experence a plus. Heavy dent contact Send resume lo: R/O Manufacturng PaJdan, Auburn H.a*. Ml Atterbdn:. Dave. CUSTOMER SERVCE Troy based company has mmedtae Openng n Customer Servce. Oufes nclude takng phone order? and performng customer servce Wow-up Successful canddate must type wpm, have excellent wrtten and oral communcaljon skks ard be people orented per hour plus benef,ts. Ca3 Joan Monday thru Frday, 9 30am hn 2 30pm at: 1.810) , Ext 225 CUSTOMER. SERVCE Responsble lor handlng a hgh volume."of ncomng calls from ndependent representatves gvng eul the most accurate mformafoh needed for dstrbutorshp and drectng them where lo.fnd ths nformaton, and ha wg thorough knowledge of varous procedures n orobr to sohe any ssues effectng (her dstrbutorshp. Bl-lngual helpful. Ca* Humar Resources: (810) ext 2802 DATA ENTRY. Accounts Reccwab* 4 Offce person needed for wholesale beverage company n Redford. Fufl lme. Experence necessary. (313) DATA ENTRY Accuracy. Full or part tme. Good wages end benefts Apply at Glendale, Redford, M DATA ENTRY/CASHER Uvona beverage csstrtufor. 30cm pm. BenelU. 340a week CaS for appt (313) ext 325 DATA ENTRY clerk Permanent part tme poston, n Brrrnngham.L<w frm, for en ndvdual wth good nath apttude and typng sklls. Must be computer lterate and avalable hours daby Monday thru Frday. Non smokng offce CaM Renee. Mon Fr. (810) SW7701 DATA ENTRY/ COORDNATOR FULL-TME Valass* CommuTfcaon*, ne.,«fortune 500 company named one ol the 100 Best Companes lo work (or n Amerca, ha* a poston avaabte for. ft goal-, orened ndvdual experenced n Data Entry. An accountng background and/or computer experence 1* very mportanl, a* w«a* the desre lo work (o a fast-paced envronment The followng skls are recjured: -Excellent Commurvcaton sk<» -DetaS orented -AbMy to work ndependentfy -Corrputer bterater wth good math apttude -Newspaper knowledge preferred, but not requred We ofler comprehensve benefts and a postve workng envronmerl... Please send your resume to: Valasss Communcatons Schoolcraft.Rd. UvonaM 4*150 Anentjon; Jenfer Kols Ll l Offce Ckreat ExecuTtve SECHETARY/ BOOKKEEKPER >. for entrepreneu whh *«v*r*j busnesses AppBcAnt must posse** good wganuatonaj ft bookkeepng sks. Gr»*l latary ft b*o»frt», Pfcas* **nd resume K>: Heme*. Alert ft Co T*tegraph Rd, Sut* 165, Bngham farm*..ml , Attn: KM3 :. EXECUTVE SECRETARY Fast paced, hgh vc+jrr* offce lor * research group at Urge 8 E. Men. unversty. Requre* *xo*l*nt typng, organuawt and p«cf>*kft». Shorthand rjlr*abl«.: DuM* ndud* manuscrpt ft grant* proposal preparaton, scheduvtg, attendng meetngs ft preparng mnute*, and coordnate recnjrtment Compebtv* salary, generous medc*), dental, ft tuton bene- ft*. Great poston for a take-charge person. Resume to: Box #1076 Observer ft Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd. Uvona, Ml VALASSS COMMUNCATONS. NC EECvPrug Testng Employer Data Entry: P EARN X-TRA HOLDAY J We have knmedate tulvparl-trhe openngs at our Lvona techncal center for a lempofary data entry project that s 5-8 weeks n dura- ton startng Sept. 23. Numerc * data entry, mrtmum 7,000 key- J strokes plus knowledge of 10-key, recto/ed. For ntervew appont- ment, cah (313) j DATA ENTRY Needs extremely dependable DE Operator for lgh volume medcal b8 audts. Mnmum requrement* 10-12,000 aphanumerc KPH. Accuracy a musl Knowledge of rcd-9, CPT codng and medcal termnology helpful. Prevous medcal bf audrl and or fasl paced producton expererce preferred- Compettve salary ncludes excecent beneft package. FAX or mal resume to: Data Entry Northwestern Hwy. Sute 221, Southfeld, Ml EOE C DATA ENTRY J OPERATORS ". NEEDEDH Fnancal Gant 1» Auburn Hts locaton Up to S9.0Ohourt! * NO EXPERENCE REQURED 1 Wm Corporate * J Personnel WH Servces. nc. j (810) j V,NO FEE _E_0 j. OATA ENTRY CLERKS RornArs EvauMon hre w.chance for advancement 2nd S 3rd shfts 7:50nr. EXPRESS SERVCES FAX DATA ENTRY person, experenced, for busy accountng department Lookng lor dependable person wth good attendance, tamfar wth a fast paced work envronment. Femdale. t qualfed, ca DATA ENTRY Postons avalable n a fastpaced offce n Troy. Hours 9am- 6pm. Some overtme avalable ,an hour. Mnmum typng sk/ls 45 yvpm. Call Human Resources: (810) ext 2802 DATA ENTRY To S9.50/hr. ARBOR TEMPS: DATA ENTRY YTndOws helpful, accuracy a must. Fve day work week. S6.00 per hour lo start Temp to perm. Southfeld locaton. MAYDAY RESOURCES (810) j DESK POSTON Part t/ne Upscale ftness dub. Contact Cyntha Best at: (810) EARN UP TO 10 AN HOUR Offee poston,hourly, bonus commsson. Mon. lhru Fr., 1pm to 7pm. Call Paul or John. (313) e/ploym NT COORDNATOR Growng temporary servce snce 1970 m search ol a person to ntervew,ft place temporary. workers on assgnment. S8-S11 per hr. * commssons, - ARBOR TEMPS: 459:1166 ENTRY LEVEL OFFCE Assstant: some accounts payable ft computer experence, Lotus helpful, much.varety. Full tme. Submll resume 4 salary requred to: O.M Hathaway. Farmngton HHs, or fax MATURE RESPONSBLE person needed for executve assstant poston n Ptymouth offce. Computer, phone, shorthand ft typng swhs preferred. Must have good verbal ft wrtten sklls Good benefts.- CaS Becky EXECUTVE ASSSTANT Manufacturer" Rep; frm n Northvlle needs your strong admnstratve sklls 4 excelent phone marner. FuH-tme. wth good benefts. Pease respond "n Confdence" to: LGA. P.O. Box 334, Northvtle.. Ml EXECUTVE SECRETARY Full tme Excellent computer knowledge, correspondence ft typng skks. OetaJ organzed for small offce. Send resume, salary hstory, references lo: MBA, Fve Mle Rd, Uvona, By appontment orjy. EXECUTVE SECRETARY Se hawa Esparol? Ths versatle; bl-lnqual ndvdual can do the job of three. Detaled, organzed and effcenl MS Offce 6 0 profcency graphcs ft tables, exce-ent grammar 4 proofng skds! Stable work hston/l Temp-lo-cerm. CaK today. SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES 810* EXECUTVE SECRETARY Alexss nc. one of the. naton* leadng thrd party admnstrators ol Worker"* Compensaton ard Lablty Clams, has an,mmedate openngfor a fu»orpartbm* Executve Secretary. Prmary responsbltes yvl nclude: Preparng and trarscctong correspondence 4 answerng ffe leephonos for execulve(s), establshng and mantanng flng sys!sm(s) and fofow-up fes utffljjng PC based software, asss!ng executve(s) n preparaton of reports (techncal or confdental, n nature), handlng appontments, travel arrangement* and expense reports. OuaMed cahdyates shoud possess: Frve-sx.years experence, mnmum typng speed of 60 to 70 wpm.. dctaphone sklls, PC skl (Mcrosoft Offce software n Wndow*), excellent organzatonal A cc*nrnunhtaton» klts requred; confdentally and abftfy lo present oneself n a professonal busness manner ere crtcal to ths poston Paralegal skds preferred. We offer»h e xce Bent salary and beneftt package! whch nclude* medcal, denal, vson.lrfe nsurance, optonal Me nsurance, shot end long term d.sablty, and 401 K pan. nterested candklates should send resume and salary recjurements to- - ALEXSlS tnc Attn MF-HREX N. Laufel Park Dr.- Svt* 434 Lvona. Ml, FAX FAST PACED OFFCE Phones. RcccpSoost Mcrosoft Wndow*. Troy 4 Ann Arbor EXrCUTV.: SrORtTARY located n Plymouth reejurea a part tme personal Secretary, (20-30 hour* p«f.we«lv«chedul* negofable). Wth excetenl oral and wrten cemmuncatkn sklls a* wel a* proven computer ablty. Wndow*, MS word. Excel. Only self-drected, detal-orented ndvdual wth professonal experence»nd~* college degree need please send resume and requrement* lo: Curt Yco Product* Ann Arbor Rd., PryYTOuth. Ml No phone can* plea**, EXPORT/BENEFTS ASSSTANT Medum-szed valve manufacturng-company ha* art openng for an assstant lo bur Export Coordnator ft Beneft* Admnstrator. Ths dversfed poston requre* an ndvdual who b not bothered by nterruptons, can make decson* when necessary ft s comfortable handlng more than one task al tme. Experence wth sales/order data nput b a pfu* wth the Export Department. Knowledge of medcal. FMLA. Work Come ft ADA Admnstraton * a plus wth the Benefts Department. Both are** requre extensve contact wth employees ancvor customer*. W* offer a compestrve salary and comprehensve beneft* package.. f nterested, please end resume wth salary requrement* to: M- Welch Mac Valve*, nc. P.O. Box n Wxom, Ml FLE CLERK For small law offce. Part-tme (810) FLE CLERK tor Southfeld law frm for court Mng 4 delveres Must have relable transportaton. FuS-tme e Call Mr. Wener FLE CLERK Part tme poston open tor relable person 15 hours per week. Please appry lo Pat at: (810) JOE PANAN ChevroeVGeo Telegraph, Southfeld FLE/RESEARCH CLERK For Southfeld law frm Dutes nclude: court research ft Sght correspondence Must have relable transportaton. Fax resume lo: (810) or call: (810) FULL CHARGE BOOKKEEPER Det/ocl locaton Experence requred through fnancal statements Muftcompany envronment experence preferred. CaO Jane for appontment: (313) FULL TME CLERCAL POSTONS COLLEGE TUTON REMBURSEMENT AVALABLE Entry level clercal postons avatabte at our growng Southfeld offce for ambtous, tearrt-orented. resabe) ndvduals- Applcants : should be organzed and posses* the ab&ty lo work n a fast paced envronment These are full tme Mon.-Fr1. day postons wth advancement potental and excellent benefts ncludng a lberal pad holday and vacaton plan, 100% cooege tuton refund and 401K. Salary s 620brweek)y. Please send a cover letter and resume lo: Mettfe, 660 New Center One - CLK, Detrot Ml NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. EOE FULt TME general offce person needed. Prmary dutes tndude Lullng, typng, flng. Experence wth MS Word and Excel. Compettve salary, plus benefts. Send resume 10: CT, S. Wxom, Wxom, Ml or fax lo (8.10} GENERAL CLERCAL Detrot envronmental frm has part tme postons avalable n the admnstraton department Work hours are: 5pm-mdnghl, Wed.-Fr. ft 4pmmkSnght, sat Also, 12 mdnght- Sam 5 days/ week ft 9am-6pm 1 oay/ week. Strong clercav telephone skns requred. Send resumelo: 6631 W.. Jefferson, Detrot, M 48209, Attn: J. Walker EOE GENERAL CLERK Hourly pay, hours 8-Spm, no benefts. Lvona area. Please contact Candy Adams, 9-5pm (313) GENERAL OFFCE ASSST. Real estate effce n Southfeld Organzed, detaled, wth accountng ard computer sklls a pfus. (8.10) GENERAL OFFCE help for data entry ft order desk. Apply n person nnovatve Floor Coverng NevAugh, Uvora. 1 bfk. S. of GENERAL OFFCE located n Nov, seeks energetc senstarter tor telephone, customer servce. Excellent phone skls. 9 lo 5, Moo. thru Fr, (810) GENERAL OFFCE Permanent part-tme hrs/wk, Mor-FrU 9:30am-2.30pm. Experence n clercal dutes - typng, Mng, computer knowledge ft nvocng: Nonsmokng offce n Troy. Can Marsha after 10:30am: 80-28O5688 GENERAL OFFCE Permanent poston n large retal offce. Must be good wth fgures. 8 MeA-Bhser area. Mr. Cam: Ext GENERAL OFFCE Small Farmngton HS* company hours per week. Responsbltes lo nclude; phone, flng ft makng Need pleasant, detal orented person. Please fax resume wth salary requrements attr: Mary, (810) GROWNG SERVCE oornpeny (h Nov needs a full tme offce person. Computer, typngftcustomer.servoe experence. Must be able to work n ft fasl paced atmosphere. Compettrve salary ft beneft*. Please send resume lo: Town Center. Attn: Jack Norwood, Grand Rver Art., Nov, Ml ; MMEDATE POSTONS, Canton company. AoVrstraSv* Assstant ft Receptwrst Excetent-beneft* and pay. Send resume to: Box»1037 Observer ft Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd. " Uvonf*, Ml * HOT JOBS Mcro computer SpectaEa, pe/oh,»4?.0oo H*t> Desk. Detrot.»40,000. Legal Secretary, suburb*. To wsooo - Legal Secretary. Detrot, KW Premum Rnanc* Assstant, Suburb*, 25,000 Accountng Clerks, suburb*;» Secretary, -Temp lo Perm,»2»,000 Documentaton Specalst, Suburbs,»20,000 Oat* Entry, suburbs,»16,500. Accountng, clercal, techncal, temp and temp lo perm posrtons Al fee* employer pad CALL OR FAX TO M; BOOKSPAN & ASSOCATES -_{cu0)-84k333fl_, ttlwwfaxtv NSURANCE AGENCY. Llvoma AJttale Offce. Part -err* clercal. Hour*: llam3:30pm, Mort-Ftl. Send resume lo: PO Box , Uvona. Ml NTERVEWERS NEEDED!!! A market research company n Westland s lookng for outgong people to work wth the pubfo. S7.50.Tv. to start Corporate Personnel Servces. nc. (313) EOE NO FEE/ NVENTORY CLERK Fud tme. Organzatonal skl* heeded. Some heavy, lftng. Ca Mr, DonaW ". NVENTORY CONTROL Rapdly expandng toy manufacturer seeks energetc ndvdual for nventory Control Coordnator deal canddate should be organzed sed-starter, learn player wth strong computer sk**. CoSege degree preferred. Send resume to: P.O., Box , Plymouth J JOBS OF THE WEEK ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT To»37,000. Handle ntematoraj travel arrangement*. Good secretaral skn* needed. PowerPont a must Bloomfeld Hts frm. Ca Denlse BOOKKEEPER. (Full Charge) To» Good computer sklls. Some, admnstratve dufe*. Power Pont a pk& Royal Oak frm. Donee LEGAL SECRETARY,» poston*. Bloomfeld Hlls. Downtown. Probate experence a must. Great benefts Ca Donna ACCOUNTS RECEh/ABLES, 30,000 Wel known frm. 2-3 years. Some collectons. Exctng opportunty. mmedate opervngs. Ca Danef*. LEGAL SECRETARY,» {lgaton experence. Good word processng skts Chatlengrg/ dversfed dutes. Ca Denlse. LEGAL SECRETARY. TO» Work tor a wonderful attorney n ths promnent suburban frm MecScal malpractce «must. 35 hour week. Great benefts. Quck hre. Ca Kathy. SALES SECRETARY. 27,000 McroSoft Word and EXCEL. Good cornmuneaton sklls. Plush Troy frm Benefts. Ca Oonna. PURCHASNG, 25, year* automotve or ndustral experence. Major Farmngton H*s frm. Quck hre. Ca Dense RECEPTONlST/Exec. Assst 25,000. Automotve frm n northern suburbs needs your Mcrosoft. EXCEL and SO 9000 background. Ureal beneft*. Nce boss CalKathy. ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT 12Aourty Exctng opportunty wth suburban advertsng agency. Work n Meda Dept. Mcrosoft Word and EXCEL needed. Benefxs. CasJud RECEPTONSTCENERAL OFfOCE 23,000. Front desk pdsr&oo wth Farmngton Hts frm. McroSoft Word a must Opportunty to advance. mmedate openng. Calt Danefle. RECEPTONST, 19, year* swtchboard experence. Major Troy frm. Lots ol varety. Full benefts. Quck hre Ca Damc-fle CUSTOMER SERVCE MO U ear experence. Good people, Southfeld area. Ca Donna Many more postons avalable. Ca or FAX SNELUNG PERSONNEL-SERVCES UOAL RECEPTONST -, Wtlth, Prw* ft Fuchet ha* an. openng lor rtcepbonttl tn,puf Farmngton HA*.offce. Offce Sum kxfcrfng l*phone; Sng, typng, 4 data wtoy. Akuyowk edge ol legal oflto* prcoedur** k*. d**lred. Ecetent beneft program, whch ncludes tto«bta beneft* 4 a. Thrft ft Savng* pun. Satan/ * comm*n*ur»t* wtth txperenc*. Plea** send rum* to: WaWv P*n4 & Frtchett A»v Oo*Kh F. W*W The M«<rob«nk Buldng Grand PJvw Av«. «20 Farmngton Hts*, Ml tquaj Oppolunrly.Employer - LEGAL SECRETARES *104VOAY pad by «> frm OR»15.50AVpad by KPM (wth wthhdwng*). The eholc* can be your*.. Many perk*!! Ca Today tor ln!*rvs*w v8l Fax 610X / LEGAL-SECRETARY-*xp*r*nced.- Ful tma for 7 tawy*r.frrn k Troy, Must have exoecem word processtng «k««. ncludng WordPerfect ft Tknelp* batng»oftwar». Send resume d: Offoe Manager. Moot* Rowland, 2301 W. Bg Beaver. Sute 921. Troy, Ml LEGAL SECRETARY experence requred. Beneft*. Please contact Km:. (810) LEGAL SECRETARY Farmngton Ws Jrwuranc* defense,- 11 attorney frm seeks legal secretary wth ktjgaton expelenoe lojon team. 75 wpm, WordPerfect Good benefts, breat opporturvtyt Send resume lo: Box #1041 Observer ft Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd., Uvora. Ml KDS N SCHOOL? nterested n gong back lo work? COME JON 8ARTECH. FOR A COFFEE BREAK! We are currently hrng Admnstratve Assstants and Secretares for mme- (Sate long and short term assgnment* at a. leadng automoble company n Dearborn MS Word WordPerfect «Excet Powerponte BARTECH Evenng appontments LATE NGHT WED., SEPT. 11TH ft.. TUES, SEPT. 24TH. : (10-2 PM, - By appontment) mmedate openngs for. temp and permanent postons Entry level to executve level. Servng al Metro Detrot and surroundng suburbs. Uvona, Southfeld Auburn HSs Taylor SNELUNG. PERSONNEL SERVCES An Equal Opportunty Empteyer EXECUTVE LEGAL SECRETARY For Senor partner/persona! njury experence requred. Substantal salary ft frnge*. (81.0) LEGAL SECRETARY Fpr Downtown Detrot law frm. Experence wth computer* helpful. We offer compettrve salary ft beneft*. Send resume ft salary hstory to: Offce Admnstrator, Berry Moorman Kng ft Hudson, 600 Woodbrtdge Place, Detrot Ml No phone cat* please. LEGAL SECRETARY For busy Southfeld plantff personal njury law frm. Knowledge ol Word Perfect ft mnmum 5 year* ltgaton experence requred, Compettve startng salary and benefts. Fax resume lo Gordon, Cutler ft Hoffman: (810* LEGAL SECRETARY " For Southfeld lawfrmwth corporate and general busness experence. Mnmum 5 year* experence b nee-. essary. Wrxd lor Wndow* experence helpful. Excellent (klls requred. Send resume to: Offce AoVnnlstrator, PO. Box 215. Southfeld, Ml , or call: LEGAL SECRETARY For frm specalzng n patent* ft kflgatco. PosWor requre* knowledge of Word Perfect ft good organwbonal sklls. Please tend return* to: Admlrvst/ator Offord Kr»ss 280 N. Woodward, Sut* 400 Brmngham, M LEGAL SECRETARY For Brmngham law offoe. Excellent transcrpton ft computer sklls requred wth experence n real estate 4 ltgaton. Compettve salary. Send resume to: Box 1087 Observer ft Eccentrc Newtpaper* Schootcmft Rd. Uvona. Ml LEGAL SECRETARY Ful or part tme for Southfeld pttmlf personal njury law frm. 2 or mor* year* experence requred wth good organzatonal akn*. Auto neglgence background helpful. Exc*!*nt utlary and 40*. health cart. Send resume lo: GGA, Attn: Adran*, Northwestern Hwy., Ste. 444, Southfeld, Ml 48034, or F*jc (810) 35O-1066 LEGAL SECRETARY fkjar-lor personal njury law 11-¾¾ llrm. n Southfeld. Approx. 1-2 year* experence. Ca Lsa (810) LEGAL SECRETARY For Lvona frm. Pror ltgaton experence preferred Word Processng and strong organzatonal sklls needed. Call Sarah al: (313) Ext. 349 LEGAL SECRETARY For Troy, Estate plannng attorney. MS Word Wndows 6 0 experence helpful. Flex tme (15 hours/week). Non-smoker. Salary commensurate wth experence. Fax resume to: - (810) LEGAL SECRETARY/LEGAL ASSSTANT 3-5 days per week, sole practtoner, general law practce. Paralegal sklls a plus. Waterford area. "(810) LEGAL SECRETARY Legal secretares (ltgaton and estate plarrngcorporate) wth a MNMUM of 3 years experence needed for mdsze law frm. Word Perfect 5,1 requred. Excellent salary and beneft package. Send resumes to: Sheryt Otech, Raymond S Prokop, 2000 Town Center. #2400, Southfeld, Ml LEGAL SECRETARY Mnmum ol 1 yr experence. Word Perfect 6 0, MS Dos, Compettve pay. Farmngton HHs. Fax resume lo: LEGAL SECRETARY Must have at least 3 years experence n persona) rury Rgabon; some workers compensaton, lght bookkeepng. Excellent organzatonal sklls requred, Experence wth WordPerfect 3 and Oucken for Mackntosh essental. Salary commensurate wth ablty and experence. Please send resume tor Nea A. M<ller. P.C, 2301 W. Bg Beaver. Sle. 318, Troy, Ml LEGAL SECRETARY PARTNER POSTON Southrk) P.. frm seeks proles- sona), pojsed and sklled Secretary tor busy partner. Applcant rrust be profcent r WordPerfect ard have excehen communcaton and organzatonal sks*. Must have medcal malpractce/ltgaton, experence. Pleasant surroundngs. Excellent startng salary end benefts. Please send resume lo: Box #2992 Observer ft Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Uvona, Ml LEGAL/ADMNSTRATVE :.- SUPPORT a progressve CPAfrmr* seekng an rxsvwuaj who s self-motvated, quck learner & a team player wth 1-2 yr*. Legal secretary experence n a fast paced professonal, envronment. Strong PC *UK» wth profcency n Mcrosoft Word for Wndow* 95, Responsbltes nclude: supportng out Consutftnc/lega!.Dept, takng mjnules, dctaton, composng correspondenee. schedulng appontment* ft varous other dutes assstng other depts. Some Saturday*from Jan, thru Aprl are requred. We offer excellent compensaton package* commensurate wth experence. Send or fax resume ft satary requrement* lo: Helen KeHy-VEOAL ADMN., Gordon ft Company, PC 1301 W. Long Lake Rd. Ste. 200, Troy, Ml ; FAX: NSU RANCE-COMMRC AL LNE S Farmngton Hll* agency lookng for txjperenced, computer knowledgeable, Customer Servce Rep*. mmedate poston. P*rt/tul Bm*. Fax resume to: (610) NSURANCE Southfeld agency *e*k» Persdnal lne* account repretehtatfv*. Experenced ft lcensed ph*. WW tran rght person. Send resume or cal: Lba farkas, O688. P. 0. Box Southf*M EO LEGAL ASSSTANT Nteded mmedately lor- Senor Partner ol Southfled law frm. Must posses* exoeent wrtng tkrs. Professonal marner and appearance a must. Mnmum three year*.experence. Pleas* lendresume and salary recjutrement to: Legal Assstant Swanson, SouthleW, Ml LEGAL SECRETARY AV rated Bloomfeld Hnt law frm seek* legal secretary experenced n malpractce defense ft nsurance deleose, S»)ary ccmrnensuraw wth experence.. Send resume to: K. O. Stevenson, 505 N. Woodward Ave, St*. 1000, Bloomfeld Hlls, Ml ; LEGAL SECRETARY Pa/-Bm* lor Southfekl personal njury frm. WordPerfect5V t LEGAL SECRETARY fc Prestgous Brmngham lawfmv tw seek* person wth Strong ltga-, T eontkl*, knowledge of Word- Pert act 5.1 ft tense of humor, Salary/ beneft* commensurate wth expert-- ence. Resumes to: Personnel Oept., 320 E. Maple,»238, Brmngham,. Mch ". LEGAL SECRETARY Part Tme Smal law.frm, worker* compensaton defense work. Legal experence preferred. Word perfect experence requred. Excellent salary ft beneft*. Please «end resume to: Attn: Pamela Telegraph, S* 1460 SouthfeloYMJ LEGAL SECRETARY/.. " RECEPTONST. Part-tme. Experenced. Word Perfect experence * mut. Law offce n Southr*W., LEGAL SECRETARY Soutffeld personal njury taw frm seek* experenced Secretary wth excellent»kt». Mnmum 65 wpm, ocuratefy. Expense n WordPerlect Safary oommensur*te wth experence. Beneft* ncluded. Please tend resume lo: Roth, Dean ft Kohn, 3000 Town Center, Surle 450, Sduth5ekl. Mchgan, LEGAL SECRETARY Troy law frm. nsurance defense experence pr*lerr*d. Salary commensurate wth experence. CaB: (810) \

32 mmm 10C(*) Help Wanted- Offce Clercal LEGAL SECRETARY STATE FARM NSURANCE COMPANES FuH tme pos-tton. Three years ot experence re<3u:red Must have excellent cx>frmun>eat.ors sklls Salary comrrensurate wth expenence Benefts 10 We/Telegraph locaton. Send resume 10. Oaryl G,!aam West Metro Admm.slratve Bldg Mddle-belt Rd Lvona. Ml An Equal Opportunely Empoyer LEGAL SECRETARY Troy la* frm seeks!u» tme experences Legal Secretary w.th WordPerfeet skls We otter Compettve Saary Medcal nsurance Le 4 Dsabty nsurance 401(K) Pa.d Vacaton 4 Persona 1 Days Send resume wth salary hstory lo Legal Adm.n,s!rator 801 W B.-g Beaver Rd, Ste SCO Troy. Ml Equal QpportuntyEmployer LEGALSECRETARY- The Accdent Fund Company the largest wrter o! workers compensa- C-n nsurance n Mch gan,5 seekng. a Lega 1 Secretary for ts Lega Department n our Southtetd Lftce. Tns pos-ton s responsple for perform.r>g transcrpt on. corrpos.rg cor respondence. schedulng appontments tr.cud.ng depcs.cns and CXr dares AdtlGna ly ma.n ta-ns attorney s docket case st. and p:epares sp-pc-ae brets Mantans and organ>zes case tes a-j legal docket system Quael car-d aa.cs A-"-, possess a n gh ct".cc-> dr_~oma or equ vatrr.t A rrvn -r.m of one ear te-gal stceary experence -s rea>ed Ab ly lo type 60 wpm s requred and the afc-.ty to transcrbe legal and rred.ca nformaton Exce-"c-nt grammar, puncluat.on and spell ng sk.ls essenta: E«ceent ca and A nton communcat-en sks a-e requ/ed Appelate eper.ence s p-eerred The Accdent.F nd Company s a dynamc work envronment and otters an o*cc «nt comper.sat on and tenet ts package nterested and, qual ed app.cants shou ; a subm,; resume and saary req-u-emef-ls to Accdent Fund Company Human Rt-sou-ces Dep P O Ben 407«Lansng Ml, 4ej0t-7990 An Equal Oppchun t t- Employer LEGAL SECRETARY WANTED WorJPe.-lect experence Busy Lvona offce Good. pay. Ca L8RARY SERVCES - frm ful-t.me c-erca evenngs. Canton. Ken 313x MARKETNG COMPANY OCk.ng tor ful tme RECEPTONST & ADMN STRATVE ASSSTANT BOOrr.f.e<j H.ls cftce a-.swer.ng rr.u. lne phone system Must ce pcfc-er-t,n MS Word A Excc- Bc-neMs 401K Can BlO) J fa res:.-re to r80) CLASSFCATONS 502 to 504 O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 HelpWanted- Offce Clercal OFFCE CLERCAL Nov audo t vdeo dstrbutor has mmedate lull A pa/mme postons avalable. Re sponsor* sues nclude cus.omet servce, order processng, nvocng, and general offce dutes. Postrons requredgood phone Sklls, computer experence; and 61/ong nork etfuc Very compettve salary benefts. Seod resumeto. VSC Grand R.ver Ave, Sute J. Now, Ml OFFCE/CLERCAL poston. avaable Must have compulerued accountng knowledge, typng, answerng phones, mscottoa dutes Ful tme «,th benefts Please send resume Top Vaue E«haust Systems. nc Attn Karen 36S37 Schoolcraft Lvona Ml OFFCE CLERCAL Too many poster>s to Lsl" nave experence -n lo-:--or>ng. Cal today!!. Word Processng Receptons! Data. Entry/Payroj t you the SJmnsfratve Assstant Specal La8l O OFFCEENTRY LEVEL Permanent pan tme offce pos-ton Pnones, ft-ng data entry. compemve rtajes. Send resume to UA, 168S0 MdfebeH Rd, Lvona, Ml OFFCE FLNG CLERK/ SWTCHBOARD OPERATOR! For accountng department Mnmal e»p«r ence reoulred Send resume to. Am S-ef H OTW USA Star* Rd. Lvona, M! OFFCE HELP Casual, last-paced Lvona company seeks Offce Help Sendfax resume to Manager. Easy Desgn Network Merrrrtar, Lvon Fan (313) OFFCE HELP Date errtry, customer servce Experenced Send resumes to CMC, Orchard Lake Rd. Sute 104 Farm.ngtcn H>-s. M 48334, (810> Help Wated- Offce Clercal Nght Receptonst Northvlte offce lookrvg lor a pan lme eveong recepton,sl to do lohl. clercal worls arvd. anv.er telephones from 5pm to 9pm. Monday through Thursday and 9am to 1 pm on Saturday Mus be dependable A wganjed vvn 1 year reoenl e-xperence prefered Call Justme lo arrange an m:er- \ve at s PROFESSONAL RECEPTONST Pos<!on ava lable-long term assgnment Busy 8-!ne phone. CaS ; (BO> or lax resume today (810) PEOPLEMARK, NC RECEPTONST Agroqup Corpocatoy-a-RfjOVA company and leader -n tne manufacture and dstrbuton ol eng.neered componerts and systems tor ndustry. s seekng a Recepton.st Respot5 b ttes A ; -rfude satchbcard duty, tak-ng messages, data collecton and sortng company mal The rdeal canddate w,l tave excel lent phone manner, good ty p.ng sklls; and experence workng, Ath M-crosoft Oflce Good cemmandton arnj organ/aonal.sk L,s are also essent-at nterested cahddales should send a resume apd salary nstory requ remc-nrs to AEROQUP CORPORATON. CORPORATE TECHNOLOGY ORGANZATON GREEN RD. ANty ARBOR, Ml We are an eo.ua 1 eppor tun-ty employer. m J Help Wanted- Offce Clercal RECEPTONST Needed tot fast growng murj-m«!.on dollar home mpfovernen! oomparry located n metro area Ecc-ent pay. room for advarxemenlluture securty Must be expeherrce, wth some ff.ng and computer sklls preferred Hard vvorkng and dependable. AJ others.need nc. appry. Resumes may be faxed to Fax! Or maled lo JV/S.-AKenon Personnel W Eght MJe Road, Southfeld. Ml RECEPTONST needed lor last paced shoatoorrvcorporate otlce Multpfe lne expenenco essental Some sven.ngs 4 Saturday Excellent benefts *-compettve.salary.applcatons aoccpfed a! femman, L%*ona RECEPTONST Needed for m«c«e home company People skls a must Part tme Moh-Wed to-6 30 (flexble) A Sat 10-5 Sun to Stan Canton area Ask lor Norm RECEPTONST - needed ful nme, experence he-ptul but not necessary Good benefts apply m person, Grand R.ver. Farmngron H.ls O RECEPTONST NEEDED mmedately for busy Southt.ed law f.rm Professonal manner and appearance a must Computer sklls necessary Please cat off ce manager at (810) RECEPTONST Needed part-t.me. 3 oays per week for 82 bed faclty Corr.pet.jve wagesplease (810) OFFCE HELP PART-TME needed 5 days. 5 or 6 hours m Farmmgton a r ea Please ca 1 (810) OFFCE HELP PART TME Lvon-a Dslr-butor lock-ng for part tp,e clerk, tor f.ng. phones ma-lng fyp-ng Fex hours and days Homemakers, students welcome V/ tra.n S6 per ncur Con-cl OFFCE MANAGER BOOKKEEPER For Troy OBGYN offce Must have strong kncaedge of bookkeepng accountng procedures and patent recevabes Good nterpersonal skns References and resume requred Cat Jl (810) Fu MEDCAL RE 1-me Must ha and ccmoutc-r s sk.l Fa CEPTlC e cce 1 s Excel 1313) WST c-r.t phone en: bene MESSENGER 7 OFFCE ASSSTANT Fc j* tme post,on.n Boorrf eld, H.ls law f.vtn. Must ha.-e own car. S6 00 per bou Ser,d resume to Ottce Manager, 300, E Long Lake Sute 200, Boomf,e! d Hls, 4S304 MD-LEVEL CLERK needed tor automct-.e, company Pos-tens ava abe n Port-ac A F.nt area Must r.e knowedgo m MS Word A Ecel Good customer servce skls 4 ab.ty to coord flue mult<4e tasks Ca ; or fax resume (o 8t MORTGAGE LOAM Cork, mortgage eperencc desred, hours tftr week Pay commensurate wtn experence Ap-p Lvona COT.rr.unry Credf Urton Famr<jtorv.Rd MORTGAGE SERVlCf.SG DMR F.nanc.al Serr.ce. rvc s seekng to fll 2 full tme postons Payoff Ctert Tax. Escrow Ctrk Pror servcng experence rs requ red for both postons Send resume to: Servcng Manager, P. O Box Southf*ld. Ml ,, OFFCE MANAGER/ m EXEC. SECRETARY mjr NEEDED for Fas! gow.ng..ry busy commercal real estate and. construct-on CO: n Farm.ngton Hs needs ekperenced enthusastc pe-s:>n wn gc»wj cc-mmunt;aton organ zafon ard computer sk-s to manage a varety of of.-ce procedures deal canddate woud be w,ng to take a c<"-a enge, qu : c«on :r-<;,r ec! and ate to hanje many tasks smutaneouhy Excellent aay. med-ca. vacafron. 401K Serd rc-s-.me and references to Personnc- Qre:lor Md.:ebet Rd, Ste 165 Famngton H US, Ml, OFFlCEPAFtT TME nd,vdua needed >n our label process nga-ea to workaprox 4-5 f",rs per day Computer exper.erce pre- (erred Must have good offce sklls ext. 13 lor.nterw.ew RECEPTONST Brm-.ngham nsurance agency needs entry level Recepton.st to work Mon, Wed. Fa Know J edge of varous offce sklls ncludng typng (45wpm) phones. Mng Send resume to P O Box Brmngham. ML, or FAX to RECEPTONST,- BRGHTON LoOMrg tor an errergetc postve person whos lookng for a great company w <h a future Ful be-nefs. Call :2194 Ext 229 RECEPTONST Busy proe-ssonal ofce Comrpufer knowedge. typ-ng sk"s requred Vared dutes Saary negotable Hours 9-5. Mon-Fr Ca Les e let ntervew EOE 80j RECEPTONST Busy saes otf.ee located m. Trey seeks Dart-t.rre recepfon.st f.ust have c-xceent communcaton sklls Dutes Phones ma.lngs. copyng, etc.. Flexbte hours. For x.te-.ew contact Caroe Karton at (810) RECEPTONST CLERK Full or part-t-me tor B,rm,ngham aw f rm Must have computer skts Cal (81.0) RECEPTONST.CLERK Mon-Fr Good bene! fs Send resume to Attn Personnel Marn, Reocfd Ml PARALEGALS & LEGAL SECRETARY Bngham tarns law rm seeks 2cemfed Paraegas Must have e«pcnence Also seekng a Legal Secretary w.tn MS Word and Excel Cal Amy at or fax resume to NEED HOLDAY MONEY? Cercal poston, avalable. New constnxton, peasarr envronment Mon- Tues-V/ed afr (810) NORRELL SERVCES s currently lookng for experenced:. ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANTS.:. SECRETARES for tun-kme postons f Ann-Arbor A Yps.-lanrj Pay rata from S7-S2 per hour- Benefts avalable.. " For more nformaton caj: Norrer (313) OFFCE ADMNSTFATOR Some compote/ sklls. requred. Hardworkng A w-.lng lo learn. Now Ca1 Khsten OFFCE ASSSTANT/ CUSTOMER SERVCE Photo studd seeks (ut and part rm* people lo handle offce work and customer servce: Typng ard compvter sjuss needed. Must be good detaj person. Some evejsngs A Saturdays recto/ed We offer medcaj and other benefts. Ca.1 or seftd resume tov Edwards Weckfng Photography Telegraph. Southfeld. Mr48034, rx FAX o: (610) PART-TME OFFCE hep neededfor fast, paced real estate nvestment company n Soutrr/eld. WordPertect A Database management a pus Must have transportaton, errands requred PART TME Secrelary.Recepton.st Three 8-ftour days per week. Excelem computer. typng,, phone sklls t-nrj, ma.l.ngs. data rpu. etc for small offce Send resume. salary fsrory. refererces to: MBA, Fve Me Rd.. Lrvorta, By, appoj-.tonenl onryf PAYROLL CLERtC- full tjne posjn for manufacturng company n Canton. Accountng experer.ee A ADP knowledge a plus. Fjcelen benefts Send resume to Draw-Tte rvc.po Box 605. Wayne. Ml Arn. Payrc-3 Supervsor PERSONNEL ASSST ANT* Burns nternatonal Securty Servces, has an entry-level Couner opportun-ty for a goal orented self-rrotvaor wlh human relatons sklls. Exe"enl startng wase wth benefts. Please send resume wsa-ary requrements tot. Human Resource Manager,. Burns nternatonal Greenfeld,»t44, Oak Park. Ml An Equal Opportunty Empoyer,. f OFECE ASSSTANT/ SECRETARY Ful tme. Farrrvngon Hts Property Managemem Co; Ccmputer & bookkeepng swsa must Fax of mal resume to: (810) Jonh3 Propertes, Halsted, Sue 203. Farmngon Hts, Ml OFFCE ASSSTANT Temp to hre poston, re,spoosbe for answerng pnooes, typng documents on Mcrosoft 4 Excfrl, oreal pay. Can for ntervew OFFCE ASSSTANT SouthSek) CPA frrr s lookng to hre fu* bme A. part tme off<e asssanls. Ths pos*of requres rfng. Werbffce mal delvery, flnnng errands A mcxe tf ths p/ryessonat atmosphere ts for you, please ery] resume to: ATTN: OANN. Fotlrrwr, Rudzewcz & Co Arryertcan Dr., Ste. 600 P.O. BOXS004 SouthfekJ. Ml M OFfrCS ASSSTANT poswco avalable. Flng. Jghl (Ypnrj; copyng, occasonal svytchboard operaton. Word Perod tranng, mal sortng, mlscelaneoojtasks. Startng pay 625 an hour... <810) OFFCE ASSSTANT Fu1)nr>e.vvflh good computer skbs. pleasanl A erteroetfe. hatkya) company. Oreal bener. WJ tran. Fcvd fc)/4 t-275 area. (313) OFFCEASSSTANT A Dearborn engneerng- frm la seekng a part tme c*. M lme? Adrnnstratve Assslant to assst the Offce Majer wth.typng, phone*, ffng, data entry and purchasng.. Cornpufer *kls fequtred. Accountng experence elpful. Salary based on experence, Fax resume wth aatary Nstory \f.;. Mcfvefle Charron : (313) PROJECT COORDNATOR WANTED! Enthusastc person d sohedule.coofd.nate n-store programs for natonal- rnarkeonp company. Responsbfe for n!eract<ng wth retal, buyers 4.vendors and.communcatng program requrements. Mus have college degree- and basc bus.ness/trvancal apttude: Mus be detat-ooented,. able to meel dead l nes. and ab to work m fast-paced envronnenl. STRONG computer skls (WordExcel Power Ponttotus) requred Saary n md-20s.- Please servj resume/safary hstory to: ACTMEOA, nc. Offce Fl W. Bg Beaver Troy, Ml No phone cans, please. E.O.E. UTA/7H PROPERTY ASSOClATe.full tme poston to manage corporate apartments. Must possess goocl communcaton sklls, transportaton and must be fextte We Offer good benefts, pad mleage and a great atmosphere Fax your resume to Lodgng Servces ;".-; PUBLCST Henry Ford Mueun & Greenfeld Vllage seeka a professonal, enthusastc, person-to mahaa excellent relatonshps wh meda; executa PR plans (or varous! vents, programs. and exhbts; wrte press releases 4 coordnate on-ste metfa vsts. Must have college degarca n Journalsm, PR of equrvalent wth mrvynum of 2 years experencde n PR. Must be abe to exerose. good Judgement 4 possess superor oral and wrtten cornrturtca skds. SubmH covartetlw. resurfe and refe/enc-es to: P.O..Box 1970, Dearborn. M( D Of fax (313) E.OG. PURCHASfVO ASSSTANT experence k cornpuet entry, buyng materals tor manufacturng support, o< wth broad purchasng back* ground. ExcetJenl benefts. Send resume wth wage requrements to Purchasng Manager of apply n person to: US fndustbal TOOL Cleat ;. Pryrrvouth, Ml 48170, PURCHASNG Experenced c»erca lor Royal Oak furrure sof». Motvated sett starter. Ca«. (810) OFFCE ClERCA:. Entry levef f>»rfjon at busy Lrvorta offce..- Part-tme, may lead la Mltme. Fof»ppl. call Jean ,".. OFFCE COORDNATOR Dynamc, energetc par Crrta poston; ava*«b>» S d«yt/w*«v, BlrrnVgham KKttOn, ; (810) PREFERRED - Te!e«nVnunlcatons Corp. H seekng a M Cme Fteceptkontsl. Mus have extorter( typng, rrnpulsf and phone answerng «W«*. F rt b«ne«*; medcal, oental C PotentaJ for Kt/ancemerrt. Cat) Ere <x usm. (810) " POSTON AVALABLE lo/ M-Brrn Fteceptonrsl wtth «ecf«ttrt» experenc*, Kncvledg* c4 MS WVvfcwa, and Wofd- a pbt. Salary, po*«on. Pleaw M resume of ce«:. Wendy Chunn, Yamaan nc. 810-M lax RECEPTlOfJSTCLERCAL PERMANENT PART-TME Troy offce of growng wordwde au&mct.ve supp er seekng er-thusast-c rv vdua! to perform -general of-ce dutes ndung answe-ng pf-ones.t..ng and l.ghl r rp.ng Flex- te tme, pot to ecee-d 20 hours per week Computers.k/Hs or ce gn an- ¾ uaes a plus Please FAX resume to ffce Manager, Frcosa North Amerca Ccrporaton(SlO) RECEPTON (ST.OFFtCE COORDNATOR For growng rm rt Farmngton H.s. Exoe"ent poston for. a professonal detaed mnded person Profcency m ryp ng and organzatonal sks requred W6rd Perfect 5 1 and Lotus experence heptul Seekng a reabe set-starter who en,oys beng a team player Send resume to Attn Chrs W 12 Mle. Ste B. Farmmgtcn H.s. Ml RECEPTONST PART-TME Troy 20 hrs/wk Typ.ng requred SOwpm Cal (810) RECEPTONST PART TME lor Farm.ngton H:ls law frm to work Mondays. Wednesdays and Frdays Genera) dates nclude answerng mult-lne phones, greetng vstors, m.n.mal computer dutes Cal Dane (810) RECEPTONST Permanent part-tme Telephone experence preferred Afternoons 1pm-5 30Cm B-nghjtn Farms law cttce O880 RECEPTONST Pncnc-s. typng fr.ng A genera!ottce work pm, Msnday-Fnday Ndv area RECEPTONST Pes ton aa abe for an cutgo.ng.r.d.vdual w,th a professonal phone manner Dutes. would nclude answerngthe phone. sett,ng, up mortgage appcaons. assstng loan processors Computer knowedge a plus Excc-ent benefts Please forward resum.e lo- Human Resources. John Adams Mortgage Company Orchard Lae Rd. Sute 101. Farmhgon H -s Ml An Ecrua! Opportur.ty Employer RECEPTONST/ ENTRY LEVEL Seekng a Receptonst for a fast paced computer tra.h.ng Co. to answer a mut-lne phone system and to assst w th other adm.nstratue func-tons Must possess a clear and profess ona! spea>jng voce Proes sonal apc«ararce Ber.ef.lS Ma Or fax resume and salary requrements* to Exc-cuTran. co Rccepton.st Poston Telegraph Rd Southfeld. Ml FAX to RECEPTONST For real estate offce n W Bfcorr.f.ea Mon - Fr, 4-3pm Cc-ege A Hgh School students weeome P;eas,eca :! Sharon, at.181.0) 851 : 4100 RECEPTONST For very busy saton n.nov;. Full or part-lme poston avalable RECEPTONST FULL tme poston. Must be depend-. able. fex.we, abe to type 45 WPM and have excerent communca.on sklls. Send resume to: Attn-. Otfce Manager, P.O. Box Plymouth. Ml RECEPTONST - FULL TME Busy wne mporter n Nov Phone A computer experence needed Start S8 Can Stacey (810) RECEPTONST Fu-trr.e South.eld law.frm. Typng, flng, and general offce dutes. (810) RECEPTONST. FULL tme lor Brmngham personal n;ury law drrn. ErceKc-nt worung env.ronment Call Km at (810), RECEPTONST/GENERAL OFFCE work. Full tme poston avalable Must be avalabe to handle rnumoe phone system and have computer experence. Benefts avarawe\ Nor-SrTkolung offce. Mford Tvsp (810) RECEPTONST Genera) offce A excefent phone sklls requred. Some computer A typng. Accuracy, mportant. Small plant m Lvona (313) RECEPTONST Growth cportunty for a front desk professonal. Telephone 4 computer sklls requred. FuH tme. Send resume M.N L,3271 Fve Ponts Dr, Sute 201. Auburn Rls,"Ml Attenton: Offce Manager FtECEPTONSTr LGHT BOOKKEEPNG Northvte CPA frm s lookng for fu3 tme help. Poston requres experence wth Word D erfecl and good comrnurwoaton sklls. Salary-comrrvghsurate w-th experence; Cat! Mke, (810) RECEPTONST Lg/f boockeepvsg experence for 12 Me and Tefegraph area accountng frm. Flex hours avahable..- (810) RECEPTONST Lrvona area fxm se«l«experenced rvrvdual. CarxMate shbuvrj have rxkjcc<rvruncatve, clercal 4 h/pnd skrts. Cornputef experence a +, Ca , exl 131 (or Wervev/ RECEPTONST Many Temporary and Temporary to Permanent postons avalable fof experenced Receptonsts.. deal canddates should possess excellent phone etquette, able to handle 5-9 ncomng lnes, fast paced offce settng, computer experence Helpful. These postons; are well compensated and offer great growth potental. Please ca.fl lor an ntervew. XpERSONjNEL JL jtm-kt»v V/v>-tf RECEPTONST MON-FR, 9am-3pfh.. (810) RECEPTONST POSTON AVALABLE FULL TME VVaned for busy constructon offce Must ce personaoe wth strong recept cn.st and secretaral sklls and have the abty to nand : e heavy trafc Lght computer sklls desred.vou! d lke motvated and dedcated ndvdua Ece : en: fnnge benefts Pease submt resume and saary rc-qu rem.ents to PO Box 2426 Lvcha, Ml RECEPTONST Proessonal eo seeks posned receptor, st w-.tn nu ne experence, temp to h.re postcn m South- feld Pay between S7 50SS.hr Ca lor«nter,ew RECEPTONST Real estate offce m 14/ Telegraph area tockrq for a pleasant front-desk Receptcn.st Sorre typng.reu.red Saary, based 00 experence 25: hrs per week Ask tor Beverly or Ron Century 21 Today RECEPTONST/ SECRETARY Fast paced Marketng Research frm m,southfeld (11 M-felrJcster Rd.) seekng an exper*nced nd,\wua1 wth excelent typng sws (55-60 WPM). Word Perfect preferred. Excellent Benetss Cat Nancy at: (810) or FAX resume. wth salary requre-.. rr*nt3: "-3787 RECEPTtONlST/SECRETARY FuU tlrr*. Brht. postve atttude. A sold telephone/secretaral sklls requred Salary, benefts plus a great envronment. Fax resume (810) or.call (8T0> RECEPTONST/ SECRETARY Southfeld CPA f-rm lookng lor Receptonst. Accounfng background A.computer sk;ss helpful.. Malor fax resume Jo: Davs A Dav-A CPA, PC Northwestern Kwy, #250 Soothf.eld, Ml Faxt RECEPTONST Small busy company n Lrvona seeks full tme professonal.must possess pleasant personalty, hgh energy level, excellent phone sklls and some computer sklls. Contact Chrstna FtfCEPtlONST Southfeld frm seeks, a, hghly motvated ndvdua) forfast paced recepton area. Must be relable and abe to work oh Saturdays. Computer and clercal experence he-pw. Send or fax resume to: OS 1 Town Square. Sute 1913, SouthfFd. Ml Fax RECEPTONST Southfeld based relajer has an openng a ts corporate offce. Dutes nclude answerng mult-phone dres, sortng rhat, word processng, ard f.fng. Carvfalae must possess good organzatonal sklls and prbfess>onal phono rnan/ver. Corrpany offers corrprehersve berf ts- package. Saary. corhmensurate w-.th experence, fmpany s an equalopportunty ernptoyer.. Repfy to: Northwestern Hwy, Sute 250, Southfeld. Ml Attn: Krsta. RECEPTONST SOUTHFELDocaton. MorvFrlorr, 9 to 5. 6 OOHr. Ca Servce Manager at: / (810) RECEPTONSTS Receptonsts heeded wth aheast one year ot receptonst experence (recent). Must be able to operate muhp«e Rne phones wrfh 10» extensons. Swtchboard experence apprecafed. Prr>f>cency n MS V/ord or WordPerfect (wndows) a plus. Tefnpto perm and permanent postons avasabte. YxvfcrVrrx/ AttltlrnlUv Staffng Northwestern.Hwy. Sute 250, Southfeld, Ml ( Fax EOE. HetoWanted. Offce Clercal RECEPTONSTS/ WOlRD PROCESSORS NEEDED! "Take Your P<k" -. Multple MMEDATE openngs for varous plfcedercaj postons Word Processors Receptonst Secretares Admn Ass-stanl TJata Entry. Accountng Clerks FREE Trang Avalable Temp and permanent postons. Greal pay. bonuses, nsurance and hof-day pay CASH BONUS A REFERRAL DRAWNGS CALL TODAY Southfeld " Lvona Auburn Hrths Taylor SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES RECEPTONST WANTED Full or par tme Contact McFarlane-Kmg Agc-ncy RECEPTONST wanted tor busy salon Full or parttme Compet-tve saary Benefts avalabe Ask for Nancy RECEPTONST We are seekng an experenced receptonst for our Troy locaton, Responsblles nclude, answerng he phone, ttng. typng, faxng, and lght PC use. The deal canddate should en;oy customer relatons, and a busy work envronment. We offer an excellent benef.t and wage package torthe,qualfed canddate Forward resume wth compensaton requ-rements to:, PEERLESS STEEL Attn Human Resources Manager 2450 Austn troy. M EOE RECEPTONST Westland Canton funeral home Personatbasc offce sklls Contact Oavd Grffm RECEPTONST/ WORD PROCESSOR Part tme for small 8-ngham Farms medal mapractce law f.rm. Accurate typng, quaty work and sm!e requred Hours pm-5pm. weekdays Ccmact Lnda af (810) or FAX resume lo (810) SCHOOL SECRETARY For school year at the nternatonal School Send resume to PO Box 610. FArmngham. Ml C610 SECRETARAL CLERK Sand A gravel operaton m Wnom seeks entry level secretanal lc-rk Qualfed canddate must.havp genera: clercal sklls ncud-ng M.ng and work processng S7.50rr w-th medcal benefts after 30 days Please Subm. resum.e to The Natural Aggregate D.v P.O. Box H V/xom. Ml ) EOEAA SECRETARES > mmc-ctate open ngs n Oakland County Apply wth us A rece,ve a 525 g,ft certfcate 1 Must type 55 wpm and profcent n Power.Pent Word or Exce expenenco a plus Saary range S10-512r.r. Ca Today 11 5 THEmjGjOljP \ / SECRETARES S22-S25,0O0 Selce charges. padby companes... Ve have varous postons, oftermg exctement and fun. Fun beneft packages, rrarry wth tuton remburse- ment. Stable offce experence a must. Macntosh, strong wndows acceptabe: Call for appontment Snel.ng Personnel Servces SECRETARY ADMSSONS/PART-TME Prvate school, Brmngham/ Boomteld area*. 30 hours week/ Sept-June 20 Rxrs weekly, Jury S Aug Good con-munlcatons and computer sklls Mcrosolt V/ord; Works A Excel, profcency a plus. Cooperatve, conscentous, pleasant phone manner. (810) SECRETARY ADVERTSNG AGENCY Long term opportuntes medately avalable wth nternatonal agences n both Detrot and suburbs. Experence to nteract wth d.ents. Creatve Har requred Macntosh a Pus Ca Sarah Brmngham Farmngtoa Lvona Advantage Staffng RECEPTONST TAXES heavy can* n strde, greets pubta wth a frendly vc*c«and a professonal demeanor. Knowledge-- able on many phone systems ard nteracts we* wth peopto. Permanent, short and tong term assgn-, menu avasake. CAU TOOAY SNELUN0 PERSONNEL SERVCES 8)LV d - SECRETARY, A hgwyconfrfeftal posrtkxl reportng to -the Drector of Engneerng for exctng, last-paced. Ter-1 Artorhctve Suppf er. Must be a team player wth excellent Word Processng. Spreadsheet 4 Graphcs, sk!s(lor desgnng presentatons). 5 years experence n professonal engneerng- envronment preferred; proven ablty to exercse rfcreon and dpomacy. Sehd or fax resume wth saary hstory/requrements to: Dcortec ndustres Attn- Human Resources - SEC Haggerty Road Lrvona, Ml FAX: (313) EOE SECRETARY/BOOKKEEPER Alt phases of offce work, experence requred Send resume to: PO Box , V/xom, Ml SECRETARY/ BOOKKEEPER For fa st growng manufacturer fadl.ty n Lr/cvva Fy!) tme, SECRETARY/ BOOKKEEPER Farmngton dstrbutor needs a mature pertjon wth work experence tor full-bme poston. Mus be proftent n MS Word and Excd. ExceSenl workng cond!<ons A benefts.,. Sehd resumes to: Controller, PO Box Farrrlngton, Mt (810) SECRETARY ENHANCE yorr career and nteract wth carng professonals n the warm atmosphere d ths mak* Detrot heaftf> car* headqua ters A suburban kxafjons. Long term postons, Saary» J13 00/V Ca Sharon : Brmngham Fam-Jngtclrvona ( Advantage Staffng SECRETARY ENHANCE your career and nteract wh carng professonals n the warm atmosphere of ths makx Detrct hearth care headquarters A suburban locatons. Long term posltonf). Saary 9 00 S300.v. CeH Sharon Brmngham - FarmlngtorvVrvona " Advantage 5taj/ -5r.. SECRETARY Exce Sent ccrvrnunfcaton 4 clercal skes lc/tbc<l<j<eec.oood sataryr benefts 4 great epportuntyl Send lo: Bptsvenu 4 Company, PC. CPA" 3«00 Teegraph Rd. Ste Brmngham, Ml. 4B025 FAX: SECRETAFtY FOR Detrot Arrvpany. Typo WPM Sa*7 negotable. Benefts. Cat (313) , ext 265. ) Help Wan ted- Offce Clercal SECRETARY For commercal real estatedeveloper Strong WordPerfect lor Wndows a must, database experence helpful Shorthand a plus Heavy typng, ablty lo handle multple projects, and prde m qualty work are the skus we seek. Send resume and salary requrements to Personnel. P. O Box 3093, Southfeld. Ml Of tax to (810) SECRETARY full tme poston wth Farmngton H3sengneerng/land surveyng frm W,ndows 95VMS Offce. Call SECRETARY Full tme mmedate poston avalable for an organzed, relable, dependable team player. Must have PC experence and good communcaton sklls ncludes benefts and SSTr P esse send resume to: PO-Box Plymouth. Ml SECRETARY / FULL-TME Sales offce n BSoomtjeld Hlls seeks experence Secretary. Must have accurate typng / bookkeepng MS Word. exce?«n) telephone pressence, and abjty to handle multple tasks Call. (810) Or Fax Resume (810) SECRETARY Human Resources department of large property management/ commercal rea! estate company seeks part t.me secretary Approxmately 25 hours per week 9.00 a m p m wth flexblty. Mnmum of two years offce expenence and workng knowledge o WordPerfect and Lotus tor DOS requred Dutes to nclude flng storage materal, rurrung DA Bs, dstnbutng mal, handlng offce equ*pment mantenance programs nclud.ng repar calls and some testng and ntervewng Canddate should possess strong organzatonal and people sklls as well as the ab.ly to hande mud-pe tasks..vacaton plus 40(k) elgblty. Please send resume wth saary requrement to: Ms L Sherr P O Box 267 Southfeld. Ml SECRETARY LOCAL college has secretarat openng Must have Mcrosoft Offce experence, jnclud-.ng ntermedate profcency wth Word, must be organzed, customer servce orented and be abe lo handle multple.tasks n a fast paced offce. Poston J Mon-Fr; must be able to work 2 evenngs untl 7:00pm -Submt resume wth salary requrements to Walsh Cc-llege, Garden brook Rd. Nov. Ml E.O.E. r SECRETARY-PART-TME Successful canddaes must have 1 year secretaral experence. PC experence usng database software and word processng (MS Word preferred) at a rate ot 50 wpm, good cornmuncaton sklls and a peasant telephone manner s requred We offer compettve salary and benefts wth opportuntcs lo; personal and professonal growth Send resume and saary requrements to: HUMAN RESOURCES ATTN: JOANNE PROVDENCE DR. SUTE 200 V SOUTHFELD. Ml J SECRETARY/RECEPTONST Entry level poston lor busy ad agency wth growth opporuntes Cheerful. muld :taen:ed team player w.phohe A computer sklls -a must Competlve saary, excesent fnnges Send resume to J R Thompson Co, Box FarmAgon H?ls Ml SECRETARY/ RECEPTONST FOR establshed 4-secretary Boomted Hls taw f,rm Word processng skns (WordPerfect. 65 wpm) a must Extensve telephone answenng No prevous legal expenence requred (810) SECRETARY RECEPTONST Curbell Plastcs, the natons 4th largest dstrbutor of pastc sheet rod and tube s seekng a full-tme Secretary,Receptons! fof ts branch offce n Lvona Pnmary job functuons wll nclude answerng phones, greet.ng customers, data entry and general otf.ee dutes Applcants must possess excellent computer and com.muncaton sklls EOE. For confdental consderaton, forward resume and cover letter to: Curbell Plastcs," Beldc-n Ct. Lvona. Ml 43150: Ann: Branch Manager SECRETARY & RECEPTONST Southfeld GPA frm has secretaral A receptonst postons avalable. Canddates should possess excellent a"xnmuncaton A phone etquette sklls. Computer experence wth word processng A, spreadsheet applcatons A pnor receptonst experence. Please send resumes to: ATTN SFRS Follmer, Ruxlzewcz : & Co Amercan Dr.. Ste, 500 P.O. Box 5004 Southfeld, Ml SECRETARY / RECEPTONST Experenced on multple phone lne system. Front desk poston requres excellent communcaton, telephone and organzatonal sklls.."ccmputet teracy a must Excellent benefts. Resume wth salary requrement, to: Personnel Greenfeld. Ste, 326, Oak Park. Ml SECRETARY/RECEPTONST - Lvona area CPA frm seeks responsble ndvdual. Knowledge of Word Perfect a plus. Must be good wth numbers and people Up to 10 per hour dependng.upon experence. Full Crnges. Call George at SECRETARY RECEPTONST offce ahd basc computer Sklls requred. Full-tme..Excellent benefts Non-smokng offce. Apply n person at: Hydro-craft, 1821 Roch- ester ndustral Dr., Rochester H.lls (2 bks W of Uveroos, N off Hamln), SERVCE CASHER Blue; Cross/Blue Sheld; 401 (kj and pad vacatons. m n person at H CHEVROLET Ford Rd, Garden Cty. SERVCE SECRETARY HVACR company located n Lrvona needs Servce. Secretary. Typng, computef A cornmuncaton sklls needed. Ca for.ntervew, ask lot Larry Steele at: (313) EOE.. SOUTHFELD PROPERY Management Company has mmedate CToenngs for experenced Accounts Recevables, Accounts Payable-4 Offce. HUD background heprul. Must have some computer knowledge, Send resume 4 salary requrements lo: Ol,., P. O.Box 308, Souhfed, Ml SR, ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT RESOURCE.SOUmONS GROUP, ono of Detrot*.50 fastest growng technology companes, has an mmedate openng (of a Sr..Admnstratve Assstant. ndmdual must be hghly motvated, detaa orented and versed n an aspects ol admnstraton ncludng excelent telephone, organzatonal, analyss and follow up skffs. Strong computer sklls ncludng Word for Wndow* and Excel requred. Payrol prooessg expxvrsoroa p*. RESOURCE SOLUTONS GROUP.. NC. v, 30 Oak Hofow, Ste. 205VJ Scuthfjotd, Ml : 8V0-35&O610 " Fax SR. WORD PROCESSOR Bloomf*ld H4l»; strong WordPerfect 6.0 wvvndows, graphs, (awes, merger*, lerrp to perm. To 27,000 SALES ADMNSTRATVE Assstant, Boorr.feld Hlls, GM background" preferred, strong. saes tuppoft, Mcrosofl Olfce, Word, Powerpon 4 Excel, benefts. To 36,000.., Fee pad- LOS RAY PERSONNEL (810) H Help Wanted-. Offce Clercal STATE OF the art Lncoln Mercury dealer shp lookng for an experenced appontment coordnator. Exceflent pay4 beneltpackage.contactlore Wood at Varsty Lncoln Mercury , Ext. 251 SUPERNTENDENT Growng Contraclor w specalzng n hgh end eora- mercat constructon, ncludng retal, offce and medcal, needs experenced Superntendents mmedatejy, Great salary plus medcal benefts and 40tK. Send resume and references lo Wddlebet, Ste. 165 FarmngtonHlls, Ml HelpWaoted-Dental DENTAL ASSSTANT Frendly end qualty orented Dear., bom Heghts dental specalty offce s seekng a dependable, mature and enthusastc charsde assstant who s experenced n 4-handed dentstry. CaS Ann at (313) 277-O510 DENTAL ASSSTANT Futl-tme wth benefts. Josn our great team n Canton Call: (313) SWTCHBOARD OPERATOR Apply n person: Massey Cad.lfac Grand Rver Detrot. Ml (313) Swtchboard Operator Valasss Communcatons. nc has an mmedate ppenvg lor a part tme swtchboard operator. We are lookng for someone to work approxmately 20 hours -per, xesk.durng regular. busness hours The deal canddate wll have excellent organzatonal skhs and superor phone communcaton sklls Prevous expenence cm mult-l-ne Systems a plus. nterested canddates should send resume, cover tetter and salary requrements to Vaassrs Commurvcatons, nc Westwood HR KVB Schoolcrafl Rd Lvon.a; Ml An, EEO. drug testng employer. Applcants w-.th foregn language sklls encouraged to apply DENTAL ASSSTANT FULL-TME Excellent rpporlurvty lor career onented person t you have experence and are lookng lor a postve change, call us. Our outstandng stall s rewarded wlh great compensaton. ncludng- Medcal benefts - Blue Cross Pad vacatons A homays Pakl Sck days rfttrft & monthly-bonuses-- - Retrement plan No evenngs No weekends Southfeld.. (810) VALASSS COM MUS 1 CAT OSS. KC. SWTCHBOARD RECEPTONST ALL shfts avalable ye mdnghts also! North Oakland County Phone, operators wth computer sklls needed Temporary, lemp-to-hre and permanent postons. Call today. Ask about our specal evenng appo ntments. SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES TELEPHONE ASSSTANTS Current Openngs lor ndvduals wth exceptonal phone sklls to ass-st wth ncomng calls: Typng and computer experence a pus. new assgnments alt the t-rne Slattng Resources TYPST THE Accdent Fund Company, the largest wnter of workers compensaton nsurance n Mch.gan, s seekng a Typst for ts Cams Department n our Souhteld offce The poston s responsble for provdng general clercal support Tor an assgned darns unt Pnmanfy, dutes nclude answerng teephonos, producng correspondence, forms, memos and reports, data entry, copyng and schedulng appontments Oualued canddates wn possess a hgh school d poma or equ.vaent A mnmum ol one year general offce expenence s requ.red as wes as. excellent oral and wrtten communcaton skls. atxlty lo proofread documents lor accuracy, knowledge of computers ndung word processfg, database and spreadsheet software, ab.ty to type 45 wpm The Accdent Fund Company s a dynamc work envronment and offers an excellent compensaton package, nterested and quaf.ed apptcants Should submt resume and salary requrementsto Accdent Fund Company Human Resources Dept P. O Box Lansng. Ml WE HAVE 32 OPEN JOB ORDERS. HERE ARE JOST A FEW ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE SUPPORT Southf.eld. Must know recevables, bllng, postng and collectons Temp to perm. S9-1GVhr. DATA ENTRY OPERATOR - Southfeld, S8.hr. SALES SECRETARY - Bloomfeld Hlls, must be profcent n Word and Excel. Automotve background a plus.. RECEPTONSTS - Boomfeld H.lls and Auburn Hjls -.must be.famlar, wth.word and Excel. Pay negotabe. B O A KT EC Farmngton HBs 81CW Auburn Hlls WORD PROCESSNG, yog hava profcency n word processng and spreadsheet software and sold offce experence, we have meopporlunrty youvebeen lookng lor. Temporary, temp-to hre, and permanent postons are currently avalable n Southfeld, Detrot, and Troy. CALL TODAY!!! SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES r.-help Wanted- Dental Dental Assstant Frendly Lfvora offce lookng lor enthusastc, responsble"person lo jo?n our growng practce. Experence preferred ASSSTANT needed fp*r progressve dental offce n Uvona area, Experence preferred Call: U0 ASSSTANT Our Canton dental practce s seekng a dedcated. fuh-tme professonal lookng for anopportunty to grow as a valued member of our denal assstng team, A saary to malch your capabltes wth tranng and benefts avalable. Call Sue G.tor an appontment, at (313) ASSSTANT" PART TME for growng Rochester dental practce. Tranng, experence" preferred Approxmately 20 hours per week wth scope foe ncrease lo full Tme.. AvaHaWe mmedately. Cel Men. - Fr., 10 AM, 4 PM. (810) BLUE WAXER " Experenced. For crown : A brdge laboratory. Downtown Farmngton. Can (or appontment CARNG, ENTHUSASTC., DENTAL ASSSTANT, and OENTAL HYGENST" needed cv a part-tme bass.m a small dental practce. Jon our teamorenled dental cwce that s commtted to qualty patent care, We offer ah excellent beneft package and salares are based upon experence. f you seek personal growth and career development,- please send your resume to:. Human Resource. Drector, P.O. Box ; BerHey, Ml CHARSDE ASSSTANT Flexe hours- Mon., 3-7:30pm; Trors., pm; Sat., 7:30-.1:30pm. Experence necessary. (313) DENTAL ADMNSTRATOR lookng lor leamorenteel, w>mptt trve, /esutsorented ndvdual who ts lookng for the challenge ol swtchng from cw-cal charskje lo admnstratve dutes. Chafsde and clncal experence are necessary. Ths poston s newly created and ndvwaf Wl requre ertthutatrte *e(.*tarl«f eb-wes. Please serxj resume and saary requrements lo:.- Human Resource Drector P.O. Box Berkley, Ml; OENTAL ASSSTANT - Ffl. tme. Exrrencedcerted lor busy group practce, Westland 4 S. Canton areas. Seekng hghly motvated person. Benefts, DENTAL ASSSTANT Tempoxary months, Oct. - Nov, Experenced Only, Mon. Thurs. (810) OENTAL ASSSTANTS Career opportunty avalable tor dental assstants. JoJ our teamorented dental offces that are commtted lo qualty patent care. We offer an excellent beneft package and salares are based upon experence, f you seek personalgrowthandcareer development, please send your "resume to: Hu-man Resource Drector PO Box Berkley, Ml DENTAL ASSSTANTS Career opportunty avalable for dental assstants. Jon our leamorented dental otfees that are commtted to qualty patent care. We offer an excellent beneft package and salares are based upon experence W.H be workng part-tme wth Practtoner and Perodontst, peroddonla! assstng experence preferred. t you seek personal growth and career development, please send your resume to: Human Resource Drector PO Box Berkley. Ml DENTAL ASSSTANT We are lookng for a frendly full tme person wth experence for our Lvona offce Benefts DENTAL ASSSTANT Jo.n our Olympc team. Excellent Salary, good/ communcaton sklls, *" rence./some computer krowts the offce you have beenl/ckng lor (810) OENTAL ASSSTANT Part-tme. Experenced team orented, outgong person Southlreld area. Call DENTAL ASSSTANT: We seek a dynamc, energetc, experenced assstant lo jon our progressve specalty offce Ve offer you an opportunty to grow as a valued member of our team Salary 20,000 to 30,000 to start All nqunes kept confdental. CaJ (810) DENTAL ASSSTANT - enthusastc, carng, organzed person, experence preferred, wll tram. Peasant ottce. Farmmgton Hlls DENTAL ASSSTANT FOR BLOOMFELD HLLS ORTHODONTST Part-tme Experence pr.elerred DENTAL ASSSTANT Full-tme wth benefts No evenngs or Saturdays. Charsde experence necessary. Brmngham area (810) DENTAL ASSSTANT Seekng energtrc person to work wth us n specalty practce, Expennce a plus but wll trah No Saturdays, For nformaton call (313) DENTAL ASSSTANT Poston ava.table for Dearborn offce, Full or part-tme. Must be experenced n 4 handed dentstry: Excellent salary A benefts OENTAL ASSSTANT Enthusastc, hard workng person wth 3 handsand ablty to do 4 thngs at once to be full tune charsde dental assstant (or busy, growng. Brmngham dental offce. Experence preferred, but ws-ngness to work hard s key. wll tran. Catt (810) DENTAL ASSSTANT Expenence helpful but wllng to tran rght ndvdual for frendly offce. Full tme. Can Mchelle DENTAL ASSSTANT Royal Oak ; offce Full tme, experence wth four handed.-call Mon- Thurs, 2-6pm:. (810) DENTAL ASSSTANT T" One doctor Canton offce seekng frendly, experended team player, furl tme Mon-Thors. Ca!l (313) DENTAL ASSSTANT. Part-tme, Mon.- Thurs., 4pm. untl dose. Experence preferred.but wll tran. Mchelle. (810) DENTAL ASSSTANT Wanted Must be EXPERlENCEDor Lvona practce. Fut-tme poston. Medcal. proft sharng, unform allowance. Ca. (313) J DENTAL ASSSTANT for progressve Dearborn offce. Top salary A benefts: Experence preferred but not necessary. W tran quajfed person. 4 daysvweek. (313) DENTAL ASSSTANT - Westsqe dental offce seeks experenced assstart. Must be good at crown 4 brdge, temps, etc Fun tme. Good pay 4 benefts. Call: (810) , DENTAL ASSSTANT Are you frendly, outgong, and hardworkng? Then we want yog to jon our qualty orentedteam.. FuH-tme Dental Assstan] poston avalable n Farmngron Rls. Can Tammy; (810) DENTAL ASSSTANT Specalty offce n Bngham Farms s searchng for a brght, energetc dental assstant, Experenced preferred. We offer a good salary and frnge beneft package for the rght person. Can Sfvrey at; (810) DENTAL ASSSTANT : The perfect offce sn, because we lost our quarterback. You cab yourself assstant, 4 handed, auxlary, bul you know who. you are. f Vou realty know, we need you. No Sat., no evenngs. YOUM lke the detals. W. Bloomfeld. ; , DENTAL ASSSTANT Our Uvona specalty pracfoa- has a fufl-tme poston avasable. "Hands on Tranng wn,be provded for a motvated and energetc ndmdual nterested n begnnng a new career. Modem rjffoe, great staff, beneft package. (313) DENTAL ASSSTANT Can youpul patents needs ard feelngs frst? Can you buld trust 4 communscale effectvefy wth your coworkers? Ouf modern, frendly, Southfeld practce s seekng a full tme- assstart who excels n team nteractons, Experence preferred. Mon-Thurs, Excellentpay 4 beneft*.. (SP) ;. DENTAL/FRONT DESK ENJOY. WORK! Terrfc staff and sharp offce. Dental and eomputar knowledge a must. FuB tme, lrvona. (313) DENTAL HYGENE a&tlttnt needed for progressve dental offce n Farmngton Hts. Experence preferred. Please cat Pett;, (810) DENTAL HYGENST Mature professonal Part tme, Com-, pettve saary, Troy.- Can:,. (80) DENTAL HYGENST Part-tme, Farmngton- >Ml» area. Call: (810) DENTAL HYGEN8T For dearborn Famly praefce. 2 days per wk. Ca (313) HelpWanted-Deatal DENTAL HYGENST Part-tme.»25 pet rv/. Prvate practce. Dr. Rakecky 4 Assocates, Dearborn. Anne. (313) OENTAL HYGENST PART TME Pedatrc dental offce.farmngton KSs DENTAL HYGENST fufl tme/part tme poston avalable.- W. tearborn offce. Exceler salary 4 benefts. GaB (313) DENTAL HYGENSTtor South Lyon dental olfce. Monday through Thursday, 2 evenngs, some Saturday hours n wnter months Can 1810) DENTAL HYGENST wth good pero mantenance sklls, part-tme hours. Tues 4 Thura. Excellent pay.. NorthvHe offce. Please catt (810) DENTAL HYGENST. Part bme (or growng practce. Please call: (313) Of FAX resume to. (3t3) "" DErTrArHYGTENTST" Nov Full part-tme, poston avalable,- Excellent benefts. (810) DENTAL HYGENST Part tme. Plymouth offce (313) DENTAL HYGENST Pleasant Dearborn Heghts otfce. Brand new hygene room. ParLtnTte leadng to full-tme. Please call: DENTAL HYGENST Part lme. 1 or 2 days per week. Tues A Wed avalable, no eves. Long term, lookng lor rendry person wth good peno experence. Call Mon. - Thurs DENTAL HYGENST Rochester Hlls dental oltce seekng hghly motvated self-drected hygensl who wshes to combne superlatve techncal Sklls wth your ablty to nfluence patents to accept excellent dental care, Our full tms poston along wth excellent workng hrs: could be the opportunty youre lookng for. Please can Maraa at Dr. Ron Henosls offce rom 9am-2pm; (810) DENTAL NSURANCE/ RECEPTONST - nsurance A computer expenence Ful tme, excellent berems. (810) DENTAL OFFCE MANAGER Brmngham, Must have experence n bllng, nsurance, and schedulng. Computer knowledge helpfut. (310) OENTAL RECEPTONST Full tme-experenced only. Busy S. Canton/Bellevlle offce seekng energetc, hard workng, sell motvated person. Benefts DENTAL RECEPTONST FuH-trre. Experence wanted. Need excellent telephone A people sklls, Top salary pad and determned at tme ol ntervew. Beech Daly 4 Ford Road area. Dearborn Heghts DENTAL RECEPTONST Wanted for Farmngton Hts specalty offce Experence preferred hours per week (810) DENTAL RECEPTONST Proggressve famly practce. Experence requred. Call 7pm-9pm. (810) DENTAL RECEPTONST/Assstant Redtord Some dentalexperence requred Reduced work week (313) DENTAL STAFF - Dont waste tme on the phone, schedulng dead end ntervews 1 ntervew wth Peak Performers g.ves you exposure to ALL temporary and drect placement opportuntes we have avalable m your feld. Must ha.-e experence! Call Armetle for nformaton. No Fees EOE (810) DENTAL TECHS needed for waxng and porcelan grndng. Full tme, par lme or pece work avalable. AS nqures answered confdentally. Benefts avalable Set your own pay. Flexble hours. Call Mason Dental at ask for Lesley DENTAL HYGENST rxrjodontaj practce seeks experenced hygenst wth good dncal sklls, Part (tme n a chercul atmosophere empashnng quawy care. No-evenngs or Saturdays ENERGETC TRANNG SUPERVSOR and TRANNG FACLTATOR Needed fof muft-state dental management group. Strong nterpersonal sklls, dental feld experence, and knowledge of Command Dental <>rnputer System a must. We offer an excellent beneft package and a career opportunty <of team-orented. seh-motvated ndvduals.- Please send your resume and salary requrements lo: Human Resource Drector P.O. Box Berkley, Ml FARMNGTON OENTAL Practce s lookng lor a hghly sklled. Part-tme Front Desk Person to jon our exceptonal teamof dental professtpnalsv Salary, eomrrensurate wth experence. Call ".... (810) FARMNGTON HLLS offce s lookng for an experenced outgong Charsde Assstant. Would you lke to have a 3 day weekend and work n a frendly atmosphere? so, can Laura. (810) FRONT DESK ASSSTANTS Needed at leam-orented general and orthodontc dental offces.experence wth Cornmand and CSS helpful. We offer an excellent beneft package and salares are oased upon expenence you are an enthusastc ndvdual who s seekng persona) growth, please send your resume to: Human Resource Drector P.O. Box Berkley, Ml FRONT OFFCE Growng practce wants happy, Ky carng person (of patent relatons. Assstng experence preferred Lrvona ) HYGENST NEEDED rnmedateh/ for general practce n Farmngton Hlls! Mus be a metculous professonal. Tues and/ or Weds.: (810) HYGENST Professonal, qualty, frendly, teamorented dental practce, seekng an experenced,.enthusastc, Dental Hygentjt wth excellent communcaton sklls. We offer the cspxrturty lor contnung educaton and he achevement tor professonal, emotonal, and frardal securty. Wo buhd careers. Please call: HYGENSST - CENTRAL Lvona; Tu«9. 4 Wed evenngs. Knd, carng, mature, experencm desred for ramfy practce, OFFCE MANAGER/ RECEPTONST Rare oppcrturvty for sek-motrvaled people person. Our busy computerzerj Lrvona Orthodonbc offce, has an mmedate openng tor a fufl-tme Otfce Vtarap*r,Recep{onJsl Excellent phone and nterpersonal sws requred..outstandng benefts and bonus package. Can Lauren at: (810) 471-.S5S OFFCE MANAdERS.. Expandng denal company 1*»eekng team-orented, enthusastc Offce Manager lor our dental offce*. H you have 2+ year*»xp*renc«n the dental fwand at least 1 year expertertco of supervson, please send us yourresume.wth salary requrements: W» offer a B*«l beneft package and salares are based upon experence. Send your resume to; Hunan Resource Drector, P.O. Box Berkley, Ml ,. ORAL SURGERY RECEPTONST Fufl-t.ma wth axceler* mng> benefts. Experence n dental preferred. - (810) RECEPTONST FOR Farmngton Ml* offce, H you know the COMMAND tystem, pleal* ca«(8k» MMMMMMMM

33 NMP mmbmmmmmmmmmmmmm wmm mmmm w MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 O&E Classfcatons 504 to HelpWanted-DenU X EXPERENCE PAYS! Frst Optometry b lookng lot frendly, canjo, experenced Managers. Dspensers, Contact lens Techs and Ub teohs for openng* throughout SE Mchgan. f you are lookng kx an altematva lo mal hours, and you want lo bo part of a progressve, well managed company tha, takes care of to staff, (hen can our ernployrnen ho Brva (810) or send your resume 10 Frst Optometry, Gratot ave, RosevDe. Ml "Attn: Judy". ORTHODONTC CLNCAL COORDNATOR Energe your career by Jonng our busy, progressve Orthodontc team, we have a poston open lor a seff : drected, people orented clncal coordnator. FuH-tme poston avasahrj tor a motvated pefson wth e«penence n clncal, tranng. & coordnatng. CaS Peggy or Mary RECEPTONST needed part-tme lor busy PecSatnc Of<e m Plymouth. Experence preferred. Approxmated hours REGSTERED DENTAL HYGENST For challengng poston wthn general dentstry ottce Lookng lor mature, carng people person wlh excellent techncal sklls Peno therapy.and patent educaton strongly emphaszed. Part lme hours wh promsng lyture. Farmnglon H«s area. (810) ACTVTY ASSSTANT Tl-.a Greenery Extended Care Faolty of Farmngton seeks energetc, ceal.ve Actvty Assstant to work 40hrs a week. Hgh School graduate wth Knowledge and experence n praccal app&caton of Actvty Programs requred Requrements nclude the ablty to motvate and communcate wth resdents, along wth start and am.tes; also must mantan accurate records ol ndvdual resdent partcpaton and work. varable hours for n-ghts. weekends, holdays. Please submt resume to: Chrstne Valley, Actvtes Hector. Greenery Etended Care Faalty-Farmngton Grand Rrver. Farmngton. Ml EOE ADMNSTRATVE MEDCAL ASSSTANT/ OFFCE MANAGER needed to teach tront offce procedures at Vocatonal school n Waterford 3 yrs work experence requred CaH: (610) ALLERGY OFFCE MA/RN/LPNfECEPTONlST Farmngton Hdls. Non-smoker, good pay for experenced, mature person Send typed resume: P.O. Box Farm.ng1on Hlls, Ml ASSSTANT. MEDCAL LVONA-NOV AREA Must be hard workng, responsble & relable. 40 hours plus over-tme Benefts. S9/HR. & up dependng on experence Can DOCTORS ASSSTANT Part-tme: Must be flexble wth us and have relable Uansportaton. Fox Theater area. W* tran. (313) DRVER Fun or part-tme (or home health ca/# agency. Flexble hours. Good drvng record and hearth care experence prelerred. CaJ 9arn-5pm:.(313) FRONT DESK POSTON Fu-me. Experenced only.- Knowledge o( nsurance coverage* computerzed bllng a must Benefts Southfeld area Fax Ann; Andrea FRONT 0ESK RECEPTONST For Outpatent Mental Health CSnJc. 9:30-5:30. Mon-Fr. Cal Jacke at (810) ASSSTANT/TECHNCAN X-RAY, Ex;G. PFT and montor experence wth references Maple/ Oeqmndre area.. (810) ellertexperencedv OFFCE MANAGER For Urology practce Part or full tme Serx) resume lo: S Kumar Palmer Rd, Westland. Ml CERTFED NURSNG ASSSTANTS A 130 bed nursng faclty s seekng enthusast* and motvated md.yktuals lor all shfts We offer compettve wages, pleasant workng envronment and benefts Come see wta makes Down a great place to kve and work. Appty at or Cau OOHVN NURSNG CENTER Morock Lrvona. Ml CHARGE NURSES fc Needed (or al shfts lor an 82 tr bed faclty. Compettve wages & excellent beneft package Please call: (810) CLERCAL HELP NEE0E0 Full tme for medcal practce n Lvona. Experence preferred Can CNAs, FULL TME AFTERNOONS DETARY, HOUSEKEEPNG. 4 LAUNDRY PART TME New hre n rales. Excellent benefts Small home lke settng. Students and retrees welcome. No experence necessary. Apply n person: West Trad Nursng Home 395 W. Ann Arbor "Tral, \Prymoulh. (313) 4S3-3983J CNAs/HHAs NNOVATONS has mmedate operv ngs for CNAs and HHAs n unque senor retremenl communtes.. part/ full tme and contngent hours avalable n Wayne and Oakland countes. Compettve salary. Can Alson loday lor mmedate,ntervew.., Health Care NNOVATONS CNAS HOME HEALTH ADES- UVE-NS Needed kx mmecate shft work Wayne & Oakland countes. Compettve pay rle. CaH COOKS-DETARY ADES needed. Afternoon & evenngs shfts.stat Manor Nursng Home o! Northvfle. (810) DENTAL ASSSTANT. Par lme assstanl needed fbf busy Plymouth- offce Experence preferred, but wn tran. f you are energetc and enjoy workng wth people, can 8arb or Pat al: DETARY AOE: flexble days & hours. 20 hours per week. Benefts avalable. Compettve wages. Farmngton HH area. Contact Dense; (810) DETARY ADE Par lme poston, mmedate openng lor experenced delary ade. Tray Rod & #shfoom experence prelerred. Compettve wages: Contact the Lakeland Center Frankln fd, Southfeld Ml or cad 810-3v-1664 Ext 321.; DETrTAN - Due lo expanson of our company, we are lookng for a Regstered Dettan (of our busy SOUTHFELD DALYSS FACLTY. Prevous Dalyss experence plus, but wtwng o tralt. Wtlng lo hre 2 part tmer s or 1 ful tme. ExceSenl compensaton and beneft package a plus. Please send resume to; Barbara Hancock,.. Admnstratve Assstant West 10 Mle,Rd. 1 Nov. Mchgan DRECT CARE MANAGER Certfed group home. Long («rm secure poston wth ncentves. Down Rvet area. Consumers are warm, frtendfy and enjoyable lo assst Requres pror, experence. Send resume d: P.O. Box Taytof, Ml Of fax DRECT CARE.. needed. Par & fuh-tm*. AH shfts. Contact Lnda at DRECT CARE WORKERS fur A part tme postons avalable workng wth traumafcafry bfaln njured patterns. Our attractve facultes a/a tocaed m Southfeld, Bloom- Wd & Troy. Corhpettfvf w»g«* 4 beneft*. Conlacl Judy at Ext. 303 DSPENSNG OPTCAN For busy ndependent Optometnc practc*. Exr*rj«n6* requred, prel- ratty. Sort* «Y*nlngs and Saturday hour*- P1»»M aerxl resume lo: P.O.BOX? _, c«y, M r*> FRONT DESK STAFF Jperenced Modcal Frnr DR Staff urgently needed for mme date openngs. Temp to hre possble. Full 4 part tme hours avalable. Computer lteracy requred. Oakland County. Please lax resume to: Fetoa al Tempro Medcal or call to schedule an ntervew. Home Health Ades Certfed Home Health Ades - Nursng Assstants Homemakers Lve-ns For prvate duty home health care. Must be experenced. dependable, and have relable transportaton. We offer. Flexble schedulng Pay based on experence Shft dfferentals, Mleage rembursement Pad m-servces Beneft package tor fu» tme H youre nteresled n jonng a rapdly growng agency, please can or apply to: Unted Home Care Servces Farmngton Rd, Lrvona (Two blocks N. of 5 Mle) k (313) j, Hosptal Transportaton Specalst Full tme, 12 month, grant-funded poston nnovatve project lo analyze hostal transportaton needs/ utlzaton.hosptal, publc transportaton and/ or gerontology expenence prelerred. Excellent wrtng sklls requred. Send resume to; James McGure, Area Agency on Ayng 1-B, Northwestern Hwy.. Se 400. SouthfeW, Ml An AA/EOE Employer NSURANCE CLERK Experenced person to do medcal nsurance rejects & looow up. 2 lo 3 days per week lor busy Rochester Hlls hand surgeon Can Natale (810) NTERNAL ME0CNE Front Desk- Phones, appontments, nsurance, computer. Experenced only 2Vt-3 days/wv Canton (313) LAB TECHNCAN, CERTFED Downtown Rochester medca faclty. Send resume to: Human Resources. P O Box Rochester LEAD COOK qualfcatons nclude expenence wth dets, quantty 1ood producton, santaton practce 4 tray lne set up Prelet mnmum 6-7 yrs expenence m food servce. Compettve wages & benefts Contact Lakeland Cener, FranWm Rd, Southfetd. Ml or call Ext 321 LPN - pan tme 11pm - 7am shft for asssted lvng faclty n Plymouth Call Mon thru Fr LPNS mmedate postons avalable for LPNs lor borne care LPNS,RECEPTONSTS & BLLERS Busy Roches!er Medcal Center hnng for above. Excellent Workng envronment. FuH part tme/conpe.mrvfl pay, benefts. Send resume to: : Human Resources. PO Box Rochester, Ml MAS & LPNS N Wanted. FuH or part tme. Medcal Weght Loss CKnc s expand.ng our servce staff n the west sde suburban area. Applcants must be experenced n Venapuncture, enthusastc and able lowork n a (ast-paced envronment. NO Sundays, mdnghts or holdays. Great pay & benefts. v (810) f MEDCAL ASSSTANT, Carng people orented person needed fun bme. lor ophthalmology practce n Lrvona. Experence preferred. Send resume lo: Offce Manager, Sx Mte Rd, Lrvona. Ml., MEDCAL ASSSTANT Experenced, self-starter for famly practce. Good hours-frendv staff. Westland area. Please respond to: Box #1239 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Lyona. MJ MEDCAL ASSSTANT ~ FuH tme. Must have certfcate from MA program. Experence n venpuncture. EKG, and.x-rays a plus: Excellent benefts. FAX (313) MEDCAL ASSSTANT -certfed, fut) tme poston avalable wth a muft offce practce, eves.. * Sat. Good beneft package. Please send resurne to Box #1086 Observer * Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. r. Uvonta. Ml MEOCAL ASSSTANT - Fufl tme lor Southfetd Cardology offce. Experence VP. 8P and EKG. Good benefts MEDCAL ASSSTANT 1 yr. experence. Part-tme. Lvona area. CaJ (313) MEOCAL ASSSTANT Part lme. For ront offce and also asssl doctor n busy Lvona OB-GYN omce. (810) MEDCAL ASSSTANT njectons & venapuncture experence necessary. Benefts. Ca» Sharon at: (810) J MEDCAL fc ASSSTANTS. experenced medcat assstants urgently needed tor mmedate openngs. EkceSenl ven puncture skjss, EKGs, njectons A vtals. Mult specafty experence a plus. Compettve salary 4 temp lo hre opportuntes. AAMAcertfcaton a plus. Can Megan at Tempro Medcal (o.schedule an appontrhenl «, r MEDCAL ASSSTANT Ml tme for Lvona Oerrnaldogy- BepeMs avalable. Some Saturdays: CaH: MEDCAL ASSSTANT experenced only, for 3 lo 4 evenngs perweek. Uvonu-Farmlngon area. CajrOaXat MEDCAL ASSSTANT > Experenced lo work n busy Uvona practce, 20 lo 30 hrs AA. Mus enjoy workng wtth chmrery Can OaN at MEDCAL ASSSTANT M tvne (or buy famly practce n Lfvorta. Some tranng or exparenoe requred. X ; ray knowtedga a pfus MEOCAL BUER lor busy practce. Experence preferred. 7 an h6ur lo start MEDtCALflrLlEFt. 5 p»us yrs. expert-»nca bang an carrers, profcenl w-th (Xrrulers, organ/ed & hav«good pbona kkj. « MEDCAL x ASSSTANT/ PATENT REGSTRAR Provdence, a part ol MSSON HEALTH, has a rapkjy growng network of medcat Centsrs. Fud-tma postons are avtawo for ndrvduals whowvs travel between cener» and work wth a varety ol patents n both the front and back offce. Canddates must. possess a mnmum of one year medcal assstant experence n a prmary care settng, knowledge of meocal te mnology and e xperence wth CD-9/CPT-4 codng and health nsurance ptans. Certfcaton/Regstraton wll be requred wthn 15 months of hre. For Complete lstng ol job -opportuntes and nstructons onhowto apply, please can our Job Opportunrty Hottne.at (810) PROVDENCE Hosprtal & Medcal Centers Employment Servces Greenfeld. Ste 310 SouthheU. Ml LEqual Opportunty Employer MEDCAL BLLNG CLERK Experenced, lull or pan tme postons avalable wth large medteal laboratory. Computer sklls requred- Compettve wage and beneft package ollered Please send resume to; Ctndy Caron. Bllng Manager Greenfeld. Sute 501. Southfeld, Ml., Help Wanted- Medka NURSE ASSSTANT Ft4 and part tme poston* for luxury Senor Crfcec Apartmen Complex. Compettve wages. Fun benefts avalable for Ml lme posnon. Mus relal* wea wth senors. Apply n parson only Monday thru Frday between 8 00am end 4:00pm. The Trowbrdge Cvc Center Drrve Southfeld, Ml (No phone cans accepted) EOE M/F/V/H. NURSES ADES come k>n a leam that cares Canddatn must, be wlng to. adapt lo varous envronments. Dependable ransportalon, (of the Metro rt<ourty area. Stale certfed and punctual. Can Mon. thru Fr NURSNG SEARCHES Ctnlcal Nurse Manager - CCU. Homa Health Drector ol Operatons. Branch Managers, O.rveaJ Supervsors. Requres: BSN or MSN. Fax resume to: Rosemare Evenhus at; _EajL8J ;24, a , Harper Assooaes7671Adctebe«" Farmngton tlls, Ml MEDCAL CLERKS & RECEPTONSTS S8 25-S10 per hour dependng on experence: Servce charges paxd by companes Welstde locaton: Al companes ofler full benefts. 35 hour work week. Pax) lor 40 hours. Prevous offce and computer experence a must Can for mmedate appontment SneHmg Personnel Servces Medcal. Offce Staff Our phones are rngng off the hook wth these new job openngs: LPN - Cardology or Crtcal Cars. Receptonst Lrvona Famly Practse. Bers an specaltes needed! Great salares! Medcal Assstants FuU & part tme - Cardology, Gastrb, Ophthalmology Trahscrptonsts. -, Callax resume to Mchelle , lax Harper Assocates, M«*Jebelt Farmngton Hlls, Mt MEDCAL RECEPTONST DETROT AREA Hard workng, dependable, experenced, mature person. Must be a people person. Good salary, benefts. Call MEDCAL RECEPTONST - Fulltme Call for apponmenl. Monday thru Thursday. 8am-2pm. Brmngham area Medcal Receptonst/ Patent Coordnator Famly practce n Plymouth has mmedate openng for person wth 2 yrs. experence n knowledge of nsurances Benefts. Cal Mr, CM Moore al Famly and Sports Medcal Cener (313) MEDCAL RECEPTONST Experenced. Part bme Afternoon and Saturdays Lrvoma area. CaH: (313) MEDCAL RECEPTONST Rochester H.ls hand Surgeon. 3-4 days per wk Expenence prelerred. Call Natale MEDCAL RECEPTONST Part-tme, lor famly practce n Nov. Send resume to #167, West Oaks Or., Now. Ml MEOCAL RECEPTONST Full tme lor busy nternal medwne prartce Canddate wll be energetc. eager and nterested n a rasl paced work envronment Must be flexble. Pay commensurale wth experence. Benefts package Cat! Mchelle at; (810J MEDCAL REVEW Growng medcal revew company seeks qualfed canddates wth one to three years experence (or medcal revew dala entry. The applcant ws be responsble for revewng a varety ol medcal blls, enterng txjls nto our automated clam processng system. phone contact and total account responsblty Knowledge ct CPT-4. CO-9 codng and medcal. termfnoogy s requred Excellent wrtten and verbal communcaton skns are necessary aswetfas the ablty to be an organzed learn player. Send resumes and salary requrements to:, Manager :. Travelers Tower evergreen Rd., Ste, 1750 Southfeld, M MEDCAL STAFF COORDNATOR Oak-wood Hosptal and Medcal Cenler-Oearborn curfenlly has a ful tme openng for an experenced Coordnator n bur Medcal Staff. Department. Ths poston s responsble for coordnatng and facltatng actvtes pertanng to Medcal, Staff applcatons. Addtonal dutes nclude provdng staff support as well as functonng as a resource lor nformaton regardgmedcal staff organzaton; bylaws, rules and regulatons,. slate - and federal regulatory agences and accredtaton, complance. Requrements nclude a hgh School dp!oma or equvalent (some college preferred), at least 3-5 Jears of ncreasng secretaral responsblty, a 60 wpm. typng speed, basc computer knowledge ncludng profcency n Mcrosoft Offce, and outstandng organzaton and communcaton sklls. CMSC certrfcalon and medcal. stall experence preferred. -. We. offer-a compemrve compensaton and exceen benefts package. To apply, send your resume to:.oaxwood HOSPTAL AND MEDCAL CENTER-DEARBORN. ATTN: ER; MCHGAN AVE., SUTE 111, DEARBORN. Ml An Equal Opportun-ty Employer OAKvVOOD HOSPfTAL AND. NCDtCAL CENTER- DEARBORN A Subsdary ol Oakwood Healthcare System MEDCAL SYSTEMS MARKETER Do nol appfy unless: You have exlensfve marketng experence You understand medal management You have computer-know-how FAX resume 10: (910) or can: (810) MEDCAL. TRANSCRPTONST Work at homa. Mus have experence and equpment. (313) MEDCAL TRANSCRPTONST FuJ-trr*. Confxjeht Radology Medcal Transcrpton*! wanted lol Farmngton H> offce. Excellent workng envronment Call afar toarn « MSN WANTE0 SA. counselng program sees MSN Counselor, psych background preferred Parttme. Cat: (313) 45(-7600 Now HomoCare Agency Seekng Dependable 4 FWxtola CAREGVERS Excellent Wages. Please tan Judy NURSNG SECRETARY Rrvervew of Ann Arbor, a 71 bed Sklled nursng faclty, has an mmedate openng lor a nursng secretary. Prmary dutes wn nclude schedulng ah nursng personnel and actng as a faclty receptonst. Adcfclonal dutes wl ncfcxle typng and ctencal work lor the nursng management team. Qualfed canddales wm possess good secretaral and organzatonal s\xs. Schedulng experence prelerred. Tha s a 30 hour per week poston eompfele.wth comprehensve benetts. nterested canddates, please send letter of applcaton and resume lo: 355 Huronvew 8tvd., Ann Arbor, Ml HelpWnled- Medcal WESTLANO MEDCAL offce has mmeoste postons lot Medcal nsurance Ber and Medcal RsoepbonJst Must b«experenced. Good pay, benefts ard hour*. Send resume lo: Nankn Blvd., Ste, 301. Westland. Ml X-RAY TECHNCAN, regstered. Posrtcn avjutabtaln Uvona lamly physcans offtoa. Part-tma T«] Frtd/Beverage aaaaaamm APPLY WTHN;- DSHWASHERS. BARTENDERS. BUS PERSONS. MOYS RESTAURANT MxSdebefl, Uvona No phone calls! - OEVGYN. SEEKNG ront desk bller Experenced only. Good benefts. Cal Nancy at: (810) OPHTHALMC TECHNCAN Full tme. Troy area. Experence prelened; wllng to ran. (810) OPHTHALMC TECHNCAN/ASSSTANT Needed lor busy Lrvona Ophthalmology offce Full-tme posfton wth beness. Ces Oebbe. 9-4pm. Mon - Fr. al OPTHALMOLOGY RECEPTONST Pan tme. 2-3 days per week m West Btoomfeld. &Lng experence prelerred but not requred Excellent wages. Contact Chery; S7 OPTCAL DSPENSER Tred of mall hours? Busy Uvona offce seekng part tme opbean. Must be frendly, flexble & relable. Ca» OPTCAN DSPENSER. Exper. enced lor M.D.- O D. practce. Excel 1 lem salary, hours & medcal 5 locatons. Cal Bob al (313) OPTCAN - LAB expenence. fnsh and/or surface, excellent hours, & salary, contact 8ob OPTOMETRY ASSSTANT/ DSPENSER Dearborn Heghts Area Please caj: (313) OPTOMETRC ASSSTANT Prvate optometry practjee n Nortnvtle. Some experence helpful or vwj ran. Front desk recepton, showng and, dspensng glasses/contact lenses (8)0) PATENT REP needed lor. busy managed care offce, must have Excel w/wndows &. dams expenence, exce-tert phone sklls, must be a leam player Send resume to: Secretary, Kelt Rd..»3, Eastponts. Ml PHLEBOTOMST Full-tme day poston avalable at our Wayne locaton. Must be flexble 4 have 6 mos experence n drawng all age patents Excellent benefts & opportuntes Appry m person, Mon- Fr., USML, 2220 Huron Parkway. Ann Arbor, Ml PHYSCAL THERAPY Axle - Nov Physcal Therapy druc s now seekng flexble & dedcated ndvduals to assst physcal therapsts n treatment of orthopedc out-patents. Must be arjle to work eany & late afternoon hrs CaS Joanje PHYSCAL THERAPY TECH Part-tme Apply n person wth resume: Y/estand Clnc, 6149 N Wayn Rd n Westland Of can Charlene at , ext 233 PHYSCAL THERAPY TECHNCAN Cookng lor fufl or part tme-poston for busy Brmngham physcal therapy ctnc. Must Work well wth others. Please can (313) or appfy wthn at Spbrtpro, nc, Central Cty Parkway. Ml RECEPTONST/BLLER Experenced for feusy OB/GYN offce n Commerce Twj>. Can weekdays: XRECEPTONST Busy SoulMeld nternal medcne practce. 2yrs., experence. Corrouter a plus Call Sherry (810) 354- "" RECEPTONST FOR Clawson optometry oflxa Dependable, frendly, outgong person. Approxmately 30 KrsAk. Experence preferred. (810-) RECEPTONST Fufl trrje. Some experence preferred. Farmngldn H<Rs area, (313) RECEPTONST NEEDE0 lo answer phone, schedule appontments, & check n patents hours per week. V/estland. (313) REGSTERED NURSE FufLpart tme. Can Betty, (610) RESDENT ADES. pan:tme7anv3 30pmof 3pm- 11pm (Of asssted kvlng lacjty n Plymouth. CaH Mon. Fr. -J RN luf tme -busy upscale dermatology practce n. Bloomfeld Hlls: Experence preferred, bossbty tran, Congenal workng envronment Pay commensurate wth experence or ablty. Can RN OCCUPATONAL HEALTH Days M-F, 3 major mecscal. CaS Terry " fn.or LPN ;< Prvate cfo lookng lot nurses lo be traned lor unque rea(mert program workng wth chld/en & famles. Flexble hours. Farmngton.Hlls area. 8KM RN POSTON avalable n a Uvona famly physcans offce. Part tuna. Cal SECRETARY Part-tme for, Bloomfelo plastc surgeons offce. Exlensfve compuler Knowledge, rnedteal bftng, personable, metculous (810) SPEECH THERAPST. Part-tme Speech Therapsl poston open n day treatment cener for (he traurhatcaty bran njured Experenced- prelerred. & certfcaton requred Fufl-lrre CFY poston also avalable nteresled canddates call Wttow brook Rehab at: -. (810) SURGCAL SCHEDULER. Part Bma, lor surgeons offce n Royal Oak. Expertonca preferred. « ULTRASOUND TECHMlCAN Mus have cardology background. Send resume to Human Resources. P O Box Rochester 4*306 ULTRASOUND TECHNCAN Wth Mamrnography experence or wlng 10 learn Mammography. Cat; (313) or Fax resume lo: (313)425-5*47 Are You Artstc? Cookes by Desgn s seekng a fuvpart-tjme Oecorator. Ths s a fun and exc*mg atmosphere that needs your creatve talents. We aso--hav«-part4kne. postons aval*. able lor Bakers and Counter Sales. Wll tran. Leave message ASSSTANT MANAGERS Tred d workng crazy hours? Unque specalty food concept offers 5 day, 45 hour week, daytme hours! Requres outstandng customer servce atttude! FuH bene ls 1 CaMax resume: Stacey Koepp , tax Harper Assoctales, MdctebeJ Fa/TTngton HSs, Ml ATTENTON, Cooks. Banquet WarstaH & Dshwashers. 7 ;o Sftlv. Weekly pay (810) BANQUET WATSTAFF & BARTENDERS Jom Partes Wth Class". Weekends, weekdays. Work when you want lo, - 8-Sl0 per Hour! (810) BAR PERSON to tend bar. Great hours. No experence necessary. OGrad/s rsh Pub Beech Daly. Dearborn Heghts. BARTENDER MANAGER Outgong, hardworkng, self-motvated mdrvdual wanted lor an rsh Sports Pub FuU tme. Benefts avalabte. Send resume or appfy at; Sheehans on the.green Mle. Prymouth, Ml 48170, 1 Food/Beve/a# J Re«tjrar«flt DSHWASHERS BUSBOYS 4 PREP COOKS FuVpart tme wth ttaubto hours. Ful benefts. ExceSenl pay. Appfy V person Mon-Fr from 2 to 6pm: Cafe Jardn n Somerset CoBecton. BAR & WATSTAFF mmedale openngs. Certan atwe requred. SlOO guaranteed for lufl Shfts. Call: (313) BENNGAN-S trtsh Amercan Gra 4 Tavern s now lookng lor hgh energy, enthusastc people who warn to have lun whle they work. Many posrbons avalable. Apply al Ann Arbor Rd. Prymouth BRMNGHAM COUNTRY CLUB, Now Hrng (or followng Postons SERVERS HOST STAFF BUSSERS FuHparl-tme. Excetlent pay & benefts Apply n person al 1750 Saxon Dr. Brmngham (810) BLAZOS PE SHOP WATSTAFF A COOKS Mature, responsble, full or part-tme Appfy at 449 N Wayne Rd. near Cherry Hll or can John bet 10 & BROLER & SAUTE COOKS KTCHEN STAFF/DEL Apply wthn Albans, 190 N Hunter. Rrrmngham BUS 4 DSH PERSON, a5 shfts, fufl & part tme, Good pay MddebeN. Lrvona 1 btk. S. of 8 Mle CADLLAC CAFE Now rnnng luo t/ne Walstafl, Shot Person & Hosl Person. Appry Mon - Thurs, after 2pm Grand Rrver, Farmngton HAs CAFE Calelena openr wthn our manufacturng plant. deal cancwale should possess expenence n the food servce ndustry, cusomer servce and cash reg.ster operaton. Very clean facltes and (ullbenef* package avalable ncludng vacatons, medcal, prescrptons, dental, attendance bonus ncentve. 401K and proft Sharng. Appfy 10: 1351 Hx Rd. T-4 Mle S. Of Ford) Westland, Ml EOE MT ULTRA TECH. experencedonfy, (u» \m«. MUST do echo, abdomn & petvfs. Exoefem pay A benefts GOOD TASTE ALWAYS LEADS TO SUCCESS COOKS Lookng for hghly productve Lre Cooks. Earn up to stohr SERVERS Earn up to 100 per sf.f. FuH 6 part tme, flexble shfts. HQST/HOSTESS BUSSERS Apply n person 2-5pm or 8-10pm S. Laurel Park Uvona. on 6 Mle M(\ * COOK BAKEF SWEET LORRANFS CAFE has mmedate openngs lor Cooks and Bakers.. Good pay and benefts, vacaton, pay and medcal nsurance, tuton rembursement. Flex-- ble hours. (us and part t»ne. Appfy 2pm-5pm: Greenfeld,.- : Southfetd COOK Experenced. V0/hoor to start. Appfy n person; Wagon Wheel Lounge: 212 S. Man. n NorthvHe.. (810) COOKS APPLY n person: Woofy 8u!f/S Mle, n Norlhvfle. COOKS Nx* place lowork. Appfy wthn at: Galsbys, Grand Rver, Noyl COOKS & PANTRY PERSON, L experenced. Full/pan tme mpostons. Benefts & a greal r etmosphere. Appfy: Orchard Lake County Club; 6000 W. Shore Dr., Orchard Lake COOKS, WAT STAFF, HOST PERSONS 4 DSHWASHERS Great startng pay! Benefts avalable. Appfy at Sneaky Petes Farmngton. (313) DSHWASHERS LNE 4 PREP COOKS Flex)Ja_hour». Sun. ft major hoodays off. Appfy. n. person, Red. Coat Tavern N Woodward, Royal Oak. COOKS (Une 4. Prep), BUSSERS (16 yr. please"), DSHERS. MaWy evenng ard weekends. Great support staff; Good. Super learnng experence for culnary. students. Apply Damond Jm Brad/a, Novl or can Chrsta or Mary (or an ntervew appontment COOKS WANTEO luh tme. Mus be hard worker, experenced. Days and afternoons. Premum pay f qualfed. BOCCS RESTAUrlANT.KYMOUTH (313) COOK 40 hrs and Bartender. Appfy n person; Cowleys Grand.Rver al Farmngton Rd. Cafl (810) ; COUNTER HELP Part Bme; afternoort, evenngs 4 weekends. Apply al: The Looney Baker, Fa/mlnton Rd. DELCATESSEN MANAGER Banquet Trays, Calerng. Send resume lo:. Deb Manager P.O. Box S Brmngham, Ml DEL HELP. Part 4 (uft-tra avalable. Flexble schedulng, deal lor mothers Pastes Ptus EXECUTVE CHEF Hgh volume restaurant, banquet & caterng. Send resume to: P.O. Box 34. Brmngham. Ml EXPERENCED EVENNG COOK. Nght Bartender, Wal Staff. Appfy or cal: Farmngton Rd. at Grand Rfver, (810) DNNG ROOM SUPERVSOR For upscale retrefrtent home n Southrteld. Salary commensurate wth experence Contact Adrenha al: (810) THE GOLDEN MUSHROOM S CURRENTLY HRNG FOR THE FOLLOWNG; "Day-wat Sat ~ Day Bartender Nght Laundry Person t -Bus Persons Experence preferred, compettve salares 4 benefts Apply n person: W. 10 Mde, Southfetd GOOO TME BAR has posftors avalable. Apply n person between 10am-1pm, Prymouth Rd between Wayne Rd 4 Levan. HELP WANTED Full-tme work. Appfy at WekJons Pastes. 7 Mle-Merrman, Uvoma HRNG WAT. STAFF Days Of afternoons. Flexble.hours. Excellent tps. Apply n person: Orchard Lake Rd between Mle Rds HOSPTALTY PROFESSONALS Busy Rochester restaurant s searchng lor professonal Servers, Bartenders, Host 4 Bus Staff. Prep 4 Cooks. We offer flexble hours, benefts 4 an exctng money makng envronment. Senous nqures ortfy caj: (810) or (810) rjtrf Fwd/Bwerage j Restaurant T T Lvbha ~ Buddys Now Hrng Bartenders, AM Host/Hostess Bussers. AM GasNers PM Pzza Makers & Grll Cooks Dshwashers A fast paced, tun, frerxsy envronment. VV» offer employee meal dscounts, la mry dscounts, sck days, vacaton pay and nsurance s avalable. Apply wthn Monday-Frday. 2pm-5pm, Prymouth Rd.. Uvona MANAGEMENT "OPPORTUNTTtES Restauant Can you say job opennos" n tallant Thats Ok*/ WaVe got lots of them al.rhe dove Garden Restaurant m Canton and ybu donl even have, lo speak talan. Rght now. were lookng for fuh and. part-tme; Prep" Cooks Salad Makers Host/Hostess Slverware Rollers Dsh Machne Operators Una Cooks Servers Carry-out Specalsts Back-to-wbr moms, retrees, or those just lookng lo get out of the house lo work n an envronment fun 01 hosplarty are encouraged lo apply. We offer flexble schedules and compettrve pay. Pleas* come n and appfy at: Olve Garden Hahan Restaurant Stage Restaurants now hrng quashed management personnel Excellent compensaton 4 benefts Appfy n person Toes, thru Sun. 1Q-5pm 6873 Orchard Lake Rd. (810) MANAGEMENT 4 STAFF McCONALOS Expandng franchse seekng employees lor Uvona restaurants. Ful 4 part bme avalable wth flexble work schedule. Appfy al; Farmnglon. jus! N; of 7 Mle, or cal Gary. (810) OR appfy at Mddtebelt. N of Plymouth Rd. or call Sharon: (313) , MANAGERS & ASSSTANT MANAGERS Hungry Howes Pua s lookng for Managers 6 Assstant Managers Send resume to: Attenton: N<* Stephenson Hwy,. Ste. 200 Madson Heghts. Ml M,, HOST/HOSTESS 4 DAY WATSTAFF Appfy wthn; OShucks Grand Rrver, Farmngton Has HOST/HOSTESS. NEEDED part bme, to work dayseves. as needed al our professonal Southfeld faclty. Must be relable 4 personable. A good poston for someone who s flexble.4 would kke to supplement ther ncome, S8,50hr Contact Tom Neal , HOSTS STAFF \ j r WAT STAFF Some experence, f utl 4 par tme. Apply n person: 8825 Joy Rd, (ust fc. bl Ulley. Plymouth. HOST, WAT PERSONS. BUSS 4 DSHWASHERS needed mmedalefy lor days, weekends 4 evenngs, n Lvona HOST. WAT PERSONS, BUSS 4 DSHWASHERS needed mmecatery lor days, weekends 4 evenngs, n Lvona Hotel Jon Our Team At Tre Holday nn Southfeld Par t,me CocklaJ Server Must be avalable nghts and weekends Apply m person: HoWay nn SouthfeU Telegrapn Rd Southf*d. Ml NEW BANQUET HALL Lookng lor lull 4 part-tme help: Prep Cooks Set-up Personnel Osh Machne Operators S7 -S10 per hour Only responsble 4 relable need lo appfy. Apply n person: Frve Mle.Rd. Uvona ONE OF Detrots fmest talan Restaurants lookng for experenced fme dnng wartstaf. Excellent S Also lookng forxm 4 P.M. chefs 4 bussers. Apply wthn at: Forte O Amore Restaurant Plymouth Rd. Uvona ResUunM» 41980FordHoao. canton lownsnp, Ml. 48(67. We are an equal opportunty employer. The Olve Garden talan Restaurant Hotel BELL PERSON Jon Our Team At The Holday nn Southfeld A 4)7 room hotel Frendly atmosphere, competrve pay. beneft package r Apply m person: HolxJay nn Southfeld Telegraph Rd Southfeld. Ml HOTEL ST REGS has the lottow-jg career opcorturvles: EXECUTVE CHEF SOUS CHEF LNE COOK Apply by resume or n person to: Personnel V. Grand Blvd., Detrot, Ml HOULHANS. POSTONS now avalable - Hosf Hostesss. Wart Sta«. futtpart tme Appfy n person between 4-6pm 2850 Cooldge, Hwy. Troy. Drectly across rom new Somerset North KTCHEN HELP For progressve wholesale food busness Prep and Dshwasher. Good pay, benefts. Card LAUREL MANOR Banquet Center* «lookng lot Wart Bus & Dsh Staff SSS Premum Wages S Appry Mon-Sat., 6: Schoolcraft, Uvona 313-J LBRARY PUP NOW HRNG Servers, Cooks, Bus, Dsh.-Host. Full 4 part-tme. Senors welcome, nsurance benems. Appty n person: 42100Grand Rrver Ave, Nov. nsde McLaughlnCenter across from Marty Fetdman Chevrolet. UNE COOK 4 DSHWASHERS Fua tme; nghts. Apply n person: Lodge Restaurant, 2442 Orchard Lake Rd., Sylvan take. ONE OF THE DETROT AREAS FNEST TALAN RESTAURANTS SEEKNG E- HOST/HOSTESS PM Full-tme. S8-10tr WATSTAFF Fme Dnng Expenence PM COOK/Part-tme EoeDenl SS4SS Apply wthn Fonle O Amore Restaurant 32O30 Ptymoutf Rd. Uvona Part ; tme help wanted Lrvona pasty shop Can Mon thru Fn t0am-2pm. ask lor Nancy (313) PZZA EATERS WANTED! Work for Cash 4 an the puza you can eat Great lor College Students Part tme Flexble hrs Days or eves Must be 18. Lease car. expense account, stock optons NOT avalable. Jetfs P«a Ann Arbor Rd. Plymouth 313-» PREP COOK postons avalable now at the Org na Pancake House 5 day.week, days orvy phjs benefts Knowledge -of weghts 4 measures hepful.- Able o lottow reopes a must Appty m person: W 10 Mle. Southteld f RECEPTONST > NOTHNG TO DO ON WEEK-ENDS? Our calenng company needs to fnd a creatve receptonst lo work w.th our event planners You wll work wth menus, speak wth dents, 4 handle last mnute changes n events for thousands of guests Sound nterestng? Send resume to Nancy at: A. B. C Frve M.«Rd. V Lvona, M / restaurant Lookng for an opportunty "teamng" wth enthusasm? NOW HRNG FOR ALL POSTONS nducng DAY 4 NGHT PORTERS Up to 8 per hour! (based on experence) Teamwork makes work enjoyable al Burger Kng. Fun or Part Tme, we need your enthusasm, people pleasng personalty, and a desre lo work wth the best : m the busness!. Wth benefts kke purs, how can you look anywhere else? -pad (ranng advancement potental mmedate opportuntes many other great benefts. Snog your enthusasm 10 BURGER KNG Appfy m Person loday a! any of the lohowmg locatons: YPS1LANT 823 E Mchgan Ave GARDEN CTY Ford Rd ROYAL OAK 1205 S. Woodward BELLEVLLE 2170 Rawsonvle Rd 1150 Be%v3e Rd equal opporlunty- employer Restaurant WE KNEAD YOU. lo on our V«de France Bakery/ Cale team al TWELVE OAKS MALL We seek renccy. detal-orenedndvduals lo K«n us full 4 part tme on ALL SHFTS m the followng area: S7-9/hr. To Start Srvfl Supervsors. Prep Cooks 4 Bakers wespenence 5-7/rr To Start Dshwashers, Bussers 4 more These resh opportuntes offer competrtve wages, excellent benefts and transportaton assstance. ("BUS NFO From downtown Del/dl. lake buses or transfer al Roya Oak Transt Cener. Take Bus 740 to 12 Mle 4 Haggerty then lake lax (save recept lor rembursement) lo Mall) Pease appfy n person daly belore 11am or 2-Spm at Ve de France Bakery-Cafe. Twelve Oaks Mal, Nov,.Ml EOE nvlovv VE DE FRANCE SERVERS. Make up to SlS.r,r Apply al Pcgos 6663 Llley Rd Canton SERVERS WANTED Local sports bar. Top wages Cal after 6pm (313) RESTAURANT HELP Hogans s seekng experenced Lne Cooks. Also Servers. Hosl Hostesses Bus Person and Ktchen Utlty - lmted experence okay, wll tran. Apply 6450 Teegrapry 5 MJe. RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT V/th a long hstory ot qualty food. servce and success as our foundaton. Arb/s s launchng an aggressve strategy of growth and vsbdffy, Currently, excellent opportuntes exst for salared Managers and Assstant Managers al our Mchgan locatons n Dewttt, Farmnglon Hrfls, Fenton, Portland, Swarut Creek and Walled Lake. We "offer an attractve salary, full benefts and a challengng envronment that fosters growth. For consderaton, send a resume to:. Arbys Restauranls o/o Chuck Wllams Orchard Lake Road farmngton HHS, Ml * SOUS CHEF Expenenced. Fu9 tme. Excetlent workng condtons. Resumeletter to; Box»1006 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers 3625t Schoolcraft Rd. Uvoma. Ml Stage & Co. now hrng Wat Staff Great Work, Great Tps! No exper.ence necessary Apply n person Tues thru Sun 10-5pm 6873 Orchard UAe Rd (810) STAGE DEL-TROY now hrng Cashers, Expedtors, - SauTchrvch Makers, Dshwashers Startng from S70tVhr- ; AppV n person West fg Beaver, Somerset Cowcton North. 3rd Level WATSTAFF 6 BUSSERS wanled Experenced or wh tran. FuH tme Ask lor Chrs. After 3(313) Before 3 (313) THE WHOLE 9 YARDS Fut tme & part-fma wan staff needed lor naw exctng sports bar nsde The. DbubVa Traa Hotel (formerly The Sheraton Oaka Holer) Sherdan Orfve (across from Twelve Oaks MaX). fyf Ml Ask for Bob; (810) WATRESS Experenced. Days 4 nght avalable. Fua tme. Cal for appontment (»10) WATSTAFF AFTERNOONS 4 M10NK3HTS Fut or par bme, good bos RamV mm Mlddebeft. Uvona 1 bfk S. ol 8 Mle WATSTAFF Applcatons beng accepted for part tme Banquet v7aj5>ersons. Farmnglon Area. Cal weekdays: (313) NOW OPEN WERE LOOKNG FOR PEOPLE WHO BRNG GOOD. QUALTES TO OUR TABLES. QUALTY. ts tre frst thng youll notce when.you walk through the doqr. From fne woodwork to mpeccable servce to tantalzng food. J. Alexanders.offers a casual dnng experence lke noother. To mantan ths level of qualty, we choose the fnest foods - and the best people. People who not only enjoy provdng great servce, but excel at t. People we can call Charfpons. KTCHEN SERVER PUD KEEPS DSHWASHER HOST! (ts our word for host/hostess) f youve.got what t takes to excel at J. Alexanders, youll earn some of the best pay arovrd, After sx months youll receve tuton rembursement and dscounted stock purchase. And after one year, youll be elgble for pad vacatons, 401K, low cost health nsurance optons, FREE lfe nsurance and much more. Please come for an ntervew or call (810) SUexanders W* R E S T A U R A N T Come n for an mmedate ntervew! Somerset Collecton North WATT STAFFrBAFTPERSON No experence necessa/y. Appfy wthn: Krazy Loues W Warren. Detrot.. WATSTAFF/BUS/DSH FufVPart-tme. Days. Nghts. Weekends. Great workng enwonmehl at an rsh Sports Pub. Apcty al Sheehans On The Green, 5 MJe. E. of Haggerty. (313) WAT STAFF & BUS PEFSON Fullrpal-tme. Flexble hrs. Apply m person: Cafe OGveHo, Mddlebelt (al 11 Mle) Farmnglon HSs WATSTAFF/ BUS STAFF/ BAR STAFF Appfy wthn: Albans,. 190 N. Hunter. Brmngham WATSTAFF CASHERS COOKS Fyt & Pa/1-tme postons avalable. Appty wthn:. Players Blards Bar & Grll W.. 10 Mle Rd, Farmmgtoo H.«s least o( Haggerty Rd) WATSTAFF Experenced. Day or nght shft Apply n person: Vans Place, Ford Rd, Dearborn Hts WATSTAFF Full and par tme No expenence necessary EARN WHLE YOU LEARN * Pad Tranng * Pad Vacatons Apply m persoa:. D DENNSONS SEAFOOO TAVERN Mle.Rd, Laurel Park Place, Lrvona WAT STAFF & HOST PERSON Responsble & experenced appfy wthm Alexander the Great., Warren Rd.. Westland. WATSTAFF lunch/dnner Flexble sf>edu1e OH Sundays Apply m person Mon-Fr, 2-4pm: Peabodys. 154 S Hunter. Brmngham WAT STAFF needed for allernoons. Apply al Georges Coney sland N Rochester Rd. Rochester HJUS (610) WAT STAFF Part or full lme, days and nghts avalable Appty Chcago Roadhouse Mchgan Ave. Dearbom 1313) WAT STAFF - part Lme. Mon thru Fn Mle & Greenfeld. CaS after 4pm WAT STAFF - PART-TME Students/homemaker. Good hours, earty afternoons or early eves n relremenl apt EOE WAT STAFF & SERVCE BARTENDER Flexble hours. Sun & major holdays off. Apply m person. Red Coal Tavem, 3809 N Woodward. Royal Oak Wat Staff w/experence Lne Cooks- w/experence Dshwashers Apply w-ttvn Jonalhan B Pop. Lrvor>a Mas WENDYS 1 Under New Managemen! UP TO 6 25 an hour We are currently accept ng applcatons lor all shfts, fub and pan tme. We offer Pad vacatons Free meals and un.orms Flexble hours Fully pad tranng Excellent wages Advancement opportuntes Oew actvoes and rcertves 25 cent rase a"ter 6 week tranngand/bf cert-fcalon Apply m person al the Wowng locaton 7956 N. Wa/ne Rd, Westland We are also h.nng at these locatons: Plymouth Rd. n Lvona and Ford Rd, Canton. 655 Ann Arbor Rd. n Plymouth An Equal Opporturvty * gwttftw m Help Wanted- Health & Ftness PART-TME Health orented ndvduals to Rep 10 year old wholesale buyng dub of pharmaceutcals, naturally derved personal care and home hygene products. You are not requred to sen anf products, just set people up wth member shps and you earn royalty commssons on all then future purchases Oetals by Appt M Help Wanted. Sales Account Executve Telecommuncaton Sales Starl a long term career Wth S E Mchgans largest ndependent AT4T, Toshba, and Northern Telecom suppler of hgfech tee-- communcaton equ.pment. networks. and software Saary ptjs commssons ard bonuses, projt sharng. 401K plan, medca.oplcaldertat nsurance, car allowance, and expense rembursement. Please can Oave Fsher at , ext 202 to arrange an appontment r ACCOUNT EXECUTVES " C-Net- C-OTrnurtcalons. a lasf growng dvsor of. CeHnel Cel- War, s seekng fvgh energy ndvduals lor nsde account executve postons. Responsbltes nclude the marketng and acquston ot busness long d-slance accounts deal canddales v>( possess. One to two years ol u-.s-de saes exjperence Demonstrated track record n a hgh actvy sales envronment Postve affude and a desre to succeed ma hghly compettve ndustry. Ths exceptonal opportunty offers ah attractve base saary, comrnsson plan and benefts package. nlerested appucanls lax or mal ther resume lo. SALES MANAGER P.O. Box Mad-son Heghts, Ml V FAX: J Acton Career FRUSTRATED? 4,000+/MO Seekng sports orented nd.vduas wholke fun and desre lo earn above average compensaton. commsson and bonuses. CaS: (810) ADVERTSNG SALES WEEK GUARANTEED Saary. pu) commssons pvs bonus Unlmted earnng poentl Career coporturrty X you kk» tne dea ol your own oflce. an exc«f>enl work ervronmen and a chance lo earn ovsr JW.vOO a year - lets lakl (810) 474-?»9

34 pwf tmmm vw >m>w WPPPPPPPPPVPH wm 12C(0)(*) CLASSFCATONS TO O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 SUMMER PROBE SALE 96 PROBE SE A/, rear defroster, stereo cassette,! 5 alum, wheels, auto overdrrve, Bt, power sde wndows, door locks, rear cleckd-spoler_stock«6xll4- Was 18,230 YOU PAY PROBE CT Ar, rear defrostrstereo cassette, ntkxx brakng system, conv. group, power sde wndows, door locks, tlt -steenpeedcontrol5toclc#60l94 Was 19,915 YOU PAY 15,795 RANGER SUPER CAB XLT V6, auto, CD or cassette,. ant-lock brakes, chrome wheels frstever EXPLORER CLEARANCE! PAYMENTS REDUCED 50! 1996 EXPLORER XLT 4 door, auto, traler tow, P2350WL all-rajnrjres, cruse, tlt, premum cassette, power equpment group. Stock #60502 WAS2W10 Y0U, PAY WAS 21,137 YOUPAY 17,343 5 AT MS PRCE 1997 ESCORT 4 DOOR 5 speed, ar, defrost Stock # YOU PAY WAS 12, CONTOUR GL Cassette, mats, power mrrors, defroster. WAS 15,610 YOUPAY 12,970 4 at ths prce 96 THUNDERBRD V8»MQONRObF 2-door, rear defroster, cast alumnum wheel, power drvers seat, moonroof, antenna, llumnated entry system, 4.6L SOHC V8 engne, dec AM/FM stereo CD player. Stock #60394 WAS 21,750 YOU PAY 24 MO. LEASE DOWN s ,950 PERMO. 325 COOKE GRAD * VANS AVALABLE ECLPSE SHADOW Ar, 13" Color TV, cassette, power wndows/power locks, cruse, tlt; quad desgner cloth chars wth sofa bed 24Month Lease... C** J per mo Down Payment - "A" plan 50 per month lower!! ALL VANS WnH VALUE PRCES CLEARLYMARKED ON THEWENDOW... _ NO HAGGLNG NECESSARY!!! 1996 TAURUS 205 pkg? power wndows & locks,.cruse, tlt, at, cassette. Alum, Alum. wheels. w WAS 20,590 16,895 *30lAT 1996 TAURUS LX Alumnum :. >vft!eers, <X\fe& - ; :tttt, : power. wrktoyys/seat,-.cassette,: -,<6;ost. fstodc; Thank You For Makng Us METRO DETROT S & TRUCK DEALER nventory] Hghest Volume Used Car Lot! A-PLANNERS. we want your trade and well pay morefort! 24MO. LEASE DOWN»409 PERMO. 409 NEW1996 EXPLORERS V6s, leather, sports, XTs, Edde Bauers. We rave what you Want n your color. EXPLORER SPORT 934 Pkg.. sport trm. auto, pcv/er wlncjowvlocks. cruse, tlt, step bur., P23S/OWL TRtS. Stock #63440 WAS 27,250 YOUPAY 26, MO. LEASE DOWN 355 PERMO. 355 WHY WAT? We have your 1997 pckup waftng for you. 100 avalable for delvery n September. Choose from 4x4, SuperCabs, XLfs, Larats. All Colors WNDSTAR GL, ar, solar tnted glass, rear w[ stereo, WAS 2,65 YOUPAY MO. s LEASE 1996 WNDSTAR X Medum wllow, 477 pkg., H Cap Ar, JBL sound w/cd, console, keyless entry. &k #60105 Was 28,505 YOUPAY DOWN s AT THS PRCE PERMO. s MUSTANG GT CONVERTBLES Auto, leather, 17" alumnum wheels, Mach CD, Stk. #64009 Volet, #64008 Black, #64050 Green Was 28,975 YOUPAY 24,475 #Volet Demo, Whte Demo s 22,975 Open Monday & Thursday UntUftoo pjn, Out os Town Call Toll Free Z22 PLYMOUTH ROAD LVONA.-* Your Qualty Commtment Dealer MODEL F-150 TAURUS GL WNDSTAR VAN CONV. EXPL SPORT WNDSTAR THUNDERBRD TAURUS LX E-pLJ : mm? ftBK&f&tf Q n excess of wear and tear..>, *. * - - * MM MMMM mmm r - t t- t* tl -. n.. M. * * * WMhtttt

35 P W W " F f W ww yjfg11» w m< w m tm y MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 O&E (0X*)1D 1996 GRAND PRX SE SEDAN Dual ar bags, 3.1 V6, power wndows, power door locks, pass key theft deterrent, cruse, rear defogger, AM/FM cassette, ABS brakes, mats, remote keyless entry, remote trunk release & more.. Stock # SALE 4 5 A %R* GMOPT ppm* T QyfcfJQ Deduct month Smart Lease 24T f mo BONNEVLLE DEMO Ar condtonng, dual ar bags, ant-lock brakes, stereo cassette, power mrrors/seat/wndow&locks, 3800 V6, automatc, pass, key theft deterrent, remote control, deck ld release, rear defroster & more. Stock #DEMO SALE < Q QQC GMOPT PRCE. l«7j*7*y Deduct month Smart Lease 329 rmo TRANS SPORT Automatc, ant-lock brakes, deep tnted wndows, seven passenger seatng, rear wndow defroster, tjrt, cruse, AM/FM stereo cassette. Stock # SALE 4 GMOPT PRCE l O f t ) Deduct1, month Smart Lease 264 per mo GRAND AM SE TWO DOOR COUPE Ar, 4-speed, auto trans, tlt, cruse, AM/FM cass., defogger, power locks, dual ar bags, ABS brakes. Drver Educaton Specal! Stock # SALE PRCE 13,995 GM0PT11 * Deduct month Smart Lease 258 per mo GRAND PRX SE TWO DOOR COUPE Automatc, ar, power door locks, power wndows, rear deck spoler, 4 wheel dsc brakes, dual ar bags, theft deterrent system. Stock # SALE PRCE GM OPT Deduct JMMY 4X4 FOUR DOOR Vbrtec 4300 V-6 engne, automatc transmsson, ar bag, ABS brakes, ar condftonng, power wndows/kxcs/mrrors, tflt & cruse, AMyFM cassette stereo and much more! Stock # ? & *22, month *>OQ** Smart Lease &9vper mo. GMOPT Deduct SONOMA PCKUP 2.2 lter, tour Cylnder engne, 5 speed manual transmsson, ar bags, ABS. brakes, ar condtonng, tftt, cruse, AM/FM stereo cassette, and much more! Slot* # SALE * GMOPT Deduct S6S8.70 PRCE 12, mdnthtnarfl.ease~m 99*pW 1996 SERRA ¾¾ 4X4 PCKUP.Vv\: VOFfTEC 4300 engne, automatc transmsson, ar bag, ABS brakes, ar condtonng, tlt, & cruse, panted rear step bumper, AM/FM stereo cassette & much more! Stock # SALE PRCE 18,995 GM OPT Deduct month Smart Lease 275** per mo SAVANA CARGO VAN Vortec 430Q V8 engne, aulomatc, dual ar bags, ABS brakes, ar, sde door & rear cargo glass, LT225/75R16 tres, AM/FM stereo & much more! Stock # SALE PRCE»18,4: GMOPT Deduct <«USED CARS & TRUCKS USED CARS & TRUCKS USED CARS & TRUCKS USED CARS & TRUCKS msmwwm >, ¾ 0 vmmmmm O FNANCNG AVALABLE ALL CARS MECHANCALLY NSPECTED * WE BUY CARS MA Sheldon Road h J-U (Just North of M-14, Jeffres Fwy.) P0NTAC-GMC TRUCK fl.&kb8sfj GM Employees Opton - Opton Hours: Mon.&Thurs. 9-9 PEP PAH Tues.jWed., Fr.9-6 HEADQUARTERS Supplers Welcome m COUHTY P0HTMC SEALERS Plus tax. ttle, lceose-rebates ncluded wtere applcable. "Lease payment based on approved aedt on 12,000 mles per year w/t 5c excess m. lor 30 or 36 months. Lessee responsfotetorexcess wear & tear. Lessee has opton to purchase atteaseend (or predetermned prce at lease ncepton. Securty depost equal to frst payment plus 25,frst months payment, lcense, ttle & tabs plus dcwn payment due at nctk>n. Suppl Hm 4S. JS9t Mustang Gaupja "MustanM. Ar condtonng, AM/FM cassette, rear defrost.avamw* power steerng, PEP 241A Stock #64287 Was 16,935 *0HT 13, Month Lease S 254**/mon.h S3 Aero star* Avalable. Extfttta ftatatfcat 4Wff 4.0 lter, speed, tlt, AM/FM cassette, power convenence group, prvacy glass, quad captan chars, seat beov. hgh cap, ar, alumnum wheels. * * & : Stock #63211 WW:: Was 27,286 S N mm mm mw Tlt, cruse, ar, power mrrors, alumnum wheels, power wndows, locks, AM/FM cassette, sldng rear wndow. PEP 507A Stock #63898 Was 19,514 «14, Month Lease Ar, rear defrost, AM/FM cassette, 15" alumnum wheels, rear defrost, tlt, 5 speed. Stock #62826 Was 16,690 *<w 13, Month Lease»a39**/monlh Ar, speed, mats, cassette, locks, power drver seat, alumnum wheels, lght group, PEP 205A. Stock # ""»»*» MHr18, Month Lease Zaa/month 24 Month Lease wth Renewal 209"/month Rear defrost, power wndows, locks, tlt, cruse, AN/FM cassette, power drvers east, floor mats, cast alumnum wheels. PEP 155A StocK#63713 o-\ Was 18, ow 1JM* Wndtfat Ob 7 pass, buckets, speed, St, Fght o/dup, defrost, ar, cassette, power convenence group, 3.8 lter, mats, extended range Y fuel tank, prvacy glass, PEP 472A. Stock # Was 23,840 *o»»18, Month Lease 2697mon.h atftspre Hot red, 3 door, rear defrost, AM/FM stereo.. Stock #60572 SALE PRCE Tlt, cruse, ar, power mrrors, alumnum wheels AM/FM cassette, sldng rear wndow PEP 507A Stock #70753 Was 20,710 NOW S FREE MOTOROLA FLPLESS PHONE Wth Purchase (requres 2 year actvatof wth Cellular One) \ MODEL Whle Supples Last MUJMV TOUUK t- j e s A Famly Tradton _.J-/r> r > \\\ r -\\\ r ;r-\\ f. nrrr. 7-,\! r-rr[ ;, T1 r ftff ls?: vr.v.s ;!<)<.,. \< f -\\. \\\\ ;"\ s..: ;;. -./. \-\<. f " : TANK OF GAS WTH EVERY PURCHASE c / r,, r. J rj, \.,\. L,/.-Y<*/r/. rp.r.f.f-(.<.*. - ( f..r.rl:" r. r r yr.r "«-»r;. \r- r. r- \<?.7 f!-/! 9-/ /-MK--. V r::."..r.-r:" "y,./".., vr...\<r:\~-\< \\<-r.."t/../.11. (M -f.\ <- r r r 7//7T f r~ - o/ftcr 1 S r. rv/ \\ )r\.. r-j J. l-" ;.r : f..; 1t./..-T.\.ff" r. r :,. Tf/ r., ftf.r pt "-rr, "Tf< f-,t r.-f<-."r 1-/.-- y. t-.-r".-.-"".,;..- r r-" r - - l\ r rsr.arv< "ff-.f.v rrrttv- V-V-f f. lrr.fr s. r r.. fr-</:< :; r. r -;, tr.-,-,7/*. <r:<t:r v..* (.":"rr,,r r«f-..: f.*;.t,jr.vxflp.ff."frrr;. f-«j»«r rwy JACK DEMMER r l1j}f««jp»»d U. J ; <¾p*" ;,v mfer4f»1r MttM r - 1 :: "Vl mm*

36 ****mwmmmw *~****m*mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*m *p 2D(» CLASSFCATONS 512 to 538 Help Wanted- Sales A GREAT JOB! GREAT ENVRONMENT! GREAT WAGES! GREAT HOURS Relal upscae natural oavery no* h.nng Sales Assocates FuS and part me Come grow wth the Dakota Bread Company (810) SALES REPRESENTATVE/ POSSBLE MANAGER POSTON w rapdly growng company ndustry 90-day tranng salary to comrrussov» WEALTH &8ENEFTS Requtes 2 year Assocates m Busness ard 1 year outsde sales or 3 years outsde saes reaable transportaton, wrtng/ orjmvattonalcovrputer sklls Call Oruce.Mke 11-4pm ONLY at (313) ALOHA Hawa executes relocatng to D«Te.t needs h -ep Sx fgure ncome potev t:a Wll ran Mus be personable. frendly, arvj tnwonmentay conscous. (81 Oj d46-s145 ARCHTECTURAL & tmt RJOR- StQN-,ng SALES J.j-n r-.e «Commercal wav.-cvej nam m M-cn.gan Ccnfa.t Wat erngs nc s lockng tor an nly.d-ja w..r a rnr.jrnum 3 >ears e<perrrve cang on tre A 0 commun-ty Saary ar:ct_r:<-..rm,ss.on conrv.ensurate- wth e>r,*fer.ce ATerfon to Norman HcVhar Fax resurr :o ( Are You Serous About A Career n Real Estate 9 We are serous ato.t y,>ur success 1 Free Pre-l<.ens,-j classes Exclusve Success Systems Programs Varety ot Comm.sson Plas Jon the No 1 Coywel BarVer anate m the Mdwest 1 Call Ron Moore at (810) Codwell..Banker Schwetzer Real Estate r HOW DOES S Per Year & Up Sound To You SNCE WE. EXPANDED 4 PURCHASED THE BULDNG NEXT TO OURS WE ARE searchng!cr rtfv-duas A no a--e seew-.g A TRULY REWARDNG SALES CAREER No sas eper-e.xe No gyres We.fc fr;>* fe Pes! tran.ng,n <-*.no,sn/ We Aso 0"e Oenta Wa,or MtJca Prescrpton Cc.e-ajt 43 HCH--r Work Week Pa-J Vacatons» Proft Snarng ART VAN FURNTURE «: accept aro-caor.5.n-n-ec.- An" Van ;,n N;\ NLV RJ or cal Mr Dcnc-an at Fc S Pal Trr.e Post ens Avaase AUTO SALES Otds dealer need sales person, male ov female, expenenced wth car sates and (easng helpful. WJ consder other sales professonals wantng a area! new opportunty and growth Recent couege graduates encouraged lo apply. Salary, commsson, large benefts package.. See Sd Cha/noch CHARNOCK OLDS/AURORA BE LKE MKE M-ke earned St,065 last week Wke drves a.company vehcle Mke wears sneakers and jeans to work M,.ke gets dalyweekly bonuses Management pos!«ns avalable WANT TO BE LtKE MKE" Can 4313) Ask tor Mr Pntchard CAMERA SALES - 3 postons part or!u! nma Camera knowledge helpful Also seekng manageral help Apply at F-Stop Grand Rr<er Haggerty, Fa/mngton Hlls CAREER OPPORTUNTY Advertsng saes 50,000 frst year s reanstc 55¾¾¾¾ guaranteed to Stan 1 Unlmted commsson, super tonuses Seven year old publshng corr.ctany needs 2 more closers CELLULAR & MORE (Canton, Brghton & Fenton Locatons) Seze the opportunty!o,<5-n a rap-cjy growng locally owned company Experence preferred, but A:l tran [he rght nd.vdua Reta-l Saes Cellular 4 Pag-ng Outs-de Saes Cellular 4 Parng «fns!a"ers - Ceutar Full or part-tfne Benefts tor fum-tme. avaable aner 90 days No phone cas please Send or fan resume w saary requrements to Ceu : ar 4 Me. PO Bon 1349 Brghton. M Fax BH O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 Help Wanted- Sales FANTASTC SALES OPPORTUNTY No evenngs Upscale Brmngham w omens dothng stwe Advancement opportunty FgH ov part lme. (810) FNE FURNUTURE SALES REPRESENTATVE Baker, Knapp * Tbbs, a leadng wholesale dstrbutor of hgh end resdental furnture and accessory pvoducls, s seek.mg an aggressve ndrvduaj for a comm-ssoo sales representatve asstgrvrenl Prevous experence m home furnhftg sates s requred We otter an excellent compensaton 4 benel.ts package. ncludng matchng 40(K) and a hghly desab! e work schedule. nterested candes may send or fax", resume, wth salary h.stofy lo Ann Sho A room Manager Baker, Knapp 4 Tubbs 1700 Stut Dv - 4 Troy. Ml Fax» MaJe-Femae Help Wanted- Sales Jewelry Sales 25-35K 0\rfs1ancfng opportunty fov pohshed ndvw-xjual* wth fne Jewelry, da/pond sales experence. Great hours! Call Cndy K/anen: )70 Kanpev Assodates WJete* Farrrrgton Hto. Ml FL/RNTURE SALES Upsoae furrvture cham seekng 3 qualfed sales people deal person would be gu-ck learnng 4 seffmodvated wth a (la r for color coordnaton Poston a/aable at Lvon-a. No. pr Sterlng Heghts. Salary ptus commsson w-.th an e»ce!!ent.benefts package For appcxhtmenl call. Newton Fornture. 1313) S GREAT POTENTAl toe selt-starter Cold call busnesses for snack food company Ful or part-tme CommSs.on plus mleage Can from 10am- 2pm CELLULAR SALES : Relal 4 Orect sales Experence prelerfed Cawson area Pager 4 vocemjj ran.ng Mr Dan,«Js ATTENTON: BANK ROBBERS T-ed df rcbo-ng ysur Pg.j, Barj ~rrdate parttl-t.me pos1*ons n ls.-de SaesFund Rasr.g Good sctak.ng sk;s 4 rjepend3& ty a rrust Lvona call Tom Po-ntac 8tO-J35-73o8 Real Estate One CHnl PLYMOUTH OFFCE Seekng arroous, careerm.rved ndvduas. Maxmze your.earrngs work wth an ndutry leader We offer on-r.e- )H> ttan ng. fexbe tojrs and SSO 000 t.rst year ncome potental for more nformaton ca Shrley or Ed Ford (313) ATTENTON STUDENTS Part t.me telemarketn.; We hve 10 POStOrS ava J abe Guaranteed S6 per nour f fv red expect to earn mjch rr«re Experence he ; pv, r«u necessary These pcst-ons w.. nc-t L3st Ca today 1 (313 <22-laT8 ATTTUDE F you are sef-mov.ed you.coud earn m excess of * :h us your tys year m saes Cannow. serous nqures crtj (810) 552-SS&5 AUTO SALES Lrooa Chryser-Pl-jmouSh has an cpc-n.ng ov a career-mnded automotrve. new car sates profess.onaf Tred olyour borng job, set ncome Consder ths opportunty! Great Benefts Pa<J.Vacajon PensonPrograms and Expeftent Pay Mus have past ob references aryd some sales expenence Senous mnded only need appr/ See new ca/ sales department at Lvona Chrysler-Plymouth Plymouth FM. vora (313) BUYER/MANAGER For Pkmb.ng Departmentof lavge retaj hardware store. Full t.me, permanent pos- lon ¾ Hardware. (313) CHANGE YOUR LFE Start a nea cdree n real estate CALL TONY COMPUTER SALES, PERSON Rapd gro-a.ng computer company seeks sell-motvated saes reps wth experence n computers Fut tme wth benefts Excellent earnng poc-ntal P.ease call (810) DECORATOR (SALES) GCA-r,g -eta- decoratng char now hvrger tua and par tme saes post-vs Many locatons Fex-be work nour scneoves Ca 1 Personnel at (810) , Ext 209 HUSTLE 5<000/MO (Com.-n.sson). Seekng ambtous. ndvduals who en,-cy tun des-re to be a saes tracer 4 earn lop ncome (810) MMEDATE, OPENNGS for three senous, career m.nded ndvduals capable of partcpatng on a dynafnc learn People-orented organzaton orfers on-the-job tranng, above average earnngs, and a pnme locaton Call Sharon at (313) (Al nqures held n confdence) JOAN & DAVD Somerset Collecton Boutque 2801 W. Bg 8eayer Rd., Troy, Ml Full tme sales and part tme sales poston* avaable rrvrvedatefy. Ths opportunty ndudes benefts. 401K and proft sharng Experence preferred and a flexble schedule s a must Please appfy rt person wtfh resume and references MANAGEMENT 4 SALES mmedate sales 4 management postons avalable lor motvated customer servce one.nted people wth one ot the largest speaalty shoe retalers m the Naton Futl or parttme postons are avalable al our 12 Oaks Man slore Average annual ncome for full-tme s 21,000 to Great beneft package AppcyjapevsonaLjalfftlze-Cr can , ask lor Betsy MANAGEMENT TRANEE & PART TME SALES Somerset North Flexble hours Call Mana Croco (810) RETAL ASSSTANT Manager lor busy retal studo. Excellent salary plus commsson. Full medcal bene- ns avalable. Fax resume to- 8O-85eV2197 or cal (810) MEDCAL SALES & MARKETNG REP tor med.cal faclty n downtown Rochester Sales 4 marketng expenence requred Send resume to Human Resources. PO Box 82177, Rochester Help Wanted- Sales Relax Cashers, Sales, Stockng Up to Whr- Full 4 Part tme Dscover excellent oppcrturnt«wth Bed bath 4 Beyond, one ot the natons fastest growng specalty retalers We are tooung lor energetc hands-on ncwdua-j wth good customer servces sk2s to jon our team n the Detrot area Whle prevous retal experence would be hetplut, we vt w ang lo tra.0 those wto show the drve and desre lo succeed as we do. Please appfy n person to your closest Bed Ban & Beyond tocat.cn: Fa/mngTon Mjtls Orchard Lake Rd Troy s 650 John R Rd. 8Tf> Sterlng Heghts Kan Rd BED BATH & BEYOND Beyond any stove ot ts knd m Help Wanted- Sale* Sales 3AJLES COORDNATOR For contract (unvtuve frm. Prevous sales expernece desred. Seme) resume lo: Box #1038 Observer 1 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Lrvora, Ml SCHOOL SALES REPRESENTATVE For World Book Educatonal Products. Part-tme poston wth flexble hours. Must be sett-motvated. Great tranng. Fov ntervew can: Ov Fax resume: (616) Help Wanted Part-Tme CUSTODAN - PAftT TME EVENNGS (or Brrnlngham area church. Ughldeamng Retree s welcome. Cal Steve: DESK CLERKS hrsjper wx. noon - 6pm, 6pm-11:30pm. RaquetbaJt Favmngton. CaD; (810) Sell The Amercan Dream Real estate s boomng. We are lookng for serf drected ndvduals who want untrnred earnng potental wth an nduslry leader. Tranng avalable, flexble hours. :all Laura Cantn MORTGAGE BANKNG TELESALES, lull tme. Openng n Sept m Farmtngton.Hls Non-smokers. Base. bonus 4 benefts Mr. Erde ext. 29 NDA. CHNA. PHLPPNES... V/ork ng professonals wth backgrounds 0 Busness. mportexport, saes. Fnance, or Eng-neenng Hep 6 B-C Gvobal Amercan Company expand to SO B by year 2000 n These countres and become wealth/ Aggressve, goal orented people DO YOU en,oy helpng people Have an nterest n ntenor desgn and decoratng 7 Consder a fu- tme, salaned sales pos-ton w-.th a successful team at the Master Lghtng Showroom Reasonafe retal hours Salurctays requred (0am-5pm) Lghtng or electrcal expenence no! requred Health nsurance avalable Apply n person at MaS!c-r Lghlng nc Ford Rd, Canton EARN EXTRA Chnstmas Cash Needs Representatves Today 550 specal mted tme only New hcrr-e demonstraton market JS Wfe A 810-2,6163 EARN 30,000, + n 1st year wth our 21 yea! old telecon-.muncatons company Must have outsoe saes expenence wth any type ot prce lequ-pmen Top comm;sson. product trarung, car allowance 4 benefts For condent?! nterv-ew, can (810) Ext 123 ENTRY LEVEL SALES REPS Earn to frst- year. Natonal company, kxaf terrtory Degree preferred Benefts 4 excellent tra nng 4 ad-/ancemer,t. Phone... (810) Fax Resume (810) Greene 4 Assoc PersonnelV NDUSTRAL SALES Gooafy recognzed manufacturer ol specatzed lubrcaton used n metal processng s Seekng motvated rxfvuas for sales and support of ts prodjct l.ne throughout the m.dwesternus Opportunty lor growth n a safce env-.ronrrent Send resume. and sa ; ary requements to, EMPLOYER 0EPT OE59 P O Box 431 Bloom-eel H.s. Ml NDUSTRAL SALES Saes poston ava a&e cang on and servemg largenduslnal and automotve related accounts Offerng salary C : us commsson (negotable) Benetts expenses, and company car furnshed Oua.fcatons desved nclude h.gh energy and coege educaton Knowledge ot electroncs and or attrbuton, hepfuf Send resume, references and career ob,«ct.ve letter to Snand Electroncs re, Schoolcraft, Ln"oma, M or Fax to No phone calls please NEW HOME SALES ASSSTANT Answenng phones, handng out brochures, etc NovvWxom area Flexble hours 8-S1tjVhour, (810) FAX (810) SALES: Aggressve Wholesale Dstnbutor of brand name fragrances seeks TeleSales reps Strong verbal communcafjon and organzatonal sklls a must. Should be detalorenled and a learn player. Please appfy n person or marl/fax resume lo:. Soveregn Sales, nc Am rhen Rd Uvona. Ml Fax (313) An Equal Opport unty Employer A SMOKE FREE, DRUG FREE WORXPLACE NO TRAVEL - Are you an elhcal sales type person 7 Come represent a company that s. Salary, commsson 4 benefts ncluded Can 10am- 9pm MonthruFn CaHSat4Sun l2-5pm (810) OFFCE SYSTEMS FRM Seeks Outsde Rep Benefts Tranng Expenses Protected terntory. leads proaed PROFESSONAL SALES CAREER Entry level poston avalable al REAL ESTATE ONE: Mchgans largest real estate company. Frst year ncome 50,000 plus Call Barry EHerholZ at tl SALES BG PAYCHECKS WANTED f you cant survve wthout Weekly pay then STOP SHOPPNG and cafl us 100-S200/daV Mon-Fr, 8-5 Opportuntes for advancemen You are a phone cal away rom a postve rewardng poston wth career opportunbes. Call: For ntervew Tmes NDUSTRAL TOOL SALES Sel ndustral cuttng tools 4 precson nstruments 400 per week plus commsson Must have ndustral too! experence (313) NSDE SALES PERSON Needed lul-tme Constructon materal supply co Some expenence helpful. Recent resume to PO Box DetrrM. Ml ENTRY LEVEL SALES Callng cm busnesses, sellng appontments for our Senor Consultants Draw to commsson Bonus, expenence, advancement Can Ed (810) ESTABLSHED 50 yv.old ndustnal scale ckstnbulor <s seekng aggress»ve. htghh/ motvated, nsxle. Sa,es Pevson Some.orf.ee respohs*ltes nducng data entry, purchasng 4 phones Send resume to Cech Covp Befden C.rvorva.Ml. EXPANDNG COMPANY desres carng people wth good people skns VVl t/am For Appt, call. {810) EXPERENCED RETAL SALES PERSON,- 8 per HOUR neejed lor goorme food store n Btcomfeld H.1s. Flexbfe hours.pad rredcawacaton 401(>) plan Cal Peter (or apartrrert (810) Uketo surf the Web? Are you someone nterested n computer tectvkrfogy? Then you may be just the person we are lookng for to sell Horre.Pages to our customers. We need ah nnovatve person wth the ablty to makesates presentatons, work from leads, cultvate new leads and close sales. Prefer college degree ot equvalent. Were wllng to teach you about ; home pages and the nterne!.. Must provde own jrahspprt8,ton. Ths!san opportunty to seh cuttng «dge technology and servces. Commsson only. EOE! To apply, FAX resume to: (313) , O&E On-Lne! NSDE SALES Power transmsson andor, Hud power experence ndustres -.Natons largest Bearng 4 Power Transmsson Dstrbutor. Mal resume to MoDon ndustnes. PO Box 906. Warren, Ml REAL ESTATE CAREER "Free Tranng" Ca Today Century 21 MJL Corporate Transferee Servce REAL ESTATE CAREER Ambtous Conscentous 1 WE WANT YOU! We w.h (ran you and start you on a long term hgh ncome career Frst year ncome potenta m excess of 550,000 CALL ERC RADER REAL ESTATE ONE NSDE SALES REPRESENTATVE A kxa) water and boler company has an n-medate operwg to< an nscte Saes. - Representatve to wovk w-,th customers n the areas of product tnorma-.on. orderng and scv-edumg Poston.requves heavy lelephone usage.. Canddates must po>ss«ss.good comrnuncaton. orgamzatona - and customer re!a!«>ns Sk-ls, 4 year college degree requred Compettve salary and exceent benefts package Please send resume SALES LOCHNVAR CORP PORT STREET PLYMOUTH. Ml ; AUTO SALES/LEASNG NO EXPERENCE MALE/FEMALE YOU CAN START A NEW CAREER TODAY!!! Become a professonal Sales/Leasng Consultant WeAte lookng for a FEW ndvduals who have what t takes to learn OUR way of sellng/leasng cars. The QUALTY way! F yog have ever wanted a career n salesbut were turned down? NOW S YOUR CHANCE EARN 28 TO 48 K 1 st year WE OFFER :. Professonal Tranng >luge nventory Hosptalzaton Plan Excellent Pay Plan ltervtews wfll be hew Mon. Sept. 9th & Tucs. Sept. 10th 9AM-6PM Holday Chevrolbt-Ceo Grand Rver rarmngton Hlls Ask for Mr. Metcalf NO PHONE CA.lSPLf.AS. ). NSDE SALES REPRESENTATVES Due to the rapd growth n leasngo* small tcket commevca! and meefcal equpment, a Troy. Mchgan based subsdary rof the largestbank n the world has mmed;a!e openngs for the fonow-ng poston: DRECT MARKETNG SPECALST Ths poston w5l EC-fC>1 N3tVx>al Aocounl vendors and provde leasng support for programs by respondng lo nqures and phone cans, ths s a "busness to busness", nsde sales poston wth smt postonscove rng tme zones wthn the contnentalu.s. The sh.fts are ether 8:3d3m-5pm,?.30am-6pm or lt:30am:8pm. The deal canddate ws have one year busness experence, preferably m the leasng ndustry, wth telemarketng or marketng emphass. Experence n medcal ov coper saes wn be consdered. Famlarty wh varous computer systems and Wndows experence requred Strong comvnuneauon skbs and customer servce atttude. Two years ol cosege educaton a beneft. Compensaton: Base saary ptu* commsson - Total pdss-ble covrv pehsaton n low 40s plus excehem benef package. Fc consderaton, please nchoate n your cove r letter what snfl preerence when forwardng your resume and saary hstory n confdence to: Human Resources Manager Sanwa Leasng Corporaton. P O. BOX 7023 Troy.MJ EOEAtT/HV NSURANCE SALES Regster now tor ree weekend pre- cense tranng class (starts Sept?0) or w*ekday dass (starts Sept. 11) ten tea Auto, Home & We nsurance n oov of fees. 500 weewy base after tranng: Must have excettertf credt. No experence ov ctnse requred - (810) Real. Estate Openngs» Free Tranng Computer M.LS. Prvale Offces Full or Part-Tme Much, Much More For condenraj ntervew call: Hartford North (313) ; SALES LABOR READY The natons fastest growng ndustral labor placement company s lookng lor hgh-powered salespeople to augment our growth m the Melro Detrot area Prevous experence n thsfast paced arena a plus Must be computer lterate. Excefent compensaton package ncludes salary bonus 401K stock optons Resumes to DSTRCT OPS W 8 M;<e Rd Lvona Ml REAL ESTATE PROJECT SALES Major Natonal Developer orfers excellent opportunty for experenced top producer at fast movng condo project. Extensve marketng support Mr. Ackerman. (8t0) REAL ESTATE SALES Free ranng from the»1 real estate company n the world. Cal Larry Frey (313) Century 21 Hartford South W. 6 Mle Uvona. Ml. EARN EXTRA MONEY workng M or part brne at Coveys al Wonderland Ma. V/e offer eompettve wages 4 benefrs. Appfy n person Monday thnj Thursday. Retal «CHANEL Cosmec Sales/Promo Artst Experence preferred. Postve performance mandafovy. Postons n Troy and Novt - Part tme.and M tme avalable. (313) RETAL SALES Bath ft Body Shop al Uvona Ma*. FurVPart 6m«avallaofe. Apply n person at: Scent Staton. (810) «RETAL SALES CLERK for Chldrens Store, f ufl ov part-tme. Flexble hours. CornpetrUve wages. Pleasant etoosphere. (810) 628:7474 SALES/MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNTES Wmsan Bukjng Matenatssa rapdly expandng dstrbutor of quaf.ty namebrand buvj.ng products throughout Mchgan We currently have several career opportuntes avaable at our Slerl.ng Heghs branch: BRANCH MANAGER OUTSDE SALESPERSON COUNTER SALESPERSON Qualfed applcants w.» have a strong background m blue-prnt readng. customer servce, and base knowv edge ol roofng sd-ng. wndows, and lumber. We offer competfjve wages based on experence,. excellent opportunty for promoton. BOBS and 401K retrement program: nterested canctdaes should send ther resumes lo: P. O. Box 609 Wayne, Ml SALES Mllon dollar expanson necesstates the need for an addtonal sales representatve n the Western Mchgan and Surroundng areas. The successful canddate can expect the followng:.30,000-50,000 or move frst year potental Pad tranng 3 weeks pad, vacaton Up. to 500 per week draw fov successful apptcants Customer Fnancng avalable Flexble s<tfedute Health nsurance 40K Retrement Program Sales experence essental. Our sales representatves ana professonals workjng from company set and cohfrrwappontments. Fov a confdental ntervew, call Mr. \penhol al SALES PERSON 0 Fufl or Part Tme lor fghtng % showroom. Good benefts ; A pay. Must have sales experence. Apply n pevson at: Brose Electrcal W. 7 WH«and NewtjuTfjh; Lvona SALES PERSON/ NTEROR DECORATOR For furnture store n Prymouth. Customer servce skds a must. ( SALES PERSON Leadng Natonal Staffng Frm seekng hghly motrvated. personable rtsvduat lov Oetrort Metro area. deal canomae has BS Degree & 3-5 yrs. experence n the staffng ndustry. Excellent pay aoa benefrts! Rush resumes lor TAD Staffng Servces Northwestern Hwy- S16: 140 SouthfeW, Ml Fax: EOE RETAL ADVERTSNG We are a successful communty newspaper company seekng a hghly motvated salesperson to work n the Royal Oak area. Must have a bachelors degree or equvalent, at least one year of sales experence and excellent communcaton sklls. Lookng for someone wth knowledge of ad desgn, layout and ablty to work n a busy envronment.. Must provde own transportaton. We offer a base salary plus commsson and excellent benefts package; srroke and drug-free workplace. EOE. To appfy, fax resume to (313) 5& ATTN: Retal Sales Poston 9/ SALESPERSON SALES POSTON WANT A CHANGE? H you are currehtfy n (odd servce, nsurance. banwng. retal or outsde sale* or any area workng wth PEOPLE wed Hte to ta* to youl Why, because sellng cars at George MaSck Chevrolet can pay very we». n fact your tkorne te UNLMTED. Our salespeople enjoy exceflent OCVVT1SSW», bonosea and an extensve tranng program, Cafl the Drector of Saes lor an ntervew. GEORGE MATCK CHEVROLET LEASNG AGENT Needed tut! tme fov large apt communty n Southfeld. Prevous experence a ptus. but wll tran. Excellent wages and benefts Appfy at Sutton Place Apts, Rversde Dnvs. (810) Sports Mnded? Errwonmenta.l health company lookng (or goal orented team players to develop.area. nconne very rewardng. Call: (313) SPORTS MNDED nternatonal marketng company seeks several compeluve. aggressve ndvduals lo help lead expanson cj frm n the Southfeld area.5,000/ month potental (810) Telemarket EARN UP TO 12/hr! S7-S9/hr. Base Generous Bonuses. FREE BLUE CROSS! DAY Shfts Open! Recrut volunteers.tor major natonal chantes 20 permanent postonslll Telegraph/13 Mle TELEMARKETERS NEE0ED 4 telemarketers. Noon to 8pm. Saturday & Sundays shfts avalable. We supply the hot leads... you close and earn the bg bucks! 5 to 35.. You Deode! Call STONEAGE TELEMARKETNG. FROM your home. Earn 5CO-1000 per week. CaH: (810) TELEPHONE SALES REPRESENTATVE Full lme, full tranng, full benefts. Salary, plus commssons. Call. (313) Snellng Personnel Servces SALES. REPRESENTATVE Outsde Sales -. JoV>!h!» ndustry ol the 90»... nterm Personnel, t natonal leader n me staffng ndustry, ll lookng lor aggressve. sev-motrvted, servce orented sales professonals. Due lo tnsmenckxs growth we are addng people to our Mam who have proven track record* m sales. We currenoy hav* op«ntng*. n cur SovthtW, Uvona 4 M, Clemen* offce. FtospontJbtrtfet ndude prospectng new offce and ndutwa) busness, developng 4 suttanng exstng ocouryl*,. whtte mawanlng the htahest level o( cutomer «atttfac*on. We on«t a base salary,»xe*»en» commssor) plan, auto ahowano* and healthy benef package. N you are ready lo start an»xc»wfl new career, ard resume ad aalary recrevnent* to: HR/Sae* Mo/ P.O. Box 221, easomte, Ml. 48M1 or lax d THNKNG ABOUT A REAL ESTATE CAREER? f so. you owe rt 10 yourself to nvestgate why we are the ll Codwet Banker afflate m the Mdwest and best suted to msure your success. All real estate compart.es ar- not the same. DSCOVER TH DFFERENCE Can Chuck Fast (810) COLDWeX BANKGRO Schwetzer Real Estate y". VDEO SALES J Roscor Corporaton has 2 excel- lent employment eporturvtes avalable, 1 for an entry level and 1 fov an experenced salesperson. : Must have some experence wth J professonal vdeo, audo, or must- meda equpment as wen as sales experence. Great ooporlunrty fov growth ard advancement. Can Marsha at:.-- (810) J WANT A CAREER N REAL ESTATE? There has never been a better tme to get nto real estate. We contnue to grow and ava now hrng new and experenced salespeople..we offer the hghest qualty tranng, great ncome potental, a flexble schedule and a great support start. Fov a confdental ntervew cam Jody Green t CoWweJ Banker Schwetzer b-1500 WEEKLY ONE CALL CLOSERS NEEDED! Must be money motvated and very energetc. you possess these qualtes, lets ram Daly and weekly bonus. Company vehde. Experence not necessary, but helpful, work ths week, get pad ths week. Lazy rjcsvduas need "not appfy. Cafl Mr. Pardee, (313) mammtmmmmmmm Tt Help Wanted U Part-Tme APTONTMENT SECRETARY Perfect, part-tme evenng hours wth full-tme wage potental. Must be outoon&g and lke to have lun; Can Mss Johhon: , to schedule an ntervew. ARTST WANTED For busy party ptan/nfl/baloon store. Mus have hands-on experence wth foamcore and make a prolesslonal appearance. Retal experence helpful..hours.flexble. Please call: (810) ASSSTANT/TEACHERS for early chlclhoc<j sought by Famnngton area YMCA. Also teeung Area Coordhator lor school age chad care, fesponsbte for 5 schools. Can Mary- Beth al AVON Needs Representatve* n your arrea. CALL KAREN NCW, 3( , 8ARN STABLE - h«p needed. Clean & clay tlas. throw hay, handle horte*. N. Terrto-. ral & Curts. Mon.-Fr, an hour BONAVENTUR6.SKATNG Center s mtervtewvg tor DJ 4 other pos- Bon*. Flexble hour*. Age 16 & <tr. 8enlots welcome. Ask lor Heahev; (8t0) CASHER Afternoons 4 weekends. West lor students. Mathfson Hardware Ford Boad, Garden Crry. CHLD CARE CENTER, QuaMy chld care center 7 seeung cartog, ratable perv *on» lo H part-wme) jpoetjon*. Satan/ comrtersurste wth experence... (810) CLEANNG PERSON Jon our team. Ugh. duty offlc*. Also, Vacuum Specalst needed. No xpen>hc«necetmry. Mon-Fr., evenroe. Canton. Contact Bruoe at Randoom: (313) leav«message COLLEGE 8TUOENT hrs. per week. Must be good m math 4 must be Strong, ftexble hours... (313)281¾)¾ CONSTRUCTON UBORER New home consttveton company heed* a r»um«person wtt own transportaton lo work part tme dong general dean up. M pet hour, Please cat George at: (313) COUNTER HELP Arevnoona 3-7, and Saturday. Good pay, Carton.. (313) DSC JOCKEYS A great 2nd job! Take home 9-12/ oer hour. We tran you lo. deejay at parles. We provde equpment. Car requred. Fun (ob! G/eal moneyl Can (313) GFT 4 CHRSTMAS SHOP n Frankln Vllage needs cheerful. dependable sales personnel lor weekends. Please call Sandy: (810) HELLENC CULTURAL CENTER s acceptng applcatons lov the followng part-tme postons. Banquet Watstafl * Bartenders Dshwashers r l Help Wanted- "Domestc A HOUSEHOtO EXPERT Professonal Novt couple seeks maluve "Household Expert* for housework, wokng 4 occasonal ewd ca/e lor adorable toddler. Lvem preferred, would consder other arrangements (some overnght 4 weekends necessary). Pror experence wth jnlants 4 mpeccable references requred Must successfully pass n-depth background check to nclude (Crmnal 4 drvng record Nonsmokers only. Must have own relable transportaton, vald drvers lcense & ablty to obtan vald passport (lor nternatonal travel). Certfed b CPR 4 nlant Frst Ad preferred. Lookng for oombtnatjon of Claa HuxtubTes wt 4 charm. Aunl Bee warmth & gentle compasson. 4 Alces (Brady Bunch) eventempered, tun-lovlng nature. Compensaton s generous, based on experence. Pad tme oft for vacaton plus room & board CWldweServ.ee*" J lcensed -. ambmb BRGHT BEGNNNGS -)n Cahlon Ucensed n home Day Care has (5} lun tme, openngs, t Snacks and lunch provded. Learnng actvtes and structured playtme. Lots ol fun! * * * * * * * * * * * (313) CHOCARE Ucensed Home. Any age. Futl/part-brne. CO yrs, expenence Great references. Arts 4 Crafts. Shrley; CHLDCARE - P;e-SChoot; kndovgarten and latch key. 2/4yr. -12 yrs. Mon-Fr. 6am-8pm. Atfofda&te, Uvona. Award wnnng program! (313) nfant/tockjer/preschool 5/ Kaggerty area. Openng end Spt. UTTLYANGELS: (313) Estate Housekeeper que ful lme, lve-n 4 try»-eooks Pahtry Securty Wages start at 7 per hour Apply m person only, Mon thru Sat, 10am to 4pm Joy Rd. WesOand. Ml. between Wayne 4 Newburg flds HOSTESS - Part-tme days, evenngs 4 weekends Fov 3 funeral homes. Lvona 4 Canton (313) NDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS -ppporrunlty tor; (joltede students % 18oV dder /"SfeS nejqrqper surrpttos v ;cteo> to door n. WcYTCo C A L L JOHN OR NKK AT rs Unque ful tune, rve-n 4 rye-out opportuntes lov experenced Mousekeepers. Outstandng salares 4 pad medcal benefts* Nanny/ Housekeeper (rve-n) also needed CaS Cmdy Harper Assocates Mddtebell. Farmnglon H8s; Ml HOUSE CLEANNG 4 baby sttng Lrve rvout. Must be good wth chldren References requred Nonsmoker Farmngton Hlls area (810) HOUSEKEEPER - Expenenoed lor Ml tme poston n targe W. Bfoomleld home. ncludes cleanng, laundry, occasonal otnldcare, elc Mus be flexble Mus have postve, frendly, helpful atttude Hours Mon. Tues 4 Thurs-Sal 8:30-5 Benefts avalable Please can (810) HOUSEKEEPER lve-n. Brrngham famly. 3 school age chldren needs warm, lovng person to care fov (amty 4 house, references necessary, drvng preterred or after 8pm HOUSEKEEPER NANNY, par l»ne bases. Mus have expenence 4 reterences n both areas Ann Arbor area Can after 6pm HOUSEKEEPER Needed n my Btoomfeld HJs. home. fa Mon-Fr. References (810) NTELLGENT/Anmaled college student needed 3-9 daytme hrvwk. workng wth language delayed 5 year old gm Wll tran X NTERVEWERS FovMarke Research. Days or nghts. Farmngtonarea* (810) PART-TME CONVENENCE slore merchandser fov Dearborn. Garden Cty, Westland 4 Canton area Up to 30 hrs per week Compettve hourly wage plus mle-age Resume to C-Stora Orvson. P.O. Box Farmngton Hfls. M PART TME LEASNG ASSSTANT hours ncludng Saturday. Resume to: Management Company East Bg Beaver Road.»203 Troy. Ml PART TME OFFCE HELP Photo studo seeks par tvns people to handle oftce responsbltes and producton work Some Saturdays and evenmgs requred. Can for appontment: (810) HOUSEKEEPER - need mddle aged person lov house work, cookng, help w."watkng 4 ovrvng car. 5 days-week, from 10am-3pm Tour (dear). Call alter 3pm (810) LVE-N HOUSEKEEPER 4 nrahl*. needed for woman executve Must be non-smoker, abfa lo do laundry, cleanng 4 cookng. References requred. Good salavy. CaJ Rosemare Ext. 238 LVE N Lovng Housekeeper. Btoomfeld Hlls area, fov wonderful famly, responsble fov 8 yr. old Must be able to cook MALE HOME HEALTH ADE Thurs. Sal. Sun Novt area Experenced preened. Contact Cndy MATURE LVE n non smoke/ (of cookng, cleanng. Drvers UXnsQ requred (810) NANNY HOUSEKEEPER needed n Btoomfeld Hlls, Mon Fn, for 1 school age chld Non-smoker w.owrt trans Pad vacaton PRODUCTON SCHEDULNG ASSSTANT Part-tme poston avalable for person w-.th PC experence to coordnate offce and manufacturng functons Apply n personal BELANGER. NC Doheny Ct, Northv.lle (oft Northve Rd. N. of 7 Mle Rd ) ov send Resume to: H R. PO. Box A. NorthvUte. Ml RECEPTONST Frendly Farmngton Hlls Real Estate Offce s lookng fov a -People Person" tor weekends. Cal Larry Harwtn t, RECEPTONST/SECRETARY needed lov busy Real Estate offce to share evenng 4 weekend hours Please call Larry Frey at RECEPTONST Weekends tor company n the &rrnngham area. Approxrnalely 1 hrs7 wk. Apply n person Chambeoan Realtors, 975 S. Hunter, Brmngham. RETAL CLERK - Part-tme lorbndaj 4 Gft Shop. Downtown Prymouth Flexble hours. Rerees o/ college students welcome. Experence preferred. Eves: (313) ROLLER HOCKEY REFEREE Needed at Bonaventure, Farmngton Mls. WP tran. Age 16 4 over. Ask for Heather, SALES MERCHANDSER Major tobacco company seeks part lme Sales Merchandser. Must oe 21 ov older. 30 hours per week. 8 per hour startng salary plus mleage. Expenses and some benefts fctuded. Job s calsng on retal outlets n Pontac. Waterlovd 4 Lake Oron area, to set up dsplays, place advertsng 4 to rotate stock: Experence S prelerred. but not necessary. Relable transportaton 4 vad drvers lcense needed. EEOC. Resume lo; Box 1(071 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Lvona. Ml SCHOOL LUNCH SUPERVSORS Mon.-Fr1., 1- hours dary. SS.Smr. Hllsde Elementary n Farmne4ort SECRETARY BRMNGHAM nsurance agency seeks competent pevson lo provde secretaral support for current staff. NO nsurance expenence necessary. We tran. UoEmrted opportunty for advahcemen! and growth. Futl ov part tme. Salary open...." Fax resume to: (810) 644:8010 or call John CrConnelt al: (810) A TELEMARKETERS --Experenced lor local J J heatng 4 coolng company. r"\; Good hourly wage, bonuses plus commssons, Please can Pat at: (313) TOUR/TRAVEL ReservatonsSales ccpbrtunsy lor student, hovnemaker to earn good aalary +oommssof«travel benefts: Day. hours. Exctng upbeal ndustry. Complete tranng provded. Afply n person: CAN-AM W0RLDW1OE TRAVEL 3000 Towo Center, Southfeld VAN DRVER nkster apartment wmmunrfy s seekng a part-tme, van drtvsr (20 hour* per week). Must possess ft vam Chauffeurs lcense, an excellent drvng record, and good communcaton sklls. Prevous experence prelerred. Apply n pentof) at CHERRY. HLL PLACE Cherry H* Rd.. r*se* MJ 48)41, Of cel (313) cn appontment..-." An Equal Cypytunfty Emptoyef VST NSURANCE omces lov a re*, loratton contractor. FuS-Bme potental. Salary 4 mueage pad weemy. Reply to: PO Box Royal Oak, M ,! V WAREHOUSE HELP needed for ratal Kghfng showroom, n Uvona. No experence rtecessa/y, FWxfje hour*. (313) WATCHPERSON For commurfy bu»*ng. People skh* requred. Mostly weekend evenngs : B.Help Wanted- "Domertc mmmmmmm CHLD CARE NEEDED k our NorthvH«home, 3 day* pe/ week. Own trarsporaeon. Non-smoker. (810) , COO STTER: Lookng for a specal person lo gve lovng care to my sweet dog. Avalable to stay n my home over Chrstmas break lor, 1 week. Great job (or college student or rnafuos woman. Kay: PART TME Cook/Chldcare Dutes nclude cookng heakhy tow lat meals 4 nghls per week Grocery shopp-ng and some even-ng crvtd care (810) WOMEN WANTED lo cook. 1 meal a day. Afternoons n Garden Cty. Marquette, Cherry Hfl. fnksler Rd area. (313) MPL0VM NT/ NSTRUCTON SCRVCCS # Caretaker Couple Needed. tor upscaleapartment communty n Oakland County area. Mnmum of two - years experence n property management and mantenance. Send resume wth salary requrements to: Human Resources; P. O. Box 3045, Brmngham, Ml 48009, RESDENT MANAGER COUPLE lo rve and manage an apartment complex n the Northvlle.Prymouth area. Responsble lov (easng, offce, and some mantenance, dutes. Good startng salary, benefts, etc. Fov further formaton can, RESDENT MANAGER COUPLE Cty ol Rochester area. ncludes apartmerl salary 4 medcal benefts. Resumes to: Box Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Lvona, Ml r«help Wanted, 1¾¾ Hovers/Lt. Haulng LAWN, SERVCE lookng lor DEPENDABLE help for lawn season 4 snow removal. Start at 8.50 anhr. Can Tom COM EDY CLOWN Entertanment lor partes, pcncs,- specal events. Magc. Sbft Walkng. BaHoohs. Spaghett The Cfown THE BRDAL DRECTORY APPEARS N THE Observers Communty Lfe Secton AND THE Eccenlrcs Suburban Lfe Secton The Thrd Thursday OF EVERY MONTH!! Whether you are a caterer, photographer, travel agent, florst, OJ, bakery, elc. etc. wth a product ov servce needed to create, THE PER FECT WEDDNG, you wn reach thousands of potental customer* wher you advertse n our Brdal Drectory. :. For Advertsng nfo Caa Rch, Frances 8 Tory at: (313) ( ( AVAHA8LE. EXPERENCED Conv pantor AldVHousekeepev lor elderly. Lrve-n, any area. Good references 4 car,, (313) GENERAL HOUSECLEANNG Are you too busy? Can me. Reference*, honest, dependable. Weekly, bweekly. Sa/xfy: HOUSE 8TT1NG By mature chrstan lady fov wnter Home Vacatoners". References NURSE Ade, Assstant 4 Companon. Experenced workng wth al knds 4 Mnesses. 5 day* or nghts. Ratable, Reference* POLSH GRL 10 dean 4 polsh, t.6 yr* experence, excellent elereoces, sv. clscounts, ra«deartng. Cal (313) S Young po«sh woman lookng to <6tn houses, relable, dependable, own transportaton wth references. (313) V. V l LCENSED relable day care n my Farmngton Hlls home. 2 Healthy meals 4 snacks nducted. Ful bme. 115Avk. Call (810) LOVNG Mom. dean home, good car a. nce Westland area. Newborn to 4 yrs. ndoor 4 outdoor fun No worres whle you work DAYCARE rfwyewah home. Mon- Fr, lua or part-lme. All ages, meals 4 snacks, tots.of TLC. Reasonable rates, Garden Oty DEPENDABLE.OVNG Daycare n my Uvona/fledfof d area home. Fufl or part-tme New born to 4 yrs. old. Can Jenny al (313) Educatonal and nurturng envronment provded lov your youngsler(s) before, durng of aflev school hours. Farmngton Hts. (810) EVENNG.Chldcare- Carng woman seeks amty who work nghts 4 need ctvtoxre. Also avaable for weekend days References EXPERENCED mother certfed n CPR 4 Frst Ad. lookng to lake care lor your, chld n the Westland area MeaJs/snacks ncluded. Safe/fun lovng envronment. (313) GRAND OPENNG -. Lttle Stars Home Day Care, 7-6pm dary. Reasonable rates, breakfast, lunch. 4 wo snacks 35 mo to 6 years ol age Farmngton Rd. 4 Schoolcraft area Call after 6.00 (313) LOVNG MOTHER ol one wshes lo watch your crukj Lots ol love, toys 4 tender care n Garden Cty area (313) PRESCHOOL TEACHER wth assocates degree. 14 years experence rdrvdualzed qualty care 2VS-5 years old Lrvoma (313) QUALTY Chad Care provded for your nfant thru 5 yr old. CaJ Brdgette (313) Chldcare Needed A BRGHT lovng caregver lor grts age44zv4 46mo.old boy. 3 days a wv 7 30-Sppm n Beverly H3s Home. (810) ADORABLE 9 mos. boy 4 7 yr grl need Nanny. 3 days/30 hrs, 7 50 Own transportaton. Farmngton H.Bs Can AFFECTONATE CAREGVER lor nfant hrvwk. n W. Btoomf.eld home Lght housekeepng, nonsmoker * ! AFTER SCHOOL care n our Btoomfeld home for luds ages Mon. thru Fn, 3 to 6pm Must have car 4 relerences 120-v>eek (810) BABYSTTER FOR 2 chldren Sal nghts anctov occasonal tong weekends Non-smoker CaB (810) BABYSTTER - Mature, non-smoker. Every Sat mght for yr old boys n my Farmngton HSs home References requred. (810) BABY STTER needed for 2 chldren ages hours a week m my downtown Farmngton home Non smoker. (810) BABYSTTER - needed 2 days per week. Thuv. 4 Fr. lov 4 yf. old chld n your home or mne, Westlnd area. Call (313) BABY STTER needed lor 2 schoolage chldren n my Canlon home. OWT transportaton Flexble. References. 4 days weekly. Up to S140a week. (313) BABYSTTER -wanted n Famngton Hlls home. Mon. Wed. Fr, 7:30am- 6pm: 190 per wk. Non-smoker, car requred..(810) BABYSTTER WTH- experence needed n our Troy home. 3 days per week - Tues, Wed, 4 Thurs Please cau after 6pm: (810) CAREGVER. EXPERENCED Needed mmedatety lor 1 yr. old chkl n Canton home 5-oays/wk. 7;30am-4:30pm, Summers off. Nonsmoker, references needed. Please cafl: after 5pm CAREGVER NANNY lov 2 yr. old grl. Our home (preferred) or yours Pryrnouth. Non-smoker, references. Call after 6PM, (313) CHLDCARE/BABY STTER needed n my Farmngton Hlls.home. Part tme Wed-Fr. 12pm to 5pm for two boys Calf (810) CHLOCARE -Betore 4 alter school n my Lvona home. Transportaton 4 references requred: After 5pm: (313) CHLDCARE N my home or yours f close proxmty. 2 and 5 yr. old, Mon- Fr, 7:30am-3:45pm, Lvona (7 Mle 4 Levan). (313) CHLDCARE NEEDED n my Farm* nglon Has home. Monday thru Thursday. 4:6pm. Must have car. ; CaJ Lucy: (810) CHLD CARE needed tor 2 school aged chldren, after school, 3-6pm References heeded- Randolph School area. (313) CHLDCARE NEEDED for 2year old n oo* Btoomfeld Vlage home Guaranteed 40 hrsavk startng Oct 1st. References requred, Nonsmoker. Please ca*. days:. (810) CHLDCARE NEEDED n Downtown Plymouth home. Experenced, lovng 4 relable (ov our 5 mo. old son. Mon- Fr, 7:30am-4:30pm. Non-smoker w.town transportaton requred. References needed CHLDCARE - Relable, carng adult wanted to watch nfant 4 toddtev n our Lfvonla home: Ugh! housekeepng, references requred. Cal:. (810) CHRSTAN NANNY needed m fny Canton home lor 6 weeks begnng Oct 16. Please cat after 6pm FULL TME rve-n Nanny needed Mature,- responsble lady..lght housekeepng 6 cotowng. Must have transportaton, occasonal travel requred. Room, board, salary 4. health nsurance. ReleeAce* requred. Call Usa, LVE N Sweden, housekeepng and care fov-1 chftd, Englsh speakng, good hour*. Travel provded. Room, board 4 salary. (810) Mature Nanry desred tor my yea/ old daughter*, 6 doysaveek rom Bampm. Great benefts! W. Btoomled. Non-smoker w/referenoes. Own car.- Day* (810) Eves:(8l0) MATURE. RELABLE,experenced Babysttev needed n our Farmngton M** home. Fov 4 chldren weekday*. Non-smoker, Own transportaton. Reference*. - " NANNY, college student preferred, my Canton home Hf»/week, flexble schedule. Non-smoker, Relerehoes. (313) NANNY lor 2 yr. faj 2 day* a week. Flex hours, non-smoker, BVfmnoterh araa Cad Usa: days; et0-647;3l11 evennge. Nanny, L(ve-n, Part tme Wonderful, warm famty wth 11nfant Work Frl-Mon only, every other week. Great *. Other {xwoh* too!, CaJt Cndy HARPER ASSOCATES NANNY NE6OE0 Jor Want Mon.. Fr!.. 8 to 5. Novvf amngton Hfl* area.. Lght housekeepng. Experence 4 reerenom requved, Can: (810) ; 1

37 NANNY Mature aduk to care lor my 3 chldren n my Westland home; hght housekeepng. References & own transportaton mandatory, Begn mmedatey. After 6pm:, fo13) NANNY NEEDED for long term tut tme poston tor our War* & 4 year om No nlghls or week-end*. Nonsmoker. Excellent salary. Pad vacate S. Q.l2 KER - NANNY/ BABYSTTER NEEDED TO CARE FOR 7 MONTH OLD NFANT. (810) no-tot* -. RELABLE, NON-SMOKNG person needed lo assfsl n cndcare tor our T/> yea/ ofd and newborn twns. Fu«Ume n our home. Must have relerences. (810) StTT ER FOR 2 boy* n West Bloomfeld 7:00 lo 6:30, Must transport lo/ rom school & after school actvtes. Very bom housekeepng j2soper week. After 7pm: (810) aflteherycare* MJ Assstance CAREGVER FOR ELDERLY Experenced, wth - references. Wll rve n. Have own vehcle 4 wll do errands. (313) LOVELY PRVATE room lor ambulatory senor. Famly atmosphere. 24 hour supervson. Lcensed Lvona MATURE FNNSH lady wh take care ol elderly n the* home. Honest. relable, experenced. References, (313) Whether you need help n your home for 2 h&jrs or 24 hours. Let Unted Homo Care Servces Help You Reman ndependent n Your Own Home Servces provded by UHCS. a prvate duty home health care agency, are deal lor people. need-ng assstance wth personal care, meal preparaton, lght housekeepng, and companonshp. Other servces nclude: Care ol the Chroncally n D.sabed Alzhemers Care Rescue Care For more nformaton; call. Unted Home Care Servces. (3t3) Servng Oakland 4 Wayne Countes Establshed n 1982, Educaton/ U nstructon PANO ft ORGAN LESSONS Experenced, certfed teacher takng new students no*. Begnners to Advanced,. (313) Bune«/ JLM-Pro 8enke ORGANZE YOUR; fnance*, horn* offce, small busness. Remember lax tme U just around the corner. Ctf Joanne ButaeuOjppt. (SeeC*MS90) ADVERTSE YOUR product or *ervces on the nternel C«J lor tree WormaBon. (517) Are You Earnng What Youre Worth? Ca» on Frt (810) ReW ndependent Dstrbutor BUSNESS OPPORTUNTY Regster no* (or tree weekend prq- fcense tranng class (starts Sept 20) or weekday class (starts Sept, 11) and become ready for ownershp of a Farmer* nsurance Agency Mantan current employment wftje tranng. Requrements: 4 yearcoftege degree or 3-5 years management experence, excellent credt, no pror nsurance sales. (610) S59-16jp GREETNG CARDS ft.gfts Natonal co. No sellng. Company accounts /year possble. Part-tme, 50 accounts wth stock. Orty 28, MAKE UP TO 75,000 a year n your own home busness. do Call tor your tree home busness report PUT YOU ad on the "nformaton Superhghway Reach 60 nvson lor pennys a day. Free detals: /Exl REACH 50 mtlco co the nternet wth maa classfed! Free report Exl. 1030" RNNOUNCCMCNTS # Personals CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Vdeo ntroductons. Lfetme membershp Halt-Off, S1000. (313) LAKE CHEMUNG Outdoor Resort Membershp - Prme wooded ste, tub hookups, cement pad. Near lake, god course, ndooor pool, tenns court. Can (810) MEET LOCAL SNGLES! Record & Lsten to Ads FREE! 18+ use (fee code Legal Notce! Acceptng Bds Re: PUBLC NOTCE Unted Home Health Servces, nc Canton Center Road, Sute 250 Canton, Ml (313) The Jont Commsson on Accrecf laton of Healthcare Organzatons wm conduct an acoredrtatjon turvey of ths oraartragoo oh October 10, The purpose of he Survey wl be - to evaluate. the organzatons complance wth nabonaty establshed Jont Commsson standards. The survey results ws be used to determne whether, and the condtons under whch accredtaton should be awarded the organzaton. JoJn, Commsson standards deaf wth organzatonal qualty or care ssues and the safety of the en woomenl n whch care s provded. Anyone belevng that he or she has pertnent and va»d nformaton about such matters may request a publc nformaton ntervew wth the Jon! Commssons feld representatves at the tme ol the survey. nformaton presented, at the ntervew ws be carefully evaluated lor relevance to the accredtaton process. Requests for a publc nformaton ntervew must be made n wrtng and should be Send lo the Jont Commsson no later than fve workng days before the survey begns. The request must also ndcate the nature of the nformaton to be provded at the ntervew. Such requests should be addressed lo: Ovson of Accredtaton Operatons Organzaton Lason. Jont Commsson on Accredtaton of Healthcare Organzatons One Renassance Boulevard Oakbtook Terrace, L The Jont Commsson wll acknowledge such requests n wrtng or by telephone and WM nform the organzaton of the request for any ntervew. The organzaton wh, n turn, notfy the ntervewee ol the dale. 6me,. and place of the meetng. Ths notce s posted n accordance wth the Jont Commssons requrements and may not be removed before the survey s completed. Date Publshed: Sept FAMLY ORENTED - chldless marred couple longng to adopt newborn lo fulfll lfe long dream. Offerng mucrt love 4 securty. Home wth acreage n a growng rural communty Access code 49 [SSF Cards of Hanks THANK YOU my Dear Lord, Baby JeSus, Blessed Mother, St. Jude. S- Ncholas. St. Anthony, St. Peter, St. Clare, St. Francs of Assss. Father Casey. St Chrstopher. Suzanna Mara, and an my Angels for prayers answered. SM. MONDAY, SEPTEMBERS, 1996 O&E. LOST: CAT; male, 5 years, al whte. nencty. lost 8-31, Canton Center area. No tags LOST DOG: Whte, lemae ShJh-Lsu, Seen Sept 1st at 13"Orcha/d Lake. No kj tag. Reward Tcket! GEORGE STRATT tckets for sale. (,2rvJ row) The Palace. (8(0) LOR MORGAN/Pam TMs. Pne Knob Pavlon, 2 seats. Frt. Sept 13. Cost each. SSSfcar or best offer. Canton. <3t3) SMASHNG PUMPKNS tckets (4) - Frt, Sept. 20, Brestn Center, E, Lansng. Call Lsa: ARLNE VOUCHER We got bumped and cant use the Voucher. 700 worth o( flyng anywhere n Contnent U.S. Can be dvded. Call eves. (517) (HoweB) NORTHWEST ARLNE Voucher, w» dscount. Travel must be completed by 10/15/ ) DONT LET YOUR LLNESS DEFNE WHO YOU ARE! Call: NSGHTS N MENTAL HEALTH To hear our suggestons for copng wth chronc llness, yours or a sgnfcant other nw. Average 6 rr»n. 18* {have paper & pencl ready). Drve n. Drve out flu shots, Sat, Sept 28, Oct. Sth, 12th from 11-3, 2000 a shot. Parkng lot of 132,51 E. 10 Mle Rd. nexl lob-county Hosptal gven by Or. Tom Madhavan MO. & staff, nfectous Dsease and Vaccnaton Center. Adults Only MCRCHANDSC #700*778 Absolutely Free CHARMGLOW NATURAL gas c/b. Al parts, good workng condton. (810) FREE Queen sze sofa sleeper. Good condton. (810) Free Seasoned Frewood. Garden Oty (313) FREE SLATE - Use for gardenng or flower beds You remove. Wayne CaM after 5pm: (313) GAS FREPLACE, 1970s, orange AS detached. You pck up. Call: (313) LARGE WHTE chest-type reezer. you pck up, stll works. (810) MOBLE HOME (8 x 32). Good lor scrap, frame, axle, or rebuldng. (810) SCREEN OOOR Ws 32" wde. Caa (313) TON OF COAL FREE. (810) WATER SOFTENER Zeolte-Type ncludes fttngs. Plymouth (313) Antques/ Collectbles Abacuses to Zootsuts KNGHTSBRDGE ANTQUE MALL nvtes you to come see why we are SE Mchgans new best source lor antques. Select rom he vast qualfy nventory ol 175 deaers. Helpful, frendly stall, want lst, glass repar. Open Dary. 11-6, Wed»1 8pm On 7 Mle. 2 mles W. ol NORTHVLLE, FED UP WTH FAT? Call The Fat Termnator: (313) ADMRAL 1943 very smalt console TV. excellent wontng condton Call: (810) ANN ARBOR ANTQUES MARKET. THE BRUSHER SHOW, Saturday 4 Sunday. Sept , 8 AM - 4 PM Ann Arbor. Salne Rd.. Exl «175 off t-94. Over 300 dealers n qualty antques and select collectbles al under cover Admsson 4. 28th Season. The Orgnal! ANTQUE - Ron Lee Clowns >,lso. Oberslem Ck»An pantng (313) ANTQUES 4 COLLECTBLES SHOW ft SALE Macomb Ma. Rosevne, M Sept MaB Hours. AMTOUE 1920S sx drawer school teachersdesk, very good condton (313) Bassett 6 pc. bedroom set Classc 1950t style. SoM wood. Showroom conaton. 675»O6O.(810) BEAUTFUL CHARLES EAMES Rosewood 4 Black leather lounge chajr/ottorhan. mwconctton Cat (810) COMC BOOKS 2800 books, must eel al! Varety QEACON CHURCH pew, sofd oak, 2¾ 1 wde. 35" hgh, 150. <313j DSPLAY CASES (2). for does, etc. 45-W x 6½ 1 H. 22 deep. Formca. 200 each. (313) DOLL SHOW & SALE Antque & collectble Barbe. Gl Joe, elc. Sept. 15th, 10-4pm. Van Dyke Park Hotel. 31 BOO Van Dyke, Warren apprasal. Adm HUMMEL ESTATE sale, members only peces & others. Most hajf off book value. (313) NDAN-stone sculpture from Hedges Wgwam Restaurant or best 9am-11am. BrJ: ndan Weavngs. Potlery, Cowboy Gear. Bronzes SES. Curts Photos, Western Pantngs ONA ANTQUE 4 CoMectWe Market. Sunday, Sept. 15. tona Fargrounds, South M-66 ona M 6am pm Admsson 2, Ran or shne. LOUS XV, or Regeose Marquse, carved and glded, fuftej and buocred. love seal 1250 (313) OAK 4 drawermsson fle cabnet! excetlenl coodton. 600 (810) PRECOUS MOMENTS Over 300, Sat, Sept. 14th. 9to2. Many retred 1840 Catalpa, Ferndale. W or Y/oodward, N. off 9 Mle SHOWCASES FOR sale. Antque slant front 600, two 3 ft cases 325 each. 1 4 tt case 350.Can Tues - Sat 10-5 PM TOY SHOW Sat. Sept 21, 9am-3pm Dearborn Crv< Cenjer, Mchkjan Ave. corner of Greenfeld Road Admsson 54 each. For more nformaton can VCTOR CONSOLE PHONOGRAPH very good condton and workng order, 325. (313) WESTLANO ROTARY TOY SHOW Sunday. Sept 15, 10am-4pm Table 20. Entry 2. Wayne Ford Cwc League N, Wayne Rd. Westland For nfo call John at HUT Arts & Crafts BOOTHS AVALABLE - Gace Church 8th Annual Show. Nov. 23rd. 5x9.- 8»10 4 larger Tna. (313) Classfcatons 003 to 712 Arts & Crafts CERAMC MOLDS - hundreds & hundreds, barely used. Very reasonable.. (313) CRAFTERS WANTED Lvona Stevenson Fa* Craft Show. Sal, Nov. 2nd. 10am-4:30om » Annual Holday nn WesBand Craft Show November 22nd Jhru 24h * Crafters Needed * Cal Dors: (313) or Donna: (313) T*J Aucton Sales ANTQUE >- ESTATE AUCTON Sun. Sept PM Sharp Prevew wth Free Caaog, 11:30am HOLDAY NN UVON1A WEST Laurel Park Or. Corner of 6 Mle Antque furnture, large group antque toys ncludng early Mckey Mouse, super group ol rrvltary tems ncludng Cvl War musket. Cvl War offcers sword, photo, paper, etc. WW tems rchxlng Japanese Samur, Japanese flag. Naz flag. Naz nfvj. Japanese nfle, Wnchester rfle, Marn rfle 4 WW1 tems, pnup collecton ncludng orgnal Marlyn Monroe calendar, collecton ol Vctoran counter cgar bghers. 69" all wood arplane prop, old advertsng tems ncludng brewery, posters, huge early.wetter jardnere. Duck decoys. Vctor outsde horn *sc phono, vntage rados 4 the unque. Estate ol Ted Wenze. age 87 For free faxed or maled lver. ca» toff free anytme DOUG DALTON AUCTONEER HUGE REPO * SALE Publc Welcome AUTO POOL AUCTON wt be featurng repossessed vehcles offered by: - NBO Bank Huntmglon Acceptance Dearborn Federal Credt Unon Comenca Bank Aucton held: Wed. Sept 1.1th 11am nspecton. 6 30am Come to buy or sen Down payment of 300 cash requred at tme cf *AUTO POOL AUCTON TELEGRAPH RD. BROWNSTOWN TWP LUCAS NURSERY AUCTON Saturday, Sept 14th at 10 00am Ford Road, Canton, Ml 1000s Shade trees. Evergreens 4 Shrubs Call for flyer; Amonetle Auton (313) (*)3D Estate Slt* ESTATE SALE FURNTURE appllacnes, 50a Hems, hummel, anbquej. jewelry, loot*, everythng must go. Thunr, Frl., Sat, Sept 12; , 10am-5pm Second SL Westland. 2 btks. E of Wayne, 11* K. of Gterwdod ESTATE SALES W BY DEBBE N HOUSE Full Estates 20% Fee Cesh pad 48 hrs. after sale Aucton Consgnments ANTQUES WANTED CASH BUY OUTS-._ Our Reference Lst s the Best Thng We Have! WE DO ALL THE WORK! HOUSE 4 GARDEN " End of Summer Antque Sale. CHEAP-Everythng musj go-cheap. Davs, W. off Woodward. N. of 14, FoSow sgns. Frday Al day. LEELAND COTTAGE New 4 Prevous*/ Loved Fne furnture 4 accessores. 430 N. Woodward, Brmngham (3 btks N of Maple) On he HH* (810) Tues. thru Sat., 10am-6pm Thursday, 10am-8:30pm ROYAL OAK n House:" SherrtH chna cabnet chna, glass, antques, corectwes Adult 7 foot pool.table/ accessores, sewng -machnes, maple fufl bedroom, old relrgeralor, gas. stove, ktchen, cameras/photo supples, furnture, much more. Thurs- 8am-4:30prtv, Fr.. 8am pm. Between CooWgcCrooks, S off Normandy (13½ Mle), to 3906 Edgeand. SOUTH LYON 7685 Spencer Rd. E. of US23. S. of 7.Mle. N. of N. Terrtoral. W. ol Ponbac Trat. Sat, Sept 14,10am-4pm sq ft. home lu«of furnture. Henredon. Drenel. all very nce condton, also wall decoratons, lamps, WurjVtzer organ 4 more. LLEL Garage Sales OaUaad BLOOMFELO HLLS: Muft Farmfy sale. Fr-Sat 9-4 Lots of furnture, ktchen 4 household Herns, clothng, msc Mdmoor. Between Quarlon 4 Lone Pne RdAV of Telegraph. FARMNOTON HLLS - Sept from 9 lo Cass. W. of Farmngton. S ol 9 Mle. FARMNOTON HLLS - Green Hll Woods Sub. N Of 9 Mle, E. ol Halstead Thur. - Sal. 9am lo 3pm FARMNGTON HLLS Fr-Sal Northfxc*. 13 MJe. between MdctebellOrohad. Bargans galore! FARMNGTON HLLS: Fumrlure 4 knckluvacks, unquery yours. Sept 11-13lh., 930-4:30pm RoOcrest, N. ol 12 Mjle, between Orchard LakaWdd!obelt FARMNGTON HLL Shelfeld: S of 9 Mte/E of Hastead. Sept TROY - Slonertdge Woods Sub Sale Sept, 14th rom Comer of John fl 4 Square Lake Rd. Game Sales Oakland FARMNOTON Thr*«Famly Movng Sale, Freedom Rd, between Orake 4 KaHtead, Mow Cenfufy 21 sgns. Sept 12-13, 9-4. Daybed. dresser*, deska, Me cabnet*, dothes, household 4 msc. NORTHVLLE Anbquea. bedroom sets, furnture, crafts, baby thngs,: busness surts, Healfterdgev,. Off» Mle between Hastead & Hag-,... fjarty. SepL WATERFORD Garage.Estale Sale. Everythng Goes! Furnture, toots, * dothes, some antques. Etc House. for Sale - Lake Vew sland Park Or., off Sashabaw. Sep! th, 9arn.-5pm. CANTON - Bg Sale, Sept 11-13, 9-4, 6476 Rantree C W of Haggerfy off Kanford CANTON 12 famfy-3 garages. Furrvture, fvpewrters, dog cage, glassware.- healers, pctures, blnds, clothes (baby-womens). drapes, househow. Ten Ponl Or (N of Ford. W of Beck), Sepl , 9-5 CANTON - Forest Trals Sub. Sept 12th. 13th 4 Mth W. ol Sheldon, S. of Joy. CANTON 7528 Kmgsbrdge. W ol Ly, N of Warren off Emersbn. Thurs- SaL 9-5. Household, kds dothes. elc CANTON - Sept am. Kds wnter dothes. coats, country tems, msc Charrngton, S. of Joy. bet. Sheldon 4 Canton Center CANTON - Sept from 9 lo Bunker H.J Lane Off Warren between UBey 4 Moron Taylor. CANTON Thurs. 4 Fr. 9-3pm Brarfleld. Sheldon 4 Palmer. Womens dothmg, household, etc. CANTON - Thurs Fr. Sat Rdge Rd. 1 Mle W. of Beck..«mle N of Warren. Msc. tems GARDEN CfTY Block sate. Dawson between Henry Rufl 4 Shofca. 9am- 5pm, Thurs.-Sat lots of good stuff! GARDEN CTY: Sept »4th, 9-5om Barton, S. of Ford. B 61 Mertman, Lrtte Tkes, fumrture. GARDEN CTY: Wed 4 Thurs.. 9-5pm, Block. N. ol Ford. E. of Merrman Gas furnace 4 msc UVON1A - Btfchwood Farms Sub Dv. Sale Fr. thru Sun.Sept. 13thnj 15th. 9am-5pm. Levan 4 7 Mle LVONA Delaware, W. ol Mernman. S: ol W. Chcago. Thurs. -. Sat. 9am-4pm Huge. Great Varety, household, some Antques, Etc., LVONA FR 4 Sal. Sept : Soone. N of SchookrafVE of Farmngton Rd. (Kmberty Oaks Sub) Furnture, glassware, lots of "near msc tems. Come see! Lvona Garage-"Estate Sale Sept from 9 lo Lathers. N. of 6 Mle. W. of nksfer. HOM & S RVC GUD DEADUHES 4 P.M. TUESDAY FOR THURSDAY EDTON / 4 P.M. FRDAY FOR MONDAY EDTON TO PLACE YOUR AD CALL (313) S AR CONDTONNG HEATNG Sales Servce nstallatons Humdfers Duct Work Refrg Low Rates! Uc 4 ns F.mandng Aval.» ! Asphalt/ Blacktopppg AAA AMERJCAN ASPHALT CO. Resdental Commercal Pavng Repars Sealcoat Free Estmates! DJS ASPHALT PAVNG Pavng Patchng Seacoatng Free Est ; H Basement Waterproofng WET BASEMENT PROBLEMS? NATONWDE SNCE.1958 FULLY WARRANTED LCENSED 4 NSURED B-DRY SYSTEMS Man Offce: West Warren, Dearborn MACOMB-WAYNE-OAKLANO ( Brck, Block & Cement AAA CUSTOM BRCK 1ST CLASS WORKMANSHP Specalzng n at types of repars: Chmheys,- Porches. Sdewalks Addtons. Steps, Gass Block Referrals Avalable FREE ESTMATES ADVANCED PORCH & CONCRETE Porches Patos. Drveways Chmney Repars AS Types of Bnck 4 Cement Work. 10% Senor Dscount Free Estmates. Le. 4 ns. Cal.. {S of 8 Mle) (N. of 8 Mle) ToS Free ALL CONCRETE WORK, Drfveways, walks, floors 4 porches. Msonry repars, Commerdal 4 Resdental. Le. 4 nsured. Can anytme, TODO HUMECKY BEST CHMNEY CO V/oodward Ave; Oak Park, Ml or BRCK PATO SPECALSTS Drveways * Sdewalks : and Retanng Wafls ** **. OOGONSK CONSTRUCTON Brck Block 4 Cemenl Work, Porches. Chmneys. Or. Ways Free Est ORVEWAYS. GARAGES, walks, porches, foundatons. 8r!ck 4 Block lcensed Free Est. UNVERSAL BLDG. 4 CEMENT CO. LAMBERTO CONSTRUCTON ALL TYPES OF CEMENT FREE EST LCENSEO BULDER or CAPTOL CONCRETE Cement & Masonry AN Repar* Smal or large Drveways Resdental Patos Commercal leps ndustral Footngs «Fast, effcent Porches Lcensed Floor* nsured Backhoe Work. Work Myself Free Estmates CM Boldn Remodeln L. A FAMLY BUSNESS RON DUGAS BLDG CROWN, LVONA A PERSONAL TOUCH STARWAYS 4 RALNGS.. KTCHENS-VANTESCOUNTERS BASEMENT8-OOORSWN0OWS STORE RENOVATON Uc ft ne..28 yrs experence l M Buldng Remodelng CNT CONSTRUCTON For all your Comm. ¾ Res. needs. BUM Remodel Renovate For honest, dependable, and hgh Qualty Work BULD-9 Ful.V Lcensed nsured * EMORY CONSTRUCTON * Specalzng n Basement fnshes. CustomDecks. Ktchen 4 Bath LcensecVlnsured. (313) T COSTS NO MORE to get 1st class workmanshp FRST PLACE WNNER of two natonal awards. HAMLTON has been satsfyng customers for over 38 FREE ESTMATES. Addtons Dormes Ktchens Baths, etc. HAMLTON BULDERS Greenfeld Rd., SoothfjeW Can 24 hrs... (810) LaCOURE SERVCES. Constructon 4 Remodelng. 25 yrs. Exp. Uc 4 ns. Rootng 4. Gutters; Doors, Wndows 4 Sdng; Cement 4 Brck Work; Plumbng ft Electrcal; Complete start lo fnsh. Free Est. (810) or PACHOTAS* CONSTRUCTON, Perce, Garden Cty Addtons, Garage. Ktchens, Baths. Basement, Wndows, Doors, etc..le. & ns REMODELNG Al phases of Carpentry t Doors Crown Moldngs Star Rals Basement fnshng No Job Too SmaH! * REC ROOM, KTCHEN ft Bath Specalsts- All RemodeDng, Formca 4 Lamnate: Vsa 4 Mastercard. (810) (313) a *SRK* CONSTRUCTON CO.* Complete Constructon Servces: New Constructon Remodelng & Addtons BATHS KTCHENS BASEMENTS UC. 4 NS. * Robed Schwartz * SUNRSE GARAGE BULDERS NC. ALL HOME MPROVEMENTS»Garages Dormers Addton* AHjmnums Sdng Bootng V Wndows» Doors. Porches. Patos» Cement Work Ktchens Baths. 20 Yrs. experence frea estmates OOOb OR Plymouth Rd, Lvona, Ml THOR CONSTRUCTON Comm, Res, Remodel, Repar. One can does t all *o. ft ns Carpentry BARRYS CARPENTRY SERVCE Baths - Basements - Ktchens Sprng Rates - Free est. Guar. 15yrs. Exp., Le CARPENTRY-FNSH OR ROUGH Addtons, Krtchens. DrywaS Closets, pantres, basements, trm No job to small! Uc CARPENTRY Repars to Complete Home mprovements. Lcensed 4 nsured Bulder. Call John al: (313) CARTER CONSTRUCTON Specalzng n: FNSHED BASEMENTS Basement Bathrooms Brad Carter (313) Custom Wood Workng. Cabnetry. Mantles. Moldngs. Tnm 4 Fnsh Carpentry * James Lcensed 4 nsured LARGE & SMALL JOBS Tnm. cabnets, basements, framng. Le. 4 ns. SGB (810) (313) Rec rooms. Basements. Ktchens. Bathrooms, New 4 Repars Carpet Cleanng/ Dyeng ALPNE CARPET 4 Upholstery. Truck md, fast dryng, same day; 2 rms 4 halt 35. Sola 30, Loveseat 25. Also boalvcars Carpel Repar/ nstallaton AAA CARPET REPAR & CLEANNG En pert nst, ft Qualty pad aval Seams, Burns. Restretchng. Pet ft Water Damage, Squeaky Floors. Ceramc 4 Marble ns!. 4 Repar. Same, Day Sen/ AH Work Guar. Thark" you for 22 yrs. of toyasy «1 Chmney Buldng M Clean/Repar Chmneys Bult New. ft Repar. Wll beat any prce! Senor ctzen ascouht Lcensed ft nsured BEST CHMNEY NC J t4 Woodward Ave, Oak Park, Ml CHMNEYS. REPAREO, OfSaned. Screened, New, All.Roc* Leaks Slopped. Senor Dsc. Le, ln>. Sjnce Crown Contractng. 4 Art (TV/. 10 Mrfe, NOV NOW You Can Dsplay Your Busness Card HERE Call For Detals. <Db0mw Eccentrc CLASSFED AOVCftflSKO Call (313) or (810) today. C&mney Buldng/ JClean/Repr Hgh Hat* Chmney Sweep, Co. Ramcaps, Dampers, Chmney Repa-rs. Porches 4 Tuckpomtmg GUARANTEED NO MESS NSURED 4 LCENSED (Ucense» ) Brownea, Plymouth Cleanng Servfe GENERAL HOUSECLEANNG Lookng lor new accounts! * Reasonable Rales * After 9pm: (810) GVE YOURSELF A 8REAK, Le me dean you eommerca or Resdental. Reasonable rates. Call Rose (313) r TtfTl DeekfTatos/ JlHy Sunrooms A BEAUTFUL Cedar orwolroanzed Oeck wth FREE.desgn 4 estmate. 15 yrs, experence. Uc, 4 nsured MS14 CUSTOM WOOD DECKS Lcensed bulder. nsured. Free estmates. Can Mark DECKS DECKS DECKS From small sunnng platforms!o multlevel show peces. Custom desgn your deck, he* tub or pator le. 4 ns. OUTDOOR NGENUTES (313) 455-DECK (3325) Doors/Servce BRENNAN OOOR NSTALLATONS SALES/SERVCE Specalsng nwood ntyem. Steet» Storm Odorwalls «) yr. prof, carpenter DRYWALL FNSHNG & Repar. Sprayed 4 textured celngs 22 Yrs. Experence. Free EsL Can anytme. Chrstan owned. (313) ** ORYWALL FNSHNG *.* Textures ft Patchwork Free estmate Reasonable prces Cat! John * K ft J DRYWALL - Hangng, fnshng. texlured celngs, and nteror pantng (517) Electrcal ACE ELECTRC Electrcal panels and emergency. Ca»: (810) CAPTAL ELECTRC Al types electrcal wrng Op my own work. Uc. ft ns, Sr. dscounts, free est. 7" days/24hr, FAMLY ELECTRCAL Crty certfcaton. Volatons corrected. Servce changes or am/ small job. Free estmates ROWE ELECTRC ft SUPPLY* Electrc Contractng ft SuppOe Res ft Com! Van Bom Wayne TVA?! Excavatng/ Backhoe EXCAVATNG, POOLS, trenchng, sewer, water lnes, parkng lots, septc tanks, drans, demolton. Reasonable. Uc Fence* D.4 0 Ouakty Fence Chan-lnk, custom wood, hofe drllng, repars, custom bust dog kennels. Le. WW beat any wrtten estl JJP Frewood ABSOLUTELY SEASONED yr. spst mxed hardwood 541ace cord pfck-up, De*, ava»., Cehldrvnearby area* Smaller amounts aval Cherry H.H. Canlco ADMRE YOUR FRE SUPER WELL SEASONED HARD 8RCH FRUT HACKER SERVCES 81W QUALTY SNCE 194««7U Floor Servce BRADLEY HARDWOOD FLOORS Repars tnstalatons Refmshng ns BRADS CUSTOM FLOORS tnslajaton. sandmg. stanng, rednshng 6 repars of hardwood floors (517) NATURAL WOOD FLOORS nstallaton Fnshng Restoraton nsured - (810) Garages GARAGE DOORS & OPENERS We sell 4 sennce an makes ol garage docs 4 openers All work goar.-parfs, 4 labor We beat your best deal! nstance work-one day servce.save MONEY. FREE ESTMATES SHAMROCK DOOR Em Gutters «CLEANNG, SCREENNG, REPARS (810) OHMER GUTTER SERVCE * Gutters Cleaned # Screened * Repared- Free Estmate (810) Handyman M/F ABSOLUTELY UCENSEDnsured CALL. DUT-ALL For SPRNG SPECALS on Exteror 4 nteror. Pantng and Ceramc. Electrcal, Pludnbrvj, DrywaS, Gut; lers. nsurance Work and Other Home Remodelng ALL AROUNO SERVCE CO- 15yrs experence. Healng 4 Coolng, Electrcal, plumbng 4 Applance Repar. (313) HOME REPAR HANDYMAN SERVCE Any Jet, Any S*e 14 yrs exp or 313* MKES HANDYMAN SERVCE All types. No job loo small Free estmates. Leave message *754 Retred Handyman Al types of work (3(5) (810) M Haulng/Clean Up A-1 HAULNG - Movng Scrap metal, cleanfng basements oarages, stores, etc. Lowest prces m town. Oytck servce. Free esl. Servng Wayne ft Oakland Countes, Central locaton or A FAST TRASH SERVCE Low Prce Free Est. 24 Hrs Garage, basemenyardapfjarces TaVe Away Trash Servce Fred BftD REMOVAL Debrs, trash, yard, concrete, elc You want» gone, wet lake t awayl Delveres. F/ee Eslt 7 days. Doug, CLEAN UP & HAULNG SERVCE We wjn come r 4 clean out an unwanted tems rom garages, basements, attcs, stores, offxjes. warehouses, factores 4 bumngs, Also power washng, cleanng ft pantng Best prces Servcng Wayne ft Oakland County. Lcensed ft nsured E8RS HAULNG 0«an out basemens. garages 4 factores Free estmates. (313) JDC HAULNG CO Res/Comm debrs Rubbsh, Concrete. Shrubs etc Reasonable rales ns 7 d?ys a wk. Joe Haulng/Clean Up D 4 J MOVNG ft HAULNG Clean-up, haulng 4 dsposal of msc tems We fcau anythng SmaK pek-ups 4 delveres Westland E Housecleanng Busness 4 Home Cleanng Please cas nsun al COMMERCAL/RESDENTAL Homes Offces Apts Dependable Start nbonded Peggy ** D 4 J JANTORAL ** Resdental 4 Commercal Bonded nsured 1313) HOUSECLEANNG Honest Relable Best prces Exc Re! Call Lusme: (810) RESOENnAWJEW COfeTRUCTKy TLC lor your home Reasonable rales References Owner/operator. Kathy Charon ( W" Landscapng "AAAA BEAUTFUL YARD. NC. Very Low Prces! " ALL LANDSCAPNG NSTALL 4 MANTENANCE Clean Ups. Sod Stmjb&Trees Trmmed 4 Removed Crps-Bark Stcnelava SOtl DEPENDABLE ns., Ret Wayne/Oak. (313) Pager ACE LANDSCAPNG Clean-up, Weed. Trm, Shredded Bark. Sod. Plants. Weexty Mantenance. Complete landscape servces. CALL ANYTME ADMRE -YOUR YARD Complete new 4 renew landscapng sodd/g 4 seedng. Sdvubs 4 Trees Landscapng supples Underground sprnklers.nslalled 4 servced. Tmte»rcklJtaf1thng: Downspout 4 Sump Pump bural. Dranage problem solvng. Backhoe work, trader work, ppe pullng, truckng.bg OR SMALL. HACKEH SERVCES 8r> QUALTY SNCE 1946 AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPNG LaCoure Servces Complete landscapng; Lawn Man!. Old landscape removed,- new rstaked. Sprnkler start.ups, repar, nst; Haulngtlean-up sery. fesdy comm shreckjed ba-k oyd. Free Est (810) AFFORDABLE QUALTY LANSCAPffG # Guaranteed * Sod. Tree. Shrub nstallaton, complete landscapes. Free Esl APPLE LANDSCAPNG 4 NURSERY Corro! ete landscapng desgn.4 nstanaton * Ptene* exstng landscape* Sod 4 seed * Gravel drves * SprhWer sterns * Brck 4 boulder work * Retanng wals * Qualty nursery stock * No job tod smal Free Est * ARTlSTK) LANOSCAPlMG * Tree ft Shrub rmrrng ft rerwal. Cleanups, Hautmg. Fleasonable rales Free estmates. * (313) *0 4 D NAPER LANDSCAPNG* WE DO THE COMPLETE JOB.. * *BG dr.small * * Tractor, bulf-djzer, backhoe, loaded work Uc/ns Canton. (313) MR. SHOVEL Resoddng of Lawns t Dranage ft Low Areas Repared Pods Flled n or Removal Drt-Concrete 4 Shrub Removal Fnsh ft Rough Gradng Small 00«r Work Put: NOBLES LANDSCAPE SUPPLES BOULDERS * Keystone * Decoratve 4 Drveway Stone * Yopscl MU * Shredded Bark * V/al Sooe * Pato Blocks * nterlockng Pavers * Landscape Tmbers. Pckup ft Delvery 8 MLE 4 MlODLEBELT EEH Land5tapn. * OGRADYS GRADNG * Landscapng, Demo-lon F3 Djl.ft Gravel (313) EH Lawn, Garden Mant/Servce * AFFOR0A8LE-DEPENDABLE* Lawn Cuttng Trmmng Edgng aean-ups Shrub Trmmng Free Esl GORDON S LANDSCAPNG Desgn 4 Buld (313) SOO SPRNKLERS RETANNG LAWN CARE SERVCE 51 Movng/Storage ALL TME MOVNG THE SMART MOVE!!! Lc/lns. (810) NDEPENDENT MOVNG Free Estmates nsured. Low Rates! W Decoratng/ ABSOLuMrllsT, J.T Custom Pantng nteror -15 yrs. Exp - nsured, Can John: AFFORDABLE PANTNG Exteror.- S yr. guarantee, sdng paned. power washng Res ft Comm Lcensed DAYLGHT PANTNG nteror Exteror Free Estmates FNE LNE PANTNG SMed work Reasonable rates, ree eslmaes Jay,. (810) GENE HUBBU.CK Pajntng ft Wallpaper NTEROR ft EXTEROR.. Decks stanng 4 sealng Free estmates ask lor Vanessa J POND PANTNG Lcensed; nsured, reerences Ptaesseral father ard sons. *0 yrs. experence* 5?J-273S, «7t-«7* LOW RATES (810) (/13) PANTNCPAPERNG Plasterng. Repars..Walashmg Vsa ft Mastercard QUALTY PANTNG Thorough Preparaton. Work MyseH snee Free Estmates FrankC Farog-a SM PANTNG NO Free estmates, "nteror 4 ExlercV. Corrmerdal ard ResderBal. nsured and Bonded. (313) ES Plasterng JOES PLASTER ft ORYWALL* Specal/ng n water damage, dusl (roe. texture Guar. 32 years exp pager LEE S WALL REPAR Specalzng n dust-free plaster ft drywall repars. Free Est. ; (313) (810J471-26OO. (313) Water damage, ns work, plasterng, partng, textured spray, repa*s.. AUPLUM8NG ft HOME,REPAR Dran cleanngs, hot water tanks ft reppes Free estmaes NO servce charge. Glen JET. NC. Sewer ft-dran cleanng electrcally Al types of repars. Neat ft dean work Free estmate*. Senor dscoont, (313) « PLUMBNG WORK DONE Reasonable r*te» Fast servce Ho )ob too small (33) Plumbng 4 Sewer Cleanng Repars ft Alteratons. Remodemg % EH Pressure Power POWER KLEAN-T Sdng DecK Bnck Restoraon Can the Experts al (313) * POWERWASHNG SPECAL * Deck Seal.ng Carpentry Repars Free Estmates Lcensed nsured (313) Remodelng OSTLUND REMODELNG Specalzng m ktchens, bathrooms. ceramc he. Lcensed PLANKS N BOARDS- CONSTRUCTON new home constructon, addtons, dormers, ktchens, baths, garages, freplaces, basement remodelng SUPEROR FLOORS 4 MORE full bathroom remodelng, plumbng, cabnels fxtures 4 floor coverng Sales 4 nstallaton Free esl. Please call (810) B! Roofng AFFORDABLE ROOFNG Tear Offs Flat Roofs Carpentry Sdng Gutters Chmneys Free Estmates Lcensed A Full Servce Company velasco Const. Co. rtc Call: (313) " Tearorfs. Sngles 4 Flat Roofs All nteror repars caused by water damage Partng 4 Drywall * NSURANCE CLAMS * * APEX ROOFNG. NC * Treslan, Farmngton HHs Qualty work completed w-.th prde FamJy Owned Lcensed nsured Far prces For Honesty & ntegrty call: or A-1 WORKMANSHP GARDEN CTY CONSTRUCTON Sh,rtge Tear-Offs 4 ReRoofs Flat Roofng Specalst Lcensed 4 nsured BEAT ANY WRTTEN.ESTMATE 1 (810) (313) New ft REPAR. Shnglng, rubber root.ng. cedar: (tat larnng, gutters 4 related carj>en!ry. nsurance work BEST CHMNEY NC. ROOFNG Recoverng Tear Otfs Lcensed - nsured V/cod-wa.d Ave Oak Park. Ml J & J-ROOFNG Free Est Speoavz.ng n lear-offs LEAK SPECALST VaJeys, flashngs, elc Wrtten guar Member Better Bus. B. 25 yrs 6xp.. Uc. (810) RESDENTAL SPECALSTS * All Work Guaranteed * " Free Estmates No Deposts. Pnnacle Roofng TOMS RESDENTAL ROOFNG Year round Reasonable Prces. Al guarantees n wrtng LC/lns Sdng ALUMNUM ft VNYL SDNG Trm Replacemen*. Wndows Seamless Gutter* Lcensed Mannng Construe VlNYL ft Alum scng. Gutters, trm, enclosures, roofng ft related work. AVjm. cleanng, waxng, restoraton. (810) (313) [(frt telephone Servce,.. Repad. AL W1REO UP Phone wrng, repar A mstal<atoft, Phone prewrng (or new const. Jacks lor computers, 2nd lnes ft fax lnes Exp, (ree esl EH Televson/VCR RadoO l> ALL BRANDS - TV. VCR. 8G SCREEN Repar n. home servce. 30 yrs exp. Sr, dscount All areas 61O-7S4-36O0 or Tle Work-Ceramc/ Marble/Quarry ALL CERAMC ft Plaster Repars New Ceramc Tub 4 Shc-Ae/ Regroutng 4 Re-caulkng nlenor Remodelng bolns J.B. TLE COMPANY QUALTY CERAMC TLE Fully Ucensed ft nsured Specalzng n showerpan repar For Estmates. J.m RT REMODELLNG Ceramc Tle Floors Counter Tops Bathrooms Plumbng Free Estmates. (313) ja Tree Servce AAAA NATONAL TREE 4 STUMP REMOVAL, trmmed root leedmg Lew rales, Com! 4 ROscr Free Est. Fu»/ ns (313) AFFORDABLE TREE SERVCE rrmmno ft Removal, Land Clearng. Stump Grndng Frewood Sr. Dscount Snce 1974 (810) AAA ANOREW TREE SERVCE Tree trmmng, rerhova), stump grndng, land clearng Fully nsured. Free Estmates God bless you 1313) BRDS TREE SERVCE Tree trmmng,removals Over-10 yrs expenence CaJ (313) G ft F TREE SERVCE Prunng, toppng, removals 4.stump orndng Veryreas rates. Free esl. FuUy nsured Gary: W.C. ALLORS" STUMP REMOVAL, NC. REGSTERED ft NSUREO Shrub Trmmng ft Ornamental Tree Prunng MF HOME TYPNG SERVCE* PERSONAL OR BUSNESS Reasonable rales 1 (810) ALL RGHT, ts tme to do rt.rght Paper hangng ft removal WALL TO WALL PROFESSONAL PAPER ft PANT Wallpaper hangng* removal, fnt. parttrng Custom hangngavaf Re. Free est. Matthew: * WALLPAPERNG * You take care n choosng your paper, We take care n hang ng t Can Chrs or Cathy (810) (313) Paperng; Removal, P&nng, Repa/s Exp. Women Vsa ft MG M Wall Washng {810) (313) Wafwashno, wndow ft rug cleanng Part.ng All types of repa-r*, Vsa ft Mastercard Washer/Drjer. SALES ft SERVCE All modes. 1 year warranty partsft labor. Free removal of old aoplances. Stove 4 retrgerators. Son. dscoonl. 24 hr*. (800) Wndows BEST BUY ON hkjh-cjualrfy replacemenl WVKJCTAS No mmde-mcn Lrletrne Wananty. KC Wndows

38 % KPP *FPPPP vmmmm wmmmmmmmmmmm 4D(*) CLASSFCATONS 712 to 824 RGarag Garage Sales Wayne UVON1A; Merrman, S. of 6 Ml*. Fumrture, stereo * much mote. Thura. 4 Fr.; 9-5pm. LVONA Muft (amty. Books, clothe*, toys-sept 11-13, l0-4pm. Uvona Hlls Sub. Sooth off of 8 M.le, jusl East of LVONA - 3rd Annual Farlane Cl 51¾ Wde Sale: Bgger than before. Thurs.-Sat. 9-4pm Farlane C. w MJo W/Farmngton Rd off 7 M,le. LVONA - Subdvson Sale on Sept from 10 lo 4 at S Mary Estates. N of 1-96 on Levan, E on Martn. Maps at Westbrook LVONA - SUB SALE, Thurs. thru Sun. 9am N. ot 7 M«fe, W ol Mddlebelt. Pck-up address Est at Payless Groceres MxJdleber. LVONA - Thurs & Fr, 9-4pm Mayf.eld, 6 KWo/Farmngton area A Lttle B4 ol Everythng" LVONA - Thurs-Sat Gll. N off 7 Mle Lots ol chftjrens clothng, some household tems PLYMOUTH - mutt) farnfy sale: Thurs 4 Fn Sep Crestwood Condos S Sheldon. N ol Ann Arbor Rd PLYMOUTH - Muft-Member Garage Sale. Proceeds to The Plymouth Symphony Ann Arbor Tr Sept 12. 9am-5pm, Sept 13. 9am fpm Donated tems Accepted Household Goods AR CONDTONERS (2) Casemert, Emerson Quet Coo*. 125 each. Calf: (310) Antque Oak dresser w/m/ror, 325. OaX chest 225. Telephone table/ char, 75 (810) BASSET GRLS whts desk & char, 150. Call (810) BEAUTFUL BUFFET. Wack & OoU. long & low, almost new, 850 or best. Other peces also * BEAUTFUL -. fe* steel whte al leather sola, loveseal 4 char, value 4500 lor 2000 Also talan marble tables, sofa, end table & cocktal. 3 pece valued 2700 lor 1250 Excellent condton BEDFRAME fultsue wbookcase. dark wood. 120 CaS after 3 30pm: (313) BED Queen, mattress 4 box, brand ne«n plastc deluxe frame 185 CaB. (313) BEDROOM - Ethan Aten Dresser, mrror, desk w.chajr 4 cabnet book- Shell, 500 Also, ter cabnet headboard w.jghr brdge 4 mnor, (u9 sue bed" frame, box spnngs 4 mattress. 300 Great condton BEDROOM set contemporary, black. Queen bed/mattress * 5 peces Lke new H O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 Household Goods MOVNG ar condtoner 1200 BTUa, Tappan gas stove, dog cage 12 ft x6ft wmsulated dbg house. rl nterested {313) MOVNG SALE -.dnngroomtaba4 chars, adult 4 youth bedrdoom sets Lvona (3»3) MUST SELL Best Offer. Bed, dressers, mcro-wave, ktchen table w.chajrs. washer, dryer, refrgerator, couch (313) MSCELLANEOUS OFFCE ecpmenl yard sale, Sal 9-7, 9 lo 3. 7rja Oakland, Brmglnham, between Hunter 4 Adams, N. of Mapfe. PANASONC faesmte/telephgne answerng system. Never used, n orgnal box. 450b6t NEW LEATHER couch and rocker/ redmer char, excellent, orgnal cost 3500, best offer. (313) NEW TWN se bed complete )6(15(168, each. (313) PAR OF Queen Anns ye.low brocade Wmg Cbavs by Sbernll. Excellent conddon QUEEN-SZE. WATE.RBED w/headboard 4 drasser ROSEWOOD EUROPEAN closet system, modular de.sgn. 7 closets corner un*t 1000 (810) ROSEWOOD ROOM d;v>der,-wall urut European moduar, 8 ft. hgh, 9 tl long 1000 (810) PLYMOUTH Sept ) 9a-5p Lots ot baby tems 4 g.t1s cwh.ng Foxndge, Deer Creek Sub between Beck/RxJge, U of Powell PLYMOUTH - stereo, tape deck, CD player, antque dresser, table, chars. mrrors, other goodes Thurs -Sat 9am-5pm N Terrtoral PLYMOUTH. THUHS - Sat, Tennyson, W ol Sheldon, oft Ann Arbor Rd REDFORD - Huge Garage Sale Collectbles 4 msc Mercedes. N. ol Schoolcraft E. of nxster, Pealerss welcome See Thursdays paper REDFORO. Mult famly Fenton, W of Telegraph. N of Schoolcraft Sept am-6pm SOUTHGATE BApK to the 50s 3 rnene sets, end tables, dahes, lamps, pctures, pottery, more Abums, 60s-70s, s/e 10 wedd no, dress, never worn, never aerea uprght freezer, odds 4 ends Sept , Mark, bet Northna 4 Eureka, oft Dm 4 Superor, Earty brds by appl only (313) WESTLAND - Thurs -Fn Darmouth Crescent Ct Off Cherry Hl, between Ne*burgh 4 Wayne BEDROOM SET - Kng Se. whte lacquer, connectng nghl stands dresser, amore BEDROOM SET 5 pece. almond fonn>ca ncludes queen stze mattress S700.best (810) BEDROOM SET. Queen headboard, dresser, m.rror, h-boy. nght stand 350 3J3) BEDROOM SETS (3) Chnacab.net Couches - 1 leather 4 char. Tables 4 Much More BEDROOM SET Walnut double bed. tnple dresser.rrvror. rvte stand, mans dresser 450test BEDROOM - sold maple kng poster head/footboard, tnple dresser/mrror, hghboy S BEOROOM, WHTE twn, w/ desk 4 char. 2 wood bedroom sets. (1 double, l tw-,n) Both wth desks and chars S250 each (313) BRASS TRUNDLE Bed wth 2 fw-,rt mattresses CABNETS ALMOND wth oak tnm, under counter mcrowave.. dshwasher, custom snk, and celng fans. S.500 (810) RUSTC WHTE CEDAR Bed handcrafted, brand he* Seebonal(4 pc ): 285 Dnng table: 195. Bedroom set-headboard/ dresser/chest, SOFA. L0VESEAT, char, table. coffee table, oak framed cost 3000 sea bar stools, dnjg room set Stereo system. S100 Pabo se S SOFA. LOVE seat 4 char, gold tones, ecelent condton, S Sola, loveseat, rectner Medum blue 2 end/1 coffee tables-2 lamps, an wood 4 glass Askng S 095 complete WJl separate (810) CommyudustraJ/ -J Restaurant Equp, BAXEflY EQUPMENT - Trayfsen Freezer; Federal refrgerator; 210 qt Hdban Mxer; Stanless Steel 2 compartment Snk; Benches 4 M.sc (313) BOOTHS FOR restaurant 19 n all Good condoh. 75 each of best ofter. Ca.1 Mo. (313) DE WALT 3 Phase Radal arm Saw phase poaermatc TaWe Saw Phase generator 1000 Of all 3 lor JSOOGbest Can days 10 to 3om Eg Computers CANON PC 2LX Coper - approxmately 2 yrs old,- new cartrage ncluded, 200. (810) BUNDY SLDE Trombooa very good condton, 350. Wurtuer hvtgston baby orand pano excellent condton, CELLO V Sze Hoffman. Lovely tons. Lke New wth wood bow 4 padded case M 355 GREAT DANE PUPS - AKC, fawn, champ bloodlnes. Can eves. t.(313) LAB SHEPHERD PUPPES 7 weeks old, ready for adopton. Call CLARNET, 150. Aocordon Box Gutar, 35 AH good condton (313) DRUM SET - Complete 5 pece wth hardware. Lke new! Great lor begnner/pro FLUTE Gemenhardt. Used 3yrs. for band class Excellent condton (313) FRENCH HORN (Conn) (student), lke new. ncludes mouthpece 4 case 500 (810) HARP Venezuelan, orgnal, d.rect from Venezuela; 200 ORGAN Kmba! l, wth mag.c fnger keys. 600 After 5: HUDSON SPNET Pano - w.bench Recently tuned. Excellent condton. 800 (810) BM COMPATBLE 50 Mega Hertz, 486DX. 4 meg ram, CD Rom, 500 meg hard dove, speakers, mon.tor 4 software S70Gbest (810) BM 466 SX muft-meda, 8meq color mon.tor 4 software MACNTOSH LC color montor. Stytewter Pnnter. 450 Perfect cond.ton. (810) MAC LC wth keyboard. 360 meg HO. 10 Meg ot RAM. 4X CD ROM (nea), 14 " Coor Montor, 699 (810) SOFAS. LOVESEATS, dnrng room set. Kng oak bedroom set. pctures 4 more Can (810) SPRNG AR queen bed 250, large couch 250. dass«: dresser S200 Cl Mark THREE PECE wall un.1.1.vng room, d.nette set. lounge chars AJt-new! Package deal S CHLD CRAFT - SoSd Oak Baby Furnture Cnb w mattress, dresser w5 drapers 4 3 draper dresser wbcox hutch S400 Call after 5pm SOLD Movng Sales OUR [CLASSFEDS WORK, H rt*- ww,, queen 4»wp«f/k>veseflt, La- tfe f Z*Spy rocker/ 4t*&j*, Woodartf S«H6/eel;-2-twfn.-?0«0w«rdorf sets, " m. mm "Ths ad stated "By Appt." and.we were overwhelmed wth the number of calls, we have already placed another ad n the Observer & Eccentrc! BM,Dearborn Our classfed soles people are watng to hear from you... for more nformaton cat... WAYNE OAKLAND ROCHESTW/ - ROCHEsrca HLS ClARKSON/LAKT: ORON/ 0X7OR (Observer ft tttfnlrfr CAH6 *BV ««KO COUCH. 78" * loveseat. 58" G/een 4 bege floral Lke new. 700/ negotable Eves COUCH 4 loveseat 200, 2 wngback chas w.oaoman. 100 Couch, S10O Coffeo tabo COUCH. OVERSZED Southwest prnt year o>d Pa;d110O SeU for COUCH - trad-tonal. small roseft>ue floral cotton prnt, vory background, 80". lke re.v DNETTE - Ccrry Wood set w4 upholstered chars Unused m box. Rc-ta-l sacrfce S450 (810) DNNG ROOM Set - Drexel, large table. 2 leafs. Table pads, chars, large hutch ALMOST EVERYTHNG Goes- Sept. FOREST GRSEN Sectonal, wth 12lh-15th, Lyndon, Red 1 double sofa bed 2 end tables, fofd. Furnture 4 mscellaneous (810) DNNG ROOM SET mahogany, 10 pece. Tabs to 96 nch Approx 40 yrs Old S ONNG ROOM set oval table wth leal. 4 oha rs. ch.na cabnet TraoSbonaL med-um Walhul. Reasonable Cal after 6 00 (810) ONNG ROOM set. Thomasvle complete w 6 chars, chma cabnet. sde table and tabs wr2 leaves 4 pads , (313) DNNG ROOM TABLE 4 5 CHARS. so-sd wood Chna cabnet and 2 rectners 600oest: TVS, 27" 4 13workng color: VCFt laanmower. a«n equpment (313) WATERBED - Queen, wth padded rals Great for those on the move (810) WESTLAND - Mong Couches. Expando tabe, lamps, beds 4 more For appontment lapplances SUPER COMPUTER SALE SAVE SSS SUPER VALUES FARMNGTON HLLS. MCH SUN. SEPT S. 10AM to 4PM Farm.nglon Hlls Actvty Center Eleven M-fe Rd 3 blocks E ot Mddlebeft NEW.4 USED COMPUTERS Lor.esl Prced Dsks n USA SOFTWARE 2 4 UP Prepad phone cards: 54m.n 10 Adm.ss.on: 5.00 (313) M Farm Equpment (310) CASE Trac Loader, gas engne. 3,900 after 430 (810) U-Pcks AR CONDTONERS (2) 75 BTU s STUs Compactor Can ALL APPLANCES plus Ethan Alen table w4 cha.rs. and paw furn-ture. All ke new (313) BULT-N KENMORE gas oven - black, new gn.ter, excellent condton, must see CATHYS BEST VALUE APPLANCE FREE 1 YEAR WARRANTY Modern Lte new applances Mchgan Ave. between Beech Daly 4 nkster Rds or E 8 Me, Wa/ren. t bfk W. of t.1ound Rd Mon - Sat. 9-8 PM Sun DSHWASHER wh.te West.nghouse ExCe"ent cood.ton 75,(810) , FREEZER UPRGHT 16 Gub.c Feet 300 Wardrobe ckoset hgh never used. 85 (313) DNNG TABLE - Beautful oak, 4 chars, Pad 1100, Se-1: 550, Ethan Allah maple.hucmabe, 4 chars 400 Sectonal sleeper sofa S DNNG TABLE - Oak contemporary. w4 upholstered chars Cream color sofa. 150 (810) GAS RANGE Wmcrowave. Amond, excellent condton 175 Small mcrowave 40 Gas log freplace, freestandng, GE ELECTRC stove 40\ fte fry sxte refnoeratorlreezer. BotfHarves Gold 675 lor both DRESSER wth hutch 4 desk wth hutch. S250 for both. Excellent condlon (313) DREXEL HERTAGE Cheny, Full Queen Headboard new 375: (810) DREXEL HERTAGE collectors mahogany canbnba3 styfe queen bed, stl ava-labte retal, ha.1 prce. 450 (810) ; ETHAN ALLAN chest/hutch FAMLY ROOM set ke new; complete 325. Bedroom set.rwdty used. 250, Tappan mcrowave, 6 months old, 95- Dnng set glass; oak 4 caster chars/sofa table, /MghfSr 8M FAMLY ROOM: sleepef sofa, loveseat tables 4 lamp, feather kng ptatfonn bed Wooden cardgama table, FREPLACE NSERT, Masters Choce, 23 5H x 31" W X 34D. Excellent 300 (313) COMMERCE TWP Sunnybrook. Furnture. 27 n. TV, art worx, washer/dryer.. (810) DMrG ROOM, decora tvs mrror; wtwte sofa A love seat lamps. en!e<tanment comer, desk, washer, drye/. stove, mcrowave. (810) FARMNGTON HLLS - Furnture, applances 4 Lamps. No oarage sale Hems. Sept.:,12. 13, 9am-3pm Oak Pont Dr., Cc+ony Park Farmngqn Rd. FARMNOTON HLLS: BW moy/g sale. Antque, fymtuna 4 csass. collectbles, msc household. Thw- Sat PepperrhA Rd. N o( 12 Mle/W of Fa/mngon Rd.. FARMNOTON HLLS - Movng out ol ooyntry long tme eoltecfor must sefl some art, glass 4 mrrors (Mur&no) - srt wbrv, polers & frames, chna, antque desk, ron headboard, couches 4 chars, lnens. pahu, garden tools. Thurs..FA 9am-Spm Braxon Court - ryjependenoe Hlls, S. of 11 Mj/e, E. ol Drake. HTCHCOCK TABLE, 6 chars; cherry buffet, pne beovoom oek rwkn. antque secretary. More: Of 810-4« KRSY LEGENO vacuum»450. fado am saw 250. Both lke new. Maple bur* bed* 75, Benhvooxl fockef 20, Stalrtepper 2, contemn floor lamp «20. (313) FURNTURE: Bedroom set Queen headboard, dresser/hutch 350. computer desk, plus. 50. Stereo cabnel 50, (313) FURNTURE - Black lacquer long cabnel 1900; 2 black lacquer Chna cabnel 4-entertalnment center 500 each; 2 couches 150 each; contemporary ktchen table wthars 400: orental slk screen 500; wood desk FURNTURE-: Mahogany table desk Cherry leoaj He, offce chars. 300, black.; dnng room chars Brass ral saton bar w.4 tawes (810) FURNTURE - Thomasvjledresser & bed: bege loveseal 4 sofa, 250; 9 cu. ft frdge. 200; 2 dressers, 2 desks, mcrowave, 2 dnngroom tables. Orentals. Kmbal pano, Searay boat GREAT FOR Co«ege; Queen sue soft sde waterted; new heater, rockers-1 bertwobd, WO. 1 wcker/ roetral cushon HENREOON KNO sze bedroom set errnore, lghted canopy, etc. Must; sell. (313) KENMORE washer 4 dryer. Almond, 3 Yrs. old, 400Vbesl Weght bench, shower. doors.offer. SOLO PLYMOUTH * Move-n: Household, Ugh* fortures. apefances, TV, bedd»no, clothe* much more, Fr.-Sat; Sept th. 10-6pm Hunter* Creek Or., off Beck A Powel Rd«, S. Of TerrHoral 4 M-t4. SOLffHFEL0.» Sept 14 A 15 from 9 to «Mdway. S. of.0 Mte,. of Uhser. WESTLANO SAT, Sept. 1« Maes. CferryMVHx, Sofa, end tables, waterbed A chest, sectoral of, labe A char*, stove, washer/ d/yer, household, msc. Greal prtoet, 0<Jju*. (313) PlECC double becvoorn set «tt>ox aprng A mattress, S50. 10ft wood «n>r*on ladder 4¾. (313) SQ Ckrhnf OOROEOUS Fa( sfk brdal gown hver worn, w/1/ar. Lace A «eed Mara, («S /». Wa 1700 wm *el hr WW,. <?Yawfrng wjsgt rtrvtr worn, border, 250, TaocTTtaoa («10) WeoVng Drew by Chrstan DkX w0, «a*, ofl ahcxdera, sweep trah. tm&tml MUM *eel 4) KNG A queen waterted sets wrrkrot, cvesser, headboard, &.mattress. Very nce each, KENMORE REFRGERATOR - whte, sde-by-sde Great shape 250 (313) ACRES a RRGATED Red raspberres 2 per quart You pck. One Mle W. ol Pontac Trarl ft South bl 7 M.e Rd. at 8779 Dxboro Rd, South Lyon. Ml. For nfo Caa Hosptal Equpment ELECTRC CART - Prde Celebrty Oeluxe Very easy access Lke newt 2,000. (810) Jewelry DAMOND carat, ful cut round bnant, G color- S3 beautful stone, very wtve ROLEX. PATEK AUOEMARS Carter 4 other hgh,grade watches Buyset trade- repa.r. 2 yr warranty Back n Tme. ntl «Lawn Garden &»J Snow Equpment CRAFTSMAN 12.* hp ndng mower. 3 n 1 -mulchng deck w.taggjg system 4 aerator attachment Lke new S1C00/best. (610) CRAFTSMAN LAWN tractor, 36 men deck w.dua! baggers, spare Wades, A-1 shape NEW STLL n box 20 nch JVC Stereo TV, color, remote. 171 channels. 1 yr servce contract Pad 340. Askng 225 frm: AJso Sears 20" color TV wth sland, older model, works excellent, no remote 100. (313) REFRGERATOR- Frgdare sde by sde, 21 cu ft Rochester area S6S (810) REFRGERATOR - sde-b/-sde..19 cuft.. Whrlpooj. 66" tafl.. whte, freezer 4 ce maker, 2 yrs old. excellent condton, REFRGERATOR - S«de by sjde. whte Whrlpool, wth water A ce"dspenser. Jess than 1 yr. old (313) Tues-Fr, (810) eves. REMOOEtLNG SALE - V/hte GE refrgerator freezer, 200. Almond Kenrnore heavy duty plus washer. 125, Whte Kenmore gas dryer. 100., (810) ROOM Alf"condtoner..Sa!t storage tank. Freplace heat exchanger. Furnace thermostat (810) STOVES - Hot Ponte self-cleanng, almond 75. Kenmore mcro classc. whte, 150. Both electrc (313) WASHER 4 Dryer GE Set Heavy duty large capacty. 10 yrs old. Almond," excellent condtoh. 125 (or set **********»**SOLO WASHER A DRYER, Whrlpool,. 10 yrs. old. very good condton, 125/ both Hotponte electrc range. 50. Northvrfle (313) WASHER - Kenmore, 3 yrs. old, almond. CxceBen condton. 200/ Negotable WHRLPOOL, ELECTRC stove black 4 whte, excellent condton (313) ES3 jpoourspahot CAL SPA, cedar, 7 person hottub wth gas heauvg sytern, 1,750/ best (810) or Contractors Supply House has large nventory of scratch A denl spas. freplaces 4 whrlpools al HUGE -markdow-s. Trade ns featurng some CAL SPAS, startng at CaB Mon-Fr from 8am-5pnV Saturday 10-3 at: (313) KNGSZE BEOROOM sel wnewer fnatlrew, 450-, 6 char wood dnng set 300; 3 secton wa» unt 475; (810) or KNG SZE walerbed, pne, four poster, 8 drawers, waveless, healed, px»d corxwon * LEATHER COUCH, loveseat A ottoman, oft whte, marble lke end A coffee tabe*, lamps, Al 1100 or w-j sel aeperate. (313) , LEATHER FURNTURE, Sofa loveseat,.sectonal,. antque dvlncj set.varous other antque*, low prces. (6(0] LFT CHAJR/RECUNER. Barafy used Almond ootof Can between 10arn-6prn Uke new rxnternporary offwhfte»ofa A loveseat Scotchgarded, stan resstant fabrc, UVNO ROOM f URNTURE-Orenul acreen, large chma cabnet glass eodlables morel LOVE SEAT - LEATHER Gray, ExeeDenl condton OAK ENTERTANMENT; CENTER Lfke.JtlUUUrty. StVcvSloragau lor lapes, *K CM after Spm. (810) MEDTERRANEAN 3 pece bedroom»t TrV>to waf couch. 200/ best JACOZZ: SEATS 5-6 people, touhger on one sde, extra lets, redwood cabnet, cover ncfuded, 3 years c4d. Excefentoondfton. 2,950/, best (610) LARGE DELUX hot tub, teav sdng; Capacty s people, eves , days 6( CRAFTSMAN - 3 speed 5 hp, 25" rdng lawn mo*er. Call (810) ROTOTLLER TROY-BLT Garden Way. 7 hp. used once, 700 Sears Shredder/Bagger: ehp, lttle use, S200 Post Hole Dgger: gas drven, 2 augurs (6-4 9") McCutloch 0 r Cnansaw: tttle use. 50 (313) SAVE NOV/ on name brand equprr*nt. Are.ns. Bolens, Honda, Lar.v Boy. Toro 4 Troy-Bll. Saxtons Garden Center (313) SMPLCTY TRACTORS Factory rebates, free lawn carts SAXTONS GARDEN CENTER (313) STEEL SNOW blade: 6 ft ufla lght Myer. Elect/otouch motor Jetsonc (2) lght overhead beacon(j0.000 candle power) 550. (810) : TWO(2) 1f>HP Montgomery V/ard lawhlractors: 1 needs work,350 for both:. (610) Mscellaneous For Sale.,.- APPLANCES Washerdryer. mefowave, tv, tables, dressers, crystal chna, etc BERNJfJA 1031 Sewng Machne - Perfect condton. 3 years old. Rochester area (810) CardoGbde workout machne. Amazon parrot tower. Sewng machne wth table CARRER FURNACE and 4 ton Ar-Condtoner-for 1000 sq ft house, 11 yrs old. HOatcAh CERAMfC MOLDS, 204 peces. 510 foras. ndrvkjualry up to 23 ea. Setter kln 70..(313) DRAWNG TABLE-31x41 nch plus char, 85, Sega wth 3 games, 70. CaS Steve (313) EPSON PRNTER LO 570, 4 pece 36" Fberglass shower (new. n carton). 64" Dresser w.mrror 4 9 drawers (610) FOR SALE Krn, best offer. (313) GENERATOR 440O W Wndow ar 6000 BTUs, 110. HD Tarp 18 x 36, 60.2 seta patk> fghts wmers, new 20 each. Door opener recerver. 3 transmtters 80. (313) HANGNG LGHT for POOL TABLE Leaded gfass wth lght oak tnm. Lke new. 185, (810) POOL -18 round; earth flter, ladder, 2 covers Amore Uvcola: (810) SAUNA: NEW. whle Poplar w r ass unt Seats yf warranty, 3, ( 10) Buldnjr; Materals OLO WROUGHT RON FENCE - 4 ft, 6 n. by 130 ft, Can (313) TWELVE ROOF trusses New. 24 ft/ 10 n span prch. Cathedral ctwg. Perfed for farrvly room addton Uvonla.(810) M Butnesft Offce Mo mmmm DESKS. CHARS, Credent. Me A rases 6*Ta_ O>xl-cond.6on. Rea- onabte prte**.» SOLD OAKexecutve desk, matchng tttfocv* A 2 lateral ffes, locks, 450. Leather, executve burgundy char, *2*4666 PROFESSONAL NSTALLATON Cornpahy wl nstall your garage door opener, any brand. 50. Fast Servce. 15 years experence. Garage door safes,- nstenabon. A repar also avalable. J.R.O. Door. Systems. (313) TOYS - ktds clothes, uprght.free:er, kerosene heater, pool, nter, hose, solar covet: (810) VENDNG MACHNES 111 counter toe) ncludng 9 stands, (313) Woodbumng freplace nsert. Thermostat, blower, black, brass "Wrt Works great ,-7959 WOOD PARQUET floorng. St* n boxes. 500 Sq. ft., 400. Can (313) BE Muscal nstrument* ALTO - SAXOPHONES - Bundy tv Ses-ner, 600. Yamaha rtefmedala YAS-52, hew (510) A SCHOOL BAND NSTRUMENT SWAP A SALE. A hugh assortment of name brand hew V used band nstruments at oarage sale prces. BuyserVtrade/rent (610) KAWAJ PANO RENTAL 6 month rent-to-own program 43" console 53arnonth 44" console: 49,month Can Arnofdl W.ltams Musc (313) KEYSOARO- Korg 01WFD pljs 2 Peavey HKS-12 oo/vered speakers - excetenf 1400 frm ORGAN Thomas. Playmate model, bench, dual lghted keyboards, fool bass, reverb PARLOR GRAND Pano Antque good condton: 1,500. Cal (810) , PANO NFO HOTLNE Pano shoppng? Confused? Know more Call for a free copy of the nternatonal Pano ndustry Summary LAB YELLOW 6 month neutered male, 100 wpapers. Days , exl 221. Eves MALTESE - AKC pups, 400 cash. (810) MNATURE SCHNAUZER - Male. AKC.. 8 mos, sahpepper color, Loveable. ntellgent PUG AKC, fun female, 8 wks. shots, vet okayed, guaranteed Also, Lhasa Apsq pups Boats/Motors SAL BOAT-HUNTER ft., Honda, 9.9 outboard.new cushtons, extras, (810) E 111 Campers/>!otor [»1 wa Homes/Tralgra Kv of the. Road 1994 W6* *hew. *ke new, 3 sldes, K»<Jf* J***" dryer. 48, SALBOAT, ODay Wdgeon. 124" wvaser. 500, Can after 530pm or weekends. (610) Saoat, Pram, perfect lor rer»,a young satlers. ages chM boat, ftoer-glass. separate storage box for sals, He Jackets, masts, etc SEA-DOO 1994 Explorer w-th traler. Mnt condton. Seldom used (810) SEA DOO GTX 1995, low hours. Many exlras. Traler 4 cover. Excellent (313) PUPPES Mxed wme. 10 weeks old. Male 4 female, all shots, good personalty ROTTWELER Pups. AKC, 8wks. champon bloodlnes, parents on premes ) ROTTWELER RESCUE - Rescue 4 adopton. Foster homes needed SAMOYED PUPPY Mate 5 months AKC. Shots Great wth kds 500 (313) SHAR-PE) PUPPES- love chldren, lots ol wrnkles, 9 weeks old. (81.0) SHELTE - AKC. female, shots, wormed. 325 Dad. 1*yrs 100 Both sable Awhte SHH TZU - AKC Male 4 Female, 1 st shots, dewormed, health guaranteed 300. (810) PANO - Stenway Grand Pano Model M 57" Ebony, excellent condton Beautful sound PANO. WNTER spnet. walnut wbench Tuned yearly. Excellent condton.600. (313) SPNET PANO w.th bench Sohmer. walnut talan Provncal, A-1 concv ton We Buy PANOS (Spnets. Consols. Grands) Top prces for.stenway Grands AND - HAMMOND ORGANS (B-3. C-3. A others) Call Mr. Howard; Sportng Goods 8RAND NEW sks, never used, Salomon Super Force 9.1 3S PR (810) YORKE PUPS. 6 wks old 2 maes females 550 AKC, regstered Vet check m K«f FarmAnraak M9JUvestock.<< FOR SALE: Pol bejy pgs TU Horses & 1 J Equpment ASHAM HORSE SHOW Sept 12-15, Mhgan State Far Grounds! Breed Horse Show. For more nfo (313) ML HORSE dran wagon, red. 8udrteser style w rubber wheels, excellent ccodton (810) CARDO FT MACHNE (Heath Rder) Lke Ne* Mov,ng. Must Sen 150 Call Lon (810) CARDO GLDE exercse mach.ne 100 Muln-stajon» e>der home gym (313) FAST TRACK - brand new. 150 Cal (313) GUN COLLECTON- Hand Guns. (Ves, Shotguns Prvate part/. Caa after 5pm, (313) HOROC TRACK PRO - Movng. must sell. Brand new! S350oest LEARN THE joy and challenge ol horseback rdng Showcase Sabes s now offerng Fall Classes m Horsemanshp Learn the care and enjoyment of workng wth horses on the ground and hong Cal (810).466-TROT Prvate Lessons lor Advanced & ntermedae Rders are ava-abe LEARN THE Oy and challenge of horseback,ndng Showcase Stabs s now offenng Fan Classes m Horsemansh p" Learn the care and en/oymen! ot workng wth horses on the gtound and rklng Call (810) Prvate Lessons for Advanced 4 ntermedate Rders are avaabe TENNESSEE WALKER - 8 yrs. S1200. (810) POOL TABLE - Home Vale-y, 7 ft, very good condton Cal aler 5pm (810) PRECOR STEPPER we.ght bench. S25. slant board. 50. Excellent cond-tonafter 4p TREADMLL Power We*, brand new. all nstructon materals ncluded. S12S. (313) m ANMALS P TS/llV STOCH # [l] Cats ADORABLE Persan Hmalayans, CFA Regd, 12«vks, 1 ma!e/1 female Blue pont, 250. (810) CAT - adorable. 8 mo. old., long hared. Calco emae, spayed. ab shots, ltter traned. AJso kttens.. " CATS.NEED good home - male 4 lemale. age 4. dectawed, fxed, updated on shots. Fance anergc. CallJm KTTENS -adorable. 10wks: old. all shots, assorted colors, ltter traned., KTTENS - Need good home. 6 weeks old Call alter 5:30: SHAR-PE - Male Also 6 mo. Ktten. To good home SAMESE CATS, 2 Ettermates. 3 yrs. ofd: Need quel adul home together. Canton AREDALE PUPPES - AKC, 8 wks. old, 4 males, 400, (313) )3 A1RE0ALE PUPPES, - AKCcharrpcn pedkyee,?a>ks. vet owned, 1 st shots. near Fl.Wayrw AKC Labrador Ret/efver puppes, Champon btood lne, takng deposts. ; (810) AUSTRALAN Shepherd Chow mx heeds good home. Quet 4 wed traned BASENJ1 AKC regstered, 10 mos., red 6 whte male, neutered, must have fenced-m yard BLACK LAB - female, Tyear, loveable, house broken electrc fence traned. 200 (810) BRTTANY PUPS/AKC- All males Days ; Eves BULLMASPFF PUPPES.- AKC, eharnpon bloodlnes, wonderful wth chldren, buf suspcous wth strangers (906) CARN TdRRER AKC pups, 450 cash.. (810) CAVAUEfl KNG Chavle* Spanels (toy) Pedgree, bfenhem. TaVJng orders now.; (810} CHOW PUPS, AKC. weeks. Greal emperamenl. We have mother A champon father. (810) DACHSHUND (MN) AKC, champon sred.. 2 tger brndfe males *. (313) ENGLSH BULLDOG pups. AKC champon btoodnes. Now takjno deposts. 1,200 mate, 1,400 female. Call before 6pm.. (517) GERMAN SHEPHERD pups A edufls AKC, champon:ared, hps guaranteed 25Q/Llp.3l3-637:5376 GOLDEN RETREVER Puppes: 6 weeks. AKC. 27«: Canon area; (313) GOLDEN RETREVER, 9 wka. AKC, 1st ahotar-lmaev-f-jefleler -~-."... (313) BABY drano Pano Beautful Zmmerman, mahagorty, showrdom «>rv«oa 3,900. (3(3) GOLOEN RETREVER Puppes. AKO champon. Mate/Ferna* LgN meoxm A dark. Vet chocked A lahol*. (810) *lr Horse Boardng/ u l Commercal A PECE of Kentucky rollng grass paddocks, targe stalls, new full care faol.ty,180x70 ndoor/300x300 outdoor arena. Professonally staffed, saj&s 4 lessons avalable Hunter/ Dressage. Car (313) T# Household Pets- MM-Other. BABY BRDS - Sun Conures. Lovebrds. Cockatels. Parakeets 4 many more.. (810) Boats/Motors ASTRO, 1992, 20 ft. FSX, f.sh and sk. 200 Merc. Tandem traler, many extras. Excellent cond.ton. 15,800. (810) BASS TRACKER and traler, T17, 17 ft. alumnum boat,75 Marner, stanless steel prep, new M.nnkota rojt.ng motor; ExceCent. (313) BASS TRACKER ft. low hrs,»15 HP. marner. ah optons! Excellent ftatk MOTORS Evnrude, 5 hp., long shaft Gae, (Johnson), 5 hp. S295.(8t0) CARVER Montego, low hours, clean, 38,000, Eves: : (810) CARVER Twn 454, ar. generator, radar, 220 hrs. Call Steve, (810) CHEETAH CUDDY. 1992, 21 foot super, low hours; Mercnjser engne, mnt 13,000/best CHRJSCRAFT, Concept, 260. hp w/ualer, S14.30O C RSC RAFT 1947RocketRunabou1 - blue panted model. 212 cu. n. Crysler Ace, waterlne cover 4 host Mcflet Lk. Orgnal S CROWNUNE 1993 Bow rder - B foot V6. very low hours, Eagle traler. extras. 13,000. (810) F1SH-N-SK15 foot wth traler, 65HP Mercury, r*h fnder, extras. Runs great 1 sootest (313) FOUR WjNNS ft, red-whte. 4.3 Mer V6, depth fndcr. rado, hew cover, 9,550. (8t0) 816)931 FOUR WJNNS Horzon, traler, 260hp, mnt condton, ncludes a3 ecjupment recreatonal tems, all tops, camper canvas; must sefl,-21,500pest (313) , FOUR WlNNS Horzon, traler, 260 HP, mfn condton. ncludes as equpment, recreasonal tems, all lops, camper canvas. Mus sett oe5t. (313) FOUR WlNNS Lberalor. exceflent condaon, 5 7 OMC, low hours,.fut canvas. Eagle traler, 12,600.. Joe: GALAXE ft open bow. lo. 130HP. Vofvd Penta. TraSer 4 more. l9c0t>esf (313) KAWASAK Wave-Runner cc wcover Offer. (810) LARSON 1977, 17 ft. ffcer glass, 4 cylnder VofVo toob, runs X looks great, low hours, w/trafer, (610) LARSON " open bow.»30 hp Merc, Sborelander traler, ctearvruns great, 5,300; Also paddetwheeler 111, canopy, 475. (313) Lund 1990 > 165 bow rder. EZ loader traler. 115 HP Mercury.: Loran-C, VHP, fshrmder, fshhawk. 2 Bg John downrogers MASTERCRAFT 1985 sk boa! wth alumnum lft and (raer. 309 hours on molor. Must see. 1,000 or best offer. -, (810) PONTOON BOAT 24ft 50HP Even-, rude motor, stereo, seal covers; 3,500 Must sea. (810) QUCK SLVER mfalawe lb ft 9 n. 15 HP. Marner. Lke new. 2500,. (313) ) REGAL COMMODORE.- Express Cruser, Crusader engnes, 330 hours, sr, heal, cemaker. orgnal pwncr, non-smoker, brlstol con- dlon, 96,400- Mller- covered #43.. (610) RNKER, 1994, 209 Captrva, Cuddng, Mercury Cruser 5.7L, V8, 235 hp,. w.th traler. Excellent condton,17,500. (810) RNKER CUDDY ft. 230HP, onfy-t to hour*,- wfth- Ltmu>n» taft; aslung 14,000. (313) SE.ADOO (2) XP650* Shorelander traler 4 Wn lft 9,000 (810) or (810) SEARAY 1989 Bounder - 17 ft, 125 hp, nboardtoutboard. m.nt, garaged year round, SEARAY foot Sorrento 260HP, 150 hours, excellent condton, 14,500 (313) SEARAY 1990, 17 ft, 125 HP. LO, excellent condton. wnter stored (810) SEARAY 17½ ft wth traler 120 HP. t-o, 3300 or best offer., SLVERTON 31 ft Sedan, 1979, excellent Condton, 934 hs, twn Chrysler 318 gas. 2 statons, refurbshed Loran. 3l,00O.best Days ask for Jean Eves SUNFSH 14,s3boat Good condton Car rack extra. 75 (810) SUPRA. t991. Sunsporl, 84 hours, stored mdoors. perfect. condton. 14,000 (810) PALAMNO 1992 fotd-a-watl pop up camper., garage kept Jke hew, loaded. AJC, lurnace. hot wajer, refrgerator A ce box. New 00. nov7s4200. (313) PALOMNO - Fold-A-Was, tander axle, pop-up Camper, WW**, canopy 4 screen room garaje kept. LkeNe-v. 35O0.Qflef PROWLER t Self contaned Sleeps 6. 2 dutes, bath 1600best (313) PROWLER 1994 XT1..22 travel tracer, faunkbed Dte-seres. «J»=- 7 - loaded. S9993best REAL-LTE, 12 loot pck-up camper, loaded Ar, mcrowave, slereo. porter TV anfenna, wred cy cablo etc Excellent (313) STARCRAFT 1993 Pop-up - 12 loot. opens lo 24. excellent condton. Loaded 4,895. (810) STARCRAFT 1979 POP-UP, sleeps 8 canopy, ce box. furnace. Good conaton (313) SUNLNE, ft ar. stereo, artn.ng am6pm, call after 6: 3> TRALER 6x8 foot. 16 nch tres. <600 Call (310) TRAVEL MASTER C. 28ft Loaded, mles. Ford 460. Queen beds [810) TWO Tgershark Baractrda waverunners. Excellent. Used 1* seasons Double traler 4 host 1st 8500 takes ah VrELLCRAFT, " bowrder Classc, 165 Merc LO, very low hours, spotless. 2 sets canvas, Eag/e traer. 6,900. Eves Weekends, YAMAHA 1991 Waverunners (2) - w;h tracer 4 covers. Lke new. S5000 takes al!!! (810) SM Boat/Vehcle ;e Storage AAA STORAGE Boats. Tralers, Trucks. Outdoor..wen-lghted, secured Electrcty avalable 5 acres. Jeffres 4 Telegraph STORAGE For antque cars For more mformaton call (313) _ WNTER BOAT STORAGE ft)p]onr/ 2 sq ft outsde, S3 50 w [ Sq f\,ns ; de. 24 hr. Guard Servce. Healed Reslrooms Bubblng start.ng at 600. Markte/ Manne N.R.ver Rd.Harrson TAP See us at the Metro Beach Boat Sho*. Cal a SALBOAT 22 foot Rhodes, pockel cruser, furlng MH, traler, sngle handef, loaded. 10,000. Cad:. (313) Motorcycles/ Mnbkes/Go-Karts WNNEBAGO 1989, Elandon. 34 ft. Chevy molor mles, steer safe loaded. Excellent condton 2 ars, bult-n color TV, VCR. CD. C8. m,cro.cassette player, sleeps 5-8, l o*ner, 28,500 (810) TWO. 12" Kenwood sub woofers n Bandpass box, 300. (810) «fu Auto/Truck-Parts fcuu 4 Servce ALGNMENT RACK -Ar-Lft System. Great for home mechanc use. S20O or Best Offer, (810) CORVETTE Sde exhaust covers, OEM (810) FORD PARTS. 1940! V-8 engne and transmsson, complete suspenson. Wheels, beauty hngs, hub caps. Call for prce! (313) GOLD WNG 1993 Black nterstate mes. extras, mnt. 9,500. (810) GOLDWNG , mles, full dresser, rato, many extras, runs greal S800 (810) HARLEY DAVDSON LO/v FWer rn/es. black, lots of extras, 13,900best HARLEY Sportster. Vasl amounts of entras 7500 or best. After 4pm (313)_ l HONDA CR Excellent ccnd ton, New FMF ppe 4 sprocket, k>a rur. 3,400. Eves HON0AMATC 1979, CM400A m les, excellent condton, must see, 850 offer HONDA 1984 Shadow motorcycle beautful. 500 cc actual rrvles (313) HONDA 1995 Shadow VT1100 Blue mtes, premer cond.ton, extended Honda care protecton plan; S (810) KAWASAK 1994 ZX-9-R. excellent condtxy, well mantaned. S5975. days eve SUZUK OR 350. electrc start, excellent, Call Joe, Days Eves YAMAHA cc. drt bke. Under 10 hrs Lke new (313) YAMAHA Jog Lke New 1 owner. S900or Best Otter. Can (313) YAMAHA 1988 Ra«, red mles, good condton, 550: (31.3) YAMAHA 1993 Vrago535 - ke new, wth wndsheld, 3880 mles, Call; : (313) *12 YAMAHA 1994 Vrato new n 1996, low mles, extended warranty to Marc/accessores-, musl see. 5,0OQbesf (3)3) YAMAHA BANSHEE 4 wheeler, 2 stroke, 350oc. Water cooled. Greal shape (313) m Snowmobles.. PACE 1994 covered snowmoble traler, used twce. 2,600. (810) H n H n Campers/Motor Homes/Tralera AMERCAN BY Cobra-28 ft, 1989, Ford chasss. Class C, 41,000 mles, loaded, excellent condtort, 23,600.- eve&svknds (313) APACHE 1972; popupcamper, sold wall, plus furnace, good condto, (810) CLASS C Mdtorhome 1990 Damon. 24 ft, mles. Ford 460 EF, rhany extras, COACHMAN, 1991 Calana. 25 traler, Buhkhouse. arr, much more! After 4:30pm. (313) COBRA 1994 Cordoba. Class A Molor Home. 34ft, (ong.wde body. Basernent model. FWd 460,dual ar, hydraulc jacks, (owng pkg. 7yr. Ext. warrarty,.generator, Many Extras; 11,500. mles. 45: COBRA 1994 Cors.ca: 26 fool, al fberglass, sleeps 6, fufry equpped 4 more. 15,000. (313) COLEMAN 1991 Popup Arcada, A-1 condton. Sleeps 6. Hot water lank, shower COLEMAN POP-UP 1988, sleeps 5, screen room, lurnace After 500 (313) FFTH WHEEL 1976 Nu-Wa - 32ft SeW contaned. Loads of storage. Ful batrv600ob«st (3)3) GMC 1976, 26 ft. motor home, mechancally recondtoned, excellent runnng cbndtorf; (810) or (313) GULfSTREAM (991 Conquest. 21 ft, Clss : C. moo»home; selfconta ; ned, loaded, 36,000 m : es, excellent, 14,000. (313) NNSBRUCK foot travel traler, used 6 tmes. Excellent condton, jll.sootest. (810) JAYC Pop up. Shower, toncrt; screened"porch, overhead cupboards A fnore., 5800 (313) JAYCO 1994, popup, seeps eght, kng A queen beds. Awnng, screen room, heater, nskje-oulskje Stove, PnUlrHjnl tulljl, "" (313) S JAYCO 1994 Travel Tracr 28 foot, front bedroom, bunk-houso, oak nferor, loaded, 10,500. <?»«;:.. (313) GM FORD CHRYSLER EMPLOYEES 0 DOWN BAD CRE0T NO CREDT- OK Specal auto loans avalableone yearjob requred. 24 hour approval. Call Used Cars At: (313) Olson Olds Lvona GM FORD CHRYSLER EMPLOYEES 0 DOWN BAD CREDT NO CREDT- OK Specal auto loans avalable one year job requred. 24 hour approval. CaJ Used Cars At: (313) Olson Olds Lvona ; 111 Autos Wanted ABSOLUTELY HGHESt PAD FOR - OuaWy Cars & Trucks. We buy wth ntegrty. Ptease can jefj Benson Car Co...(313) WE BUY GARS & TRUCKS Y/e pay mora than anybody! AS makes 4 models wanted., We buy lease rrn-ns too!. -CASH WATNG NOW- Ask lor John or Lou Ward JOHN ROGN BUCK - SUZU- SUZUK GM TRUCK CENTER (313) lorj free ALL AUTOS-TOP Junked, wrecked.or runnng:, E & M: Evenng st WESTSDE TOWNG: Runnng and Junk cars WANTED! Wn pay more than any local yard. Call: (313) BRONCO: 1991 Edde Bauer - Mn condton.. 44,600 mles. New tres. 15,500. After 7pm: (25 CHEVY 1993 Cube Van-14 ft, on, automatc V8.42;000 mtes.l 3, ; CHEVY C-20, V6. AR automatc,.«too Work Truck (313) ; CHEVY 1989 Pckup Serado 2S0: 2nd owner mafy eudras, excelfehl Condton, (34/3) CHEVY Slverado, 1500 extended cab, bedtner, loaded. 63,000 mles (313) CHEVY 1986 S10-64,000 m3es, 4 speed, tool box, bedner, good oondton. 2,725,. (313) 42*-3055 CHEVY S-10 - perlect condton. 22,000 rrvles, automatc, cap, betfoer,-- tea), w/sports package, 10,650, After; 4pm: :6465 CHEVY 1989 S10, 5 speed, stereo cassette, cuslom.wheels, raw brakes, newer cmch 4 tres. Looks A nns great Ohy 61,000 maes, Askng 3600, days ;.. pager l CHEVY 1692 SlO Tahoe, V-«, cassetje. tonneau, only RQQN BUCK (313) CHEVY 1989 Suburban encetenl Condton, ftell mantaned. 1 owner. 10,500.. Mlan CHEVY 1990 Suburban, Srverado mles, sfver/nack, loaded, v«7. clean (810) DAKOTA 1996 assume -24 mo lease a 235/mo. Automate. V6. HWCW L-UJ, TW Jl-VjT! J!)/a Trucks For Sale DAKOTA 193 Sport, automatc,ar,- V6, bucket seals, excellent cwdtjon, S7900. (610) DODGE Dakota SE. Auto- 5 male, ar. cruse, cassette, mles. 4250rbest (610) fxhxse, Ram 50. customsed, alarm, extra set of wnter tres, 4 speed, OP DODGE RAM SLT." Loaded. Fberglass cap. Great condton. 16,900. <810) DOOGE Ram Sport, Black 4x4. SLT package, bedner, Ton-- neau cover, traler htch. nfnty CD, tnted wndows. Performance chp Floamaster exhaust. 20,500. (313) DODGE 1996 Ram Sport, red, 4x4 loaded, 5000 mles, new, 21,900 (810) EXPLORER 1992" XLT. 4 door, leather, moonrool. automatc, a» loaded, green. 12,992, PEMMEF1 FORD (313) FORD F-250 DESEL 1989 Pckup Very good shape. 6000Vbesl offer Eves FORD F-350 Desel. Shortbed. duasy, Good runnng. Clean Best Offer. Call (a 10) FORD 1994 F1W Pck-up, 6 cylnder,, automatc, red. 11,494: DEMMEB FORD (313) FORD F-150. short-bed. Tonneau cover, towng pkg mles FORD F Super Cab. automatc.ar cassette, bed lner, mles. 15,995 DEkWER FORD (313) Q FORD F Supercab Larat, loaded. Must see! Many extras U.70at*st. (313) FORD 1993 F160 XL mles 5 speed, bedner 4 tool box 8,50Obesl, DAXOTA 1996 dub Wagon SLT; V6. automatc, ST, M power, sport wheels, ke new 16,995. Lvona Chryser-PlyrTkXth (313) FORD 1991 F-150XLT Laret. supercab. 4x4, loaded, 8 loot bed w htch SlVOOObes FORD 1994 F150, XLT, short wheel base, 5.0V6, automatc, ar. traler lowng. 36k. lke new. 13,500. ca! between noon - 8pm FORD 1996 F150 XLT Super Cab 4x4. V8, automatc, full power. 10,000 mles. 21,996. OEMMER FORD (313) FORD 1990 F250 XLT,» Ton, 351 V6, enjse. tlt, ar, mfes. 10,490 OEMMER FORD (313) FORD 1990 F-150, XLT, VBbeoVer. tow pack, camper kt, mles SSOOObest. Eves S FORD 1992 F-150 4X4. XLT Short/ Larat, V-8, automatc; lodded, tow mles.,12,900/besl.p (313) FORD RANGER Pck Up cycl.nder. 5 speed. Runs good. l50obest. (313) FORD 1994 Ranger Super Cab, 4.0 automatc, ar, red. cruse, l5t. alumnum wheels, bed lner. 12,994. DEMMER FORD (313) FORD 1988 Ranger XLT - entended cab, V6, grey, newengneclutcmres. exhaust. 4,450. (313) FORD 1991 Banger XLT P,ck-up, stck. 4 cyt.nder, rrtes. S5995 Call Bob, GORDON CHEVROLET FORD 1994½ ton pckup, 8 cylnder m.les. lke buyng a new one, cheap. TYUE AUTO (313) GMC 1994 Extended Cab SLE Seres. 350 V8, fully loaded. Only S ROGN BUCK (313) GMC 1995 Red Sonoma 4x4, pck up truck, 5 speed, sport package mles, 514,000. Days After 6pm GMC 1993 Sonoma SLS. V6. 5 speed, ar. cruse, cassette. 33,000 mles, warranty, S GMC /4 ton. V-8. automatc, bedner, very good condton. S200V best offer. (313) GMC /4 ton 4x4, owner, excellent conepjon,, automatc, ar, tlt, cruse. a,!!oy wheels. Se.OOO/best Call: (313) SUZU 1991 FTR 22 Reefer box, desel Specal Today! 13,988 OLSON OLDS (313) RANGER 1994 Splash 1 alunnurn wheels, bug guard. 32,000 rnles. S DEMMER FQRP (313) RANGER STX. 4x4. V6. roto bed. ar, bedner, Perfect condl mes. 10, RANGER 1993, V6 automatc, ar. bedner Plus 4 tres, 15" Chrysler wheds, RANGER 1993 XLT, S-cab, V6. ar, 5 speed, mles; excellent. 8,600, S FLEET SDE - 5 speed, low mles, alarm ant-thefl, amlm, taneau cover. Sharp r clean! Movng Must Sell! SUBURBAN 1968 Needs, mnor work, mechancally good, body good, 42007negotable, SUBURBAN."1990, 8 passenger/4 wted drve. New enghe,aarranty, tres, brakes, exhausttoaded - tow package. Before 9pm: M Mn-Vans AEAOSTAR J989. ar, cruse, arrylm cassette, 1 owner, 3,20Obesl. - (810) AEROSTAR Edde Bauer, extended, loaded, 4 V/D, traler pkg new shocks 4 brakes, 83,000 rrles, 7900,, ;.. (8(0) AEflOSTAR , Edde Bauer exlended, hew tres, brakes, muffler, Excellent, 88,000 mses, AEROSTAFt 1994 Extended: all. wheel drve, Edde Bauer, loaded, 40.00Q mles 17,775/ AEROSTAFt J ,000 m., new brakes/exhaustextra tres, runs good Wxom 8t AEROSTAR 1967 runs g/eal 2,250 Carl- (8(0) AEROSTAR 1991 stretch model wth Edde Bauer, forest green mfes (810) AEROSTAR 1993, XL, ar, cruse. as power, A8S, arbag. am-fm eassete. 4 2,000 ml«js (313) ( AEROSTAR 1991 XL -Extended, loaded, orgnal owner, excellent condton, hghway mles, new exlerlor pant, 570abest AEROSTAR 1993 XL - loaded, 49,000 mles, 8500.,. (313) AEROSTAR 1968 XLT dean, all power, armrr cassette,, 107,000 mles, 2S00Vbest. (810) AEROSTAR 1991 XL-3.0 V6, ar, 5. passenger, runs excellent, good condttton, to.000 m5es, (313) ASTRO 1993 Exlended, al wheel drve, LT trm, 2-tone gray, 67,000 mles.»12,500. (810) ASTRO 1991, exlended, at optons, Tyme does t agan, only 8999, why pay morel TYWE AUTO (313) ASTRO, 1990, good condton, rear heat/ar, 8 passenger, got a new one, 5, or 373O033 ASTR01996 LT - Fuffy loaded. tjack w/grey ntertofv 6 passertger, 11,000 mles. 22.0OO.*«st ASTRO VAN 1992 loaded, very dean, very wo9 mantaned, 70,000 Mohway ml. 6, CARAVAN 1994 Ar, auto, luggage rack, cassette. 43,000 ml. ExceUntl or CARAVAN JWa U UM1 con. dton; Automatc, ak,4xl/m. 76,500 mles CARAVAN 1987 Rebu-rt V4 Engne (810) ;V; t

39 r *VJr* fsl WheelDrve TjT5 Jeep4 Wheel Drve MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 Q&E Classfcatons 815 to 830 (*)5D PVJr* 16 Sports & mported r «UJfl Sports A mported SporU A mported CARAVAN sunscreen 0«s, tll, ea&sene. new tres/brakes, ar, cruse, 9,800, (313) ¾ OOOGE <992 Caravan. Good condton. WhW. 4 cylnder 99,000 mtes S6000. After 6. (313) DODGE 1994 Caravan 5 passenger ar bags, new 6res& brakej, nvles. 9300/1* OOOGE CARAVAN V6, 7 passenger, factory tnl w«dows, warranty, excellenl conctoon. AsMng 9875 Troy: (810) DODGE CARAVAN well mantaned, looks oood, runj c/eal 105,000 mles. 1700, OOOGE 1989 Grand Caravan. 3 0 Uer. toaded. great shape mles 3800-best(33) DODGE 1992 Grand Caravan LE, 3 3 VS mles, loaded, seats 7 10,900 (810) DODGE GRAND Caravan ES an /eatner. good condton, 11,000.. (810) FOROAEROSTAR 1990-Extended Good condton Ar. New tres/ brakes 4,500. (313) GMC 1993 SAFAR Ext Full pov.er, 6 cytdec excenent condton. 44,000 m!«s 12, GMC 1994 Safar - rear dutch door, rear ar. aj power, 13,500 or best otter. (810) GRAND CARAVAN ES. all poaer, ureal shape CaJt (810) GRAND CARAVAN LE. loaded. atvte mles, excebent condton (313) GRAND CARAVAN mles. custom vheels. runnng boards, good condton. 8,600 Call after 5;30pm, (313) GRAND CARAVAN 1993 SE-toaded, excellent condton, under warranty, Sl0.900.trm (810)625-3." 3S» GRAND CARAVAN SE nvles. loaded, excellent keyless remote (810) GRAND VOYAGER 1993 All poaer. ABS. ar. cruse.ut Excellent condton. Burgundy/burgundy. 10,500 negotable GRAND VOYAGER LE 1969, loaded, claret reovwack cherry. Premum sound, sunscreen glass. S GRAND VOYAGER v6. ar, new trevtrakes.suspeosontrans. hgh mles, (313) LUMNA ller V6 engne mles..loaded Excellent condton luwlna mm van. tow mles al optons TYME AUTO (313) PLYMOUTH Ar. cruse. arrv. mcassere Stereo S2.50O.besl offer. CaSt (810) Plymouth 1994 Grand Voyager LE O-A mles. excet!en Loaded, has al the extras S4, PLYMOUTH GRAND Voyager V lter engne, ar, power, steerng 4 brakes mles. 4,600 (810) PONTfAC TRANS Sport SE V6 12,000 mles. Excellent condton S (810) PONTAC TRANS SPORT 1994 SE. sunroof, ar, loaded, excellent condton. 14,950 (810) TRANSPORT L, loaded, power Sde door, keyless remote.?2.000 rm, VLLAGER 1993-GS mles. Forest Green. Good Condton S (810) VLLAGER Mercury. GS. loaded lke new. gold. 44,000mles. 14,200 (810) VOYAGER Exceflenl Condron. no rust (313) VOYAGER passenger, automatc, clean, good tres, m.les (810) " VOYAGER, 1990 SE, V-6. ar, new brakes mles. 4700oest. Cat.. (313) 9S3-01S6 VOYAGER 1993 SE 3 3-V6. 4 speed automatc. 7 passenger seatng, amdnvslereocasserle. a!um.num wheels, runnng boards, nonsmokng. Excellent condton. S (313) Vans AEROSTAR 1992 Mm. Van. 8 passenger, ar. loaded SUNSHNE ACURA (810) AEROSTAR 1991 XL Specal ths week! 7995 OLSONOLDS (313) CHEVY 1989 Astro CL - 8 passenger., luby loaded, only S7995 ROGN BU1CK. <313) CHEVY Beauvre 350 V mles, loaded. Clean S65O07 or Best Offer (313)462-02)2 CHEVY 1986 Converson - G mles, good condton, S2.70O/best (313) CHEVY Converson Van 4 captan chars, sola, TV. gray nteror. S4200 *, CHEVY 1989 Converson Van. 350 V- - 8 lull/ loaded, only mles. Lke new Call Mark GORDON CHEVROLET CHEVY 1990 Explorer Converson Low rrwfes. ruly. equpped. TV VCR,- phone, radar (313) CHEVY 1992 Lurnna A P.V. - 7pas-- senger. loaded, only 9995 ROGN BUrCK. (313) DODGE Cargo, automatc. V8. Prced to sell! 13,988 THE BG STORE AMPBELL OOOGE DODGE Converson van- 360 engne. Loaded 45,000 mles. 5000best: (313) DODGE Converson- too loaded 1o hst, stored wnters. 56,000 rres. 10,5OOtest DODGE.1992 Grand Caravan, loaded, showroom pert eel! 65,000 rr.es. Must see! HNES PARK LNCOLN-MERCURY DODGE 1983 Max wagon, 1 ton, mles (810) FORD 1994 Aerostar XLT Exlended Wagon, ar, automatc, power wndow*, locks, crutse, ttt, 7 passenger. loaded 12,994. OEMMER FORD (313) FORD 1986 CLUB WAGON XLT. 8 passenger, ar, dual.heal,. 120,000 rrvtss (810) FORD 1994 OElegant Converson, rvgh top, rear ar. TV, <JCP, mles. V-8. tke new! 16,900. HNES PARK LNCOLN-MEflCURY FORD 1993 E250 Cargo Van, automatc, ar. power wndows/locks, doth captans chars, only 5,000 mles. 13,993. OEMMER FORD (313) FOhO 1988 ECONOLNE, E350, rebu1 engne 4 transmsson, new t ; re», new parts, have a recepts. 600GVbest FORO 1992 Econofne XLT, tr power, traler tow; package, wth fear a-r. (ow rrules, kke new. 14,995. Ltvonla Chryser-Ptymovth (313) FORD 1990 E 160 Converson Hlop. Mnt condton. TV-VCft m W 8l00t«sl FORD 1985 E-150 Converson Van - 80,000 mles, good condton.»3300/best. (810) mmwt&sfr}ff> mle*. 16,994. OEMMER TORD (313) FORO 1994 torverwj ConversOf Vm. ou«d cpulru char* wth a bed MW. Mpow*, oreerv Onfy *M 594. DCHWEftlFORO (313) FORO 1995 E250 Super Cargo Vans, automatc, ar, bulkhead 12-14,000 mles. Great work vans. 16,995. OEMMER FORO (313) FORO 1993 Lunar Eclpse hrah-top converson. Totally loaded, mles. 17,0OOBest Oder. Call JeH after 5pm;, (313) CMC CONVERSON Sharp* 1 owner, loaded, captan chars, sola bed. Cleanf GMC RALLEY STX 1992 V, on passenger mles. Hear ar- 14,300 (313] GMC 1991 Tara Hgh top. 2 ar 2 cassettes, TV. VCR. foaded m, 11, GMC 1989 VANDURA - Butler carpet cleanng van,- 1 ton,-31,000 mles, power steerng,brakes, ar. 11,500 Call bun 4 6pm (810) GMC 1995 Vandura, 1 ton extended cargo van; ar. cruse. 30,000 rates (313) GRAND CARAVAN 1991 LE. art wteel drver loaded 7970 FOX HLLS Chrysler-Plymouth-Jeep-Eagle S-874Q GRAND CARAVAN 1994 LE. loaded 13,688 Tamarofl Dodge GRAND CARAVAN 1993 SE. gold package, power FOX HLLS Chrysler-Ply mouth-jeep-eatfe GRAND VOYAGER 1994 SE. gold package. ah power, only maes 14,990. FOX HLLS C h ry s le r-ply mout h-jee p-ea a le SLHOUETTE 1992 & 1996, loaded, -leather. Catl for detals OLSON OLDS (313) W1NOSTAR 1995 Wagons. 5 to choose, automatc, ar, power wndow stocks, cruse. Wt. 7 passenger, low mles. You choce 15,995. OEMMER FORD (313) J Jeeps/4 Wheel Drve BAZER door, 20Q00 m.tes Loaded 1 17,950.. MtKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) BLAZER T995 4 door. LS mles. S MKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) BLAZER door mes. leather. CO. 25,900 MKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) BLAZER door. 4x4. Blue, loaded, extended warranty SlO.OOO. Garage Kept (810) BLAZER door. 4x4 Loaded, cd player, alarm. Excellent condton /best BLAZER LT, apple red. 4 door, power everyth.ng. loaded, traler package. 16k. S BLAZER 1991 S mrfes. 2 door, automatc, loaded, ar. alumnum wheels, newer t.res, 11.GOO (313) BLAZER 1993 S.1f> 4x4 LT Tahoe Vonec-V6. trajer low. leather, alarm Loaded 12,900 SOLD BLAZER Tahoe Black. leather nteror. jsy loaded, traler pkg S est. (313) BLAZER V-6. 4 door, loaded, sde steps, kevless remote & alarm 22, BRAVAOA 1992 Black, black leather, heavy duty low package lke new. Call O4 BRONCO lull sue, 8cvt.nder, automatc.ths week onty 5239 dowr. small monthfy payment, no co-sgner needed OAC. TYME AUTO (313) BRONCO V8. 2 barret engne:. Good condton. 3000Besl Ca? after 3pm. -(810) , CHEVY 1994 Pckup - 4 WO. cap. black. < on. 16,500. (313) CHEVY 1993S10 Blazer, aulomatc, ar. 4x4. loaded. 4.3 Met, Mack/ charcoal grey nteror, only 58,000 rrules. Dont get stock n the snow! Can Tony. " GORDON CHEVROLET CHEVY 1994 SO &a*ers - 5 to Car (313) choose! Tahbes, spods, feather. 44 door, al low mles and loaded, rom GRAND CHEROKEE black ;000m, es 18,200 Eve 530P>. ROGN BU1CK (313) (313) Day, OODGE -J987 Rader, Red. 4x4. ar. Power sterrngtjrakes. automatc 1 owner. 68.6S0 rmles OX x4. dark, blue, ar, 5 Speed, power brakes. M. cassette. one owner, 39,000 mr.es Toyota Certfed 12,995 LAFONTANE TOYOTA DX x4. red. 5 speed power steerfnaorakes. stereo, one owner ST4431B LAFONTANE TOYOTA EXPLORER 1991 Edde Bauer. 4 door, loaded, premum sound Great condton. 12,500 (810) EXPLORER 1993 Edd* Bauer - Excellent condton, mmaculate. loader, sunrool, mles. 14,900 (810) EXPLORER 1992 Sport-4 wheel drve, 5 speed, loaded rrfes CD changer S12.OOO Leave message: EXPLORER 1991 Sport - 4x4. 2 door, V6. towng package, alarm Great condton mles 11,500 (810) EXPLORER 1995 XL, a:r mles Must see 1 A steal at only 15,995 ". DEMMER FORD (313) EXPLORER XtT, 4 door. 4x4 dark cranberry, loaded, mn condton. S (313) ; EXPLORER 1994 XLT. 4 door 4 0-V6, an power. tralemowng Can Ater 6pm (313) EXPLORER 1992 XLT. loaded. e«ellent hghway mrtes best After 5pm, EXPLORER XLT Loaded leather mtes. Excellent condton.. 13, EXPLORER 1994 XLT - AA Forest green-an. luly loaded a 1! power, great condton hlgnway mles, 16.20Obest EXPLORER 1993 XLT, 4x4. lul power, loaded, extra sharp" 15,488 "THE BG STORE - AMPBELL DODGE FORD 1989 BRONCO tl aulomatc toaded. hwv mrles. no rust- good condton. S5.89St>est FORD Bronco XLT mles, many new parts S ) Ford Bronco XLT x loaded, leather, traler tow package Extras mles Excellent condton 20,000 (313) FORD 1994 EXPLORER Edde Bauer - Leather. S SUNSHNE ACURA 1810) FORO 1995 F150.XLT. -»4, regular cab. short bed loaded rr, les Lke new. 17,300 (313) GMC 1993 S6rra pckup - extended cab, 4x4, mles, e«celc-nt condton. 518,500 Can after, 6pm (810) GMC 1993 S15 Jmmy SLS - Loaded, sharp, onfy 12,995. ROGN 8U1CK (313) GMC 1994 S 5 Jmmy-3 to choose, SL SLT, leather, loaded, low mtes From 18,995 ROGN BU1CK, (313) GMC 1994 Suburban 4x4 Rear ar 4 heal, loaded. 24,500. Cal (313) GMC Yukon 4 door. SLE ndgo Blue-Slver, mles 29,000. (810) GRAND CHEROKEE automate, 6 cy.nder. toaded wn cassette, alarm, low m!es, 23,900. GRANO Cherokee 1993 Laredo. 4,0 L. CO. lull power mles, nce. 14,950best (810) GRAND CHEROKEE 1&94 Laredo, wlvte Excellerl cood.ton Must sell Make-Best otter (810) GRAND CHEROKEE 1994 areoo, automatc, ar. ow mles S7.330 FOX HLLS Chrysler-Pry.rcun-Jeep-Ease GRAND CHEROKEELm-ted. 1993, V-8. leaher.must sell mles. 17,900 (810) GRANDCHEROKEE 1996 LMTED Fuly loaded, whte Exce"ent cordton S28.50abest (810) 4J GRAND WAGONEER X4: 4 door all power eather txoughl from South, ery good condton 5400 CaJ after 6prn (313) SUZU 1995 v Rodeo Automat* loaded low lo m.es ROGN SUZU SUZU 1934 Rodeos - 4 to choose. all automata, al loaded ah low mjes From 16,995 ROGN SUZU (313) tsuzu 95 5 Rodeo s - 3 lo choose, dual an bags, compact d-scs loaded.from ROGN SUZU ( fsuzu 1959 Trooper - Sna-p 1 Cassette, save* 7995 ROGN SUZU ( SUZU 1994 Troopers 4 ucnoose. all LS. an automatc ah loaded From St8,995 ROGN SUZU (313) SUZU 1995 Troopers choose. LS models Lm-teds. all tow m.es and tuly Haded Hurry SlaT.ng at 22,585 ROGN SUZU ( OO0 JEEP 1995 Cr.ercveeCountry - exceent cond.on d3» fcue low m/es, loaded best JEEP 1990 Chc-ckee m.es. new tres & rms 4n4 4 dcor 40 ar, 1.4, JEEP Grand C:ero*ee V8. F- pkg all power,.nr, sound 6 CD changer t810l 41?-46J6 JEEP 1993 Grand Cherokee loaded, excelent condton back. Prvate S ) Q JEEP GRAND Wageer tres+ eng-r.e no rust Ahas car dat* blue, sadde leather nteror Df Po-jje 1B1O JEEP 1995 WPANGLER 2 cps 5 speed stereo c\ -r.-es S O1 *S 01 MTSUFlSrv "-;<) M.-.Me-o Antornl,- r-,,;, n roc( fjly *>5;5e0 S9995. ROGN SUZU 1.313) FORD EXPLORER t995. 4x4? RAMCHARGEP x4 red doc 5 speed mes. excellenl condton, alarm, system records Cnyon spon an opt orsservce CaS after 5- (810) RANGER 1990 e«tended cat> 4 FORO EXPLORER XLT 1992 newbrakes, leather nteror, loaded dortn S61 r-onth No cosgner wheel dn.e, sa;r.t,ce only (313) needed TYME AUTO 1313) NEW 1997 LE SABRE 10TOCH00SEFROM*: Very Well Equpped! Startng at 2o,e9r 1996 REGAL LMTED SEDAN "DEMO"." Autumrl green, grey feather, buckets, prestge pkg,, power seats, alumnum wheels, gorgeous cart Slock f?demo6146 WAS 23,592 MSf,99r SDEKCK 1991 l.n-.ted edton automac a < To 000 m es leal 1 o,m%er, S7600 (810) SUBURBAr; 1996 Black L-t-,erry, loaded 6000 rt,-rs 532O0Ol5es SUBURBAN 1934, 4x4 runs good new transt, sscn S30X) test otter TOYOTA Runner - Mdnght blue, mes OADEQ - new tresbrakes. Flawless S22,5O0best Eves-weekends (810) WodLDNT YOU REALLY RATHER HAVE ABUCK! TRACKER ExceJenl condton. 56,000 mles besl. (313) TRACKER 1992 LS Convertble, 4x4, automac. 40,000.mles HNES PARK LNCOLN-MERCURY WRANGLER 1994, automatc, hard loo. exlra sharp! Only 11,988 THE BG SORE. AMPBELL DODGE YUKON SLE 4x4. * door. extended warranty, m.les. CD, 27, (810) Sports & mported ACURA 1989 Legend, aulomatc. Senes 4 door, leather, sunrool, Sharp Warranted 7495 HNES PARK LNCOLN-W RCURY ALFA ROMEO T99l Sp»der Convertbfe. 5 speed, 45,000 rrules Stored 3yS AUD door slver gray. SO 500 (810) Ater 6pm (810) AUD S - good condton. askng 2600 (810) After 3pm: AUD S, good condbon. askng S"3300best Call pager AUD S new exhaust, t.res & brakes Cae.emngs or leave message (313) BMW E. Excellent condton Whte w an leather. 5 speed mrles BMW «- black on Wack. V8, 5 speed, mles, showroom cond-ton, mle warranty. 28,900 Steve (810) BMW Bronzette rn-les Excellent cond.t>on 18,500 (810) Bf.V S< convertble. 67,000 m, red v. newer UacK \o(>, tan lefrer, n«?w tres. S17,500besl t622 BMW , 10,000 mtes. spotless HNES PARK LNCOLN-MERCURY BMW wh.te, be»5e nteror mles great condton. S Call Cathy COBRA P 351 Never raced Never regstered mmaculate 30,000. Best Call anytme leave metsa-je (313) 7b CORVETTE automatc vshte. Must sev S6500 Eves 4 weekends CORVETTE 1967, convertble speed, m-tes. S (810) CORVETTE 1990 Coupe - 30,000 rr. les wrute Female drven, no wnters Best crer (810) CORVETTE 1959, frame om restoraon rea wh-:e co-.-es 4 speed 40 OOO O pestflol CORVETTE gass top one owner loaded exceent condt.on or otter Prvate (810) CORVETTE low nyes, automac. cean feather nteror, power wndows. 11, CORVETTE ,000 mles. new tres, new leather seats, all optons southern car. 17,900 (313) CORVETTE M-tes. ongnal T-topS automate, drue rt ho-r.e S55O0. (.313> CORVETTE m.nt condon. stored w.n-s ongna! mles HP over 300, customed, toaded w-extras 12, CORVETTE red black mles excel:ent codton. 1 ovner. 13,300 (313) CORVETTE Redgray leather, gass top Bose, excellent condton, S9500 (810) RVERA "DEMO" ; Prestge package SE, damond whte, memory seats, power roof, SC engne, leather bucket seats. Stock #Demo6227/ WAS 35,445 28,99r.1996 LE SABRE LMTED 3800 V6, alumnum wheels, clmate. control and much, much more,- Stock#P ,995 BUB JEANNOTTE SAVE A LOT WTH BOB JEANNOTTE RS UCK: «Sheldon Hoad (Just North of M*14, l Mres l-wy,) m t AA\ \ f\n Ur. tt-* K Sc*r\S» & de»»rjtor< W rebjus to d*»«r CORVETTE Slver Annversary. Btoomngton Gold 19,000 mles 15,500. (313) CORVETTE 1989, 2 lops. 69,000 mtes, leather, wtvte-tack, 21,000. Mus sea (810) CORV6TTE WANTEO 1990 lo 1992 n-.th kr* mleage. (810) CORVETTE 1996.»h». red nter*, gtas top. as extras, 32, or MyONDA 1993 Sonat; 6 cylncler. My loaded, mles, Vper alanm » best SUZU 1993 Amgo. Onry mtes, sharp, cassette, wry 10,995. RQG.N SUZU 1313) BAM, SUZU 1990 Amlgo Sh*rp. remov.t abto hard-lop. orty ROGN SUZU (313) JAGUAR VOP.MuS «. Qvaoed.ExceKem Condton. CaJlo. dscuss delays. « OW AT Tennyson Chevrolet 1997 Fleetslde Pckup Front bench seat, 4200 lb. BVW ratng, rear axle 3 J3 rato, 2.2 lter SF14 engne, 5-speed manual w/overdrve, 4 cylnder engne, AM/FM stereo w/cassette & clock, rear step bumper. Stock #9517. Clearance Prce 11, fleetslde Pckup W/T- Front bench seat, 6100 lb. BVW ratng, ar condtonng, rear axle 3.08 rato, Vortec 4300 V6 SF engne, 4r-speed electronc automatc transmsson wth overdrve, panted rear step bumper, preferred equpment group. Stock #9491 Clearance -J v- #%#%#%* Prce 15, CHEVY VAN Vnyl bucket seats, swng out rear door glass, 7,300 lb. GVW ratng, ar condtonng, rear axle 3.42 rato, Vortec 5000 V8 SF engne, 4-speed electronc automatc transmsson wth overdrve, vvheel trm rngs, appearance package, glass-rear panel doors. Stock #9495. Clearance -J #% *-#%* 19, PLYMOUTH ROAD LVONA (313) w OPEN M0N.4THURS. 8:30-9 TUES..WED..FR.8:30-6,jt C m "Plus tax,1tle,lcene, all rebates to dealer. Pctures may t represent actual vehcle. GET READY FOR WNTER WTH. QUAUTTROJDKv VAN; S OR SPORT OTJtlTWHCL = BLACKVELL FORD 1994 n 50 XLT 4x4 5.0 lter V8, autoatc transmsson, ar condtonng. Off Road fackagc, lmted. slpae. fralcf TowPacKage, all the extras and only 26,000 mles. Stll utxjer factory warrarhy. Blue Stock FBA83. 45, EXPLORER EXPEDTON SPORT 4x4 Two door! automatc transnssoh, ar condtonng, plus all the luxury extras ncludng leather trm ard only mles. Jet Black. Stock *P8W>. 22,988»*< jr«*«j 1996 BRONCO 4x4 EDDE BAUER las every a\ alable opton ncludng V8 engne, automatc transmsson, ar condtonng, leather trln and onty mles Cayman Green. Stock JB , EXPLORER 4x4 XLT Tour door. 4.0 lter \6, automatc transmsson, ar condrlonng. Traler Tov Package, all the extras and only mles. BlackStock tls , EXPLORER EDDE BAUER 4x4 Automatc transmsson, ar condsonrk full powtt. tlt.& cruse, leather trm, 26,000 nto. Ca)nan Green. Stock JLSW2 19, BROlSCO 4x4 XLT Automatc transmsson, ar condtonng, 5.8 lter V8 engne, leather trm, Traler TOK Fachagcand tots more mles: Whte. Stock tf ,988 *.«.«1994RArSGER SUPER CAB XLT 4.0 lter V6, automatc transmsson, ar condtonng, cruse «tlt, 32,000one oaertles. LghtMocha.Stork *P , RANGER XLT SUPER CAB 4:0 lter VG, fve speed, automatc transmsson, arcondtjonngth cv cruse, oaly 43,000 one owner mtes. Mocha. Stock»P , RAJ\GER XLT Arconcftonna,, economcal four cjljnder engno; f\e speed transmsson, only OK rr.»terml)es. DarXHum. Stock JP , AEROSTAR SPORT MODEL Automatc transmssor. ar condk tonng, povver wndccas (< locks, 1¾ & cruse, -runnng beards. Cayman Green tc Slver TAO-TOK Pant. Stock U8364. U AEROSTAR XL PLUS Automatc transmsson, arccxxjtjonng, po*er urkjcms & locks, tlt te cruse, a one owner new car trade stll under factory warranty. Jet Black Stock U8444, n, VLLAGER GS AutpmaJc tranyntsson, arccxjorng, pewr locks U Vk-trxlowS, tlt.k cruse.. AoneovsTer new cartrade. Dark Blue, Stdcktr«30l. ; 11, Vehcles Avalable for mmedate Delvery Most Stll Under Factory Warranty - >3>»7K+<S5f-»»~ Red Carpet Leasng Avalable on Select Unts 1

40 wm w vmmmmmm 6P(*) CLASSFCATONS 815 to 848 O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 l Sports & mported SU2U 1991 mpulse, runs great SUNSHNE ACURA (8OH JAGUAR 1988, V12, wme. wood & leatxer, mles, phore Askng 13,600- (810) MAZOA 1990 MATA. plus hardtop. red rrrjes. excelenl condton 58,000 frm (313) MA2DA 1989 HX-7 CONVERTBLE Loaded 1 Mnt condttw mles Stored wntes (810) MERCEDES S0E. Florda car..spotless. ABS, a.rbag new a, sunroof, S MERCEDES 320E Loaded mtes.46,500.call 3!H beueen 9m-6pm MERCEDES 300SE 1993 Lady drven mles FulJy to.d.-j S Eceltenl MERCEDES SC mles, loaded, ke no A Must wee tr»s on* 1 Clean 7800 Tamarotl Dodge MERKUR 1988 Scorpo good cond.ton. S3,950 CaUeverwys or leave message (313) MTSUBSH 1991 Gaant POAS everythng, runs 4 drves great 5 speed. S4.400t>es PORSCHE «1991 Carrea Coupe. Mn low mleage S or test otter CaH (810) PORSCHE M 000 m:*s fxcelle-nl conton SS-r-X). (810) PORSCHE Red c-adet. power roof, m:*es. e>::e~c-nl condton PORSCHE 19839» 1st red black leather m los stewed SLmmer Car, perec S PORSCHE *T. ongma. S. US a)aa>s garaged Best otter Wndsor After 5pm5l9> SAAB 1994 Convert-We-5 speed. Beautful corvtt-on Ha.dcS yreat a! weather >S70 SAAB door Turbo Automatc ar must sell or Best tter SUBARU 1995 legacy L a tcmatc. ar poaer parkrfge CD 17 COO mes ke nert S6.000 )313, SUBARU 1990-Legacy L Wagon 5 speed. poa-er. at. crj.se Aq.jafed. ner> takes S SUBARU 1993 S great: 5 >r Vvarrant-/ rn.es ast.pg S pager VOLVO 1985 Dl 4 door Navy, good condton Ne«M.cr-*-n tres 52100/ test offer. 1610) VOLVO dl 130¾. good cond-ton ne* r«e«fausl S850 test C.r cbq VOLVO %7 P16CX Spons Coupe complete!.- restore:! ar dme An,- Afere 5 7UOO VOLVO 199» turbo red automate 16 alo-,- Ahoeo to-a m-es. must sen. w 17, Antque/Classc Collector Cars BARON 1987 Roadster (1931 Mer-. cedes), less than 3OO0 mles, berglass body S best ; _ l? - 75?? 4 L BARRACUDA Vfe 4 speed; Formula S -ft-:rf. cj-o.y a-nt Neve/ any rus S68./! >.-! mw-v [ffr] Antque/Classc [UT Collector Can CHEW MPALA crocus cream.? door, hard _ top. 283CD, automatc, power steerng.new wde whte wahs, mles, oro-na) condton S (810) DELTA Convertble Newer lop 75,000 mles 350 engne. V-8, S400Obesl (810) FORD 1962 Galaxy actual mles, al orgnal, 3900 or fcesl Offer CM1 (810) FORD 1927 Model T Roadster, body very good cofkton 7500>besl. Call (810) ford 1923 T Bucket Lots of chrome Removable top car cover best (313) GRAND PRX H O. As New Show condton S Best 1810) LNCOLN rare 2 door hardtop black loaded, leather ong.na m 5500 After 6pm3l Mercedes Great shape No rust 1 4 door 107,000 mrfes Call after 6pm MUSTANG 1968 convet-be. automata. 289 VS. red. new nteror. sharp S9995best (810) OLDS 1972 Dela 88-2 door hardtop 350 V8 automatc, m.es (313) STUDEBAKER 1963 Cramp truck, V- 8 4 speed, ar needs strp pan! runs great. 52,300 Call 8-: ( SUNBEAM 1966 Alfune seres V completely restored excelenl condton, good SHOW car S6.000 Be/.eon 9am-6pm. 3V T-BRD engr.e- automata whte t-clh toes Good condlon S Buck GRAND SPORT 1993 Sedan, toaded One owner 11,995 BOB JEANNOTTE BUCK LESABRE 1975 convertble - Bnghl red wth black top. dark red lealher seats Good shape, orty mles S6500 (810) JAGUAR WANTED - any.knd or condton. S3.000 lmt EL CAMNO Black. 350 (810) engne, automatc Clean Nc«condton S ) LESABRE 1994 Custom, B.000 JAGUAR 1994, XJ2 Burgundy. mles, green, automatc, power. cream jntenor, t months tefl on FORD 1940 coupe. Slreet rod 429 S15.00O or Best Offer lease, 479, month Keep securty engne. C-6 trans, 9 axle, fama ol dep. Gettng 0 car constnjctcrr. 15, LESABRE Green, latoer, telephone, loaded. Clean 12,900 Cal after 7pm (810) CHEVELLF. cu n entj.r rr.es SJ 5 1 CHEVROLET ::.6)- C /,11, speed po.serg-d«s "lacr M.nl Se9O CHEVY 1940 Pck, Up. ; on. re stewed lo ongva. excelnt concklon 10,800 (810) THUNDERBRD Convert b! e - Loaded KH w.ros ds re* chrome. nea tres, carpet trunk Lner excellent SH.OOOoler Acura ACURA.1968 NTEGRA LSSpecal Spony. wh.e 5 speed. 2 door. a r r. power AOdOAS vtuse. rnoor.rocl S4CO0 ( NTEGRA V987 5 door, automatcar poaer mes. good condlcm S3900t)«St 1810) «NTEGRA 1995 GSR 5 sp-.ed, loaded lear.er only Under warranty. SUNSHNE HONOA [313¾ NTEGPA GS Vflnre. automate. a.r. al power Asur/ccf, e>ce<lent corx-co S68C0 313-J54J204 NTEGRA 1990-LS m-es 5 speed black Exce"enl cond-vy S78O0 810> LEGEND door. ajlcma:< teatrvh, loaded S5.995 SUNSHNE. ACURA (610)471.Q200 LEGEND 199! S 4 door dark green phone CD. Ang gold package Very Clean (810) VGOR GS leather, sunrool loaded, super dean, mes 12,900 (810) Buck CENTURY 1994 Custom V6. CD. loaded mles S BOB JEANNOTTE BUCK.-<.> ; CENTURY Custom Wagon -.(.-1 ; Loaded, new shocjcs. t.res, trakes n.»fk3ust cfcan S35O ELECTRA Estate Wagon - 9 passenger. VS. loaded, runs S looks good 3000besl LASABRE LMTED mules. New tres Clean. Loaded. S9.000.besl (810) LESABRE 1996 Lm.led. spokess 7,000 mles Ca.1 for detarfs BOB JEANNOTTE BUCK LESABRE 1993 Loaded, lull power, only 13,995 ROGN BUCK (313) LESABRE Ltd, Blue.Gray, 1 owner, non-smoker excellent condton, (810) LESABRES lo cnoose Startng at S BOB JEANNOTTE BUCK PARK AVENUE ,000 mles One OAner S4.995 BOB JEANNOTTE BUCK PARK AVENUES t994 2 lo choose Stan.rg at BOB JEANNOTTE BUCK PARK AVENUE Ultra tow mleage, al power no rust, leather nteror S REGAL 1939 excellent conaton poaer wndows, locks, seats moonrocl 5250.**** SOLD REGAL 1994 Lmted, lealher. loaded 12,995 ROGN BUCK (313) REGAL Sport, loaded new tres sunrool very clean. 2 Warrants. 2 alarms RVERA 1990 Dark tue Sharp mes Or-g.na! dar.er Nonsmoker S3.900 (313l RVERA Leather lolomtes custom top Sharp" S ROGN BUCK (313) RVERA 1992, low mleage taaless 1 S BOB JEANNOTTE BUCK ROADMASTER dark jade stone mles-, leather; most opl-ons»16: ROADMASTER ESTATE Wagon 1991 Fuy >ac)ed Excellent condton Extended warranty S9500 (6O or (810) ROADMASTER 1994 Excellent cond:<co mles ) ROADMASTER 1995 Lmted leather- only m:es S8.995 ROGN BUCK (313) ROADMASTER 1992 Lmted. loaded, orvy mes S ROGN BUCK 1313) SKYLARK 1994 um-ted warranty. tt/y loaded, all power m-tes Slt.90OFrm (810) Cadllac ALANTE CONVERTBLE late 1992 model. North Star engxe. wh.fe body, black Top m-les. S ",.- (810) AtLANTE 1993, fremst red rufral nteror. Nonhslar engne Prced to sell 1313) DON MASSEY 1-27,5 Eur!»23 n Plymouth ALLANTE Wh.t&Wack Lady owned. mmaculate condton (810) ALLANTE 1993, lrerrust red, neutral nteror. Norhsta/ engne Prced lo sell D0NMASSEY EXJ»28 n Plymouth ALLANTE Pearl wrxte. dark red nteror, Northsta.r, engne only rm!os\ onoad to sell DOM MASSEY Ext f28 nplymouth. ALLANTE Polo Green. Prced lo sea» 1313) DON MASSEY Ext»26 m P>mOutr CADLLAC L.MO NEW 2 n STOCK Can John Lajar 313) DON MASSEY 1-275".Ext»28 m Plymouth COUPE OE VLLE sharp.trple tfack. excellentcond.tn, lull POAC Mus see- S4250 (810) ELDORADO 1989, black on wack. leather nteror, mnt condton 2 door, fufly toacc-d, S5500 must self (810) ELDORADO sunrool, leather, loaded 18,995 SUNSHNE ACURA (810) ELDORADO 1994 Tounng Coupe Sunroof SUNSHNE ACURA (B10J O FLEETV.OOD 1992 BROUGHAM Whte wlh dark t-ue ntencx Pnced (0 sell (313) DON MASSEY f-275 Ext «28n P>moth FLEETWOOD BROUGHAMS - n Stock Prced to SeB [ DON MASSEY Ext #28 n Plymouth FLEETWOOD 1987 Brougham Lmo 6 door, real dean, wre wheels, low m..es John La/ar DON MASSEY Ext»28 n Plymouth FLEETWOOD 1909 Burgundy, frort whoe< dnve. nea t.res. stored wnters mes 6900 (810) FLEETWOOD 1991 whle wth taupe lealher.. top, god package rales S BOB JEANNOTTE BUCK LARGEST SELECTON OF LATE MODEL SEDAN OeVLLES N MCHGAN SM TOPS AND SUN ROOFS SEVERAL WTH UNDER 20 0OO MLES DON MASSEY Ert «28 n Plymouth LARGEST SELECTON OF SEV1LLES & ELDORADOS N THE METRO AREA ALL PR)CED TO SELL 1 (313) DON MASSEY En! t2 n Plymouth SEDAN DEVLLE T990. Clean Beautful Slver. M.nt m.les best (810) SEDAN DEVLLE dean as a p-n 1 Reacly to go S4488 OLSON OLDS (313) SEDAN DEVLLE 1989 Excelen! cond.t-on S7400 (810) SEDAN DEVLLE, 1992 Excellenl condton loaded, leather S12 90GV best (810) SEDAN DEVLLE 1993, 82,000 m-les. loaded, black w.btack leaff.c. ntenor. sunrool, excellent condton S15.900, R<k. (810) SEDWJ DEVLLE Moonrool. leather nteror, ongnaj m-es. S (810) BUCK BUCK BUCK BUCK ¾¾ 996 BUCK SKYLARK 3100V6 engne, all; cond., dual ar bags, Dynatd«srjpertsofl, power.. doorlocks,rea.re ec.;«jef., power wndows, tlt..-.-." vv-heel, AJWFM cassette, much rfwre.stock #J& REBATE ROADMASTER LE RETAL ;;;. /--.-/..::, Dual ar kgs, Chrurlde mspfnson, teatrmf, pow«< 6-wjy seal, J50. V8 conet.t«>type: -ttl 1 enjtne. poser *fndcm- & kxfa, cruse t, &t VlNf41M27: :-. 32,648 JOHN ROGN bjscoust 8064 RQGNS OA PQ/1 SALE PRCE T"> MJQt RETAL 20 n stock M jfnlar sa vngs! 1996 REGXL SEDAN St pklkr, *a! tk btp, vmttr anlfwuj, trymm B*y;p *tf wwdow & kxu pmntr *-*ay **«(, cruse Vft, dual! eonroftemp r cl«n»t«control, ay.cch-,- 4 wheel ant-kxt. bratt, rt erc kloap, M R xhpn*, abrm t)t, AucbfWjchrort. VV MSJJ44 22,565 QHNROCV DSCOUNT >4881? SALE PRCE tkrta Tax) 17,684 fohh Rogn.sels for less! 1996 ESTATE WAGON rt271-llmted PACKAGE a**t**«>t,f,,\< RETAL jjbcn DSCOUNT GNS SALE PRCE low T-W rfclfc Jtt W, 111 <«M!c-ryt«ff,mM t»«mjh, U)<:> f*"v, S»»y w>rrsv «t»»l!»w (pfrfh,- ffe, prrw. PfMrWt nuftnon m BwcK rvh. rwrt \V )Tax) 32,648 \ells for less! *dm>?**j?4,584 UJCSTLHND UJftVNC Mkhqan fve, at Ulovnc fd., 2 Mles ost of Ext 22. Just Mnutes from Vou Just Add Tax CM Employees Sve an Addtonal RVERA " - V r. F J : RETAL.YHtnmv: JOHN 8Q,N OJSCQUST oseot U{» tn CD ftjk jo«rtf. tnrrn,." dcwntortrty.v cbult «1«; pr) ntfeoj, tfmq ftfch tnorc nv trtjrjrjmllllhr! 33,053 ROCNS - lw : P SALE PRCEdT " *J 3 Others Ws Avalable only at John Rogn Buckt lvalawe Dual.«*>. bag. OyrurMe sarv v\ 7 ¾ ««1 - belm r««al theft demttftt ytfmr, j> drty *ptn, t,m> tmt* l V-6 tngrr*. 4 5p««4 00 Wns, tt, tnted d**, pomtf Hlndo*» & locuarutog uage pkg. :?-:- ]">>;....32,648." RETAL JOHN RON DSCOUNT ROCNS SALE PRCE (hnlardt) 24,584 CM E>»p/oyee 5 vc A n Extra 1/200 ROADMASTER LE ws Arcojftd.,»ut<>, po»«s(c«rh)t, power front dsc k fcntvrtar drurm, pov»«f W%dowV5o<V»,»Dtnr\ltd entry y»1w, tlt y.h<«tam/m»ttt*o. /wth fdrt, K*r» r dtjral!,ckdr, l«o*r»ttt»l pkg., dual hornt, ar hag, D)-n*Hd«nxpcnjlort. lohn.rocrrxpftcourt,, -1,500 - ~»J«fa»lL»).<yV -H...to. r E PRCE m M t- Tan) WT*\ \vc An Extra 90 lohnrotn Bute tgjeffr6 ford pd. Mteftoan Av»- 94 k-way? OR CftLl TOLL ff«l BUCK Ky «--fv ftt. rrth Ve ";c A fcl"r»c» c> «* TK ro <;>-*. ll n l» SEVLLE canpso green, neo- fal lealher. mmackate. warranty. 11,000 rm. optons (313) SEVLLE Loaded, excellent concxton, must see (810) SEVLLE Loaded, leather Super dean 1 St7.995 SUNSHNE ACURA (810) SEVLLE 1994 SLS Norlhstar. tke reft! 17,595. -SUNSHNE ACURA (810) SEVLLE 1987 Sunrool, casl alumnumwheels. 78,000 mles. Stored wnters Eve 810* \*T A J Chevrolet CAMARO automatc transmsson. luhpo/.er. laetory ar Th.s week only 12,995 SUNSHNE HONDA (313) CAMARO 1992 Convertble, automatc, loaded sharp S ROGN BUCK (313) CAVARO 1996 Z-28- Black. 6 speed mles. ar. po-ae-r v-ndoascks S6.000 r.rm CA.MARO 1994 Z28. 6 speed, lo* rrules 13,988 Tamarof Dockje CAWARO speed. V8. poaer locks, AndoAS, Aea kept fast S900Obe5l CAPRCE 1990 Classc m, poaer everythng, dark blue, good condton. S5200 (313) CAPRCE loaded, excellent Condton, no rust. 1 CAner, garage kept. 55,500. 3t3) CASH dealer y.,; se on cosgnment or pay cash for your used car Calf for a cash prce TYME AUTO ( CASH For your used car Dealer needs cars My A-e says pay TOO MUCH Cat for phone appra sals TYME AUTO (313) JACK DEMMER FORD AFFORDABLES CAVALER doer, automate a.r casserte S6995 TOPAZ 1994 GS. 2 door ajtomalc ar. M. cruse, cassette. 14,000 m les. S8495 PLYMOUTH 1994 Sundance 2 door. automate ar FM, m-es S6295 ESCORT 1933 LX, 4 door, automatc. ar, oassene. 54,000 n--es S6695 GRAND MARQUS 1992 LS, 4 door. V8. au.omac ar. pov.er AndoAS-- locks & sea! casse"e, 58,OX m-es S11595 FORD 1992 Fest.ve 5 spet-j. a r. cassere S4195 ESCORT 1992, 4 doer, automatc a : casse"e S4995 GEO 1931 Slorm automate, ar cassette. 66,000 m-es 5695 GRAND PRX STE, 6 Cylnder. automa-: c-caer Ar-do-ASlocks 4 seal, moonrool. 46,000 mles S TAURUS 1931 GLYrfagon. 6 cylnder. automac a-r. poaenxks. cassette S6695 AEROSTAR 1991 Xj., 6 cylnder. automac ar, t.n. cruse, nves S649S. A FORD 1931 F15.0XLT V8 5 speed, ar. poae A r,dc*slocks, t-t, c-c-se QERETTA 19&8 GT, 6 CyUder, aut-3 rrfc, a.tl. cruse, poe: A.rdCAS-- locks cassette S4l>5 JEEP 1993 Wrar.o/er 4 cylnder, 5 speed. 44. S9995 CHRYSLER 1993.Corcord. 6 cylnder, a r automac, pov»er AndOAV locxs * seat, cassere, 69,000 m les Onry 9395 PONTAC 1994 Grand Pru SE. 6 cylnder, automate, a-r, ta.crlrse. po-aer wmdoasocks S seat, cassette m-les OnV 12,495 MUSTANG 1991 GT. V8. 5 speed power»v ->doft-s.tocks. sunroof, cassette, mles S9195 MUSTANG 1991 LX Convert ble. 5 0, automate, ar. CD. cruse mles -12,195 SUNBlRD 1991 LE. 2 door, automate. ar;4 cylnder, cassette, rrules. S5995. BRONCO 1991 XLT. 4x4. V8, automata, ar. poer w.rdo«vs1ocks..», crurse. cassette mles: FORD 1992 F-150 XLT..4x4. VS. automate. a : r, po*er»-,ndovvs.ock.s; tlt, cruse S1V TAURUS cylnder, automate, ar mes Hurry! MERCURY 1989 Tracer. 2 door, 5 speed, cassette. 3295: TOYOTA 1991 Camry, automate, ar. power y»-.ndcm-s.1ceks. ut. crse, cassette, moonroof. APSPRE speed. FM, 28,000 rales. Lke rev* TOPA GS, 2 door spo<1, automatcal cassette, t.t, cause rales XXX clean GRANDPRX 1994 SE. 4 door 6cykxjer, al/omac; a-r. tt.-crmse. power wnclo-a-svxks 4 seat. 29,000 m-es. 11,995 ESCORT 1993 LX Wagon, automate, ar. power la-.rdows.eeks. t.f, cruse. cassene. 54,000 m.les ESCORT 1993 Gt. h speed. ar. M!. cruse, cassette MERCURY 1992 Grand Marqus LS. 4door, V-8. automatc, ar power wndows Ws 4 seal. lt. cruse, cassette, 59,000 rrules. 10,995, - CHRYSLER 1992 Ne* Yorker Saton.,6 cylnder, automate, ar. power wndows-locks 4 seat. 11. <ause. cassette. 52,000 rrules. Hury! 7995:.-- BUCK 199t Century, 4 door. 6 Cylnder, automatc, a>. power wndo-ws/ locks. ts, cruse-, cassette, 65,000 rm!es. Only 56995,. ESCORT 1991 LX, 5 speed, ar cassette mfles- S4995 PONTAC 1991 Grand Am. 4 door. 4 cylnder, automatc, ar. cassette. Mt, mrfes MUSTANG GT. V8, 5 speed, power WndowsvVxks. cruse, oassett*. sunrool,.9195 MUSTANG 1991 LX Corrvert.be. V8. automatc, ar. cause. CO rmles 11,495. GRAND MARQUS 1991 LS. VS. autovnte, a ; r power wnclows/locks 4 seat. rt. crusa, cassette, m lesu TAURUS 1991 V/aoon. 6 Cylnder. autorpsfe, ar, power locks, cassette. 52,0» mes OUTH 1991 Laser, automate, ar, power wndowsvtocks, lft, cruse, cassetle. 43,000 rrses 7295, GRANDPRX 1991 STE, 6 cylnder, automae, ar, power w-ndowsaxks & seal, cassette rnoohrool, leather, mles TOYOTA 1991 Canvy DX. * door. aulomafe. ar, power wodows 4 locks, trlt. cruse, tasselfe. moonroof SUNBlRD 1991 LE. 2dW. 4 cylnder, automalc, at, casselle rr>«* SUNBlRDT990 GT, 4 cytnde/, automatc, ar, M.OOO.JTVes GMC 1987 SafaH Wayo, 6 cyrmckf, automate, as, cassette,4795. PLYMOUTH 1990 Voyagor 1,6,6 CytnrJar, automate, a, power wndow* t locks, t«, en***, cassejte, 79,000 mrfej, FORO 19«9 Et50 UrVv«rsa! Convefttory Van, dual ar, power wndows ft Jocks, Wt, CAM S , 4 cylnder, 5 speed. Cassette. *4 295,: -.- TOPAZ automale. ar, ckav 2995 JACK DEMMER FORD AFFORDABLES CAVALER Automatc, ar, 39,000 mrles ROGN BUCK (313) CAVALER automatc. a:r. power locks FOX HLLS Chrysler-Pymouth-Jeep-Eage CAVALER 1994 Convertble, V-6. loaded Summer blow-out! Call Jm GORDON CHEVROLET CAVALER doof. automatc. oean mles, renwuactured engne. S ) CAVALER door. Wac*. automatc, ar. cassette, well mantaned, funs great (810) CAVALER,!996LSconverVWe.4K m-,:es. Purple, ar. TracControl. ABS, securty, 514, CAVALER mrles. automatc, ar, CD. appearance pkg; Wack S CAVALER mdes, body nce condton Very dependable 1100 {313) CAVALER 1992 RS - Auto power AndOAS, locks sunroof SUNSHNE ACURA L. (810) CAVALER 1994 RS Convertble, m! es 10,988 Tarharorf Dodge CAVALfER RS Covertble, red. loaded. Very Clean S2,70O-or Trade (313) CAVALER 1989 RS. 2 door. 5 speed, ar m.les, e»ceen! nde CAVAUER 1993 RS Red. automatc, ar. excellent 1 S7200 Pager» CAVALER t989 RS - 5 Speed, ar, crurse. cassette. S3 200 (313) CAVALER Z24 Coupe 2 to choose From S9488 OLSON OLDS (313) CAVALER 1987 Z24 - Hatchback, great condton 2 8, automatc Dgtal dash 600 (313) CAVALER Z Red convertble mles, automate. 1 owner S5500best (313) CELEBRTY Loaded All power 4 door, automatc Good cond-ton, S1500 ******* SOLD. CORSCA 1995 a : l optons, black»vgrey nleror. excellent m.les S t>est CORSCA cfcxx, automate, ax mrles Lke ne* S6488 Tamarof Dodge 810-J CORSCA door. V6. automatc, ar. S7988 Tamarof Dodge, CORSCA LT, 6 Cyl.nder. 4 door. aulo. ar, lbraran OAned, xe.l mantaned. S CORSCA V mles. loacted. askng S4200 (3,33) EL CAMNO V mles Decent shap-e 2-tone Best offer Call after 7pm MPALA SS Black mes Loaded Excellent rond-ton S22,900oes! (810) MPALA SUPER Sport 1994 Great condtron Af power. CD. low mfes. Sl9,500-best (313) ROC red. 54,000 mrfes. tuty looded, remote alarm 8150 BetAeen pm, (313) LUMlNA door, greal condton, loaded, sporty mles Must see. S3200 (810) LUMlNA door v6. excellent condton, must sell* S LUMlNA dr. loaded, excellent con.};.on, A ell mantaned Nonsmoker S6.500 best LUMlNA 1991 Euro. 2 door, automatc aj. dean 5988 Tamarotl Dodge LUMlNA 1991 EURO. V-6, black. 4 door mles, Good careruns greal SS900.test (810} Mrn1* 1 LUMlNA 1993 Mn Van. automatc. ar. 8 passenger wth ax the toys! Wont Last al Carl Tony GORDON CHEVROLET LUMlNA , 3 W Choose. Cal lot detals! OLSON OLDS (313) LUMHA V6. loaded, onfy ROGN BUCK (313) MONTE CARLO 1983 SS Extra, clean! Must sea! 3.250/best aftef Chrysler CRRUS 1996, automatc ar, toaded 16, FOX HLLS Chrys!er-Plyrrvxlh-Jeep-E agle CONCORDE loaded, excellent condton, 27,800 mtes, S eves (810) CONCORDES , loaded, low rrules, 3 avalable Startng from 10,995 Lvona Chrysler-Plymouth (313) CONCORD. 1994, leather nteror, lull power, mles, excellent condton. 11, Chrysler DUSTER Black wgod paml Sharp. 5 speed. 6 cylnder mrles. 69O0.bes! (810) M Chrysler FFTH AVENUE 1992, *s>te wth red lealher, toaded. enceten, 80,000 mrles, 11,000 (810) End of Year Clearance 1996ACHEVJ 20 HJSTOCKFOR MMEDATE DELVERY Aulomatc, ar. power steerng, brakes, AM/FM stereo, rear wndow defrostef and more. NOW s 15,790 13,890 Plus lax, tltls & prates. Rebate to dealer. GLASSMAN <&> Oldsmoble On Telegraph at the Tel-12 Mall Southfeld j ACURA of TROY TOURNG LUXURY 1 96 ACURA 3.2 TL 399 PER MONTH*, 36 MO. LEASE REFNED LUXURY" 96 AGURA 35 RL 499 PER MONTH*, 39 MO. LEASE NCLUDES ACURA TOTAL LUXURY CARE 24 Hour Roadsde Assstance Trp Routng Servce 24 Hour Emergency Towng And Much More!!! CK\ ACURA V/v of TROY 1828 Maplelawn n the Troy Motor Mall U (810) "YOUR PRECSON TEAM AWARD ACURA DEALER" Plus tax per month /36 months on 3 2TL or 39 months on 3.5RL closed end lease. 12,000 mles per year. 15«, per mte average. 1st payment, securty depost, (equal lo payment, rounded to next S25 ncrement), lscense, Wle. ta 450 acquston tec S999 cap reducton on TL S2500 cap reducton on RL. due at e3se ncepton. Opton to purchase at lease end tor predetermned prce. To get total of payment multply payment > term. Sale ends 9, %. 5ELECT EDTON PRE-OWNED AUTOMOBLES NOW OPEN N PLYMOUTH 11.::./--:-/1::.-.:--1:-:.: MfflK yddmf lnpsft f...!. Prced From jjcr month * aymcetott Vst our Jaguar Showroom and test drve one today. CcrtfcAlo lo-pohl m«hnmcnlan(l cojfrf ry mpacton "Factory. Warranty. 6ytatlJH,000m\W%from orgnal purchase Vnluf Krctnl modelycrtr low mlntfff JAGUAR OF PLYMOUTH 200 W. Ann Arbor Road PLYMOUTH (313) uth»-- * j r- «"r_» 1. «t,j»,?r. -»..t S..v.*. ft f 1J A V

41 **mmmmmmmm*m*mmmmmmmmmmmm MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 O&E Classfcatons 815 to 856 t*)70 E BARON, WconyerlWe, whte,. rebult trors, rxjw top. new part* HSOCvUs Offer, 61P LE8ARON 1»2 Converta*; red, V6, excellent condton. Low mseaoe. S6,9C<M>est offer. (910) V LEBARON 1990 Convertble, al black beauty, new top, leather V*sror. f wnter wasnt to dose tns would be a great buy only S2999. TYME AUTO (3)3) 45S-S566 LEBARON 1995 ConveWe, automatc, ar. V6, 13,770. FOX HLLS Chryster-Plyrnouth-Jeep-Eagk LEBARON 1987 Convertble Autc-. matc. ar, leather SUNSHNE AGURA (810) LEBARON QTC Convertble 1992, mles, nfnty CO. les&tfr, hot red. 10,750 (313) LEBARON 1994 OTC Convertble. 33,000 mtes Tamarofl Dodge LEBARON mles, not runnng, brown, body excellent. Askng (810) NEW YORKER 1994, automatc, ar. ab luxury, power. 13,460. FOX HLLS Cnrysler-Pry mouth-jeep-eagle NEW YORKER 1989, loaded. 81,000 mles. Onry Tamaroff Dodge NEW YORKER 1995, 3.5 V6. all the toysl Factory warranty, lke new! 16,395. Lvona Chrysler-Prymouth H (313) Dod COLT 1989 GT. 2 door, automatc, ar mles. Uka new! Tamarofl Oodge DAKOTA x4. 6 cylnder FOX HLLS Chrysler-Plymoum-Jeep-Eaole DAYTONA1989 ES. automatc, ne* battery, tres, shocks, all power frm. (313) DAYTONA ES 1992! 5 speed, lac- Jory alarm. V mles. 5,600. (810) DAYTONA 199/* Sprt, automatc transmsson. V6, ar. bedlmer. "Sharp* SUNSHNE HONDA (313) DAYTONA V-6. automate, a TamaroH Oodge 81, DYNASTY 1989 E, VS. loaded Must see 3988 Tamarofl Oodge DYNASTY ,000 mles. WeD mantaned Very clean. Loaded After 4pmr NTREPD 1994, 4 dcooautomatc, ar. 49,000 mles. 11,468 Tamarofl Dodge NTREPD 1994 ES 35L. black, alarm, loaded non-smoker. 50,000 hghway mes mmaculate condton! Aslong 12,200. (313) NTREPD Excellent condton /or Best Offer. Call (610) NTREPD green, loaded, ar. excellent condrton. 5O.000 hghway mles. 10,500, Eve: NTREPDS loaded, fuh power. Rom THE BG STORE" AMPBELL OODGE C NTREPD 1994 V6. automatc, ar. cassette. fuh power, very dean, red. lourng 16* wheels, mles, runs great, ~ NTREP V6. tun power, crmson red, lactory warranty, lke new! 15,995. Lvona Chrysler-Pryfnouth (313) LANCER 1986, elderly male owner. Garaged, mmaculate. No rust. Automatc, new tres, am-frn, ar, mles, alt records. Serous nqures onry (313) LANCER ES - Ar, rado, cassette. 1800/ best (313) NEON door, automatc, ar mles Tamarofl Oodge NEON 1995 :- 4 door. Ngh Jne. 20,000 mles, excenem condton, warranty, 10,000. Call alter 6pm: (313) NEON keener* conoson. sock, ar, dual ar bag*, new kes. 1 cwnar. Sett offer (313) NEON 1995, rtghbna, 4 door. Antlock brakes, ar. 37,000 mlea. Oreat condton! 9,000. (810) NEONS- 1995, 4 door, hghnes, automatc, ar, power (leerng, power brakes, 6 to choom from Startng at nn wr; stout CAMfHfu oooor sa sor NEON 1995 Sport Coupe. Loaded, mles, afbags, ABS, 29mpg. warranty, (610) NEON t995 Sport Sedan -emerald een. sharp, loaded, mles , Royal Ok ? NEW YORKER 1993 Slh Avenue, low mjes. loaded, lke new! 11,995. Lvona ChrysferPlymouth. (313) V4 SHADOW 1991 Amerca - automatc, 1 cwner, 52,300 mles, ar, anvtm. Well mantaned Vbest. Voce ma*; SHADOW door, automatc, ar. 65,000 mses Tamarofl Dodge SHADOW: 1994 ES - 2 door: new fces, 5-speed, mrles. Transferable warranty LHS loaded, 29,000 rmles, sharp! 16,488. Tamaroff Dodge SHADOW ES 3.0 V-6. automatc, ar & alarm. 48,500 Mles LHS 1994 platnum, grey leather, 6,800 (313) moonrool, warrsnty-engne/drve tran /best SPRT 1989 Black, V6, all pow.er. 68,000 mrles, one owner. Mus seb 3900/Best Otter: SPRT door, automatc, ar, power wndowsaocks. Great shape! Must seel 4500 (313) SPRT 1994, 4 door, automatc, ar, dean Tamaroff Oodge SPRT 1989 ES- 2.5 L turbo. 5 speed, manual, power wndcwslocks/ mrrors, cassette mles, SPRT 1990, ES. Turbo, loaded plus mles Call (313) STEALTH RT, 1992, red. great conomxm. gray nteror, orgnal non smokng owner. 14,200. Days ; Eves STEALTH 1992 Twn turbo 365 modfed, low mles, loaded, warranty. New tres 18, STRATUS door, automatc ar. 13,988. Tamaroff Dodge STRATUS 1995 ES, V6, ar. M power. alloys mles. Lke new! 15,945. Lvona Chrysler-Plymouth (313) TALON 1993 DL Loaded, sunroof Forest green. Must sen. SSSOOtest (,313) or (810) TALON 1993 ES. automatc ar. cassette FOX HLLS Chryser-Ptymouh-Jeep-Eage TALON owner Lke ne* SUNSHNE ACURA (810) VSON 1993 ESJ rnjes, excellent condton Extended warranty 9395best. Offce Home CONTNENTALS 1991, tuny loaded, mmaculate. Starlng at OLSON OLDS (313) CONTOUR 1995 GL. 4 door, automatc, ar. power wndow locks. cruse, loaded 11,595 DEMMER FORD (313) CONTOUR SE 1995, v6, ab power, ar. abs, keyless entry mles. 13,300. (313) CROWN VCTORA. 1992, Executve look. Blue, new tres, great rde. dean, 6,995. (810) CROWN VCTORA 1995 LX. automatc, ar power wndows,1ocky*at. cruse, tlt, alumnum wheels, tow mles. ) DEMMER FORD (313) CROWN VCTORA ,000 mles. Loaded. Excellent condton (313) ESCORT 1993 "GT - automatc, ar. cruse control, cassetle. loaded DEMMER FORD (313) ESCORT 1988 GT - black, 5 speed. sharp, 2,500. Call; (313) ESCORT 1991 GT good condton, automatc,.ar. loaded, new tres. 5,400, (313) ESCORT 1993 GT, loaded, teal, 5 speed, great condton, 6500 or best Offer.. (313) ESCORT QT, Red, 5 speed, al/, aja/rn, CO. 60,000 mles; good condton. 4500,fcesl. 8( ESCORT QT. 5 speed, ar, ower steerng/brakes/sunroof, 3,000 mtes (810) ? ESCORT 1990 OT -. 5 speed, 87,000 mses. Excellent condton Evenngs only..(810) ESCORT OT speed. Red Clean. ExceSenl condton. 80,000 fnes )651. (8.10) ESCORT QT. 5 speed, runs good, needs some-work, cassette, 67,000 mles. )200. (313) Escort LX door, automatc mles. Newer tresehaust 4 more 3450 (810) SCOR.T 1991 LX-4 door, automatc. ar. loaded, excellent, mtes After 7pm: ESCORT 1994 LX, 4 door, automatc, ar, loaded, 29,000 mles DEMMER FORD (313) ESCORT 1993 LX 4 door, 5 speed, ar, low mles, cassette, must sen. 5,200. (313) ESCORT LX ,000 mles. Excetlenl condton. Ar. stereo cassette (810) ESCORT 1992 LX. 5 speed, ar. cassette FOX HLLS Chrysler-Ptymouth-Jeep-Eagfe ESCORT, 1995 LX Wagon. Automatc, ar. very dean mles. 8, ESCORT 1988V,. - Red, mles, automatc, 2 door. Excellent condton. (810) ESCORT WAGON mles, 1 owner. excesent condton Robert Byrne: ESCORT 1995 Wagort mles. STK«7000PA 8995 "Buy 235. ESCORT 1995 Wagon. 19,000 mles. STKt2l Buy 263. Lease S224 ESCORT 1995, 4 door, mles STKt211V 9495 Lease "Buy 232 ESCORT 1994 Wagon Mles STKe92S LEASE 238. "Buy S230 ESCORT 1994 Wagon mles STM61130B Lease S212. "Buy 232 ESCORT 1994 Wagon, 4 door mles STK*2106T 8495 Lease 222. "Buy «23 ESCORT 1994 Wagon mles STK# Lease 215 Buy 222 ESCORT 1993 Wagon, rra!es STK»70144A 6995 Lease 175 Buy 5160 HUNTNGTON FORD Rochesler H.fs Across rom Target Lease 35/ down plus taxes,l5.000.year. t.-e. ptaes. factory warranty ncluded "Buy - 48 months -11*»- 400 OOAT plus taxed, tle, pales MUSTANO GT. 6.0 R*d. automatc, 23,000 mles. Mnt condton. 13,060V8est MUSTANO 1995 QT, sapphre blue, 17" wheels. 5 speed, tow rnkes. 16,000. (313) MUSTANG 1991 QT very nce. some extras, must see. Must sell! 8,900,best (810) MUSTANO 1992 LX Convertble, automatc, ar, power wndows/locks, bt. cruse, low mles THE BG SORt CAMPBELL OODGE 5: MUSTANG 1993 tx. 3. door, automatc, ar, power wndows/locks, cruse, onfy mles. 8,493. DEMMER FORD (313) MUSTANG LX Notchback. Red. 5 speed. 35,000 mles, extras. S1t.000.besl MUSTANG LX. 5.0,-5 speed, red w.gray leather. 60,000 mles. Loaded. Excellent condton 7200/ Best. After 6pm, ( MUSTANG 1995, 13,000 mles, V-6. auto Ar. lactory warranty, lke new. 12,000 (810) MUSTANG 5.0, red leather nteror, excellent condton, 6500 or best offer (810) MUSTANG super clean! 8995 SUNSHNE ACURA (810) MUSTANG Super dean* 9995 SUNSHNE ACURA (810) PROBE 1993, automatc, ar. power wndo»vs/1ocks. alumnum wheels Loaded! THE BG STORE AMPBELL DODGE PROBE Blue, ar, cruse, new tres 6. battery. Hgh mles well mantaned w/records t xcebent condton PROBE 1969 GL". Gray, 5 speed. 1 owner, excellent condto/} mtes (810) 486/4696 PROBE 1994 GT" automatc, ar. power wndows, locks, cruse, tlt, cassetle. 29,000 mles. 12,994. DEMMER FORD (313) PROBE 1994 GT - Automate, loaded 10,495 SUNSHNE ACURA (810) FARMONT 1982 FUTURA , PROBE 1993 GT. 39,000 mles mles, dean. 800, loaded 8495 eve&wknds 1313) SUNSHNE ACURA (810) FESTVA good condton. 55\500 mles, new tres/brakes, PROBE 1993 GT. 1 owner, low S23CO Eves SOLD FESTVA 1989 L slver, automatc, ar, mles, great car. 2200/ best After 5pm (313) LTD 1983 Ar, 6 cyl.nder. teal blue, automat*, runs good. 600 Call. (313) MUSTANG Cobra. Black/Wack leather, dassc - sde-ppes, 5 speed, excellent condton MUSTANG convert.ble, 5 0; red. whte lop/nlenor mles. S MUSTANG 1992 Convert.ble 5.0. emerald green, low mles, loaded, leather, exceaent condton, musf set. reduced *est MUSTANG GT. Convertble mles, garaged 8 stored AM orgmal. S (313) MUSTANG GT. Dark -Green, loaded, low mles, 5 speed! cassette (810) MUSTANG 1994 GT, 10 dsc.maeh sound. 17 nch wheels. leather mles. Uke new! 14,900. HNES PARK LNCOLN-MERCURY MUSTANG 1986 GT 5 0. McCleann (needs pant). CaS after 4pm. (313) MUSTANG 1995 GT mles, loaded. 15,988. Tamaroff Dodge MUSTANG 1994 GT Only MLES! Futfy loaded, 5 Speed 17 wheels. 15,000. H (313) PROBE 1993 "GT - automatc, at. TAURUS moonroof. power wndows/locks/ seal, cruse, tlt, cassette, 9594 DEMMER FORD 1313) PROBE 1993 GT, Hack, automate ar, m-jes Tamaroff Oodge O0 PROBE 1993 GT, Black, loaded. leather, CD 10,888 OLSON OLDS (313) PROBE GT excetenl condton, automatc rrdes (810) PROBE 1993 GT - Loaded, super carl 8495 SUNSHNE ACURA (810) PROBE 1989 GT. looks S runs super TYME AUTO (313) mles, loaded, sunroof, red. exeeflen condton PROBE 1991 GT - Red. power wndow vtocksyseal&sleenng, rear w.per, electrc defrost, automalc, ar, sunrool, leather, arrvfm CDcassete. excetenl condton, 7300 (313) PROBE 1991 GT 5 speed, excellent cond-ton. must sell (810) PROBE 1994 GT. 5 speed, red, 2 door, power lockswndows ar mles PROBE 1990 LX, V6. loaded, excellent condton. S5600 (810) 476-4t99 PROBE 1993, runs greal 1 S7495. SUNSHNE ACURA (810) PROBE SE speed, sunroof, power wndow slocks mles. 12,000 Eves PROBE speed, ar. am fm rado, low mleage PROBE 1993 wth ar & automatc, exoellen condton mles. 6,000. SOLD TAURUS automatc, ar. dean! 7460 FOX HLLS Chryser-Plymoutr-Jeep-Eagle TAURUS 1992, 4 door, automatc, ar. loaded, 43,000 mles SUNSWNE ACURA (810) TAURUS 1992 GL Dark blue, automatc, ar. tul power, Am/Fm. cassette. 3 0 L. V6. Non-smokers, 50,000 rmles (313) TAURUS 1991 GL - 4 door, automatc, exceoenl condton, ax; low mleage, (810) TAURUS 1996 GL. 4 door, green, V6. automatc, ar, power wndows/ locks, cruse. Wl, loaded. 15,996. DEMMER FORD (313) TAURUS GL. loaded OLSQN OLDS. : (313) TAURUS 1991 GL - 60.Q00 mles. Absolutely Perfect. An optons Dealershp mantaned No pan! work done Postvely ncest one around. Engne, body, nteror s perfect. Lght blue metallc wtrfue cloth Days: Eves: TAURUS, 1991 GL - Power wndows, locks, tn. cruse. New brakes & tres. 6 cylnder, ar TAURUS 1994 GL. power wndow*/ locks. bt. cruse, am-lm cassette. Prced to "sen! 9488/. * THE BG STORE CAMPBELL OODGE TA.URUS 1990 GL, V6. automatc, ar. dean, wes mantaned, mles, After 6pm, TAURUS Hgh mleage, new ransmssorvax Very Good Condton TAURUS Lx - Emerald green, fully loaded, ABS brakes. CO player, leather nteror. 86,000 mles. 11,500. Cafl TAURUS Mdnght green w.tan Full power, cruse, ar. 22,000 mles 13, TAURUS mles, Crown Vc mles 17,600 Clean TAURUS 1994: -Polce package - Automatc, ar, power wndows,locks, loaded, mles 12,994. DEMMER FORD (313) TAURUS.1991, power wndows. locks, ar. new.trans, tuneup.brakes! etc 4900 (313) TAURUS 1995 "SHO" aulomatc. ar. cause, tll, power wndows/lodcs. 16,595. DEMMER FORD (313) SHO, automatc. loaded 11,995. SUNSHNE ACURA (810) TAURUS 1993 SHO, black, leather. Mooruool, automatc S OSON OLDS. (313) TAURUS 1994 SHO Leather, sunroof. S SUNSHNE ACURA (810) TAURUS SHO. loaded mles. CD. whe,-blacknteror, excecent TAURUS 1994 SHO. red. leather, loaded 10,495. SUNSHNE ACURA. (610) TAURUS 1994 SHO - 5 speed, ar, 10 dsc CD player, power wndows/ locks, cruse, bt. cassette. ABS. brakes. 13,594 DEMMER FORD (313) , T-BlRD ury. loaded, new brakes hw/ mles, runs greal, 52, T-BRD 1996 LX. V-8, automatc, ar, power wndows, locks, seal, cause; Ml, dark green 15,496 DEMME.R FORD --(313) T-BRDT994 LX. V mles, very dean. S yf mles warranty. (313) T-BRD SUPER Coupe SC loaded, moon rool, eng.ne work. 4,200 (313) T-8R Turbo Cpe. Automatc. 1-owner mles/loaded Wue Bes Otler T-B.RD, V-8, sports package, leather seals, moonrool, CO. askng Se.eOCbest. (810) TEMPO door, automatc, ar, low mles Tamarofl Dodge TEMPO GL. Automatc, ar. power wndows-locks. 4 door mles S3006. (810) TEMPO GL Aulomatc. a;r, arrvfm/cassere. 42,000 mles, whte, gray nteror: l3: TEMPO 1994 GL. automatc, ar, power locks. t»t, cassetle. luggage raca. S7494. OEMMER FORD. (313) TEMPO GL 2 door, automatc, an. 84,000 mles, very good condton. 2,495best TEMPO 1994 GL - 2 door. 5 speed, ar. wfes car, lo* mles, must seh. dean, 5995 (313) TEMPO ,500 mles, power locks..excebenl condton, S7500 lrm. Call after 5pm:. (313) TEMPO M,nt. 2 door, auto, ar. power locks, bt, cassetle, aarm; m.tes. S CLEARNG OUT THE 96S; MAKNG ROOM FOR THE 97S College Grad Program requres Zero Out of Pocket 1996SENTRA Ar rxnoyooong, dual a* bags, AJvVFM cassetle, power wrxjows, povtef door locks, power mnors, cafee,ffl&more. SAU:PRlaE*12 l 495, y COLLEGEGRAD 1996 KNG CAB XE PCKUP Automatc transmssdn, ar rxrxftoons, ajrbag, AM/FM cassette, CfOte,,W, ajloy ntrttssovg rea/ wrekw, 4 more. Slo # SALE PRCE 13,995" COLLEGE GRA0 2MO. 4eb*. L8ASE. 3OM0, SXSE Automatc rajsrnteson, ak cotxftonng, AMfM cassefle, power: vvwovv9, power locks, power mrrors, cruse, W, spoler, mvoof, : aloyrhw,alarm,c0&more.slock# ; SAJ 10814,389 :» 248 MO. COUEGECRAD k* MO. WELL BEAT ANY COMPETTORS 1.9% APR AVALABLE FREE ALARM WTH LEASE ASK FOR GENUNE NSSAN ACCESSORES NSSAN All New 1997½ Lmted Edton ALTMA Ar cordftonng. automatcfransmsson,dual arbags, AMFM cassette, CO, paver vyjatort, powef door locks, power mrrors, cruse, bt, factory alanrv factory alky rms, (Vpor mats. Stock # WAS 21,219-. SALE PRCE S 208Mo/ 18,59r 1996 MAXMA GXE Autcrrtabc fjftsmsson, ar oortjrtoong, dual ar bags, AM/FM cassette, CO changer, securty comence package, power wndows, power locks, power mrrors, securty system, cruse, tll & more. StocK# MO. 259; LEASE MO PATHFNDER XE Automatc trartsmfesfco, ar corxjtonhg, dual ar bags, AMFM CO, power steerng, ABS brakes chromerms4v more, Stock # MO, LEASE MO. NSSAN TELEGRAPH RD.. SOUTHFELD or TOLL FREE: TAMAROFF V»ST OUR VRTUAL SHOWROOM AT " HOURS: MON. & THURS. 8:50-9:15 http //www t.maroff com on the nternet TUES.. WED. & FR. 8:30-6:15 SAT. 8:30-4 TMUNDEReRD 1993 V mfes, extended warranty, very dean, 12,000, {313) THUNOERBRD 195 LX - V6, dark green, all power, cassetle. keyless, 20,000 mnes, 12, THUNDER81R0 1992, sport., 8 cylnder, automatc, garage kept. 239 down, tow monthly payment, no cosgner needed. OAC TYME.AUTO (313) THUNDERBRO 1987 Turbo Coupe, 5 speed, excellent, mles, Rochester (810) METRO Auto., ar, am/m/ cassette mles. Excellent condton. 5700>Best. SOLO METRO Aulomatc. ar, m3es. 2-door reef hatch, excebenl condton METRO 1991,3 cylnder, automatc, ke buyng haff an engne 1399.TYME AUTO (313) METRO door, 5 Speed, greal gas mleage, 67,000mles Greal 2nd car! 2Q00/besl METRO 1994, great commuter, extended warranty, automatc, sunrool, whte (313) PRSM speed, 53,000 mdes, a;r. norusl new tresvfcrakes/exhaust Ctan. S5200. (313) PRlZM 1995, automatc.. ar.. One owner, Prced to sen MKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) PRlZM door, automatc, ar, & cassette New tres-battery/starter/ brakes (313) PRlZM door, automatc, ar SUNSHNE ACURA (810) PRlZM door, 17,200 mtes, automate transmsson, ar. cassette & more. OrVy 10,995. Ca>l John GORDON-CHEVROLET PRlZM Hatchback. 5 door, 64,000 mles, excellent condton. 1 owner. Moms ear PRlZM 1993 LS. automatc, ar, poer W-JTOOWS.locks. t5t, cruse, onfy mles MKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) PRlZM 1994 LSt. lufly loaded Pnced lo sell! 9950 MKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) D Year-End\ Moseoufs wmm PRlZM 1992 LSL Great 2nd ca/, very relable, Ca* after 6pm. ;.;; (810) PRlZM soaed. ttatohbac*. 37 MPO, ar. arrvlm catte, Or«al Carl 3500.t«t., (810) STORM.1990 CSt 5 speed, vvftta/ blue, J500.ttfst. Leave Message: (313) TORM power moonroof. 71,000 mles, cute, red ear. frst 3795 lake*. TYME AUTO (313) STORM speed, ar, cassette, 40,000 mles. "Exoenen condton- 6250,t>esL.(810) TRACKCR 1995 LS 4x mles, transferable Umper lo bumper warranty. 12, TRACKER 1990, mles, extra dean TYME AUTO (313) , ACCORO TRACKER x4 red, hard-lop, automatc, ar mles, excellent, 8,Q0(VbesL (313) Honda ACCORD 1992, 4 door LX. auto-: matc. ar. cruse control, loaded, Mnt, condton mles. 11,500 Call 1313) ACCORD door mles. Needs brake work; Aslung 500 (313) ACCORD 1991, OX. 2 ddbr, automatc, ar mles. LAe new Can (810) ACCORD 1992 EX - 4door, automatc, loaded mdes: 12,495. SUNSHNEACURA (810) ACCORD 1990 EX 5 speed., 4 door. am-lm cassetle. power accessores, sunroof, cruse ACCORO 1991 EX. 5 speed, leather, new tres, mles, ncludes cellular phone, 9, ACCORD ,200 Loaded. mmaculate mles, ACCORO 1993 LX. automatc transmsson, factory ar. onfy 40,000 mles SUNSHNE HONDA (313) ACCORO 1994 LX 4 door, all power, ar. new braxes mles, extra dean. 12,900 (810) ACCORO 1989 LX 4 door, avt* matte, 55,000 maes, good condton. 5,500.". -. SOLO ACCORO 1995 LX. 4 door. aulomatc transmsson, loaded. Lease from S262.37/Montn. 5 to choose froml. SUNSH1NC HONDA. (313) ACCORD 1990 LX, 4 door, from orgnal owner, low mles, medum brown metallc 4 sharp! 7750, Select Auto, ACCORO 1994 LX excelem shape, 22,000 mles, 13,700, (313) ACCORD X1,-2 door hatch, wen mantaned, looks & runs great mles. 2,300. Leave messago.. (810) , ACCORO 1968 LX. 5 speed, excellent condton, loaded, great school CST LX - Texas car. automatc. 4 door, ar, dean, great con*tx>n, ACCORD Sedan. Top ol the me mles. weh mantaned. Best offer " CWC door, lactory ar, onfy mles Monday onfy 6595 SUNSHNE HONOA (313) CVC; DX 4 door. auto. ar. excellent condton. 63,000 mles 6900,(810) CVC 1993 DX. 2 door, automatc transmsson, factory ar 10,995 SUNSHNE HONDA (313) CVC 1993 OX. 4 door, automatc transmsson, lactory ar. Monday onfy 10,995 SUNSHNE HONDA (313) CVC DX speed. 18,000 mles, ar, cassetle, great condton, ACCORD EX door. 5 Speed. Relable. Good cond-ton. Hgh mrfes. CVC 1990 hatchback mles. 3fXXVbest. * * * * * * * SOLD! 4 speed, ar, arrvtm cassette, sunroof, wen mantaned, 3900,best. (313) "...- A CRX 1989 S - automatc. a(. Onry mles, brght red, 6,950 MKE SAVOECHEVROLET >. (810) DelSol "Whte. Sharp 5 speed, factory ar. "Prced d sen". SUNSHNE HONDA (313) PASSPORT 1995 EX. automatc transmsson, loaded On»y 18,995 SUNSHNE HONDA (313) PRELUDE Loaded, sunrcof. 5 speed, speder. CO/cassette. Very good ccrxttcn. SSOObest Mssts QM PRELUDE automatc, «V, MKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) :- :. PRELUDE S-Black, maes, automatc, ar. f xcetent corv d*on Lew ES , Gold package. v Loaded.»1 power, mmaculate. 14,000 mles, 26, Lkcolfl CONTENTAL 1691 Sgnature Seres, excellent. CO, maes, H,00<VbesL (313) CONTNENTAL Black, leather, mles. ExcjBent Performance (810) CONTNENTAL 1993, Jade green leather nteror, loaded TYME AUTO (313> CONTNENTAL 1988 Sgnature Seres. Black. 6,000 or besl offer. (810) CONTNENTAL 1995 Sfve/.memory seats, tracton control, leather, healed seats, noor shfter, mles. 26,995. DEMMER FORD (313) CONTNENTAL wtrtalxjrgundy nteror mjes. leather, keyless. ( CONTNENTAL, Whte w:"whrt8 nteror, low mleage. 11,500 or best Offer CONTNENTAL 1990 Sgnature Seres Loaded. excebenl, orgnal owner, 7500 (810) GRAND CARAVAN 1996 SE, dual, ar. a* pover. dual sscsng doors. 20,890. FOX HLLS Chh/sVer-Prymouth-Jeep-Eagle MARX Vlll 1994 BLACK. WaCk leater. pewe* mocnroof. CO. perfect maes , MARK Vll Borgundy.gray leather nteror, low mleage, exoelent cond,bon 18, MARK Vlll»994. Emerald green, leather, moonrool. loaded, warranty. 40,000 maes. Excellent condbon (810) MARK Vlll leather, tracton assst, mles. Mus seel! Onfy 17,994. OEMMER FORD (313) 72-26CO km mcom OPEN SATURDAY - 9 AM-4 PM SE -JK3PJSP 4 SAUPRK ,519 * Ma, mwmpm 1996 EXPLORER XLT 4X4 4 LST SAU PRCE MonA *=«: PrtUrr«<J tqupmjnl pkg. ttsa, XLT rlffl, rsdlo tltc. prm, wth ctlttnadock, u99«lct, luury group, elktrenct greop. rrenl ovtm*m c*ntol», N-ur«floor contole, fog Mmpt. floor mm. ctrgo covtr group, color k»y*d ctrp*l cargo ara covw, 4.M. Efl V6 *ngln«r ulorttuc overdrve t/»n>, t) owl t!1-l>fraln trta, J.t LS ll«.vk«f tsw/u>ll«r lowng pack*?*, doth aport bock-k Stock f!4s0. AtlmBco CofltgeGraO* WNDST/ LST 23,960 5ALE PRKX 17M Month Per Mo, mm PtfcfTtd eojlpmert p a mx. seven pesseneer bew, wth edkrttbta «e*t trck, speed control, tft lmrtng wheel tgts group, electrc r»ar wndow defroster, ar-cfc free, electrc AKTu ter to chsett dock, pome corytnenc* group; arrvjows, locks 1 electrc power mrrors, body sde mowng, dttun wheel -cover; 3J Cttr SPt engne, four steed automatc cvertrfte, P0SffCft-15 BSW, floor nuts, 2S gafcn fuel tank, prvacy gtas; rtmotatntry. Stock too*.-.-. Essence seadra psdogt, captans eh* and on* seta, (desgn udusrytly 1» D/E)«gr*, M uphobttretjcet pvh wth vfryl tck pretock*. table b** drnx ry, rjgu"* rtd, ful tergft hrt ovemetd Mr** wb» ttargt MOtptrlrnents, table, do>wrg4b«r,hh mount gukk-rtletm - psdettau ( seta, AHftl ttnm cassetk, ekmlru nrr*g beerdt, rdrtd kfttna, tw»chp«nelsmart Hrng tyrtot. Mentx3nCoBeg«Or»d«t mm tm UST SALE PRCE 1W RAN( Moo* Lease jyrmo. Attenton College Cr* UptoStOOOf - Prtmrt»q%tTp»&tGpM*tlmtyCBlat*ryrtrrv&x-**& (H bunptr, Wc. AMF1 awtotuoct, SoUth areue, tbdng raw wtoom, tx. Efl M tnglnt. S-»pd. man. r>0 «Tr*, MM t*m RBt A>a**aon tr*,71 rabo baodmtsfccllwoa.: :.H.M M Jm»!! J»!!! P lllll N,1. lllllll.l Fl 50 EDDE BAUER PCKUP UST 2lflO SAU PRCE Month Le*M Attenton College GrAds P«Mo. Praterad Eolpnwl ph 5CSA. «to Uft a ar&r*. E*V Bauar eortrt at Hap. ttaad ort* - xhbrlkkcmnnarcha,, UfrU mntste l*)rkjwkkc*.k1*totrmm--*l%j --- 1»uup, krjad Hxdxn tt**%. pevw taa fecuvmc**, kwat actarl 2 bra pam, 4R tflm aoglra, S apd m)n0 00 *n. PJS7SR15XL ml rt ataacn,)l ntlon n» vk; amng nar larntoa. tfma raar *jp buor. dc* l#t bwrf UL Skx asjtl Q r»f A* ON THE SPOT FNANCNG SAME DAY DELVERY 1996 CONTOURGt UST 15,775 SAU PRCE s l 1,950" Month. lease Attenton Co9te<s*dsl lp to 1000 Cab tck OSSSB?*,fe»Mo.- Prt4«TWl Kfprrtrt package KK group f, kt ttngth conaol*, AMTV MareO r**o t>4»t*na, group J. rjn. control at cx*vsdonlng. r«er wlndo* dtfroetac. powerheatk)mlmrt,2.xck5hc4cytndar*ngn*,sape*dmanualt-an*u)e. h«y7cnt4bsw«rh,lror«v*«c*rp«tedfloorm«a,wa1a«1rg>tm. Stock 1996 THUNDERBRD LX j t? w,. " LST 19,050 SAU PRKX s 13,99? Month lease Per Mo. Preferred equpment package 155A, TBrd opton group 1, rear wndow defroster, cst alumnum wheels, 3.8L EFJ V6 engne, eulometfc overdrve trans:, P215770R15 BSW tlret, T-Brd opton group 2, leather wrapped / steerng wheel, 8-way power drver* tet, tymlneted entry system, keyfese entry. SlOck# ESCORT 4 DOOR LST 11.(500 SAU, PRKX M M klwl 1996 TAURUS]QL m VS88r- UST SAU PRKX 14,9991 Monrh leae Per Mo. Preferred equpment pkg. 204A; group 1, speed control, front/rear carpeted floor mats, group 2 AM/FM stereo rado Wth cassette, power door locka, partculate ar fltraton system, 3.0L. EF1, VS engne, auto overdrve transmsson, P20S*5R15BSWtlre8. Stock» Month Per Mo." ATTENTON COLLEGE GRADS:: 2.0 SP engne, 5 speed manual transaxle, P18&65Rt4-S BSW tres, rear wndow fcfroster, Stock #70144 Attenton College GrAd ttosloocashbackj Attenton College CTACH >tot,400cashb(l BRARWOOD FORD CORNER STATE & MCHGAN AVE. N SALNE 5 MNUTES SOUTH OF BRARWOOD MALL m&m!m!m mmxm ANN ARBOR MAN LOT DSCOUNT LOT MON. & THURS. TL 9 PM TUE.. WED.. FR. TL 6 PM OPEN SAT. 9-4 "l«««p*ym*- {*» U*M, Me»rt> dmjmason 1,000 dowrt. Fuv SA4 *?MV Paynerta b*t«d on t monffv latt* wv\ mle* lm«pk» 1!«per rrto over krakrtea s rt«por«t>* tjr *>C*M V*U tra rn*«g». Upon <Wv*y leesee-pays V»t mor* p«ym»nl»rd tkrtlth»«our*y o>po««(nxnded»3 r*4 S»nor*p«nn Htsee r«crtor topuoh»m vthdt at VMV* end at a t*go«.t«- prce m by?r»<w»d ford u»»m rfcepeon S*«MHMraorvky 0>UH Total p»(tr*.-«u fotcwf FtM 157*4, T*urm MS*. t»plyar %7K3. Cor*j» tyx*. Rw>y XV.T H6?f WruWw SS4?6; v>n CorWvcrt SMt«,x«Kd SS«4. Eacort t»04 "CV amoved o-ktt Pr»k>du»r«6M vjroboywc«cr<, *g»(>»l»»r»>u*sor*<r«!r»*ya n«y -Prce c4j<u>. US* ardolm6r*,, ( coron freghton Dtleov«v»n) SAEEWSfttS* k 1

42 8D(*) CLASSFCATONS 815 to 872 O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 ggjfu Lned. MARK VM mjes. Uack y.,black leaher. lut po/er. powe< sun/pot (313) MARK Vfl 1?» rales, sfver A burgundy tenor. Excellent condl-on. extended waranty. S9500 (313) TOWN CAR 1986, tan.. rool, cucel.en! clean mles 4950 W best Mazda automate ar sunroof ~7 TOO rmes Sharp 1 S6283 T.Tarotl Dodge V door, 5 speed :>es at cassette.stereo, good-contt-un t MA70A 323, lo/ mles automatc sunrool.. wne color re*. r.nsrn.son, S f.ata 1995 Coruen.K«Rc-d ow r 1 es AM FM stereo, a.r, aunr.ux /.reels f313l MX l.ke ne*. 5 speed, an. sunroof, Black Very sharp mtes 14,500 (810) fm Md/*""* 7 CAPR 1991 Convertble S3995 TOWN CAR 1995, Black Beauty, SUNSHNE ACURA Custom root chrome m.nt S (810) (810) TOWN CAR V988 : CASH deader w.t sell cx ccsanmenl mtes. or pay cash (or your used car Very Clean, loaded 9200 Cart tor n cash prce j 1810) TYME AUTO (J13j TOWN CAR 1951 Stature Ful>y COUGAR 1569 LS -Cream Atar l.-ded. moonoof Excellent leather, al opt-ons. alarm.sunrool CD e s "l S14,90Ot)est keyless entry, mles S5.9O0 best Westland (3!3) COUGAR S FuBy Kvackxl keyfctos erty, kt<y oaod condrtor, 1 OAUCY, must.see COUGAR Very very clean 32 COO m-.es Only St Up to 11pm (810) B7 COUGAR V6, fully loaded. Prced tor cluck sale C.V Mark GORDON CHEVROLET COUGAR 1994 XR-? Dtaek.an leather mles. 12, or COUGAR XR7 - Super dean SUNSHNE ACURA, COUGAR XR7..V8 - automate a- poaer wn.jow;se at locks M.ATA ,600 vn:!*s C cru.se t.t,.:,sset:e,r Jled entry C.Kage Leather, etc After marks! cast alum rum wheels 2 S optons Calt slavng ron S o choose 3 J-4S DE,".ER FORD (313) WATA RED HOT COUGAR 1935 Xfl. V8 automat r. Loaded we»tas Drve > our a,r. moor.rool gree - Ah the to>> clean dream car.today 14,995 (810) DEM.ER FORO (313) ONE OF SOUTHEASTERN MCHGANS LARGEST SELECTONS Bravadas Loaded, gold package -A tn 61 res CO tcw;ng package Demo, S-xk « ,625", J U.-. Auto a r. AM FM soreo, 3 r fcaj ABSpCer locks, tl New96 Achevas & Ceras 95* 96 < &. Cutlass SupremessMW Drrcs marry ccofs/a loaded Pcce-dlrcm 16,995* GV -f.;. a.«- JMorj 5.-,-t*nrrv-- starlng al 14,495* ALLPRCES NCLUDE DESTNATON CHARNOCK S%o*A Mchgan Ave. Dearborn. Just 1/4 mte W. of Telegraph (313) BRAND NEW RODEO "A" PLAN FOR EVERYONE hd Ar Bags tococfcjcwng PowefWotort ftwowlocs»a<torn2tsc Trans. r /D CSJSS Cruse Control Frl4ReafCeayV.Tpert PwtflJrrttt MMo.«W)ltP.T.WarT. 6SpeaA f,aufucess. ft»«4vr«f0c8f3tes rtstewumn front S&rar Bar Roofteck ReafAraLoc8rates "A" PLAN FOR EVERYONE Mercury OUR CLASSFEDS WORK... GRAND MARQUS, 1989 LS. Leather, 57,000 mles, Burgandyy, 5,600 / fold m/ ear the frst tme llw ud ran. the fa<te<t response ve ever had />> had a garage sale and almost fold even/tlng.../ thought u\mlj spend (te Ulole. summer -tryng to St// nn/ enr! YZ.Souhfcd Our classfed sates people are watng to hear from you.., formote nformaton please call WAYNE OAKLAND ROCHESTEByROCHESTER HLLS CLARKSTON/LAKE ORON!/ OXJORD (Observer A tttcnrr C» 1S1» 1«0 A3* l THHG COUGAR 1991 XR7 V8. leather lojj-.>d to* tc-a m es FOX HLLS Cryser-Pyrotv.cfcp-Eage C GRAND VARQU Dark bue ca/njg-> rrxrt QatageVest Excellent. CondTron 5500 ( GRAND MAROUlS GS 1995, dark bue e»ce"er,t condton rr.,es 16 0CO GRAND MARQUS 199V leather, a. kenew tres S hakes Senor OAned. 6*50 (810f GRAND MARQUS Loaded, mjny r«a pans h Ay mtes Orter ( GRAND MARQUS 1S37 - loaded Oce-Un condton S3.6C0 best ,36 Ot Mercury GRAND MARQUS Loa<Je<J mes ExteSenl corxjlon He* tres (810) GRAND MARQUS LS 1994 Gajagekept 36,000 m2es. Exceptofar. (313) Grand Marqus LS Loaded, sunrool, keyless mles. 11,600,besl (313) GRAND MAROUlS 1987 LS Loaded. Excellent condton 1 o*ner CaK after 6pm (810) MARQUtS 1989 ST Wagon, loaded. Gross Ponte car.6995 OLSON OLOS (313) MARQUS 1988 Wagon OfanaJ OAner Very Good Condton Tow pkg S6200 Alter SABLE automatc, ar, loaded SUNSHNE ACURA (310) SABLE 1993 Duat ar bags Anttock brakes More optons 53,000 mjes Sharp ( SABLE 1995 GS, 4 door, green. automatc, at. poaer A.rvdOAS/jeal locks, cruse, ht, cassette, 6 cylnder. 12,595 DEMMER FORD <313) SABLE GS loaded, excellent condton. OA m>lage t 685CVbest. (810) SABLE 1995 GS - V6, automatc, po-aer wmcwas & locks 30,000 m-!es 10, SABLE loaded. auomasc 93,000 e*pressv>ay rntos. car phone. LAa new. S5600 Aler 5. (313) SABlE Loaded, 51,000mles Cal betaeen 2pm-8pm 1313) SABLE LS 1990 m.jes , Clean 62,000 SOLD SABLE. 1992, LS, dean mles, loaded, S8.800, SABLE 1987,LS lulfy equpped, 80,000 mles. dean. S2900 (313) SABLE 1986 LS..loadod, k«3ter rmtes. reou* trans, new brakes/ tres, excellent SABLE LS Wagon 1989, loaded. excellent. 3 seals, new tres & exhaust. 4,500 (810) TOPAZ door, automatc, ar. poaer AndOAS.kcks. ht. cruse, cassette 7,800 (313) TOPAZ door sedan, tow GRAND MARQUS good mleage, excellent condton condton 93 OOD rules best (313) Offer tblol Topaz 1994 GS 2 door, undercoated. automate. a\rm wheels, nves. excellent ***SOLD TOPAZ. 1991, red. 4 door rntes. automate, ar. new tres and mutfc-r An poaer AMFM tape. Mag *hees:s4625 Eve, " , TRACER LTS 1993, loaded. feulomasc. greal condtton. moon roc* mtes. 55CO (313) TRACER, red. 4 door Hatchback Sunroor. a>, greal shape, no ns 2, BRAND NEW TROOPER "A" PLAN FOR EVERYONE %a Dual Ar B}s Ar CondtOAlrg Shft on the RylW.O. 6 Soaker AUm Cass. Ttt Steerng Column SOflRoadrrercg. Po*«Wr«)o«_ 5 UrvtertoaySW Plate* hodn flrt Pkg.»Po*eJ Door locks CrvseConu-ol Po*«U:rrors -5,000Lb.Tow Capacty «66 n»/w,0omt P.T.Wn. UuctL Moct Uc/e - "A" PLAN FOR EVERYONE LSTS ,150 s M j «27,500 s 355 uo BUY NC. PEST. SGN N DRVE 30 N STOCK NOW E ASTBOUND MCHGAN AVE. at WAYNE RD. WESTLAND. WAYNE o.c,./tollf,ee BUYC.DBST. g.qfnpvt?. 30 N STOCK NOW "SUZU JEFFRES Mlchloan Ave. -94: X-WAY * By p*t t u\1 MS6 UM MO hxldtn ck»*q#* rrws «mwk*, W* k*v* ouf ctrtomec* Cth*f toto* w«9 1*«yoa w«can% 6>»»v** 4t tk«p*<««bo! w* <*».»nj vth 36 mo teas* *0 "» fc«* * 2* «u> fe»«jlo avatne M d-norenl EXJYm**Ms t*vtce twt opt<on v* por<k»«*t tfave ««d *t a ptkt rw«ffno«at»j«kkc4oa P*tu*»»*y «VD* ttvptel actuj) v*ftk:e H *es*e. to g* mtal ol pmtt murtjy term pj-rml S»?e «xl* *f*f> vehcle* h*t«l *t* MJW <W 4r»f»» Ku/u cancels»*>» «.UJ>*» provjns tthcftth*vccod<jo*t«w**hmt ttrvc jynvrnt *«dep,lrce<vtedu*oh{je»ftrr< f»lo*c<juh4t»oofce. ** p*/rt Use L» Ac*tnc mpa>-wt S»bt*t MO*.» CJ Cted.l3ppfo%» A*0*t«JrKlrK*n.-y*»».**<y>«l!o<J*»*r t ywart nol <nl«(frst«4. let! somton* who HMMrtfb0 Wrtove oor cv%kmr*ft P*S* Hjfy CaH fen AMJ.H Mercury TRACER speed. Ar. Powe/ B wvyjowdoof locks Runs great (3t3) Nssan wmmmm mmm CENTRA door, mrtes. good condton 8700 (810) MAXMA 1993 GXE. automatc aw. clean Ne* tres, new brakes STO.eOO MAXtA 1992 GXE, leather, mtes, new brakes, tres V6. sun/ool, excelenl 7,650, MAXMA 1990 GXE, sunroof. Bosa, keyless enlry. excetlent condton, nvtes, CM MAXMA OAner. Suberb condton. 43,000 mtes, wtute. grey nteror..12,600 (810) MAXMA 1993 SE 5 Speed, leather, sunrool, ABS 13,300. Leave message STANZA 1987 GXE, loaded, mtes, new tres, brakes A exhaust system Very dean made & out 3,00Otest offer Daje Oldsmoble ACHEVA (992 SC Loaded, alloy wheels, compact cksc, onry 7995 ROGN 6U1CK (313) AURORA 1995 loaded. 22,883 OLSON QLDS (313) AURORA Warranty Loaded. Sunrool. Champagnalealher. 22,000 mles 25.OOCbest(810) BRAVADA 1994, automatc, ar. a.1 power, all wheel dnve mles Lease cheap! 17,660 FOX HLLS Chrysler-Prymouth-Jeep-Eage CEFtA ,4 door sedan. 6 cylnder. Good Condton, 2.800test *************SOLD ML Oldsmoble CUTLASS SUPREME 197» Convertfcfe mles, aj cogyal Excellent shape 4,800. (810) CUTLASS 1990 Supreme nternatonal Seres. Dark btoe, 4 door, 5 speed, leather nteror, tutty loaded, traler packacje, 7000,best. (313) CUTLASS SUPREME 1989 SL - 2 door. V-6, automatc, rates Nce shp* CUTLASS 1990 Supreme SL. 2 FlERO GT 1966 Red V6 4 speed door, V-6, aulomabc mjes, 8.6K, S6000/best Home GbeS Work CUSTLASS 1985 Supreme, automate. ajt. V6 231, 93,000 mles, LASER 1990RS-t000down Take over payments or 249 mo. Southern black Cherry Car Very dean No wnters An rxjures can (810) CUSTLASS SUPREME 1991, SL. loaded, excellent condton. 1 owner, NEON 1995 Sport, ar. ABS rrutes. 6, brakes 8990, CUTLASS CALAS.SL mmt condton, org-nal mles. 6,000. (313) CUTLASS C1ERA door, am fm stereo cassett. a:r m.les. Runs great, must see 5.500test (313) CUTLASS 1994 Cera 4 Door matc. V6. loaded 7495 SUNSHNE ACURA (810}47t-92OO AutO- CUTLASS 1989 Cera SL. klty loaded; good condton 4200 After 6pm CUTLASS.CERA, V-6. ar. power locks, good condton Rochester Ht!*, (810) CUTLASS 1994, 4 door. V-6 loaded 6995 SUNSHNE ACURA (810) CUTLASS nternatonal, 2 door, greal transportaton. ONLY 4,950., MKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) CUTLASS 1994 SUPREME SL, leather, all luxury, specal today 11,688 OLSON OLDS (313) CUTLASS 1995 Supreme SL, 10,000 mjes 13,900. HNES PARK LNCOLN-MERCURY DELTA Fully loaded 1 Owner, lke new! S9995. SUNSHNE ACURA (810) OLOS , Delta 88 convertble Call (810) OLOS 88 LSS M,!es. 26,600 new. 15,900 w.lutl factory warranty (810) ROYALE 1994 leather, CD, 15,488 OLSON OLDS LSS. all luxury mles (313) TORONADO rales, very clean. Pnced to sell 6,950 MKE SAVOE CHEVROLET (810) , ACCLAM automatc, a:r. good condton, mrles," 6500 or best (313) Laser Custom wheels. 5 speed, amtm cassetle. excellent or best ,eves FOX HLLS Chrysler-Prymouth-Jeep-Eage V3171 SUNDANCE 1993, automatc ar, 56,000 mles Lke new! 6988 TamaroM Dodge SUNDANCE Ht hard n rear, perfect front end engnalransmssw doors and al cyass Good Mle Alt or part (313) 455-&617 SONNEVLLE 1993 SE - 4 door. V6. automatc, full power rnes. sharp, must see. 10,500 (810) BONNEVU.LE 1992 SE, 4 door, dark bfue. lull power, mles Only 6995 Call Bob GORDON CHEVROLET BONNEVLLE 1932 SE Loaded Sharp 1 Only 9995 ROGN BUCK (313) BG SAVNGS On Our Full Une of Gently Used Vehcles All Cars Clearly Prced ALL THE TME! MOST CARS CARRY 3 MO MLE LMTED WARRANTY 93F0RDF250 XLT SUPER CAB Automatc, fulry toaded. bed tner, 4 0 eoore, real wortt horse! M 5,555 93CAMAROZ28 ALrtomatc, ajl the toys, c5ean! s 13,888 2 CAVALER Z24 Ajrtomatc, fully loaded, great value! « CORSCA Automatc, ar,6cytrt3er d fuly 6quFped. balance of fectbrywarranty 10,888 m Pont nspecton on all used vehcles 95MPALASS FuCytoacted, sportyl! 21,888 *95 CHEVY S-10 EXT. CAB PCKUP Extra toaded, 4x4. 12,000 mjes. S 18, JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LMTED 4 door, automatc; a!»w extras,, "8 cylnder, 4x4, sharp! 18,888 «92 CAVALER RS WAGON Automatc, ar, powrtocjcs, lew fuses nlou LaRTche CHEVROLET Geo (313) (800) Comer of Plymouth Rd. & Haggerty Rd. k Plymouth HOURS; MON, & THURS. 8:30 AM-9 PM TUe& WED., Fftl. 8:30 AMS PM Pootac BONNEVLLE 1992 SE-rnedum red. onona owner, very dean (810) fjm-9633 CASH Fc*yourusedcar, Dea«f needscrs My A>f«says pay TOO.UCH Call for phone appra.sals. TYME AUTO (313) FREBRD Wacfc on btack. tnted T tops, ar, leaded rmles 6900 (313) FREBRD 1991 Black. V6, loaded. marked do*n to 6200,1566! Sharp, must sea, must sell FREBRD FORMULA V8. ne* tres rrstes. sports package (810) FREBRD 1993 ForTKja Loaded 10,995. SUNSHNE ACURA (810) FREBRD 1994 Formula. 57 loaded, one owner 13,466 OLSON OLOS (313) FREBRD 1994 FORMULA loaded, rntes. Specal today 1 S OLSON OLDS (313) GRAND AW automatc, ful poaerfa-ndoas/sunroo! 9500 mtes Must sell BestOffer (313) GRAND AM door, automarx ar. S2995 SUNSHNE ACURA (810) GRAND AW door, hjrer meage. loaded, very ttle rust 3095 After 4 (810) GRAND AM doof; quad mes. loadod. mmaculate GRAND AM 1930 : 4 door; Ouad-4. 52:700 m.tes. loaded, alarm, clean 5600, (810) GRAND AM.,1987: great runner. S2.150 or best oler Days 313= Eves GRAND AM 1993 GT, bngtt red. loaded Specal today 1 512,488 OLSON OLDS (313) GRAND AM 1995 GT. low mles Sfravtroom sharp 12,988 Tamarolf Dodge GRAND AM 1993 GT rear spoeer Loaded m.es Encetent condton 9, : 2513 GRAND AM 1990 loaded* cassetle, ne-a t.resmufter Good condton S3795 (810) GRAND AM SE, 4 door, a/ ABS. pover doors wel rnanta.ncd mles. Encetlenl condton Must Sell S940aBest GRANOAM 1995 SE - LCaded. low m.les. automatc Only 10,995 ROGN BUCK 1313) GRAND AM SE Loaded. ke neft, only S9995. ROGN BUCK (313) GRAND AM 1993 SE mrev aulomatc transmsson, a-r, cassette rrvve Prerty clack Wont last at S9995 CaH John GORDON CHEVROLET Pontac GRAND AM 1983 SE Turbo V-6, whle 2 door, altpover,69,000mtes After 6j*n BONNEVLLE 1989 SE wh.td, gray GRAN0 AM 1994 SE V-6. 4 dom. n enor, rmles. new tres automatc metallc btue, cassetle, brakes, 5,400 (313) spole. a.r rru.es E»ct!!em condtkf 10,950 tso) GRAND AM 1993 SE. red. 2 door poaer wndows-lcks, 2 door. 63,000 mles SKaraSOO, *=5/ GRAND A» 1992 SE - V-6, 4 door. chrte, an poaer, cassette Excellent condton. S7600 (810) GRAND AM V-6. automatc ar. 12,488 Tanarott Dodje GRANO PRX door automatc, a.. cruse, poaer 4 lent, rm, 8900.t>esl GRAND PRX door. V6. loaded S79S8 Tamarotl Dodge GRAND PRX dr GT pertomance pkg. dark teal, leather power sunrool. loaded 13,750 (313) GRAND PRX 1989, ecetlentcondton low rves, lully loaded, nonsmoker 5600 (810) GRAND PRX GTP loaded, sunrool mles ecellent condton after 3 30 (313) GRAND PRX 1990 LE, excellent condton ne<v Les. low mles, 6000 or best offer (8)0) GRAND. PRX L encehent condton Ar, automatc, cassette more Must see 1 (810; GRAND PRX LE - Whle. Loaded Perfect mles GRAND PRX (994 only m-es rr.maruate. al the goodes. 513, GRAND PRX 1 Da<3 SE, B4U. SC loaded. 5 speed, alarm, Lenans b sunroof, loaded, beauttul S leal Factory CD. S7.400 Call (810) OLSON OLDS, (3131, GRAND PRX 1991 SE Coupe,B4U package, ra red, n.cest n loan OLSON OLDS, 1313) GRAND PRX 1990 SE- loaded, perfect nteror,engnepowertra,n. Must Sell. S4.450 best Commerce SOLD GRAND PRX 1991 SE - V6. loaded m!es Fantastc shape. 5800,1«St GRAND PRX 1993 STE. leather. CJD player. 3 4 V-6 Loaded wth all the toys Onry 12,988 THE BG STORE" AMPBELL DODGE PONTAC 1968 Cataf.na 49,000 m nskle perfect, outsde very good Red cm Red 400 engne. 2 * 1 model yr S370Otrade PONTAC 0000 LE stver. 114 OOOmos. automate, runs great. 1,850 (313) SUNBRD 1967 GT. 2 door coupe. automated red S black, 2 tone, one owner., ar. toy rms, spoer, tlt, cassette plus mtes S1650 (313) SUNBRD 1992 GT, loaded, bnght red S9768 OLSON OlDS (313) SutJQlRD LE 1994, automate, ar red rnes. clean best. (313) SUNBRD 1-J94 LE - automatc *r. Mack, 31,200 mes extended warranlyss.600best \810) 682-C591 Tl/tl PoDtac SUNSRD 1993 LE.Coupe, ar, anv mcass«tt8. ABS, Wt wh«ej. n«w cmctvlres/staj1s/shock.s Exoettenl condton h.wy. mte*. S4500: SUNBRD 1993 red,2 dope Wrth spojer. 4 cylnder, automatc, 43,000 mles, ar, ajtrtm/cassata, ASS, power locks, alumnum wheels, rear defog Wen mantaned by nonsmoke. 7,400 (313) SUNBRD /ed. low payment*. Wont lastl Can Jm, GORDON CHEVROLET SUNFlRE aulomatc. ar mles. 12,488 OLSON OLDS (313) TRANS AM Back A Qotd orgnal rmles, stored every wnter Excellent condton (810) SATURN aulomatc. a", low rmles. on/y 8999 Credt approved by phone OAC TYME AUTO (313) 4S SATURN 1996 SL2. 4 door, sedan. 5 speed a;r. po*er Much morel Lvona Chrysler-Plymouth (313) SC BhjaUack. 5-speed, ABS power wndows & locks, CO, mes SC door, automatc, ar, dean Tamarofl Dodge SC fully loaded, power root. 5 speed 51,000 m.es. extra clean (810) SC power wndows.1ocks, cassette, ar. 5 speed, excellent condton. 8,600 (610) SC speed. Sunroof, ar. ABS. 1 owner; mdes. warranty 11, SC sunroof, gold. ar. 5 speed, aloy, cassette, mles, mnt 9300cest (313) AVALON 1995 X*L. da* green, loaded, moonroof. alumnum wheels, mles. Toyota Certfed 21,795 STH476A UVFONTANE TOYOTA CAMRY 1991 OX, burgundy, ar, automatc, power brakes.wndows door locks, tlt, cruse, cassette, low mles. excellent condton 1 owner ST1064W. LAFONTANE- TOYQTA CAMRY 1994 LE. dark green, ar, automatc., power steerng.brakes wndows A door locks. t,1 crmse, cassette, mles Toyota Certfed S LAFONTA1NE TOYOTA 313-S CAMRY 1993 LE. 4 door. V6. automatc transmsson, factory ar Monday only 512,995 SUNSHNE HONDA (313) TAHOE 4 DOOR -DEMO- 1454,043 NOW CHEVROLET Runnng boards, lockng rear axle, 5.7 V8 engne, automatc/overdrve, stereo cassette wth GD, heavy duty tralerng, black, gray leather trm, only 7,000 mles. GORNER OF PLYMOUTH & HAGGERTY/ Plymouth *Prce plus tax, lcense +* *-A- RGHT CARS RGHT PRCES RGHT PAYMENTS BLL COOK WLL DELVER, WHAT OTHER DEALERS ONLY PROMSE! NO ACQ. FEES NO DESTNATON FEES 96 SENTRA GXE OPTONS -16 Ltre 16 vavs 4 cyl, auto, ar, lt, rjelog, tfl. pewer wndw-s, lc< s, sleenng & brakes, cruse, sereo cavs. p*.s rrc/e. StV. f 5107, 97 ALT1MA GXE LEASE FOR 36 MONTHS NOW 12,995** 25, COMNG SOON! All New 97 PARK AVENUE Stop n for detals 1996 BUCK SKYLARKS St.tmq,1/ w 15,547 SHOP OUR FNE SELECTON OF QUAUmSAFETY NSPECTW VEHCLES! «96 REGAL LMTED l door loadod 96 GRAND AM *9* OLDS REGENCY PONTAC SUNBRD 2 door automatc, atr ,495 Mfe oaded. lull tvuvo* 13,695 (313) 30S00 WYMODTH ROAD, LWOHA ; OPENKK>NOAYANDTHJRS0AYUrfrL900P.M., { Couprv auto ar 7995 SHMhM plus tax. «*,»c«r»«.ret«!**to<}e«!«fs.- j -<r UrtoU»J«Mja«> W Plymouth to*4 OPTONS 24 U-«16 Y3.S? 4 cyl. ar, tnt, <fet>0, ta, ppwa wn*>a4vcka. strng S brakes, cruse, f<cr trar-funcs*vy. s<-coass,pk;srr«: S3L* MAXMA GXE tt "V OPPOtS 3 0 lve 24 «k«v8, Vte». «r«. *«> P>W S«,.»r>cM-s, tv*3,?-xrr) & trakw,. o-u:e. s.ercocas.afn.(>.* rr<ye..s*»l!68 LEASE FOR 36 MONTHS NOW 18,395** 279 LEASE FOR 36 MONTHS NOW22,395** THFNDER SE 4x4 OPTONS UVe V6. auw SE try ol rc*j p* j. pyntmovrx.»to tarp ccr«rc< ft, M, d*g,!* pcvcr *trj>\ K»3, sjo-rg <r«o»c0 raa rrvye Sv 1 K 373 LEASE FOR 39 MONTHS NOW 28,295** BLL COOK NSSAN GRAND RVER & 10 MLE West ol Halsted FARMNGTON HLLS (810) lo to/ * MM M dbtwrfrt t huptcn 111 ror»» ptftrt Mart, ckcoj t HcHlc«*,entock«.<U*rc<*Jlfe jttmdpfvh t*a p*r* «1» fa4»% *» tu PM uta vcxm Vtt.MlMKMMlM. SEDAN SPECTACULAR W.,,.... «., s..*...». «.,» "k (" ---.

43 mm mmwmwmwmmmmwmmmwmmmmmmw MONDAY, SEPTEMBERS, 1996 O&E Classfcatons 815 to 878 mmmmm mmmmmmwmmlmm ()9D C*MRY 1992 LE loaded, power sjrvool. ne*v lfej.txak.es mtes. 10.5OOt>est CAMRY 1992 E. whle, ar. aromatc, po*er brakes/wndows & door lodu. bt. cahse. cassette. «,000 roles S STM695 LAFONTANE TOYOTA CW.1RY speed, d.arx Woe. t, ooe ovtner. Excellen rxkxktor* 1300, (313) CAWRY 1988 wagon mles, no rusl. very clean, excellent mechancal, CELCA 1986 only 51,000 mles, Calforna car. 5 speed, excellent concvt>on (810) CELCA 1986 Whte. 5 speed Beautful condton. Florda Car mles (810) COROLtA 1993, automatc, ar. dean, extended warranty, nor Amercan bull but could be Amercan OA-ned S5999. TYME AUTO {313) COROLLA 1994 DX. blue. ar. auloroatc. power brakes, cassetle mles Toyota Certfed. 12,995. ST1158A. LAFONTANE TOYOTA COROLLA 1993 DX. red. all. automatc, power sleertnfcrakes & door locks, bt. cruse, cassette. ahoy wheels, mles One owner, Toyota- Certfed S1Q.395. ST»1178A LAFONTANE TOYOTA COROLLA 199* OX. whte;ar. automatc, power braxeswndows & door locks, n. cruse, cassette, m.!es. Toyota Certfed 11,995 LAFONTANE TOYOTA SUPRA Automatc. Red Electrc sun roof & moon roof mles (810) SUPRA 1991 Black, auto, everythng mdudng roof Mjnl condton. 13,500 (810) SUPRA 1990, red. ar,- automatc. power brakes/wndowsdoor locks 1 seal, moorvoof. tll, cruse, cassette mtes. 510,995 LAFONTANE TOYOTA TERCEL door, automatc CetCA 1991 GT Red, automatc. transmsson, lactory ar Transportaton sunroof hghway rryles spectall Excellent (810) SUNSHNE HONOA (313) COROLLA 1993 LX Slver, ar. automatc, power, brakes/wndows/door locks, lft, cruse mtes. Toyota Certfed ST«1084A LAFONTANE TOYOTA COROLLA new ronvrear brakes 4 waterpump, mles. well mantaned. S2S27toest Call after 6pm COROLLA 1989 SR5 automatc mles, ar. cassette, new tres. whle. 2 door, good condton, (810) CRESSDA whte, ar; autcmatc. power brakes/wndoasdoor locks 4 seal, moonrool. tlt, cruse mles STH4659A LAFONTANE TOYOTA MHZ 1989, red, a;r. 5 speed, power brakes/wndows, sun/oot. Ml mles STM699P LAFONTANE TOYOTA PASEO 1995, red,ar. automatc, cassette, moonrool mles Toyota Certfed S ST44641A LAFONTANE TOYOTA RUNNER 1995 SR5. V-6- v.me/ ar. automatc, power brakes/ wndows 4 door locks, Ut. cruse, cassette 23,995. LAFONTANE. TOYOTA *600 TERCEL good condton.. 5 speed, relable, runs good rates, 119St*est TERCEL speed, runs greal! 995. SUNSHNE ACURA (810) lmmm Volkswagen. CABROLET 1986 Convertble Wolfsburg Edton, leather. 5 speed, great condton GOLF door. ar. power steerrftbrakes, excellent runnng condton (313) JETTA 1992 GL. 5 speed, ar. whte rre!es. excellent condton Autos Over2,000 COLT VSTA Automat*. Excellent condton. No rust. 77,000 mles (313) MAZDA door, B9.980 mles Al servce records kep Great Ca/1 2750, (313) MONTE CARLO 1995 LS, loaded, redgray nteror. Lke new 13,800 (517) POHTtAC 6000 LE Door, Auto.. V-6 ar, power wndow stocks, cruse, new pa**! mSes Must see PONT 6000, LE 4 door. Excellent condton, a) power. 76,000 mles. 2,150/8651, (313) Autos Under 2,000 ARES, 1987, mdse Dodge, wagon, automatc, power, tape, wett kep, reasonable (313) BUCK 1984 Regal 4 door. Southern car, hgh mles, needs some work 775 (313) BUCK 1983 Skyhawk needs engne (313) BUCK 1982 Skylark - runs good, looks ok, Brady. 1 blk S. ol 7 Mte. W of Telegraph BUCK 1986 Somerset Amlm/ cassette, power steerngbraxes. M. automatc, kll swtch. Relable transportaton 1.200>best CALAS dOOf. ar (313) B2 CHARGER black, tnted.wndows. AJpne stereo system, runs good. 900.best. (313) BOB SAKS TOYOTA PAST CREDT PROBLEMS* Bankruptcy? -WECANHELP! Wrthly«arctf>a)obc<lntJWMrwpfc<wCH, 10V CAW or TRADE N KrWN. -. Mblmum nconw, 1400 pw month,. Want a new or late model wed car or truck? CAU-WECANHELPr 5yt0M0TVE RE0l1 V0CJ COUD Bl DRVNG THE CAR OF 10UR DREAMS WTHN MNUTES OF C*UNC THE AUTOOAN PHOM!.mm Grand Rver Farrnngton Hlts. Ml FREE! 24 HOURS ADAY 7DAYSAWEEK GUARANTEED PRE-APPR0VAL TOTAlY CONFDOmA. HASSLE-FKEE NO SALESPEOPLE Bol» Sak»«" ALT r«autos Under 2,000 CHARGER. 1988, 2.21, mses, excelenj condrtoo Ar, stereo, 800,(,313) COUGAR 1989 LS Loaded. Mml hghway mles (810) or CUTLASS SUPREME new transmsson, fres S exhaust, 950 (313) CUTLESS Body lar, motor runs good Some new body parts 800test (810) DODGE 1985 Charge/ mles, automatc. 4 cylnder, needs exhaust system, (313) W*1 Autos Under 2,000 JUMMM ESCORT 1986 EXP Low mfleage Very good Jurmng. good body Before 2pm: FORD mles - Escort Automatc «Besl Offer.- SOLO FORD 1978 FARMONT- Runs Great 1 Excellent transportaton best offer, Ca.1 (313) FORD 1988 FESTVA - excellent mleage. 4 speed, onfy 1200 (313) FORD FESTVA 1990 LX, manual, a*, sunroof mles, excellent conavjon. 1, JMF Autos Under 2,0o7 FORD 1985 Ranger - cap, manual transmsson, cassetle Some, new parts (313) GMC 1965 Pck-up Pontac Both need work. 650 each MERCURY 1985 Lynx - Btorn fender ««u m rear: Great hxer or parts (517) NEWPORT door, hardtop. power. 383 cubc nch, automate, ar. new battery, ;«w5 Autos Under 2,000 NSSAN Stanza 1985, sunroof, power wndows 4 locks. AM.TM stereo cassette 950. (810) GEO METRO speed, cassetle mtes, runs 4 looks motor Can between 9 & noon.. OLDS Ot>est Needs good (313) OLDSM061LE 1986 CERA - 4 door, am/fm cassetle. 89,000 mles, 1 Owner, <.950. (313) PNTO 1980 hatchback wth sunroof. 76,000 actual rrues Needs dutch repa. 350test (313) PONTAC 1985 wagon, newer transmsson, new tres/axles, good condton (610) rtw] Autos Under 2,000 -RELANT 1985 Wagon mles, ar. 1 owner. WeB mantaned SOOODOS. (10) SUBARU COUPE speed, entremely dependable 1 Must drve to apprecate! SUBARU XT. power steerng/ brakes, good transportaton. 1995/ best TOYOTA Corona Excellent transportaton Ong ral owner 600V Besl Oler (313) TOYOTA 1982 CoroCa SR-5. auto-, matc. amlm stereo no rust. 750/best 3afc& afc&3> HSEA-A-THON 97 RAM X2 CLUB CAB 97 NEON HGHLNE SEDAN Ths s The Truck! SLT pkg, 5.9LV-8. automatc, sldng rear wndow whte letter tres. pwr wndows, pwr locks, am/fm cass and mc-re Stk#77013 Lease 0 Down. 24 Mo * * Lease 1000 Down. 24 Month * * Loadeed, V-6, auto, dual ar bags, power wndows, locks & mrrors, ar, AM/FM cassette, tll, cruse, & much more. Lease * ODown 9 30 Mo " Omopar WE-STAS CUTOVf CK1 Lease 1000 Down SOUonth * r»l Autos Under 2,003 TURBO SPRNT 1987 Chevrolet. last, 5 speed, ar. good condton (810) VW. 1984, GT. runs good 850: Ca3 after 5 PM. (313} CLEAN OUT The Attc. Clean The Garage. Have A Sale! Call S SATURDAY HOURS ARE BACK! OPEN 10 AM-3PM Automatc transmsson, ar condtonng, dual ar bags. 22D pkg, rear (old down seats and much more! -. Lease ODown. 30 Mo. 97 DODGE DAKOTA CLUB CAB AVALABLE FOR MMEDATE DELVERY ** Lease 1000 Down. 30 Month Dck Stctt Dodge * * Amercas Favorte Mn Van. Dual Arbags, 7 Passenger, under seat storage drawer, ar, AM/FM stereo & much more.. Lease OOown»Ho t Lease ** 1000 Down 25 aruonth»224 SA K Mon. 4Thurt. 9-9 Tue8.«Wed.«FrK9-6 SERVCE HOURS: Mon. & Thura. 78m-Spm Tues.«Wed,«Fr. 7am-6pm ACt.94 A ft 684 ANN ARBOR RD.«PLYMOUTH, Ml DCM CAT 431 a A.l 1U W«C PT«WO«X- OPEN SAT. Jut <*> lu, tll*, plm. aocurrnnukx («( ««ttn«l>on. Rtbm ncluded wtnrt*; pnrncm b»»k) so 11, 34, 34, Or 4» mo. («ho*r>) clotd»n «*M w/»porov«d cf»oh. Cu»!pm«r rpontlbl* tor tt Mjrrrwnf. *tc, (Hpormo p*ym»nt roorvl*4 up lo n»«j " >OVVV 10%. TVl, <Soy<n ol USRP (hown. A m pht««. 6% *! n wtmr ppllcabl* <KM >t d*uv«ry, 6V ul«la 5d«d to pym*n». r«b*t»» ncludtd ohtr* ppllcw*. To o«l (ot»l of l««p»yrr*nt» mu<)/ by 24, 9. rx 4«*rh*r» «pp!cbl«. Cu»lom«M opllon to purtftjm *"* ffd «1 prk3«termlrv«d prk*. Ml9«not to»xr,c*d 18,000 mk» p«r ytr-tt< ckrg«p* mlw lot ttc*t*jnhftrdm* rt»ponlt>l«lor «c wur 4 ttr. Pctur* m«y r>ol r»prent»dutlv»mcl» \ 1 A \ > LEASE FOR ONLY MONTH 24 MONTHS LEASE FOR ONLY MONH 24 MONTHS DODGE STgmjS j 996 CONVERSON VAN Loaded wth Equprrent! Ar Condtonng Power Mrrors Power Wndows Tlt Wheel, Power locks Dual Ar Bags NEW 1996 DODGE NTREPD AM/FM Cassette Full Sze Spare And Much More Full-Sze" Loaded wth Equpment! NEW 1996 DODGE CARAVAN Power. Steerng Alumnum wheels Power Wndows Tlt & Cruse - Deluxe Jayco Converson Power Locks AM/FM Cassette Automatc Converson Appearance Package NEW 1997 NEON HGHLNE 2DR BAD CREDT *BKS NO CREDT BEPOSOK rwe CAN FNANCE Ar Condtonng Power Wndows Power Locks 1 Tft & Cruse 3.3 V-6 Engrne AWFM. Cassette Stock #35089 Dual ArBags 16Wheels Cloth Buckets Console ; Stock #91167 Ar Condtonng Rear Defrost AM/FM steeo»automatc Full sze spare &More ABS -. " Automatc Rear Defrost Dual Ar Bags Ar Condtonng AMFM Stereo : Power Steerng- 11,799 Lease ALLYOUNEEDSA CURRENT PAY STUB TODAY! * Wth approved credt SERVCE HOURS Mon.-Fr. 1 7 AM- \ 7 PM 199SFVC STAR M mo (nvl r-nl c.cf wth,p>rov> s (l rrcrl-t 1?0<Vl m p<>r y>,» Sr K ml* *v<* CM*"**! 101, O l"<1 pyr(*» ".C l<*p otlod up 10 *r*«l «.0 u( rrm«*nl S000 down Vl<<-n-.r Svb (*f to h. us.-*!.» n rj»1 tot. p.-yn*<**t< multply pyml t*m Csto:"f t.m opton n pu<-!*«.<- nf l*.s<* oml.11 pr* rtotrmned purr* Lo-M* rovprnk-l* <> o>tr-s ft-e,>r k tf.v ApplC*t>l<* rb.ltf-. K* <!o.v<-r pn-.!.* t<* lnr ff. 1«". Hcb,*t<" tr> lf.lor Knl (,us plus t.*> le loc ll.lo PCK 5 s l-«-x M FOflORO,.,,...,.,;,1 hm p FORD ROAD GARDEN CTY TOLL FREE l-888-my-dodge ( ) j Open Mon. k Thurs. 9-9 Tues., Wed., fr

44 10D(*) CLASSFCATONS TO O&E Monday, September 9, 1996 Factory Authorzed Clearance Factory Authorzed Clearance Factory Authorzed Clearance Factory Authorzed Clearance Factory Authorzed Clearance t 1 c u - * a X 3 o 1 K 9 o 1-96 Ford Road Mchgan Ava ESCORT Buy or Lease UP TO REBATE 1996 CONTOUR 1235 CASH BACK ON RED CARPET LEASE Lmted Tme Offer 1996 MUSTANG Buy or Lease UP TO s 500 REBATE 1996 PROBE SE OR GT Buy or Lease UP TO s 600 REBATE 1996TAURUS UP TO 1500 REBATE 1996 CROWN VCTORA Buy or Lease REBATE Wrue and Vans Go % w? 1996 r 150 CONVERSON VANS WE FEATURE MARK H-COACHMAN- HOLDAY-PHOENX SAVE UP TO *7000 OVER 20 N. STOCK BUYORLEASE WER 1996 RANGER Buy or Lease REBATE 1996 F150 4X2s4X4 HUGE DSCOUNTS OPEN SATURDAYS MO A.M. -4 P.M. N A o J.1 AWARD WNNNG SERVCE DEPT. OALY RENTAL CARS AVALABLE Bellevlle/Cantor 9800 Bellevlle K<(. (Canltm Cenln Road) lon. & Tmrs. 9-9 Tucs., W.-.. «l Sal.-KulsOrt. 2, F150S ESCORT NOW MALABLE! 50 AVALABLE 1996AEROSTAR Buy or Lease TO REBATE 1996WNDSTAR 9 Buy or Lease 1500.REBATE 30 l!s STOCK 1996 EXPLORER 2 DR. &4DR. ALLM0MLS.»V8?AWD- OVER 50 AVALABLE 1996 BRONCO Buy or Lease «2000 REBATE 1996 THUNDERBRDf Buy or Lease UOOOREBATE.OVER 30 N STOCK A-X-Z-B HEADQUARTERSj 33ZZZS BUCK 3/4- ton, V8, automatc; transmsson, power steerng, power prafces, cruse, tlt, power wndows; power locks, Anted glass, AM/FM cassette, full sze. <%rjwrjpss- Sft&StBw PffrJPEl RjMffB CHRYSLER Vll CM EMPLOYEES S /\ HEADQUARTERS EW1998 BUCK SKYLARK SEDAtft AUTOMATC TRANSMSSON, DUAL AlRr3AGS. AR CONDTGNNO, POWEB WNDOWS, TLT,.CRUSE, AM/FM STEREO CASSETTE. STK. # ,988 QM EMbLOYEes SAVE /Vs ADDTONAL a4.oo : -, NEW 996 BUCK REGAL SEDAl AUTOMATC TRAr-JSMssON, DUAL XfaAOs, A8S BRAKES, PC..tR W.NOOWS MO LOCKS, TtT, SPEED CONTROL, POWER SEAT. RCWOTE KEYLESS ENTR* AM/FM STEREO CASSETTE. ALUf.VfgUf.U,»EELS. AfJOfUCHORE.STK # LEASE FOR 36 MO. 8 MO. OVl EMPLCWeea 9Ave AM MrMSK. v S 7,988 Aoprnp NAL ooo EW 1997 BUCK LESABRE CUSTOM AUTOMATC TRANSMSSON, 3SOO SERES tl ABS- BRAKES, DUAL ARBAOS, POWER SEATS, POWER WNDOWS AND LOCKS, KEYLESS ENTr-(Y, ALUMNUM WHEELS. AND MUCH MOrtE-. STK. # E S 2,988 PS/ EMPLOYEEB 8AVB AN ADDT< >fm/\l u 3GOO SeftlES V6, AUTOMATC TRANSMSSON, DUAL AnnAas, LUXURY FouPMENT, CD PLAYER, THACTrON CONrfXX, StCUfHTY PACKAGE, STEfeHNO v.ntflconfkxs & fax;hf/o*?e. Soc:k # SALE PRCE BUCK PARK AVENUE AlJTC>.tATK; TRANSMSSON SERFS V6. AOS OnAKE9, CXJAL AlFOAQS; DUAL POWEH SCATS.-POSVE(l WUDOWS AtJO " KS. KHYLESS ENtf<Y, ratjco NTEROf, DUAL AUTOMATC cp.wecor/rpol AfjoAx;n<of>e. Sx. « SALE PRCE QVl EMPLOYBBB 8AVB AlS ADDTONAL J BES SAVB tose CVC DXCOUPB 0* # WAS «14,07«HOW* a TH WfflraSAOT ACCORD ttsd&at toward lese CVC LXO SEDAN Aolofnatfc v flasn-jasjon,ar coowboomg, AMFMcAene, SJo* # WAS B HC jr 998 PASSPORT AbtATMtQ transmsson, ar try vvt«ys. s<x r SUZU prn wm CONYESKW PAOCAC STARCRAFT CONVERSON SCCnrt STARTNG F*OM.,...: /... 33vAs ROMAN WHEELS, CONVERSONS S3COC STARTNG FROM...,....;./...;..._:.....:.,..._.., /1996 ACCORD LX SEDAN A.Mf w wve. KM«wrJM * a-. *. nxu nv/e. rr-«?/1) CJroja C.. WW «19, CVC EXA COUPE, FVO 5pGC(J, flf condtfotvng, A0S l>faxoa son roof, tonds NEW 1996 RODEO 4*4»".888 -Janntt-rn-n n r - * TT. sfjsee A P NEW PSO MBUZrTBOOPEB z 4x4) (op,3.d ft«fve, mfr - "-- EfnrTr 11\u\VtX\n THETAMAROFF ADVANTAGE: "WB wll b t mt COMPETTORS APt :uffe&vtmx33k M0N. & THURS. 8:30-9:15PM TUESyWEDyFR. 8:30-6:15PM TELEGRAPH ROAD, SOUthf eld SAT. 850-dPM 1 All Snn.ZUZ-H fcf Ml CDCCt * \.VW1.TH nl 11 DrlCC CALL: TOLL FREE: 1-S00-TAMAROFF CHASSS ONLY 1997 DAKOTA CLUB CAB TWELVE MONTH LEASE CHRYSLER : EMPLOYEE LEASE - M.S.R.P- 521,11«./ ncluded n lease ar condtonng, power steerng, power brakes, CD changer, AM/FM cassette, power wndows, penwrdoor locks, power sunroof, tlt wheel, cruse control, alarm system, dual power outsde mrrors, alumnum wheels, tnted glass & more. J99G STRATUS St FOURDOOR Automatc transmsson, power swftng,. power brakes, cruse, tlt, power wndows, power locks, dual power outsde mrrors, M.S.R.P. 17,415 tnted cjtess, ar condtoner, cloth nteror,, rear wndow defroster. Stock # M0.. JCO * 1000 tcrrtsshw taut ft (M\N 1997 D0DCE 1/2 TON PCKUP SLT LARAME V8, automalc transmsson, power, steerng, ppvyer brakes, sldng rear wndow, ar condtoner, cloth nteror, tnted glass/dual outsde mrrors, M, cruse, power locks, power wndows, cast alumnum wheels, lght group, 6bo : vstbck# \ M.S.R.P. 922,333 st ttans -{ Eryfn >v; LS SAvr l-yrn Nl< >m...j On 12 Mle Road, Just West of Telegraph Road... _ - --_ * * M «#% -n»»- * A M»»,..> TOLLFREE:1-800-TAMAROFF -».lo Mh«-» aro»fct lax, >lal«t. lllo, fktlluton. AH rd»a«ct to.f.lcr "24 monlh l M w.», LHLL Ct 3ZJ J kjllw 1 >. Jl-M- rlrr, fllrj B MHHll JFF.»K b «loh«mll«n. H«t wym«ol, tc«rly drfoll, 10** of MSftP flown on.«p >»v»l» * H W mwrw m HM HmMBBHn %W lllll WmVFB 12,0OOmkt JK* ycor, S< per ml* over mleage. 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